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The Columbus weekly courier. (Columbus, N.M.) 1920-1921, August 06, 1920, Deming Edition, SECTION TWO, Image 10

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cidsskss) .4yml.- "'
getting oH, may nt Iki ch
a lack of flnanses.
TM comfMMr ssfcsotaWy wrM
ewry bwestor, nd mwwitM- m
that tfcey wW gel ass hot nm Iff
tti?? iwwcy tksA tM cwbwt
whe ogmM w M (wonomio I
hasl as.l pnwWe,
lafW lr fBasys
Auto 8ac5 and Arwsssrlr.
tv (im tr m. ft. ?fa4. m
m ptttttW her yes
ktHHti Ihtt MMM) length l llMW. Ho
hsr fcrow M. Nrt, MIssnetusB,
'Mr. ' Bert) fai hi IssBfUnlM
IMv fow-fsksgst trhisjssa ?,
kv4sg Msst B. 'tcn, M. Basst
am) Mr. Bswi WsU)W
of CtrMI(4n, Sweden. Me h
been -fMBtttav with raWng eritl
for raraoMikma fur numtwr of
year. ' Kn mw kWy been KVS"
I Ins wIihm enlcriirhMW. Mr,
........ iiui .nMh. Ill been connected Willi BV
.,31 n ..: . - -v v .rrui ,n,nnur rot.mies
lindlBg automobile wiles iwme in , (,)( ,Ml h,w jraM M gtytoiMilM. IB
leading automobile sales houses In jh,y i,nK tin- l s. CoiifK-r Oom-H
Doming Is ih Letcr Motor com- pany l hmow, k. m, inn ipmhi
iiauyi located al HO Snrlh Silver Mining and Milling CnHny of
pauj iocaiei ai J u ' . iv-mlmi. formed and operated liy
MWU iwmng. in a wnu.v - llm , Us ,lMP nnil,U pre.
branch or the I-mUt Motor ("in- enl undertaking 0f which he l
piny of El I'aso. and Is In direct jircsldent, nanilry, Ue Nl-tfclftlllc
chargn or Mr. H. V. lxtrr. ft part- Mlnliif M Mllllnp CumtMnr f
nrj in MU " "'"noiiI no doubt U ono of til?
MiBDimieti ncm unr l,P,t (hjkIwI mn on llio mining in.
the firm I a iartiifrihli cunilsllnv diutrv In Lima ami adjoining coim
of It A. J-Mlt-r and II. W. Lslrr lot at prwrnU Ho wa last year
Mr It V Ittw undi-r whoso ae- appointed auiwrlntrmlcnl of tin?
n nm, lm bocn hrw off aim on ror Tf ,( no tma) monncr Iho
Ihf laU lx yrar. Iln formerly ran MICf, nf tlilt oxhlldl, whlrh ha
Iho Ilor (aroK. which wai ds jlK, mlc, ,0 jnr0rm Iho people
Iroynl by fire. Mr. Iitor It a ajml PXtrPni mineral ntir-
family man. a member nf tha Cham, innni,- muita in Luna. (Irani and
ber of Commerce ami a prominent M,alai cmnitii-s. and whlrh lia
frolrnial man, behiK a meniber or (ln0 ,mlll Ul gtinuilalr activity In
the Klk, I. T. and U M. A. n;i n. Thcro aro al prosenl
Tlio Demlnn hmio rarrie praell. ..,.1 finy mnn icntel In Ihe
rally Ihe aamr line a in hi l'an. n,K(V() mPnlnn,Hj tcriilor)' and lh
The Demlnir home cooi)erale lili fu(ur(. 0f (nA lerrlloo" 14 olio or tho
the El I'ash houne In Ihe matlrr or ,p Uniii Hlalea tn hecnm
ram anil part. Ihun makiiiK H umi- . miniirAl ircllon.
mially up-lnlate from thP ciutnm. lt unirntAod by Mr. Nord. who
er"a ulandpoInU being ahlo lo havn u -...11 lnr0nnetl on Iho lubJecL Ihal
Ihe faellUiea of a larpe elly cjmcern. lll0 work jono lm 0 thi' prtKenl I
They handle Ihe Maxwell. Iho caMnMrffv - ifralrli on Iho ttsunenso
with the ramoua hoUnot molort, mlnprB rourcca In thl ilialrict.
llio uiaimera ami aieo ine no ""j Only a few largo enlerprlnes nave
car. TJie firm earrte a. eomplele . , jn opor0,w but lh
line of accewrle Tor theao rarain.(1 fM.. rrnn .hould show U1I1
which enables them lo do repalrinK mlnln(? ,n,rlcl to lm.lhn equal of
ami "n.cr, ,., .., ny In Ine l'nuel piaiea.
Il.lrihulora of Ihe Maxwell a-jd T, iji.Molalllc Mining and Mill.
Chalmers rara. and a an exampio jn(. n,m.mny la a corporation op
or Iheir growth. thl year'a ronlrart Uf.ii,,- lmjor n,. laws or thn alale
double lhal or lal year. Tho he pr Mpxieo, and U operallng In
ler Motor Company are ilWrlhulon ,,, xrrra nai,ca llnunUle Mining
r.- the following lerrilorys Texai ni.irici. Sierra county. New Mexico.
went nf Ihe Peeoa. (Irani. Luna. Si. fffm an, directors ami M. 8.
erra, iiona Ana. mem imi wx-nmi xorii pretldeiil ami general mm
cnuntlea. New Mexico, for the He n.hrlt Halthel. vice nreldcnt;
Vere. Duplex Irucka amt Maxwell A r Heyman. aecrelary; K. D.
Inieks as ell as Ihe above men. Ttfnt ireaMirer; K, K. Vallamllg.
tkmeit Iwo makea or cars. ,,amt ,roclor, and Alfred Blrum,
Mr. Iter la planning lo make ft,,,..
numerous improvement in ine nrar
future which Incline the pulling in
nf a complete ptale glass Trflnf, Ifiv
provlng Ilia ahnw room and Interior
decoration. When Ihia U ilonn II
will place tho Tauter Motor Com
liany In a glas by llelf In this er
1ew SiMsrfeig lh BtMeUllle Vrowrty, on 1 Jerra HImn Pn bm
caaaji ai toot aC hilt, as U assured Wforo tho rwtruHwi of taMuv
Sm .1 1 .n
' rm.
tatfkaU U llllliartal 111 laft
kaiiur hi DtttlM.
men rooawj win qtmmr 1
direct ur adroM m IM qwsm ..
TlwK aaffi la tutdw Um jaMSilsi
awl patvatttt uiftin usit rf V..
mhI Mr. B, L. Walkat. Tt'ijii
La. CMrtf Ma-CaBM
W F. M Sh
Inn of Ihe date.
HjttM SMtS
Belter PhotoBraphy-Sllvcr City,
The bringing into a firm nf a per.
snnallty in a seene lhal l being en.
aclel every day in Ihe modern Inut
ile wnrhU lyriiaiu no nciier ox.
ampin or thi ran w rlle.1 in thin
neellon or the alale than Iho excel-
lent uerMinallly nf Mr. llalten
and hli two famous studios al Hilvrr
City and Demltig.
llio Pi'mlmt studio is located al
S08 South (lold and l onn or lh
1k.iI enulnmil sllldio In Ihe Rolllll.
u.-.t. Mr llaltrn has all modern
buine machinery down lo Ihe
mlmtln ami does a general lino of
lielter pholograpliy." speolallxing
nn ruirlralliire. The SWvir Cily
studio is the leading aliidio in that I
city and It is rmiippeu in me amn
iin-lo-ilale manner, except belli
larger, ai U Ihe Doming studio. One
of Ihe main fealnrea of Iho Silver
Cily studio Is tha free rcsl room,
which Is open al all times, and Is
maintained wilh an Idea of a conl
munlly gathering plsca where one
ran ml. write letters and mel
one's rrlendn. The motto of Mils
place Is We Want You to reel al
Mr. Hallen has been here ror four
years and Is from Ienver. He wu
formerly engaged In horn portrait
work for a number of years. Mr.
Hallen I a young man and a live
wire. Ho has had about fifteen
years' in photography and has
worked In nome of tho largest stu
dios In tho country. Mr. Hallen ha
been a member of Ilia Photogra
phers Asoclatlon of America for
Ihn nait five rears, which In Itself
l quite an honor. The specially of
th Hatlen Studios Is baby portrait
Urea. Mr. Hatlen also does X-ray
work for physicians, and In racl on
or Ihe heller classes nf photography.
Mr. llalten has the itniaue experi
ence of having taken Iho only plo
lurt or Pershing's sipefliiwn wncu
thev; came out of Mexico, Al lhal
lima Mr. Haltcu tooBMlfffreHl
-views of (Jeneral Perstiffif n4 W
rw. That Mr. Ha-tlen a4 his
am popular is well proved
Uv Mm fact that'when h sti-eps he
Is always neftleetlnff ww rl pf
Wg Icork, wA K nAy hn saM thai
Irt-fery seWefo peglecl y of iL
Mr. Batten's vao lit Jn Ufa seems
t w kVlHg plfiturw 6t tH , 4
giiftWins that we elnmr hrd
ia kalM ac .SSMWOSwl W "lH-
.laJsAWsv test IkmiH! WW t
Oakland Cars, HepuMic Trheks.
AllhouEh nnn of Demlng's hewcsl
nlernrlse. the Horderland Oarags.
(I. Tucker. Pmnrlrlnr. has sue-
nvHliHl Ihroiish modern buslnesi
melhods In building up a business
thai is second lo none In ins given
Tim rirni lias been under the pres
ent management too six months, bul
Um rormerly known at Ihn Honlrr-
linil uarage mr a penmi in irh
Verm nnd undr thai name Is lh
oldest eslahlishiHl garage in Demlnp.
It is located al J13 (lold avrnur.
Air. Tucker ha been hen' len years
nnd was cash er of llio bouiliern
rarlflo for mom Ihuti six years. He
also had charge or tho men's fur-
milling department at isoninaus &
Son's ror a perhxl or four years. Mr.
Tucker I a native, or lowa. anil 11a
brrn In this wrslern cihinlry for
aliout twenty year. He is a ramily
nian. a home owner ami a niemner
or the Chamber or Commerce. Ho
Ik a nrom nenflio Iclan. lielng in
ihe race ror counly lax assessor ol
Luna county on tho UeiiubUean
lU-ketnd.lf hi pleasing pentonallty
may be taken as an lndici.Jnn or hlv
pnpulsrlly. his opponent will at Ihe
ctio 01 llio race Know mat .-nr.
Tucker lis liern In said race.
An extraordinary tealure or tills
firm iii n free, canmlng around next
door ror lourWl on which is located
five room, modernly eotiliipeil
adobe bouse, which is alsu for (ha
accommodation of tho touring pub-
Ha. Tlio firm handles a gcnrral line
of accessories, ol, llres and tubes
and da repairing. They -nave ine
exclusive agency for Oakland can
end llenublic trucks In (Irani, Luna
and Hidalgo counties. In tho lire
department a sieelally Is inade In
llio well known Miner ami iiacio
Horseshoe Urrs. CoBlInenlal proA
iir.ls aro featured in the gas and oil
end or thn business. They alsu d?
storage buiiness.
The building nlliien is wi wy iwj
feel In exlcnt and five people are
employed therein. A it MUr serv'.
ice is mamiaineo m aniir wuu
lli Ihielier Idea of service. This
twrtgo M9 Ui most floor, space am)
in one ir (IW largesi anu mosi up
locate wrages In this part of , llio
title, Tho average gro-w bmlnl
ituw is around 83060 u month. A
l-filahlei feature of, ifiW rxiyllenl ap-
cmlnled flnn ia H.al tliev llfiVO ono
uf ihe most expert (ubo pen In thtt
goulhweat, Mr. Thomft wiumcion,
who Is well knqwn In this pari of
(he country.
Having "8ervlca', a their motlo,
end an absolve itvaranlJo going
wilh I heir finished work, touted
Vvitk modern business methStJ and
expert workmanship, Ihf future of
(i'is firm, seems assured
Althouali one of the newrl
ii.IimI imsines cimeerns lnT4wf.'l
Hie Luna Couaty Miitor
Indeed forlunato In seeurwg Mi
agency for suck well Jinosw m m
tlio Kludehakrr ami Msrsnoiil'-Tlw
Ulitdebaker peoplo iro adrefj
ll.nl MkU U a BttukbaJlor 1
ami the Mitea of this iiOfmtarSM'
which havo Men one pr te,mms
fai birs hs the growth hi mtmr
business Inhnl are provlflg lhl Wils
Is true. ; of
Eetabllihcd here six moalhs ,ano.
Iho firm Is a copartnership cotst-
inc ur m. u ikiurner ami 1. r.
Wells. Mr. Iloucber Is from HI
IjuiIn MlMourl, and Is a nallvu of
lhal stale. He I o family man and
a homo owner here, and was for
merly connected with the -'Mcr-
rhanl's Transfer Company of-this
tlly. Mr. T. W. Wells Is a sjjtMve
Texa. nd has had II years cx
twrienco In Ihe automobile business.
The Uma Counly Motor Company
U tlm'exclusivo ngency for Ihe
Hludrhaker and Manuon cars In
I una. f Irani' and Sierra counties, nil
sales lielng out of here. They m
carry a 11111 lino 01 accuwui iw.wu
i-arl ror tiieso cars and sMve'swsax
liaker and Marmon servke... -Thi
building occiiple! Is 23 by feet
umi Is located on Iho corner of ftohl
and Pine. They havo rnJoyM, a
tiiidy. suhslanlial growth since
llieir -slablitHmen( ncro azuiraca
veiling as many cars a can bo dn-
All work done la under Ihe per
inal supervision nf the partner.
both of whom are experienced in
their given line, thus assuring llieir
customers of 0 high class and salts
factory service. The pleasing perron.
t.lily and modem business method
of the Iwo young, progressive pair
iinra assure (heir future success.
Numerous slogans ami mollos aro
ured In modern business, but per
haps the best, provided il can Im
iiscil lo Iho proper sense and Is true,
I "Master Jewelers." Tills motto
means thai ihe firm using it w ex.
VUMIihel hern IhMO VeSHS a0
under Iho firm name. Iho firm of
fitlphi HnWter WPrkj,las uMeM
IhtoufH hwrniu iciyiJ"
and tho pleasing MonalHy wl
brogresMvcness Mr.' u U.. bs.
Hie pfeseni owner mm iwssjrr.i"
! u'!,r .lvrn. mPK ".""'A lUMMvm tin an envtaMo rrtHilatlon
mat nm nnn lias wpi iaun wn -,vi: 'i, , lta.
Us ens omers. ami Can IM) ansxirmciy 1 .. v .1
.... , . 1 . ' .. . 1 j 1 1. I m r. . li. rmw. . wnm 1 1"
lu-lieu.ir., im, rc.. - nrletw. k a MtUVA Of KftMNM SSW
of permanency. , rwiMisss.iHi ssm ' jM Jkss,.Call.
use or mi n m tmmm imng f al)Ml (MW(M( y
than Ihe firm ot W.KTossell I A Son. " wuihl oul .Mr. W. 0..OII-
Master acwetcw. to wkien firm 11 7' lkn fni.. .1, moiJks
..llu .nnlln. Till, firm llU HO '"1 - - . .... .. '
(he disllnctlon or being U10 oldeil pcricncVln the automobile
established business continuing un f"V? JTS. Iv b I n( wlilcli
r tho same managemrnt In moi,; , ' ,' nr. h
cily or Demlna- .1 -m firm emnlova four people. Ihe
W I. Tossel A Hon was esian- " ..1 in.i K.inr. rji i, on
IIMicd hero 37 years ago. Mr. Tosell J' " , i0 ,,y 10 r,i wmjt. Tliev
Irt-tng ono or the pioneer- ciiuens or d general line or vulcanliing and
Dcmlng. Mr. Tosscll wns his o "SS Hates' Hair Solo.
o-"...!..! in.i. Tn. .ineoh'l'fy tWHcral line of accv
U such as In dliplay In an ample , a,,d oil. maintalnlnc
tanner Ihe r largo and conuiieioi. ,m,,, ,,.n ,,ini.
stock, which consist or jeweiry 01 . hI. SnaJ nr,HlucU. Tlio
nil kind, victor iBiking maciiinea t mafhl wlch ,nc
for which Ihey aro exclusive agenKl, .' , ' kiy ca,mu0 of
Mslman Kodaks and aupniie ninsi- . , from ir00 lo i!x nch tirci(
al Imlnimcnts and findings. I no 1 1. .ii .111. inh,.
Hoor co occupied Is 20 by M I , , TW fk "t, ,H0 nxeUilso
leeL and Iwo prolo aro employed I;.,,-!. ,.r iim Vwanus Ilrunswlek
I' erein. .1 lire nml m I also Ihe ease wilh Iho
1 un iirm niam-Ji a pin-viauj wi i -.... w.r Oy.i. in r.i 11 tw.
rich rens rs. litis department ih- .. ..1 .i... Vinnin u.t,i u'n.bi l.
he under thn personal supervision ,i...i i . .,,..11,1.,,. 1., miimr
uf Mr. W. I. Tosscll, who bring to ' rPwMh y.- -c-nUmi of retread
II Hie result or a llfellmoa nxperi. An tll.(Miain uto machine
nee. They also carry a complete ,.nn .. m.nirilie.l in connection.
AP work going out rrom 1111s ann
F. 11. Winj
, Kel KMae.
One or the leading real estate
flims In iH-mlns Is thai of V II
Wing. Mr. Wlmr wns established
bt-re three year ago In business
Wider Ihe present firm name, and
It- recognised as authority on real
caUIo values, and especially on city
i.r-ni..-lv MiipIi nf Mr. Winn's mir.
cess can Ikj directly (raced lu hl
liisislrncn In tho end lhal each ell?
tomer be entirely saturicu.
Mr. Wing has been hero 'seven
years ami was formerly In the lrti$
niiunrs in iiiioue isiauu, iin
nnllve of Ihe stale nf Maine, and has
been in tho wrslern country for thn
past IS years. He formerly held if
poeiuon Willi 111 government' ni
t'ort llavard aa nhotoKranhcr -and
X-ray expert. Mr. Wlng'ls a homo
nwner here, liesldes ovnilng olhei
cily property, being a half owno
of Demlng's newest residential ills-
trlct-lhe WJng Addilloiu .
Mr. Whig handles real cstalo asvi
Insurance and makes a specialty of
rental orooerty. WI1II0 Ihn majorltv-
0' jiroperty hamiled liy Mr, Wing )i
Kcaied in mis city, ho aiso ntvnw-i
ftrm and ranch pronerly. In Ihe
Insurance Hue he specialises pn ko
Insurance, being exclusive agenl ur
lite American Jr'iro Insurance Cmn-
nsny, one or the leading and besj
kiowu old nn J lire insurance coin
nrnlns in America.
sir. wwa Minimi 11111 inn uciimiiit
for real (wlalo in this vicinity U
showing a substantial increase
present and lhal ho iwlle.ves, lhal
Hie low mark In land values hat.
been reached, nnd thai hrreaur
then) will N a steady Incrraso In
renl estate values. Mr. Wing Is a
prcal bsllever4 In Iho prospects of
lhl vally. ami slates Ibera should
bo some great hanrovemeuU In the
nnxt few "year
MV. Wing aMvaysnkes il a point
la bo strictly honest in his imine.
inethods, thereby building up a per
manenl buslnesa repntai mn. Mf
Wing owns a considerable amount
Of oil leases near Ihe Florid? well
which be believes hss an eicellwil
ohaRce of striking oil In commweW
otiasilltles. Mr. Wing's excellent,
person! tr. combine I witli tils ad
mlraWe mislneM management, as
sures mui ruiure mcccm.
slock of standard and well known
brands of watches, such as Ihn
South Hrnd. Hamilton, Howard and
Grvuen In the silver lino Is fea
tured the Community and domain
hrnmls. A fine lino of diamonds.
.Ihtiy nil glass, toilet articles,
Mellaril rhluaware. and In fact
everything that Is to bo round hi
A f....wl..r.. l..u-..lrv alnrn In a rill'
kimwn among Iho buying public. In
Ibis part in New Mexico.
iMMtf TrMtfff & Fmi Ci
May, (IrsJn nHd Kurl
I done under Iho personal super
vlnon of Mr. Sage, and Is absolutely
Perhaps no ope factor has been
mt-ro responsible for the grow Hi anu
reimtauon -or mix iirnu tvuicu wis
Increaseil over 75 per cent slnco Mr.
Sago look It over, man 1110 iieynoic
a .'modem jewelry sioro in cuy of .. huilness iwllcr. which Is:
man) limes the sue or uenung. -Satisfaction.'' Mr. Sago hss had
Tim but neis has grown from a In. 11,,. n.,i,i.nini c.iin...,
i;iy small Mlnnllig lo lis present f Angeles. In civil enilneerlns.
b.igii stains ami us reimiuuiy s wen nJ was 0Vcr,t.M wm, ttto A. E, F,
as a second lieutenant hi tho XICIIi
Pit Id Artillery.
. Tho proarcstlu'iicss of (Ills firm.
combined with the expert workman
ship and personal supervision, anu
especially all work guaranteed,
Would seem to assure tin) futurii
success of this excellently appoint-
cd and conducted young nusincss
en Uw interior wyrn issssss ktyJkV,
UmH Mm Mnrtor hM eiwsy ssjsssm;.
I h occttfrfed ks W by H fcp4, asssl'
sevrn pcopnr Bra wnptoyw snsjcwK
1 lie iioum mm a capaenr hs isfsr
iwupio. ru hcm esstf, mmm
I'aiker (rokwed), k an si twffl-;
encftl inning car chef. Cfc'rrtr
m cooked In wmm of Um leasing
ca'es mi ogling houses all ovcr'Hw
I'llHed KStfew, MiilltKNMSMMH
Idea in Hfs h Us sails fy tke InHsnsst
or n renl htmry trsweHng man who
19 m-vnfs ifcnvik itu mm m;vi
cooking. - -
Service and ertey s rSMtkeg .
r.r.te of thn hu4sii'i-Bi)Wtyv-si'th( j
Mcdern Cafe, and in mi fc snar km" '
Haled that (he won! "WsaVsnt'si'mi
modern and wsle isri m sWxT?j,
specl. Tho majority of Hie . s:','
Irade enjoyed by mo Jioiteen sswiw n
llio eommerelal clawi. They msvkeTsiv
sprclatty of" short orders, regular
meals and a ia rano meats, inq
prices in IliU rafo aro extremely .
reasonable consklerliig Iho service -rendered
and Ihn class of -food
(.ervejl. They aro open from'sSi)'
a. m. to 10 p. m.
In several of the scientific Jout .
naU lately there has ofllhnrs been ' .,
discussed and leited out tho exaet.
effect of slovenly SHrrountilnga'aiHl
udpleasanl Interior views upon Iho
aptielllo or thn pesjilo. Hwas finally
decided by Uiese learned men, who,
al Uial llmo used every methodrftt
band lo iirovo and. dlsprovs MmsV .
lltcorles, lhal the si urwinasasjt . hs4
everything lo do with Um on)yisu't
of rating. In the Mnisum tfo Mm
n tM unusual featureir'asM etie that.'
by Iho H-ay, Is very pkanhig lo lh .
ore, M tho Iwo rrmsrkasjsv. urev.
Valtresses. Whether Mr.WasWrf
selecMg IhO ytktaft wHk.
Idee of atsolule contra m view we,
do not know, hut nevertheless, tlm
eonirasi uiai is arrorucd ny them la
remarkable Indeed. One Is a typical -
()inniie,.wlilln llio nther Is or tho
absolulo brunetle type, and then,
toe In a beauty contest for each
ljpe neither of thiw young ladles
wculd'be In Iho "also Tan" class.
Ihey am very attentive In their
work and carry out Iho Idea or cnur
tcotu treatment and service lhal
sets Uils care apart lu the letter.
Tlio hungry Iruveltag man will find'
ine Modern earn to 1j pecuMa-rly.
adapted and prepared for h Is every
ntcd, and II Is a recognised fact Uial
Having ratett al (be Modern onro
you are a charter member.
A. I. NMi & Sm
Hnvfn as llieir miitlo. "Quick,
CourWous Servlco and Efficiency.'
and having won an enviable rcpul?
lion through llieir moderil biulnesi
uict-hods, the I)eming Transfer and
Fuel Cumnauy Is easily recognised
as tio leading Fuel Company In, this Men' Kiirnlsfclsms, Wenfrn's and
cuy. unsnrrn-tt mora.
BsUbl shed lioro anoui live years
ogo, '(tils firm Iibs been under lh"l One of Iho leading clothing (lores
uresent management atxjul ttii'eo in Demlug Is lhal of A. H. Daniel Sc
iars. O. H. Voung I Iho solo I Bon. men's furnishings, women's and
awher, while J. C (lage. Is office I children's shoes, Alllunlgh eslaV
masMger, Mr, Young came wiK-ining iiishrd here only iiiree ipotiin agu,
iirrSonally alxiut five, yoars ago, andllhe pride Hull Mr. Daniels hikes in
It n nutive of tho Slate of Michlgan.llilt over Increasing number nf sat.
Ho is Deputy Stale veterinarian, no lulled customers has boon greatly
n sponsible lor his growth and pop
'J lie firm is a parinersii in rons si
ilig of father amtisoii, A. 11. Ilaniel
nnd F. M. Daniel. Tho firm was
formerly kuown as A. Ji. Dunlel for
a period or eighi years, 1110 son
V M. Daniel, having been Willi the
film for (ho pail six monllK Mr,
A. 11. Dunlel his been hero fur four
teen years and formerly was u sales
man in his present lino, He Is a
fnmlly man, u homo owner and u
liicmticr of the Chamber of Cony
iiirrce. Do Is slso a member of Hi4
local lodge of Woodmim, He owns
elly property hero, and Is a nallvo
oflho rfute of MlssUslppl. He has
piaciicany 0 nieiirnus experience
in Ilia clothing business. Mr. V. M.
U a arailu4n of Ihe (irand Mopids
Veterinary CoHcg nt Orand Hapld
Midline He h n (oni'ly man, 1;
nronertr owner and a member of
iho local Chamber of Cuimuercc,
Mr. Young m alio a memner 01 ine
Masons and Blks. Mr. J. (I Gams
office manager, has bocn with Iho
Hrni two years anu nas ne;n in
tk-minir for (lib nasi six years, II
& formerly for five years Willi I In
Koulbwesl Lumber Company, and Is
Immnighly experienced m ino mm
nes Hue.
- Tke firm carries a eotyplcte slock
(X hy. grain, coal and wood, nirl
does a central transfer and eUirago
Vuslness. Tiicy handle Onllup and
luamnnu rna , 1110 nu lumg ocru-
Died Is 100 by 160 feet, and also.
Uireo large coal sheds on trackage. Donlel. Junior memlier if (lie Jlrm.
TUgy egifloy four Irtteks ainl three I u a young man and a gradualo of
wagefis in onler lo (aciiitaie um tie. ti:e Denting Uigti Hchool,
livery lo Iho cuslomers of llieir Tho Inn carries a general lino of
producl. -u flverago of Iwelvo poo- men' furnishings, womenV ml
nje H emiiliryeil by Ibis liumpany, children's shoes, stocking only sland-
Ifciljc'1 members of the firm are iiid brands In each line. The build-
eopslslenl Dcmlng boosters end bo- lug occuphil ) 28 by 100 feel, and
Jlcyo that iiexj. tiionlh should at three imidiiIc arc employed therein,
the liegtonlnj nfwhat will prove Thn firm lis shown a steady growlh
to lie a record year lit Iheli4 given ninrc Us beginning, duo hi no small
lino. The repdlalloo built up by manner (0 lis method or fair dialing
this firm Is b4sd upon solid and and attention, lu details, and an up
sowmLlmslne. nrlnclptes and their I locate slock, between ehrlitecn and
over Insressilng ponularlty would I twenty IhrAisaml dollars' worth of
SiHHi 10 nsswro meir luiuro success.) viurcu is miunioinw ai mi ums
rrBSlj BSW 1 SSWj ' SMBs9b1s9
Tho contliiuanro of any r.o-Hrm-
Iit a given lino for a iMfrlnsljol Ik-Trlj
years can mecn ontf one thmfl
that lhal firm Is an inutullfll slic
cess, Such is the pro rotdnlMf
Henry Meyer, Cily MHKkiil,fr
and cuml mesvts. 4
Tho firm was OflglnftllgiMtewaiaa
Hiessler ft M-uyer, Mr, Meyer later
taking over' hsteresl of Mr.
Hicsslcr. Mr. Isoer Is n fally
msHi, a'hewio owner and Is a' mem
ber Ot the Cnaniher nt tiunmerto;
hcsldes owning tils place of - lmd
nees, Mr. Meyer owns oilier bust
nes pni;erly, He Is u member of
the. Knights or lylhlasr and -tho
WiHKlmen lodge, AH work Is under
Iho iei'soul fiiNrvlioii of Mr.
Moyer, who was raised in tkoml
Ilia flrru starled n a sma-M' way
and has by modern business inth
ml succeeded lu reack-lngi-Mfl'Vfi1.
cnt high statu. Tho bulhtfng .oecii.
Ipled is X by l feel. -Biid elfl:peV'
pK nn employed llierel- Thls'ls
pJrtf of Iho leaillng meat nwikcjs in
1110 cuy ami ia ine oiiiesw l crrtes
a general line, uf fresh and cbcM
im-abj, Iresh vegclableii. shhwand
uystors, ung only Mlnvhres YHeV
products in the nugt llnu. ; v
nils" market does all . Hs own
butchering and U prepared In lisn
die any emergencies at nil times.
Ono of tho best enltiw ln.(hfiyx?
rrllenlly apnointrit market HTho
cold storage coiiipartmesv(,. ffM
by IH and onx S by (iMafl
cooled by cold air whkk.ksWijWiM
Cry al all limes ami Mil aMsisTdjii
advanlagn over ke, k'eeMig fkn
ttients fresher ami n a hil,p condl?
Hon for 0 longer ftUxi of tlmn than
would. lee. An average tmters(nra
of between W and 34 Ai&nv n
main I alncd at all Imtes. Ah aufo
dflivery system hi ln malnlasssd
in keening wKh Ihe Moyer" He 6t

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