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The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 02, 1911, Monday Evening Edition, Image 4

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XV w ii in jQPmm fy
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new cm
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Vc never hesitate to guarantee
Lily Patent flour At the Mc
Cook Flour and Feed Store
LsLaiD i
The steel lining in Nitro Club
smokeless powder shells insures better
pattern better penetration and
greater velocity for the same
For Sale by All Dealers
i r unlit
It makes the shell stronger surer
and safer It costs you no more
to buy
If you prefer black powder shoot
New Clubs the famous hard
fire old H n
hitting sure yellow
FemingtonrUMC Hhe
perfect shooting combination
Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co
299 Broadway New York City
III I 11
UP 11
I lulUnll I IIUIh Itll i
gee the whole west under one roof P i
i Something doing all the time nThwiS
5 It is a show that will interest you I iv5v5 5a
7 Bis Machinery Exhibit with everything i5l triffWVE If
ry in action Traction Plowing gFCj wMlfl if luWiv la 11
3 Z ine entertainments music and special- l itMA55siSe 8
gp tier Moving pictures and illustrated wjgi ife U
s5g Displays trom every state in the west t iAii SS223 la
ffifli siowing Irrigation Dry Farming Fruit a XfteKsttagsjrVf Kj
SfpA Growlrfg Alfalfa Raising and all kinds of xtViJ M
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McCook Citirets Cannot Doubt It
Deans Kidney Pills were used
they cured
The story was told to McCook res
Time has strengthened the evidence
Has proven the cure permanent
The testimony is home tesimony
The proof convincing
It can be investigated by McCook
Mrs A M Wilson 204 E Second
St Cook Neb says My back
bothered me for years and there was
a dill ache across my kidneyc and
loins Thfe pain in my back became
worse wen I exerted mvself and
often I h headaches and dizzy
spells 1 v c not stoop and there
were ma o her disagreaable symp
toms of kedr cy complaint present On
a friends acike I finally procured
Doans Kidney 1 11s and I soon found
them io le m i what I needed This
remedy c tiered my back and
kidnejs ci c o e long effected a
complete cu e Statement given
June 20 107
Ro E corsement
On June 21 1910 Mrs Wilson said
I am pleased to vorify te state
ment I gae for publication in 1D07
recommending Bonns Kidney Pic
This remedy is beneficial for
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cent o TSuffalo
A n j n tv fn- the Unit
Reni mlvr iic nam Dnans and
take no o
riie Tribune is now being de
livered to city patrons and the
publisher would be pleased to
have all patrons who fail to re
ceive their papers to report fail
ures to the Tribune office Dont
forget however to give your
street number in doing so And
in case you move to new street
number kindly report promptly
this fact So that no delay may
be experienced in the prompt and
regular delivery of your papers
James C Dahlman Cowboy Mayor
of Omaha Throws the Lariat
Mayor Jas C Dahlman started his
career as a cowboy and is at present
Major cf Omaha and has the follow
ir3 record Sheriff of Dawes Co
Neb vhree terms Mayor of Chadron
tvo terms Democratic Natl Commit
eerrir eight years Mayor of Oma
ha six years and in 1910 candidate
ice governor of Nebraska Writing
to iJoley Co Chicago he says
I have taken Foley Kidney Pills and
they rave given me a great deal of
relief so I cheerfully recommend
them Yours truly Signed
James C Dahlman
A MeMillen
After exposure and when you feel
a cold coming on take Foleys Hon
ey and Tar Compound It checks
aud relieves Use no substitute The
germne in a yellow package always
A MeMillen
that Holds to the
Wood like a Nail
THE surface of seasoned
wood is porous The
pores are empty sap cells
White Lead Paint not only
covers the surface with a
solid film but it fastens into
these pores with a rivet like
grip that holds for years
The paint that lasts is
made of
Pure White Lead
turpentine and linseed oil and is mixed on the premises after the painter n i
examined the surface to be covered Good old fashioned paint made in thf
way never cracKS or scales on ana uoes not nave to be burned off before
je pamting It becomes part ot the wood itself
Send for Our Free Painting Helps i
containing color schemes miscellaneous paintimr directions and names of Illue List
Painters in your community who use our white lead Ask for Helps No B
To PAINTERS If you use our white lead send us
your name for our Painters Blue List AVnte
us foe Circular No B It gives particulars
722 Chestnut Street St Louis Mo
1 EHlV - itSvJBEi
McCook Neb Man Making Vain
Search at Denver
Denver Sept 29 On Septem
ber 13 at MeCoolc Neb Arthur
B Fowler a laborer placed his
wife and four children aboard a
Burlington train bound for Den
ver lie was to follow later and
join them here Fowler arrived
in Denver Sunday morning Since
that time he has traveled the
streets searching for some trace
of his family The last he saw
or heard from his wife and chil
dren was the day he placed them
on the train for Denver Fowler
fears that his wife two boys and
two girls may have met with an
accident or foul play The chil
dren the oldest a young man of
twenty Fowler said are his step
That they have deserted liim is
something he refused to believe
It was understood when they left
McCook his wife should write
to him at Akron and Brush Col
and inform him of their where
abouts in Denver He received
no communication from them at
either toAvn Denver special
W C T U State Convention
The W C T U state conven
tion closed Fridav afternoon The
last half clay Avas taken up by a
school of methods in charge of
the stat superintendents The
annual convention Avill lie held
next year in Central City and the
spring executive meeting aviII he
held in University Place Dele
gates to the national convention
AAiiich meets soon in MihA aukee
are Mrs Belle Inglis of Mc
Cook Mrs D C John of Om
aha Mrs Allie Jackson of Lin
coln Mrs J C Atkinson Paw
nee City Mrs Hayes of Clay Cen
tr Mrs llollster of Wed Cloud
Miss MalH Young Alliance and
Miss Hurst of Wymore all of
the state officers are delegates by
virtue of their office Delegates
Veted to the Avorlds convention
ir Miss Annetta Nesbit PaAvnee
City Mrs F B Heald Osceola
Mrs S K Daily of University
bee rnd Mrs D C John of
T c You- Common Colds Seriously
Common colds severe and frequent
a the foundation of chronic disease
conditicn of the nose and throat
and may develop linto bronchitis
pneumonia and consumption For
all coughs and colds in children and
in grown persons take Foleys Honey
and Tar Compound promptly A Me
Here is a woman who speaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence viz Mrs P H Brogan of Wil
scn Pa vho says I know from ex
perience that Chamberlains Cough
Remedy is far superior to any oth
er For oroup there is nothing that
excels1 it For sale by all dealers
I P if
11 Jj
xfa rJ
r -
HJlli JJ -- I
Yours for uni
Yours for great
est leavening
Yours for never
failing results
Yours for purity
Yours for economy
lours tor every
thing that goes to
make up a strictly
high grade ever
dependable baking
That is Calumet Try
it once and note the im
provement in your bak
ing See how much more
economical over the high-
priced trust brands how
much better than the cheap
and big can kinds
Calumet is highest in quality
moderate in cost
Received Highest Award v
Worlds Pure Food
mmm nr nmgifiy XOO00O0OO OOOO0OO
wniMUrHffumfin 8
It Cost Her Her Life In the Wreck
of a Submarine
Story of a Pathetic Episode That Was
Intertwined With the Tragic Loss
With All on Board of the French
Torpedo Boat Pluviose
TJnderlying the tragedy of the loss
of the French submarine torpedo boat
Pluviose with twenty seven lives
when she Avas sunk in the bottom of
the English channel by a collision
with a surface steamship ou May 23
1910 was a piteous episode involving
the death of a beautiful and brilliant
young Frenchwoman
The French government suppressed
the story so thoroughly that to this
day the name of the young woman is
not known save to those in paramount
authority In the naA y hut American
naval officers say the fact of the hap
pening has become known to other
naval men all over tlie world
The Pluviose and a sister submarine
had goue out from the navy yard at
Calais about 1 oclock in the afternoon
for a series of maneuvers She was
about tAVO miles from shore and Avas
disporting In a series of dives and ris
ings to the surface The feat known
as porpoising was being accom
plished Avlth great skill the submarine
being entirely responsive to every turn
of a directing Avheel in her machinery
The act of porpoising is an Imitation
of the action of the porpoise in its leaps
above water and prompt disappear
ance immediately afterward In the
submarine the maneuver is made for
the purpose of scouting the boat be
ing brought toward the surface suffi
ciently for its periscope to protrude out
of water when the officer below is en
abled to make a general circular sur
vey of the water above him Then the
boat dives out of sight In case of war
she would have sighted her enemy and
be enabled to proceed closely to a bat
tleship or cruiser and discbarge tor
pedoes directly at her foe
In the act of thus coming to the sur
face the Pluviose came up directly un
der the channel steamship Pas de Ca
lais The keel of the Calais struck the
submarine and tore a huge hole in her
upper casement a rent fifteen feet
long and two feet wide Into this the
water rushed The submarine stag
gered along with her hull Just showing
above the surface her engines dis
abled her crew unable to do anything
to chock the inrush of water And she
went down
She had a crew of twenty seven men
Commandant Prns was the senior offi
cer There were two other officers
Which one of these three it was whose
sweetheart was aboard is not definite
ly known to the American naval offi
cers but they declare there is no doubt
of the fact
One of the three officers listened to
the pleadings of his fiancee that she be
allowed to make a trip in the sub
marine with him and share with him
the peril that his duty so often required
him to brave He must have had a
consultation with his brother officers
and got their consent to wink at it
for the regulations of the French navy
strictly forbid women to make any
trips in submarine boats Perhaps
the very fact that it was forbidden
that if she succeeded in making a
journey to the bottom of the sea in a
submarine she would have enjoyed an
experience the like of which no other
Frenchwoman might claim actuated
her But whatever the conditions that
brought it about the young officer
did escort her secretly aboard the Plu
She wore a long oilskin coat and
souwester hat lelongiug to her sweet
heart which sufficiently disguised her
sex to admit of her goiug aboard with
out being challenged by any of the
sentries patrolling the quay where the
Pluviose laj tethered on the day that
she was to make her fatal trip And
the girl smiling over her triumph
climbed down the ladder into the little
gasoline filled room and heard the or
ders given for the battening down of
all the hatches the firm screwing into
places of these coverings and then
perhaps fascinatedly watched the dial
Indicator as it told how the Pluviose
was sinking deeper and deeper into
the sea
Divers who went down after tho
Pluviose was sunk carrying blcn
steel cables with which ineffectual at
tempts were made with huge derrick
above to bring the Pluviose to the sur
face reported that they heard rnppinc
in the interior of the submarine In
any event when days later the Plu
viose was raised and tugged into shal
low water none that had been aboard
of her was alive She had filled com
pletely with water As she was raised
the water poured from the great gash
that had been out in her steel case
ment by the Channel steamship
Once in shallow water it was the
work of only a little while to remove
the covering of the conning tower In
that tower they found the young ofii
cer And dead in his arms with her
own arms tightly clasped around his
neck and her young face resting
against his breast they found the
young woman New York World
She coldly I hardly know how to
receive your proposal You know I am
worth a million of course Jack dip
lomatically Yes worth a million
er girls She rapturously Oh Jack
It Is a miserable thing to live in
Dense It is the life nt snider
In that Laugh Producing Comedy in Three
Acts Entitled
A Scream from Start to Finish
Prices 25c 35c 50c and 75c
Seats on sale at McConneirs
One at Night Makes the Next Day
Bright No Change if it Doesnt
Because of its extremely gentle anc
effective action Rexall Orderlies kfivi
become the most popular remedy for
We are so positive that Rexall Or
Jeilles w51 do all that is claimed for
i Lain that Ave positively guarantee
iO hand back the money you paid us
lor tham upon jour mere request il
jcu are not entirely satisfied
Rexall Orderlies are eaten like canr
dy are very pleasant to the taste
lo not gripe cause nausea or any
other annoyance usually experienced
Avhtn ordinary cathartics are used
Rexall Orderlies have a positive
regulative effect upon the bowels
and tend to provide permanent relief
from constipation and the myriad of
associate ailments Besides they
help to oA ercome the necessity of the
constant use of laxatives to keep the
bowels in normal condition
We honestly belieA e there is no
simfflar medicine so gocd as
Orderlies especially for children ag
ed or delicate people They are
prepared in convenient tablet form in
three sizes of packages Prices 10c
23c and 50c Why not try them at
our risk on our guarantee
Remember Rexall Remedies can be
obtained in this community only at
our store The Rexall store L W
McConnell McCook Nebraska
Wj Ecouossaises Bet2e9 FTm9 W
fffl Eggs Hnaes Site focal more ffl
F appetising and wlaotesome g
The only Baking Powder made 5
6 from Royal Grape Cream ofi Tartar f
Following the Be
The Bell Telephone has been the pioneer in farm
ing communities the rural mail delivrey th aeutomo
bile and other modern comreniences folloAAing the
blozad trail
If you are not a Bell subscriber you should join the
great army of farmers who ha e learned that they
cannot adequate- carry oi their business -without loc
cal and long distance Bell Telephone serace
CHAS W KELLEY McCook Manager
jagui imwwwi
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