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No Guess Measure. Ymi see It
Columbus Killing Station. 5-1
Plumber Omw returned late last
night from Drilling.
Chamber nf Commerce meeting
next Wednesday night
Read Carroll & Norwood' ad oacli
week (or Monday spcclnts.
Waller It Hnroat of Doming mado
a hurried trip In and out ut Ctiliiuv-
hus yesterday.
Tho Santa Fc New Mexican sayt
L, A. Rings, Columbus. U registered
ot the Do Vargas hotel.
Mrs, JR.' F. Campton of El raw,
who haa been vWting Mrs. Seymour
Pcarce; relumed Jo hrr homo iaat
The. majority of Columbus people
In Demlng .yesterday remained over
night ami modi1 lintel business good
In the cnunly seat
Guy Wilkinson of Ihe Columbus
theater will leave early In the week
for Hot Springs, N. M, combining
business with hot baths.
Yeslerday was the hoi lent day of
Iho year. Tlie thermomelfr rntU-
lered 80 at 2 and Ht at 3, and con
tinued warm all evening.
W. It. Page,Jls a versatile mam
The lait few day tin has tieen lak
Snir rare, of Die Oil Filling Station
during the alwcnee of Harry Traey
al Denting.
TI11 Columbus Pally Courier -In
well read and advertised around lli
Del Norte In Kt Paso. Mr. Busali
A. Moore I proud nf (he dally and
of her home cily.
We would suggest Dial the hard
ware concern of Columbus lay In
a supply of homo tmmwni. There
will be rail--and many call -for
them In the nrar future.
The Courier has gotten out n
search warrant for "Spllv and
Pplax. erstwhile correspondents nf
I lie Dally Courier. Their "stuff" 1
good reading and in demand.
The Amerloan Radlalnr company
nf Kansas Oily was represented In
Columbus Inday by T. A. Heed. Mr.
Read heard of the new I'owera hotel
and was rarly on the Job in the in
lerrsts of his company.
One of the, next large liuildings
In 1m built In Chlurribus will be a
garagi" and salesroom and A J.
Evans will be the builder. "I nm
thinking almut It very seriously."
remarked the Ford agency proprl
elor to the Dally Courier.
An overflow of 600 people
Jammed the Columbus theater last
night Wednesday night the Onyx
had the crowd. Itcversal in the.
aler patronage In Columbus proves
one thing a discriminating public.
When cither bouse puts on a hi?
bill the movie fans senso It at onco,
CI. W. $muns
ami (here I another reason, and not
the least by any means the Dally
Courier carries tho newt and the
results prove It
Columbus Lodge No, 42, K. of I1,
gavo an informal dance last eve
ning at their hall In the Khaki Glut).
Swell music ami the usual refresh
menta were enjoyed by all.
tittle Virginia Wallsle. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. k Walker, .was
too ill for1 her mother to allend the
HaptW Auxiliary meeting Thursday
Tho friends of Mra. Farror resid
ing on North First street will lie
grieved to learn she has been qulln
ill again. At one lime she was
thought to be much better.
An ordinance should be posted
by the new board of trustees. Im
mediately after tho streets are
signed up, requesting then demand.
Ing that every house and habitable
shack shall be plainly numbered.
With free mall delivery private
Ixixet at the postoffice will not be
In as great demand. Many will drop
I hem altogether, and the numbers
on your houses will pay for them
selves In the saving of rentals at
the postoffice.
Here Is a real business chance,
(let in on tho ground floor. Blart
a nursery. This spring 1000 trees
were purchased by Columbus till
ten. .Next . spring, wllh the new
water system, at an Incentive, 10.OX)
win be placed in city streets.
Attention Is called to Iho Monday
special sale Inaugurated by Carroll
A Norwood. It Is the Intention
of this well known firm, lo have n
siieclal each and every MOndiy
Next' Monday the specials will Iro
rugt from torn to fJ.im ana a two-
hole flrelesa cooker for sauo. im
agine lhat
Dr. It. M. Marshall -of the A inert
can Red OroM. who has been in M
beria during Iho recent atrenuoilH
months of reorganisation, wired
l I- liurkhead of his safe arrival
In the United States, and It U pre
sumed Columbus people again wul
have the pleasure of meeting 1J.
Marsha! I.
SANTA FE. N. M, April 00. Tho
Jury titling at the trial of Dime
hoys, charged with entering a rail
way expreM cor. failed lo agree on
a verdict and was discharged on
Wednesday. Tho jury was out 21
hours. Tho boys are James Q'MaU
ley, Frank Hecken and Edward
Illlhcr of Chicago. They entered
the car at Iji Junta and were ar
rested at Abuquerque. They found
the door opened and packages rifled
when they entered the car, Ihey
said. It was estimated, as result
of the rifling, the express company
has parcels worth (9000 for whom
It can't find owners. The addresses
were torn from numerous paekagm,
although Iho contents were un
touched. Comblnallon-blg lank, big bottle.
Columbus Filling Station, G-l
got what mi see
Lost American Troot HetwrM FrM
leen ays in a steel chamlier so
narrow at Ihe base that ! eotjld
neither sit nor He down was tho
method of treating Major Fergus
Kannlgan of 81. t'aul oit Iho Iran
lorl Great Northern, wharved here
Wednesday from Vladivostok. Thlt
accusation ot cruelly and of other
Irregularities on the trip wat mado
by Lieutenant Forest Stuart nf Iho
American engineers, Russian rail
way service corps, a fellow oflccr
and New York newspaper man.
Flatinbran t u f f 0 r e d nervous
breakdown duo to overwork In Si
beria, according to Bluart Ho was
brought from Vladivostok to Manila
on board tho hospital thlp Croak,
During Ihls voyage he showed at"
of Insanity. Al Manila ho was
transferred to the Great NortHern.
Soon after the thlp left Manila
A croup of big bulnM ani real eitatt men of Chicago hare formed the Ctilmio Housing association to project
plant f"r building home at cat, (o lP W'() t" the puhllcpUna for holldltig homes at cost, to be sol J to the public at
rot. llrratwr of Hi Chicago lluutlng sswfstpn, ntadga (our of Insprctlnn of the new homes which th asuoctatl
en Is cvoitntrtlng at lleasant Oanlcn on th HquiIi ulile.Onn liundrrd nnd snrepty-dT boosrt, all fireproof, are to
be creeled by the association. About sixty art nearlyromplettd at tb prevent limp. The homes will be sold
to the wag eurucrt at rott approximately JX0, op atstls of 10 per cent cash and the bttanee within IS year,
he was located In a call In tho bow
of Iho transport by Dr. W. H. Ford
or Kingston. Ohio, and Dr. 8. V.
Clark of lirooktyn, both Jlcd Cross
Flannliran'a condition was pitiable
when removed to Letturman hospi
tal, lie was covered A'iH) blood from
being battered against ' sUs) walls
y l)in lowing of tho ship.
The arrjvpl of the Great North
ern marked the return. )omo of the
last Americm troops egnnuclcd
with the A. E. F, in ttlberlt.
Crowded to capacity, the trans
port brought WO casualties, mostly
tncmbert of tho 27th Infantry, 213
first cabin passenger, 20 itrd CroM
workiifsv 0 Russian brides and
even stowawN
WHe ArrHtf
Hotel Clark-J, W, Retuon, Murfa,
Texas; ft. H. KvatM, Mwfa, Texan I
It Klein, El Pom; Walter R, Bproal,
Demlng, ,
Clothes Cleaned and I'refscl
nd AHcrMioRs made
Scrjeaflt lt aVVK Prop.
Hwm 13 Wo VfUfer
We Don't Merely Try to Sefl
We Ait the Buyer in Buying
We carry a well nwe(fd
Lacknrh 8 learner Trunks And
loimiluto line or Dry Goods.
and GcBtlctnrn'a Filrnlshlntfa.
Fresh FruH and Vegetablea a
Horiick's Mailed Millc S' 3'
M.UMT 4-JNJttt mm.
Tho Woman's Auxiliary of the
Colutnbus Uap(lt Church mel with
Mrs. Tyson on Thursday aflernoon,
April 29. The Bible aludy lesson
was led by Mrs. Paco and ably dis
cussed by other members. Mem
bers pmcnl were Mrs. Bm!U). Mrs,
Moody, Mra. McCuIlouh. Mrs. Wil
kinson. Mrs, 1'age, Mn. Frederick
son and Mra. Tyson, and Hr. Ward,
Mrs. Illoch, Mr. Vale, Miss Lois
McCullough and Mra. Tyson's next
door neighbor were the visitors.
After the lesion all present dlt
cumihI way and meant of-ralnlnj
funds for the society. It finally
was decided to havn a tunner In
the nfar future. There will be 11
called meeting of tho society Mon
day noxl at 3 p. m. and n xochl
mcctlnB with Mra. Frederlck'on at
IiojIcm on Thursdty, May 0, at 3
p, m, A tho gucsta were alxiul to
depart .Mri. Tyton tcned d.llclui
chocolate and cake.
Letter files and larger files for
Invoices it the Dally Courier office.
8 BWaTiE7 TIIarsifltsriTiBaflBNiUiariTifl
jBftBTHHi"-itfarBT ;araraaariaKa9arararfl
( , Columbm was without water for
hours this morning, 1 lie main am
bat which -connects wllh the du
runny thai brings the water out of
tho earth snapped off tomo tlmo
during Ihe night It had lo bo
welded, and as I'lumber Gross had
cliargo of tho work quick action
was exiiccted. Meanwhile homo
wive tjH'f elly were taylu;
nlco things ahfml t pmnn III"!!
In coso or protroclttJ tlryuilll Hi"
Dally Courier Is In (mod ilittpe, as
the look Hliup hat a fair-sized stack
or Ink on hand ami wo Intosded to
drink it at a lost resort when we
remembered Exclso and bad Arthur
nioch deliver a case.
1 no OAMM
MAY 7-8-0
3;0fl P. M.
AdmiMion 50 CU,
a.tmm mmm walu
TO KeCAPK H. c. or t,
JOLIET, III. April 3aHobcrt
Needham, 40 year pld, scaled the
wallt of the. prison here scaled
them from tho outside and sneaked
Ick Into the penllenUary. Need,
ham was paroled April 2. Ho had
been sent here from Whiteside
county on a charge of burglary.
"The only way to lieal the high cost
nf living It to be lit prison," said
Needham when asked his reason
for rclurnlntf to tho prlton,
then mxu cw crrs thf.m
W8 ANGELES, April 30e--When
tho town of Bawtello was recently
annexed by Los Angeles Its rest
denU pclltioned for a "speed cop"
to halt rockiest aulolslt. One was
signed. When his first arrests
wcro checked up recently it was
found that twenty of tho persons
who had signed tho petition wcro
on his list.
U. B. Inil Office at Lot Cruces,
New Moxloo.
April I, 1020.
Nollco Is hereby given that Jessie
Denton Jack, formerly Jessie Den
ton, of York, Ala, who. on January
19, 1911. mado homestead entry. N'n.
OOSOO, for NWM, Section 12, Town-
nip i o, iiango 7 w, N M r Mcrl
dian, has filed notlca of Intention
,(. I'.W "ni' 'Ipo-year lronf, t(j
."'"'".If". c'?'n' .,M1 WW WD
described, beforo Jno, A. AHman,
Notary Public at York, Al, on. the
17th day of May, 1030.
Claimant names as witnesses: J.
L. Walker, of Coiumbus, N. M.;
Henry Hurlon, of Columbut, N. M.j
Dora Burton, of Columbus, N. M.j
Kalherlne Walker, of Columbus, N.
M. The wltncsset will tubmlt their
testimony on May 17, 1920, beforo
T, J, Cflle, U. 8. CommlMlqncr, at
ColMinPus, If. W.
ko Cream Freezers, RerrhjcnUorn and Electrical good Evcr6t5
tu mako a homo comfortable In hot wrathrr. Muskol IwttrumciitiC'
A. maU want ad w tnn im,
In The Dally Court, wW ett
It for you.
OR. W a FlEL'lf
In Dr, Mtrabatl't Fwmr fflm
Phono 4t)
(Minimum charge for eee
iflscrllon, 69 cent)
Per line per livtrrtkm.We
Per line per wcck... 6c
Per line per month..... 6c
Help Wonlctl-Mte.
W ANTE D Local and traveling
talesmen (cllhcr sex) to sW m
divided In nil and gt le.
fcllualo In proven fields ,oj Tcxm
and Ktwat lnd. Wb1 mqnpy
to drill. Limited amount at .SO
Cents on the , dollar. I'urcliasar
ono or new company on ground
floor Opiwtunlly of lifetime.
o tlot!k lor tale, No graft
Wrlto for Icrmt ond delallt.
Toxat Oil, Oat & ltcflnlng Co,
llox r-07, Arkansas City, Kansas.
Correspondence office. If
For Sole Mlsrellanraus,
foil bale, -owing, in continued' HP
health, will lell my aewlng pu
Chine busltioss. Thlt includes
slock and accounts, It is a splen
did money maker and will bear
closest Investigation. Boo W. C.
l'UH BAtE-bampson wlmlmltl, li
foot gooit condition; CO feci or I
inch black pipe; 8160. Jamrt U.
l'off. Uox luu, if
FOlt BALE Ford automobile for
talo; good shape. Wilt sell cheap,
8co W. 0, Franklin, First National
toll ba.K iHi,M-nitrew-lti;
dow asli, 4 iano glast, ISxIt. A)
Ply P. 0- ox 330, Columbus. Ife?
FOR BALE IS four-pane window",
ISxH glass, cheap. Apply P, O.
Ilox 320, Columbus. 438
Fur Rent Kouseg and KotmM.
iOH RENT A modern two-room
store building on Luna street.
E. M, Fletcher.
FOIl HENT-Nlccly fumUl ted room
for lady or grnleman, Boa Hfi,
llHchlp. ,
cwwa & mum

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