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A Pleasant Surprise.
Kev Neide and wife were th
victims of a most pleasant sui
prise on last Thursday evenin ;
w hen the members o f S 1
Thomas church took possessio
of their home and proceeded t
manage things to their likiny
It was all done so quietly am
with so little ceremony that th
reverend and his wiie did no
realize what had happened uu
til after the crowd had departei
and an inventory was taken o
the good things they had left a
tokens or the appreciation o
the good work he is accomplish
ing in this parish , and of th
splendid Easter services he hai
given them.
Old Pete is Dead
Pcte the faithful old hors
which "has done service on the dc
livery wagon for Billy Moss fc
so many years , died last Friday
and now Billy is mourning th
loss of one of the best horses eve
For twenty years Pete hitche
to the delivery wagon and stand
ing on the corners has been
familiar figure to our people , wh
will miss him almost as much a
does his master.
In the meantime Billy is lool <
ing around for another horse bu
thinks he will be hard to pleas
as in his estimation there is oul
one Pete.
Let's Have a Ball Team.
Is Falls City to have a bai
team this season is the all absorl
ing question. When we conside
the fact that nearly every littl
village and hamlet around us ar
playing bafl , it seems too ba
that a town the size of Falls Cit
does not waken up to the imporl
ance of a ball team.
Realizing the good derived froi
such an advertisement , we unclci
stand that one of our merchant
has volunteered to uniform
team , and if it is a good advei
tisement for a business firm wh
would it not be good for th
town ? It would be , and with th
splendid material at hand it woul
be an easy matter to organize
winner , and thus furnish amuse
ment to our lovers of the sport a
well as keep our town before th
Here's to Tommy Glines.Poteel
Heacock , Cornell , Scars , HecV
Ruegge , Meyers. Messier and th
rest of our old stars get busy.
A Law Suit Between Two Scho (
It is seldom that the Count
Court is the scene of a law sui
between two school districts
but on Monday , of this week ,
judgment for $116.0 J was obtain
ed by school district No. fl
against district No. 97.
It seems that on February /
1905 , fohn Findlay , treasurer c
district No. 97 , presented a
order on the county treasure ]
Mr. Zook. tor $100.05 and recen
ed that sum in payment. B
mistake the amount paid wa
charged against district No. Q.
although district No. 97 got tb
As soon as district No , C
learned of the mistake its treai
urer made demand on distric
No. 97 for the repayment of tl :
money , but district No. 97 seen
ed to wish to cling to the mone ;
After exhausting all oth <
means , the matter was place
in the hands of attorney JoL
Wiltse , and judgment for $11C
00 obtained.
Marriage License
Frank VKozler , Humboldt. . . :
Louise Porak , Humboldt " .
Jos. Kromer , Holt Co. , Mo. . . . I
Aliice Alura Stroud , Falls City. :
Jas. E. Gilbert , Rule :
Elta A. Simmons , Rule :
Francis Rhodd , Rule :
Mary Garrison , Red RockOkla. :
Elks Initiate.
The Elks held a very interesl
ing and busy session at the regt
lar meeting on Friday evening
when three new members wer
made acquainted with the secret
of the order. The victims wer
Bert Harris of Stella and Chestc
Fisher and Dan Sullivan of thi
city. The goat was in good trii
iml showed the candidates
merry time , but they were equate
to the occasion and are figurini
on the good time they can hav
with the next fellow.
Didn't Know it was Loaded.
The Tribune last week put
lished a signed article at the re
quest of Mr. Dan Sullivan tha
subsequent events show to hav
been loaded.
If there be any misunderstand
ing between Mr. Sullivan an
Jerry Kanaly we desire no pai
in it , nor would we have publishc
the article had we known any re
flection on Mr. Kanaly was in
tended. Both of these gentle
men are well and favorably know
to our people and the Tribune re
grets the unpleasantness and es
aecially that we have unknowing
y reflected upon one of our bes
Burned to Deatli
The many friends of Mr. am
Mrs. W. C. Margrave were shock
ed to learn , Wednesday morning
of the distressing accident tha
Mrs. Margrave suffered Tuesda
evening , which resulted in he
death within a few hours.
The Tribune has been unabl
to secure allx the details , bu
sometime Tuesday evenig Mrs
Margrave was fixing a chicke
brooder for the night when th
lamp exploded. Her body wa
saturated with burning oil whic
completely consumed the clot !
ing and burned her body si
frightfully that death follows
in a very short time.
Mrs. Margrave leaves tw
children , one a baby , and he
husband to mourn her loss. Th
TRIBUNE joins a host of friend
in tendering sympathy to th
stricken family.
" Play Ball.1
Soon the umpire will call out i
stentorian voice , " Pluy Ball !
The fans will sit up and begin t
root , and the cheery crnck of tli
bat will resound over the diamonc
Are you in the game ? Get yov
name on the tally sheet if you ej
peet to get into the average columi
The successful merchant , lik
the successful ball player , ehoul
be in training now. He must r.
able to field , to run bases an
judge the balls. He must be i
the game from start to finisl :
boosting , coaching and hustling
The first step in training for thi
season is to develop the muscle <
the arm in writing ads. llunniu
bases from one printing office t
the other. A. good throwing an
may be developed in throwing 01
stickers and shelf warmers. 1
acquire a good batting eye an
judgment of balls , look at yoi
stock every day. To get a goc
average and stand high among tl
other players you must develc
coaching of customers and tea ;
work with your fellow shoe seller
Are you in the game ?
Sold their Home.
After twenty-eight years coi
tinuous living thereon , Alf Soutl
ard and wile on Wednesday <
this week disposed of their pro ;
erty on north Harlanstreet , to I
C. Smith , the price paid bein
$2,700. This is one of the fine
residence locations in the city.
As soon as arrangements a
completed Mr. Southard and wi
will leave for an extended stay
Denver where they will spend
portion of the summer with the
children. They will also vis
their son Grant , at Geneva , Ne
Society News
Mrs. John Martin very pleas
antly entertained the Younj
Married Ladies' Kensington 01
Wednesday afternoon.
The Friends in Council wen
guests of Miss Banks on Frida ;
evening. Instead of the rcgula
literary program , the club IKK
the pleasure of listening to ;
most interesting report of tin
recent meeting of the Federa
tion of Women's Clubs , given b ]
their delegate , Miss Sallii
Schoenheit. During the socia
lialf-hour nice refreshments wen
Fred Brecht and wife wen
pleasantly surprised on Tuesda1
evening , when a number of the !
friends dropped in upon then
and proceeded le shower then
with tinware , reminding then
of the fact that they had reach
ed the tenth mile-stone of thei
wedded life. It was an inform
al affair but none the less pleas
ant , and the self-invited guest
departed at a late hour wishin {
them many more years of happ ;
wedded life.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Burchartden
tertained a number ol theii
friends at their country hoim
Saturday evening. A hack wa :
chartered to convey the guest
to their destination , with Majo
Keeling as chaperon. Wins
was the program , and the garni
proved most interesting until i
tempting aroma came from tin
kitchen , when everything ceasec
for the splendid refreshment !
served by Mrs. Burchard. I
was a pleasant 'affair and tin
guests were loath to clepar
even when the clock warnei
them that the Sabbath was a
Mr and Mrs. Albert Maust en
tertained the Midweek K. K. clu'
on Wednesday evening. This i
a new social club and we are no
advised as to the nature of th
same , but it is safe to say the
had a pleasant time on the abov
As to Paving.
The question of paving Ston
street has often been thought o
and talked of in this city , bu
never until now had any rea
effort ever been made to lear ;
the sentiment of the propert ;
owners. This week , however
C. H. Heineman made a persona
canvass of Stone street , inter
viewing each property owne
on the three blocks from WahP
store to the Union House , am
without a single exception al
were ready and willing to pa
the cost of paving along thei
property. Enough cannot b
said of the good to be derive
from paving Stone street , an
now that Mr. Heinernan ha
started the ball to rolling le
each one give it a push. Wit
the hearty co-operation of al
there is no reason wlijr this in
provement cannot be brougli
about with scarcely an efforl
Don't leave it all with Mr. Ileiiu
man , who is more than willin
to do his share , but let ever )
body get busy before the knocl
ers get their hammers in shap
to kill this much needed improve
ment , as they have so man
good things in the past.
- - -
Card of Thanks.
We wish to return our sincei
thanks to those who so kindly a :
sisted us during the long illnei
and at the death of our belovc
husband and father ; and especial !
to the members of the G. A. R
W. R. C. and K. L. of S. for the
many acts of kindness.
* " " * * *
Prayer meeting at the Baptii
church tonight , Friday. Men
bers are urged to make a speci ;
effort to be present.
Jatnus Henrv Cornell died a
his home in this city on Sundaj
April 20 , 1908 , aged 63 years.
Mr. Cornell had been a suiTcrc
from that dread disease , calle
cancer , for some time , and durini
the past year had tried ever
known remedy , undergoing opci
ations at different hospitals ati
doing all that was within huuia
power but to no avail , and whe
the summons came Sunday h
was glad to go , knowing that i
was to his rest.
Deceased was born in Ftilto
county , Ohio. October 5 , 184
where he grew to manhood an
was married to Hannah Ann Pat
dorffon April 14th , 1867. To thi
union six children were born , fou
sons and two daughters , all o
whom are living. They move
to Nebraska from Ohio abou
twenty-seven years ago , wher
they have lived ever since.
Mr. Cornell professed faith ii
Christ in the M. E. church whe
in young manhood. He was
member of the G. A. R. and th
K. L. of S. No. 1312 , always tali
ing an active part in the doing
of these orders , and he will b
sadly missed from their ranks
The funeral was held from th
Christian church Tuesday after
noon , April 28. conducted by Rev
Dunkleburger assisted by the G
A. R. and Knights and Ladies
Interment was in Steele's cemc
The Juniors.
The junior class of the higl
school gave a reception last Fri
day evening.
About two hundred invitation
were issued and a large crowi
gathered in the assembly room a
S o'clock. Extensive prepara
tions had been made by thcyounj
people and the room was trans
formed by curtains , draperies
potted plants , cut flowers , rug
and easy chairs , into a parlor.
An enjoyable program consist
ing of musical numbers , reading
and addresses was rendered. Ele
gant light refreshments wer
seryed in a down stairs room a
tables placed in the form of
swastica , .the class pin. Punc
and wafers were dispensed on th
large stair landing , by youn
ladies of the class. The occasio
was thoroughly enjoyed by th
fortunate ones who attended.
Odd Fellows Anniversary.
On Monday evening the 89 *
anniversary of Odd Fellowship i
America was celebrated at thei
hall in this city in a most pleai
ing manner. Onlv members wit
their families were present an
one of the most pleasant times i
the history of the order was ei
joyed on this occasion. The fo
lowing program was rendered :
Music Orchestr
Prayer Chaplain Southar
Piano Solo Grace DeMei
Address of Welcome..John Ilinto
Music Orchesti
Address. . .Rev. R. Cooper Baile
Vocal Solo Una Snide
Music Orchesti
Recitation D. P. Branni
Presentation of memento
to A. E. Gantt on be-t
half of lodge on account
of success of team. .C. C. Dav
Closing Ode Lo < U
Prayer Chaplain Southai
After the program a Itincl
such as the Odd Fellows are note
for , was served and the remaii
dcr of the evening given to mus
and a general good time by tl
200 persons present.
The croaker was busy the fir
of the week telling how the fru
was all killed and the orchan
permanently injured by the co
Nothing to It.
In answer to an alarm Wedncs
day , oui lire department made
long run to the south part o
town to find there was nothing t
it but a box burning beside Mi
Jackson's store , which had beci
used as a chicken coop. Of cours
the boys were thankful that ther
was no damage done , but it wa
i good long run just for exercise
Destroyed the Traps.
For some time our iishermei
nave known that illegal flshiiij
was being carried on in the Ne
maha , and reported the same ti
Lhe state game warden , Georg
L. Carter , who , at the instanci
of the Nemaha Fishing Club
irrived in this city Monda ;
night , and early Tuesday nioni
ng in company with J. M. .lei
lisou and Fred Farrington
started on a tour of investiga
Securing a boat they mad
.he trip from here to Rule , drag
giug the Nemaha , and as a ru
wit found fifteen traps in work
ng order , and a number of other
ilong the banks of the creek
ind near the mouth of the Nc
nahn was found what is know
as a wing trap made of wovei
wire. This was stretched acres
Lhe creek so as to completel ;
cut off all possible chance o
my iish landing in this locality
All this paraphernalia wai
destroyed , Carter leaving hi ,
card as a warning to the law
The Nemaha would be an idea
iishing place if the trapping cai
je stopped , and the Nemahi
Fishing club are determined tt
stop it if such a thing is possi
ble. Mr. Carter informs us tha
it the last session of the legis
ature an appropriation wai
nade for this purpose , and eiven
cent that is needed will be use (
n bringing these law-breaker
to justice.
These gentlemen feel tha
Jiey accomplished much on thi ;
trip and give warning that tin
lext time they go it will be 01
i man hunt and will not be con
.ented with the destruction o
Call and sec the line of watche
: or gifts at A. E. Jaquet's.
Patzman Sisters are offerinj
mrgains in hats from 7iic. ti
? 8.f)0. )
Lee Glasscock sends us casl
on subscription this week an <
orders his Tribune sent to Ana
darko , Okla. , to which place h
recently moved.
Miss Lottie Putnam is tn
proud possessor of a new pian
which was installed in the horn
Tuesday by Reavis Abbey.
George Jennings lost his mus
tache the first of the week an
it is said the loss made such
decided improvement that hi
best friends did not recogni/c
Hal Filton made this office
pleasant call yesterday. Hal i
now located in Florence , Cole
and being in Beatrice for a tim
could not resist a visit to hi
old home.
Henry Rieger and family cam
up from Preston Friday to vis
over Sunday with his sistei
Mrs. Carrie Schaible. Mr.Riegc
has been away from home sine
the Iftth of December. He i
getting along line , as his man
friends will be glad to hear.
On Monday of this week The
Ryan living three miles southea
of Dawson , had on the St. Josef
market a load of steers whic
proved to-be money makers. Th
was a bunch of red shorthori
and had been fed about foi
months on corn and alfalf ;
They weighed 1155 pounds at
brought $6.35 which was mo
than Mr. Ryan was expectiii ]
This is another evidence of Ric
ardson county as a stock raisir
community. These cattle we
handled on the market by tl
Lee commission company.
George Fisher visited his mother
at St. Joseph , Saturday.
M. J. LaBlanc of Rule was
ooking after business in this city
Al Spears returned Tuesday
rom a few days-visit with rela
tives in Orleans.
M a x Thomas , of Frankfort ,
vas. , is in the city visiting his
brother , R. P.Thonias and family.
Win. Brown and wife from
'ittsburg , Pa. , were the guests of
George Fisher and family the
first of the week.
Paul Startzcl , who is now em
ployed in a book bindery in Kan
sas City , spent Sunday with his
parents in this city.
About ยง 17 was realized by the
adies of the Episcopal church ,
> roceeds o'f the tea given by
.hem on Wednesday evening at
the home of Mrs. , J. R. Wilhite.
The Knights and 'Ladies of
Security , No. 610. sent C B. Ilcn-
Iricks to Nebraska City. Tuesday
is their delegate to the district
convention being held at that
A trial of any goods bought
it the Candy Kitchen , certainly
convinces one , that it is the best
) lace in Falls City to buy collections
ections , ice cream , ices , candy
ind fruit.
You'd be.tter get a pound of
Sauer Kraut Candy for lf > c. or
Peanut Bar for JOc. at the Candy
vitchen , Saturday , May 2. You
enow it's fresh and good if
iought there.
The High school band furnished
iiusic for tne Lvric' theatre on
Wednesday evening and proved a
fine drawing card. This band is
mproving rapidly and in a short
ime will be playing with the best.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thomas
returned to their home at Frank
fort , Kas. . , the latter part of last
week ) after having spent several
lays the guests in the home of
heir son , R. P. Thomas and
amily of this city.
Misses Mabel Lyforcl. Sarah
lutchins and Katie Heacock went
: o Lincoln Friday to attend a
social function given by one of
: he fraternity clubs. They re-
nained a few days to visit with
their many Jichool friends there ,
In answer to a telegram re
ceived Wednesday , announcing
the very critical condition of her
son-in-lawJohn Nulk , Mrs. Jesse
Morton left immediately for his
home in Muskogec , Okla. Up
to the time of going to press
nothing further had been heard
of his condition.
Rey. Charles E. Hillis , evange
list of ChicagOi will begin evange
listic meetings in the Baptist
church , Falls City , commencing
Sunday. May 3 , morning and
evening and will continue every
evening in the week except Mon
day. An invitation is extended
to everybody to attend.
The Board of Managers of the
Nebraska State Fair have ordered
plans for an auditorium to seat
4,500 people. The building is to
be erected west of the Adminis
tration building on the side hill ,
where a natural amphitheater is
obtained. This building will
make a splendid place for Liber-
ati's Grand Military Band and
Concert company of 60 people ,
IS of whom are grand opera sing
ers and soloists , who render Stabat
Mater and other grand operas.
National speakers can also be
used here to advantage and we
are pleased to see the manage
ment are using their money for
such buildings for the people's

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