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cunty clerk,
n a Ti v rrw mi
wmw, wm: n, m (My uaiiy ir hi's.m cow-
Fins num w n
W. JUHHH. Ho, Juoo 17,-OOorgn
. Batten of Cm(r, MfcstowJ, hai
HM suit in use Cook county etrtnlt
eeusi In Chicago aaalnst WMIam
Jwurif 1 fetwf pcsklnt(l
vMt4Uat, aMrHMr f t hcl
prwMMtjsw a4vU. The Mit it
ror an are wmthta- tn transaelloM be
Iwrwj DaHon.astd Mryast, crowing
out of ttie. KoMMMon
ymmofmy, "Throaahotil Um A."
Ptfem o ee In Mm R to re.
Hp Lrya fmn mwMsw any tc
or i9C9 wrBUMU 6j- Ua
BtOii mm In il tHKkm that
hit 1st suffered actual loss of Mtjm
Wf by him In prontctinff IH en
trrprlso and that he. has devoted
four year or hw iimo to His pro.
hi tho petition. In say tka-t In
18M Ha originated a project fur thu
production of i motion picture as
b argumeot for prohibition, the
plcturn tolMi dramatisation of cr
lain ksctwM by Bryan on llio
Jcctf Mai afcstiwaucc, In which
n;w to appear personally.
"Hw matter wm flrtt proontel to
Bryan June 20, IDIO, Dalton says,
and m November 90 an agreement
Wa etftcred inlii hv uMrli nlinn
wai to devote his tlmo to promoting
uio picture ana was to set aslda 10
per cent of the net proceed of the
naio or -mo picture, or picture
rlflllU. to fllHIirr the PIMM nf nM
hlbltlon, Its expenditure to bo d.
reeved by a commission to bo named
ny wan,
Diten declares ho entered upon
the wrformanco of bli ohliratinnn.
hut that Bryan refiued tu carry out
ins oMifullona and demanded
modification of the agreement
where)? Bryan alionld have a share
of sfce proceeds. The agreement, ho
aayi. wm then modified to stipulate
that HriMH hhjwM have M
of the acl profit for his services as
an aewr. inc. provision for dovot.
mgii" per com w me prohibition
cause wm-abrogated, together with
thdhdwa for, rumJnt! a commission
lo sjlroct tho expenditure of IJie
.ritim-n-Jlli-HM, IICfumillK MI I'BIUIM,
uryan laueu aim rerued to wrinlt
uie rinancincr of the plcturu at
rommercU! propnsfllon, and de
manded 37 S per cent of tha net
profllri, Instead of tho SO imt cent,
aa bis share. Tlio contract wiu'
rhangod so as to give him the 37 Vi
Per cent.
IryAt proposed to Dallpn that Itioc
proaiicuon or mo picture Im
hnanceil by Edward F. Ooltra of St.
Uuls. This financing, Dalton un
tjerslood from Ilryan. was conlln
Milt on Goltra'a ability lo obtain tho
money. Dalton aays tin refused to
agree';1 to .this plan and Insisted on,
tho carrying out of the terms of
MONTREAL. June l7rinvA.-,..
mcnl owweoklp with domettie op.
cinuan or Aasencan railroads was
today endorsed by tho American
Federation of Ltbor cnnvmiiini.
after a Wtter fUM. Tkn r-r.ii ,n
howW fovemmcnt owncrsiilp1 was
cnuorscu ay a Voio Of 29,869 to 8.1 W,
uisfirder lulerrunted llm mil nil
nvenn imes.wHen delegates from
various crafts were divided nn nir
amrges of "steam roller" tactics
were hurled al tho chairman by
James Duncan of Beadle and others
when tho chair denied the right of
a roll call to delegations that split
on me question.
Applause and boos and hisses al
(cmately greeted delecslinn
Tho ImildilM trades deteaatlnn
presented almost milld frnni
opinsl gtivernment ownership, sup.
jMirung oamuci uomprra and the
wKniniMrauon forces.
Tw Paaf Mum
Away; kmm at
KeflMla.HiUn knil Jnari Ulan I,..,.
,e?(caahOya of Kdod" fHmMt in
ims ciiy, (isoided lo see tho world,
and a few days oro ran nwnv rnim
meir Homes. Tliey weiv apprehend
ed in DuukIbh, Arlsona, and locked
tip. Deputy Clarence llrirem rrs
lurnp.1 from Douglas Inst night with
i no. boys,
Naughty Furniture Man.
A brido and icroom were huvlnir
tluiir furniture. "Is this a good
lied?" asked the groom. "Yea. ir."
responded tha clerk, nvo stand lie.
iiiiiii every bed w sell." "Oh, my,'
whlspcmt the bride to the crooni
"WO don't waul In Imv n Un.1 Inn.'
-lisnominga (Okla.) Capllal-Demo.
tliy AaooWd "re.r
twaen the hossknf Josoj H. KlweJl;
"iKiritinan. ana wwwswn ii. I'andie.
ton. .Mid In l r-well's thM
ng llio early hours of the inomTiJ
ftlwri was munl'red. j
This Was Ihn nnlv nw ,l.v!i.
ilenl in the easiv whle.lt the Vwl
iora poiico Inevo declare! to Im life
BKMt liafrilnt- lli.,v (...... i
(Burn to aoiVC.
jsnoris wef wititf iniule, -II wi,
said, to coinmunlcaie, wlth l'endl
ton, ' .
Notllins WM mnilnfuiilillr -If
ino report concernte the detectives
sent to LaxhtiHnn unt,v -r.,.
flay with tho.h'ofMtabllshlw
somo nioiivB ror- thn'mjirder.
A deputy Hlslrict attorney sm'd
detectives had been "sent to places
uuuwe oi new York pesidcj lo
nn: mwcHATUHK.
a aa the highest tempera,
rl O turo olay and 70 was the
U i loweat. Tho wralher Indl
jm cations show no rhange,
although briik brrnes
were prevalent during the early af
ternoon. Recent ruin havn ilimn
world of good to the country hero-! picture
tho agreement, under which he,
nation, was to provide for financ
I nt? the nlrturr.
Juno 2.1 1010. it Is slated. Dulliin
rupyrighled his scenario. Ilryan, be
declares, has since failed and r.
fused lo permit Dalton to promote
uie production; lias failel and re
insert to onnear In IL and linn llinut.
cned to appropriate Dalton'a copy,
righted Idea and to produce the
in violation of Da ton's
rights under tho copyright.
Onyx rBwi
Carl Lacmmle
' H l1 at
111 'ft A m. jh .i.
Ill VI O aO .11
XT Jl CA. J if JL
A t!.S'IVKAI. mxiAi,
fkc Delicious Little Devil
Mur Imc m Trial
CyfaJL a Uujw."
SAN ANTONIO. Texas, June J7
i.apiain j. p. Yancey. Cav F. 8.
A. went on (rial befnro a mllilar
courtmartlal al Fort Ram Houston
June II on charges In ronnecllnn
wlih llio klllng of fuur Mejiconi
wnoin im Had taken as prisoners.
Tha trial of Cantain Yann.v i. . P
suit of tho punltlvo expedition Into
mexico lati August mien as a major
Capiain Yancey led troops of the
rum ami r.igtiiti cavalry regiments
across llm border in nnrmilt nf
jesns iienieria, bandit chief, who
had captured and held for ransom
Second Lieutenant l II. Davis and
Second Lieutenant- II. 0, I'elerson,
both of tho air service.
Witnesses for the liriwrpilllnn iiv.
amincd June 15 Included Captain
Leonard F. MnltlnrL- ami f!n,iii
J. A. Caldwell, both of the Eighth
uivairy, inm numbr rtf nommin
iniNsiune.1 oirtrcrs.
It IS charged thu four tirlaiiiim
wero turned over ( four clvlllnns
snmi) of Hirni Siild In lie Ten
rangers, by (Villain Yanrev. anil
that the Mexicans were shot to
death by the civilians. ThW captain
is also charged with innklinr fnlu-
reports to nis superior officers
24ft fefafttiy lid CM
Ti nay at El Paso
Friday. Hattirdnv and Knmlnv ,,l
llio Orafldo I'nrk. Ft I'mui ,iuipii-i
baseball fans will w lilies dm fBst
2llh infantry ri'dnwulnl hn.ni.-iii
tram in action ngalnul on oll-slar
uitinri team ror premier honors o
this section.
Led by Llenlennnt VI,ll,. n
Sills Infanlry leant r-it urm-il i v
Paso Tuesday from Fort Sam Hons-
ion. wnrre it coniesled ror I he su
premacy of the Sonthcni D,-narl
Intnl. It lost but one game, this be
illff to the lUlh nnvnlrvnili lnf..,.lr.
combination, which Won the title of
mo ucparimeni, Tho Silh Infantry
team aliowm! nni.Ti-li i,iin,,n
strength during tho tournament' and
wero nosea out ror departmental
Honors oniy uy a slight margin.
Lieutenant W. II. "lull" irr.nt.
lough, district baseball officer, has
been busily ougaged for the past few
days In hn work of orgunliing the
El Paso district team lo oppose- the
visitors. IL is nrolialiln I ml i
same strong llneun whleh lati Rilnr.
day aflemoon defeatnl llm Tumi
wuppiy team will raco the Silh In-
lanirymen. rue series will continue
Ihrouch llm llinn il.iv nml n.. ,n..
Irlcl chainplonsliip will be awarded
to win winning team.
Oeneral fliialanln win, tMrin r,l.
eral Iroops was to leave Mexico City
Friday for tha north to Mn rfonorni
Joarjuln Ahiaro, accordliig to news
received in, Jirnrex Wilnosday. In
addition a mixed brigade In com
nillllil Of nimernln MnmiAl M.li,.
eylt and Alejandro Jlueda Quilano
Will h sent lo join (leneral Ainarn.
Finir aerontanes. under iTi rinn
of Caplnin Carlos BantBtta, will also
im arm to am in ma campaign from
llio school of aviation In Mntin
City. i
An FiujIlKh novelty Is a shopping
basket mounted on two'vUocia. I
Many innulrien lnvn iu.- ,n,u
"i uie uai y imrivi. 1. .i i.., n...
Valley Oil Cnmtm'nv un- i
lo drill for oil In iitt present location
nno wiuin me story Is old news lo
Mir pioneers thero aw mnV
comers who aro curious.
I his miicli inootrd iinpstioii was
I'sndled from one jterson lo another
Until the renorler rinnllv l,.i.i
the log of Columhus' first nil well.
mo log is in possi'Mlon of u ,
Carl and the facts as set forth prove
(list Ihrre was and Is oil at or nar
inn present location of the Valley
oil well.
Some years ago J. a Anderxon.
now deceased, a homesteader, want
ed a water well on his place and
proceeded lo drill one. 'rim iin r
his well Is 110 feet from tho p'rnsent
auey well.
Al n depth of 45 fL llm iriur
encountered salt water and al 3oo
reel letter waU-r was found hut not
enough for Irrigation purpose ami
was tiecldcd lOfkejtp.nn drilling,
Al 505 Ml Ihe driller enmiinli.p.l
roek shale and t feel rartln-r down
oapitono and blue elay wero en-
countered, and at Mi; limy rt, ii
Mini- son eiay and black mind.
And al (hi daplh OIL WAS DIR.
n lo-Kniinn mm rnm ....
rilleil with ml taken from lids w.
Ihe Well win not ilrillpil ulralsl.l
and Ihe hole wai nliimnl.
The aiirroundlng lamls had not
been proved up at this time and Ihe
more or less mystery ax In wliw ihu
particular hole was mil drilled
rnrtber or "flint" for nil may be nx
Plained for Ihe forrcxlnir r..n.-
Thin plugged' well l ntlll Ihrre
ami mo raets ns herein ileaeribed
are vouched' for.
When Ihe present hole wo ilrlll,.,!
III" niaiiogeinent evidently expected
to find shallow nil nt V.'IT tri
Ihe driller reached Ihls lee and
nf-..-., 1, Aviuiuiu n snowing 01 nn.
Why ran not (be nrininii u-n 1.,
cieaneii out and "xhof? Th
pense would be trifling.
Wimmt Found Wounded:
Refuses All Explanations
Illy Assfieialed Prew
CIUCAliO. June 17. 1: li Kn.ir.,
Iiresldcjil of a rnninipreisl hmknr
ago firm. Is In a lnwnilnl Iml :iv u'illi
two bullet wouniN in liw breni and
serious roiiililinn. n0 wan
wounded Monday, a uiinlmr of hi
family finding him lying in tt txilh
room When llinv ivlnrnnl 1
kriniy wouldn t eninnwut 011 how llio
uruKcr was wounueil. ,o retnirl wns
madii to the police. EiuIru Is on
ears and iciniU-d In bo u mlllmn
I'ICSUUEIIIA TO ASIf l-llli iikvi
i.uihiis to Pathol iionont
A force of l(Hl fiseol mmi-.l 1,1
tile ft(ali) of Clilliiinlinn In
Ihe tKinlcr In ordi-r In nrevmil llm
smuggling of contraband goods from
.Mexico 10 urn United Stales and
from the United Slaliu in M..i
will lie recommended lo Ihe Mexican
government by llnberlo V. Pesqno-
ira. meal agent, with liendmiartera
id El I'aso. who left uv.ln.irtv
nigni inr Mexico city.
I Inlend to unto the Mlnhluh
niflit of a fnrre nf fU,-r,l mini, nr
nl least a thoiisaud men similar to
III" Torre nt riscal ciinnln In Ha.
nora.? Pcsmiclra aaiil iwfnrA Unvin,.
inerc aro boo in llio slate of So
norabauit 1 think thai n ihn..t,n,i
will bo needed aloni; llm lmnl i
I'lKOtlcIrn will nl,i iin II,.
gauon nj inn vise tax on pass
ports, Another nloasuro Im will urge
Is th raising of salaries of con
sular employes at least 100 per cent
and ' llm elimination nr mtlrli roil
tape In the transaction of consular
to arr vhaa iw v
A form nf GOO snldient has Wn
sent by Oeiieral Joaquin Auiaro
from Banla ftosalla lo prevent Villa
from obtaining smumtled nnnOnni.
lion at Palomas. accnriling to infor
mation received at Jitaret VvVdnes,
day. Villa is mm ii,.tiov,.,i 1,. i,.
east of Ihe Miixlcan Cfiiirai rniimn.i
but no nulhenllo new or his where.
anniiia was recejvwl al Juarn lit a
lato hour Wednesday.
lllv Aiu.nln.l lt.i
WASH INI IIt)N. June I7 i..0i,..
vtnrreti u. Hard no nf Olim IkIj.
fotmally ann.utnred lil
iteptibllcan presidential candidate
mum not bo a one-inan affair; thai
Id and advice of every republican
Mder would lie aouclil. Il ili..i
llll lo be bis nollrv nnl inilv',i.,nn..
the eampaigii bill lalrK .aIhhiM im
1h eleeted presldenL
I Will seo every llrnuhllean. nil
HetHibllcans hmk alike L me," bo
'ail. Asked if he bad iun Ji,-
Johnson of Callfonila, Senator llatil-
ing said;
"I hope (o see all mv rnllnni,,,.
Our relations always have been very
Trtaswir CwrMtMs $1
Aa Opf fr Slw
lily Ansocluled Press.1
NEW VOItK. June 17. -An a r,-.nll
of arrajiKeuicnli nmitn hv h iv...
ury l)etartment lo purcbaso silver
irom iioiuentie proiliiccrs under tho
lerim nf llm IHll,i, n.i .... n.
bails of a ftollar an ounce, dealers
in mat metal chamred Ihelr fnnn
quotation lo the differential lielween
I lie I'nl ed Stales ami r,ir,.in i,,,i,i
Doineslir sliver is nuoled al 00U
cenls an ounce with forelmi at IKl
renin llm latter mnilallim Imim
lasetl on Ihe l)ndor equivalent
Afttr Ciai PrtMnrsj
Att &n. Pataur Stiffs
Illy Associaleil Press.)
WASHINGTON. June 17 V .Iriv.,
on Ihe profiteers in bituminous coal
was today ordered bv Allrm.-v nn.
einl V. Mitchell palmer.
All federal distrlt'l atlonieva w..m
ordered to give sueclal atlrnllnn in
charges or such profiteering and to
seek indictment t wero Investigation
I'eril Is raUInc inmir mnn nn niArn
than 100.000 acres or land, the ell
mate Itcrinlltlnir cann In 11a nm.
duced and cut tho year around.
Two coal rftmiinnii-ii urn iw
eraling close to Indlnn HiIck n,.nn
Larriiuzo, N. M.
fWr 11 BE HUE ON
FUENCII LICK, Ind, Juno 17. -Tho
opening nf (lie Democratic na
tional convention at Han Francisco
will witness an anll-Wllson aUack
wlih the nbject of ellmlnalfiut lh
president from party cntnciln, c,
cording lo Judications glvnl al llm
Democratic run former, wi.it.
dcr way here.
W. O. MCAlloO Will l. llm i,.nlnH
of the attack, since tho aiiti-WlUnn.
ftcs am determined in .if.i n.
presidential aiptralion of PrtuMenl
wimons son in-law and noinmale a
candldaln aim ! ihuu,i i.. ii..
Governor Jame M tint nf in .,
at pfesenl Ilia iirnnimi nr
enlranls, while Governor SmiUi of
New York and llerlwi-i n,v.,.. ...
mcntloneil as posslliililles.
There also will tie an attack uinm
William J. Ilrvnil Ihennl, .
sonal liberty" plank which pwbiibly
Will find exiireMion in nnHv -,..
miltnenl to state's rights in pndilbi.
uii iiiiorcemcnt and som abroga.
lion of Ihe Vnlil fill! tnfnrfnnnnt tat
to pmnlt eonmimnllnn nt lii.i
wines and beer.
The conference hem .
oped that there is nlmnu- rnne,..i...i
opposition lo any plan for on ten
declaration on the league nf nnl ions
and a move will be madn in iwi.r,,
agalnul Prosldenl Wilwin. inmm
and underwriln the leasue. with
reaemitlons. if (he first plan Is defeated.
Opposition In rtrvan u.1,11, ..HI
bring the prohlblton question to ftio
fore al the cnnvenllnn mill i,. i.i
by delegations from New Jersey,
Pennsylvania and llhodo Island. At
Ihn prencnl lime MissUslmil. Umiai.
ana, Florida and Alabama have
adopled an '''on the rene" niiihu
and tho wesl gives Indication of ste.
veloplng the chief prnhiMOm
slreiiglh. It was said thai Taw.
many will play an Important rolo
In the fight against prohibition,
Sufflolenl-slrcrth opposed to ho
league of nations will bo developfvl
al the convenllon. il una M in
niako necessary a compromise by
adinlnlstratlon represenlatives, and
Mils Is counted od In ellminaln Me.
A i loo. Senator llifrlmnrk nf Vl,eai.
ka, spokesman for Prenident WiNon.
will come In for a share or this at
lack along with MeAdoo.
Complications in alignment will
result through the cotnplxiU of
Ihne rights, It is foreseen, iln
Wilson men are expected o jm
wlh Ihe Independent Democratn Ii
tl.e nnll.Hrj-an fight, while Ilryan is
expected to ronporalo will- the ind-.
;'"ndents In Hi- ranpiU'i anoint
I- l A. S. W. WILL NOT
Garnell King, general pasoeugrr
agent for tha El Paso and Rnulh.
wentern, announcett' Wednesday that
It Will 1)0 Ihn nnll.-l- ,r Ihnl mm.
pany not to Issue reduced rales on
noiiuays, owing lo tho extremely
heavy travel and lack nf eniilmneni
Hits was the rule while Ihe rail,
roads wero under federal routrol,
and wilt be continued for the
Hll I lHI H 11 H M H HeH
Tiger Girl !
LiUian GisH
wirwnimmiiiitiiitiTiiiiiniiiijiii iiininiswsmwMM

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