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'uyyiuK mil. .
M fMe f Usssr btriy, faithful and
fetrMk jo the Wjr tore. mlaht
k nsX be tsffsstafesjf, tbit tiitsiefiwaiJi
Vt Wrfi'wWiiihm alrke, rnslrv
.btsr saiuicd And plotted, with
EHrasil Mai. WW v-letory i mr
KM tbey sVaaysst ami obsrwled
Mm work f (stitwe. If dsMMcd Ue.
M l Hw wwrk iH hand M atilffctj
Jfcf bsteeferbaj; wttb if ihwmHMu
jMmmI assskins; authority was
Htychi. Meteee tho country knew,
fjya, before M men Miowmrtwj
Wtow lb eMails- of the cotnttosile
jpwsiuiibi ii n m incn lame.
IMr otMiMHkin to It,
Istfewt M. treat wm MibsMlUed U
svery enasldmT.lioSi of
by prtlA a caftr Mf Ihe
IroM tww bsrvls, and sed H.
hiio tun prHHiHi record or riiiinriai
Kuccrsimgs, From llial hour tlaled
o rnlerpisc ot Ihe thrdwlng Ihn
whole subject into a technical ill.
Ctisslnn. In order that Ihe public
might M confused, Tim plan linn
-never tbafcd J if (It objective, bill
,klhe H4hm ha. At the utael Ihrc
wm ti ercfnl IimMcmo HmI tkcro
4M dckn tu Interfere with the
fwtftdo evolved anil forlliecl il
' VcrMHlM. LaUr, It wm the form
mI net tho uboUncn thai pmfcM
eMr htMrimt Hek. Hkl weow
wm Mite when proiwta Mr
ttme fortfc (Ml elfarhr nrnMctilttH
' Nw bwie prhMlpk of ffcu wbohi
pttte ittMt. It ki iwt wwtumry to
rccH 14m 4Hik f Um ttrovey
,J Ik (Mi awtof tJMlH' flHMb
,rrytHIit hki Mm htto what wrrr
'Urwh m Ihfl lAMito rnHirvKlkMM,
when cimyreH nljimrftott thrnv
s6-cMtMrpgulr HetrnWIewffniloni
Fnni that tlmo Ihn prorrMcii
luvWbrrii Inlerratfnir. Willtlrnl rx
IMNllunry In IU lniot iMMisn nwarfiil
rvory coniildernllon cllhrr of Ihn
public Inlcrctl or of Ihn innlii
tfiianre of the honor of a iirrat imv
llllrnl part)'. Tim cxchuivo oiicslinu
wui how lo avoid a niplilrc In the
Kepuhllran onranlxalioii. Thu roun
try rccrvwl with Inlerw, In ay the
lonil, llm annoimcnnent fnmi I'.lil
cafo, whvro Uit) natlnnal coiiM-nllmi
wa aiirnililml. Hint a platform
plank, ilrallnit with the nulijcl of
world pcacr, had Iwcn itrnwu, loav
Iiir out I hi) Unlge iTrvalloun, and
yrt n.'iiiilnlng Bgrtcabtn lo all Intt-r
rain, mvanhq; Ihrrchy, Ihn Uxlgo
rorvatlonlK Ihn mild rrservalloiv
lata niul tkn gnilip of ttrpuhllcaA
wnalora 4iat opfiily opcrl the
hgu(i of imAIoim hi any furni. '
A WM'pMfiirm made no deflnilA
cimwK of polky and wan, in fact,
o aHfui'ly Hmnl a to mako
almixt any deduction (xmvlble. It
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Tk Mim on a farm tnir Jaekaonburg, Butler coiiniy Ohio, nhtr 0wr
Itaaca M. Cox, Dcmocratlr raixllilato for prliltnt, vraa bore
thl-outh Ihn convrnlion with
IWwctWal Unanimity Scnalnr John.
on, biwf vpt, wltow nosltlnn ha
pm emMMefii and wtioae opotl.
ttou of the bHue In any jnapo la
well known, withheld bin mpport of
lb ronvonttoH' cholrr until Ihn
raiHlhbitc had alwh-d tho moaning of
tun fttMrurm. km winciiiHcerl di-fj.
U4y ttw poliey that would be hit,
, Th M(iu(tlcMi cMiitMttto bag
aawfciti ami Ms ulWraf cnlla
Kwth Iku followhiK Minroval from
tffiiaiUir Jolnnon;
icttrnbiy In Ills anecch of accenl
aiico tknalur ilnnling unmulvocally
took liH Jlanil upon thn paraiivmut
Imic In I tilt) campaignthe league
of nalioiM. Tho llopiiblicau imrly
aloiidi ronunllli'il by It plalionn.
Ill atandard bearer ha now accent
ualed that platform. There can be
no misunderstanding bli wordi."
Senator Harding, m the condldalo
Of tho parly, and Benntor Jolmsou
aro a ono'on thia quration, and, ns
tho latter eipreiwd It, tho Hepub
llran party U committed Mh by
itfonn In the abitrarl and by lit
CMdldalo In apcclflcallon. The
threatened revolt among leaders of
the )Mrty fa averted, but (bit wlflor
Hy mMIoh m ciprawed hi tho aen
4 foaM m thai of th paily. In
Wt, prmcH'le, M aowed In up.
IHirt of tho lxlpe renen'Bllona, or
of Iho so-called mild reservatlnnii,
baa been surremlored lo exiKillency.
pliilxu or lKillcy In bebnir of nil
"I promise you format and effec
tive peace, ao quickly aa a lleptih
llcnn congret ran pasa Its divluru
linn for a lleptihllcati exeeutlvo (o
TliH menus hut one thing u irpu
role iMace with (irrmanyl
Thia would bo the moal diKhrnrt
enlng event In clvillintiiin aineo the
Huiiiaua made their (eparate peace
with Ucrmany. and fiiflnltely more
unworthy on our part than It wai
on thai of the llmwlnin. They wen
thrrutrued with starvation and rev
olullont had awrpt llelr country.
Our aoldlrra fought aide by tide
with tho allies. Bo complete waj
the coalition of strength and pur
loso that Oeneral Koch vi siven
auprenie cbhitMnd, and t-ryzmi
ctier hi (he allied rause, no tMMter
io$ on luiiuwim, riTiifturfi
hint n Ills rlilef. We fought tho
war together and now before Ihe
thing is through it fa proponed to
SesrGal Knlo"lai)er.
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enter. Into n separate pence with
Oernwnyl In gooil faith wo pledged
our strength with our associates for
the enforcement of lenns iipoit of.
fending power, aixl now II la $ug.
gealeil Hint IhH be wilhdrawi.
Bupponn (Irrmany, nvognltlng Ihe
rirji nrrak In I lie allies, tmHc
sotnelhiug vn eannnt aerept. Doee
Senator HnnllnA Intend to rrnil an
army In Germany to press herein
our terms? Certainly ihe allied
army could not bo expected In reti'.
I'T aid. If, on tho oilier hand.
Germany should accept tho'ehmce
wo orrered or breaking Iho Iwnd
it would lie for the express ptirioc
of injuring a (lermnn-Amfriean alii
anre. recognising thai the allle In
fact, no nation in good slundlim
would hnvo unyllilng lo do with
either of us.
This plan would not only be a
piece of bungling diplomacy, but
plain, unadulterated dishonctfly, as
well. .
No less an authority than Benalor
Lodgo aald, before the heal of recent
controversy, thai to mako pearojex
cept In company with tho allies
would "brand us everlasllngiy with
dishonor and bring ruin to us."
And then after pence Is made, with
Germany, 8eualor Harding would,
he says, "hopefully approach the
nniious or Kiirnpo and or the earth,
proposing that understandim; which
makes ii n willing imrllrlpant 'In
Ihe consee nillnn of nnllnns lo a new
rrUllpnshb.C. , w.-
In Miort, Amerlrn, refusing to
enler the league of iiuIIiwm 'nw
alrrndy eslnbllshed by lvwiily-plni1
nations) and lieuring mid deserving
Iho contempt of Ihe world, 'would
submit an entirely ii'-w project. Mils
pel would either be regarded as
arrant madness or allempted inler
national IhhsIsiii.
The plain truth I-, lhal Ihe lie
puhllran leaders. obsejisel Willi n
dclermlimlioii In win Hie preside)).
Hal election, have alteniitil to
satisfy 'too tnaiiy dixergeul views.
Inconsleilcci, lnvltntiln under the
cfirMmsfance. rise In haunt Iheui
ifitoverlHtLaiid they find tlieni
serves, arroyri) liiSPJ'iic iiinugni ai
(eawt, o4iiist a craitwinclple. More
llirtii IhjC their, cotvjfw H oppojeil
lo Hte fibWlism uiwmwhich Ihiir
U-'aMMiered iiiiWfc days.
lHylijtSNi lh(sjHprrvalious by
ctei4clB, BCHJ remembered
thai MsiAHow'.wShing against an
lntcreMJlM'iiff'frs oulslde of Aui'T
lea, criticised .president Wilson in
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miUtary sJIIsmsc. wbMh, riwpt fd
wssr Pgfissjssjejs, wtuu vm
coUfrUT. WtMWL M a BMtter ht
Ihe tubel f a, league, at mUmm
lias eititiMMt use o thought m
America for yn sstrt ihe lesspie to
Knforre Pes wax msMed owe by
so dlslingUhrW a JHSHiHlert 'a Kt-
rresweiu mn, wm. erir auru
rneeA Ik every etiv aifeat4Nl
Ihn prinl(i4 and the pfan f tbe
Present lesnruo. TVy ehi-sr sicrl
meidathKb when wo have as histori
cal prciHlent the Monroe doctrine,
which Is the very essence of article
ten of I he Versailles "ovenant
Kkeplics viewed Monroe' mandate
with alarm, predicting recurrent
war In defenw of Central and
South Alnll. ii (taint whose pwrd
Inns they alleged wo ne-d not lr
And yet not a ihol lias been fired
in almost one hundred years in pre
serving sovereign rights on Hits
li'inliphcre. They hypocritically
claim that tho league of nations will
resnll in our Iwys Mng drawn Into
niilllnry service, but Ihey fall to
real r.P that every huh orlKxd vouna-
Mt In Ihe land knows that no treaty)
ran overrule our constitution, whlrh
reserve lo congress, and lo cnems
alone, the ower to declare war
They prenrh Amerieantsm nllh a
meaning of Ihelr nwt lineulton, and
artfully aprwal to a selfish and pro.
vlnrial spirit, forgetting Hist Lincoln
fought a war over the purely moral
question of slavery, and that MeKIn
ley broke Ihn fellers of one lnmn
,dnry lines, siioke Iho freedom of
t.ubn, and carried 4n lurch of Amerl.
ran idealism lo the benighted Pliilli-
iiines. iney lose memor' of Gar
field's prophecy Hint America, nn
der Ihe blessings of God given op
ixirlimlly, would by her moral lead
ership nnd cooperation tiecomo a
,Mesla!i among Ihe nations of the
These are fnlrfut times. Orgnnircd
government has a definite dulr all
over the wirld. Th" house of civil
lisllou Is In lie put In order. The
supreme Issue of Hie eentiirv l 1m
fore us and the nation Dial halls
tind delays is playing with fire. The
finest Impulses of humanlt), rlsinu
olNiver national lines, merely seek lo
make another horrible war Impossi
ble. Under the old order of Inter
national anarchy war canio over
night, ami the world was on fire
liefore we knew It, It sickens our
senses to think of another. We saw
one conflict Into which modern
science brought new forms of de
struction In great guns, submarines,
airships ami imiIsoii gases, II Is no
secret that our chemists had per-
IcruM, wueu me ronlfsi came in a
precipltnle close, gs.se so deadly
lhal whole cities could ! wined
out. armies destroyed, and the crews
tiPhalllrshlpV smolllered.' The 'pub
lic prints ore filled Willi Ihe opin
ions of military men that In future
wars Ihe method, more effective
(ban gases or IkuiiIh. will be Ihe
employment of the germs of ills.
aen, currying pestilence muI tie.
si rue I Inn. Any nation prepared nn-
ler Ihese renditions, as Germany
was cquipjted In 1111, could compter
Ihe world In a yenr.
II Is planned now to mukc this
impossible. A ileliuito plan has
been agreed Uoii. The liuMic of
nations Is In oiieralion. A very
Important work, under Its control,
jml completed, was parllclpalid its
ny tho Hon. hliliu liool, M-rn-lary
ul stain under the ftooseell nil
iiiinlslratlmi. At a meellng of Ihe
Council of the league of nations.
February II, nu oigjnlilng cnmmlt
leo of twelve of Ihe most eminent
Jurists In the world was selected.
The duty of this group was to de-
Vise a plan for Ihe vslablislunrul ol
ii permanent court or International
Justice at' a branch of the league
This assignment, has been concluded
by unanimous action, This augurs
well for vorld progress. The qucs.
lion is wvcllier we snail or shall
not Join in this practical and hu
mano movement. President Wilson,
as our representative at thn peace
lahie, entered the league In our
name, In so far as the e.vecuttvo
authority iicrniitlcd. Senator Hani-
Dig, as llio neputillcau ranillUale ior
(ho presidency, proposes In plain
words thai wo remain out of it. As
tho Democratic candidate, faVoi
going In. Let us analyze Senator
Harding's plan of making a German-
American peace, and then calling for
a new relationship among nalioui,
a.wiwiog, fop. the iiuriiose of inpi-
msM' MU-y, thai tho nerf Idior.s tmnd
i-k'seKlth Ocrmany would pos
ses ike power or Influence to draw
twcuty-Htuo nations away from a
P I already at work, and Indure
be,H bri;tracn every step and
make a:s;w beglunlng. This would
enlatl mv appointing another com
mission (n assemble with those se
lected by the olher nowent. Willi
(he Versailles Instrument discardetl,
the wl.ulo subject of partitions and
divisions ol territory on new lines
would lie- rtx'jiened. The difficulties
m this regard, as any rale i.ilnd ap
predates, would be greater lhau
they wexo at the peace s.sion, and
wo inuiluHot (itteiiiiU to convince
I'tirwlvfS'l-bat they Hid not Iry Ihe
BfWW paleiKO -and diplomacy o
6irttVulet at that tlmo. History vviU
say that great ns was the nltk
triumph in war, no less n. vlctusy
wa4 achlevetl at tint peace (aim
tiu Henubllcnn proposal mentis sHt.
j honor, world courustoit aief iway
ill would keen us in permatieut com
1tnny willi Oermaiiy, lltmsloi, Tiirbiy
nnd Mexico. It would cutaji, liw
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ultimate, more, real injury lhau Ihe
war llself. The Demoernllc poslllon
oi the (pieslion, as ejpres-eil In Iho
piatrorm, it:
"Wo advocale Immeillato ratirica-
Hon of Iho Irealy wlllwiit reservu.
Hons which would Impair Us rssen-
nai iniegrity. inn no not oppose Hie
4creplanre of any reservall-n mak
ing clearer or more sneeifie l ie
"litigations of the 1'nlled States to
Ihe league associates."
Tho first duty of the new admin
istration clearly will be the ratifi
cation of the treoty. The mailer
should bo approached without
thought of the bitterness of Ihe
past. The public vcnllcl will have
been rendered, and 1 am confident
lhal (he friends of world ptneo as
II will lie promoted by tho league,
will have In numbers Iho constitu
tional rcipilsile (o favorable sena
torial action. The captious may
say that pur platform reference lo
rrsenalloua it vague unit Indefinite.
lis meaning. In brief. Is lhal wo
shall stale our Interpretation of Hie
covwianl ap n mailer, of tod fatili
lo our associates and ns a precau
tion against any iiiiHimderslaiidiiig hi
lies future. Tho iuint is, that alter
I lie people shall have siMiKen. (he
league will be In Ihe hands of Us
friends In Ihe senate, and o safe
Index as lo what they wil! do is
supplied by what reservations tliey
nave propose! in inn past, home
months sgo. In a conlrlhiilcd article
lo the New York Times, I expressed
my uwn opinion of Iho situation as
it thru was. I reproduce it here:
There can lie no doubt but that
some senators have been conscien
tious In their desire to clarify the
provisions of tho treaty. Two things
apparently have disturbed them:
First, they wanted lo make sure
lluil the league was not to lie an
alliance, and that lis basic purpose
was peace and not controversy.
Second, Ihey wanted thn other
powers signing Ihe instrument to
understand our const ilutloual limi
tations beyond which the Irealy
making power cannot go. Dealing
with these two Questions in order.
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II has always seemed to ine llwl
the Interprelnllon of Ihn funrlioii
of Iho league might have lieeil slated
in these words:
"'In gtWng Us fissenl In this
Irealy. Ihe senate has in mind thn
fact lhal thn league of nation whlrh
II emlxxlles was devised for .he sole
puritose of maintaining jieaoe and
enmity among Ihe nations of the
earth and preventing Ihe n-e nrrenrn
of such destructive ronfllrls as Dial
Ihrnugh which 'he world has Jusl
passed. The cooperation id Hie I 'ru
les rtales Willi Hie league aiel Us
continuance as a meimVr thereof,
will naturally depend upon Ihe ad
herence of Iho league to Hut fuuda
mental purpose.'
"Kurh a declaration would nl least
express the view of Hie I uHed
(Hates and Justify llm rours- whh-li
our nation would iiiiipiestlimably
follow If Ihe basic purfKiSn nV tho
league, were al any lime distorted.
11 would .Also appear to be a sim
pler mailer In provide ugninsl any
misuiuleiDtan!ing in Ihe f til ure and
At the-simie'llnie In inert Ihe Jib.
Ji-clllois nflfiosn who lielleve (hat
e inlghl lie (lulling a roiilmversy
over our conslllulional rluhls, iy
making a senatorial addition In
words something like these:
"11 will of course be undrriitood
thai in carrying nut the purpooo of
Ihe league. Hie government of Ihe
United stales must at all limes art
hi strict harmony with tho terms
and Intent of Ihe United States con.
stitutloii which cannot n any way
ho altered by llm treaty making
liower.' "
Unquestioned friends of Iho
league have made other proposal.
Our platform clearly lays no bar
against any additions lhal will lei
helpful, but II speaks In a firm
resolution to stand against anything
thai disturbs Hid vital principle. Wo
hear it said thai interpretation am
uiinee ossary. That may ho true, but
Ihey will at least lie rossturlntt lo
many of our cltlieus, who feel (bat
in signing Ihe Irealy. there should
Continued on Pago t, Column t.

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