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' ' Yesterday evening, pursuant it n
call Itsiied to Iho Detnoerats of
iEuna county by Judge C. 0. lingers,
"yjunly chairman, Democrat Im
bued t with the iilra of materi
prorV In national attain a weN
as Hale and county assembled Ju
Uio auditorium of the rourt houso
nt'IVmlng at B o'clock.
In all, three-score? people anil innro
alU'iided thl confore.nco of Uio
nominee and their adherents to
arrange for the precinct and county
.convention to clrc't'didegalos lo the
fclale' convention and August 7 was
'decided upon ni the date,
-Other matters relating In the de.
dalls of the approaching rampalim
Jwero decided upon and enthusiasm
jwa illrrod Id. (he utmost hy short
'addresses hy the fallliful.
CntnmUtre mi Publicity,
A committee on publicity va ap
(minted by the chairman, consisting
of Dlilricl Attorney Vnught, ('.. P.
Smllh and Wilton Kilgoro which lo-
"Si'lfr Tk'Kh l?"' candidate for the
.various office will meet In (ho nrnr
fjilure la Columbus.
Diilrlct Attorney Vauahl Tlcllv-
rred tlio keynoter of the evening
when In a "we want no halfway
Democrat" peroration ho tinted
Micro were alleged Democrat in
Dcming who had contributed In I be
republican campaign fund and thai
Jhcfe individual should be rm
.pelted to mako A aland nnd deliver
nnn mus ne piaccu wncre iney no
long. Ill audience wax heartily in
accord with htm ir appiauio ov.
For the Good of the Ticket,
Jame L. Orcenwood. Democratic
randldatn for the legislature, staled
that he would cover Ihn county and
'rampalgn for Iho good Of the ticket
.'nnd Democracy whrlhep ho had an
inpponcnt or not. Oilier remark by
Mr.. Greenwood pertinent lo. tho It
alic or Hie evening wero -well rij.
raCtf llaeWVnuiMff7ff("h'aIor.,IH. rmrfgerf'VVfili emh?lfig
a a spellbinder a referred lo hy
tlornpy Vaughl was refntt In i
'brfef address by Iho former In which
he weighed well his Idea of a ennv
palgn successful and ho gave ful-
some praise and WHIce lo (he liomi
CtO fret of 2 Inch anlvimlrcd l'le hi omh condition, IHo
per foal, (icxxl Door and Windows nt half price. Alw weronil
hand Lumber ot a very, low prlre. One oxmI wcond hand
llalhtub. Kirrythhio In Furniture and u amnll wMirtmrnl of
HaniRH. Just arrived, a few miKcm of Heed Fiirultiirr, hrand
"WF.'Hl'Y AM) mu. FA'F.HYTlllNfi'
Hat.) iijnryHr rr , r. &r,
m af liaiaIIA WiiHiajipaix
SnaKi-? Jm
M-lt Paya to Adverbse
tef M
swhtet ot Hmm
0. W. I'owcr provoked tucN
aHTtmenl In a well polerf are
in which he resales! l fWMM
hi prevlou etmrm aiwl piamffiit
lo rampaltm with tho nominee.
Mr Dolan waa there alio with x
lierlcncea and ango advice and hi
cfforW wero well received, by Iho
I .nr. ciiiiiii iiuiincaicu upon inn
and scored repeatedly
juiigo tales rciorl courteous was
well received, ,
J-lord Wbito espoused the cause
of the ladjes lo h'i own credit and
me credit or nit nearer.
r.k4kern on Vote Ot-th.
County Commissioner Chadbom
enlightened the nominee and their
supporter a to methods productive
of win getting.
I i imrkiicaii scored in remark
for the good of Ihn orderfor De
mocracy I Mr. liurkbead's pel fra
ternal. Wilson Kllgnre briefly ataleil ll'it
lift would guaranlce Iho best Demo
rratle paper ever published In Luna
leinlng Democrat were pleated
with tho Columbus visitor and ex.
pressed llielr desire lo vllt Colnnv
bus at a fulurn iltc-whlch mean
Hint Columbus will hold a Demo
cratic lovofcasl Uin that dale.
Meeting Kext Kier.
Ml present nl (hi notable gather
ing of Democrnl In Doming wi-ro
miphnlie In saying fl was one of the
liesl meetings In ikiIiiI or number
and informative method over held
In the enunly and agreed that thl
auger well for the certain success
of.the Democratic parly and it cur
dldalea at the fall rlecllon-ounly
Male and nalionni.
Those present from Columbus:
Judge (kilo.
J. I- Walker.
C. W. Powers.
i Craddork.
Iloberl Elliott,
a II. MrAuley.
Wilton Kilgore.
I L. UurklKad.
Waller n. Bproa,t.
Jame K Greenwood,
Deputy Sheriff Kane.
Onitriy Commissioner Chaittmrn.
I'reclncl Chairman Floyd White.
I 100 from n Tempn lArliona) Itank,
wa arrested here at a ln Angele
bank where he had obtained employ
meiit. Police said Taylor confessed
and said h leli 1 empo ror rionaier
Arltonn, where he wn married.
"It Pays to
Absolutely uuaranKnl to
bring relief to groiirhrii,
liectra and hiBnmn tflssMH'
UoiM, Flue for that heart,
nehv. don ii In the mouth fcfl
Ino. 'hie iloso eurea u pain In
ii10 kont,.!-.!,.!, nnd tuVnit a
Ut ""oon and
l ot
Tt iilatter cast of Hie tlatun of
Knlihti of Onlurobns will present, at aiost of mora llisn Kfl.OOU, In tlie city
of Met. France. The statue, wllh bss-reltefs of Columbus, denersl IVrshlng.
Mtrshat Koch and frosldent Wilson, will be cimiplrted In Aiiguvt wtira nt
thousand Knights will go overseas for
MM AN0F.I.K8, Cat. July 3iv
FUirtwuakn shocks that threatened
disaster In Ii Angele have hrtight
a promito or riches instead. . It's
cenlly, after two shock had been
felt, crude petroleum commenced
llflwiiitt, f roia- Uuustrrelau.Tiirabei
uonienn tiad never before lnvn ri
perienred In (ho history of Iho oil
industry, according lo petroleum ex
perl. The rlly was in a slain of
excilemeul Hint eireeded thai which
followisl tho first quake, Ihrre
weks ago.
Kurlli tremor iu Iis Angele had
become no fn-queul nolioily paid
much attention In tho two occurring
recently until wont spread that oil
was flowing llirougli a break in tin
earths surface. There was n mad
ruth for the sikiI. Kveryborty hoiied
that the earth would, commence
gushing oil on their particular piece
of properly.
The first "volunteer gusher" was
on Occidental liouluvaril and Third
street. After the earthquake crude
oil shot Into (ho air and ran down
Iho street In little rivulets.
The next gusher commenced flow
Ins In tho city' most exclusive re.
dentlal section.
John (Iriffin, cily engineer, took
charge of Iho flow of oil. Ho made
way for It through the streets and
planned li provide a storage basin
for IU
II is agreed that If tho gusher
don't run dry a suddenly a Ihey
began lo spout, !s Angele will
boast oil magnate second only In
John D. Ilockefeller.
The gusher resulted. It is said,
fronr substrata of Iho earth being
reformed by the tremors, nccnrdlng
In geologists, Tho setlliug down
proces of the earth' surfaro forced
tho oil up llirougli crevice In the
sand and nick.
The earth tremor, It is said, were
only slightly fell, nnd no dnmage
wo reported in any pari of Iho city.
Latest Mexican
bMfon Passivi
tIJy Associated Press.
MEXICO CITY, D. F. July 30.
Tho military situation is unchanged
In Lower California, according lo
dcneral Farnclsco Serrano, under
secretary of war and marine. The
secretary ahl no official advlcea
relative to an alleged rebellion had
been received, Ihnreforo no plant
had been made to combat It.
iRim'hi'cpirrY kii,i.f.i.
Illy Associated Press.
DUNLIN, Ireland. July no. Frank
Ht'iKiko, dunuly lieutenant for l'oun
ly Wleklow, I,cnsler province, wa
today shot dead al West Landrow
alatlon. after alighting from a Irahi.i
Ills assailanl escaped, Asldo from
hi rloso association with Viscount!
French, no reatou 1 apparent for
iho critiiu.
Latsistta br t'sul V. ItartlMl wlilrh the
tnt dedication In Met.
".he arch U..dlt Villa, who is aald
lo bavo iHitklfd responsibility for
the death of tn.000 people, Includ
lug presumably those killed in bat
Me, by execution and assassination.
1, outlaw for that of an baciendado
n Bcntleman farmer.
In order that Villa's dignity might
not euffer through tlio transaction
the terms wer diplomatically won).
iil, to the ffecl that (he luuidll had
not surrrudrcd in I he de rariu gov
ernment, hut thai, llirougli an art
of patriotism because of bis belief
that the present government repre
sent the aspiration "f the Mexican
people. Villa had ugreeil to lay down
hi arms and cease tin iiepreuauons.
Villa In (irt Farm tanri.
,ln reluni for his renunciation, the
do facto government has extended
apiuesly lo Villn and hi following.
and in auoiiiou win auoi inn nu
la any Irncl of laud Ihey my de
sire for agricultural purposes, and
will give all officer and men under
Iho bandit chter n full year pay.
Villa nnd his men will ride In
state to Torreon on two trains pro
vided by the government ror that
purMMc. On arrival al thai place
full payments aro to be made imme
diately, and Villa will designate lh
lands ha wishes for himseir and hi
following. If the coveted laud aro
already owned by other Individuals
ma government win piirrnaie tuem
Form Machinery, Ton,
It Is oImi understood lhal farm
machinery-will lie given the former
bandit with which to till their
lands, and that Ihey will be helped
in other wuy lo begin their career
as farmer.
In 111 telegram to de la lluerta
Oeneral Martinet expresses III ho.
lief dial the promise given him hy
Villa are sincere, and that tin It con
vinced (he bandit Is acting In good
Tho location of the land wanlei1
by Villa I not yet known, but it be
lieved lir will designate a vast Intel
where he may live surrounded by
hf. loyal men a a menus of prolee
tiou against enemies who may seek
revenge for crime commuted by
the pandit.
FvktiRf in PtlsKid
Apsirs to Ease Up
(Hy Associated Pres,1
WAI18AW. Poland, July :w.-Tlie
fighting appeara In havo rased up
on Ihn northern front, according lo
today'g communique. In the renter
there aro rearguard nrllous where
the wilhilrnwiug Pole are keplng In
contact Willi their right and lert
wings. In tho soulh a battle for
the possetston of Lemherg I I in
pending or already under way. while
In the center Iho Pole, lit llielr re
IrenL have not yet rrachrd (ho clh
1 nograpldc (tender ot Poland.
Omif DaiV f9t in Lym Coftnly
Lcvri SkRrt Wit
Hy Aasoclatcd Press.
CHICAOO, IIL July W. An aeuto
depression occurred .in wheal to4ay
and moro than a Vi cent per bushel
break in value was witnessed. It
was said Iho break wa chiefly th
result or the rcarclty or buyer
rather than great selling pressure
At midday today December wheal.
in which most or (he trading ren
tcrcd. had fallen lo 12.21 against
t&XHi yesterday. March wheat
dropped I34 cent lo KS2Yt.
Ilreak in the foreign exchange.
together with report the llrllish
royal commission had pulled out of
Iho market, until nmt Wednesday
or laler, were among the bearish
factors. II was said.
Via W WtTPsPrW lasf
iinnB n MnllM
I fly Associated Press.)
DAYTON. Ohio. July .'XI. Choice
of their fellow cltlxcn. Oovemor
Jame M. Cox of Ohio, a tho Demo
cratic presidential nominee, wa ac
claimed by Iho resldi-ni of Dnylou
and other part of the Miami valley
hem loday. They Joined by Iho
thousands in a nonpartisan "home
coming" demonstration to Iheir dis
liugtushed native son. A civic pa
rade was the mailt feature of the
(Martf) DetMcritlc
Ticket Has 2 LafMfites
Illy Associated Press.
DKNVEft, Colo. July 30.
nonpartisan league labor party
members' names will appear on tho
Democratic slate ticket In the Sep
tember primaries a a re?uit of Iho
action of the Democratic stale as
sembly which concluded Its work
after iniilulnlit last night
Stize 5115,00 Worth
Of Bmzi m N. i.
(Hy Asaoolated Press.
WnTl' EK?V vJlWiWulmpIlclUy:
VnKTnr,7u y7M.-Kxfln m rMK wlth many
tensive liquor raids started yester
day In Newark, New Jersey, by
nearly 100 federal ogenl were
followed up today hy Hie seizure iu
The Ilronx of whisky valued at
IIIG.UO, according to an announce,
menl made today by Prohibition Kn-
rorccment Agent Hhevlm.
Navy Man Wins
Olympic Shootinf
lly Associated Press.
IIKVKIILKK, llelgium. July 30.-
Iimmander lirlix T. Osburn of the
I'nltod Slati navy today won tho
Olympic Individual Inrgel shooting
compeiltiou with n United Mate
army rifle. The distance was 300
meter, m standing position.
POHTL.ND. July 27. -Hecause V
U. Hreen hadn't forgoltcn Ihl- lime
he wn a hoy, three youthful "ban
dlts" are out of Jul I. The Ihrcc kids
robbed llroens grocery store, "fio
on wld yal" Hreen admonished Hie
cop who caught tlio trio, "don't I
mind Iho day I stole a watermelon
I Onyx ED
Mrs. Joe Martin
The Funniest MONKEY on the Screen
"A Baby Doll Bandit"
The TEXAS K,!"
A Lively Western Drama
(Hy T. J. Wllwm ( the Dayton
(Ohio) .News. In Publisher'
"I have a son, Jlmmlc, and I cx
cct him lo succeed you here aomn
An elderly, sweel facetl woman
tlius addresjrd President Orover
Cleveland al the New Year' recep.
lion al the While Houm in IKO,
alter exlendlng Iho greetings of Ihn
occasion. The speaker was Mr.
Lhra Cox, lamented molliT of Oov
emor Jame M. Cox of Ohio, re
cently nomlnali-d by (he Demoeinllo
parly for president.
It wa merely Hie exprejsINn of
a mother' love, hut Mrs. (x lived
.o v "her Ixiy" rio from congress,
man lo a tripalile governer nnd her
Inlimatn friends steadfastly shurnl
Iter belief that anm day (Ids hon
orcd son and native or the liurkeyn
stale, "mother of pi-oldcnis," would
heromn Hie chief magistrate of Iho
Whether ho doc or not I ix-llevn
I ran Irulhfiilly -ay Dial be is not
worrying over the riilure. My aso.
elation with Mr. Cox, began August
ID. HUM. I had been Ulriitiflnl with
the Rvenhig New lor several year
previously, a had Dan F. Kumler.
present managing editor, and al Dial
lime we considered ourscly "Veil
seasoned" newspaper men.
However, we soon lcamet lhal wo
only had begun our Journalistic
j career, lor ino new punutner oi
iiic ,inv was an encrpewc, aggres
sive young man, le made ttsngs
hum and they have been humming
ever alnce. In a word, lhal di'serlhe
"Jlmmlo" Cox. He I a husllrr.
It must be confessed that whlli
Iho governor is not worrying ghoul
the futura now, there was a time,
soon after ho began, reestablishing
Iho News and ptaelnsfdA on a firmer
basis, that he hail'iinwy financial
Hut tin never missed a pay roll,
I hanks In hi everlasting stick-to-it.
Ivenrs. and (he men associated wllh
discouraging experience while, mak
ing my rounds a a reporter. Almost
at every lorn I was greeted with Iho
remark. "Well, the New I going lo
'bust' hither than o(kllc; you had
better get out. ' or tht young fel
low ran't last; h"' gbing loo fast"
I admit he wa going al a whirl
wind pare, but h.' insisted (hat every
one in the office should keep up
with the gait In a few month ho
had developed such remarkable en
thusiasm lhal every one connected
with Iho newspaper fell like a hit
man dynamo even the uewstxiy.
He Inculcated Hi" spirit of Industry
nnd my fondest memory of "Iho
boss" is the once familiar ndmoui.
lion. "Hurry back. Tommy," a I
went flying through the door on
one of his assignments; for, be it
known, Mr. f'-ox was not only presi.
dent, manager, circulation chief and
Kenerallstimo. but ho was editoriul
writer, city editor, telegraph editor,
exchange editor, and. by way of in
version, held light to a few other
Ills vigorous (toliry of administer
lug the ncwspaHr' affair and hi
profound interest iu Hir.rinmnuui. .
ly's welfare wu won for him a
well deserved reward. Ilefore long
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