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Davotcd to tho Upbuilding of Clayton, Union Count, and Country in General.
Clayton, Union County, N. "A . Friday, Alarcli 3, 1Q05.
i.iHn.r. Ktiitr nl Fubllhr.
t. I.".UU'TMN RATE-S '.
.:,.'.. i .
hH JH..
sinrisi.xu it tks
.1 - k rtowil :l At1ti- Itioo.
n .ta. 'wra uia It In IK Hoilid.
1 .'i4nm'r diumral t Wliiniou
i ..m TitK KoTRvriiHS' niit.ruil it
to in (Htur, N. S(. Second
king tlii our initial ttp-v-ot'
the. Cr..rroN Enter
iufyr tiw utinag-ment, we
i) npotojy to make.- We
'.rtftl iit to publish n paper
-It, to. tliii.. upbuilding ' of
. county nnd, aurrouading
; in KrMioriil. While) it is
iwii wis lui"c as , cleat a
its sizeus any city iu'the
ry.':. Our - cily w .growing
; f it shall hu our aim to
s . ,. It at tlitr. head . of the
i.-i morals, business, education
; : iioti; in thf w. .have, m
i i .xiiiiiiiivc ! having iii office
it'y Mini county, good
i I l iiiirsg men, nik-u who have
. i 11 this comity for years, uwl
alwavs been found lab-
' ; r'its advancement. In
hn Democratic its long
m party iii the future
it k' 1 .A, laboriir.' for -the
it iuton-bt of tlio people.
is not consider.! tokno-k
f 'u nun's door but oium in
Somehow Uuc'e Sam's experts
are fearful about the faturn
Ntw Mexico. A statement by th . tifiw?, and w- want every person
director of the" geological survey Unit rends this nrllelo to know
rr. , ',v
,'? -aj.td bill ssems to Ik.1
' 1 1' '
tioste d
V: siQl to .New idexicb.
Jvj.Ij h.iviug "ia worth
V , ilcontrnetml fornt from
;. 10 price of sherp ,t n
'plenty of moisture
enrly grass, why
i I out tho Bhcopmaa bo con
! v ith hii lot iu this part of
' .:M-vt uiHU is the noblest
U. but tllCM SMMtVlO
imi but a Tcry few copis
' hist edition left iu the TJ.
1 tn imi most of, them smi
1 1 Miixftiits. .Thesn prosprrl
' 1 -e;u to I1.1V5 bujv toj
on- u good ninny of the
n a tors. Tli'py seem to be
'l the (J nVff's aaggestion.
; 1 11 ay "honestly, it you
k nionry.
, . Ij,. 'Wi!;t, our repra
iu tho ' lislature, i
fKCord f r luiiiself uud
lu all feel
li" ' !ed flgililist
,1 to ii;i ; r fsies and
" re.' ' ' ' llfpublj-
y, v ory much
.t, : th lejjis
re ii; 'i like Froil
given wido eireulatiovi Hiiyt that
there n r only fivii fousiblu reser
voir projeeta in New Mexieo. that
ofthf Elephant Butt-tho liib
Hondo; t!i Urtou Lake, th'Js
Animas and that of the. CXl inns,
and that theliest tlnt -n"i bo vlone
for this territory is I . reclmna-
tiou of T.jO.OOO acres 01 itunl, imdj
ergo. New Mexico caiuiot hopn to
support a vrjL-atcr iopulatioii thau
1,000.000 peoble Supiwa these
atateineHts were true. t!m absurdi
ty of laviii( mini n it;i 1 minu
faetnriag. milrmidirig uad climatic
H(lvnntaKf, out of tint caleuhiUoii
when shaking of tho future de
v. lopiuenit .nud growth of the
territory is. apparent. But there
are more tnan fiv, feasible- rea-r-toir
projects in New MexUo and
thero is a possibility, yen. n prob i
bihty, of tho rclnni.-ttion of
uiom thau 7"i0.000 acres in the
territory. Sometime, ago th N?w
Mexican showed how witli amall
resurvoira, aad pumping plants
2"k).000 acres can lw rclHinii'il at
a uiodarata cost in Santa Fe coun
ty - alone and Santa Fi county
comprises less than ont-uftietIi of
o( the nrea of th territory! There
in quite number of treauis f
Xew Mxie today, of which . not
our half of tin ordinary flow is
ntlized for irrigation and tlnTC ar
no vera 1 million acres that can da
eckioHHl with pumping, plauts.
Then there at sections, iu. Hogs
volt County, on '; Jolinan's Mesa;
on the Barrlas Mesa, in tho ISai
riiiaento and Wliite Monntniiis
and elsewhere that need no irriga
tiou tit all, wliera the rainfall is
suffcient foi the cultivation of
thousands of acres. The. Depart
ment of Agriculture ia making ex
lieriaients which promises much
that will lead to the raising of
crops on bind now considered arid
and unlit for cultivation. Wh
it comes to speaking of pr.ueut
ondiiions. it will do t,o sat limita
tions, but as to f ut hfi possibilities
nven tha Geological SurTry is up.
on uncertain grounds for thero is
no lnut in sigut to tlis possima
future devfdopinant of tho Bontli
est. BeeHitgo five riMienroir pro
jiK;ta liavo after inrestigHtion prov.
en tiila fensiblc ia not proof at all
that thr?re ant not othr feasible
reservoir projects and that agri
vulture must in th fnturu Imi eon
fined tO those Viilleys or niesas
rrichd by fhn ditches from thost
6ve roservoirs. Tin OeoloLjicwl
Survey sliouhl ; not
ostrich. New Mexican
that opportunity is calling his at
teution to this prt of tho world.
I w!i.-re tliwre is honied, for thous
ands and to know that this U. n
new country thatth 'r- ii Inn
dre h of av irii-s op'u for capital,
that this country stands with beck
oning hand to thw man or woman
with push, energy and a little cap
ital, u do not wish t convey
th idea that you can come hen
and find a p mhio:i awaiting you
utli'-iiiiit to ktep you, but w d
S(ty that n mnn can build lilm up a
homo here cheaper than' bo. an
miy other place, all things consid
ered. Ilere wr have coa) aud wool
for furl and fencing: mineral of
ditfernt. kiuds in our county, and
as for wal wo havo every evidence
of that lmiug right ;t our door,
only waiting to Iw ilevelopKl. W
havo plenty ' of water.' gol
brik clay, good pottery clay,
aiil plenty of building stout,
good railway facilities and more
coming. Good schools good
churches and a good clss of. citi
zens. TIh'xo things alwaya
cousidtreil by XKpl who cwntein
plate settling or investing in a Bow'
country ,with all these thing now
htsre, aro wo wrng in fliiiming
that this a -ction of country ia one
full ef bright opptirtunities.
Court Convenes Moaday.
The grand jury ior next week is
composed of the following named
citizens: i
Ja. II. Argnello. .Inan J.- Oh i-
lez. Alnti-iS D. Ciisadi), Leandro
Ho. ro. Juan tto Jesna Chavi".
Filib.-rto Gallegos. North' Bhmks.
Joe lX.herty, V..1 Pluakett, Koy
Cnhoou, Sanui"! Kaines. A. Mc-
Kehzio. Lee Wiler, Joan Apo ne.-,
Fnlencio. 1 ( de Bnea. ; Louis
Hanchex. Oiindlario Vfgil. r
bargains in Real Estdtt
Xo.l v
n 12(10 acres all under fence.
Cov. Otero h i app lintol, and
thrt conm il confirni"d tho follow,
ing TnrritorUl officers. , ' .
(...W. fiithard, solicitor general
W. (t. "arirent, territorial auditor
J. A. Vaughn, territorial reasnnr
II. (). Bursutti, snprintendant of
the. territorial ponitetitMiry.
Hira'. Hadley.supi'riiitendentof
publin instractioa
A. A. Korfii. ctiumissioner f pu
lie land. . ,'
CharUa V. Saffoid.traveling aud-
- .
itor aud bank examiner. -
250 Htad of Steers For Sale.
' I'M) had of yearlings. '
120 -head of 2l ,
' 500. hea of eowi Tliis is a
aiiap if taken at once. ' ,
, Call on or address Clayton Real
Pstat. Lire Stock aud Coinniis
si'ti Co. ' Clayton N. M.
Id , m?ctions . governu'iit Inud.. i!
w'n'd mills, nbundancH of living
wnter voihc tiiub'ei, good two room
house, fjovl corrals and alia.la. 1500
head Hereford bred cattlv. o") head
of horam. 2 miles from towii aud
sebiKil, ' IYice $10.000.00. .;
520 tms d.edd land, and
i'ho')l si-ctioii leaf"l, nil under
one fence. 5 1 .on roek housn per
niauiMit wiier. 70 ) hen I of wtll
gmds 1 cattU, 5 head of good horss
all for $l").liJ0.00. '-
No. 3 v
KlO acres fenced, house and
ruMtiiug wnter, gool farming laud
Price SSOO.OO. : . '"
4b5 acres. 1 schaol soction leased
all iiaier feiiei uim! home nnd
watkT, windmill. Cid hea 1 of cattle.
2 mares, fiiivj farming laad, prist
.l-.iui h ",
.o' .v ..'; ; ''.
40 acres good farmmg lnml all
under ditch, g.od lutiso aud feuce
price S;50.00 ..
No. c ' ':.'; . ;'. ; ' ., :
CvSO ncn- ' d-oiltfd Uud 40 acres
iu alfalfa yielding 5 tons pr acre.
good hoiuo an ) corrals. 40) had
of extra gwl cxttle itrice 812,000.
No. 7
No. 4.
2(X) toos of alfalfa per year, good
stona house of St woma. stone waiT
mi shell, 'A good corrals, ditch on
placo. all fenced with I) wires,
gootl w.ll, plenty of water. l'ricy,
$!J..0 xr acre. .
Dr. C. B. Acklcy
Physician and Sircon
OfRca at Mc(iej's Drutf Store,
( Offiee-7-l
( 11 isid.nce 7-3
' CfS. o si Vt. J. C. Shu k'a
Physician and Surgeon
Special Attmitioi Giveu t Dig
eas.s of Women.
Clatton, - . X M.
O. E. syiTn
Attorney at ljiw
Clattox, . " , N. M.
Attorney at Law
Claitojt. N. M.
,. Attorney at Law
Clattox, ... N. M.
A few
i !iiivji.uro
a .w r!id
.5:.- 5 . .
will mnktt the
b. We are
.( tyounciluian
Fob. 2d
i n more ilfiys of th(
;lly. The work . of
... ! ,iivevir. well ud-
nd tl: ' -n It . important
It 1e ; : 1 upon is t.w
tio ' - ur 1t th next
i ne::riy ready
"mI r 1. Tlie
tive i. -' 1,1 t,
r. ;'ry fair . curd.
! ; "unism ". n:v!
-!y Wni -t-r
is '
play thi?
Sajthwjst Developmsnt.
The conditions in the great South
west .w.-re evfr brighter than
at pr"tet. Every year a new re
cord is being made, aad the farm,
ing land is incrensing iu vidua.
Endowed as the Southwest is with
nature's gifts, natural richness of
soil, , yarioty of prod acts, beauty of
clim ite nnd facilities for the ac
cnmulation of wealth by simple
and natural meins, it can snfely
challengo the world to produce
a comparison, much vm a peer.
Tjie old faJl-icy of tho southwest
l.eii'.g the doinaiti of the cowpnnch
er and the Indian is now cm-fin.
ml to tho humorous piper. It
tho homiuiQW of the stardy i i ! -
trious farnitT-pioneer.who Ii:h ! .
pnrti with tho building of t'
new railroads, seeking new 1.-.,, '
an I better opportunities than t,-
ofu-re-1 iu tin older stales, li -iej
hi brawn nnd brain am the f r :
T'.i.:h ciu!it 1, mst ae i he I. s u-.t
Mr. Milton Hater who is on of
the (lirei-tors ot the Saw Vopper
Miuing Co. is r.'giHtereil at" llie
Eklund Ilobd and kin l!y f irnisli -eil
ua this int'orinitio t aa rogirds
the workings of their Co.
The SaUr Copper Co. ha) bee
actively prosi'cuing development
work on its claims on the Cimar
piii rivur the lust 10 months. The
claims consist of 700 acres lying
in two groups. 011 tint eastern group.
which ia tlm largest ithasdi'ti
- . 1 - . ...
a ' ui.iiiei . wuii cross cms ow
fvtet ami nnny oponinj;s appoar ill
other i tints. '.They, nr. allowing
good value: iu copper and fcihvr.
On the western croup tin: main
plant is locatud aud development
work has laten done. A sh ift of
over 200 feet has laeu sunk 011
tho Eolipa" ulaiui which encou- t-
erd piy oru idni .t from tlu stir
faco. Vork has be u tenijjorarily
suapoude 1 for tho purpose' of pro.
curing iK-ttur f;eilities for a morn
vigoroj proaoeution of tlu work.
A large.' pump hii I hoisting plant
will be installed iu n short time,
thd shaft sunk too) J foet in depth
and a larger number of miners
employe.!. . Tiio CnuiMUf is
building houses for that aceoinoda
tiou of the miners. It has built 1
wagon road up the south side cf
the Mesa and as far south as the
Carrisoo ut whi.'b point work is
now gj'mg on an 1 in a short t iuie
thu roa 1 will bj'cpen to C'aytou,
and which will hs of great benefit
to the public as w.-U as to the Co
It has one traction rngiu iu ser
vice un 1 a larger on) will bo pur
chased, When the w.'ath-'r lie
comes settled th operations of the
(!5o. will le rH'gnn in full force
It expects to have a mill in opera
tion before the closu of the year,
It is a conceded fact tlint Clay
. 1 li. 1
hi is ttio liveiisi iowii ixnween
'rinidiid Col., and Amarillo Tex
i we havo had the roldest
i v r in yt-yrs. yet you could see
.; j besy tll the time, well
s out iei the jilaie, i bnay
: well .. frt i ; r 1 ? t rs 1
secular t from t! in
i'.-oile 1 ' 1, in fact
neeniR t . ' ie tiusy. I
dAOt roa us
ax toutt.
1 -1
X. V
Wcnl. Hides. Polts,t
Cattle and Sheep
Dry Goods and No
tions. Up-to-Date
Ii1ili!r.:ry ana Drc$$
' ey ' : I
peters : :
' ..,-'''' '
pi .ICC
it any
ridl Clay
7Jt - I I pe f5(
A f-,
1 1,
ier we urn proud t
( pr 1 oin ,
1 ' 'I sl.v.v t jr r-'mnti.
'pponiiiiiiy i.
f 1

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