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The Columbus
Kilgor JkirVhcad........
Wilton Jviigore.
Entered as sceond-cla matter at
Slnglo copy
Three months
Six months'........
One year . -
Advertisement will be accepted al (he rata of W cents pec lech
each Insertion. One Insertion, 50 cent. Heading notice. 10 cents per
line, with a minimum charge of CO cent. Classified odvertrscuienla
same at reading notices.
"In- the spring time, gentle Annie,
when, the roblnn nespiagnin," Who
threw Ihe rockt
Columbus as a city produces more
copy for newspaper over tho hih
try than many cities (en time the
Many altered democrats in Dent
ing viewed with much satisfaction
' the low vote the democrats polled In
that city and the county.
Hie next election In Columbus will
lie In January for the office of Jus
tice of Ihe Peace. Looks like a no
contest affair from this dUlance.
I-ast Wednesday morning- there
were many weary-eyed eagles, with
tail-feathers plucked, lying on the
highways and byways hul not In
Luna county.
Political caucuses should select
candidates for primaries. Conven
tions should nominate them and
other candidates "butting In" should
be read out of the party.
Republicans demanded a- recount
of Ihe ballots cut for several candi
dates and as a result Judge (losers
gained 11 votes, Q. D. Hatfield I and
at last report Jack Smyer, who
stood the brunt of the repbuttcan
attack, is Ihe next Sheriff of Luna
cotdity by A torse three-foot "ballots.
Democrat' if!) who helped by
their apathy (lie. republicans in
Demlng now say, "Oh, they are com
ing bark one by one." Imagine such
men as the recently elected Ilhea.
Horry, llosrrs. Fielder, Smer, to say
nothing of tli ImJdoverV Hughe!
Hunter, Chadborn, gelling back in
lied with the politicians who threw
the cover off.
A number of newspapers now say
that as the election is over lei's for
get, shako and make up until the
next time. The Columbus Courier
hellcws that the time to commence
Is tho day after an election and that
the time i quit I on the evening
nf Die election. In other words
organisation along party line should
begin immediately after an election
wlille the Weak spot are apparent:
wieu lb primaries arrive your
party is all set, and tho nomination
will prove equivalent to an election.
How do you enjoy these morn
Ingj in Columbus that touch the
lips and awaken the pulse like the
bead of rare (very rare) red
wine. How do you enjoy these sun
sets, when, whether to be an opal,
an emerald or a ruby, the sky
seems nrsiiaiing lo decider
And (he nights full of the sug
gestion of silver frosts that aro real
frosts though you never dream it
after sunups, wilh the note of a
sorrowful nightblrd here and there
and now and then lo set u all
a-dreamlng of our graven?
How do you like' to be alive anil
well In a world as radiant aa (bit
not withstanding tho sandilormt
occasional Hie warm election and
bank ctoslngt Again, how do you
like to be alive and welt In a world
as radiant and as sparkling as a
diamond or a hoar-froilt
Man. be glad you are alive and
can inhale a good breath and awing
two brawny arms. That's a-plenty
in this world or ours. Not enough,
probubly. but u-plenty. Olve us
health, wm-h u wealth, and tc 'ho
bad place with your calamines an J
calamity bowlers. Oft We have said
It takes a sport lo be a loser, o
gi&od loser. Columbus Is full of
sports to her credit and ht a few,
rnlghtr few, peopla Of unsports-
.mniifnco character!). Personally wo
are .glad (o be on lop of tlln grand
okl earth of ours and not under! I;;
lo )w walking lo and fro Instead
of lying at full length In & pine
box with our boot on which will
pa our ultimato flniili, though we
don't hope IL Again, what matters
' elections, Mill or tote; hank" elpslng,
Vor not, as long a your' health
fa g4od and tho kl continue to
reafl Old Sol. Events never, kill,
InifMWekwe, bad , . Jfsvp regions, of
jfct.Mt) wmjme(lqici do,
Weekly Courier
tho pott off tco at Columbus, N. M,
.... 1 M
(Written by a substitute for tired
Murder Is not merely an affair
of city slums, mining camps and
lonely farm bouses. Hecent. myste
rious crimes lbaLdelcUvc,t news
paper and public have beCu trying
to unravel have occurred In the
setting of conventlonallted society
CivilUaticn and conventional liv
ing are often said to be only a- thin
veneer. I'nderneath is the same
old human tiger love and Jealousy
and passion and anger. He devours
alike his victim, whether on the
fringes of society and civilisation
or In the atmosphere of culture,
m It 1 remarkablo how conven
tional living docs lend to excludo
the darker acts of human nature.
Education and refinement point out
to "the human Intelligence that
crime bring Its own punishment.
The murderer suffers a thousand
times more than the murdered. It
Is said that llio greatest deterrent
from crime with many people Is
tho fear of publicity. When two
foreign born laborers quarrel over
their sweethearts, and one deals
a deadly blow, tho newspapers dis
miss it in hasly paragraphs. Hut
if these elemental deeds occur
there are headlines and black type.jthero Is to do. Whether If bo
A the human mind become more , work, play or study, do l( well and
complex It tends Jo shelter Itself
from the eyes of the curious. It
bitterly resents impertinent pry
ing. It demands the chance to lead
lis own life secure from observa
tion. Undoubtedly Ihe gosdpy hab
its of country neighbors arc one
cause why people move to eily
life. This feeling receive (la very
sliirpe.it shock wbeik people, of re.
flned tastes ami rjWwilon'allieTl
habits become connected Vllh some
deadly crime. One suspect that the
questioning by reporters, the pace
in I ho newspaper, the sordid In
spectlon of one's daily affairs by a
whole nation, are more dreaded
than even the iKMSibilily of the
electric ciialr.
There is still enough human
weakness and sin so that this pub
llrlty performs a most efficient ser.
vice to all concerned.
A home Is what a woman makes
it A daughter la in nine cates out
of ten, Ihe reflection of her moth
er, according to a writer In a cur
rent -magazine.
The training nf a girl of fifteen
Is shown in the woman of flfty. A
son may, by contact with the rough
edges of the world, sometimes out-
live his early home influences; a
daughter rarely dora. She may and
does make a misstep. Indiscretion
may be to her a necessary teacher;
but her early domestic training
will manifest itself sooner or later.
A mother's word, a domestic pro
verb, told at eventide by the quiet
fireside, has been recalled by many
a woman years afterward.
"I lhank God that my mother
told iiio what other women have
been taught by the world," said a
gentlewoman to us not long ago.
Ttils. mother, Is the tribute your
daughter and mine should be able
to pay to our memories long after
we are gone.
The world has a sharp way of
teaching Its (ruths to a girl, (a It
not far belter, then, that her moth
er should tell her with thai sweet
and sympathetic grace and gentle
ness' which only a mftlbur knows?
The flowers most beautiful to the
eye and sweetest to smell, grow In
good soil and the world's noblest
women have sprung from good
"D-a.rj nainn It I It Men at
once stopped and wanted to help
her emphasize the word, while the
women about lingered affectionate
ly and silently blessed her.
She was so dainty and pretty am)
pure In Hie nice new costume.
Thi dress was of the palest shade
bf mauvo color or something with
a glinting white of something scat-
kered over IL
Her hands wore Incased in while
glove sHtfhed with this palo gray
nuti always bu vmil lliauvu unu; I
DViif her' tliocs wera vrray sptlaJ
9fca Isavtfalf wasi n bjej astd1
Weft a! he istsaks a lsajv atV
mosjlfi! of si pofMSsar Ntsjlhs MaWt as
In so dot te had .mbcii her
hew wn mtnlwut a sfry.au i as taw.
A mssN (M best dad Ism vaaaaasN.
op tin tMMtoMly HsMtwwered
tear. Stn Wuofced a beiafct rjsMll
"I know 11 m m awful Hwug.'bsj
use mat won, mii i m cotmaj.
hel IL I never come tfewn -m
Main el reel or Brdadw-ay Mt(
tinnl ml k Vlwu If ft 'lln't'SEf
thing It is 'another and It MnsjW
iiiuuan, i hcytt uvea i worn
i . ....... v
before. I never did, but I hvew!
ten wanted to. "4$'
Written bjr aa annyVoticeTi
wife: she say It beats bridge;
A young lady Informs us thai ie
gets so lonesome and wishes us to
auggest a way of "killing lime.'
We never hid so much lime thai
ws had a desire to kill any portion
of It. "Life lias no overflow to
alone for tho lost yesterdays," and
and the time you, ao thoughtlessly
J kill will pass away Into eternity
IfHim Mhlrh II.. .v. n R tin ..,.
How can litis life be to one ony
an Idle dream, when there are so
very many 'opportunities for doing
good, even here in (lamp- Furlong
and In Columbus and also In the
outskirts, and then again, who
wants such a fearful account a
"kilting time" standing agnhisl one.
We do not have much uympathy
for Ihe class of people who are al
ways so lonesome. Each one
should have a work to do a "pur
After allowing yourself proper
time for rest, don't live a single
let not a moment be lost
II Is wonderful lo eo how much
Improvement ran lie made by the
right use of the lime that dawdlers
waste. We pas this way but once
wlial will our harvest boT R
call to your mind, when you want
to "kill time the dying words. of
Queen Elizabeth: "All my posie.
slons for an Inch of time," Hut It
could not be purchased even with
a kingdom.
The La Crosse, Idaho, Clipper
says: "J. II. Hamilton is owner of
a quarter section of land In Adams
county. North Dakota. Ilia tax re
ceipts are most eloquent In con
demnaton of the work of the non
partisan league In thai state. These
receipts show that he paid taxes
MRS. PUSSCAT ws roaming erer
lb bouse one day with btr two
klttras, when all the fnuilly were out,
when she btppeoed to Bud a plctort
"Now, why should I not teseli ray
children from a book Just a (wopte
dor she thought "Here are A, 11,
Ca and plenty of pictures of cat,
So aba called her rhltdrea to her
;ad bttfao their first lewoa. but I lit
kittens did not wish to Itaro their
A. , Cs. They wiated to look at
the picture.
rtrst, there w a picture of two
kitten drawtag aaoihtr in a be.sk rt.
"Oli, 1st a ptiy llkt tutt" mewed
lbs kitten Tow sad Tba.
"I wnot to drlre," mined Tom.
"No, I want to drlT," mewed Tim,
"and use i wu Ilk the kitten lo
tne picture."
Quickly Mr. Poises t turned the
Pga and (bowed another picture to
quiet them.
Tbl plctart showed fire bitten on
a feaee saowballlag a big blact cat
who w sit driMMd ap snd Tea and
Tt brawn to lai. -Walt do Uiat
to oW Ktack Tom the Rest mow that
eatsea," said Tom.
"No, you must not b bad kitten,"
I - ' II
on land a follows; tM-K.W;
In I9I7-438.M: In 1818-1111; hi
1919-1107,51. He wrote uie county.
treasurer protesting against Hw
IMS taxes and received Ihe curt re
ply that ho 'had no kick coning.'
When he received notice or his
asamumtnt Of IIU7J5I for Ihe 1010
laxea ho ws Iliad clear llirougn
and wroto another vigorous protest.
To Hilt he received reply almost
as discouteout In Us brevity which
read what Is your price on this
land, signed M. J. Smith, county
treasurer. '
In Ihe face of sucli a record as
this the organisers of the league
still Have the nerve to ask Hie
farmers of various western states
to pay a fee of (18 for membership
In an organliatlon that would fasten
Ihe same system upon the Hates In
which the league Is seeking to gain
control." ,
Democrats, change "you lo'wc.")
How to forget
If you were busy being kind,
Llefore you know It you would find
You'd soon forget lo think 'twas
That somoone was unkind to you
If you were busy being glad
And cheering people who were sad,
Although your heart might actio a
You'd toon forget lo notice lu
If you were busy brlM true
To what yoi know ymi ought lo da
lou'd lie so busy youd foritcl
The blunder of Ihe folks you've
If you were busy being riohl
vou'd find yourself too busy quite
To critiilxe your neighbor long,
Decause he's busy being wrong.
Our Dumb Animals,
hoxt haw: to stir now.
Sugar is so cheap at Ihe Palace
Meat Market that tho missus snyi,
"lou don't have to stir anymore,
Have you been vaccinated yclf
It's popularl
It's taking.
rM-nllon Thanksgiving. "
J. Wnlson Say, "I'll Never Forget
When Father's Hogi Got Cholera
One morning ho found SO hog
deadend several sick. He called in
the Vet, who after dissecting a rat
caught on the premises, decided
that Ihe rodents hail conveyed
germs. Since then I am never with
out HAT-SNAP. It's tho auresl
quickest rat destroyer I know.
Three aizet. 33c, CSc. $1.25. Soli
and guara-'red by A. D. Frost and
Columbus Oruit Companyv
said their mother, quickly turning tn
another picture.
"But why I the picture there If Jt
Ifl luiilf akknl Tim.
Poor Mr. Puniest did not know, so
ah showed them the nxt picture of
a little kitten being taken Into th
water to bathe by It mother,
"Oh. eh." tned both Tom and Tim,
"Oit Isn't true, either, Is It motucrr
Now Mr. Pusscat did not like tl
water and bs could not think nr
Mother Ct would do such a terrible
ttdeg, to th turned over to another
Itktar. but this lima th picture wa
(bit of nr naughty little kittens sit
ting t a unit.
One enrlag, another w pulling
the doth to gt something It wanted
InMjud of asking for It, as a well-be-
bared kltitn should.
Another spilled tba cream, and an
Mher w cstlug (no ft t nd tttltntt
the food from Its in, while aneiber
pat Its (not on the table.
Tba and Tom begia to Ungb nd
OttM mother totd them thusa llttl
kitten were all very bad and jI
hoped their mother put thus all lu
bed srtlhout their aepper.
"But what aro book good for If a!
the picture are not truer asked Tim.
In despair Mr. Pusecat turned to
tfc lt picture hoping (hit woutd be
oa oc a weii-twiiareo cat.
It wat called the Lazy Puny, and
tirtra t a big kitty with mice ruo
nlac over ber back and a bin! percbtd
on her bd, vfeHa two little mice htld
ua her long tall.
Mrs. Iaeat stared and then
dewed. th boob with a bang. "There
I sotting true In book," the (old the
WttefHC "You com with me out to
to burn tad learn to catch mice."
"( aboatd Ht to kauw," h paid to
beraif, iwbo could havb made thneo
IHy (IrtWM There wer neter klu
fwkt cat mt Uow la that book. I
aow. I weoM be ashamed to lie. a cat
K mere xayr
1 i l'iw'''rveies:
ftv paWyW-OMi in Play Toft
HWtK aw two outnt mt MV'T "t"
tie pernon who are three, gfilng
on four or more yearn- tip In six,
tlmt will make an Indant appc.l to
niotlirr. Ttiey re eTrry-ly
a little itreia with lilnnmer ami atlrar-
lire romper, both made Mllli aun rxti
tut tn match mid fhliied of more
or leas atiinly material, arconllnc to
I ho kind nf near demande! nf them,
The ipiilr glnsliann n ten niall
rhecka. plain cimmnmya. r ny or
the medium or lighter weight rittn
need for ehllrtren' play clothea not
omitting unhlearliiil domentlc lulghl
tie uned for making them. Aa ahnn
lore. they are Intendnl for the le
stirnuvii fmllr nf llllle nnr-a, for the
ilea ii aanila nf the bearli. fnlli lawn
or vernml. hut the nwnlrU are gon IU
hcnrlcr and darker cotlotia.
The lUtlr fmck a plrttirrd la mailt-
of white and blue printed Innn. The
prrtty, old-fathlnneit tlrr baa n
I ro I slit yoke with body ami skirt In
one, gathered to It, the Jolnlnc ilen
mleil with feather ttltrlilne. It has a
round neek aud short slecrni all nil
l.he,l wtlh a pto'le.1 frill of while
lwn. The draw ha four rows nf shir
ring at the lick and front wttli
lahr at each side. A sauli nf lawn
slip tinder the slnOie anil this nr
rDeiiM nt take cam or tlie wnlt line.
Ah adorably qnnlnt sun ismnrt in
tilgeil with n rnK-liet lace and hot Ilea
of ihe material. A little ribbon, haw
Is edcd when thlu-govtls are utril, but
New Departure in Smocks
ALL at once and with one accord,
the creator of sinneks ami
blouse aeeined to have Heil npou
trlrnlette a a pmintitne material for
their purioMm Whoever started It
unenrered an Idea that ha nmtrialied
frotq th lieglnnlng and b,s leil Into
several by-paths In appflrel. llcttde
snmcka, close-flttlnj Jacket", or Jjod'
Ices, often sievveliHi uml olerSl at
Ihe front Into girdle or sash i-nda,
hare mde their entry (or summer
wear, In soy and Ix-nullfiil rotor.
Trlcolslt and other wrnvr In Ihe
same silk nher.inuke many nf these i
they will be rivals of Ihe silk sw ruler
lafer on and belong among the glori
fied apdrt clothe that are liilrenclied
for a long tny ami crowding titllored
mode for strvet wear.
Trlcolette In one of tbe nioM popu
lar sinncki l shown here, Willi a fin
ish of silk fringe at the bottom and
embellishment embroidered of flower
sprays about the neck and down Ihe
front opening. Ory Is a favorite col
or fof smncKa of this kind and gay
color appear n Ihe llowrlN but the
smock are mad lu many color. A
plain glnlls, made of (he material,
or a tlk cord and tel. matching th
suruck In rotor, fiirnlth thu leat main
sgemenl or the waistline. The neck
and short front opening are bound
with plain satin and small round but
ton, covered with It, add a last touch
t a dell htrul piece or work,
A handsome georgette smock, with
all-over pattern In ellk embroidery, It
used for the OrvMliir model shown In
the picture. It I ono of ninny lu which
xeorgftir. In a inrk color, serves it a
a lifiikgrmiDit for rcb emlirvblwd
affcs uiij ihese prslly garwul cr
will bo left olt hmvler raliiir.
ltlraimrrsln a color or whit shor.ld be
prottiled for these playtime drrssi1.
When checked gingham and ilbr
flnnilsl malcrlaU ar chosen Ihe
bl (winters match the frock.
Plain (lismbray glrei n good scco.int
nf Itself In Ihe romper pictured. The
t mis r and run: hare narrow run or
ilolletl ism and tbl material if useu
In, lrr-,w,nlKln htll hrll IwMl.
net end Ita lies. A band and 'bow nf
rthhnn maka ll a very ilatutr affair.
tela pnrllcal than Its rlriL
Agkln Ltghem Hat,
leghorn hats are again In rattier
high favor for summer! but the
tendency I to hat a a leghorn and (Ilk
miiiblnatlnn rather than a hat entirely
of the liclioni. The crown may hw'ellt
to let In bit or tlk, or an Vnllre'sllSl
crown may he used lo top a drooping
irghorn brim.
New fttyl In ftklrU.
Tlie camisole skirt I tbe latest addi
tion to smsrt woman' wardrot-e. It
la a ptaltrd model hung finui a loos
waistline of a camisole, Oicr It I
worn a lonsc-walsted blouse wblcb
uialihe th skirt
In high fuvor for formal afttmoon ana
dinner drewi. Two color In georgette
aro sometime romhlneil In them, viv
id shade of green proving particular
ly effective with the quieter rotor. It
ppmrs In tmock foy evening wear,
along with tnrquolt and lighter col
or, idornvd with teod or with th
richest and most colorful tmbroldlt
Whit Fie Embreldsry,
On soino of th ntwett evening .
bmldered on 'wh!lillk baekKround,
aim iiiis, mougn It may not have been
borrowed from Chins, la i.ni inVrl.
nnenlly seen m6ng the tlneM 6t Chi
nese einnroiuerie. White InlerrSt
Ihgly combined wltb colors Id the em
broidery of some of the new frock,
lu three charming rrock exhibltnl re.
cenlly wa seen while cmbroMerxvon
bnrnn, a bright grceu on a lights,
low and delft blUa on while. llnSV
unbsual to ee In the new bkuseilthe
use of opaqu white beadieST'
hrolderrd on blouses of the light pae
telhadc. Trimming (or Child Frelc
Unln.ua trimming for cblldrtn'i
frnck la made frn.n striped materlnl.
The stripe are connected or divided
liy a chain stitch of red worsted, a
band bf Ihta trimming can b orAl
rniimrilie klfee aud dpwn each sla
ut tb (rvtk, at back bad treat. "

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