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musmm mm
MttMMlt 'JaTATw tjajJdl VMw'
1 1 H M H
Om Month ........... .7t
Ttiw ... at
tiw, ytr ... t OW
mt wmhh-bwhw, per friclu. 7H
M CMto tr linn; by lira month,
8 rests
Bttfwd at llio postoffico at Uo-
on toc'oml rlaw mat
Yws'awy, May l
Property iwbmii of Columbus ar
requested by order of Urn Mayor
and luuru ur Trustee 10 submit, in
writing-, by nol later than 8 o'rlnck
lonklit. TlKvxhr. May 4, the loca
tlou ami price of their properly
available for Hip location of I ho pro
posed well which will furnish water
for the new waterworks system.
viva mmam!
Obregon is the man of the hour
In Mexico ami t lit heUrr piemen! of
Mexican! are nocklnc In h: stand
aril. Ohrrgmt is the moat popular
man In Mexko. and the prediction
l freely made that the beginning
of Ihe end. a far a stohln gowni
ment Is concerned, la in sight for
revolution anil bandit ridden Mex
ico, and Obregoh It 'friendly to
"Army people are clannish." i an
ofUrepcaled remark. 11 may bo tiie.
lull It iliM'n nol apply lo the Sllh
Infantry. The Daily Courier, pub
lixhi-d in an Army town, wantt .tnd
mut liavp Army news. It has no
deJtt f"r new which will not Iwar
scrutiny of headquarter. If a few
Individual aoldlera and officers will
help The Courier nut wllij nw
item of Interest the 2itli Infantry
will bo Ohio to claim an Intcreu In
a jval Army paper.
Hpsines men, or more properly
wrkiMr. wen who navo money in
vrst-ed hi lHMtaeat, who eottllnmUty
f.pea of poor busfnc, are the
(:roet WrtiwM iwowlfl: city
ran. jwmiMy ham Tht wise wwr
cht walks away from Mm and In
Umo Ihe prowler Bit logically Iso
late himself, much in crw
and benefit of other business iii.mi
Ttie man from llachlta aldr
notice that noey people who worry
alnt other people1 hutincja are
Riwrslly vlnlled 'by the iherllf
find." And hp fald gomelhlnp, h
fktr Whrr. Etevrn re MrtoU
Clrrn; Aim HMM-y GratW.
HI Aaaoclaled PrdM.l
PITTSIIt'WHI, l'a-. May l.-)ne
allyer medal and eleven btwue
medali weri awarded to heroe to
day by the Carnegie Hem nmu
OiBWhUalon. In rccoBniUon nf not
worthy acta hv men and W'Ollt-fn
who aotiKlit In belt- nth-m at their
own peril. Five, ofjtlirm ert, while
twn were. dJlerf, To theno InSI
th coMWniMiou Hwde monelary
srnti(, 28U0 and M month in
nun ttuo and 81C00 In the other,
Tta.ffWtmWe ali) awanletl 93eK
for her worthy eausea.
The five who liml their live
wem R. William Donaghy nf fllQS
OHrwhlll atreet, Philadelphia, who
wa drowned while trying lo wvn
a rMwt man from death in K'k
Hvr at Tnwwftnlnt, Md, Anauat 31,
tmi DavM M. Prince, it KMt J'lni
Mm Ookhhoro, N. O, drowned
wMH tryiiMC lo reacim a hoy from
a W 1 til it pm4 e4 W heww. My
M, W; TTwik, 3. HaM il
WaHn avenuo, Spokane, 'Wwhltui
Um, Utiwti whltrt lrIHs U 2V0
rWM roas the forth branch of,
th ftw riw il Khupjtown, Minn,1
iuar m imx )ui K. Benedick,
lye WvwihL yhlle irylrw t
aav ymw iwy Itotn a tree at
thHMarfofl, June 'X W; Wil
, HaM'. Carroll, Ht7 Wndon lrpel.
BriWilyn, N. Y wn is, drowned
whM trying to rescuo aaother boy",
jfctaauw.f i ;i, itfiv.
IW 41vr modi! went to Frank
'W. BftferrtA, chief wifineer of tho
Maawwlc Uome at, KlUalKthtown,
m., sHw tvw th liven of lhre
younr frk who whits wading bad
twt Jn4o rtwp wnler and wtr?
eiere trj whom bronw md-
-ah wae ttlrm rn Miiw jotin (I
hKM. n IMM nehsW (each.
rH LywjirK ilreet, ftofehev
kwlhia. wo vl (mother teaeh.
MaMTAtMnM It,. Mtf; .pBaaWafcl
Viuii. SM JMvtatcs(.rat. JrwoMT
4-wVfrfeWlir twofold hotw
m wia, Tenn, Nirveinhee t,
tm, Walter Mam 14 WH Veer,
Jfeu, who Mojsjwd mtwf lro
MQ med the mmnmH W a busro:
JwwBSt ISrtwWNI PfitfK HjT tTH SnutH
attpnk Mwi, iMMtiiurMiitv -who
W mum Maaw wvk
am ,hi had taw a Hrt with
1 aiwinaiiw eeatini rrn tiw r.
Mw life Af i. trfetirftaBft.
at MMroe. OMo, HaaBhty
auwi mm vi
Kri awi m iMKf4 hy Mm
lrki hi Jhe 1 1 naai in Urn a "litn.
X. Fitch KMC.'
NKW YWtff May i
l;t parly of AMerk wlM
ftrH national xlltl p wivewttwa
iiSD when 28Q rfetegatw from tot
ou aectloHi of the cmtnitv abaen-
ble hero axt SaluraW, atay B.'Thy
will continuo their rfetthiaaitinwii lw -
a wee. AccoraiH to pnr orrj
nomiiiatttut gf ttndtdatai for preat
dent and viro-nreM W of h Dm-
platform will he the chirr hulne
before ilm iteleaaten.
Social Itla atlfteh particular iMftor-
lance 10 una years ennvewton, do
caiiM! nf attack made on the parly
kllitude ilurlnR. the war and during
the InvcMlirallon In Albany which
led In ex pill 1 Inn of thn entire S-
clalist delPKation of five fmm tho
New York OMembly. Unaeallng by
thu Hnuae of Beprcicntativo of
Hcpreenlall-e Victor U Menrer fif
Wiwontin, convicl'tl of vlolatlnK
Ih'e cspionnse aci. aloo is likely lo
coino up for iHwuMion.
Representative Socialist also do
rian J hat rights of free.afieech. free
prew and free wenihki(e, which
party officials asicrl have been en
dangered by "nag legislation" pawed
during the war, ore certain; to rr
celvo attention. The elhici of ap
plication now of war measures de
sinned tn prevent slrikr-s also Is
srheuulei for urhate.
A committee of which Morris
llillquil. once candidate for the
moyorallr of Jcw York, b chUr
man, is now at work drafting recent
memiaiions ror tne party platform,
Adoption of a new platform Is ctm
sldercd of prima lni)orlanco this
year, because of efforts by federal
and state officials lo ally thn parly
with Its riefl wing" Imhistrlnl
Worker nf the World, ComsMWlsts,
hoijkcvihu anu other clTOiCnls
which its leaders aevert ha beet)
Nronnni ifiH-tfMf the mm year ur o,
- II- Is bclieVMl thai the platform
may ntako clear the partx'a altitude
not only (owaru liieso "ex-comrade
but toward the present Russian gov
ernment. Duiin tho Socialist trial
at Albany, party leader made it
plain that while they hM a lyinp.v
thelle frollntt for Sovlte Russia, bo.
cause It prrsnled a field for
Rreal oclal experiment, they ill
not consider themselves allied with
the Unmmunitl party, from whose
pwiosopiiy incy aaid they uirrerrd.
According to present plans, the
party will nominate only two candl.
dale for national office Eugene
V. Del). HOW aervinir a term In the
Atlanta federal penitentiary for vlo-
intion ni me espionage act, lias been
repeatedly advocated, for tho prcid
dency by prominent parly leader.
At the Socialist Investigation of AI
bany. Hired leaders on the aland
ralsetl the cry of "From prison In
White House," asserted that Doha
bid been, con vie led for nord and
"not deed' during Hie war and rom-
parea mm 10 Jesus or Nazareth,
Tho convention will be limited tn
200 delegates, it has hern an
nounced, apportioned to the various
states in conformity with their 8&
claw Membership. Kaclt state will
nave i ipaai one ueiegate. jvpw
York, with 7S dotesatis. is said to
on 11 10 utoi upieraiHin. rennsv .
vanlr. with 21, is said In bo eeonL
Olto Hranslctter of Chicago, na
tion! secretary, will' call the dele-
irate In order in the awKtoriuni nf
the Finnloli . Wm'htW Educatiannl
Asocltlo Kssiahai lanaaltrig from
Athwtio h fie,ific wHctm I'resei
' mSSfnftjpi 111 ix iWui
fne '0nMajk
llM'ilLJJIl.BBu 1
r a
iaa ajf ftata, 4a fav& kHi;. pa
pPNi fMOBi afVw av "liiaiwf 4a jBQppk
. Now 1 tum MtMV M
? ka 5ta4 wtST ':
aa wt wa a ta' kf
aa 4M hhal I Mt Jwry eai,
af l flMa Twa aaii
h si4aa haa haA Ha ataaanj
at4hc alrtft Jvh aR vay haa9 X Aqsmmi
a aiSIt S
ptMft m!m IMw mm! X itek lW Ivy At
WHy-a little pal, Harry, had tea
tifatlec wttH the mw boy, a, at
ttog the worot of It, ,td ma away.
Dca't be a coward," MtIm4 BNty,
Oa hack a4 Uck b(M."
"MVa M4aer thas Mahhava4
Harry, "aB, heafoaai ha's ajtveat aaa
two Mack eyea." ' "
"WH." rxr4 Mb. 1m tmit ihm
j cay wora. kta hr
WhAt - Vfey
Uslx with
a4 a4
hi BAB
l4r a
Including Mr, llllliiult, who is now
at Karanao Lako; )Jymour Bled.
iwn, Chicago lawyer who ho de
fended many promlnvul Socialists
caught in the mesh or war legis a.
lion; Victor U llerger of Milwauneo
anu Mayor uoou or tho same city
Wlnlo moil or tho sessions will
be held In,thcFlnnil( hall, Madlsou
tSquaro tlarden will bo U10 acene or
a mass mcciintf Sunday nlternoon,
ay v, wticrc Mr. Wlllquitt, Mr
Bledman and Mayor Moan ntv scln-n.
Uled to slpcalc A dlunei1 fo convvn
lion delegate will bo held Monday
night nl which apcccnc or cam
paign sigiilricnuco ore expected m
bo mado.
The keynote smMtcm will m tlx.
livertKl by the permwieut elialrman.
ins seiecuon wni' bo tho rirst bus!
lies before tho delrtMtes nnrf P.
cOrdin to parly oWccw, whoever
110 may oe, no will spvait Uninstruct
ed and without prepared recom.
91m.un:8 Am: i.mm
By Aisoclated ProsiJ
LONDOM, April i7-(8y wail.
Submarines have hM( f-wo-thlrd or
their erriclcncy ahico IW4. accord
hif 0 XJcutritMl W. 8. Kng:iall,
R- N, in a rcecl mMem at the
Royal United Service ImUtufo on
"Tlifl Ruhmorfne ami Hulnn
11i(3 speaker mtiftUltw! that
iswvamasw prcvwwy (teMOMed by
tbe,tharhie wa Bt4lly on the
mne. Whre, at tho beginning
vi tiiu wr m irn 11 wa as u to I
aalnst the aacfaco idilp, it was only
7 lo 3 In J01D. rf wa likelv In hi.
only tl to 7 to im. Mo wa or the
opinion that wHhta tho npjtl rew
yer thorn would be a great devel.
opfiienl or siAwssrhio detecllnir an.
paratua which would jilve largo and
important shin a certain ini-nnr
of protection aalnt tactical attack
y auomarines.
Ho regarded aa Imnracticablo thn
ropotsl thai balflfshliM should 1m
de BuhttiertWe. IJp yenturcd tho
Minion that Iho uo or ma mlsiit
cvwilvwlly rnvoiutlonUw tmval mt-.
nfi mxn a guwwwr dfd when ;
ftrtrt Wi-oAtefd. It mlnht be irs.
abanred with dfwlly effect on nn
tmmy coastline. It wa actually
jfwwskxi during Dm Uerniit; ocvu
jpney tiw!, (ho JoIin ccut fliould
I he "faased," but the, plan was ahati-
. Hi
wo old Jdajii
ommutriUtt'st Bio (
tivUMBjKfiMiv aJH
Jibo well, apdU
ftan vrt Mtmprl
hottM r '
AMiYlojf tn
to a ihmir'
tMiiMwted hiK
vrtrtlm nf
ImlhtttiK W. 0m
IrelaN toM Ma JittrfM of Jsft W
pws. tit tMrat mmtKf 4
minna mm
I (nHtiflf pmid for it u
Tit the iHwai, IUbwImu at
u.uiv iviU.1 uia -
Vtettm, I he pti of "Y Kwrr
Haw ueh a Wri ftrsi awar (Ht
Hht It ms hM allfrttl w utt
the, piirpMM of tho screen a4 JHhw
narun na pens rumitmed wab ft
vehlclft ml isnuabM 4llne. At
tho Onyr iafvitfct.
No Nwd of
Half a StacToo Lrf
m mirny laiMis in aaaawi
) rrtniy.
nmt a san hi
A rmor Plate
&Sjcff "
M-A"5T 7-8-0
SM P. M.
Admiion 50 CU.
Cutisef West Fewth mm
Save you Money .est' Orocwles
ml PmKrtOM.
I Go to the
TMOtfAC I. fiOUt
mm. w a ncLO
jii l)r. JfarsMU's Pormer Offlca
ii - ' .
CWhw, CUtwied Kiwi .Prflwud
cwd AHcraflons hmkJo
fc9Mii3Mmh Heaaaa, Vni.
11 1 t
aaJ 'BtrJ Mtt mar TMMasMl
jf Svttry L)fV At mt i
Hi .W
i I rnnni fmniii ijiMHf
4, mom adm iind
2 ttiomadolM anti
Heenee lots mm
Carl & Engcudorf
" owxita MamutTW waaim u
Mr. O'LoaiM, GorHUr.
am si oimm
a e. siaSco
0U r- 4ff HAf4fl MM) MIC Malafak
Paul irWalker,
Just revcivod-a bl tub roll
or Mark ami A Wfe Mwt.
Mem, n big box full of Hfcw
White rrrathhi Oeasm,
big quantity of Hair Bwwsiaa,
Face Potvdcr, Talcum ptw.
ihr, UuIiUhc tonw4. rt
KrifUm No. C3SW, b)ti
les, etc, nl
CQCuwMtf pau; co.
i wg corporatk
.awyprat.K:., ThFod
h rw we
Yt." -- -b-
ti!av. iuY i. m
Mr M -
ami 4,
1 lot .
School Houae
A lijaiilaam
Farmers mniji
? On Thunxky, May ,; Mkf
wa n sfiippma; m m naw
for auetHm sale, mr Nste hfslr
of dalrv rows. M fa. - -
wRh four -hclfor atlM
mvnlh up, aMi tm 'iaiathliu
MoUtefn hull. NolaltTn?
emwy asM iiijsgkA
Mtr to nhM aatwl)MiO
(ho ahovfi e W br4l
a4oar With M amy (uil
mesil, Mtle. !, enAVf
separator, delivery wiutmii
fjnelal wash bin, elC, wlfbfl
on a!e at tho 4
Standard '
Dairy Co, i
thse Milo HoMthweai irf lWh':
MmI RiilMhuj, Uesaaatj, N. N. i
Mho WoWliw Wr. lrn shcU.
for offlco desks; also ThMtth
lackii to keep It In place, ' r
WrRlno Paprm for ladle and
gentlemen; all color and sixes.-;
Inks-all color, ami h WcM'
v iki: wastk KAtorra
i.eit:m km.es j
(Tho Larpw ie,)M
Urte Mock Cpe laMH,' tS'
thtr, tut bJmmI tmty hSI
The Book Shop j
(Tho Owhv M Prbtth He
1 " td.tKl
G Cowpantes AroufhoMt 1
wr.tjtr to lady;,ISvv
f tut E " - L, 1
msw, ess mr At
- 4

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