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The Invention of an Ohio Man
"Who Expects to Revolu
tionize the "World.
An Electrical Machine Which He Claims
Will Enn Until It Wears
Itself Out.
Mystery of Force.
For half n , century , writes a Mans
field , O. , correspondent of The Cincin
nati Commercial Gazelle , D. M. Cook
lias been a familiar figure in Richland
county , and has been marked for his
singular inventive genius. In 1850 ,
when a young man , he became im
pressed with the wonders of electrical
science , and then became enamored of
its study. He began to delve into the
unknown of this hidden force , and for
thirty-six years in alternately brilliant
and adverse circumstances has trodden
over this iield till there is no nook or
corner with which he is unacquainted.
Ho commenced his studies at a time
when little was known of electricity ,
and by a pursuit of knowledge in that
direction with unbounded zeal , he has
not only kept apace with the wizards of
the day , but has so far gotten in ad
vance of them that his assertions are
almost accepted as altogether incredu
But no matter whether his claims
seem wonderful and almost beyond
belief , they are worthy of credence , for
he must be placed in the list of suc
cessful inventors. In 1852 he conceived
and constructed a device that revolu
tionized the manufacture of sorghum
.sirup. The device was called an evap
orator , and was used to make sirup
from sorghum. His principle was to
run the juice across a heated surface
in zig-zag rows till the juice would run
out as a pure sirup ready for the table ,
the water being evaporated in its pas
sage , and the impurities being tLrown
to one side. On this he received let
ters patent in 1858 , and in 1859 a com
pany began the manufacture of the
isanie. Thousands and thousand were
dispposed of , varying in price from $25
to $35 , over1,000,000 being realized ,
on which the inventor got a handsome
; fO3alty. Through this he derived
quite a fortune , although a portion of
it he spent in improving and introduc
ing the device. Even to this day a
tirm in Cincinnati is engaged in the
manufacture of this same evaporator ,
from which the members of the firm
made themselves rich. Cook , how
ever , sever.il years ago lost his right
to the royalty by some means or other ,
and has not been drawing anything
rrom that source since.
Save for this slight diversion. Mr.
Cook has not experimented in any field
outside of electricity since thirty-eight
years ago to any considerable extent ,
but in this direction he can be said to
* have spent the greater part of his life.
V For a while he sought to solve the
question of cheap power , Kght , etc. ,
by producing the proper current by
means of a batterHe invented a
ft Lattery of peculiar value for telegraph
purposes , which was in use for a long
time at Crestline , on the Western Un
. / ion , and until the discovery of the
cheap gravity battery that is now in
use. But Mr. Cook long ago conclud
ed in his own mind that in dynamic
electricity lay future success. Accord
ingly lie cast aside the batteiy as a sec
ondary affair , and set about to experi
ment with dynamos of novel and pecu
liar construction.
For several 3'ears past he would oc
casionally meet me and speak of his
discoveries in the electrical field , but
would say that he had not yet secured
She results he was after. He would
tell me : "When I get my experiments
completed I want to show you what
will revolutionize the world. I pro
pose to make a perpetual electric gen
erator or motor which will propel it-
selt by its own current , the resistance
of the generator proper being only
about 10 per cent , of the rotary power
of the electric engine upon which the
current of the generator acts. "
This assertion was sufficient to shock
an ordinary person's nerves , but I ac
cepted the statement with much allow
ance. However , I became interested
and kept watching results.
Last November Mr. Cook came to me
and said : "I have at last met with
success. I have found the principle
that I have been hunting for so long.
I can now start a dynamo to going , ami
it will never stop except by the wearing
away of its own parts. Not only will
it run itself by its own current , but
also produce power enough , according
to the size of the engine , to run any
madhine in the world. "
Perpetual motion , " I suggested.
"More than that , " he replied. "It
is perpetual motion with only 10 per
cent of the force used , leaving 90 per
cent for power to be utilized as is de-
rired. Not only that , but more ; one
helix of my dynamo will produce light
Sn proportion to its size while the other
te making the current that runs the
engine. It will serve to heat your house ,
so that instead of having stoves and
frrates , little wires will "run through
your rooms , and on your parlor table
will be a highly burnished apparatus
containing wires , etc. , which will keep
the temperature of the house at what
ever point you wish. "
"What will be the cost to run it ? "
"Nothing. As 1 said , start it. and it
will go. Heat , power , and light pro
duced by one machine , for absolutely
nothing ! "
I looked at him to sec if he was there
yet , and if so , whether he was mad , in
earnest , or joking. He laughed at my
RStonishmpu't , and said : "I am now
.making a model , and when far enough
rilong I wUl show it to you. "
The matter was not specially discuss
ed after that , although he would fre
quently bring up the question , until a
dav or two agor and I had serious
doubts whether he would ever show the
device to me. I thought of Keely and
Ins motor , and felt that the results 11 r.
Cook professed himself able to obtain
were such that he would keep secret
his machine , if he had any , in order to
jnystify thn public. My surprise may
bo imagined , therefore , when Mr.
Cook came to me a few days ago and
said : " 1 believe I will show you my
electric engine and generator. I am
far enough along now to show you how
the results are accomplished. "
A time was fixed , and at the appoint
ed hour Mr. Cook called and took me
to his farm , about three miles south of
Mansfield. As an excuse for a heavy
crop of weeds in a fine field , where
hundreds of bushels of wheat should
have been harvested , he explained : "I
have been so busy with my researches
that I have been unable to put out any
crops. 1 could get nobody to attend
to the farm , and therefore it is a barren
waste. I succeeded in getting a fevr
acres of oats planted , and that , with a
small potato patch , will be all I derive
this year from this.fine tract. "
Here he lives , as he has lived for
years , with a wife and 14-year-old
daughter and his wife's sister. Tho
latter is his enthusiastic assistant , and
has helped him in many long years of
toil. Distant from the house stands
an old shop , wherein is , hidden the se
crets of his life. No stranger over en
ters here , for it is herein that are con
tained the results of thirty-six years of
labor. This seclusive rule has been al
most invariable , having been broken
but half a dozen times in over a third
of a centurj' . Several electricians and
two or three others of known integrity
have been admitted , but only after sign
ing an ironclad agreement not to reveal ,
patent , or cause to be patented or im
proved without his consent any of the
parts shown to them.
The shop is dilapidated , as is the rest
of the farm , so much is his mind taken
up in tho pursuits of his studies. The
rear is used as a shelter for his trusty
old horse , who has done near thirty
years of royal service , while tho front
part is devoted altogether to his labor
The agreement signed , Mr. Cook led
the way to the door , but before un
locking it grasped me by the hand and
had me renew the promise made in tho
written agreement. This done , I was
ushered into the mysterious room. 1
was bewildered by the appearance of
the place. The room was large , and
everywhere hung bundles of wire.
Magnets of all sliapes and sizes hung
about the walls and were scattered on
the floor in confused heaps. In one
corner was a huge machine , with large
coils and magnets , which Mr. Cook
told me was the first machine he at
tempted to'make. But in the center of
the room sat the pride of his life. 1
saw at a glance that this mysterious
man had not waisted his time and for
tune. He had branched out from the
beaten track , and had produced a ma
chine that d fierce ! in all respests from
dynamos of present ; construction , ex
cept in that he also used wire and iron.
"This " sad he "is
, , my perpetual
electric generator and engine. I will
call my assistant and show you how it
works. "
The machine was rudely constructed ,
for Mr. Cock made it all himself with a
few old tools that had done too much
service already. Parts of it were made
of wood , and the whole v/as not put to-
gether'in a very artistic manner , but
it demonstrated his discoveries , and
that was his only purpose in its con
struction. This model weighs three
hundred pounds , and Mr. Cook said by
the hand-power of one man could be
generated current sufficient to light up
from thirty to fifty sixteen candle-pow
er incandescent lamps.
His assistant having arrived , who by
the way is a young lady of handsome
appearance , the work of demonstration
began. I tested the current in several
ways and found it very powerful. Hav
ing made electricity somewhat of a
study , I was surprised at the simplicity
of many of the principles. The manner
in which he expects to get the results
heretofore mentioned is theoretically
correct , and there is no mechanical
difficulty which he has not already
After examining the machine care
fully in all its parts , I was conducted
to an adjoining room , where , on a
table , sat a smaller model of more ac
curate make. It contained a much bet
ter arrangement of the parts , and from
what he told me I am compelled to be
lieve all that Mr. Cook had told me. I
asked him why he had not sought cap
ital to develop his theories more rapid
ly , when he replied that he had not
heretofore been ready. He said :
'I wanted to complete my labors , so
that I could say my work is done. I
desired to give to the world a machine
perfect in every particular , that would
settle forevermore the question of
cheap power , light , and heat. Up to
now my work was not finished. I am
now almost done. Within a very short
time I shall be able to show to all man
kind that I have a machine that will
revolutionize the world. When I can
exhibit a running model , which I can
in a few days , then I will be ready to
consider the many propositions that I
have already received. "
Food Temperature.
The following are the practical con
clusions arrived at by Dr. Franz Spaeth :
A temperature of 104-122 degrees Fa
hrenheit generally is the best for all
foods and drinks , and where solid food
is to be masticated ic should not ex
ceed 95 degrees. Fluids may be borne
at 140-149 degrees in small swallows ,
if cold solids are eaten with them. The
warming of the body , for which pur "
pose hot drinks are sometimes taken ,
can be attained at temperatures which
exceed the blood heat (99.5 ( degrees Fa
hrenheit ) by 18-24 degrees Fahrenheit ,
and the danger and pain of higher tem
peratures are needless. People who
suffer from stomach troubles , especial
ly ulceration , should carefully avoid
high temperatures. Children especial
ly should be guarded against this dan
gerous habit. For nursing infants , na- ]
ture.has clearly indicated the proper
temperature. Mothers' milk is at
100.4 degrees Fahrenheit ; therefore , all
artificial food should be at this point.
These experiments and the practieal
points deducted from them are of the
greatest value hygienically , and should
be heeded. American Analyst.
A. D. Amiraud is the name of the latest de
faulter. His name , when jammed together ,
should have been sufficient warning. Detroit
Frte Press.
He Was the Advertising Man.
"Is Mr. Smithers in ? " inquired a sedatc-
Jooking man tin he went iuto the counting
room of a manufacturer ia a suburban
town the other afternoon.
"I nni Mr. Smithors , " replied the gentle
man addressed.
The sedate-looking man produced his
card. Itread : "AlplieusDeBenyonChris
tinn Encourager , New York. "
"Glad to seo you , Mr. De Beuyon. ]
think a great deal o ! the Encourager. My
wife and I could hardly keep house without
it. JJy tho way that was a splendid edi
torial in the lasb number on the duty of
church members to be total abstainers ,
read ib aloud to the whole family. Now
that I think of it , this is our regular eve-
ning for prayer meeting at the church. We
shall bo happy to have you attend and
give us a talk. "
"I came in , Mr. Smithers , " said tho vis
itor , "to get you to renew your advertising
contract with us for another year ; but I
am very thirsty. I'll step out and get a
cocktail and see you again in a few min
utes. Go to prayer meeting ? Thunder !
I never go to prayer meeting I I'm the ad
vertising solicitor. "
Salvation Oil kills pain every time. For
cuts , bruises , sprains , strains , burns , scalds ,
and frost-bites ib is an infallible cure..Price
only twenty-five cents a bottle.
They Grew Side liy Side.
A mother had been teaching her infant
daughter a little prayer the refrain ol
which was , "Porgeb mo not. 0 Lord , " and
because of the littlo girl's forgetfulness her
attention hifd been called to the ffower oi
that name , in thehope that its association
with the prayer would improve her mem
ory. After ib was supposed the child had
her lesson fully learned , the mother , one
evening , in the presence of company , anx
ious to exhibit her daughter's precocity ,
asked her to recite her little prayer , and
she surprised the company by shouting :
"Bachelor's buttons , 0 Lord. " The two
flowers grew side by side in the family gar
den. [ Boston Post.
Difcpofcliiff of tho Flics for a Fee of $250
A vermin exterminator of Boston re
cently offered to clear a large brewery of a
vast quantity of flies which had collcted
by the millions in the beer hogsheads , for
$250. The proprietor agreed to the terms
and tho man went to work. "Roll these
barrels into the ice-room , " he said. The
barrels were rolled into the room where
ice was made. "Freeze "em ! " said the ver
min exterminator. The brewery men were
surprised that they had not thought-
that simple remedy. They tried it , and
in a short time swept out countless num
bers of frozen flies.
If the gentlemen whose lips pressed the
lady's snowy brow and thus caught a
severe cold had but used Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup , no doctor's bill would have been
The Latest Snako Story.
A Georgia rattlesnake got into a pantry
the other day and found some eggs which
it swallowed. Then it crawled partly
through the handle of a jug , and , finding
some more eggs , swallowed them. This
brought about 1111 interesting state of af
fairs , lor the greedy snake found it impos
sible to get out of the jug handle , being un
able to move either backwaid or forward.
In its efforts to escape it made a great ruin-
pus , and it was soon killed by the awak
ened inmates of the house. [ New Yorl
A Washington Territory Woman.
Another smart American Tromnnhasbeen
discovered. She lives in Washington Terri
tory , and her name is Mrs. Annette Wynne.
This lady is the proprietress of ti fine farm ,
which contains 420 acres , much of it in a
state of cultivation. Here she conducts a
stock and dairy business , all the work be
ing done under her supervision. She is also
owner of a large number of town lots in
Tacomnthe business connected with which
she personally attends to.
Good Advice.
Don't attempt to cheat an editor out of
a year's subscription of his paper , or any
sum. Cheat the minister , cheat the butcher
anybody but if you have any regard for
your future consequences , don't Tool with a
printer. He will get even with you and
more too. You will be put up for office
some time , or want some public favor for
yourself or some of your friends , and just
when your luck is a thing of beauty and joy
forever , the printer will open up on you
and knock your air castles into a cocked
hat at the firsb blow. Bill Nye.
Cake after the soup is a new and queer
feature of some Newport dinners.
Capt. J. W. Williamson's laiclc Again.
As there have been various rumors , etc. ,
about Capt. J. W. Williamson drawing
§ 15,000 in The Louisiana State Lottery ,
we again accosted the good-natured cap
tain on the subject while on our streets
last Saturday. The captain is a prosper
ous farmer of Willow Grove , this county ,
and before the June drawing of this well-
known Lottery , something seemed to tell
him that he should make a small invest
ment , which he did by handing Johnny
Roedel , the clerk of the steamer Valley
Belle , a couple of dollars with instructions
as above riot knowing any other living
man in the transaction. When Roedel got
to Middleporfc , Ohio.headded three dollars
to the above amount and forwarded it to
the Company and in due time received five
tickets , two of which he handed to Capt.
"Williamson , one of these being No. 18,145
which entitled him to one-tenth of the Cap
ital prize of § 150,000. and which amount
he has received through the Bankof
Ravenswood , W. Va. , from M.A. Dauphin ,
New Orleans , La. [ Ravenswood ( W. Va. )
News , July 21.
Itis worthy of note that tho mosquito
never drinks behind the bar.
Gray hair , however caused , is restored
to its original color by Hall's Hair Re-
Personssufferingfrom Agueof long stand
ing will find a specific in Ayer's Ague Cure.
Mrs. Cleveland's photographer is printing
500 pictures of her daily.
A man who was caught stealing grain
said he was making an extract of corn.
PATENTS obtained by Louis Bagger & Co. . At
torneys , "Washington. D. C. Est'd 1S64. Advice free.
The Omaha Type foundry can furnish
new newspaper outfits on short notice.
Prices same as in Chicago and freight
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From tno Voice , N. Y.
It beats all this dotermination of tho
women to do all they make up their minds
to. My incomo being limited , I asked my
wife to exercise care in the management of
her affairs , so that , when the time came
for me to pay the bills , I would not be
compelled to part with every penny of my
incoine. To be doubly careful , I asked her
to keep au account of our expenses , and
overy now and then we would look over
the accounts , to cast nut what we should
judge unnecessary. The firsb hitch we had
was in the matter of Penrline. I felt that
it was not in the line of economy to put
Pearline into the dish-water ; Pearline into
the wash-boiler ; Pearline into the clothes-
Boaking water , or to use Pearline for house
cleaning purposes ; and despite the argu
ments of ray wife , I succedded in cutting
that expense from tho account. Things
seemed to go all right for a little while , but
soon I noticed that my shirts , cuffs and
collars began to look as yellow as get oub ,
and wife kept complaining about the look
of her dishes , "they were so greasy , " and
gave me a gentle hint , that the item cast
out of our account had not been as eco
nomical as I supposed. My shirts were
wearing from the hard rubbing they were
getting , and the soda and common soap
was just about finishing things. Almost
disgusted with matters , I concluded to give
Pearline a chance to show its economical
properties , for wife would only answer
to every complaint about the looks
of my linen : "There's nothing
that beats Pearline. " You'd be sur
prised what a chango it wrought ; I
found that my new linen kept perfectly
white , and 1 don't hear tho complaint
about the fearful backache after wash-dav.
No more complaints about the greasy
dishes ; and our neighbors , who don't use
Pearline , asks wife how she manages to
keep her paint so clean. I've concluded ,
for economy , to let wife run matters in the
house , while I run tho outside affairs for
the house. Wife said I'd come to my senses
some time. Angler.
There is a girl at Lake George who rows
six hours a day for exercise.
Endow them with a legacy that cannot
bo squandered and send them to the
an institution now in its forty-third year ,
and unsurpassed for its advantages to im
part to your sous and wards a thorough
and finished education , eitherin a thorough
commercial ( business ) course , which is a
distinguishing feature of Notre Dame Uni
versity , or in a full course , which comprises
classics , law , science , mathematics and
Special advantages are offered to students
a separate institution ( St. Edward's hall )
for boj's under 12 years of age , who arc
taught by
under whose maternal care they pass
nearly the entire day in receiving instruc
tion in all the elementary branches of an
English education together with a funda
mental knowledge of Latin , French , Ger
man , vocal music , violin , piano and draw
ing , preparatory to enter cither the junior
or senior classes of the university.
Board , washing , mending , tuition and
entrance fee for session of five months in
Minim department , § 130.
The eighty-fifth session will open on Tues
day , September 7. 1SSG.
Before concluding where to place yourson
or ward send for a catalogue , which will be
sent free , giving you full information of the
University of Notre Dame. Address ,
Rev. T. E. WALSH. C. S. C. ,
President Universiby ,
Notre Dame , Ind.
Be honest till you learn the combina
I have your goods , Athlophoros , on my
shelf , and have had for some time. I hear
only good reports from it ainoris my cus
tomers. A. G. Jepson , druggist , Muskegon ,
Mich. A sample of thousands of * similar
testimonials to the great rheumatism and
neuralgia cure.
Parisians wear alpaca bkirts with blouse
overdresses of thin India bilk.
Invaluable for all Forms
of female weakness , CARTER'S IRON PILLS.
One of the best life preservers is a porter
house beefsteak.
You pet more comfort for Zlcts In Lyon's Heel
Stitlencrs than In any other article.
Saratoga and Long Branch are said to
abound with women with "frescoed faces. "
Bs merciful to dumb animals. Heal
oil open sores and cuts with Stewart's
Healing Powder , 15 and 50 cents a bos.
A man of exalted berth the fellow who
has the upper bunk in a steamer.
THOSE who are trying to break up the
baneful habit of intemperance will experi
ence great benefit from the use of Prickly
Ash Bitters. Liquors derange the system.
Prickly Ash Bitters will remedy the evil re
sults and restore the brain , stomach and
liver to healthy action , thereby strengthen
ing tho will power , thoroughly cleansing
and toning up the system and remove
taint of disease. It is purely a medicine
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be used as a beverage by reason of its
cathartic properties.
The more extravagant a man is the more
he swears at fortune.
Among the 150 kinds of Cloth Bound
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THE VOLTAIC BELT Co. , Marshall , Mich.
offer to send their Celebrated VOLTAIC BELTS
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The Poor Halo Oiiei.
Wo often see children with red eruptions
on face and hand * , rough , pcnly Bkin , and
often BOren on thu head. These things in
dicate a depraved condition of the blood.
In the growing period , children Imvo need
of pure blood by which to build up strong
and healthy bodies. If Dr. Pierre's "Golden
Medical Discovery" is given , the blood is
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development will be healthy , and as it
should be. Scrofulous affections , rickets ,
fever-sores , hip-joint disease or other grave
maladies and suffering are sure to result
from neglect and lack of proper attention
to such cases.
Queen Margharita of Italy prefers women
A Jjovoly Complexion.
"What a lovely complexion , " wo often
hear persons say. "I wonder what she
does for it ? " In every case the purity and
real loveliness of tho complexion depends
upon the blood. Those who have sallow ,
blotchy faces may mako their skin smooth
and healthy by taking enough of Dr.
Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery" to
drive out thehuinors lurking in the system.
Henry W. Miller of Worcester , Mass. , has
been seventy-one years in the stove and
hardware business.
Mild , soothing and healing is Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy.
A granddaughter of Charles Dickens has
gone on the stage.
Do not despair of curing your sick head
ache , when you can so easily obtain Car
ter's Little Liver Pills. They will effect a
prompt and permanent cure. Their action
is mild and natural.
It cost Gladstone exactly 191 3s Id to
be elected for two constituencies in Scot-
The only remedy that cures galli , cats and
wounds on horses and cattle , and always grows
the hair In its original color , ia Veterinary Car-
uolisalvo. 60 rents and Sl.OO , at Drupgists or by
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Bo kind it makeslittle difference what
Geo. H. Burns is now reaping the
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er for the largest furniture manufac
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Mr. Tilden held his Gramercy Park house
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practical business education at the Lincoln
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able. Business houses in the state are sup
plied by them.
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cisco , had on a $300 coat of mail.
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Cutting it.
anteed in all cases. Use Perry Davis' Vege
table Pain Killer according to directions ,
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The dishonest coal dealer practices high
way robbery.
Prompt in Action , Imt no Burning
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waj-s points upwards.
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try Hood' : Ssrsapr-rilla ?
It Is purely vegetable , free from all Injurious In-
Eredlentf , is undoubtedly the best blood purifier ,
and is almost certain to do you good.
I had L-cen troubled with hives and pimples for
soma time. Other remedies having failed , I was
advised to try Hood's Eorsaparilla. I have taken
two bottles , and am entirely cured. I think Hood's
Sarsaparilla lias no equal us abloodpurifler. " Erne
M. TETBIE , Portsmouth , OIilo.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. ; six for JO. Prepared
by C. 1. HOOD & COApohecaries , Lowell. Mass.
ICO Doses One Dollar
of the Loniirille and Jefferrocville Ftrry Co. , Mr. J. C.
Dor ywao Ures on Well St. , JcfftrsonTilIe , Ind. , laffertd
eyerely from Xecnltia In the face , and w quicklr
cured by ATHIO PHOROS. Thi i > the only lure nd
n/ercmcdr for.Nernlji * A K your drcggiit for Athlo-
phoroj. IfyouMcnotgetit of him do not try nmctblnc
else , but order at orce from n ? . We will lend It eipresi
paid on receipt of price , $1.00 per bottle.
ATHLOPHOP.OS CO. , 112 Wall St. . New Tcrk.
D'afncs * and Ks < : .il Catarrh
permanently cured. Glasses
fitted for all forms of defec-
inserted. Address Dr. IMrEY. Omiha. Neb.
! HE-OPIUM Habit Pain1es lr
Cured at Home. Treatment
sent on trial and NO PAY a > ked
until you arc benefited. Terms Ix > vr.
I IxUicatic ItemcUy Co. , I aFayette , lad.
"f encrjry for business In her localltv. Salary S-"O.
Kef ercnces. E. J. Johnson , Mgr. , 15 Barclay , St. X V.
" . Ilnvonport , Town.
. Maa i.
3Iorphino Habit Cured la 10
to : OIij . A'ouay till Cur a a.
UK J. SrJifuc.N-d. Leliaaoa. oulo.
_ . _ - _ _ , , , _ - , . . here and earn good
T f Lcanum i par. situ tion * urni aed
Valentine Bros. Janesville. WIs.
[ and Morphine Habit Cum ! In 10 to
SOdayy. Refer to 1OOO patient ? cure.1
in all parts. Dr. Marsh , 0.uincyBGc3i. |
A po Itlre cure. No Knife.
Ko PUtcr. ICo Pain.V" . C.
e. Ilarsl.ir.to7rn.lowi.
STUMV. Secure a Business Education by
malUfrom IIEYAST'S COLLEOE. Uufralo.N.Y. , '
Coat ,
nsnEniirDaLlCUEElg v mntedxr Mrproo % end will k f ? you dry In
the harriest Bicru. The neir POMMEL SLICK BIs a rerfrct ridln ; ceit , and
coT n the entire e tldlF. BeTriraofimlUttgnt. Ncao ccnnlnairitbocttha'TUb
Brand" trade-m rt. llCEtrted C UIoino free. A. J. Tower , Eoton , MJUJ.
< TC N--y --r r v 3
Evcrytliinsr pertaining to a Thorough Bnglncxft Education /
_ , . „ „ . taug-ht by Experienced and Practical Teachers. /
ViV GiRA3yYI slutientt.Fl.tc , for f ractical WorkIn from 3 to 6 Months.
, rcnmaashlp , Book-teepin ? . etc. For specimen ! of Penmanship and Coll
Jonrnil addret
, *
KATHBUN & UAILEl' , Omaha. Neb.
f ;
TOXICS , quickly anil completely CLEANSES
tho action of tho Lher and Eldncjs. Clears th
complexion , makes tho ntln smooth. It ( loci not
Injure tie tooth , caiwolitsdachfjorprodncecoa-
Physicians and Drujgista everywhere recommend It.
Hiss EMMA L. Brrcntn. 17 Cumminar St. .
Omaha. Nob. , eajs : "Three bottles of lirnwn'n Iron
Bittera cured mo of a vorjr torero case ol Blood Poi-
Bonitu "
1UL.UE * SOWLES. F lh City. Jiftj. . s T : I nswl
Brown's Iron Bittern for Impute Blood and it en-
"iil KD l "VESS. with B. A M. R. K. . Omaha.
Kob , says : "I have used Brown's Iron Bittera for
my blood with the most satisfactory retails. 1 would
Brown's Iron Bittera for Jinjmru Blood with :
benefit "
3In. J. N. BAKEU. Avill * . Ksn. . say ? : "nis blood
tras in hucli a bad tonditica that erery little scratch
or bmiV of tho sWn caused a very painful oro. Hjj
used Brown's Iron Bittera with tho bet of results. "
Gennins bus above Trade Mark n l cmsred red linca
on wrapper. Titlctiontlrr. JUadoonlyby
BiOWN O1IK III. * ' < > . . "
Q H aiite.
MPRirf1VPRICKlYA | ; _ .
It has stood tho Test of Tears ,
in Curing ell Diseases of tha
ELS.&C. ItPnrifiestho
Hood , Invigorates one
Cleanses tho System.
disappcar atonco under
KIDNEYS its beneficial influence.
STOMACH Itis purely a Medicine
aoits cathartic -
AND proper-
tics forbids ita usa as c.
BOWELS. bcveraeo. It ia ploas-
antto the taste , and as
easily taken by child
ren asaduits
Sole Proprietors.
Dr. H. H. Green & Sons
Specl II to forTUlrtern Teari Pint.
Ilnre treated Dr y and its computationwith th
most wonderful u < .vis. , u e ri-gotabl remed ! , on-
lirely harnile.s. Ttciisuveill sympto 8 of dropsy to
sight to twenty d y- . ,
Curo yatienu pronounced hop le by tno Dssc 01
' ' ' "
'jpo'StSo" < lo. < e the ymptonn rap'.ily dl'ap-
pear , and in ten days at least two-thirds or all ynip-
om * ro remoYfri.
Some may cry hnmbnir without knowing anythluj
about it. Kemcmbcr It iloei not cost you any thins to
i allze the merits of our treatment for yoursoll.
Jn Un day * the difficulty of breathing a ralievel. the
nulta rrruUr , the uriniry orKans mtdito dibcharjf
their full duty , sletp if r < Mtored , th swelling all
nearly rone , the ktrrnffth Increased jnd appetlta c via
cool. We are con taiuy ! curing IH-M of lontr sunj-
icc caes th.it litre been tapped a nrmner of times ,
and the patient tleclared unable to li/e uweof. Olro
full history of ri-e. Name. > < r. how tonif mictoa ,
how badly "swollen and where , arc bowels co-STeJjaT
ISTS bnrsted n nd dripped water. Send for fVeo yiia-
rblct containiiie testimonials , iiucjlitni. etc.
Ten days treatment fam'fh J fn-oby n.aiL
U youorJrtr.al. iend iO cents in stpmpj to paj
K'W. OREEJi A SOXS , 51. 3'- . . ,
SoO > J Marietta Street , Atlanta , Co.
Epllcp j-nt < j ' y Cured.
IIA fflE
Omnlic , Nob. , 12th and Howard.
1,001 IrapnrtaattliinpH vriarir-'fr i.n
of about tho Iinmnc 1m ly nml its ounnns orcrin-1.
Jloiato avoid pttfaUs of tynoraneeand iAi ,
JIow to apply JotM > .riire to c.'l f'ins of thno * * ,
JlGitrtocuieCrnp.OldfJizf.Jli.r"t.'eJ''ntiii > it ttf. ,
: U-D , fJ ' ) ; ?
OVR i'iiz iu KI.U'E I jljli 23
'iarra > Dill Pub. Co. , I''O E. 2SIU St. . : , ev ? York.
spin ?
2 a tia H j w I
JJest in the World. Maicr'y br 7is Frarrr I ulrim-
tor Co atCbii-aRu. N. V AM I.o'uz i.V i.e.'j tic" *
When : favcurj i to nut moan i.Telytosiopti. : niiir
Btlmocod then bavi * then ; rrturn : v.in. I rr.t.n ar < ! ! -
c l cure. I have mid. ? tlio : .3.--ue uf PtTS.
cr FAI.LIXG SCXNE > Sa Jlfj lon5 u 'T. I *
rer.oto ccro tho wo tciiae i UcMa-iio ethers S7J
failed Is no reason for nr.t nnw receiving a cnre ? < ! i ;
osco f > r A treittiro int ! a Frco Uottlo bf mj
remedGiro rxpr"and 1'oss < ) l..c-j. li
LoUjlnr for a trial , aid I Tin cnro yt.u.
iilarcss Ur. IL G. liOIJT. IWiY-arlSi.yewYori.
o > Reraedy fbr Cfetirrh h the j5j |
Beet. uiEflt to Use. and Cheapest.
JUso rood for Cold In the _
Headiiolie , Hay Fever. Ac. & cents.
W. N. U Omaha

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