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DAt, iVX.l II, 1090
pm what tlwiMiilttift
VMS-! s? Mwit MMtffllftt Ww
fi-V JttaWt ttNttl Iff f
S Mk tss tartar tike amps Ma
yaw mm, ntUi ail thing m
Mt "wMk 7M asd yo eetmt ltl to
Jaeti Mv ia batesi- ta alas" sr jPet
MM MtM it, th) S fS
MM Mt It,
at D2 The hST ? hil'wltt
of j1
! w Mfotarjr UNhMvam tMn IfsMlij
to gw4(W( yMi wH4 flvCi QwmwMma
,mr tkesafcts la elevating owr AIcm
and Meets, fw H art they that
lead PM Ml ad Hp.
CW(CIlWfrrfer M0TTE1T
Hm MHm tf Ma Phtal Rest
CVi ft Fmm4 Thre hi Jirty
Meet f the bail parks am hoi dur
ing aelaataaoa. but aowa of them ant
hotter Mm other. Hotae of the Wash
ington fitter cVsIbj that their btl lot
registers were on thermometer then
sny.e twees, hat tWm flaliee of the
Xfda bag to dMrer. Mm X'
"Ctaasaaetra pat: ts the hottest of
Ml. ft (town them In tfca hole In
J al and Aueet KM row ad 9
llm SalMs,
what tNl kft Is. The only park that
compares with It la tho one at Kan
Ma City. That diamond atand roof li
about even with the street. It ran be
blowing- a hurricane and there won't
b mouth of a brecte In that "Blue"
park to brecte a' mosquito. The only
j, time the air circulates U when ther
Is a row with an umpire or some pitch
er ahnbta over a fast one."
Steady LlHIe Filly, Owned .by Walur
almen, Haa Been Nicknamed '
"Miss Man tf War."
Jockeys and atable ladi at the Mary
land tracka hare nicknamed Careful,
tho speedy llltlu Ml twlonslnc to Wal
ter J, KalHion, Win Man o' War, end
her treat epred and Ibe eaty way la
whlrli ahe haa acored tier lr atralsht
Tlrtorlra hare caused tralnera and old
er prartlcel horteniM o atamp her a
li Man o' War. 8he la one of thfr fait
eat breakers a luce the days of Lady
Thle lUtle daufhter of Wrack and
Mindful la a attady filly, and It la ez
peeled the will aje on nod glTe the colta
,nd Allies wfcteli have not raced yet
iftht for premier honora of her ace,
Mfce l entered la all the rich Hake
which wtH be decided on the mctrn
petlten tncke thle eeaaon.
Mil ftrefiiM
fane Is Mt Wt
trt BeeMen
nd Take
Umpire Rift Brennan did some orig
inal thinking la a recent Allnnts-Nasln
tills Bams that has tbe Img" Study
lug ret,
Wllh Whsgo mi ftmt and Brazil at
bar, tho etrifce mvI steal play was at
tempted but JkwsM mcssentsrtlr for
got to strike at a wM one. He kwung
just as tbe Nishvllle catcher pegged to
catch Wlngo. Tbe ball' struck Krsill's
bat and rolled foul.
nrennsn ruled Wlngo stobt second)
that the ball was not foul since the
Il.h nnl .UII.u.iJ II. II,. I lira.
4V' sll's btick'wsnilwtied nnd he had no)
Interfered r thnt It merely- wss r freak
rccldenl, the ball hilling an phut ruc
tion. Fair Qetf Chamn.
Mrs. Luther Kfunett bf Colorado
has won the golf title of ebullient
California for the fifth time. 8h
rlulnn tbo noroap's amsfeuK chsm
plonnhlp from her recent victories In
Lot Angtlcg, .
MiTino'iiiMiiitiiMwiiiiiii ym
e e
MxkKWphfa fan ere p t mm
ewr ta Bancroft Heel.
( e e e
Baewewnet Wt Waal
e e e
Jaaaejeeaj evasT eeweee. yeef ejejaw.
eTeHhP IrVpw eejti jrteeeeli eeal paepkee
ffitMNC MMpMN faVfrtthl.
W '
na umrerwt) m Deorvttowo.
Lee Few), feeaeer wan1f ef Die
OeTelend- AbmmtIcb, h tinned as
each for the 81. Lou la Rrewtte.
rsaatern Import wrtlers any Ruth lue
an anunoance or iray matter in addi
tion to ins natural Hilling aunty.
Reports My Trls Speaker Is fettle
ma iime iccp inese nignis as a result
or uie poor tnowint or ma pnenera.
Orlmm'a base rtfnnlnf cood aland
eoneldeFable Improremeet, ut the
yeHoteter hi trying hard find doing
nie neet.
Orob, Roneti and Koberteoa, new
enonic tbe lending fire hlttera'Of the
National leamie, were once-members
of the mints.
Thtre are inanr htth-class Inflcldera
in the Mir show, but It's hard to find
one whA haa anytblne on Itopr Uorns-
by of the Cardlnala.
Vernon rrcreta the declnlon ef
Wbeezer Dell to flop to the Industrials,
but comforts Itself thti&Mrtercr.
ndiled to the staff, .will do ei'weHi'ef
Thanks Isnttly to John 'Mcflrawj
Rocheefer has whet leeks like a cft
Ibc teed baH team oa fftr, bet K
rennet win with tmf detree of ret'
Hebe Kuth of the New fork Tan
fcees has agreed to go to Japan 'after
the American leea-ne closes to' teach
aba Japanese b install pUyer,bowits
bit Hie bail.
flrorer Alexander has furnlthed
somethlnc for other pitchers to shoot
at In the shape of 11 consecutive vic
tories. The mark Is likely to stand
for tbe season.
Kid fileason of the Chics ro' White
box is reported aa announcing that
he will work hla "hie four" pitchers In
turn. They are Williams, Clcotte. ra
ber and Wllkluson.
The New Haven club hes transferred
Pitcher Jack Watson to 'the Motion
llraves In exchange forBouthpaw
Hugh tlrown, 8hortstop Rhay and 'an
outneioer tn be sent later.
Wllh each, successive seasoarphie
hitting stems to bcromo more cisr n
tlsl In the' winning of belt games. A
team wllh a hitter who can deliver la
a pinch le surely a lucky outfit,
The Med 'Bo have- sold (Bwyetar
pae'tlmers In the past, but they held
fast to Harry Hooper, whose brilliant
playing this season bas done so much
to offset the loss of the old stars.
Athlete Unearthed at HillaetphJ
mw. niwra wm mr rl
nlrif fer America.
Ttie aura unearthed at the Intercol
Icglato meet at L'htladelphla would
come near winning for America at
Antwerp, thinks Gnttavlus Klrby, pres
ident of the American Olympic com
mittee. Ileeayai
The gsmes disclosed some really
rssMrkable athletes and athletic per-
auetavlua Klrky,
formsnces, and when you eoMder the
number of amllefchvatbletee to other
psrts of the country who are yet to fee
tried, roll can tie wbr ih iinn&u
committee teelsrcbsedeat that the Ord-
tea Htatcs win continue to inatnMa
lis supremacy la track Md tetd ath
letic at tH ceatta. Atrtwtrf w,n
VICKfiSimO, Mlsss., July
newreriSrMr im. Ostarliw w. UtMaet.
city odtfrtr of Mw HeetsM bore, In
eotMfHW "An AinewM IMQ.' po
Wing of Nauin fnwi Ibe OM Mai
tim TmftU. Trie, sell tXhwa,
MwUqmlstl awd rrtwayd 1st Uwfc j
aTskwRei m 4 pves?rye Mss sjmiMms1 I
wf ii w eiresaj timrnto m im
md, ra anW fcy Mlllec to mtm
''the whj)eeme IruUts hied itnwn
from Ihfl prtHthcfi, lli fti;1 mi
ttw sfKieON.''
. Thffft wo seven quottttotM trot
Uui OM 1lmcnt nml twrul-oem
from thfl Now TiUmel imkln; ri
of more thhei mm words In It
creed. II bcin wllh the wot trf
TJsto-lliy, "Ooil.llneM wlh rnnlenl
iwewt l archl pain. For wr rntiftlil
Mo4hht into tills world, anil It is
certain wo em carry nolhlng out."
The arcond parsers-ph la Introduced
by a pMtftffe from Malachl, 'Have
we not all one Falhcr. Halh not
orto Oocl erealccl tut Why do wo
ilfal troaclinriiusly overy man
afmlnsl his brother by profaning (ho
eovenant of our l'atherf Tho creed
closes with theao wools from Tim
othy, 'Now unto tho King, Menial,
Immortal, invisible. I ho only wlan
Gml, bo honor and glory for over
anil ever."
W, F, JUml, stalo superlnirntlrnl
of education In Mlssiislpp), writing
Rhk iir
Xct your tint so
eordlnt to (he roarf
thr JVsvw to titrtli
Instndyerhltly coun
try, wherevtr the goiag
Is set to ho hnavy Tba
Fer eerMaery eswitry
aeads The U. g. Cheks
! least wheels
The tf. B. Hete.
Per best results
r2wre-U J. Itorti
HW'lWM faaasW flM fcaaaaaafl t
to tt nmttkK, mUk fw bt
9bftS rML and sImS 1
mucti u Mve a mm in th
I ftf evy tflsMd cwtM ta
Her, wno hM been a mwfjMper
mora fhn'UM vmm i
fel this avn at MnSlim vllU,
10 tondenfy of to item hi runnlne;
eeespiity imn rsttwty hk a stato or
IgajMlrirlivl Ifreneo, rtMrrMoea of a
Mi standard iif llfn. M,uriiiintf i
'asaVtl to alt in tumiiM liu si.
n oi om awi ynutig W I Heir
r mi umi nn umir nMnhnrR.
HnlV Rltrfe Will tflvr. IhA rnrl
ffPP In IiVM-V iinAlUalil. i4.
iCu. ii.-, t Jm : . 7.
rnnt uuu can iw irniiici) iy man. II
n ;n run? ami gumr mr Humanity '
iMl MW Hill
Hfc iifii Tlsfvws' Mm
'AMA'I', N. M. July 31 Durlnc
cclebrallnn which was held at llio
town of Tliorrau Sunday a NavaJn
Indian was killed when llirtwn rrom
a bucking hroneho. Tlio homo fell
and men rolled over tho rider, (he
lioftl of Hie saddles alriktnr htm In
tho pit of tho atomach and ranting
injuries mim which no mm in h
few lllllllllen. Tim Imllnna liwiL
rhargo of tho liody and rnrrleil l
frtjm the ground where it was
treated by Iho medicine man.
Crcpo paper at Dally Courlci' of.
line. t
When the jrain came
in back
TEN years ago you might
have seen one or two
automobiles waiting outside
'the station, when the weather
.was pleasant.
Today the.square is
ed with them. And
the cars vou frenerallv see
there are rrioderate-price cars.
Anybody who tells you that
owners of moderate-price
cars are not interested in the
quality of their tires has
never met very many of
We come in contact
fee small car owner every r Wc fccl tjlc sarm W47
ky and we have found that about -it That's Why w.
'hplsjuat as much interested represent U. S. Tirea im this
Da tfur Kicr ear nunwi- .Mmmin':li.
fl Unit id
Emptor Lojral to,
Hand leaillng n j.amrte of thnuiands of the American Woolen romiwny em
ployies at Andover Ma.s.. In support of President William Jt Wood of that
rwniisny. who has been Indlcie.1 for timniin- i.-i. .t--.. . ' 7.
serted, "
in (9iQ
There is one tire, at.ksktt,
that makes no J distinction
between small cars and large
cars so far as quality is con
cerned the U. S. Tire.
Every U. S. Tire is juat
like every other in quality
the best its builders know
how to build.
Whatever the size of your
car, the service you get out
of U. S. Tires is the sum.
It isn't the car, but the &nm
wkj owns the cur, that mim
the standard to which U, S.
tires are made.
most of
States Tirws
" ,,vu" "

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