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and reading noUcot.
W cent n l!n: by tho monlh,
8 rents.
Wwhiwf. May H, WW.
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(Continued from Tuesday.)
At Lordilmrg, (lift mining onttnok
I ojulle favorable. Thin In one of
the early day mining camp, and a
vrry rontldrrahlo amount nf heavy
MilfvhWo ores of lead anil coppet
rarrytag sliver1 ami gold values.
have lirrn shipped from Ihn district
since II iHrovtiy In INtt. It l
lru that Lordurg now hat two
snhjmrat even day it run once ar
lnM nf roaecnlratc. Tho Mormmn
bodies of low apade orr owned by
tht tympany are" aufflclcnt b) guar
aate fcfcfa tonnage fur an Indefinite
length of thw.
From various other propertle
district bid fair to ililp out each
day a carload of I tin higher grade
ore, thua making a tonnage of two
car raeli day. Tho turquoise mlnei
in IhU rrglon produce over one-half
of the world' mipply of thai beauti
ful grin. Tho "trot city." known as
The Pmw." affom coftMrabl at
tracttaM to 14m iwaMh arrker, which
I to he eaMerel a apeclal feilurs
of the Burro motmUnla.
At Um ftorth end of the Burro
moMwtatw, an Hie fmoua allvcr
inlM about HuIkM-d'a txak. whlrh
MmA aciivo minlnc Wm wcM(y
mmnMI m Um Tit wver ace
nmUfy call fer mnwIJi ialn (on
mm i macUtfry, fcwlaV Um kaiv
Vhevo Dry Creek on tho tooth
eaatern to?Q of the toity Mofoilon
rangi) of titouiittltu are the laolated
mlnmf diatricta Of Wilcox -and Tulu
rium. Thll particular region, though but
little known, hat much to recom
mend it. Vrry rich gold and copper
ore abound which have been
worked only In a limited way. The
Zacalon group ff copper mines at
Ihi point belong to tho Albuquer
que parties who, in I960, shipped
ronslderable orr, hauling it by
wagon over sixty miles to Silver
City. The proposed line of railway
would go will! In fifteen miles of
this mining section. One carload of
ore and concentrates could bo
peeled from this quarter every
week, with the present develop
NeiL and by far Iho most promt
ncnt mining oiclrkl along and hear
the projmmf line, is the celebrated
Coney district, which Is situate! on
the western slopo of the Mogollon
ranac This camp was discovered
in I lie year 1879 by J. C Cooncy,
who was afterwards killed by Iho
Apach Indians under thrir eelc
braird ehlefUln Vlctorio,
The Cooncy mining district Is the,
H known and contains the rirheal
gold, silver and copper ore to be
found In soulhwrsl .New Mexiro,
.Notwilhstandlng the long iiaut by
wftRim to Hilver Cily. ihe nearest
railway point and ninety wiles iUs
tant, mining here naa een a au-
rets. The dblrict ha produced
about 6,090,W in gold, silver and
Two of Iheta mines at this writ.
Ing. the Bllvcr star (CaMiry) awl
lha l-ait Chance," are m acllva of-
' erauon and aro meeting wiim
marked success. ThU district ein-
brares the camps or Cooncy, Hool
Ion Md (Iraham, By tntntnrtatlnn
this mining arcthHt. would easily
pixxtoee five oarVoads of om ami
concentrates per itay, Sinc alt
MipfWfs nf whafawr Msaro, eaeepl.
" jng a Jsnet4esi c ths) fta comw (tt
rretly from Wlver City, Iho tonnage
Jswi;hi Into the ivgfcin would equal
About on? fourth that lakrn out.
Affir leaving Cooney, In iMsaaing
UII further to tho north, the coun
try Iks bewi preaiteetesl hoi iltltr
w wtmm. mm taw mm muhm.
tetsisercc4. Mere, largj
far Uk fM twaa, aniwuirh Om ex
kshmw f Mtaa tea mm known
k Mtntber of yar. Pijhrttw a'
"Usmasn of tm oaHoad ri wank
tenChSM art) avcNrissJ' fMpsfi
stmy u nut east oc i
w. srw nsasHT m
14m than ae-lMlf of the rnimb-r
Urailuatra M lKlff In IW. 0W
aird hoys yka formerty wnierwt tha
Mnchine'twofrsafcm re trainbut for
better paid Hne. MnlMsrsda of
pfUnl lactwr re kaving school
work every w mW taat
pays an lsqMH wapn for hum mt
vfre. A eumalrisat trhx' i ittimi
to almost amy Vm vt lfovi rnitr
inu Insellisjwnit, Ttwy Sv no trots
hie getltng we paM Jek. It 1 Um
ahilfly of Mm avisww hnisiM
school leacmr W Mk nw M hi
or her own Intern' sswst k sawlna;
lh Iraehef. itwlaant rwhkK tentMng
eiiuralora are eWttig In Watfctep-
too imseeg.
Tliere l iHtl nne olulion: Th
Is In pay adeisuftte wae to teach
ers In return tot efficient itervlre.
We must do It hero if we rfeel
our school In remain efficient, H
Is not In beiwtf of the. teacher that
we must acl, but In behalf of our
own children, who are Win real suf
ferers from Inefficient schools,
Theirs ta the Intern we mustt
Kuanl. The way Is clear. We mint
pay jalarlrs (hot wilt command the
services of competent teachers. If
we fail to provide such salsr'r no
we will sen the results In our
Mhools next year.
ki.i.kht wmtTArm
A. C KlHotl I the new
of Ihe new coperaliTO atoro In
Iicmlng, Accnrdlnn to the record
handed Mr. Klliotl by A. C. Heyman,
county agent, Mr, Klliotl Is from
Kentucky, but lhat should not be
held against Kentucky. In addition
In being from this particular slate
Mr. Klllnll Is a
School teacher;
Secretary of grocery house;
Owned a bulla cm college:
iluperlnlendrnt of puMlc schools;
reseller in a university;
Owned a newsnaner:
Cashier in a railroad freight of-
Nia last Jh wm clotrn ctctk in
a Demmc ratlroa nffieA,
Mr. Heyman M "Mr. Klliotl heal-
tated m mtepimir
The laaUy Ceurkr
sVr r KtMsaJC P&c H)tMsBBfV4l)a( &ff Q
notee, nowever, iwsh w. u
hold on to his amccttre.
our )mml
our hut nod Jy NfugN tba
Aw PKNbbpw 4tstfltaiMs4 '
IMMar IMtr CsaN;
Km ikwwms aiessUM:jt jsk
Have wanv nsa! sn a9s9Jsl tn
the.cfff Hh.r On fe.sjssf
cum,HliN: win say -nw; nt
workwii mast tn ny tisv
Tlio businos road divide dally
for many firms ami the guiding
signs -read clear and distinct. It is
your choice to follow the advertis
ing one to success or the other to
From the Ntghl Owl,
Eilltor Daily Courier:
Yes, It is sail but Into before
very long "man." the once vlrHo
Sitccimeii of the human race who
hewed the ponderotsa oak and
fought Ibe Indian and risked life
and limb for loved one, will bo ft
thing of tho past. The smile am)
fair Ms seem to have, usurped our
every right It was all righl for
them to wear our clothing and
amoko clgareU. It was all right for
them (o lako upon themselves the
right of electing and holding our
offices, of filling our positions and
doing other duties which man per.
forms, bill now they even wanl to
tiro or
aesicW are rahtwl
time a nar. ww am M
wsswe fVr cfcfcd fnsisst, nlaswr
aalarie mi m vrwurliuai
rnrner awn wan nmii
for a ( raW. 1 Ink
the entftoyer! Some win1 mam are
fair, hill ikero am nOier wM are
not iMm m. .-n
Colummw, N, M, May . tm.
MsWI at MpaW RwbsbbbVMMhV
KdHor imf WMtricr.
Dear ltr 1 wlh k aiwajeal
mlatit hK nf mserM. TImtc s
rock m Mh Mtrmana Usat eaa he
niaaV Ma htiek rr stab hr aaatoi'r
I know hnsm cut. it m sajwt
onyx. Way nt two Ht n sjanM
be very pmly jhH In came at. II
ran he made up Into ot wait at nf
any kifMi. Um eMy i imst aasssjr to
nave uucks w uo on mo ro(, to
hero I a good chance, There is
also n prclty yellow porphyry, Kw
'tlisn'i a ssja sa
A rmor Plate
IV Dalit; iJwmr ts m sal iwr?
aay at-
IsMaBBsl llMB flasMail.
NEW COlftlJS ftttEST
A nimmU, IKVItItKW U hH. eatfaaVd h
the eWacns of ColMnhu U vMi ew hakmg plant'
Adjeming the Hotel Clark.
Wfl havo been closed since tve look possession and
have-completely renovated the plant, adding modern
The Columbus Bakery U now scrupulously rkan
snd from a sanitary point of View conditions aro
Kindly give us a trial order for
our splendid bread and goods
CeOMOC ttm' l Proarsmaw t fUtm&R TAK.VW
Ipiisisinals Casassr TsaatC
Pf t MtVlMa
r Jlsaahr A
J. T. W
'For County Oerk:
For Superinlendenl of Schools;
For Probata Judgot
H. M. OJWVK. .
For County Coaanlsswner. DIt, t;
j. u Lorm
Ir County Commiaaioner, DUU X;
J A Mm A.. HHKA.
Foe Dhtoty BaWaJsaWer, Wt, ii
D, T. (BiMKMN.
Am fewVr aahitor
CjWWntT twtrr new igfeajr?
IW'MlC PallO 0ttWa6a Wl(lWW
WWte: U we tktH yoti m pn.'
hrt, if not tell us. In Uki K. M.
Peterson building.
Mise lsvainj a jaran seaav
tor office ctesfc; atao TtMsaim
Tawaa to keep H V-
Watviasj Paaata for lasHe aa4
aentlcmeu; alt color and !,
shw all colors, and Ink We.
WHte waste xasc:ts
urm:H files
(Tlio IJirga alio.)
Ijirae Mock Crrae Papery aM
The Book Shop
I IW ijii'Hrier film irMfOTs! sTVfeVj
Fwnr--GalbraWi LaaaW Col
The Supplies Listed Below Are Carried in Stock by the
OrBce Stationery School SUiionery ' Wriiinf Equipivvtiti:
W,l'. InL
Ij) I'ae Oluc
Phjnct Ing
Htack Ink
LHiary Faale ' h
SOamboat tfo '
H.JJ... n;niu H
Wh-e WMlo,li4l'1,,V '
Win) Desk ItokeU
Memn Book t,
Stock Sales Books
Whlto Tlatrtie Paper
0ren Tiu Paper -t
KliwtTiWM) Papr - ,
SCafiet TMU4 Ppr
Movie Star TaUok . .
Bt4nr44ier's W Bosk -.
W'lW) MM INmati '
My-tiH IMter far
Hsrone Not HW, twvM'
IMsai LMier tmr(g
TSifwr Mam Xote Rasr
liw4iM tthM Uarsiaii fmgr (
Malnhosv Oca saar, good for
It? XWSjW ViS1 JSffpWMssj a,
VcWsW 0feslt)( pwHn .
Vervei Pcwstla
Cfemlucn PeneKg
Red Pencil i
Orern Ppnclti
Plain TistHfl NaakhM j
Decorated Tisauo Napkins tu ,
Lily Drlnkinc Cuh i
Hayal Drink mf CufW
Mantle Kirvetevw
Paml pra4f . '
HMasaiiMatk Jtrd Type
Usarweod vitk IMeord Type-'
Had asisl Ssaak Wsnmgtori TTya'1
"T writsr Wahasw
IM.aai StockUtHierwoftl Typ-
wrHaf IWsiVm
pufpM' Rward WmKmifm Type-
wrHr Ittabfw
Purp" JWord Untferwood Type-
wrir WblftM
Psunaaaail Linen Paper
af' Wattmt Papfl
at iw
I'aassg, Paper
WlMtaaaia atal Retail Daaam U
Ib(, Cement, Lime, Plaster, Etc.
CitaiiHts Btetnc Sim Stop
Wm art nCtr too busy to do your
Sk KtjHilring. Com in, We'll
ghtoyau m QUALITY JOB.
W. A. WAKEFIELD, Proprietor"
W um i-J s-r.t-.i.. t 'B
Vulcanizing f l
I Acetylene , l
B aaMiaje.aVk lit
BaHsnrishli Prices
. mm- Psjfgtea, tews w&m '
t J r; a V
K u -

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