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Halloween Parties In Progress When
the Disaster Occurs Escape from
Fire EscapcsCut Off by Jam to Get
to Them
NEW YORK Twenty one men
three women and a ten-month-old
babe were burned to death or suffo
cated in a fire that started in the
House of All Nations a tenement
house at 426 Eleventh avenue which
tho police and coroner believe to be
of incendiary origin Some peculiar
features of tho disaster in addition
to the startling loss of life are that
tho fire was practically extinguished
in twenty- minutes that the police
could learn of but one person being
Injured other than those who lost
their llvo3 and that the property loss
was onlv 7000
The deal are mostly Italians
Tho only person injured so far as
can be learned is Mary Jane Quinn
who was burned abiut the face -and
hands and severely bruised by leap
ing from a second floor fire escape to
the ground
In several apartments of tho tene
ment Halloween parties were in prog
ress and the guest3 at these added
greatly to the number of persons in
the house and made the crush and
jam to escape more than it ordinarily
would have been Although plenti
fully provided with fire escapes front
and rear escape was cut off a few
minutes after tho fire started by the
bodies of the dead becoming wedged
in the openings to the ladders The
fire had been bnring some minutes
before it was discovered It had
started in the basement and rushing
upAvard had attached the stairway
loading to the apartments In a short
space of time the flames had so en
veloped the stairway that egress from
the building by it was impossible
The house from the third floor to the
fifth floor was destroyed
At the windows front and rear
bodies of men and women were jam
med showing that a desperate strug
gle to get free hac resulted in the
choking- of these exits to the fire es
capes and had been the cause of a
number of inmates boing suffocated
Life nets played a prominent part
in the work of rescue The firemen
dropped men and women dead and
alive from one floor to another and
finally the men standing on the lad
ders on the first floor let them fall
into the nets held by policemen and
iirement in the street
Levy of Tax on Commodities Results
in Suspension of Business
SANTIAGO CUBA At a meeting
of the Chamber of Commerce held
here resolutions of protest against the
stamp tax which went into effect on
the first of November were adopted
and forwarded to President Palma
The cigar factories and whole
sale liquor dealers of Santiago agreed
to close their establishments today
The retailors followed suit with the
exception of one American who said
he would pay tho tax He tried to
buy stamps for lib stock on hand but
found that none had arrived He put
in an order for stamps and did busi
ness There is talk of a strike move
ment against the new law One
thousand cigarmakers and persons
employed in liquor houses already
have been discharged They are
mostly without resources Several
saloonkeepers will open their places
tomorrow on a technicality unless
the stamps arrive in the meantime
Celebrated German Historian Dies at
BERLIN Prof Mommsen the his
torian died at Charlottenberg at S45
Saturday morning He passed away
without regaining consciousness The
change from life to death was ob
served only by his physician who
watched all night with his family
United States Ambassador Tower
and other ambassadors here as well
as a number of cabinet ministers call
ed at the Mommsen residence Sunday
morning to inquire about the sick
man and were informed that he was
dead Emperor William and various
of the lesser German sovereigns have
sent their condolences to the Momm
sen residence Prof Mommsen was
born in 1817
Missing Woman is Located
Margaret K Kelso a young woman
who disappeared from her boarding
house in this city October 6 has been
located in Cripple Creek and will be
cared for temporarily by the policS
department It is learned that Miss
Kelso is from Philadelphia though
she says she came from Pittsburg
Her brother recently died in Pitts
burg Her friends in the east have
been nstified
iimirwf im
Attorney Barrett surprised at Being
WASHINGTON Harrison 3 Bar
rett whose disbarment from practice
before the Postofflco department for
alleged wrongful acts disclosed by
the general postal investigation was
announced last week has wrilten a
letter to the postmaster general un
der dato of Ealtimore October 27
in which he expresses surprise in
view of the fact that he has been
furnished no specification of charges
and has been given no hearing The
letter says the writer invited a search
ing investigation of all his acts and
was assured a hearing and an oppor
tunity to meet any accusations
against him Ho says he furnished
tho inspctors all information asked
of him though much of its was irrel
evant notwithstanding he was satis
fled they were seeking his Indictment
The letter adds
My right to practice my profes
sion is ono of which I ought not and
cannot properly be divested without a
full and impartial hearing according
to law The government has pre
ferred its charges against me in the
courts and I am ready and anxious
to meet them indeed I am glad of
the opportunity to put this matter in
its true light before a court and to
show that the allegation that I en
tered into an unlawful conspiracy
with General Tyner a man who has
lived nearly eighty years respected
and honored among men and presid
ed over the department now in your
charge is as absurd as it is false
Secretary Hitchcock who has been
ill with a cold was at his desk Tues
day for the first time since the mid
dle of last wek His first act was to
order the suspension of Asa B
Thompson receiver of public moneys
at the land office at La Grande Ore
who was indicted yesterday on the
charge of bribery And there will
be others he said whenever sim
ilar circumstances are discovered in
connection with them He declined
to say more concerning the reported
frauds in connection with the public
lands than that they are receiving
careful attention and have been since
January 8 last when the secretary
said the investigation was begun He
also said that proceedings have been
started against Miss Ware who is a
commissioner of deeds and is charged
with issuing certificates in 300 cases
of fraudulent land entries
Fifty Others injured in Collision Be
tween Passenger and Freight
INDIANAPOLIS Fifteen persons
were killed outright and over fifty in
jured some fatally at 1020 oclock
Saturday morning by a collision be
tween a special passenger train on
the Big Four railroad and a freight
engine with a number of coal cars
The passenger train of twelve
coaches was carrying 954 persons
nearly all of whom were students of
Purdue college and their friends from
Lafayette to Indianapolis for the an
nual foot ball game between the Pur
due team and the Indianapolis team
for the state championship which was
to have been played in the afternoon
In the first coach back of the engine
were the Purdue foot ball team sub
stite players and managers Three
players the assistant coach trainer
and seven substitute players of the
university team were killed and ev
ery one of the fifty three other persons
in the car were either fatally of seri
ously injured
Later William Bailey of New Rich
mond Lid substitute player on the
Purdue university foot ball team died
from internal injuries received in the
Big Four wreck This is the six
teenth death
John Mitchell Resumes Trip
SCRANTON PA President John
Mitchell despite his severe intestinal
affection proposes to continue en his
eastern trip previously arranged Sun
day night he left for New York to
spend a week and on Sunday next he
will go to Boston to attend the meet
ing of the American Federation of
Labor executive council prior to the
assembling of the annual convention
of the Federation which will meet
in Boston November 5
Nineteen More Bodies Recovered
HANNA Wyo In all nineteen
bodies were recovered from the ill
fated mines here last week All were
taken from the Twenty second entry
where judging from the condition and
position of the bodies when found
the explosion occurred with terrific
force According to late counts there
are twenty five bodies still to be re
Asks Spain to Pay Back the Money
SAN JUAN P R Secretary of
Stato Hay has informed Governor
Hunt that he has instructed the Uni
ted States minister at Madrid Arthur
S Hardy to claim the 40000 for
Porto Rican school pensions seized
by Spain in the San Juan bank after
the American occupation of Porto
Rico and during tlje armistice which
preceded Spains final withdrawal
l from the island
Vancouver Recorded How He Reached
Point and Commission Mado Deduc
tion United States Gets Two Isl
ands by Ahc Agreement
NEW YORK On account of his
official connection with the Alaskan
tribunal Senator Lodge of Massachu
setts declined to discuss the award of
the tribunal on his arrival here by the
steamer Cedric
Senator Lodge said the members of
the tribunal had been very hand
somely treated in London but as one
of the arbitrators he could not even
venture to say that he was satisfied
with the award and declined to say
anything about the attitude of the
Canadian commissioners in refusing
to sign the award
Joseph Pope representative of the
Canadian government and one of the
assistant secretaries of the tribunal
who also was on Cedric said that the
award was of course a disappointment
from the Canadian point of view but
offered no further comment appir
ing anxious however to ascertain lAw
the decision had been received in
Former Senator Turner of Washing
ton another American member of the
tribunal was not willing to discuss
how the agreement came to be
reached but t was admitted that the
decision giving two islands -in the
Portland canal to the United States
was based on Vancouvers narrative
of his voyage of exploration The
question hinged on whether he had
called the water to the south of the
island the channel or whether he had
gone to the north of them It was
found that he recorded having gone
from the entrance to a point of land
above the islands in a certain time
To do this it was figured that he en
tered the broad channel followed it
up and turned in between the four
This led the commissioners to de
cide that the two islands lying near
the mouth of the canal and opposite
Port Gimpson belonged to the United
States Mr Turner while he was not
willing to discuss in detail the sub
ject admitted tnat this was true
LONDON Chairman MacRae afc a
meeting of the stockholders of the
White Pass Yukon railroad alluded
to the Alaska boundary award He
said that while he regretted the decis
ion which placed twenty miles of their
railroad under the Jurisdiction of the
American flag it was in reality more
a matter of sentiment than business
The reciprocal bounding arrange
ments between Canada and the United
States would continue Both coun
tries would suffer equally by a dis
turbance of the arrangements and it
was more in harmony with the enlight
ened spirit of civilization to extend
than to curtail them
Report on Deepening River
ST LOUIS The report of the joint
committee from the Merchants ex
change and the Business Mens league
appointed to secure data for a report
on the commercial features involved
in the deepening of the channel of
the river from St Louis to Cairo 111
was forwarded to Washington The
report consists mainly of answer to
questions furnished by the depart
ment of commerce and labor accom
penied by special maps
Expel Mormon Missionary
VIENNA Frank Pingree a Mor
mon missionary has been arrested
at Temesvar Hungary while address
ing a meeting held to establish a
Mormon settlement there A decree
of expulsion from Hungary has been
issued against him
No Improvement at Laredo t
LAREDO TEX There has been
no decided improvement in the yellow
fever situation during the last twenty
four hours Tonights bulletin New
cases 17 deaths 2 total number of
cases to date G20 total number of
deaths to date 59
Millionaire Hoagland Dead
ST JOSEPH Mo George T Hoag
land pioneer and millionaire philan
thropist is dead at his homo in this
city Mr Hoagland was 90 years old
and gave liberally to local charities
and to Methodist educational institu
Will of Archbishop Kain
ST LOUIS The will of the late
Archbishop John J Kain was filed for
probate It provides that all of the
late archbishops property both of a
erspnal andreal character shall be
turned over to the diocese The will
is dated December 14 1902 In the
codicil Rev John A Connolly Rev
John Joseph Hennessey and Bishop
John J Glennon the last named now
archbishop of St Louis are named
as trustees
Conference to Be Held at Washington
in November
WASHINGTON Commencing Monday-
November 9 and continuing fof
three days there will be held in this
city an interesting conference on the
race problem in the United States
Many prominent leaders in the color
ed race have promised to attend tho
conference which is to be held un
der the auspices of the National So
ciological society an organization foi
the study of the condition of the col
ored people Tho object of the con
ference i3 stated to be to deliberate
on the most serious phases of tht
race problem and to formulate plans
for the relief of a strained situation
brought about by the presence of the
serious problem to discover some
common ground on which all of the
iriends of the cause may stand and tc
adjust the different and divergent
views respecting the solution of the
problem into a definite and harmoni
pus proposition
The conference will also consider
the religious educational physical
and ethical aspects of the race ques
tion and considerable time will bo
spent in discussing the evil influence
of urban life on tho colored people
Red Cross Aid Sought for Distressed
WASHINGTON Macedonias plea
for aid in her distress was placed
before Miss -Clara Barton the head of
the American Association of the Red
Cross Constantine Stephanove the
special Macedonian delegate told
Miss Barton of the urgency of the
situation and begged her to take im
mediate action to insure the forward
ing of Red Cross relief to Macedonia
Miss Barton asked for detailed in
formation as to the character and
scope of the aid needed and said
The Red Cross feels that it would
be a humane and noble thing for the
American people to undertake to re
lieve the suffering in Macedonia
vSuch a movement would be in keep
ing with American traditions in ali
similar emergencies The situation
in view of the approach of winter
would seem to require a systematic
substantial and immediate effort on
the part of the people generally Dip
lomatically the problem would be av
extremely delicate one and would re
quire discretion and experience for
its successful solution
Red Cross Society to Extend Succor
to the Suffering
WASHINGTON Constantine Step
hanove special Macedonian delegate
to the United States who is in this
country in the interest of the oppres
sed people of Macedonia had a long
talk with Asistant Secretary iToomis
Mr Stephanove is anxious to secure
relief for his people and one purpose
of his visit to this country is to
show their actual and pressing needs
Mr Loomis took a lively interest in
the matter but no direct appeal has
been made for action on the part of
this government
Later Mr Stephanove had a confer
ence with Miss Clara Barton Mrs
John A Logan and other members oi
the American National Red Cro33 so
ciety at which the subject of steps
to be taken for the immediate relief
of the Macedonians was considered
and it was decided through the so
ciety to devise means if possible by
which succor might be extended to
the Macedonians who are suffering
Bey Discovers Sun Spots
DENVER Colo Herbert S Kowe
the 15-year-old son of Prof Herbert
A Howe instructor in astronomy ai
Denver university has discovered at
the upper edge of the suns disc a
new group of sun spots as great in
magnitude and importance it is stab
ed as the group discovered by the
scientists of the Washington observ
atory two weeks ago The boy made
his observations with a six inch tele
scope in the observatory at University
park in this city
More Indictments at Basin
DENVER Colo A special from
Basin City Wyo says The grand
jury concluded its work on Wednes
day and was discharged Eight addi
tional indictments were found in con
nection with the German and Wal
ters lyneliing but as the arrests have
not beer made the names are with
held The bonds for Pat lock and Sa
bin have been placed at 10000 each
The men are still in jail
Is Murdered by Burglars
VINCENNES Ind William J En
gle secretary of the Vincennes Dis
tilling company and a prominent
business man was shot at his home
early on Friday Engle had risen
early to take a train for St Louis
While dressing he heard a noise in
the kitchen He went down and as
he reached the kitchen he was met by
a volley of shots Two bullets en
tered his head before he fell uncon
How to Keep an Umbrella
WelJ I carry a cane in fair weath
er and I dont care if its proper or
not said a Philadelphia man the
other day Dont you know that tho
man who carries a stick never loses
an umbrella Its a fact I carry a
cane all the time and as a result I
get so accustomed to having some
thing in my hand that if I start away
without it I miss it before Ive gono a
dozen steps So when it rains and I
have my umbrella tho habit to carry
something Is so strong that I cant
possibly Ioeo the rain procteor Try
Mother Grays Sweet PowCors for Children
Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse
In the Childrens Homo In Now York euro
Constipation Feverishness Bad Stomach
Teething Disorders move and regulate tho
Bowels and DestroyWorms Over 80000 tes
timonials At all Druggists 22c Sample
FREE Aidress A S Olmsted LeKoyNY
The man of the time is not always
the most worthy of the title
All the worlds a stage but many
of the actors are only understudies
Some pictures are like some peo
ple hanging is too good for them
All creameries use butter color
Why not do as they do use JUNE
The hair dresser doesnt succeed by
having a puji
It is generally tho people who
know tho leaBt that tell the most
He who believes in nobody knows
that he himself is not to be trusted
The time of the losing horse isnt
money to tho man who bets on him
It is an easy matter to interest
some lawyers in a case of champagne
Worlds Fair
A St Louis Worlds Fair r Informa
tion Eureau has been established at
1601 St Omaha Neb in
charge of Harry E Moores where all
information will be cheerfully fur
nished free of charge
Hearts are played to draw out dia
monds in the game of love
It would be unkind to have all the
band legged people banded together
Profane history is not always a
thing to swear by
Do Your Clothes Look Yellow
Then use Dennnce Starch it will kep
them white 10 oz for 10 cents
About the only establishment that
makes money without advertising is
the mint
A tourist without money is a tramp
and a tramp with money is a tourist
Keep thom white with Red Cro s Ball Blue
All grocers sell large 2 oz package 5 canto
A womins tongue is a strenuous
thing that no man can tame
Censor the Wrapping Paper
Merchants in Finland have lately
experienced greator delay than usual
in receiving goods sent from abroad
On inquiry it was found that the Rus
sian press censorship had been ex
tended to all old newspapers in which
merchandise is generally wrapped up
and that these had first to be carefully
read for any revolutionary matter that
they might contain before delivery
could be made
Dead Stars Most Numerous
The dead stars probably outnumber
the living stars by many it may be
millions to one Dark stars although
invisible to the eye may yet be
brought within the range of human ob
servation as many of them though no
longer luminous must emit heat and
may be phtotographed on plates sen
sitized to the Infrared rays of the
Easy to Get Special Trains
At any of the big railroad terminals
in any city now a man can get a spe
cial engine and car to chase a flier
almost as easily as he can check his
trunk Only a few minutes notice
is required and right cf way is ob
tained for 100 or 200 miles along the
line without noticeably disturbing
scheduled runs A man who has to
keep an important business engage
ment or a woman hurrying to a sick
husband pays 00 or double that
sum for a special with as little con
cern as paying a supper check in a
swell hotel
Not a Whisky but a Coffee Toper
Give coffee half a chance and with
some people it set its grip hard and
fast Up to a couple cf years ago
says a business man of Brooklyn N
Y I was as constant a coffee drink
er as it was possible to be indeed my
craving for coffee was equal to that
of a drunkard for his regular nip
and the effect of the coffee drug upon
my system was indeed deplorable
My skin lacked its natural color
my features we- t pinched and my
nevers were shattered to such an ex
tent as to render me very irritable I
also suffered from palpitation of the
It was while in this condition I read
an article about Postum Food Coffee
and concluded to try it It was net
long before Postum had entirely de
stroyed my raging passion for coffee
and in a short time I bad entirely
given up coffee for delicious Postum
The change that followed was so
extraordinary I am unable to describe
it Suffice it to say however that
ail my troubles have disappeared I
am my original happy self again and
on the whole the soothing and pleas
ant effects produced by my cup cf
Postum make me feel as though I
have been landed at another station
Not long ago I converted one of my
friends to Postum and he is now as
loud in its praise as I am Name fur
nished by Postum Co Eattle Creek
Look in each package for a copy of
the famous little bojk The Road to
Insist on Getting it
Some crocors pay tboy dont koep D
flnnco Starch This is bocnuae tboy have a
stock on hand of other brands containing
only 13 oz in n packngo which they wonc
bo able to Boll flntt becnaso Defiance con
tains lft oz for tho Fame monoy
Do you wont 10 oz instead of 113 os for
rnuno monoy T Then buy Defiant Starca
Requires no cooking
Its no credit to a man to be good
eA tho point of a gun - v
Even the top wavo of popularity
is often but a shallow depth
A great man Is tho handiwork of
many small men
The centaur never went anywhere
except on horseback
airs rwnicnf aoormnjr Syrup
For children teething Bofiun thu icim reduce
Sauynatlon allay pain cureu wind colic 33aatxtta
If every idle word must be account
ed for some folks would bettor keep
Tho color blind man can tell when
he has a brown tasto in his mouth
A racing automobile isnt in it with
fleeting fame
I nxn sure Plsos Cure for Consumption saved
my life three yearn ago Mrs TH03 Rodoihs
IKaplo Street Norwich N Y Feb 17 1S00
Whisky and wator is a good
mixer to tho chap who takes too
A man rarely feels that he has been
jiven all to which he is entitled
Defiance Starch
chonld bo in every household none so good
besides 4 oz inoro for 10 cents than any
other brand of cold water starch
A man is caught more times in his
speech than a woman because you
cant intorrunt a woman
Lewis Single Binder straight 5c
cigur mado of extra quality tobacco You
pay 10c for cigars not so good Lewis
Factorr Peoria 111
A paper dollar Is said to last about
five years unless it visits a church
A brave mans honor and a true
womans love have no decline on the
stock exchange of life
GfiHTMDfiES ms
represent the experience of 35
years of ammunition making
UiYIC on ihehezd of a cart
ridge is a guarantee of quality
Sure fire accurate reliable
Ask your dealer
ttfon rtqutxt
ig cm cf aiM8g jua mure Wtfiir
iCWSZfr Waterproof WPf
PqG OILED firrfTfrfl
tocd cunaa n cc i Tomwitx out J jJL 3l I
7 X
j Knows hew important it fa M
t to mcasood starch Defiance F
II Starch is the best starch nA
m made It doesnt stick to ji
H the iron It grvzs a I V
g9 ful soft siony stiffness to the J
J clothes It will not blister f
yk for less soes farther does SB
hH more K lz kfy who B
yJ rons Defiance Starch st all W
M grcccrs 16 oz for 10 cents1

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