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- -
Indications that Kouropatkln Will Not
Attempt Another Advance This Year
-Only the Fall of Port Arthur May
Effect n Change.
8'1' PE'rEH8BtJRG-Tho army or-
cnn publll1he8 a long list of now CIIU'
mnnders In the far east , Including ( ) \ the
nppolntmentH of Generals Llnovltch
and nulbar8 to the First and Third
armies , respectively.
Generals Kutncvltch and 8ellvnl1or
will command the 'J'wenty.socond and
'rhltry.sovcnth divisions of the First
corps , which chief , General Meyon-
dorff , Is resigning on account of III
henlth. General SlouchovsltY , com-
mnndcr of the 'ronth corps , has also
resigned , cold It Is expected that ho
will hc succeeded hy General , T7.erpll-
IIy. The swooping character of these
changes may Imply that there Is no
Intention 011 General Kouropatldn's
part to assume the offensive during
the 'ear'8 campaign unless an exceedingly -
Ingl favorable opportunity offers. Indeed -
deed It begins to loolt 111(0 a deadlock
between Mululen for the winter unless
Port Arthur falls or the Japanese
abandon the idea of renewing the as-
soult upon the fortress there and settle -
tie down to a regular siege , either of
which would relen o enough tr1011'J ' to
give the preponderance necessary to
try to force the Russians out of Mud
len. In fact , the latest dlspatch03
from the front indicate that some
i such move Is preparing , though the
best opinion nt the war office holds
to the vIew that there Is not likely
to bo another big battle this year , one
of the Indications pointed out being
the departure or many military attaches -
taches for the wlntor.
General Orloff , whom General Kour-
olantldn blamed for the Russian reverse -
verse at Lluo Yang declares , In the
course or nn interview published III
the Novoo Vremya that ho obeyed
General Stacliolherg's orders In making -
Ing the much crltlclsed attack , In
which his divisIon was decimated and
ho himself wounded. General Kouro-
rn : kin apparently Is convinced ( that
Orloff was not to blame allll the order
detaching hIm has been revoked and
ho has been appointed on General
l\ouropatldn's : staff.
, Member of the Commission.
X. NDON-Tho Daily Telegraph ,
whlcn Is often Inspired by the govern-
mont suggests that Admiral Sir John
1r labor will represent Great BrItain
on the international commission to
inquire Into the North sea affair. A
telegram from Constantinople says 1\1.
Mandelstam , dragoman of the Russian .
sian embassy there , and who 18 an expert - ' I
pert on international I law , had start-
cd for St. Petersburg and will represent .
sent Russia before the North sea com-
mission , but In what capacity Is not
Race War In Colorado.
COAL CREEK , Colo.-The killing In
cold blood of Marshal Bates of COitl
Creek , a coal mining town In Fremont
county , by two negroes , Grant and
WesUey Thompson , whom he was trying -
tng to arrest for dlshi lng the peace ,
bas caused the white residents to issue
. warning to all negroes to leave the
camp. Many negroes have already
left town. If any Insist on remaining
tt Is feared bloodshed will result. The
whites charge the negroes with numerous -
merous crImes committed since they
were Imported Into the camp.
National Treasury Balances.
ASIIINGTON-Frlda statement
of the treasury balance In the general
fund , exclusIve of the $150,00,000 gold
reserve In the division of redemption ,
Ibows - : Available cash balance , $147-
8i-216 ; : gold , U3,091,381.
- -
- - : : - _
Two Men Attempt to Rob a Bank at
Cody , Wyoming. I
CrmVENN , Wyo.-Cnshler I. O.
llIllInllgh of the First National bank I
of Cody was instantly Itllled In a battle -
tlo with bank robbers between 3 and
4 . o'clncl this nflernnon. The men
made theIr osene. ) ) They secured no I
Two men rode up ) ) to the bank on
horses , left he t animals at the curb
and entered the front door. They
made no effort to dlsglllso themsf'lvcs
and Immediately ordered Cashier
\lIddnllgh and his assistants to throw
III their hands. 'rho bank officials answered .
RWOl'ed with a volley from theIr six-
shooters and the robbers , without attempting -
tempting to gather In the cash that
lay In a tray on the counter , backed :
out of the building , firing as they went. ,
l\IhhlallJh followed the men to the
street and opened fire. One or them
returned the shots and Middaugh fell
dend. Time robbers mounted theIr
horRes and lied through the town.
The people of the town were aroused
by the shots and , flocking Into the
streets , opened fire on Ute retreating
rohbers. The latter seemed to hear
charmed lives , however , for they were
unhurt and dashed out across the
pralrlo. An officer Quickly gathered a
large posse and started In pursuit , but
up to 1\ late hour the outlaws had not
been taleen. Dig rewards have already
been offered for the capture of the
men , dead or alive , and their arrest
Is almost cOl'laln.
Subjects to Be Discussed by the Na-
tional Congress.
EL PASO , Tex.-Th executive
commIttee of the twelfth national Irri-
gation congress program of the comIng -
lug session of the congress to he held
In this city November Hi to 18. The
first and fourth days of the congress
will be devoted to general sessions ,
but on the second and third clays the
work will ho divided Into five sec-
tions , namely : Forestry engineering
and mechanics , production by irrigation -
tlml , climatology and rural settle-
ment , each section meeting In a sep-
arate haU. This program Includes addresses -
dresses and papers by elghty.seven of
the most prominent expertn In their
respCCUVe departments , aU of whom I
have advised the committee of their I
Intention to be present.
A large list of delegates Is already
In time hands of the secretnr Addi-
tional lists are being received dally
from nil parts l of the country and n
heavy attendance , Including many
women , Is assured.
Japs May Settle Down for a Winter's
LONDON - Conflicting reports
emanating from Cue Faa regardIng
the result of the latest assault on
Port Arthur. Bennett BurleIgh of the
Daily Telegraph , who passed time fort
In a steamer , says that aU was quiet
at 6 o'cloclt Friday morning , and that
there was no sign of firing or of any
movement. His steamer was thrice
chased and boarded by Japanese
wIthin a brief period , the Japanese
forbidding any navigation within
twenty miles of Port Arthur.
The Dally Telegrnph's correspondent -
ent at Che Fee learns that time Jap
anese are seeking to compel the Rmms-
sian fleet to quit the harbor and that
Vice Admiral Togo Is prepared for
this move. If It Is effected , the corres-
pendent adds , the Japanese will settle
down to a winter's siege.
PrInce Fushlma Salls.
WASHINGTON-Tho Japanese legation -
gation has received a cablegram from
Honolulu saying that Prince Fush-
Ima , the mlkado's adopted brother ,
salted tram Honolulu Friday for San
Francisco , where he Is expected to - arrive -
rive on the evening of November 9 ,
or the morning of November 10.
. .
- - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - -
- =
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . , . -
Driven Into Ho/e.ln.the-Wall / Country
and Have Taken Refuge with
Sympathizers-Posse After Them
Are Determined.
- - - -
DEER RANCH , W 'o. - SherIff
Stough or h "remont county and Sheriff
Fenton and posse of Big Horn county
arrIved here shortly : after sundown
Friday , having found the trait of the
Cody hank robbers and followed It
Into the very heart of the bad lands.
They are now not more than ten
miles behind the outlaws. Reliable
information has been receIved here
that the bandits have taken refuge
at the ranch house ] of a sympathizer
near the notorious "Hole.ln.the'Vall"
redezvous , southwest of this place ,
and do not ] crow that the officers have
followed this far.
Sheriff Fenton , who Is directing the
movement against the desperadoes ,
has asked for reinforcements from
Casper , 'V'o. , 100 mites southeast of
here , and a telephone message was
received late Friday night ; stating
that Sheriff Webb and a large posse
had started for the scene. Fenton
and his men will do a little scouting
quietly to see that the outlaws do not
leave their hIdIng place before Webb
and his party arrives. Should the
outlaws become alarmed and attempt
to leave the country , Sheriff Webb
will bo advised at Walton , Lost CabIn
lOr one of the smaller stations on
the telephone line , and an effort will
ho made to intercept the bandits at
tno eastern exit of the Hole.ln.the-
Wal1. Should the robbers attempt to
double back on their trail and es-
cape by the only other exit from the
hole , the route they followed in entering -
tering the rendezvous , they will bo
attacked by Fenton and his part
near this lnce. )
A bloody battle Is certain to occur
during the next thlrty.slx hours , either -
er at the western or eastern exit of
time Hole , or In the vicinity of the
recent hidIng place or the outlaws.
Should the bandits remaIn In Ignor-
anco of the plan to bottle them up
In the rendezvous , then the fight will
occur at the ranch home or their
friend , for two posses from the east
and west will combine forces ns soon
as Webb arrives and close In on the
bandits at once.
The officers here are completely
worn out , hut they are anxious for
the l1ght. They will get almost twen-
ty.four hours' rest , however , If present
plans carry and will be In prime con-
dition for the battle when Webb arrives -
Booth-Tucker In London.
NEW YORK-It was announced
that Commander Frederick 'Booth-
Tucker , who for eight and a half
years bas commanded the Salvation
Army forces In the United States , Is
appointed to the international head-
quarters In London , and will act as
secretary and represent aU countries
outside of Great Britain. This will
make It necessary for the commander
to travel In all parts of the world.
Commander Booth-Tucker's farewell
meeting In New York City will be
hhld on November 15.
Massacres Whole Crew.
LONDON-According to information -
tlon from the Island of Perlm , at the
entrance to the Red sea , an Investigation - I
tion of 1\Iasslra Island made by time
sultan of 1\Ius'nt shows that the cnll.
thin and a baat' crew of twe'Jl-one
Ulm , which left he British steamer
Baron Innortinle , which ran ashore at
the KurlaIsl3. : . islands ! , were massacred .
crod by the natives tbere. Nine of
time murderers have been arrested. Information .
formation was that the boat had cap.
sized and aU . " the occupants drowned -
ed except : one
Reports of the Assault Upon Port
CITE FOO-The meager additionah j
details reachIng Che Foe concerniag : . I
the last general assault on Port Ar- '
thur , which began In a prellmlwu1" I
war on October 2.1 , and later desel-- ' I' 1
oped Into the third attempt of Ole
Japanese to secure a commanding position . c ' I
-s 't :
sltlon , say that on the night of octo- - . . ,
bel' 28 the Japanese , who on October I
26 had daringly entrenched themselves ,
on time slope of Rlhlung mountaiw ,
forced their way further and draft
the Russians from their last trend
! before that fortlficntlon. The Ibs-
slam retreated from theIr trenches t. ,
the other sIde of the mountaIn.
It Is alleged that the JapanCNi
might have entered the fortifications "
but that they refrained from doing IJO' . t j
ns It would obviously be ImpossIble t f
for them to hold the position In the t l \ l
face of the fire which would bo sure '
to be directed against them from oUter -
er forts.
It seems to bo the intention of the
Japanese to enter several co-operative
forts simultaneously or not at alL
The Japanese have found It Impossible
to remain In any solitary fortifica.-
tion while the other big forts went
able to concentrate a fire upon them.
The Japanese have also advanced
somewhat closer to Itz mountain , havIng -
Ing occupied a position above the
cremation worlcs. On the night of
October 30 the Japanese flag was seem -
flying over two new positions , the
names of which are not known to the
Informant of the Associated Press cor-
respondent. .
The officers and crew of the Russian -
sian torpedo boat destroyer Ryeshf-
telnl , cut out of this harbor October ,
12 by time Japanese , departed Tuesday . -
day night for Shanghai , where they
will join the crew of the Russla
cruiser Aslmld.
haroff reports that the night passed
qUietly. According to Tuesdn"s ad-
vices from the theater of war no gen- , -r y
oral engagement has ret begun.
There was some skirmishing Monday .
but nothing serIous. No Japanese offensive - .
fenslve has developed so far , the om-
cial reports show , although advice
from the extreme east are belated
General Kaulbars , who Is to succeed
General KonropaUdn In command of
the First army , has arrived bere. He
passed the entire day closeted with : :
the general staff and with Genera !
Alexieff , director of the bureau of operations .
eratlons , studying the details of the
campaign In time light of secret dispatches . -
patches and the war office archives ;
, . . r
Study the Country. -
ST. PAUL , Minn.-Passenger and
Immigration representatives of the - . .
Northern Pacific stationed In the important - "
portant centers from Maine to California -
fornla , will gather In St. Paul this
. week and will leave Thursday morning - .
Ing In private cars attached to the
: regular westbound through train o.
; a comprehensive tour of the territory
served by the Northern PacIfic. The
trip is to be made for the purpose at
givIng the representatives of the " -
system - .
tem personal knowledge of the west , _ : '
Its cities and growth .
Boodle Councilman Is Dead.
ST. LOUIS-John A. Sheridan , s I
former member of the house of delegates -
gates , who was Indicted on a bribery
charge , convicted and sentenced t.
the penitentiary for five years , Is deli ,
at the Jefferson hospital from tuber . . f
culosls. SherIdan was not taken te ) ' I
the penitentiary , as his case was appealed - ' .
pealed to the supreme court. Anotb-
or Indictment , however , was pending
agaInst him and his case had beea
set for trial on November 10. Eleven
weeks ago ho was taken to the hos-
p Ita I.
Quarter- a Million Loss.
MACON , Ga.-Fire wept Tifton .
Ga. , destroying several bustnees
blocks and causing a loss of U50OM.
There were no casualtIes. - -
tI t I

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