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THE coLUMntlfl DAILY CAt'fttfcft. cdLt'MntlS, N;KV touted
Published every evening except
Kllgoro & Hurkhead..Publlihers
WlUoa Kllgore i Editor
tittered at second-class matter at
I ho postolflcc at Columbus, N. M
Member of THe. Aasochrtcsl tres
The Associated Press b exclusive
ly entitled lo the uie (or publica
lion of alt newt dispatches credited
to it or not otherwise credited in
till paper and alio (lie local new
published herein.
SI) 1180.1111110 HATK3.
Per single copy . .03
Unv week . JO
Jul) tiiontll ...... ."0
Three months 2.00
Hix months 3X0
One yrar ifoo
One Insertion, iter inch 30c
Six Insertion, per Inch T6o
Classified ad and reading notices,
10 cent per lino; by the month,
8 cents.
Vol 2 Weekly Omrlrr. No. 27,
Saturday, 4ur III, liKSO
For the good of Columbus, as
well as to show that The. Dally
Courier Is alive tii tho situation,
the following resolution was acted
uiHin unan mously by the twelve
delegate from New Mexico (j the
Democratic national convention nl
San Francisco at the request of
I. I.. Ilurkhead or The Dally
"Whereas, On account of the
Mexican trouble, the port of entry
at Columbus. .New Mexico, lias been
virtually abandoned for several
year, thereby making: It necessary
lor people wishing In pass from
Columbus, N. M, to Paloma takes
and other polnl In Mexico to go
' lo Kl Paso, Texas, to secure (
porls, causing mnecesary expense
ami delay: and
"Whereas, On this Recount traffic
which should come In New Mexico,
and to Columbus and Doming in
particular. Is ltelng diverted from
the stale or New Mexico ami I In1
towns of Columbus and Denting,
business which by virtue of our
proximity to the agricultural and
mining Industries in Mexico Is Irlli-
ulary to New Mexico (owns; now
therefore be It
"Hi-solved. That we respectfully
rrmiel our senators and represent
alive to take fiiclt steps as. they
may deem best lo remedy llic con
dlllon and cause the opening of
Columbus as a port of rnlry lie-
I ween New Mexico anil .Mexico,
other Iwrdrr towns In tho stales
of Texas and Aritona.
"Ilespertfully submitted,
"W. II. IJANNKTT. Chairman.
-MIIS. W. K. KIIIIIY. Secretary"
As this movement for an oh-iii
IMtrl of entry Is nonpartisan. copej
of this resolution and others have
been forwarded to Senator Fall and
tiovernor tarrainlo.
t'mletl States Senator Joe and
JiHiell Shouse. flrsl altanl seere
lary of Hie United States treasury,
have lieen Interviewed personally
by Mr. Ilurkhead, and both have
assured him they personally would
take tho matter up wllh the
proper official as soon a possible
In the opinion of The Daily
Courier, everything possible is be
Ing don tn expedite the long rher
Ished desire of the citizen of O
Inmbus. and Demlng as well, and
from present appearance it is only
B question of detail and nil lope
.Major French, temporarily in
command at CamjKjfurlong, b
Sieve It would boiMFplcndld idea
lo have a weInCmltlary band
concert in ColiimViusl;. In the old
das ft war IliS Sislonv but in
ULfiSJPan lJK?iwccled to. and
life" ume'honored custom was abol
ished because of the objections of
local paid organizations entering
into competition with "free music
olumbus boasls many music lovers
hut not even the matin's nf a band,
and as a result. Major French told
a reporter for The Dally Courier
that If It were possible, he would
mhiiI I he request of many citizen.
Meanwhile the bandstand remains
inllici awaiting the Major's decision.
IWore a merchant puts on the
counter a valuable article nf mer
chandise from which he expects a
substantial money return, he tikes
steps to sec that It U properly in
troduced. Advertising tn The Co
lumbus Daily Courier is the mosl
effective form of Introduction .in
business. The best evidence that
Ibis is true Is the tremendous In
fluence that advertising exert In
modern affairs untiliitovx It ha
become one of (he fine art.
May wo suggesl'Hhe- two great
national political parlies showed
extreme good tasto ofd not a little
common sense In nominating news
paper men for tho highest office
III the land.
From now on In Columbus Iho
street corner gossip will bo on the
prouablo movement of (roojw.
Fein's Forced lo Hcduce SlocV Sato'
.AlarU MomlAT, July 12.
Atty Sim. Nmt
Illy AssoclateJ press.
ST. LOUIS, Mo, July 10. Tho re
peal of the appropriation granted by
tho last Congress to the Department
of Justice to fight the high cost of
thing wilt bo demanded by Senator
Kenyon on the ground It was used
primarily lo boost Attorney (leiieral
Palmer for the Democratic presi
dential nomination, Senator Kenyon
announced today.
Kenyon. who Is chairman of I lie
Seixite committee Investigating pre.
convention presidential campaign ex
penditures, whlrh is holding sessions
here, said he was convinced "llllln
nf this appropriation wns used to
ngiu t lie iiign rou or living.
Ily Associated Prcs.l
WASHINGTON. P. 1U July 10.
Tlie susiienslon of work In many
f lite large "teel plants, throwing
ihoifsaiid of w'orkmen out of employ
ment. Is threatened because of tlin
freight car shortage, the Interstate
Comnv'rce Commission today was In
formed by J. F. Townsend, repre
senting more than a score of steel
manufacturers In I'ennsylvanla and
Want Inrrcavrd l-lvlnhl Hates.
Illy Associated Press.1
MONTHKAL, I'. 0. Canada, July
10. The Canadian Hallway Associa
tion, representing all railway lines
In the Dominion or Canada, lias ap
plied tn the Canadian Hallway Com
mission for a 30 per cent Increase In
freight rates. It was reported here
Harry Van Meter plays the dual
role of Toier and Majalah. the
mystic. In the Metro production of
"The Cheater, from Jndah. the
drama by Henry' Arthur Jones In
which May Alllsan is the star, at
the Onyx theater tonight. Toier Is
a rleer fakir who poses an
Hindu healer and thus fleeces the
rich of their money.
Harry Van Meter has lieen In
mullon pictures for six years. He
has supiiortcd many of fllmdom's
famous stars as well as appearing
in all (tar productions. Ilnfore en
tering motion pictures Van .Meier
had a successful stage career, starl
ing wllh tho Denver 'Slock Cum
pany. He was a memlier of the
Atrazar Theater Stock Company In
San rranelseo for three years
When the Auditorium theater In
I .os Angeles was opened he played
wllh lllchard Ferris and Florence
Slime In "The Holy City." "The
Ureal Iluby' and other popular
plays. He made Ills ilepul
llrotidway. New York. Ill "The pick.
pockets." Van Meier supred surli
stave stars as lllaurhe Hates. In-nry
Kidker and Orrin Johnson.
Krected hj Tom MOIa.
Two Eelernal Triangle That Cupid
Finally Squared.
A Human, Alworhlno Drama of
Domestic KiiUiiolemrnls.
of tht
10011111111111 fnmi I'rldiiy.)
Iho Tariff, t .
We reaffirm the tradlllonnl pol
icy of tlin Democratic- party in
Ioor of A lartrf lor revenue only
and ronflrm tin- policy of tyudug
iiiriff reiltiu upon lln- Intelligent
lescarch of n nonpartisan coliinps
sloit. rather thiin lipon the demands
of selfish lilltresls, tiniKirailly
held In ulH-yanco.
In the Interest nf economy 'and
good admhiHlratlon we favor Hie
creation of an infective budget
tysiem iimi win runeiion in accord
wllh tho- principles of the const).
lution. The reform should rrarh
both the executive nlid leglslathe
asects of I lie question. The sillier.
vision nun preparation or the Mid
gel should be vested in the secre
lary of the treasury us the repre
sentative of the president The
budget, ns such, should not he In
creased by Hie Congress except by
n lwo-!lilnls vote, each house, how
ever-, bship free lo exercise lis
constitutional privilege of making
appropriation through Independent
bill. The appropriation hill should
be consldsred Iiy slimle commillecs
of the House and Senate. Tho audit
system should he consolidated mid
Its powers expanded so as to pnss
upon the wisdom of. as well as Iho
authority for. expenditure
A budget hill was passed In the
closing days of Hie second nevslmi
of the lxlyslxlh (iungross: which.
Invalidated by plain constitutional
defect and' defaced by ronsidem
Hon of wl milage. Hie President
whs obliged to veto. The Hie
amended the bill lo meet I he cxee-
ulic objection. We condemn
Itrpuhllran Senate for ndjouriilnc,
without jKiMlng the aiuemled mens-
ure. when by il"votlng an hour or
I wo morn to Ibis urgent puHte
business n budget system onlild
have lieen provided. i
Semite Hides.
We fovor such nlleratlon (if tliel
rule of jiroeedure of the Senate i
of the I'ulteil Stales a will permil
Hie prompt Iransnrllnii of tht) nn-j
Hon' legislative business.
Alirlriilliirul lulrresl.
To the grenl agricultural ltiler-j
esl of Hie country the Democratic
parly does nH find II tieeessary to!
make promiso. It u I ready is rielil
In lis ret-onl of llilnf netually ar-
eompllsheil. For nearly half n ii-n-i
luary of llepnlillrnn rule nol n sen
tenee was willlen lulo Ho' federal
slatule affenllug one dollar ofi
hank rretllls to the farming idler 1
esls of Amerieo. The firl tsrm
of this Democratic administration
the national Imnk acl was so til
lered as to authorise loans of five
years' maturity on Improved farm
lands, loiter was oghthllshed a sys
tem of farm loan I tanks, from
which Hie Ntrrtiwiiigs already ex
reeif KMNUXK1.WKJ(1. and under which
the Interest ml lo, farmers has
lieen so nialerially reliK(i1 as lo
drive oul of business the farm tnnn
shark which formerly suluIsM by
exinriion uihhi the griat agrioul
lurol InterMls nf the country.
Thus it was a Demoeratie Con
gri'M in the admiiiisl ration of a
Demoeralic prtldent which enabled
'he farmer of Ainertra for the first
tune lo obtain credit upon reason
ulile.lerms and insured their iipixir
liinily for the future develoitnent
of Hie nation' agrirnllurul rt
sources. 'Iliil up In supreme eourl
pniceeihngs, in n suit by hostile
interests, the federal form loon sn
teni, originally oiposed by the Hv
publiruu eandidale for Hie presi
dency, appealed in vain to a He
publican Congress for adequate
financial nsslslunce to tide over the
interim belwei-u the beginning unit
the ending of tho eurrenl year,
iiwaillng n final derUlon of (he
highest eourl on the nllilHy of lliu
f iititnl acl. We pledge pninipt
and eonstant supHirt of wnuid and
efferllve ineinures In suslain. am
plify and perfect Hie rpnil eredii
statute, and tints In obeckjuul re
iluco the growth and rnurse nf
farm tenancy.
Not only did the Democratic
parly put into effect a great fatm
loan system of loud mortgage banks
but It passed the Smith-Leler agri
cultural extension ael, carrying In
every farmer In every sec-lion of
Hie country, through the medium
of trained exH'rls and by demon
stration farms, the practleal knowl
edge acquired by Hie federal agri
cultural department In all things'
relating to agriculture, noriicuiliiro
and animal life; It established tho
bureau of markets, the bureau pf
farm management, anil passed the
cotton futures art. Hie grain grade
bill, the cooperative farm adminis
tration acl and Iho federal wnre
house act.
Tho Democrnile parly ha voslly
Improved the rural mill system and
ha built up tlin parcel p-jgl system
to inch an extent ns to render it
activities and II practical service
Indispensable In Hie farming com
munity. It was I hi s wise cucour-
Romaho Mining Co.
Tenney Williams & Co., Brokers
ageniimt anj this effective concern
of the Democratic party for Hie
farmer of I be fulled Slates that
enabled this great interest lo render
sili-h essential service In feeding
the armies of America and the
allied nations of the war and sue
coring starving populations since
armistice day.
Meanwhile, Hie Hepuhllcaii trad
ers at Washington liuvu felled ut
terly to proHiso one single, measure
to make rural lifo more tolerable.
They hnve sjgnaliied their flfleen
months of congressional power by
urging schemes which would strip
Hie farms nf labor Iiy assailing the
principles of Hie farm loan system
and seeking lo Impair its effl
elMicy; by covertly attempting to
dmroy Hie great nitrogen plant at
Muscle Shoals upon which Hie gov
ernment has expended 10 million
dollars to supply American farmer
wllh ferllllters at reaummble cost;
by ruthlessly crippling nearly every
branch of agricultural endeavor, lit
Hinlly rrippllug the produclivo me
diums through which Hie people
must ho fed.
We favor such legislation ns will
confirm to Hie primary producers
of Hie nation the right of collective
'liurgninlng and (he righl of coopera
tive handling and marketing of Hie
product of the workshop and the
farm, and such legislation as will
facilitate the nttortatinn of our
farm products.
We favor comprehensive studies
of farm production costs and the
tincensnred publication of the facts
found in such studies.
Labor and Industry
The Democratic parly I now, as
ever. Hie firm friend of honest
labor nnd the promoter of pro
gressive Industry. II established the
Department of I.ahor at Washing
Ion and n Democratic president
called to his official council board
the flrsl practical working man
who ever held n cabinet wirt folio.
Under this administration have
been established employment bu
reaus lo bring the man and the Job
together; have been peaceably de
termined many bilter disputes be
tween capital and labor: were
passed the child lalior ad. Hie
working man's eompensption art
(tho extrusion of which we advo
cate so as lo Include Inliorrr eu.
ifnged In loading nnd unloading
ships and In. Interstate rnmmerce',
tho clchl hour law. the act for vo
cational training ami' a rode of
other wholesomo laws affecting the
liberties nnd betlerlng the condition
of the 'sjifirlng classe. In Iho l)e
parlmml nf Labor Hie IVniocrallr
administration established a wom
an's bureau, which a Republican
Capitalization $400,000
Turson, Arts, July 8, HE0.
Columbus, N. M.:
Through our huslle and buslle In
making the change tu Los Angeles,.
I blejevo wo are nol giving you tlio
attention wo would like to. How.
t'Yii" you can understand what wn
arenip against.
. Mr. Williams has been over there
the past week, making arrange,
tnent at Hint end, and I surely
Inve my hand full here, I ex per I
to huo by auto Saturday night.
A oonaas I reach llicrn both
Kc. Williams and I will start rush
I' If the advertising In Callfnrnln for
Hi' llomaho thai Is. for Hie ready
purchase and delivery of the slock,
for you know wo already have
made preliminary headway In Ihal
If you are In immediate need of
money, you may draw mi us at
Tucson. However, next week no
doubt we will have the hall started
rolling lu the way thai will enable
)ou to proceed at the mine along
the lines you have been hoping for.
If ,Mr. Tenney has not acknowlv
edged lio nice orders and lb"
Check you sent us, permit me to
congratulate you. That show I be
spirit that we not only appreciate
hut fill us wllh a determination,
no matter what the obstacles may
.Iks. we will ge your mining prnpo).
linn arrns successfully. Wo Ihnnk
j 01.
Willi kind personal reganls, very
truly your.
Ily D. T. HIG0IN8.
Congress doslroyed by withholding
Labor I not n commodity; It i
human. Those who labor have
rigid and the conservation of the
strength of the workers and their
families in the Interest of a sound
hearted nnd sound headed men.
women and children. Laws regulat
ing hours of labor anil condition
under which lalior Is performed,
when passed In reciunlllun of tlc
conditlons under which life must
be lived lo otlahf I be highest dev.
opinenl and happiness, are Just as
sertions of the national interest lu
Hie wnlfaro of the people.
At Hie same llmo Hie mil Ion de
pends iiion the prodiirls of labor;
ii cessation of production tueiiiis
loss and, if long continued, disaster.
The wholo people, therefore, have
a right lo Insist that Justice shall
he done lo Ihost) who work, nnd
In turn thai thnie whose lalior cre
ates Hie necessIHe UKiif which the
life of Hie nation depends must rec
ognise Hie reciprocal obligation be
tween the worker and -tin slate,
Thoy should participate in Iho for
mulallon of sound laws and ivgtila
lions governing the rmidillon un
der which labor I performed,' rec
ognize and obey Hie law ho forum
laled, nnd seek thlr amendment
when necessary by the processes
ordinarily addressed to Iho laws
and regulations affecting Hie oilier
relation of life,
tabor, a well ns capital. Is enti
tled to adequate compensation.
Business Suits
Special Sales With 1 0 Per Cent Off
"Outflltrrs to llnr
Each has Hie indefeasible right of
organisation, ilf collcctlvo liargnln
Ing and nf speaking through repic.
senlallves of their own selection.
Neither rlass. however, should at
any time nor in any circumstance
take ncllon Ihal will put in Jeop
ard) Iho public welfare. Ilssort to
strike nnd lockouts which vmhii.
per the henllli or lives of tho po.
pie fs an unsatisfactory device for
determining disputes, and Hie Dem
ocratic parly pledges Itself to inn
I rive. If possible, and put Into of.
feellve operation a fair and nun
prehensHe method of composing
differences of this naliiro.
In private Individual disputes, wn
ure opposed to compulsory arbitra
tion a n method pl.uilblo lu tlin
ordinary hut n failure in fact. With
respeci to government service, wo
hold distinctly that Ihn rights of
the people are paramount tn tho
light lo strike. However, wo pro
fess scrupulous regard-fpr the con
dition of public cmptnyjheiit and
pledge Hie Democratic, parly lo In.
slant Inquiry Into Iho pay of gov
eminent einployos and equally to
speedy regulation designed tn lying
salarie lo a Just and proper level.
Part IV of Hie Democratic party
plat form, dealing with Woman's
Suffrage. Women In Industry, Dis
abled Soldiers, The llailroads, anil
Improved Highway, will appear lu
The Dally Courier of Monday.
Dally Courier, 75c x-r month.
Clark Hotel Kiithllna

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