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Columbus daily courier. [volume] (Columbus, N.M.) 1920-1920, April 15, 1920, Image 1

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r . i iaiateii
'v Own iWIWW'i S8B3Sil Mr. Do sSwttl b
" 1. wri8R gBw KmiiMkB. mump.
-, WfrlSBsfmlk aaa will ba b&l Mtkw at
1 TESI-frr yW':ffTflN itf. jj u "Sc.
iSffff , MMto aftmiikaw.iH Mum.
i toiinw M& s tor
, TlMwHi faffcarttle nkto i lam
fHHpf" WBMto pWaWaWsj flHWW
i tjMjdaieiBHUla Liter
MilMr Kk kMorft and
m n2lok o govern.
JiWfWMMJ PnMtwt de la Hu
Mtv ! tfetj VaW , rgrafelig SAay
tywl a- Millwul gtrttg the ptattf
aaw mawN.mraMM
af tnwrm ttka ham
kw fare of tb now naMfe
en . UW Cihauahu frontier. AH.
vhjw metved at Negate from the
wtn r to (M effect that Gov.
Mttriw. of tUneta It remaining
Hand a the Camrna govermm
mH k leering up railroad track
an, Mm hoed- bainim the two
A Moato
ofNataia bar aafd Iter
aUanpt la tog! troop
to tiajr aaU, Scoore
flartaaaa affiaaw 'WW
iarw mmm 1
ate iSBSr,
ff" Ctf1cIM4 yettertfeyt J. II. Moute,
I. C RolltMch, Kl mu Wllllm
J. Adair, I a Oerla, Lu Crucrt;
' N. K. Parle, DouIm; R. 0. Putnam
Mt wife, HaettMa.
SattWHHk hHyfMhaV
IWV y Nr.
ColBffli us Theatre
V. h
a f t or a n
- fcino a et ii wiumi
th uic
Mm anIfff
Pig Taib ,adPte
mmt MiiMM"M!imriwiMi n
Tin JtwesMd matnr friaadK. is
aart cHr aaat a prafiwhw af
OMAMA, K. M April ll-ThM
n, agMlMUOaa IV 4t In Hla
ArriM muMy aM , tawtawattrn
Waw- MiM 4H raoatra aetir
lopaot ttariac l romin mm.
awr la mm m immtmi teat.
katt Ml ik K. T. WIHIanw, Oil
Ikaainr of . Caaaar, Wya- aate4
art, of Hlo Awrtaa rowrtr mmI mm
aanawMwart ail aurin Mm wbt.
w ianailmi. 7M I now at
a feat. W tm faet, ami wiih fair
nmt win wi mo rirn to rench tho
fmnafkm, wbkh RoklU Ixilleve
will tw found at a depth of S660
Seoul for tlio Richmond Oil
ComMny. a ublaiary of Urn
Standard Oil CoMfMwy, recommend.
r inat im nienaiond company
atamro tend and drill K, wHitout
awaiting outconw of the rcwlt
of the ttrlflNr of Uin well by the
K. T. Wlllaum Compny. A Iumo
wat aacured on a 2o0&cro tract
wi the John tooner ranch, juW
wn m ino wan ietaf ariihM ay
UN WMtanM tapany, aad a laran
oamp Air nokom ameiad, a der
rlek Imilt and drOiJa jUtUd an
Marab 17, alaaa wtUak Uaat ttw
aU. ha aaan waak ta a daptli of
aaawa on aaMdan traHa of if ownl
an propaaM ta mem at an early
a 6tn m noaulMc. w-hlte aaverM
tartFO eoKpafll aro aetlallRe
for Urge IrKU, offcrln from tH
to 160 an acre, according to loca
tion. Bio Arribn county, New Mexico,
ami Archuleta county. Colorado,
contain an enormoui area that, ac
cording to all gcoioftlsU who liavo
tooked II ON-er, ihould bo oil bear
Strucl'xca, tuch ai thoio io
well xriowM In Wyomlii. aro
VftowB to cxM alofw a lino drawn
from .Pafooa Gfirlnt. Colorado,
loulli lHrouh Hlo Arriba county,
now flexica, to Hanta re.
Suvcral iupcrb i'ttki have
been irovldeil for "Hii Parisian
Wife Kltio Vermwong Hew Art
craft picture, watch hi thowia at
Um IMtmdHM Utaatw toiM. Tho
atary it a dwHsMfitr et and af
laraa Miaa Trwsmft tput of tbs
atrimteai retea or ucr tcrec ,ea.
i en
ten men Uafeat naiww
atry m apply far a euafw w
mat son, 4 itwiii hhs
Oohntoiu. t tM )r alt
uv as AitMrtoau jagioti
If win tMnb wm m A
lowar orgatHaint paot
m nw ua, ami i win i
in nf ary Mantn and
Itada, aian if meewary I
maai, a trip down tit fro
yen tfeiak yi can act
tatar, ai r would b
mm to aw, you m or
Thank InfT yn for an
Youw very tmty.
" U l , (rfB Mil I Kim t
Ww? Jaexleo Departmenfi
ttaeretary McKmw umm r
f Hm atyivo Atrmfhoil arVHi
a4 M a Mwl tlfflo aecupd
waaing and wild today Uc wi
have. imwhcra as a atatlr "h
refill, CoHwAus will haT-MY
TfcMmli wnuiiatcd.
GuadahttM I'm of Juarct, Jaeako,
white roping a wild ler M io
mat l4di. not Urn Ilium)) af.'.Ma
rwfci hand eautht bfhw
fohk of a ropo ami tho horn h r0
addle, the muK. beta ih Nhmm4i
WH so badly niaaMed . ho wa
broil til to Col unit) uk for mnilcai
treatment. He was taken to Or.
Field' offlre, whero an anwtliitte
wat administered and thn thumb
It It now Deputy JWarfi.il
Tbo accnlo and popular v drive
now It the mounlaln road to trji
target raflfo. One thoutand 'anl
cNcra aro tiicro now.
A. Frcderlckton and Mr. JacoVwni
frtactad ycatcrday for AritOM on
a huajacii trip. Mr. 'rnterMwwi
aid bo. womM Mop at Li)drtmn
ad infocHl W. T. took Ihal .baft
week's tandatorm had Mown wm
aanat-iuM Mat m tlw four wmn,
when you Bank your money with
us. Ofir many years of successful
Banking leave no experimenting for
you but assures you of a safe de
pository. This Bank is one of the
Pioneer Banks of the Country and
we are m a position to handle your
We have a large number of patrons
and many of them have ALWAYS
dope their Banking business with
us. Try us. Open an account. Put
your money in the' bank whose of
ficers are worthy of trust. Help your
own town as well as yourselves.
Gotambus State Bank
h . ATl, -v. ;
Jfhe ml J
tar ttw UM Urn itm ladbat at
VfrkMH' Hoar mho immM a
Vltd) of tiMr men mm (taw tmj
Mt ta MaHiaajWI at Mm MfearV'
'ittu or (ie am ruraanj vm af.
ternoofi in Ctn furM, n
N. RdwaMbi, wif of Oapt
Wapis, -will for boV, afid an hv
M-rciiw peopyw m antic
lleclM lhlrtv.lv im- moth Mm
Wilt (hi In aoadwH'A. Mr. Nd
Wil' popularity tiwiouMfdiy wlti
IM adtkd t. fiM- k U (whnw
(HIH44 at either mall or larae
affttiit, Mwuh Jaw, Cbaffco Mh-
anairs, laouah Mm. Cunnelt and
Mr uiaireu ratafclithMl aUndank
when I hy were hwHwied to the
mo club prevlomdy. Of lle
known eivltltm imctU who will at
tend tmy he ftt!oned Mr, Will
Kinr. re. a W. franklin, Mr
iMbncy, MM. Jamen Tuney and
r, Leo nm.
anothtji m. wm.
rm uvs cotivn'
An AMoelatJoo of WxleeH bV4H
Another Oil well wilt !m mink
eai or tho city, tbo work to lieeln
May :v. accoruuifr to tho lenns
V ma roturacl cIowhI by H. w.
and .(Jlafence Morgan with
tho Angeliu Oil Cunipauy of IVii
Angi-hM lat week. Tbo roiiiiny
bat nut UP a tam profclt to ful
fill iu part of the contract, in
return n liberal number of lrH'
were tH aliln by the aMciAtlon
Here ur tUtrt-n leadlnR bulnes
men, wbu formed nn axiuiclatliin
rnoro than n year aim and allll
retalnt a large aircAne (bat in In
do ti lac ei I al tho ilinpufal of dvr.
opmcnl companlo. Ttio well In bo
urlllcil by llm Angela company U
In tie located on the tract Hint
Mrclchra in an IrrcRtilar way from
MIomo Station on Uie Southern Pa
cific track toulli fmirteeh mile.
Ueinhiif nraplilc.
"Pigtail and Peache tonight,
ClotH ffot Bte.
S(m cIoI barptlus at Ilia Wotn'
Hhop In all rendy-lo-wear, tSpechl
- Drrasc. Coh Suit), Blouse and
Pklrli. Adv.
'M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
TOMWrTONtC, April ta,Gwf
WaaMntrtwi ai Thoadww Booee.
veil were referred i a "ailetwd
henxC Jfapfriew a Sullurc."
and ar M4ot cmhim aa a 'trag
oft Hie end of a aWek." in Ktera
Hire, ptwfteMIn in rpreni the
tloctrbw Of thfl liuluotrlat Work-
Ma or te world, mm today w
the iwy tryhig Marry K. WeeUwi
on a chant of kidnap wig in ton
motion with tho W4eo deporta
tion of July 12, IM7.
Amid general lnuibler timaly
Attorney Hobert N. Krcnth ob)tcU
cd li the reading of tho pamph
let, partly on the grouad that It
wight tend to make Indutrlal
Worker of tho World of wmio
of the person prcil In le court
mom. When Krench reported tlii
oDjeciion with a pjtarenl wr.mn
nee, Juoge Bamuet U Palico de
clared that he could not pat upon
ii, mnec ii was "non iai.
From "patriotic and the work'
bearing on II cover tlio name of
uutiavo riene. ti(mcntl ai a
French revolutionary, unionist, W,
n, nurgoi ami rrm t rairiy,
counsel for the defense, read Mia
following sfRlCRces;
"A for us, the re.rolullonary w-
claims, we have repudiated the
fbHr" on whtch aro eXtphtyed In
Idlers nf gold the name of so
many tiulcticrle. Eoelallam,
ha o Ihornugluy killed in
our heart all national otutlmenl
that we could not help milling the
Other day when our friend Oolilcr.
not quite cured of Kl old patriot
ism, spokn to us with emotion of
the arrronl over the Fathoda af
The General Strike," purporting
In be by William 1). Haywood, the,
iraurr ui me inuusiriai workers
of tbo World, read to thn Jury by
Mr. Purges, contained the follow.
Ing tiMtn;
"if I m wet tMak that the mm-
oral strike was h-adtag on to Mm
arm revotutton i .waM al m
here. I am with you beeauao I
iclleve thai Hi iMaW: mt
thfrTfa V Mlwlmllkt"
carry on the work and bmmmm
Ibo need that, will grow, into Jhe
great revolution that will over,
throvr the canllallit class."
"If tho worker can aland idle
lliey will then bo ttronr enough
0 they can lake the factorlei, Now,
i nop.) to tee the day when the
man wno goes oui of the factory
will be the one who will be called
& scab; when tho good union men
will May in tho factory, whether
the capital!! like it or not, when
we lock the Ihjsw out and run
me factories In suit ourselves.
That is our urogram. V will
do it."
Al the opening of the mornliw
actslon, Mr. Iluigr announced the
defence would probably complete
the presentation of It case cither
today or tomorrow.
Mutt find Jeff at the Caltnnhui
theater tonight In "Pfartalls and
Clarence Hoircr I now Oenuiv
Sheriff Roger, also denutv mar-
hal of Columbus.
I I MMaftjsjt
lam-WJONti KVratMAMTM-
at omh. cum mmttoi
A iarsw and elfatffied crovni
of proMinefci tptlhl) wl at
Hrt Community disk inzHding li'L
night and appointed (aw foltowtaf
named tteptiMfcan to attend frw
county convention al Denting in
Aprfl 17:
Mm X Mate, Mrnry IMvk, Hdt
ert Flack, M. M. OdmaK, Henry
Ihjrton, kl Sngendorf, WIM dray,
Dr. w. r. j'Jsid, a n. wiwii.mi,
I. Hahtx.
In cww the delegate are not all
there, tho one that aro present
are Instructed to vol for Hw full
ten member.
W. t, Hobb wa iiotufiMled l
run for rommlsjiiom? of IWMrkl
.No. 2.
mm rum mtm1 imm
Wurr for th 'MeenMi time
attempted to- break info the Kettt
retail .atoro on Mroadway
Mnte (Imo mH HrM.
The front 'and back tfc were
"iimwied" and the wwwi wm
rtrined, Unahle lu fttere m en
trance, the warehowie in th rear
wa vUllrd. the door forrert and
two pair of new misnMtetl hoi
The amiable clerk (n llm aloft
ay they will gladly male up thn
sImhm for we peek at tho bungling
jgjieik fjifff t4st K.
Several day ago a prowling
sneak thief cut the ecrcen wimfcm
in a bedroom at the home of Man.
ogee Admson of the Columfcu Alb.
letie Club and deftly aecuerd f
in bill. No clew.
tf.l " 44..
Frank NieithaM of Ihimlntt waa
in ColumtHM rwMy and frm
force of kaMt kaeed ht f(n(4p
to th gM.Sat.lhiH Mmit
JPjiyf.. je . rMad.nw
efean Ov-a assriMst . f j
lOHtate. printing ofttce aad a daifcr
newtfiaper. Me ctwajratulaW the
inanagemenl for trtin a daitr
and eald lie w aalkfled It wouM
prove a ucce, and wdentd Ii
tent lo hi Iteming addre, Mr.
Konihaus was accompanied by
Will Pou, who will lie remembered
by the younger net.
Many fold TM.
"What, a daily newatianer In
Oolumbu? Why, I knew thin town
whep it wa a water-tank rtallou.-
Ilemarka by any fiur-ycar
hMd Holy tmei thame tn le,
Jilectrlclan Uifen tried to m-II
his automobile yoaterwu and he
would have made Ihe mIq If Uio
prospective customer had patd hi
A si af Mat Ma
Six . month two the .Cidumhu
Itlilrlfar raanii fn n I uia 11 - - u.vit
Till week HINB Bro on the payC'
M IHMQ I. 0 lJ II limi

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