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ft'y ttoMfia
ffafa'QtiUBfa fig,
1 W
I''MliiaS toesjltosai, fsatoiiW
MW..-S- 'inFfJUtwjEt - few . coiiwsbin, x. tt,
sas.a-it ew wie wiSfSMSi , s , .jieiSMsamM
Ifc...J . iMitoll w um teoto of hmi m Mm ftm 4I emum bK
areajlMBTi ij. tsMllM Use
few eriitor to a
the Mexican federal
M. pnt, mM to m m Ifcgttoh.
to )
triMtor awrgtof wr uw
lerttrwdgr ItJtoMd. and
Um Mask WNtacr
Mhitotoed a wrkl seemy
11m ta U
to Um aeeUnaUon or Mm Ml
Z?Sa-'H w taanwd from other
y "in win iMi um will mm v
F mM m tor m'Qmm Onnttoa, tM
V9" Mttewi of here. Itowe
Lmmm sfcrtoto. m4 MNk ?
m that Um will leswet by
. li iMWt,
MMpk itlt's'VW Sttfftolfit NMWlhtJll
f toostpe are to eswseWssst absspsi
phyehuHy, Mtd are well clothed
' Md sbed. It to beltov-i the dH
i 1bc cm eeelly bo aclilpved In
les than ton deye.
w trqeM wr traveling on
. hwcm lri of fourteen . mm
ViMw Jmeet smUosi, wbere they re
Rsafejed kil ttor:
Te Men ere not ftltow4 W
j totwe e&mp or mtogto wMfc Www
v GssV rose sibj not rec4ve visitor.
IW aejd urn . bhihi1 were
Au j-g iv. BfiiMaai
9to .VMUMit fee1 BltlMMkMI 10
I MMe -Ittrstooii trees) over AaMrl,
Im torrUory H wn tontod after
lltoi mmw Of 'TwM Imm) lodged
"'KS. W. A, Wkfirld, of
thf proprHW of tha Klwlrto Wio
Shop, to ofteodiim IK mmmet on
the c&C M kmom i4m U alnp-
ptflf M Hie WMT AlOHHWWt Mf'
:.LSessjea aMskt lov MeSJBMBtosw to
x: . wm i in
Columbus Thaatre
Af VfVtoBaAffaltHWIJIsat
'I'ttruee' aWii''.j-..t.
rnk fttlt . ...u
Ueutenaiil Hooker. WaHer Hortwi
tViltcrt Uretoln i Itotiiirt Qalltord
strict AUtwtjay. r .-ffilffi'
Hit Wire .w..vt-v'j"' 'HM'
Mary Wtke. flW .ttoa-'keitoyofaveW,? Mf toy
wd ewtaln to owrto berottl rw itt.Wti. Ad H
i u thto Lovo thet bwocmlly winived abottt-ber m nel th(
: lie Ml of whleh he ws tho relwt wftorer. Aa Mery
, wught refge-tW UM to IVth. Hii IM' overtook hw M!
i UMe47atid, W bk ha "the teaiee a ,hapMM
: - of W ptoiho, .
MM. Mtr Mark. TfaU iaonUn UMr
tto ttffwyoat bm My. Thto m.
boato for 4to walkoui.
At tko offtofl of imMrtotowtont
rawn-i t omk titi mo
Imr K wm tooraotl MmI Um wolk
Mt h4 wi yat ftoeti the oor
uon or um worn on ih myMion,
FrtoM tata ore Mnr owed for
end Um work of mtvIm the
aowiUr to yoi iutoet mmI It to mi
Mtoyod thai tfeto wrk wttt be
terntioiy ofrMfOd hmi rwinM
toay to to fwtojht tfam mrt
ot Mon AW ioooMP tootoo hro
i tor m .Mjmm ot the ra)lrari
offfec. In Dovotof, m men hv
im ml ohm pwfitii on Mm
AL Tucton the nun who cteterlwt
their work toiM to rroart for
work at 4 o'clock 8lurtly atlrr.
noon ami were dliclnrgctl. Ttili
marnlnc n iMtvorttooHirnl wm
wired to thto wer tor the South
ern PmHIc. mWm for men to fill
Ihfl utomi f Mm jrtrikori on that
re4. Tho mm i Tuckhi ctotm
Mr oro acttoc to HwJr intHvhhial
eaiaHy m4 acknowletfed thrir
act km to In opposition to the o
(km of the union of which they
am Momher
A iUfMllnn wm .AMuto thl
Morntar W m of th premtoont
BluwtotoM of Douatoa MmI it wooKI
he wet tor Ma to oMata m mV
" iTTIta iirnMjmitr of um
fare with the rMehir eemtog Ml
oM toom Thm. WwHe U to ho4
there will be mo mttid of the
otrihe over the Bouthwaatorn r
torn, U will lie woll to for all Irv
(ereotrd to tako nrrcaullpfl to
Meure nereMlttoe before ettch an
event ahoulil ihut off lupplles. In-
cluUinf eatollna inlerMlionai,
raiwt Tetta 6e4
W, K( Hvrot of the Ztlli Ex.
ohaV. who to .c aoted renratcr
T Mod otorlee, rH ri4 of thli one
the owmt mr apropoa ui me pw
orrl HMrkamen out r.n the ranee
One privato b- the name of Drown
It the father tit a prpfoclnus 10
yearold boy back In Georgia, Ttio
father to a noted rifle shol, and
ou a urtouh home took his prom
ising wm out Into the woods to
teach hlea to elraoL Wscovtirln a
i imiirMl kHthw mi limb cracking
D a wtt, he toM hto eon to take a
Vakot at htm wHh .tow rifto. "tlw
Hik vWhL wl aMl aheei htoa la
I Um eye," MAI right, father, wftlctrj
t WT' IP -
MmM Htm
mcM. mm of t
ftohto where ha hee he
JUUCnu M wall hnora lav
fefod hr th rtato Of New
M Hte flm Hl cewiwwi
in a prwhwlmr wi Th
tAWaeiia) iMerftauoMl.
log xwouncewwat cowihw freea'1
uiurw at cinn m mnmj
cent vltlafo when YHIa tried
wipe it. from the iKinrr mess,
rrom the mum (Hal the vmm
toft ha tomo cw of the lefaM
towns In the (, smwn tnisW
(he stimulus of a tonre army Weet
wberu vel aum' of money 'ew
pah! ow. to Iroem, fur laltor asal
for suHeBencr. Inelikntal v. aast;
slderahh) other buslnisi Iim been
createil, and eetCe limwrli "toe;
acro.i the I wrier add to advanW
men I of ColiiBthne. AlliuwiwrijiM
Jottoel. MM;
imwirr a pagan i: vaa
Cornelia Oil hai made arranire-
nienU Willi the real Mtaln
I'rewiu rrnuer iuikuviihs-iiuo
lots slily acre of land Imlonginq
to her iylnft at the edge of Hie
city near Katt Droadway. Owing
to the location of this properly, it
Is predicted that (ho acreage. wIM
have n ready salo when split w
ii, lit)
ch f
In a
into ciiy lots. Hurveyor Iiiocn
now In rliHrve, and he reiwrt
survey nc wlll'tw conmlelcu
short time. Cecil I'rnder'ls nwkhM
arranarmcnla for an adveitleUut
tampMMi which win Begm m wm
m htta are proiierly "etaked," .
For heir eoed4, mjlcei toilet aee
cWh and atmlehienhig ewaatn. im
Jfc TheiteitiwStotesB
jHHHH I in. i Htw I rafajspeasxi, BFSifV . ,
H0l lieiHHJW-ltetteti 4, 1-908. '
BMH t . , ) eKl
1 HI Buntto and W. S-.tcHZ BVHP(E
Bisenxinx iiouse, nurve. u,iaio
titork Federal Heservo I.
lUink - ..t TWJM IV"4
Total MW&US I JSlkjFE, '
IUAM.tTieH-Meeeli.A4, toW. lTrVU ;
Cepltel ittock ,0X)0 ICstotCIH :
Sunttue, und. proflti' S.oooft.1 QtfAN&Y
Oepeeils , m&JM I
Total SICH371JH MX '
. The above slalesitenl Is correct, v. . " ,.
W. C FtUNKLIX, Cushlor.
, m)h mi i iisteieiiiieieieieiefieieiail
.l -V ' AND ' 1
The Bazaar
l, t, XerwoeK, the hai'ttorai
wen, had m aspqrtoae mtt U
be rmteinared.lMt laMretoe- fight.
in the evening toe raeelvto) i
ttogram from Kf tm krn4'tm
wife wmiM be eet' m
niMliatoly for jmiM
It wax U tale bt eifah Uw eve
ning trM. Mn waitosf imtH the
frciaht eeme tn end mhd an mm-
Idoyn ki let iilm rbto eevu hto
rralotn Me wm IoM that I he
frciahl reuM not peeelMy carry
paiiiWws, tut ir hd uoufd Wake
himself ii; a hotear h" could get
Into KI Peed by 4 a. m. and no ofio
would w the. wtoer.
Mr, Worwood hurftodt changed
clothes. -The landetoiin was
hlmvlng greet eelee, md by the
lime Mr. Norwood rt-Rrhed th
depot oiraln the frtlglll w pulling
out at SO mile an hour.
He cauRht It and held en to It
and finally Rot located (n a coal
car ino Mromorm quit wowing
sand and hltw rocks, Mr. Norwnod
Anyhow, lalo tlm next morning
Mr Norwood readied El I'aso. a
sorry looking sight, dirty and roil-
heprimed. If o B0 by the police
and hiked for a taxi, paid the
flrivcr in advance, as his eimrar-
ance warranted II, and hastened to
the Del Norte,
Ho found the operation upon hl
wife hod proved surcelsful, end
Mrs. Norwood It retlnK easy and
morn appreciative or her vcnmtllo
limtiiuul llian ever.
Mr. Nonwvxt rclunied In a I'ull
man yesterday.
Carl McOee, rrpulillcan, and re
puted In he wealthy oil man of
ukiaiioma, announces in renter
day's issue of tha Albuquerque
.Morning Journal I hat ho has pur
chased (he pajier for rash and
will henocf -Hi havo charge. Iln
slates Mint -Is nolillral nollry will
lt repulilin.n wllh an "Independent
navor. riio expenditure is. ru
mured to have been umund (ISi,
Cletoej Out 0eh
Aliiip in all rrtMty.lo-wears. Special
nrrasee, ial twills, Blousra antl
' aWWi VsWMaaaW WwUntW sWiwW . Wlf W1
WASHICWTOK. D. C Abril ll-
sMrUatow eip4ye. M the Putens
tyetetii yariie atwi M Um tiaeeenger
kr)nf her dec Med toMsgbt to
return to work at niliklgsX, leev
iu 1 1, Air - - In tlu lliu
tobor board for eHtJeK.
WA&HINOTO.V. Auril 13,-EvU
ilence of the activity of Induetrtol
Workers of the World toward hi
cllfog and mlntmtg the men-
ilwrrted railway slrikn cmilkiue to
accumulate at tho Depeetmenl of
Justice, and offlclels udmHted to-
iMsni Inal tl,iey saw signs of nn
nllenuil to extend tho railroad
strjkt) Into "one phase of a world
Report from field agents of the
department wero not as yet com
plete enough to permit determina
tion of tho government's coursn In
lealiug Willi the situation. Attor
ney Oeneral Palmer said tin an
nouncement as to lite government's
nan waa lo m expected IWoro
oinorn'w at the earllrst.
Presldrnt WIIoii today luunl a
rail for his cabinet to mee( to
morrow mornlinr. tt will be tho
flmt eefion of Mr. Wilson' offl.
cial advisers alnee his Wcjteni
speaking Iniir. in tin course of
which ho was taken ill. and the
strike situation was understood to
liavn prompted the rail for the
meeting. In some quarter It was
ihouahr en announcement as to
llif government rourso would
follow the cabinet meeting.
The President also eenl to (he
Senate today the nominations of
the nine men representing employ
ers, employee and tho public whom
he has telected lo compose the
labor hoard provided under Ihn
transportation net to drat with
railroad lalior disputes. Tho men
selected were:
lleprescnllng the Public Oeorgo
W, Hangar, Washington, D. II;
Henry num. i;ineinnaii: n. m, Her
ton. Trnneseee.
Kepresenlhtg the Railroad Cor
porsdJone Horaco Befcer, J. !l.
KlIloH Mil Wltliem L..Prk,
J. J. rorrwrfrr.
The nominations re Immedi
ately referred lo the Interstat
Commerce Commission, which la
expected to take action on them
Propaganda or I. VV. W. origin
caning upon all railroad workers
to join In asserting their power
mi innpung mem wun uie state
ment, that "the golden opportunity
for which you have been looking
has arrived" has been found by
irnerai aprins. umelali Mid they
believed this unseen power had
been nuslilng the striken fortranl
and now threatened to expand tho
walkout, "months and months nf
I w. w. campaigning" to that end
naving been disclosed.
Heports today told or Inroads
into we rank of shopmen In many
rncra ami ui unrest in all. Tnr
also uncovered tho nature nf i
Ji. S' PTiaganda In process of
uuu-iuuiiun, some uescrioea
ing s danxcrous a Ihn
munlsl literature."
All Of II, advocated the "one big
! One wmftit's honor and 1
I Kia$vin
wit tHtfUft
umoa Mr and urged the ambers
a&d faifl hiartwl" to eeeettr frusn
armMiim with tkst fuor gi eat tH.
vey bn4brrtieiM',
Tho Ajnerhtou rMrbi of U-
bor wm eMifeCrrlMil In ((
declasMMiM asr itoVto TT -varietiee
of unkmiem Md smm J tbein any
awod." One MgMit ssstde nrH
the four brotksrtMd wM ihet
they "o hot etaMd together and
thereby btsMd themselves f 'eabs
by etoytog m the Jeb when tlieir
leuowa mttir
Tabesi Vrmt abe' rlM K tbc
HssnlHei Ceweser Apen 4
Duck Cliadlrarn was lnuv Irrinsl-
ing the Ihilley land.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Kin were
gursts at F. M. Cosrlt).
John Hdmllton Cox. while )
in a horse last week, let the IWso
trample upon him.
The editor lo minted a nnxnr-r
dlilrlbutlnu or Ihn' IJmn rosMdy
road fund. From the leoks of Um
Uemlng road at litis lime, ho never
got Ih road Improve,!.
A letler from Mm. De Hoear.
who Iim ben in KI I'smi for eev.
em I wrehs. stales that her dainoV
ler, little Virginia, who Iim been
quite III or typhoid fever, 19 much
The News made a terrible snts
take In It prevlom txsue, and, to
show liow precise and correct Ihn
editor was, read lVe following?
The lleuch. I'cler A Whltn drill
moved (o Harris & Hemhlll'f not
to Huge Hulley's. a waa slated In
last week's Issue. t
InvMailoHs are out sinskowsrhir
I4e weMtog of Mtos HeMtah MMr
to. Kli N, Pswe of Kerrvilto, Thm,
t take ptoee m Tusedey. Hear -x.
rjls. mt the My.
ttere'e heading over mi artfete
that should alienee sq-uewkers who
maintain there wm nothing pre
vious to the "Vee-Yah" raid. As
Mr. Taylor nays. "This haiten?il
TEN YrUllH ago":
1-AHT.i: ilMIPslCSTS.
CotumtHM Stock Yaesbi ' Smsm
Hay Mvat CMeatja'a Mem.
TiK tlsjA'toAN Hi JfSeA KIPsf
Seven ThouMiMd Mead to Cssspst
Next Twrutfi t .
One thouMttd aobils.se. t -ml
on the MHtge toyiaw to' bat Mm
target in lie right eye Use ,bfto-
thtw 'one; as l7wA4fR' fwRt
wedding 111 Coluibvl. '
tbt btane
iWm.h 11
MtlMM4 ).!

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