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. . - . - . . . . . . . . . . . ,
The Outlook at a Whole I. Quite
ABHINGTON-The weather bu-
reau's weekly summary of crop condI-
tions Is a8 follows :
While too cool for best results In
' . portions of the lake region and In the
districts east of the Rocky mountains , I
with excessive moisture and lack of
) t sunshine in the central Mississippi
and lower Missouri valleys , the week
as a whole has been very favorable
In the districts east of the Rocky
mountains. Drouth In the South At-
.t lantlc and eastern gulf states has been
very generally relieved , although rain
Is needed In portions of Florida and
In the central and western gulf coast
distrIcts. The North Pacific coast
also experienced a favorable week ,
but In California nearly all crops
. were Injured by continued drying
north winds.
Over the western portions of the
corn belt the growth of corn has been
checked by the lack of warmth and
sunshine , and It is much in need of
cultivation , while In the central and
eastern districts planting and replanting -
lug have been delayed by rains. Poor
stands are reported from the lake region -
glen , Ohio valley and middle Atlantic
Btates. In the southern states the
general condition of corn Is promising -
ing , although rain 18 needed In the
f 1 central gulf coast districts.
Winter wheat has Buffered some
what from heavy rains In portions of
_ Oklahoma and Missouri : elsewhere
this crop has advanced favorably , but
the outlook over the eastern portion
of the entire wheat belt continues unpromising -
promising , although more or less im
provement In the Ohio valley and middle -
die Atlantic states. Wheat is now
heading as far north as the central
Mississippi valley , harvesting being
general In the southern states. On
the North Pacific coast the crop ball
advanced favorably and is beading.
In California It is maturing rapIdly ,
, " \ but Is being seriously damaged by
. . . .
, - hot winds.
With the exception of some weedy
fields In South Dakota , spring wheat
Is In very promising condition in all
Oats have made vigorous growth
throughout the central valleys and
middle Atlantic states , and a general
Improvement in the condition of thra
t crop Is Indicated In nearly all die-
I trlcts. Seeding ! Is now practically tin.
fished In ; the extreme northern sections .
tions and harvesting continues In the
southern ; ptates.
In the extreme northern states there
Is an encouraging outlook for apples ,
but iu the central Mississippi and Ohio
valleys and middle Atlantic states the
prospects appear to be somewhat 1m.
, 1 i paired by : extensive dropping. In the
southern states a gocd crop of peaches
18 dlcatcd.
I Japanese Army I. Landed.
CHE FOO.-Chlnese who have arrived
rived here from Takushan say that the
Japanese army of 20,000 men that
landed at Takushan last month and
proceeded toward Feng Wang Cheng ,
presumably to reinforce General Ku-
-okl , returned to Takushan May 28.
, rhe Chinese believed that the Japa
aese had been defeated by the RUB-
, Inns , but It Is regarded here 8.3 more
likely that the advance toward Fenl
Wang Cheng and return to To.kushan
was simply a Japanese feint.
An American II'C Port Arthur.
, MUKDEN-Lleutcnant Ncwston J. . .
. '
k' KcCully , United States navy , recent1r
( . .aval attache at Taltlo , but ordered td
bseno , the Russian fleet operations ,
a Inside Russian lines at Port AI"
- " hur.
TalJafero Wins In Florida.
JACKSONVILLE , Fla.-Returns to
ldnlght of about three.fourths of the
tate , leave the gubernatorial nomina
ion still In doubt. Davis leads Brow.
l/yd by 800 votes out of a total of 20-
100 , : _ _ . ' _ " . ' . .
' - . . .
- . . . . . . .M - - - , ,
7 trbYtt ? ' l t .aY "i l
I . "
_ _ _
. - - , - ' - 'r
'J\ )
Samuel R. Sprecher , Junior Beadle Court Angelina ,
8,4221. O. O. J ! ' . , 205 New lligh St. , Los Angeles , Cal. ,
writes :
"I came here B few years ago sufferIng wIth catarrh
01 the kidneys , In search of health. I thought the
climate would cure me , but found I was mistaken.
But what the climate could not do Peruna could and
dId do. Seven weeks' trIal convinced me that I had
the rIght medicIne , and I was then a well man. I know
01 .lit . least twenty frIends and members 01 the lodge
to which I belong who have been cured 01 catarrh ,
bladder and kIdney trouble through the use of Peruna ,
and It bas a host of frIends in this city. " .
Catarrh of the Kidneys a Common
Disease - Kidney Trouble Often
Fails toJe Regarded as Catarrh by
Catarrh of the kidneys is very com-
mon indeed. It is a. pity this fact is not
better known to the physicians as well
as the peoplo.
People have kidney disease. They
talce some diuretic , hoping to get better.
They never once think of catarrh. Kid-
ney disease and catarrh arc seldom associated -
sociated in the minds of the people ,
and alas , it is not very often associated
in the minds of the physicians. Too
few physieians recognize catarrh of the
kidne 's. They doctor for something
else. They try this rmncdy and that
. Captain .TameR L. 1)einpscy ) , Captain 2nc1 Precinct
Troy Police Force , writes from HI8 ) Ferry St. ' , Troy ,
N. Y. , ns : follows :
From my personal experience with Peruna I am
satisfied It Is lJ very fIne remedy for catarrhal
leet/on. , wheillcr of tire head , lungs , stomach or
pelvIc orgsns. It cures colds quIckly , and a few
doses taken after undue exposure prevents illness. .
"SODl" of the patrolmen under me have also
found great rellel from PerunB. It hu cured
chronIc cases of kidney and bladder troubles , restored -
stored meD suffering from lndlzelltloll and rlleu-
DlRtism , and I nnl fully persuaded that It Is .n
honest , reliable medIcine , hence I fully endorse
and recommend It. " JAMES La DEMPSEY.
Officer A. O. Swanson writes from 007 Harrison
St. , Council Bluffs , Ill. , Uti follows :
"As my duties compelled 1110 to be out in nil kinds
of weather I contracted u severe cold from time to
time , which Bottled in the kidneys , causing severe
' , pains and trouble In the pelvic or ans.
' "I um now like a new moan , am 111 splendid health
"t > i1 and give all praise to Yeruua.t'-A. O. Swanson.
Y >
, ?
i w + w .
+ xzkti' 'I ! ' _
1 ; ;
\t .
_ _ _ _ _
' ' ' .
- ' - ' - - " -
remedy. The trouble may be catarrh
all the time. A few bottles of lcrmm
would cure them.
Pe-ru-na Removes the Cause of the
Kidney Trouble.
Pet'una strikes at the very centro of
the cli ficulty , by eradicating the catarrh
from the ld ncys. Catarrh is the cause
of kidney difficulty. Remove the cause
and you remove the 'effect. ' With unerring -
erring accuracy ' 1'er\1na. goes right to
the spot. The kidneys are soon doing
their work with perfect regulurity.
Thousands of Testimonia.ls
Thousands of testimonials from people
who have had kidney disease which had
gone beyond the control of the ph-
- -
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - -
These brands wIll guarantee you a good shoe for men :
Star and Crescent E. Z. Walkert t
t Comet Cock ] of Walk , I
Our PRAIRIE QUEEN leads all others in Women's and Chil ren's Shoes. I
Set t"at ow' tame 's 011 the shoes you buy'
F. P. IRKE1'IJDALL & CO.Man tl ed In
- - _ . , - ,
- - -
u.miet.n.IThoinpson's ' J ; Eye Water ' BEGGS' BLOOD PURIFIER
N. N. U. , Omaha. No. 25-1901 CURES catarrh of the stomach.
- -
sician are received by Dr. Uartmnn
every year , giving 1)crunn the whole
praise for marvelous curcs.
Pe-ru-na. Cures Kidney Disease
, Pcruna cures kidney discn.sc. The
I reason it cures kidney disease is because
it curccatarrh. Catarrh of the kidneys
Is the cause of most kidney dlsclLse.
Peruna cures catarrh wherever it hair
pens to bo locatcd. It rarely fails.
If you do not derive prompt and satis -
factory results front the use of l'cruna ,
write at once to Dt. JIartulIln , giving eo
fulll statement of your case , and he will
bo pleased to give you his valuable advice -
vice p'atis. ,
Address DI' Hartnmn , President of
The lJal'tman Sanitariulll , Columbus , O.
Lawn Fence
Iron or wlr\ mall ) ' 111)10'1 ,
fur rCAhlclICl' , ell IIreh , Hchool ,
l'CIIWICt'lOIIIII'Y : \ anti hog
fence ; farts IfIUOH. 801111 for
. cUlulo\lIo.
Champlcn Iron and Wire Works
01.1Im. .
PORTRAIT AGENTS THna and sas n & roc Money. re tS
, \ , . l'rlces the lowclt. ' ,
Our ! : oed the bet. l'rlllnplMlllp
mcnU. I1clh'cry ) of all purlralts IUaranlced. Seal
for cl1CnlOllllu anti ageritr' prh'c lIit. tltJrcu
ADAH J. KllOLL & : CO. , New 1ra ; Bldg , Chlcaco.
m o
L'UtiES 1Vt Eh All ELS . All .
nett Cuugh Syrup. 'i'aytes oat. IIne
1n time. Bola h1 druggists.

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