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nJHVKHAV, w, lam o,,y Pmr M Lena jfrjty
nr. pinn mas
& Otta,
at hsbmi 4rf fytti4rt '
naafat at oua Ukm took )H
i iaia(Biialan tuii by Use diy foe
trasrt (K land wtttt board be-
was the beat avast 1
Uwitri wU tan wu dUfxwa
pta. ttkc.itaMi mm d
kl, IMai mm northi of
. HitM lso awt aVmtUwrwtern rail.
rMd Mate. Mass Qti ' ohjcried.
' Wtm aMr cMmto,taa4 tally
MM Otfc amatwil AsWey Wat
mm Disahw. Mm iy retained
Mwryr Temke. Yettenlay Mayor
Mask-, A. rrMWMMN; Captain Mc
Aqr M4 WUHt XMn went lo
mmm mm lre nrt him oti and
Attorney Watson. A aompromlse
wm wM by which MIm Otis
vWaMrao a wwiK to the, city
ef sen acre of land ssHith of the
tract' far I Wo nominal sum of tloo
tier aero,- '
The aH wa withdrawn and
emte tfcook hand.
VfiM hm4 a4uked by Hw city will
he mM for Dm euroes described
awve. Jau tnatead of t detriment
f to a4Jael Mad IL will ho beautified
wlh kc4 and ahrubbery and kbe
r' punMaaf IU imo an camoufled
Z that J effect K will he tort of a
cHy srk.
Hht (Mil and the board are to bo
congratulated upon the happy end-
Ins of the argument, MIm Oil
proved herself a beucfnelor tn the
city a far a the land Is concerned,
altheutthlhe city will te put to an
additional txycmt Jgjne com
pcuea 10 MM MHt
Vr. the iaalmHtHi
The D &MWriM pleaded for
a city farlc many iftn and Intends
in keep ih pleading (mill aome gcn
erOua hssntewnrr donate one with
a deed anal abstract sMIycri-d at the
Wnw o-f the offer, i
SM Mi Wm
(Hy Aoclled I'n.l
HKXICO CITV; June, toV-Dr. Jow
dl flahirele, the Italian rellsloui
xealol crucified hy the Indian U
habitant nf TniultUtlan. Ouiaea,
lost OikhI Friday, arrived recently
. In .Mexico City, en route lo hi homo
-. in I'achuoa, apparently little the
wona phyalcaliy, hut atlll harbor
lug his belief.
DlJOabriele appeared In Oaxaca
early )n Lent, proclaiming hlmtclf
' f lo lie the Savior, and no worked on
a. the luperatlliou and Ignorant I mil.
una that they cruclfieil him. ualng
.railway spike lo nail him to a rudo
?. croM. 'He wa taken down the next
day antfiurvlvcd hi ordeal, being
r viewed by thousand on Kalcr.
jvcwg or (he crucumoir reacneti
(tie capital of tho late, Toliuante.
ru't.and tho governor ordered Dl fla
'brlele brought (here. A great pro.
T."..l..n fM....l Hi. nnrl In vlilli
iKSiNva troniwrted, Latcr.the. mayor
orfTequfilallan,. Who iiciiM a ine
Hbmau centurion, and four oilier
lirlncipal figure In (he crucifixion
were arresled.
ltamtwio I spilt Into phonograph
needle by machinery at A rata of
10,000 needle an hour und onalher
machine. Into which they nre fed by
hand, can sharpen 30X00 a day.
I Onyx nSwnl
W 'Smouldering Embers' I
Il u M j' JMIIIIill IWWflHWHtlHMIW "if my father wrro aWxe I wvnWii'l II
I 'T If ' marry imc-wren u"l H
I IL llnmaneo filled his heart. To him I '
Jj f I bad fomj) that "once tu a lifetime'' I
' fflsi i I And now to, satisfy an ambition of
' . I I ids su;pfallrr. ho was to be sncrl-
ii I ?ll ' 1' TfcwT W"n girl who coddled a I'e- I
-I I' l'lPJ JMX41'- I
hlNf I i Ik you wonder that his heart mol- I
l I 1 ,,CW,T ttl., ( I
l I 1 Vou'" aufi'1 (, t I
I I mil umiLlllllllllf You'll ThrW and gHt I
K nffssNMlrwnMMinjH
.. MawWHtfnaa.1.
Maur mmw rtaWMfca toHwaiM
M DKluth'N himftjli iihtijiL. tttM
BiarriWff. vr taiinWt ma f frw
tnoiuund poramw attract taAj Mtahl
"wtrtii lb 8Wefl frwrn fiar and
wll(f and liaiiliiai tfcfM win HeM
In rnnqt-ctiw XiOt at aUwk m a
Wttw two eanmanln nt tim A
ndt NatM itoatd rlM hni
at an tarty htwr IM mnmlnc Ih
found Uw miiy rtaana rionq wm
thai lo thy prifen atatttn afed Mrm4
Mwtn m vlaiWe faiiiit IM
kvwjh activity.
Imchinrj were acr omnthtiMl
"wr mo cny polka fwc was
enwpowored by briclii and atreamn
Irom flro hoo In an attack on (xillco
headquarter on the principal tlior
oughfwr. For at lret ton hour
Iho moh ruled, relkiulthirNt IU
imwcr oniy nr the lynchins.
8li penon had heen arreted In
connection with the attack ot the
girl which oeeurrrd on a circuii
ground Monday night.
THe moh held a mock iThtl nnd
dec I ami the thrco penona guilty,
ana men nunc; litem within one nnd
a hair Dlocka of thn polKO tlton.
Tho mob, hoothtir down the plea
of I wo priraU that the law he per
mMcd to take lis course, look.threo
trU to Utnt IU first victim, an Urn
rvp hroko twice
A tpecla grand Jury will convene
hero tomorrow to InvonlluRlr. the
lynchlni of three portion hem last
night. II wa wilil lite Nillonnl
(luard may dfparl late today.
K.r.T LAfl VK0A4 K M. Man ill.
United KtatM rnwHMloiierjnvil
llafli O, Ogle bound over to Ihp red
eral grand Jury Halurday Bftwiixui
Jim Wtiltimnv, Lorenio Dctaaih and
W. M. Hanfufd on chnte,ef hawing
lwchaed Itouor. and C H. Hfeh on
chme of haviftg Ihtuor hi Ma k-
lanoun. TM ilm three nna are
M4a hv.iwwltnd llitk!cum
Wchawd ' Hhynotd; who I accused
of lootin the cellar of William n.
Haydon. Fitch I aaid lo have ie
copied a Uolllo of whisky from
itaynohl In imymenl for allowing
Ihn boy to conceal nonio liquor in
bit bant. Further hearing wa had
Monday morning while others Impli
cated will bo before Ihn commission
er. Henry O. Coorn, Jr of Albu
querque. Assistant I'oiM Btates attorney-
I hero to push the case fur
the government. Tho county grand
Jury, It I said, will fnstlgato the
Ihefta and alleged purchase of stolen
rs Tract
Ily Associated Press.
MONTHEAU l. Q. Juno lfl.-The
American Federation of Lalxir, iu
lit annual convention nuw In session
in Monlreal. today railed upon tVn
gres of the United Stales lo cancel
Hie "gentlemen" agreement" with
Japah and to absolutely exclude
Japanese and other Asiatic immigra
tion into this country. The exclusion
of "picture bride" vu also de
manded. A new survey will bo puulo of tho
I'ecos oil region.
M iiaWH PVaHHiaVkal
.Mention hhuI in mm1!
Wlly Courier of a new raileiMtlor
AMUtirfHW. Today I lie Courh is
aWe, lo annguncfl lW le. Cty,
em nf- the U(n of Chlht'
Jtrxlco, U head of the projKrted
way, which, will connect flutr
Moxico, with Columbus 'The:
Will extend norlb, Uklnc m
towns, ami cities a amI)uiN
VaHe, Oaleanla, Caw Oranges.'
cemlon and I'alomns, f
llaytnundo Munox l the civil en
gineer. l. A. Slmpsou, civil engineer of
Columbus mid previous lo-.-Hls
arrival here connected Willi W.'jl.
Ileurst' Interest in Mexico. ms been
authorised to silrvey the roiie')ii
Mexico by Hie Mexican do facto guv
emmenL f
A member of a prominent W&v
lork firm of financlen was in 'J
lumbus last week and siwnt two
flMBjXg UaW aatf
JsiP akkl aaM mct HR
i pisi asj 0t pMvwHHH anlw
Headquarter for two asplronu
to tho Democratic nomination for
president at the national rohven
lion, which opens Juno ?8, were
oiieticd here Monday. Offices were
opened for United Htates Henalor
Robert U Owen of Oklahoma and
Attorney (lenenil A. Mitchell I'nl
mcr. Tim headquarters of flop
crnor James M. Cox of Ohio was
opened hero Tuesday with the
arrival of F II. Monro, iintlona'l
committeeman of Ohio, who has
charge of tho governor's p'recnw'
ventlon campaign,
llalnhridgo Cnlliy. rcreiury of
slate,, recently clmsen a delegate,
rrom the DIMrBorColuriibTa. I
lielng mentlnneil by leader hero
for the permanent chalrmamdiip
of the convention. United Stales
Carter (Hans of Virginia Is being
discussed in connection with lh'
chairmanship of the committee on
Tentative plan call for the
opening nf the convention b J.
Ilruco Kremer. vice chairman of
the national committee, who will
Introduce Homer 8. Cumnitux.
chairman nf the .rommillee. as
temporary chairman of the con
vention, who will make Hie key
mite (perch.
8. K. 0. Hoffman, secretary of
the national committee, arrived In
Han Frunelseo Monday. Wither
Marsh, treasurer of the national
committee, i scheduled lo arrive
MK if Er(Ks1i.S. Srtt
in- Asmiriateil ro.)
T0K0, Japan, June 10. -Japan
Inserted all artirle In the Anglo.
Japanese allianre pact nf lull U ce
move the risk of Kngland becoming
Involved in any dispute between ibe
United Slates nnd Jui'ion, 11 was tn-
d-y dcclarwl by Viscount Kato, for
mer roreign minister. In an inter-
View urging I he renewal of Ihe
treaty with Fjigland.
fnW it PliSJCli, FU.
Hy Associated Press.1
KNHAC0L.V, Fla, Juno 10. I'ens-
oeola toduy started n ral killing
drive with a view to slopping the
spread of what lorul physicians pro
nounced the bubonic plague.
- Two death from tho disease have
occurred lnco Friday, it was re
purled today.
AHosmii Off For 81am Duty.
9 I'MOENtX. Aril, June H.-Fornirr
Governor (Jeorgo W. 1'. limit, newly
dpiioinled minister In Hinni. left last
lilght'for rMn Francisco lo aall June
t foe his poi at liHiigkok, Hlsui.
Cuervo' (irinclpnl Indnslry 1 Hie
hauting of lumber and oil well lim
ber," 1
degrees at 'iW (hi at
lernoon was the highest
temperqluro today nud
68 Bt 5 o'clock this morn.
Jug was lh6 lowest. Clear
kic and aunililne.
dayg itt going over Hie ellimlloit with
Mr blnipKou,
Ml4 MlMfoi, Hiq chief jiuUrf.
onn oi mo mom proniineni Mexicans
in Chihuahua nnd i rutlumlastie
over Ilm CBrly complfHou ,of the
This road, primarily litiilt for
mining interest, evcnlimlly ivill e
ronuneniai tiHxiniinin, aa il mi.
ters virgin frrllory conceded by all
acquaintel in Mexico, and will lap
tho richest mltilns; and agricultural
country In the world.
Mr. Munoi say that IniniMMfly
fnllrtWillg tlif rifognllfoil nf till
Mexlran do foeto goverulnenl, which
m his opinion is liifvllahfr. Hie nee
"Mary capital will be '.'?lheonilng
lo start cninirurllon wor.
II Is conreiled tlml lh. npnln'rn
terminus of (h road will be Coliim.
bus or Imlng in orib-r to eoimeel
with Hie fait tali. However that
may be. Columbus will welcome the
road wild open ariu. n II mons
much lo the future or this, the fnt
rl growing illy In New Mexico.
Army Claw's Wife SlMt;
After Fite Site Swspects
(Hy Assiielolrtl l'r.
HOCKFOItl). III. June 10. Five
soldiers uf Camp (Irani are Imlay
being sought in connection Willi the
shooting o- death of Mr. Maud l.u
rlllo Moss, wife of (Uipuiln lniy II.
Moss, camp utilities officer, and
daughter or lllon J. Arnold, u pio
neer eleclricnl engineer.
The entire inilllnry Intelligence
force of Camp (Irani is seekinx In
estahll-dicil whelber Mra. Mon uas
iiuinlereil or nreldenlally killed.
Thai Ihn woman wit shot was un
known until the midline in which
she was riding with her husband
and mine friends tiad gone hnlf n
.mile Shchad.hcin.a4lcrp,iu)d uhn
she slumped forward following 3
sharp report, which Hie party
Ihiiilght Ws H mtsrirrd motor, the
woman uns found wounded.
In IWI Mrs. Moss win. Insl Si
liotiM on I'lke" I'eak Willi her
brother and a parly nf friends, hut
was rescued from freeilng
kflfsey Fr&ed, Accepts
CJutage Um Carptif
Ily Associated I'ross.l
SAN FHAM'.IKCO. (ill., June 111.-
Tlie mdlclment eltarging Jack Dcmp-
sey, worlds lieavy weight Imxlng
ehnmpiou. nnd his mniianer. Jack
Krurns, with eonsplruey In evwle
Hie seleelivo il 111ft net, was today
diimlsseil by Hie feileral eourl liero,
Jack Kearns, DcmpKey's manager,
today accepled the Wichita (Knn
sas) clinlleiige of (leorges Cnrprn
tier, Kuropean champion, for a fight
any time alter October in.
GtniNMy NitiiNi ti Fsir
fnm HirrikMr's jiiiiiikafaUi
1 1 sisss sptni s 1 1 11 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 im
Illy Associattil Press.)
ItKIU.IN, (lerniHiiy. June 10. (icr
many hns nothing In fear from the
nomination of Wnimi (i llanllug ns
n10 Hcputdicnu cnn.lidale for Hie
prpsldency of the United Slnles, says
Ihn lionise (tnxelle tislay in com-
mcnting iivon Hurdlugs nommalion.
M1TCHKI.U ri. D.. June 10.
Washington Springs-, s I) near I his
city, was marooned toduy as a result
Of a vloudltursl which causing prop
erty damage estimalei) at over one
limidrtil thousand dollars. A crock
near Wahuigton Springs is repori
el In bo four mile wide.
V.U PASO, Texas, July 10. Sevcrnl
head of fresh horses in chargo of
Albino Arunda, a Yilllstn rhlcf. have
bce.it' reported In Iho I'aloma rnoun
laln in Ihe eastern part of Hie state
of Chihuahua, acroiiling In news re
Cf,lTd by Cirlos Feltx Oiax, admin
Istrnlor Of the Juarez custom hopse.
Onii has communicated the Infor
h'laTlon to Mexlran army comman
ders, JDIaz bus recomnifmieil lo
llcriwal p. Kilns Guiles, provisional
nilriwer of war, the oslahllshnient
of garrls,op In the vicinity, of the
I'atomas mountains in order In nro-
venl the mounts from reaching Villa
and to slop the smuggling nf muni
Units ncrfH ihu illo Oninde near
Sin,' Elena. a
u pun KX
CHIUAflO, June HepubUcan
lwrty leaders arc experiencing n
-monung anec nMUoit a a re
sult of Uielr discovery of Ihlnl
pnrty rinmi or most ominous char,
nrler darkening the ixillUcal ky,
hlcli had seemed so roseate during
Hie Joliiflratlon olrr Ihn llsrdlnz.
UxilidKo nomliialionS.
Willi (bird parly moveinenl
crowillpg each other for Iho front
of Iho stage and wllh Hie prospccls
mr geung an siicli r e nen u oaWh-
er in Chicago after Ihe, Democratic
convention, tho third (tarty idea Is
no longer regarded a rurh a Joke.
ih most optimist C of the 'renu.
lars" nro getting worried. i
At the conclave of former Pro-
gri'sslve in which 27 sIbIc were
reiirsented providing 11 rather dubi
ous aftermath of tho Coliseum fes
tivities, mere was tangible lulk of a
llllrd electoral Hcket. And Itoputv
lienu leaders have not forgotten (tut
Senator Johnson, the Progressive
entry, lefl Chicago without a wonl.
I'ERSHINR not canm-hati:?
Ml m.wMII.F.
J0I111 J. Pershing said yester-
day. regarding rumors that be
might be a presidential candi-
time. v
"I autliorli you to deny sie.
elflenlly for me that I have 4
now. or have ever bad. or ever
expeel lo have, or ever will
have political ambitions. I have
O not the least idea thai my name
will Im offered at the Pan Fran-
clseo convention, nnd I will not
penult II use If Ihe atlemnt
should le made. In no clrcuin
stances whatsoever would I
think, of becoming a candidate
for Ihe presidency or for any
oilier Killtlcal office."
Art IktmI FrM UM
- rctlCAiiO, 3unn loJ-Two-hitnifred
pupiM nf Ilm Portage Park school
were refused admittance In Iheir
clasit.es by school officers becauso
Hiey had refused to be vaccinated.
Several rasea of smallimx have lieen
reiKirted rixenily 111 I lie vleluity of
tun school.
ST. WVIB. Mo, June lO.-Mexlio
soon will be brought lo realize that
American lives and properly there
must be protected, or else will pay
Ihe penalty. Senator Beldrn P.
Spencer of Missouri declared in an
address hero a few nights ago. The
address was delivered at a Flag Day
celebration. After eulogizing the
flag the senator asserted -No nation
lam insult il abroad, and Mexico
will roon lie (aught the lesson that
American life and properly can not
np wniitoniy taken without immcdi,
ate and severe accounting tn Ihe
sovereign people."
To Daily Courier Kemlcrs,
You want a newsy dally. Help to
make tho Daily Courier more read,
able by mailing or phoning any
Hems of news that you Hunk worth
An oil company located near Mat-
ogn. N M . lias received Ivvo carloads
of drilling machinery and loots.
i nwnltf tfttt n 1 1 If Imlmf ftntff Iff f fit f
What Would You Do?
Madaline Traverse
In a Nevf Fox five-Reel Feature
Thrilling 2-Recl Western Dwx
, tHHA ga SM
it an wits
IJnenwn Andrew Oarretl In the
Utility Department. Owrlemwsler s
Corps, Camp Forlon. while Wink
lug 011 a power polo thn-ly feel in
the. air Ibis morning, areKtetilally
caught hold of a live wire and his
arm and body received. ZXK) Veil of
(larrctt's llfo was sav i ihn
fact that tho -dioqk, llillead of lighl.
enlng his grin, knocked him off Iho
Garrett's arm waa severely hilrnetl
tielween tho ellxiw and wrisl also
his ringers. He walked In (he lios
pllal for Ircalmet He u clfler line.
man under Clilef'Kleclrlniaii Jewell
Colitmbit Orcbeslra Kest f.we.
Continual practicing of (he reor
ganized orchestra of Ihe Columbus
I heater and the leamwork now die-
played makes il prolobly Hie Im-sI
orgAiiizaliou of its humlxun in the
Kainbmv Kale a Surecwc.
I'llchl Hrolliera' Tlftiiitvtm' Bale wan
a decided success, Their advertising
campaign was well planned, iheir
ads were well prepared und (lie
public was In a receptive mood for
lower prices. The firm il well sat.
Isfied and so Is Ihe p)blic
Arthur W. Snnwrt, Here,
Arthur W. Hnroat of Ihe new Co
lumbus law firm. Pollard Si Spnial.
wllh offices open June II 111 Ihe old
i-ourlcr millding. arrived 111 llu city
today and wilt remain here peniin
nently. Hie family will arrive hero
as sunn as tomforlable quarters are
Protected Front "H'hVP Wowrn.
Ho protected him from rani
Miarks, wild women, tioozc and an
unhappy romance, and Hieu, with
the dead love rekindled, he stepped
-nut again to tho open road ami the
call or the rampflre. He sacrificed
his lire for his Itoyl At the Onyx
Ihealer tonight.
OhwHhp Up to 37 H Oak
Harry Tracy, part owner pf tho
Columbus Filling Station, was cor
rect, and Hie Dally Courier was cor
rect, when, several week aw', u
,111 X'aM'il xanccra,,l(ieroi,. ihn
price (T gasoline InCoJumhuA only
becauso they wcrd not supplying tlio
Columbus Filling Station. Illvnl deal
its sold thn fluid for Xi cents. Mr
Tracy predicted Hie price Would go
up, and. sure enough, puMilino in
Columbus is bark to cents, and
Ibe nil filling station is doing bus),
nnss as usual- .
Shipped W0 filer rs.
Oenaro Fourzan, rn-crclary of Ihn
Paloma Land and Cattle Coniiatij,
reKrt the company will have tho
biggest ralf crop this year il has
ever experienced The comtwiiiy 011
May 31 brought &200 steers through
Uils port of entry, and the cattle
were driven In and shipped from
Hermana localise tho cattle ens
hero are locoteil in the heart of Ihn
city instead of a mile away, whero
they should tie. Some day Columbus
will wake up to the fact Uisl Hie
cattle pens should bo moved. The
railroad company doesn't, care il
gels the shipment anyway or think
it. will. Hill if the freight (raffia
manager o( Hie El I'aso and South
western knew Uiat 500 hfd were
driven .10 miles to Dcininu unit
shipped via the Sail take railrond,
which Is a fart, and other shipments
of like character will follow, the cat
(lo pens would lie moved so Hie ral
tlemen could t to (hem wHu their
'Villi- cattle.

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