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- I
Some Planks He Regards as Stronger
Than Others-Imperlnllsm , He
Thinks , Will Be the Lending Campaign .
palgn Issue.
LINCOLN-W. J. Bryan on Thurs-
! day made public the following statement .
ment relating to the democratic platform .
form adopted at St. Louis :
The plank on Imperialism Is 1)051-
five , strong and satisfactory to the
entire party and this question becomes -
comes the paramount issue of the
The tariff plank Is good , but It was
made so on a close vote in the corn-
, mlttee and largely against the oppo-
I sltlon oC Mr Parl\Or's adherents. The
' :
the committee was \l11anlmous. . The
.commjtteo reported a plank iii
favor of an increase of the navy , but
this was stricken out In the full com.
The platform has a plank In favor
of the enlargement of the scope of
the interstate commerce commission
und In favor of 1l'1'lgation.
On the whole the platform Is good.
From a western standpoint Its great.
est defect Is that It makes no mention -
tlon of the money quostlon An at-
tomt was made ( to secure \ a plank Ope
posing the melting of the silver dollar .
lar , opposing the asset currency and
ranch banks , and expressing a preference -
m'onco for thq ! ; United States note
( ordinarily known as the greenback ) ,
but , having refused to put In a gold
plank , the committee was not willing
to have any phase of the money question .
tlon alluded to While the motion to
rellm1'ln the Kansas City platform
was voted down there was a considerable .
able vote In favor of Its reaffirmation
and the western members of the com
4 - - ,
- -y
} , I
I' i , J ' . - t
i , . '
, - '
\ 1 '
< I
. , \ .
\ ,
/ "
# /J
, .
j , - . \ I ( ( 7
. - I
Ii. 1a . : Democratic Nominee for Vice-President of the United States ,
. . ,
- plank which was voted down favored
" 8 wise , conservative and business-
like" revision , made "with due regard
to existing conditions. " The committee .
. , tee thought that these Qualifying
words emasculated the plank and left
' it so weak as to give no hope to tariff .
Iff reformers.
I . The antHrust plank is a good one.
. , . It demands the enforcement oC the
I , criminal law against the trusts ; It
.t& demands the abolition of rebates and
'It discriminations , and It demands the
withdrawal oC Interstate commerce
1 privileges from the trusts when once
convicte\ The plank Is Infinitely superior
, I perior to the republican plank , and
; ; : Itr- . with a president who desired to der
, . . stray the trusts would be a sufficient
I - plank , but as this trust plank was
( . - , 4i ' also substituted by the full committee
these Is reason to fear that It may
, not be In leeeping with the Ideas of
the , candidate
! . - The labor plank Is all that could
be desired It declares against government -
- - . _ ernment by Injunction j It favors arbitration .
V' . ' , tratlon and the eight-hour day , and
denounces the methods that have
been resorted to In the Colorado
' - strike , but as these planks were add-
, _ ,1 , ed in the full committee some uncertainty .
talnty exists as to the candll1ate's
. : f The platform declares In favor of
. . . . . .
" , the reduction of the aruu' , Upon this
, _ ' - . ' -
- 1" a v a
mlttee , together with a few from th'o
south , stood together and secured
enough changes In the platform to
make It a presentable document and
'Worthy of the support of the part ) ' .
Former President of the Transvaal
Republic Dies In Switzerland.
CI.JAHENS , Swltzerlunl1-l'u.ul Kru-
gel , former president of the Transvaal
republic , died hero at 3 o'clocl Thursday .
day morning from pneumonia and supervening -
Iervenlng heart wealmess 1\11' Iru-
gel' lost consciousness 1\Ionday Ills
daughter and son.ln.law were with him
at the time of his death. lIe had been
out onlY once since his arrival here , ut
the beginning of last month
The ox.presldent's body was embalmed -
balmed , and this afternoon the remains .
mains will be placed In a vault pond-
lug funeral arrangements Application
will he made to the British govern-
ment to transport the remains to the
Transvaal. In the meantime they will
ho temporarily Interred here
1\11' Kruger , who was staying at the
Villa Du llolchot , had been gradually
tailing for a long time , but ho was able
to attend to affairs , read and receive
visits until Satmday. A change for
the worse set In on 8unda ' , lIe became -
came unconscious l\Iondaland remained .
od until his death.
_ . , . '
I J -1- -
- . . . .wa. . + + ' " . r
- - = - ' - - " - - : : : ; ! :
- - " . - - - : '
, - . . - - - . , - : - - - - - , - ' j ' , ' a.Tr'R "
: - ; , .
Almost Every County Has Kick 1 on Its
Own or Neighbor's As cssment.
LINCOI.JN-'I'ho state house Is
about to witness' the largest aJrega-
Uon of kickers that has ever assembled -
bled thm'e ' 1'he board of equalization
meets ! soon to" adjust the valuations
between counties , ntHI the indications
are promising that not a single county
will be without representation either
to argue against nn increase or to de :
: nand n raise In the valuations of
neighboring counties. While the board !
hUR yet to determine upon a fortnal
plan of procedure , It Is Intimated that
the consideration of counties willIe
taken Ull In their alphabetical order ,
Adams being tlllton up 11rst. 'I'he on-
lire galaxy of railway representatives
vhlch enlivened the sessions of the
board when It was taxing railways will
/)0 / represented at one time 01' another
during the hearing , demanding that
counties which have not been 4-aised In
the same ration as the railways bo
equalized up Douglas ; county , which
Is regarded by the members of the
DPard as the chief offender , will score
the heaviest Increase , although It Is
claimed on behalf of that county Uu t
Its real estate was assessed up to the
limit last year
. The members of the board acre stand-
lug on doubtful ground just at this
time , and little Is given out as to the
course tom bc pursued beyond the statement
ment of the governor thatt the various
counties would bo brought up to their
full valuations , without fear or fuvor
Ills the goVel'lOr'S understanding and
that of several other members of the
hoard that It has the right to rillse one
(11' all without respect to the valuation
of others , the sole object being to
bring them all up to the taut valuo.
It is at this juncture that the rail-
ways become interested parties Some
members of the board believe that it
Will he Impossible In increasing the
valuations of the various counties to
bring them UI to the cash standard to
avoid adding the Increase to the rail-
ways also. The section of the statute
which forms the basis for the oard's
action provides that the amount which
Is to be added to 01' deducted from n.
count "s ' valuation to bring It to the
fair cash value level shall bo distributed -
uted to all species of property In the
same lercentage This means , some
railway men believe , that the counties
will add the percentage to railway
values In the same manner as to other
species of IH'olQrt In such event an
Increase of 10 per cent In a county
would mean that th" railway whicH Is
already assessed at 69 ! } per cent increase .
crease over last 'ear's figures would
have to submit to an additional raise
of 10 per cent. This Is what the railways .
wars are afraid ot
"On the other hand , many of those
who are Interested In the matter oC
fair railway taxation insist that this
feature of the law will force the board
to add enough to the valuations of the
carrying Interests to bring them to a
level indicated by stocks and i bonds ,
which would have been close to ; GO-
Do Not Need Irrigntion.
LINCOJ..N-Onh' two of the western
counties-ScoUs muff and Cheyenno-
have required any Irrigation this sum-
mer , and they have taken much less
water than In previous 'ears. The first
application of water rights recelvod , hr
the state hoard of irrigation for some
lime was med last wcele.
Killed by Lightning
Onn-Chestor Churchill , about 19
years of age , was killed by lightning
while shocking wheat. The lightning
taro his clothing nearly off his body
lull set him all 11re.
The new Methodist church at l1ee-
mOl' was dedicated last Sunday.
Lditht IIopldns , whose mother hives
In Omaha , Hulcillod In Bullo , MOhtam"
Open air church service will ho held
In Ilunnboldt until the heated tOl'lIs
eve . .
Uavonna has organized n ilfty4wo
ploo brass hanl1 A large number or
the la'cr8 ) ere lneitllors of the old .
Ravenna cornet IJI\nd
Levi Fry , an old resident of Oar.o ;
county , was adjudged insane hy the
board of Insanity cummlsslonol's and
ordered taken to the asylum ,
The village of Barnoston , near the
Kansas hue In Gage county , hils realized -
allzod enough frolll licenses In till
past ) five years to Hake tux Icvles for
city purposes \ unno'esslu'y I "I
Preparations [ \ hove cOlllmenccll for
thf.l coming annlllll reunion and picnic
of the Pioneer nUl\ \ old ! SoHl m' air
sedation of Dakota county , which will
be held at Clinton pm k . adjoining Dakota
ltota City , on 'J'h\ll'sday August 2 &
There are Sl ! ) more ohildren of
school age In Omaha than a year ago
The school population ) is uo\\ : n,7Gi. :
'fho Second ward made the greatest
gain , having 1117 more chlhlron than a
year ago. 'J'he Third ward dropped \
23:1 : :
'fhe case , of the state against Om
. < J. Coffin \ , charged with statutory as
lault Upon the thlrtoen.yO ! r.ollt'
daughter of William Wilson or .Beli-
wood , was ooncllllloll In the district
court at David City , the jury t1jiul'l\
Ing a vordlct of gullt " -
After his dogs had torn n rattler to
pieces , Fred ( Hhelnhelmcr of l\JcC'ook
kicked up the head to oxnmloo the
tQeth. Before he lenow It the teeth
were fastened In his hand , and a quick
run to town for medical aSfllatft11CO
was nil that saved his lifo
Adjutant General Culver has issued 1
the following statement relative to the
prospective brigade ( Onclll1llH\Olo ( o [ -
the National Guardt : \ order wilt
bo issued fixing the ( late of the anneal .
neal encampment on A'ngllst 17. If
sulllciont funds are found available 1m
eight-day encamp1l10nt will ho h01l1 " \
A storm destroyed seven farm
houses , barns , outbuildings . ole" , lu
eastern Loup county 'rho storm
strncl a mile north of Taylor , l'olluo-
lng' 1\11' lll'ltain's Ilwolllng to Icilldling
wood , and traveled southeast , 11eHtroy.
Ing..tho dwellings of Messrs. Lyon , lll'U'
mage , Campbell , Dutton and oUH'rs
The Beatrice Creamery company of
Lincoln , which some tine ago purchased -
chased the plant of the Honworth Pro.
duce company nt Beatrice , expects
soon to erect a new hllllcllng and (
storehouse and equip the lIa1110 with
modern machinery for the purpose \ of J
working country huller Stations will
be established and butter will ho made
In Beatrice the saute as at the capital
"The wheat crop In Nebraska will
ho from ten to twelve million bushels
short of that of last year , " salll C (1.
Crittenden of the Central Granaries
colUllnY , Llnooln. 'l'hlR estimate 13
received the .
based on reports hy corn-
'puny from their agents located In dif
tereut points In the South Phrtlo
A telegram was received at Bazt-
rico from Mundon , Kan. , stating that "
Daniel Freeman , the fi rst homesteader
StatoR and resident i
In the United a z
or Gage county , had been seriously injured . ,
jurel1 at that lllaco The telegram J
gave no particulars and Dy , Cane
a son.ln.ln or 1\11' Freomlll1's , left j
for rlunden on the first train for thin
purpose of bringing the Injured man
homo. 1\11' Freeman Is 78 years or
, _ , " . , _ . J : ' " ' ; j , " , , ' , , \ , -\1. , , ki'.1.t ' _ ' .

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