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County cicrk, Mt1MSf!l
tfamlMr of The AsaoclaUd Proa
Onry Pty Ppcr to lm Co
IT 8 14
SAtf NUNCIHCO, July aj,-Slmf.
"HmESW' ,hrouh tn0 f l
Utft frraswlsco, ChWiiHowti llm
vtbte.iUml, a Olmww youth nnilred
n, tileco of, white. ibit flutter
Ihrmtfffc 'a circle of light from a
h-eel hmp and fall to tlio pave
meM, Mn ticked ll up anil rend It
nieusate, In Chinese characters:
"I'wi a alnve nlrt. 1 wish to gel
Kwvf frent my cftiel master. I
havo been kept n prisoner six years!
nn tha Tonrth floor of 1115 Hjockton
street. My namo hi Lot Mul. I was
brought hero from China when I
was a little Klrl. I have a friend
who If I can send word to the man
who passes In blue clothes: wllli a
lar they will help Inc. I until In
K) back In China. Please help mo."
Tha yoiHHc Chinese In whom tho
note had fatten happened In hn nn
American horn Chinese. He know
thai II was dangerous to Interfere
with the girl's captors anil In In
form llm K)lro might mean death
for him Mill his family.
tils heUrr Instincts guided him In
(ho MH .of Jtlec with the note.
Mb name wHl never hp known to
anyone put the pollre.
Police- Captain O'Miara. wltli fed
cral officials, and a representative of
a Chinese mission, raided the place
an hour after the lettrr was dropped
nut of tho window. They batlerbd
down three door and nn the fourth
floor found Lot Mm. ,
The tdrl I held in (tin elly prison
jvblla federal officer Investigate
her story- Sho may bu deported,
Bha said alia was aold as i slavo In
China when alio wni 12 yeart old
and brought to ihla country after
want. Detective tay sho was held
by the Hop Bins' Ionic, ono of the
strongest facUons of Chinatown.
Mft Ryan to Be
At M AacMSt 16
Honorable. Raymond H. Hyan.wlll
bo In DcmTnpon August 10 for (ho
purpose (f attending to any court
business thai may properly lie
brought before him.
Amiirenllv Jllitcn llvull due lint
need nor lakes llm usual summer
vacations. He believes In keeping
court calendars clean and up-to-dale.
flly Associated Press. I
ATllK.Nrt Julv ?lt--Ailrlnllnnlo
foil hi tlio Greeks tills evenliiK, It
has been ornolally announced. King
Alexander intend tu enter Adrlano
plo Monday, tho statement adds.
Luck of Gcraldine Laird"
Kver j Ihlng possible leading up to
the appointment of an Immigration
went al this port of rnlry 14 brinK
tried mil and followed tin by tho
Columbus Courier. Along tlds linn
a letter from United State Senator
Jones helps Inspire confidence mid
Justifies the assertion Mint It Is only
it matter nf a tdiorl period of tiina
befdrn the Iiooh of I he merchants
of Colmnlnli and Doming wilt bo
reamed aim irniiio lo and rrom
Mexico will In) unimpeded, follow
liiRis the letter from Senator
Kal Us Vegas N. M. July 22.
lion. I- I.. Iliirkhrfld. Publisher The
Dally Cnuiirr, Columbus, N. M.i
My dear Mr, HnrMirad -I nm In
receipt of your letter of tho Sfllh,
together with copy of resolutions of
the itclrgntos inim Mew Mexico to
tho nnlional IK'iiiocrnlle cunvenllon,
In reference In exports, Imports onii
passports nl Colmubits. I will ulndly
Iukii litis mailiT tin nl onrn Willi
tlie pmprr authorities lit Washing
ton and urge (lint the mailer IniM'
immediate rniisldernllon and KAV.
01LMII.K ACTION. Assuring you nf
my ilnsire lo le hi service lo your
pi-ople. nml with kindest porsonal
rt-ttards. 1 am, yours very truly.
A. A 40SKS. V. 8. 8.
- - o - -
If Bruk i Citr,
lly Associated Press,
ClltOAOO, July M. -Bcvero breaks
In tlio grain and provisions market
accompanied by disturbing financial
mid Industrial developments, espe
cially reports of riming dawn large
mntur enterprise on account of in-
ability to sell Its product. Optimls
He bank rcporti hIhjiiI r,n eondl
(ions had started the grain market
ilovL-nwanl, tnil llm Invwsl prices
cam. flttex ord haiLbeeii elreulalnl
of weakness In the stock fiiarket
nnd of industrial dlfrieulties. Prices
on tlio exrhango Ih'it fiittsheil al
tho lowest of (lie lny. with Peccm
ber com down to I-2H in some cncs
ns agninsl tlMK nt Hie elose on
Saturday. Kxlreme doellnes in wheat
amnitnletl lo H ei'iils a busliol, al
tSS for March. I'nrk fell ft B
Imrrrl. lanl mom than (Inn him
The Dally Courier ortlco has for
sale day ImhiLs. 150 pugus, for CO and
IV cenla car 1 1,
. tHy Associated iTess.
KAAU: 1'AttS, Texas, July Mi-
I'ranclscu Villa Is nt Habins and in
Iclcgraphld conference with I'rovb
sinnal I'rcsldcnl de: la Huerla al
Mexico Ctly lii arrnnge for Villa's
rurremler, aeconllnff lo ailvlccajhf m
Francisco Villa has eluded federal
columns sent In surround him, and
bcennllng (o laleel reports receded
in r.i rnso eattiruuy evening, was
testing his tnrres al Ijis Mestana's,
Afler his interview with Iwrenlcro
Ulias Torres!. Kl Pnn lire lulccL
Kunday near Sauellln. in which
Vllln Is eald to liavt lettlntively
agreed (n mi nrmUtlro, the bandit
rhlef lefl for Ijis Vnrns on the Itlo
(Vmrhos, which flows north nn- the
eosl side of Hie Mexican Central.
four Columns Khled.
Tuesday four rnlumns of Mexican
troops started from Jlmenrc Ortlt
uiiicuu fiiiiiou anil Ninia llosalla
with the intention of turtxiuttdin-ji
ami ri-tMiiing villa, but lie was able
lo elude the I roups and actually
l-aod south of Jlmenei.
Holds Up Two r'rrluliU.
Villu Is said to havn lield uti la-ii
freights soulli of Jimenex nn Hie
Mexican (Antral near Holland eta
Hon, arter tearing up n shorl keclUm
of track, but ho did nut tool the
trains, nrconllns lo reports, and
hurriedly lefl for tho northeast, for
ijis Meslanas.
Villa SeeMnu AmnitmlikMU
II Is pn-sumisl that Vila did pot
wish lo cross to tho wvst side of
the Mexican Central, as his old
haunts nlxiut 8nlevn nnd Pilar do
Conelins are iTporleil lo have beeii
overrun with federal rovnlry to
rrlltlv. Another view is thai Villa
is on another ammunition hunilng
xpiNlillnjittUi) exH-ct a fresh ip.
ply 'ofTirniiTtiniVs fnm.tlm Amerlenn
side, near Ojlnaga. Ho wns nl Us
Meslnttax n few wi-eks ago, before
his first Interview Willi Torres.
lite bnndil Is believed tu have
between 21X1 nnd 3W men with hint
nl present, Put It Is retried that
,ieotas Kernanuex is operating In
Unroiiilllliiiiul Kurn-nitrr Only.
The Mexican government will con
suler only Ihe unrondilioual sur
render of franclsco YHIa. according
lo n dispatch from Mexico City pub-
inntsi m uorrero oei ,nrie, ciiiimn
liua City newspapers, arriving In
juarei hatunlsy.
Tho sumo newspnner puhllshiil re
ports of ntt armistice ngreed upon
between Villa and Torres last Hun
day nt n conference near Haucllln
In which Villa agreed to suspend
hostilities starling Sunday night at
midnight. No aullioriiatlon of Ihe
reported armistice has been
eelved by Jiinrex military authori
Mount Heller Than VillnV.
(leneral Madrigal has been or.
ilcred to eooperato lit tho ramnalmi
aguinsl Villa under the onlers of
Umieral Joaipiin Amard. His troops
a i-o said lo he the tiesl Dial have
been added lo the .forces of (leneral
Amaru unite (lie ramnalir-alar leu,
Previous campaigns against Villa
have failed because of the lack of
seasoned ravalry. as Villa has lieen
noted for his earn In providing first
class tuoiinu for Ills men. The ef
forts of tho federal government re
renlly have been directed towards
puividing a large body of mobile
cavalry in ineei mis deficiency,
(leneral Madrigal nnd his regi
ment of horsemen will remain In
Jimenez for the present.
Ireland's Hem Mc
Illy Associated Press.)
LONDON, July roV-The. ttrltlsh
if'ovenimeul has no fnlrnlion of
wiljiilruwlnir the Idif fur Imnio rule
for Ireland, Premie? Movd (Jeorao
stales in the house uf comntutCr
- -i
Lifl Mnfl XM -
lly Associated Press,
LONDON. July M, Premier Word
Oeorge of (treat Ilrltalit will meet
with Premier Millernttd of Krnnro
at llonlogne, France. Ttiemlay In ills,
cuss tho llumlan prnposnl that Ihe
utiles hold a rolifereuee with tlio
Hussion soviet government.
. nor on mo v. w, xx oil wen
in tho Tularosa Imiln Is to be re
?yimeil m a short time. An ajree-
roeni lias iiecn resehed livtween Mr.
fu, who Is In the elly May, and
W. II. Duncan of Oklahoma, for the
eontlnuatlon of the work. Mr. Don.
fn and wife, who is a sister or Mrs.
(, A Martin, are at Hotel Ft. H-gte
while Mr. Duncan complete the
rontrecl. He will have. asoeated
wiin nint ins rather.
Mr Duncan and his father, (1 V.
Duncan, brought in (he first wells
i the Cement, Okla. field, lloth
have had oil well experience from
Pennsylvania down to Oklahoma and
knnwu Ihe oil game thoroughly.
HHIIrd hi Odtiintmx.
V II. Duncan has been for the
fill (wo tnonllis in rti.rue nf the
drilling operallons al iilumhus.
A, N. nut tliesn linve lieen cloneil
down. Hn was doing the drilling
Voirk for Knlffln A Whllver of Ch.
tngu, but, owing lo failure In secure
sufflclenl acreage to warrant Idem
In continuing the work, they slopHil
r.perallrtns and turned Itin well back
In Um Valley Oil Company al Cntum.
I'lil and that company has not re
sumed operations.
The Col well is now down (n a
depth uf ion feet and Is in the quick
sand. Mr. Duncan snys the rig at
the welt is one uf Ihe liesl In Ihe
country, and that he will te in post
lion In resume operations In a very
Miort lime. Kl Paso ltrrald.
About Our Heat Otlrens, Ton.
II did not lake Hill. Duncan long
to get placed afler he left Columbus
n couple of weeks ngo. Ho and- his
father nre now with Ihe famous
W. V. Cox outfit. Hill said before
tins lefl Columbus:
I have traveled some but never
lie fore bsve I heard ol nennle bnlil
hn nut desert land from oil exiilniln
llon. Hack 111 Otilo and Pennsylvania
where I come fnxsi: lamtowiiers
aland lit line to force iiiMin nil
ikl)lerTanit-iiay-lM-lm -ts
worth from lino to fxn per acre.
"frreipi-etlve of what Ihe ienple
tuny think of this or that man the
fact remains' thai In Mr. Whllver
)0it had n live nun here, wltli cash
In complete your well, nnd your lack
ol cooperation drove him In swallow
u $7000 loss, tiko the good sport that
he was, and then lie was on his way
where lie could get WWil acreage
instead of toon. 1 Ibiuk you folks
nround here will keep your acreage
and your valueless well for years lo
come, while other fields will hn de
veloped all around you. This don't
gn for everyone hut your cltirens
ran look al each oilier, and readily
see wno was lo tiltune.
Harry Whllver. who attempted lo
put ovur inn laleal Valley nil slunl
hi ronversntlon with Hie editor of
llie Courier, lamented Ihe fact Hint
he hail-or wns going lo null drilling
and gave inside reasons:
"For a number of years I have
ucled as. an ogent for a Chlcngo
millionaire nnd In that time I have
put over a number of profitable
deals. I have bought and sold farm
and inlno pmimsillon Involving
iiiousaiuis or dollars, l or instance.
Ihe last ileal was an ,0,000 proposi
tion. "This Chicago millionaire, whose
naiiio is (iross ny the way, has faith
in mo ami my Investments for him
and he should have, liecause up until
now J have never had a failure.
"I met C K, Kniffin and he placed
llils Valley oil proiiosilloii before me
in such a favorable light that I de
rided to "cul Itr wild him. Mr
Muffin during imr first eonversa.
Hon candidly slated thai Ihe only
i mug in i no way would no acreage.
I intended to first rompteln tho Val
ley well nnd whether It proved n
bloomer or not I then Intended lo
drill somewhere north of tho tracks.
"Know Your Proplo Belter Now."
"Notwithstanding my first Intro
duction In your proplo and hearing
what your knowing cllliens told me.
I was confident that they would
comes neross wllh sufflclenl lenses.
My Judgment was bad, Kniffln's wns
right. I confess now I should have
went at it In a different manner.
The rablo and coal should never
have been delivered In the well rite.
Hut. as I have jusl told you, I have
never made a failure before nnd I
didn't know Hint (hem was n land
owner tu all Luna county craiy
i tumuli NOT to help mo and HIM
fiK.f.F." Mr. Whllver was asked why ufler
he had been hooked for Ihe Jon
already peul he did not go ahead
anjwuy Willi (lie torn) ncrengo as
signed lo him and drill. His expla
nation was simple.
"Mr. dross, the Chicago man, after
I had advised him of Kio Columbus
ileal, lulemled making n (rip hero tv
.Continued on Pogu t, Coumu 0-J
Sunday morning tho employes of
tho First .National Hank of Kt' Pn)
arrived at Denting al It o'clock and
were met at tho depot by four au
tomobiles from Columbus in charge
of J. J. Clark, Louis Hrllbcrr. Harry
Kelly and Jack llreen and brflWulil
to Columbus. They were fmflfedi
olely taken lo the Hlnr reslounint
ps guests of Mayor Illolr for dlnftrf.
Tlin parly w-as rnnuinsed of IwSve
genllemett and five ladies. Immedi
ately after the dinner the parly w
shown lio sig.hLs or Columbus nnd
tlio army tamp and then were mo
tored lo tho nviatlou field where
I hey played tho local aggregation" of
nnsciiall players to a standstill, wllh
a final scorn of 8 to t,
Tho ladle and gentlemen were
Mien a bully bunch that Hie Coluin-
tms !asiiall crowd did not have Ihe
heart lo dereal them and especially
as five of the players had their
wives along.
Captain MrKrmy felt chagrined
that llicm was not a larger attend.
aucn as Ihe game was a good rate
from player' point of view. The
boy hero iiald (ho visitors'
lienscs. ntmut tCft. and the banker
were so well pleased with (heir
treatment and entertainment thai an
Invitation wns extended Tor a return
game In Kl Paso at some future
Inn MfSilC, MM! IT!
if A. F. Ktrr, KM
A telegram was received by W. (1
Franklin, rnshier of the First Na
llonal Hank nf Odiimbus, Oils morn
ing that J. W. (Illlesple, a tirolhor-
Inlaw of Alfred F. Kerr, nrinclnal
owner and director nf tlio bank In
Columbus, had been shot and it Is
alleged Insianlly killed by his for
mer xricinv-r. i.Miireli, a rancher of
l lie trona district.
Tlin shooting look nlacn In fmnl
nf the olofftce nl Oirona Saturday
morning, i.uitreti wns al once arrest
ed and held im-ikIIiic an liivesiL-aliim.
While tho informal ion wns menger
It has slnre lMen learned that the
Iwo men had lieen In earnest eon-
versallnu when all at once Luttretl
reached for bis bin pockcl and drew
forth a revolver, tlin gun wns fired.
whether accidentally or not will be
determined by the Investigation, and
Mr. Olllcsplc dropped to the side-
uaiii and expired almost Initnnlly
J. W. (iillespie was well known in
Columbus, While i never lived
here, in year nasi ho done consid
ernble trading In cnltlo hero and in
Mexico and al nno lime was can.
lured and held by Mexican bandits!
in Mexlcn ror a $5ftX) ransom and
Mr. Kerr camo to Columbus rrom
Kl Pasw with the ransom money, but
through lh circumvention of T. A.
Ilulsey the Mexicans were forced (u
set Mr. (llllesplu free.
The Imdy wns taken to Kl Pasi
Sunday for burial. The funeral ser
vices will lake place In the Kver
green cemetery.
(Hy Associated PrOSS.l
TLItllh HAtnU July "0.- Imll
nna coal field was iwelially parol
yxeit by an alleged "unaulhorlied
A 5-Act Comedy Gem
"CHi, take it easy why ruh!"
Have you evciiaW this?
See what pttilotopSy (ed to.,
IllllMINOIIAM, Ala, July SI. -
(Tangible xlcws In the New York-
Detrull (runk nninler mystery wero
furnlshei hero when Allen A. Ta
turn, lllrmlnghani linotype operator,
went lo detective this evening and
said ho believed tho slain woman
wax Katberine Jackson, a HlarVs
Mlle, Miss, girl whom he met in
Dhwimrtrtiu. Tutum went to the
police afler ho learned tliol hU
unnie bad lieen found nn the. trunk
containing (be body and told tho
Morv of his friendship with Inn girl.
He la beintf detained.
Met Her I a rrlc
Tutum told Ihe ollco the la tlmo
he saw Kalherliio Jackson wns In
Detroit, on June 4 or 0. Hn stated
thai on thai date he met her in a
park ami aaw her board a street ear
fnr her home. HA ilenles-lll com
plicity wllh tho murder In Detroit,
but declares his belief that Kalli
erinn Jnckson was slain by a jealous
man. He say thai Ihe woman bad
(old him she was married In a man
whom Im knew by the mime of I.e
roy. Tatum believe that in a fit of
Jealousy the man slew (hn woman
and that, having' obtained poWssiott
of some of Tatuma Idlers, put his
name, on Ihe (runk in an effort tu
ihrow suspicion upon hi in,
Vl4trd Her lu Detroit.
Tatum says he was Introduced to
hatherine Jackson In lllrmlnghnm
In June. tUltf. hut dial moid lis later
she lefl for Nashville, where alio
went under tho name of Kotlierino
Dixon. Ho states thai he corre
sponded wllh her In Nashville ami
also after she went to- Detroit two
months later. Sho wrote to him
from Detroit, ho sys, asking him to
send her money. Me states that tin
sent the money to her. but thai Im
did not hear from her again until
April, when-ahe asked Idpi'ln romo
tu Octroi!. Hn went In the Michigan
city In May. he says, and not know
ftw 'her-fMrrW-xfor"neT" lit nh
eral delivery.
Xctilrrlril Him.
Uter. he states, she called al (Im
Park holcl, where ho was alaylng.
Ho declares that she did all the tele
phoning and maklug nf appoint- '
ments while he was In Detroit Ho
says thai he did not ttituk any tlilnpr
nf not seeing her from June 5 until
he lefl Detroit two weeks later lie
cause uHn other occasions sho had
failed in call htm for periods of as
much as a week.
o- - -
Puce CMfirMGf dr
RNSsiMS mm! Plies
(Hy Associattyl Press.
LONlX)N, July W.-.V iM-aco rim.
fcrenrn between tlio llussians and
Poles will bo begun al Haranovitchl,
eiglity-fivo miles soulhwct of tjio
elly of Minsk, nn July .'to, and an
armistice will sturl the eaum day,
Ihe Associated Press learned today.
Premier Lloyd Oeorgo'n boundary
line will hold In tho north and tho
actual military line In. (ho.. south on
July 00 will be obscrvi-tUnr '1
Strike" of ilnv lalmeer ami driver
following similar action in Illinois
Held. II Is said lliat firiy mines
near Terre Haute are idle.

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