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Oat JK
tw ykam ci if mumm
(CtiiMiaaJ tTHm'Ou) ittlea at tkt.
htm$3mt Malfitiira
tnuA four tnMaW .wllld II fM atw
the town of Cotandrua, esaiM op
Ifotn Ml Pm WiaftiiaW lo ago.
WtU. 1
tmvn well. We Wlrftw hag bri la
:r woa-
" Wa-ePWCW
T l " '.'"' "
hmw oattntt matt ot' the 1
BMit 7( MHktea CaaiaalaB win he
net la the tenter 1tIo meat of the
rrl orefce. Thk aerelnimeat will .
tea the rerm a a Mn ettlcleat'
eaaeafc eerf MT Hf 4 la
tetter fcM e( wee!) areana which
tea eft. k4 ftmefer eot
Mm wM easier.
hi ri1it to' Mm' et
what mm beeeate l
e4 Mttor.i corniest tor f
Bite MM hi tin the hi been
4fa the churches before, while
s-lan for .the beUeraeat of the rural
Banaer School throve a, aerie of
Thstltutee for the traUilti ot teacher
ta all the Southern etateaVw mmmer
will be carried out by the Bptl0--8un.
dr School Board.
(kw bat been perfected bf the
architectural department 6f the Hep
tlt Sunday School Hearer at Neabfllle,
Teem., la cd-oaeratlon with the'Catch
BalUlca aad Loan Beeectramt ot the
Heme Mleelon Deaed, wbreey local
butWInj qommltltea can procure de
tailed plaft;ot the but mod era church
bIMH;Ar elthor lane or aaall con
aeatloatThee plana hare been ao
drawn aTa take care ot eurr pbwe
of ca-wrtTW&riiri thif 8undy School
aad eaervi rliiiiaii aetaC ao rro
TleM ttt aa'taeaaMt tdaea to do their
meet etWclaat wet; Aad a modem
bttlldfcfcC. eoatalslai all thete-euaatlal
lrri, aaa be provided by any
cuutwaaHf HMt ta able to buHd an old-fahlMa4le-roaa
church tntHdlac
aa Marew tS-i rnnitra atruclure
la Mlata)? that of the oldtyle
Ifjef.UeM ,Fwtd Prevlaed.
VaTaM'daiMB carMatl la
bMk aelMaat hoaaea of wprililp,
t4te fa leaa deaartmeat
wae aaaaaTlafcid alz year eo and Bl-
raadMaaata taan 700 charcaee liare
e Mud aa bllWk ae edd Wueej.
The Mai Mad. etaIIh far thK
I t " ttaed at IJ.eW.MO aad
in afcliliinl nWW alii be re
aiTailnea the Tl Million Cempalfu,
.leeaMill aaadlag bow Mrte
u .aMaaa tmm at be la made at
at aaWbiaw iff mwih.
k toeB'eeeeVe ia eaeaaa of aae
JTL d h. nroatftr. aad
ZmaZS.'ZZj ..T
Mlhl. to dedtcato the bulM.j
Mm 1 Mltlto. Camaalan the'
Jrtr7 'TS.tn uS
1IMiteaal churlha durlac
itlM veer, but thl eum will
lawly iniiUebarce.
la atmatto piilnti, amont wtm new
rancainnii eater where it a
rtrad a apKtcharcb. (or prateUa
Ih ralktofrir Ufa ot atudcs'tf, wptclellj i
beea a
Hit iSrdir-. Uhe terrHwy of Mte Seatbern Bapllet
Btmm iHMi 8atM caarcbra la ConTaMm era mw la taa flret
taa ,' 11.6M ar la laa rural die- of tho cawla that I aimed to win
trfeJied la anaH vlllaaa, aad i,600 at leaat tiro aad a half Million new
at taatt hf areaeWae; aerylca ealy! teafta to Cartel, la thahaawlanddut-
Mtrtk, wane ih wora i .
atWitatafeM will la W
vlaWetiaa teib .Miek ;r
yHrpiM n 1 errr ae twiff T T'1
Wta aTw va- wn
aaa. ie ewer a
noon ml ami or
inmoMD coo
ttlnc cwmttim ts ta erecllen ot
weM - affWtatea chare hows and U
development e( their Buadejr School
Why See He Are M44.
Tb eeetMyl Ulaeteattaa ehowe
K mt leeraehateh kIMte aa
Uo n kw M fVoer JM
(f miUn. wll mk(ii(1 chare
ult, UeM to tea ewe H at)
ftlu. ta Ma Jarer m cmmrH Uh
ih oBO-rootn etructare. mI4 from IU
Mlracllro ftietrcnct. first. It It
morn dnrable, fceloc 10 eonttrncted u
o restu wind and tor. Beeond. It
( easltf heated In Ibe winter, IU teali-
bale cutltet; oat the col wind from
iho entrance, while or reeeoa of the
bulIdloR barln aeTeral departmenta It
la oeedml to heal oalr the department
beta aeed (W thoce occaalea when
olf a aaaall salheriM la had. .Then
he audWfrriusi In the center,M ahleWed
from the' eatreae welhr br Hw de
jrtmtni! irrot4J NMMh In
ke eurnaMr theee aieaallaa depart,
aeeata caa) he OfeaaVe, ajlrlnc.abun
daat TealNattoe. Aejeta, the aew build
si offer adV!rabe ar(t lor tho
everal desartmeata aad cUe ot the
Sunday BchooVthaa ataklnc the tetch
Int ot the fcHble a much eaaler taek.
Tha the aerial Ma e Mm eeBaresa
tloa caa fee tniatlr ieeiaeted aa- the
bet tar baaMta-. kt that M ae,aate
quel and other affair ad thin atare,
enabllas the church to tire the yoaaa;
poople adequate aeiat actffltte aador
wbnleomo eatlreaaiiate.
.Thle aad maay ethvr eroved tyaM
of country charche are'.haiat
ployed now In every Southern etate,
and a more ettletent church werk la
Ixlnc dose wharevar ch hwUdtac haa
been erected, K la aaeaarad) Mdtielaat
rirletle of .la have haea wpayel
to eerva the need of aay aartloaW
Wnea the etfn Baptiet Conven
IRiu aeaeatblaa la Wah!afon, a C,
XiX 12f It will be Dm; i wvaaty-Wth an
nlrerjery of the teaadlaa; of that bedy
uU -wHl he kaewa aa Ma Vletarr Can-
veawfoa, ey raea w enei tpei n
wttt relebrata tta aaceeeefal ceaclu-
'teeal mmml la Vaehhtttaa la
l mHtWa li.m del.
W raaeoa aaa
geaeral Hum ha tenaalatad at thl
Maw. H I eecd tfc atto will
Ba " M " i
Watery ot the daaaeataatlon la the
bk uh '"" "
aroraaa of aew eaavarte ret
eaea year of taa H, MUMaa Cmalm
4 Hjr rMur m ffaa tha tranaeWet-l-c i
eftert ladleata thf ol
11 J"' awi vi aa w MT, rymm
mhi new. o naM mi,
aadhj erf anfetrta Uiat a
(Jet 'IvBaaaa-J. B. fitwaiM
MMi hnaMH baadui-aM u.1
late fMMtW'Ml' vfMMl tiki wfH flpt
after tborouaiti iav4Wiav" H
eta to paraoaetiry HWi m mmth
Ll C. K KhuUil, Whj waa Hm
a tear traaa with Ih cMf amfeaM
of lit thief oil company kf.reaaa,
Waltenl Ut well y-Miwiaay !..
patty wtlh hl hoet, Aer rrawk
Curry, Mr. Owen ami (ho eatf
wvl arier cpuducung a arcHKj
etamlnation, aavo It a hi frurtlln
opinion that tho puio oil eHcmwIer.
( at ahallow depth, aatemt 9W feed
and (lis black lima formal la,, lot,
ft! inlahty axxxl for a ble; foo: nf
hlah, tmU oil a Utile further down.
J. W. Phillip made a cMorofprm
Int nt'lhe black lime formation
threuhVhlch the bh; drill U new
paaatriK. and pnirfuwl globtitr of
oil fHim enough for eommercUl
There' no ue talking; wo've h-H
nil ami am aohw to hit a lot more
of.H n 1
The fr MfKm Mateta! Hew!
Tho Now Mexico apeclal revenue
commlion provided for by Mw
fourth alale IcRlilature at IU iiec
ial ncMlon, coniUla of II. J. llogrr
man of Hoswcll, W. 0, llaydoii ol
U Vegnj, John Joern of Santa Fe,
J. E, Bhcrldan of Silver City and A.
0. Blmma jOf Albuquerque. Al the
organization meeting held March 21
and at Ban la Fo, Mr. Hagerman
waa niado chairman, Rupert F. n
plund, secretary, and Clara 11. 01
aen, executive clerk. The only tal
ory provided for la that of Mlm
Olaen, who will receive $100 per
month, ai the amall appropriation
of K,m will not permit of a large
paid aleft. A plan of InvcatlTaltoa
wa adof)lel covering tho follow.
mtr- (I) revenue rc(juireeai;
(2) reventto-aoureca; (3) apectal h
vcatUjathtaM. U-ht ttM furfHM of
the eomtulMlrtn lo -HrH aacerkln
acltMl condllioM with alatlttlea
covctIh; a ten year period, accondly
to cnnnliler, recommendations for
ehantrea, huldlng Jiearliur In nil
part of the lale, and thirdly to
formulato a codification, of our aya
lem of public revenues and expeu
diture. After preliminary dala
have been fathered, a work which
will cover the next iwo months,
public organliallans and quallllod
persona reprcaenllnir various group
of clUtcnt and dirfercnt Inlerraui
in the alale will be Invited to pre
cnt their views liy briefs or
through hearings in regard to the
piloses of revenue and taxation In
which they aro interested,
Collect Taxes by Telephone.
nernallllo county tias n treasurer
and collector, 0. A. Mataon, who
uses perhaps a novel, but neverthe
less, simple, natural and, what Is
more to the. point, effective method
H getting In (ho taxes. Nearly 100
per cent of the 1017 taxes and over
07 per cent nf Iho 1018 luca have
been collected ta this, county. On
the dclliKriicnt dale. Mr. Mataon
went over the lax rolls and lilted
the names of those who failed to
pay promptly. He then saw theso
taxpayers personally, told them ot
tho penally Involved and seeured
payment at once In numerous cases.
Ha also used (he "tlngallng" meth
od, calling up many by telephone,
who came hi and paid. Tho result
is a low percentage of delinquency
In Bernalillo county.
Mr. Matson found thai, of notice
tent through the mall, nearly SO
per cent went returned, having
failed to reach the persons ad
dressed,. It was for this reason hu
decided to get in personal commu
nication with thoso who had failed
to pay. Through tho collection by
this; method, the taxpayer was aav
cd tr heavy penalty and tho counly
the ineonvenenco and toss result
ing from tho delinquency.
s SrrkHW Shoottwej Affray
B, L. Wlie, a rancher on Tennes
see creek In the Mule Creek section
of Grant county, I in the comity
jail In default of tiieo bOud, charg
ed with shooting John Alien, a rural
mall carrier, last Friday. The men
had some sort of an altercation mid
WHo Is alleged lo havo shot Allen
through the left thigh, the bullet
from a SftcalibYa pMol. iqMctlng n.
painful Tlcsh wound. Sheriff John
K. fatey and Deputy John 1'. HI,
John droVn lo Mule, Creek and ar
rested WIsa al his ranch. Allen
also was brought 1n fflt r Ci(y for
surgical nltefition. Wise is nml-r
Indlstmenl .for the shoollng of a
man namMl Wriglw Iwo years pgo.
Me will havo a preliminary hearing
ntlcj before Justico of tho I'eaeo Frank
fl ,J. Wrlftht today.-Slher City fpdo-
P. H. Mcliwibi. tiaMaal laWaek Mia.
torn fptr, dan c ltlafniliif,
.The Idaea' AM met at Mrs. !J. K.
WllllaM l. HirchfteM maaVi u a
Hall yraterriay,
a. u, Batiry wa HoMmaaier.
Ralph JBaWey retaraed from Ixi
Angelee, whero h ha been atlefiil
hag Khoot.
Oallup, N, Mt April d-Mra. Jaot
Mallory wa flrrtsied here lat Fri
day charged with steal h) property
from tho Imperial Annex roomiiie.
.knuie In AiH)uerque, Complaint
was made by Mrs. Jackson, pro
prietor of Ihe house, who missed
the goods aoon after Mr. Mallory
and her htUband left Wednesday
evening. Dlankels, linen and
dresses lo the Valun of IIOO were
found In her poMession when she
was arrested. Mrs. Mallory wa
taken to Albuquerquo by a deputy
aherilT and will bo given a hearing
by Judge McClellan,
ciMjemm abaktmkmknth
FOR SAI.K-0, 80, OR it)0 A0IIES
of splendid land which will grow
, anything, I will guarantee water
nl 5 fccL all you want. This
land Is lYt mile from school
house, to miles from Columbut.
It is worth threo or four limes
Whnt I ask for It. Will grow nl
falfa, frulle, melon, In fact any
thing, Can provo every word I
aay. Will sell because. I need tin
money quick; ttS0 per acre. Ad
dress All. the Courier, Columbus.
N. M.
tiir! lMlWETW"ciVrf7faTi:
vice Commission announces Ihe
nxamlnatlnn nnnird below to be
held at tho high school building.
Appllcat.on blanks and further
Information may bo obtained from
the local secretary, board of civil
( atrvlco examiners, al tho post of
Rcc lit this city: bookkeeper,
ffSM -per nnntiHU Vacancy In
supply otHfo at Coluwibus, N, M.
Kxamliiation oti April 10, 1BC0, 0
. R.ISrU AM) BKLIi Fl'lt-
)ering rabbits and other fur
bearing animals. Mil what you
have with us, stating your lowest
prices on large lot shipments.
The Fur & Specially Farming
Co, 515-017 N. P. avc, Fargo, S
Dak. aprtO
Ing car. In good condition; good
rubber; two sparo casings, one
new. ii Plione or seo T. K Harn
hoiino al 12th Cavalry 8ervlce
Club. marM-Api-2
olino engine, U h p.; 1-5-lncli
centrifugal pump, good condition;
both, IC50.00. Address A, I
Whcalon, general delivery, Kl
Paeo, Texas.
nished, all or part of house; lo.
tatetl on North First strccL Also
4-roefB 'dobo house on North Bee
ond street See Mrs. Win, Anderson
or eaM at Courier office.
tfmSALBMl).0M COW, i YkAMS
old; part Holstrlii; giving over U
galleew milk per day; (I2S for quick
sale, 3M whlto brick, cheap; SO
fencer posts. ROHKRT FLACK.
fretrt. reom, wHh housokeepina
aWvlaagc; in private home, fac
te! Varboush'a reed store.
ahted Wrea, bran new, practically
aw car. Boa Mr. Olbeou, Com
fnawety Club.
Fis! dan.K lne nt Ihe most up-lo-
deaic bungalows In Colunilms. 8o
tluS.Wllklmon. Columbus theater.
MNr, w tm iNmmm.
Ug. iAnd Ofnro al iM Cruees,
New Mexico.
. April I, 10:0.
Nadee, U hereby glyen.lhaf Jossio
Denatm Jack, formerly Jessie Pen
ton.ttrfYork, Ala. who, on January
III, IMI,'Mie huinrsecad pnlry, Nd,
Oom Kr NWM, Beeeion 13, town
sHllf 8. Ratig 7 W, W M P Mori'
dian, ha Med notlru of Intention
lo niakri Ami IhtCfrytaj- Proof, to
enlaWlflb claim to Tim land above
deatrHwl, before Jpn, A. AHman,
Notary Pisblir. at York, Ala, on the
l7tK "lay of May, (9V0,
Cl-awemt narnw a.t wllnesses; J.
I Watker. bf tlojumbu, N. M.
Henry- SHirtof),' pf Cokwnbus. N. M.;
T of Columbus, X M.;
KatherhMWalkirr, of Columbus, ,.
M. Tha wHAeasra wilt submit thoir
lwtMy on May t7j IBM, tiefore
T. J. Cole, U. a tommlsakmer, at
nmatm youwre ijjkii5pai Wafjifcgi
ptaM you t&t tJoing your Bftiiftfit
You wffl fini m polite and mAoem-
m lookmf ikmt out hott oidiimtitiort
ajitdi petrolic
'The Bank That Alwaya Trcati You Right."
CAPITAL $25,000.00
My Imdy, how would you like to own
and manipulate one of those wonder
ful vacuum cleaners? They remove all
dirt without effort. Then an electric
iron. Think of it! Ah! an electric toaster.
Everything in Electric Utensils for the
Columbus & Western Mew
Mexico Townsite Company
See ut for town lots, business and residence
property. Oil Leasts and Vullcy Lands.
ColttiRbus, v . ,. ., New Mexico
New and Second-Hand Ssods
Bought and Sold
NEW STORE Oaebkck We CUrk Hotd
. J. L.i WALKkisR
i . m Gorhptjcte
! , ' , ft J
I m Mumhr lite lltfunf !
Line of?"
and frnUm
t 4

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