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i iid,. tin. i iiiiiliiil' . T 'Af 1 1
TB ttBiafcia MAMi
Mil w.
t TlllteMiAfc'MaMft Am
wl aiL.. av a
A visit In the Room bo mim Ms-
day huwtd new asaehJawry tU-
d over w jroswd, trq af
powsr samtnsi anst a Matvaa Mag
tried, out. .V new concrete bott ww
uWi far r new and fcssJiiiar
waft whWl 'WW M atoffld to. ast-
Usnbored M feel d mm .m
IK'W tlcrrlek MM WWtW MMM a
lend blah lu IkA asr.
A vieM, to mm mm mm. m m
pet-Hv 4 flr M win
Mt aaisrasiaas ,w WW MM P
d ayi ri i yj j" "
Th Fwrtowf Realty fmpwy
held Ma aeeond mtfAt tor the
rpwUatkm Moaitoy nkfht in h
. TJdlutiiaui IwvMtMH mmmhm; www
a-maMay ef the fioiM pe
H Mi AttwMf WaHer R. l
tinil r m lumanaey tihtitmm
The Me wmHw wm m lo kew
Hm r-iaiw wm fa be eniMmi.
WheKier fcy Mic voto f a meJorHr
. at Mw sefitlemesi wwnl r by tfce.
susiiiair M aWwea of" slock. After
- twMlitfriHt wranalki 11 was ik
rlM to vole by the- "share rule."
which li now universally accent!
a (he con-eel way, nd a xwull
ol till vollng Uio following Of
ficer were elected:
PcriHawenl chakmaflT. J. Cole,
- rVfmtwwH Secretory It W. 1
Dlrvctnr-T. J. Cole, itmgt
Greenwood, R. W. XllfoH, mi
II rim WfffrM te tnM Ifl
.MjfedGrafty wiWm HT
1hMrc Mi MUlr toftm wri wxm
Js fw thy- Mkw)aWlMkiwm
arciiirwd rnl'.
T. J. Cole eall hiul, Ihn Jionnr
of Ihe ovenlw by wMmc lmit
till tha yoUm there were IQ 1m had.
Rvm lo ht cttim d fnwtil
treW l work in a new nhK. A
vein of high grade ore w vWWo
for for y frtl ttownwsra. mhtohwi
M on alt ktlr wHh tew VT4e
tmrlllnff ore. Jahn P. Mck (
ihfi irodk'kle- which l f lfc fog HiH
att and UMf hv M opUOfl on
Ike Kym cMm wMeh wW W4r
Jwiuinr il Mul frew mewwt P-
tmkcs im wtwn win mm in
In mf mmy mm ertefa of
'ownen of lMt wsrl of tWuM
and upon wMcfc. MeetAwr to, mtf
trni of mIc, they tmiil etHil
2.0) iwr month l now Jmsy huJ-
Injr tlmlior oral machinery to I hp
old Manning property. TJilfCom-
nay mannwr la u. Wt iwr an
pld ami uccwnful hand at, the min
ing game.
Many Mexican (ami 1 1 en wcreoccn
Movimt lo the mountaliu.
From hulehcf to miner Is a Hr
cry, but, hrl Mohr w4o tcMr
liurehaKMi ti.oou worm er mmmi
alock ia now jnvtplhi' ad Tlr
(unity livfs w the Tim immmwm,
'L' B :C iEHHHbi. - "
lini ti Cwrip,
1 iwn fM npMn
n. imtlit a rnlllA VI I ell W 11 DC
uawt'by Hlehard II. Jlanna, drmo
riallo candiaaio lor governor, &
the tinal sprint of Iho ramiialn.
waa exptclrd to reach Snnta Ko
thli afternoon,
Jkn 1 -'W uhn went to Dine
a rcprcMRtttlv- of JiiUko Hanna'i
IrJmiM, nnd Lieutenani wooi pnoM
were auccMafnl in Ihelr mwU
corfl to word received lexlajfc
Itcy go I die Hwcumo aw eiarm
Drilling l r onlintlmii al the Klor.
Ida well. It U aald that llifl a1uh
Imckcta are filled wKk -Mm nil.'
which la Mlfvcd to H Mat the
point, whrrn th oU;l,,irlnr (ami
waa ulriirW. MrHwrfr filark'ia nnh.
In the work and h Iiim 1ionr
of hrlnglng In a ifowl wll early In
MU AImm ModnKti rHurncd to
Cuttmtbua Tody HlaM after
lwo.wka vill with Howefoika In
IWif Svpfritos
F. J. GtO&S, Pip.
Ticw York. Oct. W-rraWeflt
Taft In Ym Cwvm-. B. 0, (4ay
mM 'Scnatni' MaoMfva .muH cohi
rnmti ln M " on IIkj Lmutf
Would m InavlwMe. An Aaaorlftt
(hI I'rexa dlitiatrh aaya;
llamlltnn Holt, alitor of the III
(lcnemleht maeaainc. tinlay an
nouncrd thai ho would VnUi for
Ootrrnor Cox drinllo hl enroll-
mrnl n the republican party, ine
Announcement waa contained In
Ictlef to llerlmrt Parsons, former
rhatrman of (he republican county
cnmmtti who anaounced hla loll
to Iho Ox farces yesterday. The
reason wtven by Mr. Holt la the
necessity or snppotting me league,
llu cxnrcMcU the hnnfl thai ex-
Prntklent Taft, Preslthwt Lowell
of Harvard, llcrberl Hoover, Oxcar
Iraua nd tJeorge V. Wlekershain
would Join, hwn In eirecting
achl'tn In, Iho ranks of the
publican party, Olher trommenl
prrsnH to im Iho pro-league
forces were neorse toster I'ea,
ho.lv. Mohert W. llahson. the fl
naneial expert, and Ray Slannard
mJHjmucMi k.vu.y m m:
A. W. Pollard. A. A. Tempko, J, C-
Wataon kluL B. Y. MeKeyes attended
a ii'puhllcun rally al Columbus last
Thursday whero a largo anu enuiu
alalks audiotvoa was present Dotn,
int uraphK,
t .1 ii.n I, -.
tuprAMV wiai i -run anow.ur.
The rotary oulfH fnr Iho Amjelns
nil welMs now Iwltin erected and
1 OriHinti will protmtily stari nomiay.
The Lun county schools
will be governed by tR
Ptm a t4f raah Uksn SI aaawk igh, dUrhi lha Dflirati Canrt'
rrofll Tun w n rv,rrv vvwi. m
stHt htot Hltl hi Trll.IW,
atMl were exeied Hi fhtWii we
WaaM ly. . t.
Hhi fdane, aWhovwh not Mihtrae
i Ikev hrmed to R('L has 'a.i cn-
naelly of three pcn(rerr wd. yk-
VtoHsir, will carry a lair-aiwi chj
iiln unrtv. II wos -ItttrdjtSiM
.!.... i.a,. I kit vilvLa
uwnr" ini. ..... t..
aneakers also will Itavo the io of
(he plane 1n making Ion? Jumps
when they are pressed for tlmo In
the final ataftrs of thn ramtmiRii.
At demoeralle. headnuarters II
waa nol known Just When Urn piano
would be put Into acllvo service,
since Judge itonna now is traveling
schedulo thai can no en-liy
made by aulomohile. John II. Mc-
Manus, bead of the speakers' bu
reau, didn't know whelher he, ex
ufflclo, would be commander of
the air campaign, put since the ma-
chine will lio used rhlefly in mul
ing sKRkers. he probably will di
rect the fllBhls anyhow.
For Hum mwtu
Banla Fe. N. llTlkl. H-Oov-
enior Larraioia inuay graiueu a
rrquhlttnn for It I. Llvlng'-lim, alias
Jesie ft. Atkins, charted with mur
der in Wyoming and who is now
under arrest In Aiamojnruo. rcw
de at s as (o the charue nre irtven ui
Hie pmenior The mat, ho killed,
according In the charge, was John
i Cnrlii-tL nf Natrona county. The
iherlff of tlml county waa adrWed
of l.ilugi(on'M arrest at Alnmoeor
do in a writ frtm a special railway
ti Ireinan. which aald thrt imofr
was MtHT held awaiting Isie arrival
cl an officer from Wyoming.
ccth ton NfiW wwf
. the mm ff mm, are yw? i
r ' ' fajjiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiipNMIIIlli
"EmdiiWM" Affair
8int Ke. N. M, Oct. tl-Knle
Morrow or Coltimlmf Is In trouble.
She had In pay a. fine of JCTO -iid
costs In federal court here for acV
cepllng an allotment as her second
husbands wire during tlw war
Kate claims she didn't know he was
her second tyuliand until her pre
vious opouje. whom aha had fondly
believed Uad, "pulled an Enoch
AntenMind unexpecledly turned np
In Colimbus Recently after three
years' bscnce. She. prescnlril an
eiiHfaVH (rom her nrsi niichann in
which (lie etafnl he grtt tlml of
w&iiKI llfe"Hi IIioubIi) fli e.-piral
way oitl A'bs In mak'o hi wife
Ihlnk he was dead. Her arrefl rar
Retting an allotment from the bu
reau of war rlk insurance roiiow
wl aoon after the re-appearance of
Hanta Fc. N. M. Oct. 15,-ton
Irarts for building three foteral nld
roails have lieen lei by the Ulaie
llliftwayjtcwnnilaalniit. Kcfnclund
Harvey or fonta Ke tvtlU build 5JJ
imles in I.uiia counly on the east
end or Iho I)eilm;-I.as Crures mad
ror mono.
This comnanv will also build HA
tnllca Jii Olero county, betwnen Val-
nmnt and 1-VoudUlK on the mail
bclwevn Alaniognrdn and I At Kni
re -anil Kl 1'itso fur 9tMl. The ken
Moor contraellng company or fci
I'awi will build eight miles lu HI
dalgn county, Ih-Iwccu IjnlsburV
mid Ueins ror ?it.
- o
0. K. tor bed, springs, inatlrwses,
dressers, and all furnlluro and
terms mol reasonable at FH08T8
Joii CL WHHams. who aMkdtMt-
secrcUry erf 14m Ciwmfcer M Com
mtree for a few assart wawijiastd
Ih Mii Mnw aefcsey d ass sarwawe
irtWiM at a real yrowtaaer. baa
hattded kh! resMtkm to f.'Jt Watt
vA has svera4 all cetMcetkm wKh
the orHltaWoA. Ut bis letter of
rnlwtkm Mr. Wflllw Med
thai he was aatiwiM IMi kc wmhu
l! uwattle W secure te co-werakm
of the better clUtenaWp of vmn
Wilson XlMore tm rofiwiM
as a director of Hw CfMssaVer of
Commerce and as a mewiarv -Ke has
a so severed his etAmeetiea with ins
CommUAlly Club of ColiHtbus,
Mmdlnf in his reniffnai4on as secre
tary to W. q. Franklin, we etiair
Following Is an account of the las I
meeting of the Chamber of Com
merce, omitted from the last Is
sue of the Courier on account of
Wednesday evening the cnamuer
of Commerce met at the Khaki
ClHfc, It being (he rrfufer month
ly meet'w night. There wasn't
much enthusiasm because but
few members attended, the business
men of Columbus evidently "dog.
awe" o:f Chamber of Commerce,
Bui to gel bark lo the meeting,
J. Gross euutneralru a few pro
Jccls In (be manufacturing line,
among (hem a tannery and Mr.
roM and Mr. Wukefleld were ap
pointed a committee Jo inquire re,
gardlng the roil and Iraniporta
linn of bark from Old Mexlea
Harry i. Pickart won the 5B0
worth of merchandise for suggest
ing the most appropriate motto for
IV)lurt)U. Among the many mot
lix-s suges(ed were the following
"New Mexico Oatcway."
"Intematltmal Necropolis,'
"foil CHy."
"SoMwestern P peeress City.'
'mra-tefne ColuitiaMS."
"We HaTO tin Good."
"I WW."
"For Oreater Columbus."
"Columbus lo the Front"
"Mexico via Columbus."
"Sfarchllghl pf the fioulhwest
A volo TiU taken, audi "New Mcx
Ico Oaleway" waa ifiially chosen.
Mayor Illalr gave nasnrancrs that
he state would loan the money on
Columbus waterworks bonds.
r,xjnni3ie metum m mo
Barrow fam Ht tak,
Mr, and Mrs. U L llurkhrad and
Mrs. Wilson KIlKoro esrorled J. 0.
lilndc, Mrs, Ilurkhead'a brother o'nj
a muuiuain-ciiiiiiiiiiK Kxpniuiun i)
the FlorHas Velnesday. Tle pary
cooked an early dinner allhePreuiw
wr cabbu vIsitNl the Harpham mine
and ellmbml lo the nenthermojl
Hk nf the Flnrlihs. Mr llimle.
wh l a nwpauer owner and ten
derfoot. from Madison, HI., wbenj
the' wildest gomo are suntlMi in the.
Mwslsslppl rjver. wn cannoned Imw
fof Ids dveiMire a li roypteK
MouOlilh linns, calt, deer and vsr
IW4. Ho was well armeil and n- the
Iwirty left for Jtho hnimla of nf
gome ho was In fine fellle, Kvojy
ono nan n gt)i time, wr, iiiw
killed a rabbit and Iho eilrs are av
lug back (o Madlsnn. 11" left last
ntgttt 'fnr Vis Angiles and Ban Fran-
cwcy awi.wiii ww uie I'nriur roasi.
Hwill tour I
Kslaftclii, N. M, has voted v
090 wattv atu sower bonus
tteittoefatlo Candidate lor Counti
Cuiwnhitmcc, Imirki o. 3.
A few words nbOul James A. Iltiea
will not come kmlss now that the
cnmpalgu Is al IU height and voters
who ant nni well acmiaimM witu
the candidates are asking wnoi
Who!" Mr. nhea is a tall young
man whose stature enables him lo
look-ilawn and around and pbwrv
the needst of Luna county from
comtii-sloner' polnl of view. His
Iraiiilng for this office has been
nbniH'rltiliL Mr. Ithea Is 37 year
otd antl lie comes from Oskalooso,
luw-a, ivoero no niarriru wi-uiuicuv
Kirk, and they are the possessors
of fou? little ladle. For eleveu
i'n on was in iiiu larui Minciiiuci
conli-actlflg buslneaa and only quit
when waft T(tillllrtn tightened up
crrdlls. At nreaenl he is emnloyrl
b.v Frank Nordlmus bul -cxtiecla lo
jresume thftownlracling bviiteess at
aoon as comniimis permit, iwqi
yean ttgo be ran In the primaries
for this same p IT ice, being do rested
by Kt votes, In the last primaries
1.- .,. ,wu,.4 1,n,ll,,r- I.I. linkol
James A. Hhe 1 n goo.) nian tq yntfll
ror because ho ts clean anc able,
(wo requisite for lht oLTEca,
Many farmers who are Interested
In cotton growing in Luna county
are planning to attend the annual
Cnllon carnival which win he he
In Mesa, Arlt, October SS to 90,
This will be one of the biggest
fairs of its kind ever held In the
wmthwe-n and will show every
phaso of the rqtlon industry. Many
of the business men In the vicinity
u Oi'inlng who are In touch with
the conditions will attend the ear
nival and will then lie In a position
to explain ine colton industry hero
na well as give land values, climate
ond lions and any other Inlonna
Hon which might Interest Hie Ari
sona growers. The Demlng deleira
Hon will make the trip by auto an
win ne joined al tue start
several cotton men from the 1'ccoi
Pancho" Villa wa too Imsr In
rtlcnd El Paso's International fcahl-
blllon last week too busy rarmwtf.
The exposition cominWce, says ho
Demlng; nraphir, had planned to en
terUIn the bloodthirsty villain. Had
a regular human being, to mmo
things complete and "nice" Kl Pato
hould have told Its friend ruwcho
dial a reception committee from
Columbus would welcome Win. an
this Ma of Die border Bd, bemve
muh. I hern would have lieea no
dilficully it all In having a largo aU
lendanto from uoiumtms ut greet,
the wbandll.
II would hats been nlttng for LI
Paso to- llavo poncho on a little: ex
cursion over the K P and ti, W tn
Cclumbus, and point out to bim
how the city has grown since he If it
It with its streets full of the dead
and dying. The marks of
Uio conflict en the older mtlMwr
are still quite plain and Poncho and
his Kl Paso friends could have en
joyed many a hearty laturit al the
way limes do rhange. The. mwdcrJ
ous bandil or yertcrMy. is Hif Hon
ored cillaeft or today, and virti gola
Iho samo old reward' It has always
received. Villa has iww of cofci
and Kl P4o I Ikes to s4l htm harn
ess an$ term nucninery ana set a
certain' notoriety out of l-he plesmnt
and pmHlable muliiens aasoeiation-
or fours', the lad uiai ronctin
is under indictment In Ihn district
court or Iho lxtli Judicial distriet
for Luna county inlghl eompllealn
tnailexsrlhat K If J'muJm.imevlvcd,
Ih'a'fallnte of Iho Columbu excur
sion, lie sure would gel a demon
stration In the border town amt be
ing very fat, according lo the Kl
Paw papers, it might have a tend
ency lo atfeel his heart. Tho Dem
lng uraphlc Is willing to promise
one thing: It Poncho will visil Co
lumbus be will never come to trial
In the district court.
Hut Pourlin Is very busy and.
while he would like to visll Kl Paso
again, he cannot conveniently make
the journey al this lime. Itnl It
a shame.
The mushy Kl Paso cltlicns make
Americans itf this aecUon reel like
moving back lo the good nld U B. A.
Imagine, If you can, the mayor of
P.l Pbmi grasping (he hand or Villa,
red with the blood of slain Amer
icans, and welcoming him with a
lender of the freedom of the city.
Can you beat Ut
Colonel French, commander of
the Sltti Infantry! loaned tho 30-
plcce 21th Infantry Hand lo the
County Fair al Demlng Hits week,
Die band playing afternoons and
$1.7S UP
Mark your ballot MCMT when you vaie at the Mate aatsf
Cowdy KtecUon tM faN, .
There has hern Hutch mMaforHMtlon about hn(te v4.
The law Is clear.
Put a CROSS In the pace over the general-UeVei you wuttt
When yon want to. vote for some eandMate oh Mm uyfiuHe
ticket, ptao a croaa hi she tfpacc cwHo Wli name., "
Rul this b highly hMyerlmt so rinnaskw;- ,
YOU WSH TO VeTK-OH -cWh Ucket '
Bear this In mlad.
tf you wWi to yoie Iho bchertk ticket, asarlc Rm at Use "
or we mwn.
If you t4i lo vote for ert(H WepoMtcax
inr sfNieeK.
If J oh wlek to vase far mm- IKiiHato tmi mm iiiMhilnid
latMatora MARK EAOC ONK.

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