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The Columbus weekly courier. (Columbus, N.M.) 1920-1921, August 06, 1920, Deming Edition, SECTION ONE, Image 4

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runt. Kxn-wwrr tacrHrt . ' - i-i,owi MicouOT. few niuttcfl n
Hill IhIvI BBBPwWy ,irt '? ffi upiy hBhH9bbHIbBH '
failure r wHrttfiMMAi i tiiiwfc'ir HmnHHiiiPHHHH
- - iWfe iWMiiiWte ml 'IMin VHjl. r ianBaanaBBBaBBBBBBaBj
,J (..,w,utl Krotfitrlioetl of MJa, .
We have the goods and &e price to
FIGHT wkh. They will btin down
your cot and keep youpfreawf Yoejr
ior$ wil buy a real wdpttaf,8w iw
bx's SpMi
"tedptiict" Spite
Omlimied from Pax A klnnn ft
he no mental reservation that are
rol npmtnl in ptaln word, a a
mailer of awl fallh to our awoei
etc. Such mterpreUlion immi
ii fnriiin- lrtur of tuopivwr a
te in ".titeli agreement an
reached, and airrvemeni. wiinoui in-Mti-r
1 Ihe eirvi Mnt. l rum- l pre
iNtf imiiortanre. II wa lb dlre
lo ret thina tarted thai nmpled
uw mcmlicr of the nate I" vole
f.ir lb tjfelce ivwvalion. TIkw
who r-wtliltty Kirii for them
in th- fXtil reH H reaiifd. bow
rvrr. that Ihey arlod under lre
in that a pidrlreaHy Nsvnl mmmtl'
wa nereilx lb arbitrary powre
iRiviri ihC rather Um smnM
MhMitiMtir liltcy. Ther It
very liawri, ilifhiaan taa.j
IThk. iWrwwA 1'W UrflV-
ptWPertnfc. vrWrlih l4a Ihe
ttfrt. K k Ml a tr Ma Ju
tsnd twr bo wwjmif rrBt Ajk
mt MffMl profit aa ti i iwaaygf
mnil t mr HHtttoMen I(mm I
rmtntkM lentonnsr tmwm jw
ar maxmc nwicary1 w
feutJfiW. tni ho mi Kv aaHMj
tea tJy m of ilhUirtnil aini.
If t am cllfi to iNM-vfro a pant
dml rkm (H fee fmtaCfc(lMr
tli not rc4j- xiC tmt i infilaW
ttoJtar yvvrtf. AmmIm f.mump
to Mtw lhtr Iwni twJ.
tax n th wwnjsa oi iw nr"
mrar. ef Ihf HkrM ft-
slpoa! ireuv. oT I6r arwmrai tnv
lk- that a rx-Hrr fw f laxaticii0f tnar. WKif AMHen I'W'iiMi
thin Ik umMM rxrM prvW Ux
noj tr fotim! ami I snit a itmaH
Ixv ivbaMr ""
half ixr W tbo total ut
hi rmy ttmR tmtm. ll l l oe
ifeTlMl that the Itm "huMn
torn. t ur tta mm ypla
honmijr HnA wrw nmmI w in
our dMHMM -M4iw lfew
ui taana tkt Hirr may
sltsJ. lu mtttr Ike tKatr e4
I hull law.
rtt by nr; . ftfeateHi rocttrHrtiM t. Me
blft bb tr lwM I "i Snh mnnr f eurw. hM bmi
fmw th las. Ihf tf"ff7' itulwnM to prwpr trin l
iem iT th bttblr rap(taHiit i ii it,. m, u. t ivn
bJivrtrwl thf "(voth Is irbute Ma f iwMw
alinl tn rnhiw ImjHiW' aihl f-
roniithe. tu astatic i rv
rlwurf vilt autocnalfeaUT 'iju5t
1ttcI- to the opportunity f
romnvTrtal frrrdom. N tif aal
rrnnml h-nm will lake UoM of "
r i&ilioa. MtnVliMl will prt a
rrvolutc hMer U Ihf tafc nf tr-
dJiiomHit. and a r wn nari
ik-nfl upon thr- rartk. "
W haw locirfUe proW to b
mIUmI TVy are iwwt r3"
Many condition (cttwiai: oal of thf
car will net and idmrtd nl fr
MoiH!. The week at rfaUMBvtl
wrtl raH for ow Nt wnaj- b
frmiity. unwlfhw-M aM (!"
la th klra that It th frowaJ
wrlfarv we mwl pramole. Onr f
Ihr flrl thR to he dan w tb r
ml vf war Uie. The 4ry ef
Vnwloa into the world war pre-j-tl
our petl feto an untar
fmiiviil rtwrcfraT. whhrh
w raced wilh a iktefwinalkw to
nuke every narrtfke eeesry lo
victory. nrHtem tn luwriv ioan
mhrraetl by rlrieitj reiariKeM f
IhMr fmiiviil niffdit ion wetf Mv
ilinllr nlaced at I lie iUtMil of the
tnvenHiient, aad other bilVwrtf were
rii!lT raM mil ine rrgCTirj
Ibroiuh many forow of laxallon.
To have paid ty etwrmt Uv wmre
than one-thinl of lb ttpjrta, Pf
tbo creatwt war In the kWT 'f
mankind, b a reflect ion on the blah
rtM of naiieal duly wilh nhich
e or merk- virtr tlie obJifatieM
or thi pwratiew. IwmeVbately ft
VwhtF the mrmWlce, Beure U
exxlily onerMM and annoytnjt tax
Uin rhdd haw been lakrn aad
tbt Republican nmsrea ta whith
all lax lawa rout ordinate. at
whfch for alawt two yew ha
Mrhulwlr hM the power t tul
Inrato thi racditktv hit "M JBad
sisrie effort or pawed a ate?!
Uw lu Ufl from I he Amevifan peo
ple load of war taxation that tan
ty tolerated tn a Uaan of rxce.
Federal UuUon mail be Ueavily
retteeed. aed it wifl he rVw at oore.
if a IVneenlie admlauintien i
rtuvLMi n Ninremher. Withotlt
loaRierinir fMenlial salKxttl admin
btralliv departments, by the Um
Bitkm of &H other and lrjft eeoa-
rwy evermliere, ealiikU fai e
ha mlucrrl to extes l iwa smwi
Mmp taw flHaflD? Mtmrt m -rw io
of ila portion to enforre ilraUM la favorite exewc tor Ww " '"fluerMce hi return. Many caHaa.f
i:!!.,. iin.nJr iu tuim ol'mntiimnr It mean of htfMy Bt-Jlut.,, 11 w a .-i
the republic, under our rtm of. n!r.t iRli.i: luriee niany mne in-,w ifuhnlnl fthnWpby. heheve
coenunenl. can remedy that irafAtnl rtiHy aid the Frr tbl to controversy between rm
Imn, and I hae the faith that Ibeyjmonl. neee-ary coodrttoi t Ihejpj,,. atHl tuivye Ihear will
.u . it., .iiimi iKU fnU Thenlmlknnal conteBlmnit anil .1 .1.1 1. mIj .tvi J ikr
ursanited niemnert wMt he whw " " prot-. rwtat cif the hayet. I aeax knew.
lair price VVA , " "!ericw lodetlral IrimrXe. 1 1
paiuica or puwic ami pnvaie "Mflare thnnach hkk ther aaaa. awl
maoe neeeMry ""Jibe dwfetMts attenaji t-aV '
nnaactos. the dherlen ofthe prod I to end thnv
ocm 01 many ohuio 11 i"
iiuul rtutBael. at well a the di-
tnrbanr to general ble eauM
by lh withdrawal l oi
Wwii tnmi ortxiaeloK IVM. sM W
Iribuled to the ft la rric. Re
nk at thee variout asveeie to
a more atahle roadaton wiH tend
toward a recession in the en.-
ly mftatett present nrtrea 'l many
romnwlfUea and property value
and there are now rvWfnte wa a
tne K.lmtlin" not tar Miani
Deep ratriolic fentimcnt en'hraH'vl
our people during ine war una
tllt'fct altenUop wa pven to the
mnniai ecelr chanm that
were Ihen tn pnwre i whee
ohvnvd thee c ha ore were r-n-eratly
accepted a one of the Irial
necesaary In he endured and they
were aubmerrrd In the thoucht and
nururw for wlory. Wane mutton
or free menv reganltesa or weaMh or
rotMHIion. were alTta of theif ri
and ratwlawe many rorratrns
and Ben neiaed the. very hour thai
rititijaUoa lar pnwlrate tn aecur-
ror UienweJw rortune wruiuc fwm
the public and from the (mrertunent
br the levTBur of price 'kat m
manr cae were a crime. Under
prweitt taxation law math capital
. J 1 ...I r l.tikalr snJ fWL
.travbic l of imhtry aud find
ing ImwJnwil to rwnJiiiNe tecarf
lle Thi wiH reave f the chassc
ueled arc made.
In the analyU ef pwrrnmciil, a
lh cvenU or li3ay maUe u U
nmvtnite the anhJerl we tee tire
difference between the old and the
proerrMiv klrl of thmkins. 'M
oelief of (he rvactionariea it that
coverameel ahould sol function
mem wijely than it did in ihe iiat.
hut they vttta lo rev tftM in
fundaaKstal of ear nlaa H eoual
rijhlt rr a VI and pec ral prtvilepe
(ornnae. M6mi life na drvefcd
new proUema, CrvttUaUon contiouM
to huHd aloes the taste fcatiC me
and aHrufalrc ax w way H be -
nacd la he. the ewaanje pent;
ueu ltween mdiidfaV. joaamnf
rial unit atii na!w. oar icwiorv
menl wouM he tiw All vf IhW
mite between hkbr aivl
lic-vHWr. rue amHmxm m atwn
the beX harpkin fusible tUwa-or
am the whole. 'ItrM cr exHtajaM.
whrther K he pevdurt for pwAtct,
or labor for money. If time art
firotoncrd buhrie r4aiB alway met
Ilea ,th.-m. rutxir opjama ioohm
ttetermme realU ia America. Iw
lie ooinfHi t the aet MereMmK
charactertMrc 4 a democracy and
at fa tfe real alcty valve to the
mttrfirUon of a free mvernmrac.
It may. at time, he rwrstary for
intrermneut to tanuirc inba Ihe fact
of a lie-a, but fart and not coa-
chtreA hald be ttthmrtted. The
iVtermmfetff form of jafrjadired
lhmib wW da Ihe rett IriRK mt
proceti. auvtrnmtnUI arncte
mU fiv a viiAinl eje lo the fo-
trrtfea or Jiie aad primerty M
ma inlaw firmnrta hut ahsoiate lm-
partixlilr TW l alway ijf ml
leaL but 11 oinetai roiMurt cw
hiaea couraire and rairneM. our p
emmmiil. mHHatioo e out e'
theae affair wvUmWied ty an.
lnL Thi I not aa acadfBiie ob
aenatioa It M the mere rvcilal of
Filieriesce. Uajwrt ha ben rein.
rorcea in no tntn nearee ny toe
creat mavf of uaaatmiiMtnl alien
Altractrd by an vsprecedcoted do.
mand fr Ubor. I bey have come li
our thnre liy Ihe IboufafrU A
they have become acquainted wilh
the custom j ami oppartoultie 01
American life. lhiHi!xl of llta
have becotar cititrns and arc ow-
CiWis I Western Mew
Mexico Twwsfti tmm
rxoMOTM or cowxtvs
" Ktrtr. OB Uuts i Valky L.
Aa hnrUox W of Mm. Jew
; 4MaaM( jwwAMafci sa4 aiwr tttHfr
'liwjWiw. Aaaw. Waen Be a-aajM.
itt tte m or fter mm, air, uw
Ihe work of iMtorMbM tontrj
waf merely auhiMMtic. One ml)
hon Mx hundnoi mnoMMKt ireim
born in Ihi rounlry ramwt ied or
rile our tamme. (tar Wereat n
Ihem in the awtta ha beeh tiHUHy
a lahorera. anifrntiUit tat th -real
trade cenleri W Ntcet the demMrd
of the hew. WHhoiti home wr com-
munHv lie. mw havn been rnvro
or lea ttomadic creaWaar tho prob
lem of rxteiive turnover wUkh liast
perplexnl fwiRufocturmg; "' i
But tkM ha M bee Hw wwrni
phate nf the Uwrtbn. Uatawrilrar
with lw, havfoff m iniib-Mandiwn
of the pctec ld of our riieimnent,
thry have ratten wi eiry nrey 10
unpalrMVe and ueiianiwr perwnw.
Public ofimlen has had no toluence
upon Ihem. because they haw been
iMiated rrm me eurrrnii ri opav
vitv all duo lo Ibrtr not heiw? awe
M tead or wrilo our ranpnee. H
the imtv of tbti federal pnem-
meat to stimulate Amerfeaateation
work on Ihe part, of church. ehol
eomsnmity. fta'r guvernmenU and
indtutry Helf. In the pat. many
indutirtra that hav Mtferrd rrorn
cnmtc Twllewieai law h'cn Ihe
chief rontribulers lo Ibnr own
trouble. The fivrifiwr with Kara-
ocan ftamlard of h1c w we!
ruoW. hat Hm often R6 't w
rnado h dKte Mm to 'iwtwetk
ideaK fur tw ae reae- Mmt
it advefr Me4 IKft Icdfer. U
ha heon my oborrnrUett thai the
tnaa who learn our laefuafr, yleM
a (MrtroHiOK puttie opinion a)
irfM-cU oiir hw; heaaie. In pro
aorttea a hi devetlea ta American
KT dnviofi. Hi imrrrti in ino im
ouHive Droreea 01 rcvoiiHion m
aamiahea. We be patiest tn
the wore of auiaUraUen and Muni
only avoid ojirairo nteaiorr in
lb fare T mere evweoc 01
rnvderrtasdifte. We have a com-
ooalte natmn. The Almtttsiy aoui
In minded it to be tueh. Wo wtH
net, howcvTr. develop palrletbw ua-
leo we demoMtraie ute Qi'ierence
belTen iVivtia and demticracy
The neccy far the dratic law
of nr hn k wJ.aef nl fMrw. IMI-1
we should retitra a JSfiW
(tortmtty to thd mttm
parted in (11
erat wei
nnr that
eo Ihe
straiaL Th ittmf'fim-tr, there
fore, I eaHod to at-n VeMnf the
leatloHvr aulberHy acted Uoweiy
A fewoeanwr ihcy t wx. ib-
uriuave out Svr the iWavcaU eaeaiy
f ow hutMation. He U of the
Uad fcl XEtw remfrliotn nbroai
and -fcore. The At rrreiv-e rwtwera
tiitetracy and democracy t we
martyt IB ht imd. He la oppoted
to a-nwHaent in mr form, awl lie
bote ar bccauM H aajwalc lo
thaao whnm he wouM eeatert l hH
ereed. Aay fcy of IcrorHt u
tuH t9 hU immk; of amictiy hkm
wham he Stefca t arowc, m time.
ratSse !k Affrrwrc Irtsreja W
aid their mnUI a!WiA vn that
wbe Ihe hvar lay haul Ufwa M
wff In pw"cer.. lb
furpof M htti! ptea to them.
OfSchvl emtempt far Ih V i a
bamaful thiMWl to nT jv-njsJe It
i diftkaK lo feMcwr Ihe reuoBmg
oT aayoae: wht wM seek l make
a tve of the tpixiton ef law eo
!mo9M(. The executive oWiaaUon
hot h mVtrwal and Mat, e vmminc
tho ath of oiTfoC-. M "rrrv
pntvt ai defearf Ihe MwaV.JtuUaa
oT the rnHnt rahM." ThewetUlar
Unw. ua IU nwh, U the iJcenae
oaxMt the anr nauac tf. Te
tojfcjfettv tiwli f awrecaaaeal M
tWTl I the m the wnlor
r. TV MIMW wno nhm
a Ihf e!!-. Mi- .iswri-
M nihteifM wUfrn? rate. H
woAf eea afttaV tawaeiary nw
aar ganilMate fr Ihe prerty to
oar wot taMd t nolato
ha Mb nT oWw. Aiy-e wlm b
a aafepianl to pert ami inerly
it could eatily hy abuu' Cenw lo Ik
the protective drvlce U wa mtnulciJ
to be.
Capital develep inlu larsc nll-
wlllnitil violence lo public unlimmt
or injury to jiubllf inlerMl Hie
aame principle tliautl not bo ilcnleil
labor- Coiicetivo bargaining llirouFii
the mean or reprwetilallves eleci-
el. by the employer anil emn'ciye. re
apectivviy, will l helpful, rattier
than harmful lo Ihe ponera! Inlor
eL Besides. Iherc 1 no eltilral oil-
iectlon that can le rall to il W
tbould not, by law. aMiiif 0 a man a
riahl either lo Ubor or In null til
emplwrncflL'flowovcr. 'neiiher'la
tier nor capital iimutd at any urn"
or in any eircunuiaiire (akn aclltm
that nouhl put in jeopardy the uil
11c welfare. .
We need a deflnlliv alul prfcUe
(aleiuent of policy a In 'aliM busi
ness men ami w-iins men may do
and may not o by way of combine
ion and ciMlertKi- srtion. The law
1 now o nehulou lhal il almoti
turn upon I be eeononitr pmlellr-
lion of the Judoi or jury. Thi
line not make for eontUenre in Hie.
ourt nor reiert foe the Iim. nor
for a healthy arliviiy in nmtaetion
and dittribullon Tlire mi rely will
he found way liy winch rooiierallon
taay be enciHirarcu niltwul Hie ilc-
ttruclton ol eulerprwe. Th" rule
f buiJnrM ahould bo mad mure
Cwrlain mo that on a viable bxu men
way nvive wilh confidence.
llorrmrocnL hewora. th.uilil pro-
Me Ihe Wim in Ibe trralment uf
iU etnpliiye, in keep in lourli wild
condition and hi rectify nni. It
I mvdleM lo ay lint in order lo
be ctMtUtcfit, racl ahouM al all
time jtuitfy- Ihe rriippoiiiliiiu
Dial llio Rosfmnicnt' en)fOoe hj
properly compcnaled.i Vi(
The child life qf tlinWionjahBUjil
lie conioncd; If I ufov'.r, Jn I mwajjwe
yfttr I permlllcd ronflvgeflf: ra
tion, It I practlclne tviMirneA lo
Uioupxl. ,
Amlcullnre I but BHotticr form
of liulunlry. In fact, il hrllia.riMis
of Iniluilry. becauna, HtewtH' i;!!?
1 im rooii auppiy. i m .wtmjrm
CDiintrytldo inln tbo cMr:"cwrle
illoiulcltnif portrnUr IT our itrowlri
In riiBimfacturlmc in Ww tneai, few
yrara lioliM lU irernt momomuni,
11 will in necciMsry rcr Anwrtra 10
import fucUtuff. U.lkcFrHe!
liltentlM' tclcnllrla riKiporalTon In
I.Mm In inilnlAlnfiiir n. m.irlv n
xil)ilV (ho rxitllnir balanca ir
Iwccn food production ami con
$iiiiiilion. Farming will not intplro
inilivnlual rrrnrl milcM (iriiril, an
llilnir rotmlilcrM), are ritual lo
I lino in other nellrltfes. An addi.
tmnal rhrck (0 iK-pklcil ranka in
Ihe field would be Ihe cUbllili-
im-nl of iinxlent "late rural echool
coilo. 'Itio fiileral 'pivennucnt
iliuulit ma 1 11 lain rtlvc.vpnorhlp
of U1I1. Ilural perrnl -wtHi'ibo
Ucking In the lemrul wtilrli miira
olvilltatioii riiilurlns If Uiep(u hot
ilMiro for Ihelr clitldreii eilura
llonnl oppurlunllle rompanipjo In
thofo 111 Ihe elite. TJo price the
coiHumer p) for fnodiluffa ii no
imiication nr whal Ute ird)icvr: re
crura. There are loo ma'uv lurn-
ir brlwrnn Hit iwoj Bol(y aiid
imvrnimeni. particularly? reai ami
stati" . hac been rriitVu fit not niod
rniiilnir bicul iiiarkellnK fuVililfes.
Munlcliialltlr Hunt In lare meaa
ure liurrl llicimclvrni ifl.- If pot
Oonlinuril in I'nite 6 dnlumn 2.)
Mt ta Moat Mt a tnwe URworthr
t the a MailiaMt IfctV'W vWaior hitWrif
ntf.fMm Ktlh whlea ah tea tmjl Xt'rd ttel be phteft
oa-osms wnM vs
M NatiMl Ink
lr ilelaV. The wfH t ijaaH

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