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t ,, M "
waMw mUt at u. .
KSUCtoa at 0tuaaba. K. .:
Ike Offottl
The tUMuetH
o nsriler
m itpnii iiTi r isfiiiiMai v awmrarii L.jMtgwaMBaft.yWai MMwrnmrn w mwm msmf
w ii ivm sUTm
8ik wyy.
TJww WtiMfcl ma.
tlx months 31
One. i - . 3J0
ajtsag WHMMmV ' WB h
Saadabsal nlflMk.
tha Iklanisaw ttslarkr U tba aaak.
it tortaw m mm$mim r ux
' 'MM
CtaasMed k and readis Ue,
M CMtto per U; Mr Mm assirth.
nifm (-.twnvms
111 accordance with' lh call of the
stale chairman. lh rounty tonvcn-
lion to elect delegate to thn Slate
rnnwntion. and to select delegates
fori district convention In Itie sixth.
Judicial lUlrlct. I heresy calico, to
meet t Iho court house In Dentin.
New Mexico, August 16, IWO, at 2
iieluek n. in. Thl convention will
gbo I called on to take the nroiwv
s.t-ns to nil up vacancies In the
uninty ticket.
Countr Chairman, l.una Co, N.
U thm teka hC
kar asrata Mnk ho and..M
6tt of luh. rtttntr tawarst. bttt
me umtser iwsnsry imn it
ito to.
Th Columbus Courier, anil II
many Dcrmst fell as. M have, suf
fered long wwshhu mmus? rvpre-
mentation, aw far sVatn tnnt aleep
ami a pen and mi broailin loaw
with s-hrapncl coistatnlnsj isajajasa
teWc fact which may be expected
any time win eauae a scurrying to
tall Umber awl there are few lall
llmbcra in l.m eouwy.
C.cl up or pel out
t?ome men die hard others are
dead easy. hx.
One thlngmay ho said of the
Valley oil. well-It iiwn t uie wm
-ii- rut "hut" In I lie ram of fata
Are the liohlall nuh ami the busted
All three dally newspapers of
Cleveland, Ohio. Inrrrased their sub
scripUon and advertising rales one-
tliini tma wi
Jamca M. Cox In an Interview thU
ueek deelared there waa a decided
nwln of Independent Hepulillcan In
the aunporl or Uie iienwrauc
A bhy ann -a Iwrn a Mr. and
Mm. U I- Jone pf Summit Uv.n.
hln velenly mtirnlw. lie H not
M alvea a mint. Mr. Jone U
IlitfxweU kmmhi Mm4 CHbta hi
hrreief Jf gSiiwwK twnnWH-rrofii
I he Preset ikiwa) se-a.
d.ntcy on Mry tlefceLta It jaw
kiiiMi In in automoatm aecw'nc at
KIlROre. Oh August I. Mr. Hanlcy
di trained newnpatier man anil
nt almlml by all who knew him
b nollllca knew no liomn when
Kiank llanley wat around.
When the Norwegian American
liner Heresenifjord docked at aw
Vurk a few dlTl aco. CbdUIh Dull
knkt lhal hi aliln averareil 17 knntt
a asainat IS knoll a a coal burner.
The Heresenifjord bunker hold
about 530(1 ton of oil of which 1361
ten were connumed on the voyage,
arrordinK to the captain. A Having
of atwut W per cent in carjro par
M avel, since m rauo is nnoui
It nn of nit to 3 tons or roai,
The temporary suspension of the
Columbus Dally Courier ban evoked
varieit expreMlon. Juifcw Cole ld
tie wouM hove riven W or wore
nlhee 1 1 m i have the (tally eupenl-
n! Other reawks were nf a aim
liar nature while, nrofeablr l
involvetl was not a lane.
(ln nice old lady candidly said she
wu tld of it.'aa Ih arrival of the
dally In the househoW preolpMaled
a "fiiM" every evening between Uie
frinlly. as earh one wanleil It ami
It wa.on'1 larae etmiM to go around,
The dally will be. re4ed wbcRever
condttioBa In UMuhwmm wwtbm.
Uy the Irony of fate Jut m the
Courier Editor wa wwme an ni
rle on "Sulweribo for Uw Creat!
rvmneralle Week y t IUW UOMH
ty' in walked tt gentlenien frool
ivmin wlta tali down I ha price of
two yearly aukwrlpUom and their
enrdt which read M fo(ow: "O. E.
I.lmllnf, far Sheriff of iMm Com
ty." -f O. Tucker, camWiaite or
County Ataeasor," bolh on the R-
nuhllean Uckel. We warmed W to
11 h genllement. on account 'f their
Time was whro the anny reerull
Irk officer wtiild cme Into a coin,
inunlly and by I he. atanior of a mili
tary life dawt'ed in front of yoimx
men. lane mr netv mernantcs ai
workera awar from civil life.
tmrelvMC tfc l or NelfittW,
laliirr iMm rwf(. civil lire, iho
law now allow Hliieralo youmr mm.
who ran not crn apeak the KntHuh
lanauace. lo eHt In the armr, kl
while aervinc aohMera Vearn to
tpeak ami wrilo the lnuc ru
tlier. ii U ao arranired that alter um
preliminary training In rudwnilar)'
elucatlon. the soldier may select a
trad and thft government will thor
oughly train him a a skilled me
ttlrango U say. young men of this
rlast are, not nocking, to army life
as might reasonably In cxpccleii.
I'ethsM the word has not reached
them; perhapa the nre of ambition
ha not been lighted In them; iwr-
bapa their friends ami retallVM dissuade-
New Mexico would bo greatly
helped in the year to come, ir sev
eral hundred of her son would
accept thU ajt-nerous offer; learn In
know more of I he ommw worm:
acoulre an ethical Ion ad a trade,
M the reaetUo In aw mMat (6 act
av leaven m I ho loaf,
j.. .1 lira ITIW1 lwvun-- wwui
J. Prank Hsaalrv. exnvemr oriiu. -uil, w.triUil iuul LrWJ
VrwHana and can for. the prcsl. gn nd, ihoe who know such
fUhr)asrn aaMt'wtio-am Hwf adrsn
lages of "such an opportunity, lake
Mime naln to Dcrsuaiiu mem to actr
AvVled to an rise, ineir govenv
nicni,ii;auncm lor a uiihv Aim
querijue Journal.
The Courier extend greetings to
t'ntrnirislng Doming biuineM men
who at all lime arc advertising
Dcralnr and her resource. Till
week the Ulumbus Courier will
spread the fame of Iteming lo every
lale in I lie union, in tnc pai
there ha been more or IwJ Jealousy
11 ween Coluinlms anil Deming. The
Courier take It that the tucceta of
either or bolh cltle reflect upon
the other, in other word what is
good for one is good for Iho other,
Fair play and reclproclly ot favor
nuke an Ideal condition. The mer
chants of Columbus ire brainy, fine
men, ao are Uie merchant of Dent
ing. Karh town, however, has It
knockers. II Ingrale. It would-be
grafter, and again the Courier takes
it the majority, the big majority tu
bolh cuius expect the Ortphiv in
Dentin and the Courier iu Colum
bus to purge both communities of
H undesirables.
A (Irani county newspaper pub
lished Ibn Hidalgo county tax lll.
U.iw do they get away with that
tufff They got away with It In
I .una county recently. But at the
firit full meeting of Democrat
tbu coutt bouso In DcmlAg after
this" stunt, wa liulleil off the county
treasurer tnd the publisher were
ccfwpicuou oy meir wiseiico. in'
IrH Alloniey Vaught remrkl
unee uiahi a lima lliat renegadi
Democrats usually wind up driving
muleit In .tbrlr old age in Grant
Read James M. Cox's- tpeeeh of
acceptance In Uil issue of th Co-
personalillea, ami sympalhlscd with luudms Courier. While, ;entby,
them, hut the Courier proprietor.
nothing prevenUiar. will wlA for
Jack Smyer and Ta Munler. their
Jadge Hamilton of Iteming inter,
lairied an automobllo mwd af
IVstrtrraU gohig to tSe CAtnly cl
K.frothrr day with fartdefrt g-t-Jltift
fkovWe riot la Denting kt winter,
t tiknewB tu the Judgxi, hi tvderett
lag prtreraiioM n taken ikiom Sm
hdrthnd and- the CoarieKi Job d
parlwem win men (mu a
brobre. Hatf of Demta'
Hon h1H buy H a tlsht UK
ttf wU dwnn it. will heW
at Hte WMitna; una, jonn
iMkf.HHt Tfy. TlW 0ra4k
IjM unnnrkr J -Makini Ism
U necessarily so, u it awSU. rverj
iaialnabla arcumenl aaalnst. the
Mresenl adminialraitwt wHh resMtw.
tnt; and concUe unMwerat facta,
Mtad it again am! fortify yourattf
by making your pwitloft ih a Dmo-
era i imnnfiMie.
" ""V
A ColumcMM www -wltftw Hat'
lliread ttaaaX cHped am hiy wlwn
lu salt brako. Wt her mofttb
bmi inniiai'f. TK4 ajaln wkm the
Mtaay C BkMMkg tn a iMHttriton
a ---JjAH-1 laC-g" jkm, it ii fiatsallt tlaf Jt laAjgafe
fMV WsSPTPPI tirTiw w m
)inVie.cr I. M ttt ,m
Hwr thai M W) k tM
iWdarhwrfCkusnbs 8 I T . jMli'laaL -twi:
3ml "MMr lliini dm
hawsfni m vaeatMt trs, ttWt M ' . : . Ckv, fiiilii Mttdnsi ritnijr hro- . 43PBHH'
II ' '.mF' '- ' I , Mite of Mflavftw aa placo ' 'VSIBH"
W-im I , 1 , MSU M 4aaiMV0 VMig cam- i , vwJiaiiaaB
I, ' . u , yaajn itanMlat m,m ehre Jg.Sg'rg
nf Wk mm ha tlatir bastd for salo B
vwn sjatok. vfflm 9
A vMt Use mtiw hi the Trea Mi 9
llmiisaii ywrterrhy futmd Iho crew :P3 9
... , H vmk m tmi rtown thn Waterloo . '-.mS 1
r ' v an. Hw timbre- l perfect. -Vfffjl 9
r ' ;' Urfi Rah, tit wagasnr. akt lhcy i-' jtH
ww nwaliag ajmt tmtr feet a day. I
w . "fVT aw gasi stewft 8M feci and I
" t , i ; Mm tttWMt to three other shafts, ' W.
' - i. ' - fa siiai a)) mt. When (hi
' hi atiMH'Wh tswy will then have eKM
aupiiiiliatl ii thai abevi Ihm lie 'Cji 9
."! r - .kMtiM af Voan of. hw grade hli1y WSjsi 9
-T ' ' " msiiHsaii: w iisjiNf from l? P"5 9
- tfi tag a a a he.mWd for a R
1 " aeawsM MbH aewas per ton, mill- f?'S!I M
''' hay, inanaaralhag and overhead H
f. ' .' hrhsalnt Ma to a pratilcmatlcal i"i;j m
MHU, but the difference between Iho " .3 K
total production cat and the a- -H) &
wyed price will represent million .-. i
of dolhvra profH. J$
Jlpstafe 1
1 had r chMk book with at, aad
eaHed 4 Uw firei atsraaw I aajM u,
iu.ked u UHy uhiM Ug lay.
MfiiH efceek for five laftotai M paw
lice. I wm hforMd iht Mas iatn-
aer wouM ham to he nuUit,
and after they had conune4 with
Hie iinvrtatwr by lelrm 1 wa .
furnieit Ihrre was iwdMsur daiaa.
i swa lowed the com liiriaani
hat ever reeeivHi taw wave
Bround the, Meek wad us Mas MM
l(.ki for amtfcer aaraae, aad asw
your hm, ItBrdfrhwwt Baripi, 'satd
aloppeti, Mw after ytHwisawfcayjy,
hkh were rmmtit imawnM
CrHftall a?sjt SA4 lMa 0M jpHrt
couM net Kve nttrnm mmt
CM'tiewas HiatsaniL had I
well kyww eytwwcf. t jawMtr
HOfflfi jHaJfJf, (aMa"i (yMgVjf' WaS
wa csm sVt for yw? IKwi's yaw
ollt" greeted me, acJ l tfcwrhl, and
still think, what a dlffcreeeo t a
fiw olockt in Iho satH toviu
Hmi Cwnty Ataamey,
tlrntiemcn, I want you to know
Uiat I thoroughly appreciate your
courtesy and krod' treavtmestt ht'H
arconhneMhc a scasajw, aMl jfou
may mt aasurtd I smmI ei swon
rorget 11, im 1 ahaii cerutiwiy Caaa-iiM-ml
you to my friend asai My
traveler coming your way. avd I
trust thai in this way I may he aMe
to repay yoor kmdnea.
If any of vnur firm
over this way, I wm c
favor lf yuawHI i
how otl that t aju MMM
aawfl u)Uy of materia.
Again IhMMUflgHt, I aw,
County Attorney, tlrahasw QtfAfi
H a
am sasri
n Tetmey Wlams & Co., Brokers
Sttiu 144, Mt PaciCc KUctrk BsjIWh, Lm Arvfclas, California
l eeniALL xs mime at
N. M. C P A, ANN M. A.
President Clothier of the New
Mexico College of Agriculture and
Mechanic Art has sent the follow
ing letter to each of the students
In attendance last year:
"lllo financial a! fairs r the col
lege are looking much better, and
thn new board has taken hold with
a determination that (he usefulnea
of this instMnthm Id Ha students
ami the people of the state shall not
m curtailed in any way.
"Urgent Sutherland, who Is sn
alumnus and old football player, i
looking urier Urn mailer of utrurlBK
an athletic director. Some flue ma
terial i in sight, and It Is Intended
to pay enough lo gut the beat Ulial
I'rofetMr M. U. MArton. who ha
had extcpslve exiM rleacc in training
musician for operatic performance.
ins peen Detected to head the muMC
depsrtmenL Mr. Wilton will olt
in pmim Inttruclion. chaniinir fof
Mr her lesson. It k Uoped lit have
a hoy glee club, a girls' glea club,
a.'i oratorio society open la students.
ruriiuy ana cilixcn or l-an Cmce
and vicinity, a first cbm hmtl ana?
a Fegirnicra c!M hi choral work.
Iho -acanch created by a few
rtJmlioiM Ih the faculty are beta;
iCaptaln Homer H. Mason'lccnitly
ran his Ford into hi garage. Ho
rouldn'l slop IU anil the machino
ran through tho rear wall into the
tack yard.)
rcr sale One Ford car with pkton
Two rear wheols, one front tprtag;
mm no renders, seat or pMmK,
BtMnM lota Af aw, hard to eeaak.
Carburetor huer, halfway Urowtli,
!i f Ino nilistes. hits m two;
Three years okl, four if) she aprlflg,
HM tock a&sorbers and everything,
hadlator buttnL suro doe leak.
ftlfercnUala dry, you ca hear It
Tea ssHike mlaalns;, frettl all bent,
Ttm htewn out. asn't worth a cent:
Oot ht of sawed, wi rwa Hko she
Hums esther ws or' tobacco hike!
llfas as) off, bee rtw m the rh
A sm caed toni for im aa bo
Ws h. ' UIV Oo,
-mjr uvswi orrs
District Judge llaymond ft. Hyan
Monday sentenced & K. ("Slim")
Duncan, alleged horscthlcf, and
J'hilllp C. Murray, held on a charge
of robbery, to serve from 13 lo so
years each In thn stata pcntlrnUary
at bants Fe. The. two prlsoncn
tdeaded guilty ' to sn Infonnatlon
charg-tfif them wilh Jail bresklng
riled by District Attorney J. a
Vftttght Duncan and Murry tawed
the bar on one of the Jail window
a" few weeks ago and escaped. They
were captured two days later In
Greenwood canyon, near the dtla.
mmm to kuus: w
f Masnlsjtom veto the r?AWe
a- r a It... -a . I - -- .. La
PMbW W JWIWt i rttayajBjsBj
hMSMMv Utthm, at a apettat SMeeths;
fsasasl" tMABsaLa -ayatgaaa I Jy a TlLflll
twtkaUowi Tor reaerthMM 'ffff. hJ ' tTJILltu
m riv aro comwc m ay froaufy' " TTT V!S5ir Trl " "
prosier live ew ttudefd. and rvVvTl ZmMJTlZx .arwUlvu
rether wt look for js vrry wi'eWl t'aaa". cMiWV
rut year w tniH ttt rm ww 1 . - ta ,
reliirs.iul brte aeyefr new slirf" m.- ..'g "ifr,..
w fjdMM rwinsy w eaassw an m-
dcit rith yo.
vUatSui is trar ifaHUm.
-. ...1'. lL U.,J. n. . . Ifc. ILu.
. i, 1. ,.. 1 anm df use imnawirt m im-
aUv In MMUtlrr and uarrata. Iviufl! 10 nml1t. .V"'1. t"r
7. ; . . . . . : - . -lir.iAM iic tiu, wviuiiwi in aw aw,
tt e bhhm wawtaert 01 America" ZV VL, Vi jiw.
idvak. tn theae temteM Umea UflJyt " .ffiT1?.
A etJ0ili,'-,ITr r '
There wUI be a ineiM( tiiavipraw
- - iw ---- fiinS BBMki. ! IV-l I II 1 1 iai a? Basil awanw. b Aket
Uierily of the
nnf to be lutiaamtln: the hH
niiaaam m erviuni'uw an w:iri7! ami vul
calabHied Iw oh- acehkitr. I: ZJSSSr
Industry upme the seed that 1 n w aeswus rwsmi tnew uuh
makM for htNtrttfi health, bapplne 'M mmm fQuteUM will result
and eswlewtsnect aitd Hs betrayal hMntlHy hi N more nmsrw
lenda ft Uw meryt woe and dhv tsten t Of lb" present ever
tuiairnKwnt that follow in 1U nalr ct &. ikw are the addb
M by.: ,
Aa bMMC aa van are a oart, f Mtl Aatbaasi 2. MMM 2, flail fosl
luaWuUon ftffewl H. hofwr H. tlierVM. Qjiuiaifci.t. tihUMWwst I. rharkk
Veil M, wt' fer it, e(d by It wvdft -tfaaa. 1 Istlsuds J, tHti i,
atasMl by those wbose butlnra it irsajaaiaii 1, J-oaiaaas i, isrtart 1.
Mr mmIsmim kirn mad H ;uw IWe ill jilt r hwif IU' t Mkhbjafl i. MImm.
t.d H hh?vernit your achtew.MMa' Meap I. .-sew iatk . wortn
4Mnt, f iihMUssa ?, ffet'th Daiirt t, fHilo 3,
The fnduttrkl Knd eonww'wkl WujsWwtia t, Orisi 1, pSiWrlviiia
ifevskaimi'ittt of a wttkm b th bttl-ML Saaah Catratta I, Viuth lhtkAta I,
wark at oiar lHterlv fnil 111 I rrnrtallinSTn i. TeM t, ViflSUlta 1.
Sf sf. it behooves m to caiehffpatjaianri J, W4 Virgick 1, Wi.
(Las Vegas Otitic)
Thn Mt Ijtkc mayor who is
charged with nilsapproprialing
fMiMss belonging to the city and
putting them to hi own use, wa
Jttal IllUe careless In not Uirow.
hut out a bit lo Ihe rest of the ring.
Same one didn't gel his share and
got mad and went and to d. so the
authorities had to getljusy and file
Hsarges against the Mayor. As Is
often Ihe case, the crime Is not In
remiHWtmg the act, but lit gelling
cawawi Rl iu
New paper Is lo he msdn M of
asfaHa. That sound likn I he oref.
aco to a raise In the prke of "b
wwco. itreenviiio (, CJ picj.
Ucmocratto Couaay Ttebat
For Representative!
For Sheriff:
P. L. 8MYEA.
For Couaty Trsawsrsr;
w. j. wtwty:
For County Aseeesor:
For Uomty Cksfit
P. A. MOmfLVj
For Butwlntcnitssit af
For Profctto Juas:'"- '
B. U. GMVB. v,'1'
For County
j, l. ixmm.
For Ceuttlr rnmiiitiiliaii,-'Wssrit;
JAM4M A. MlsaVl
For Cewiey
Toilet paper at he, tjaWlwt.
Tlirw roll fur e.
"biiTth.. tsrr x w?..-
-'i wrtee asw srarM Iraw Ml fee
If !ec!vc, "V that ete momc
asiM swaa: mm ushhs tJw
m skMStaTSSMsK.
wy eg Vmyl
slsf Mil - 1
?VfYaiU XamO: Aeensif UhJ k ViC
U kJiif' a
J. i. FiissaaW, rViiaMsaf, rrfit. ffiiiisvL . "
r;v, 1 tli I awsng 1 bm aa eoavesjWM. jaa mimm

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