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Carrizozo outlook. (Carrizozo, N.M.) 1910-1945, January 15, 1915, Image 2

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y Luwrencc Perry
corvs-raiiTyk c wlet.ijn;cV Cea Itu
l.ln id n.ir.1 Ifntt ri ii ilpin ' p 1 tv .11, bin
llnlliliml III thn mi. . ill (III- inllnt of till'
rfpmilRh Amiri.iie un" nml fiiiKnrtl to
llllpui (M nriri-l him .Ire llilly hilo lili'
111. HI n Wit BliluuK. I l.n .lnlm.la
Win If i In l he tut nt ruiililiiR II liriiiitiful
I'lHIII I n 1 1 . Kill' IIiiiiiUh lilln fur llin urn -IHb
nuil m von Imr nnine nn Minn l.tl Tnnsn,
a ('liliün pMrjot. I.iiiit lin I niel her nt
a Imll. A nnprpt nnrvh-n mini wnrnn Hol
Itih Hint the Klrl In it Hpy. Mina Ui Tnnnn
Imvrn for hpr home In I'lilm. Huilón I
uhlfieil (ii follow Imr Tlmy inert mi thn
Tnniiiit (rnln. Minx l.n Tonii IiiIIh llollon
li? In it Culiiin hi nml cxpichhi'S iloulit
liinllMK (tin nlm-rrlty of 1 1 in t'nllnl
Ktnlnn. Holton la nrilnrpil lo reinnln lit
TMmil In nunrtl the trnoi transport.
Jin n.nca llin lriiiiii.rl from (Instruction
t llm lnimlH or il iinitillern nml rrporln
tti Ailinlrnl Hhiiiihoii for fuillirr iluly.
Ilbllon In nt'tit In (li'iii-rnl (Inrilii'H com
tnrilid In llin Rulan of n nnwnpnprr ror
lKiniliiit to ImcnilRiiln rulMin iilot
hehIiiM tho Aliinrlrnn ItnopH nml to fount
Ihu plans of thn H i ! ii I nny. li
teeln n Irumcil Ciilmn Ifittli-r In tin- work
fimicnlliiii Imnlili' mminc tin 1'iilmnn
III llin IntrrvslH of tin- Hn ttlnrilH. lloUon
In PlsH ly rrlcmlH of tin- spy nml lntnr
Onli-reil rxi'iMiiil iin ii spy. fin i-aeiipn
h(l sanen thn Amirlrnu tronpn from fs.ll
1fiK liii' ii hpiinlMlt hiiiIiiimo. Ilii lenriiH
from Ornrrnl Onrrlii thnt'llin py In Imn
'i'niiiil i. olio of tlm miiKt trimlnl Icnilem.
llollim I n lien purl In I hi- IwtM" nt mi
Jiniii. luiiKiilKril iik n HpitnlMli iioliller lm
4tltl'l HillllllIKO, KOt'N nt nlKlit to tlm
liotnr of Minn lili Tonfiii, nlirrc ho ovrr
vitirn ii illnnimiliMi of llin Hp'inluli plum
liy Icnillmc nrmy nml nmy inmninnili-ri.
llo Irariin (Imt the HI'IimIhIi fpit Mill trnvu
Hip luirlior nt KnntlnKu on July 3. Iloltou
i'riiK'ii nml nrrlvm In nlKlit of llin Atncrl
en n (tori In time to roe tin ndiiilrnl's I1n
lilp anil nwny. After frnntlr nlKimllni
lie In nnancrt'il liy thn llroolilyn. llo
wnrini Hrlilny of tlm liilnnlloni) nt tli
Hpnnlili llert nml wllnrimrH tlm ilnntrun
lion mill rnptiiio of llin ciii'iny'ii vriiHfila
llollon trui rm llml Hluifli-r lian rrrelinil
nirmi from I'rrsldrot MrKlnloy Oe
rlitiliie Hint llin will' h oh ItiHlllutFil fur
llin noln purpoHC of firi'lim (tuba. Hp
InnriiH Unit n iiippIIiir of illunnllHltpil Cu
bnni In to lie liphl Hint ilglit tu Plot
iiRiiliint llin Ainnrlraii nrmy. llo Riven
,MI l.n ToHwi llin prralili'iil'it iiirnaiiRn.
I In Hpli'H mi llin n.ri'lliiK mnl linnr I'ca
nolit nltnmpt In Inltumn (ho filhun
hkiiIiiX the AnmrlraiiH. Mini l.n Tnma
ilniiminccM C'phiioIu nml rniul MctClnlny'n
lia'iunze. (Inrcl.t nml hln noldlnri plum
I'pHiiol.i iinitpr mrnal. Ijilnr lm la or-
Imml ctppillml. Tlm HpiinUli forrn ur
imilcr nml rlluflnr cnlnra HuihIhrii,
A Frightful Revelation.
Iliillon'n rlilo ImrU tu (lio clly was
(lio most foilnm ho lini! ever Inltrn.
In tlm nnnh of u liuml lu Imil lircn low
ered f rnui (tin IicIkIiIh (if ocKlnny to
tlit deptlis or (lcHiiilr. A licniillful
ilronin Mnil livun lived nut, mid (ho bit
ter rinlitlOH of wnkiiiK Intel coiun.
A. ho nut licforo IiIh lent tlilnklnR,
u tun ti inimi'il In front of him, holding
IiIh Inoad Kdinliruro In IiIh hand. Ah
lloltoi! Rlanccd nt him curlnualy hla
fato.llBlid'd wllli recognition.
"I'lernil" hu cried, rlHliiR. "Whnt
do ou want?"
Tho Cuhait nodded lo htm Rrnvely.
"Can you coinn with me, l.tcillntiaiit
Iloltou? It Ih very luiiortnnt."
llollon, without replying, accom
panied the Cuhftii.
Tlm two hurried along until nt
length tin Cuban stopped In front nt
lung, rambling. oiic-Hlory hulldlug,
evidently und at uno linio an n bar
racks far tho Himnlidi holdlero. lie
limned down and tooU oft IiIh hIioom.
motioning llollon to do likcwlmi
Iteallnlug Unit tho Hitiintlou iih rife
with Importance, I he American -a'
down mid compiled without a word
Tllül), ilalng In hlH HtockliiR f i
Pltiro loolt from IiIh puckel a kcj .in
lilpuyd tho door, and entered, motion
lli'g lltiltbn to follow. After the) we-o
lioth Itlihle, the Cuban ilomvl tho dooi
nnd looked It, withdrawing the U. v
and plaoliiK It In hU iwcket ngnln
"Silo line nth arrived c(," remmk. 0
fierre. "I mu lniip I ion red n
would ha too lute.'
"Too Into for wlul ' Who did ynn
utMBOt to find here' whltiiered Ilol
tan, nlnaiMt Irritably
)T Uwr l'inrrp Hiuemed hU nrui
anil dllontly pointed mil Into the night.
Following the tuun'n linger, llolton
aiv the form of u woman nllglitlug
from a pony. Ai hln nye utrulnvd
bo rNiKiilzed MUv l.n Toann.
liy bur nido was a man and, a hl
(toe turned toward tho building, Ilol
tou gaxped and whUpried hoarsely to
Ills companion.
"divo ma thnt key!"
Ttio (Jub.tn'i hand tightened on his
urru llko n vine.
'HO--COUU'. ! nm certain now tho
"way It clear. 1 feared ho wns bolow,
ilt la all right Come."
gWnelhliiK In the rullow'H manner
piada Holton'H obedleiico Implicit.
Without it word hu folio nod tho man.
'flic Cuban had lighted & candió. Fol
lowing the light, llolton could nee a
(flilR tunnel opntilng bnforo hltn. ta
(tro apartment Itself wrro soverol eleo
tftcal rtPpllaiioaa, and & piul, -button
twtu tu UlU Vill.
llliiati-ntloni 1( 'fig
ElluwartliVtiun, frí
orvaiGiiTK lit cmuTlmiTrA,
llollon mandril greatly nt what ho
una going through, but tho mnn ho
had N'-en with MIhh I.a Toku wax up
peimoHt In his mind.
"I thoiiRbt that fellow, Cctnola, wai
dead," he tuild tciiHtdy.
I'or I lie ninti with the girl was nonn
other than that of tho omnlprcHont and
Hppnrniitly Immortnl waiter of tho
Now Wlllard.
I'lerru laughed wllhout mirth,
"Tho man In n dovlll" ho replied.
"Tho firing party nt his execution was
"elected by nn officer friendly to htm
They nhot over IiIh bend. !lo protend
ed denth. TIiuh he rnenped, General
(nrcln wim tricked by hla own men."
llolton nodded.
"Hut whnt In tho meaning of nil
tlicso Instruments?" ho naked, "And
why hnvo you brought mo hero?"
Tho man faced llolton gravely.
"This tunnel," ho nnswered, "loada
under tho henrt oí Imiitingo. At short
distances It Is packed wITi dynamite
This key will roloaso llu spark that
sets It off. It Is tho plan that tho city
and tho Amertcnn soldiers hall be
blown to pl'.'ces, after which, the
Cuban soldiers non- gathered on the
secret trail, leading Into tho town, will
rush In nml assume, control."
"And Miss I,h Tossn?" ho asked
"Senorltn has been selected to
press the button. I havo brought you
here to stop hnr. To anvo tho city, to
save tho American, to save horself,
for when that button Is pressed alio
dies here." I'lerro sank on bis knees,
"Oh, Mr, llolton, save her! Hho loves
you, i ou love herl Have her, You
can, nnd you alone can,"
llolton struclt tho man on the shoul
der and his volco was stern,
"I will saro her," ho paused. "So
help me, Pierre, I will!"
The candín was blown out nnd the
two watted In tho darkness.
"Hut why," whispered llolton, "has
Miss l.n Tossn volunteered for this
"Ilccaiikp," was tho reply, "tho per
son who presses that button will never
Icavo this place. It Is Intended that It
shall bo destroyed so that no traco of
tho mystery will over bo found."
llolton's heart grew sick. Undoubted
ly the girl, In her blind, patriotic fury,
had come forward as a martyr to gire
her llfo for tho country sho loved,
At the moment there was tha sound
of n lock turning nnd then tho door
creaked, llollon and l'lorru wero lying
behind bom o wine-casks. The next
InBlant they knew the girl was In ths
apartment with them,
They heard n match strike RtI
dandy she had lighted a lantern fur a
As His Face Turned, Holton daaped.
soft yellow glow filled tho plneii. And
now llolton, peering through a craok
between two caBks, saw her.
llolton nrosn sllontly and stole to n
position directly In front of tho nwltch
key. When sho returned shn found
him there with arms folded, standing
ns Immobile as rt statue.
She did not scream. Her lips parted
nnd sho stood still, staring ut him with
dilated oyes. So they stood for tho
spaco ot a minute. To Holton It
seemed nn eternity. Then sho spoko.
"You!" Her voice wns deep, but ax
piYsslonless, ,
"It Is 1, Miss La Tossa," responded
"Why -why ban you como baxef
'! hare como to save roil from sour-
self. You aro In the grip of a great
lleforo llolton's steady, compassion
ate Razo, tho girl's eyes fell. It was as
though tome message from tho Ameri
can's heart had reached her. At any
rnte, her volco became moro gentle.
"Vou must lenvo me, Lieutenant
Iloltou," sho resumed, "1 I "
She. paused, lenlUIng what It would
menu to havo llolton lenvo her lo per
form her deadly task of shattering tho
city nnd Its American occupants. This
thought caused her to reel.
Then, as though with tho flashing
swiftness of lightning, sho sprnng to
ward dm olllcer nnd throw one arm
around his neck, tho other reaching
over nnd touching the decirlo button.
"Now, Mr. llolton," sho cried, "If
you movo 1 shall press"
lleforo sho could completo her sen
tonco Iloltou raised Ids shoulder over
so slightly nnd her fluger wns tluiH re
moved nt least nn Inch out of renili
of tho llttlo knob. 8hn tried to spring
away from hlin, but llolton held her.
"Miss La Tossn," ho began, "I enmo
hero becnuso 1 lovo you that Is my
only thought. 1 lovo you. I linvo
loved you tinco I first saw you, I
havo spoken to you concerning thn
American ns n mutt would speak to
tho woman ho loves, with tho wholu
truth In my heart. I havo talked,
slnco I saw you this morning, with
scores of high officers, nnd I cnu tell
you dint what I havo already snld to
you Is tho whole truth.
"Cuba Is certnlnly and surely to be
left to tho Cubans, Kngland, France,
(Jorniany. Italy nil great countries
havo been officially assured by tho
stnto department thnt It Is to be. Hut
first, order must bo restored hero and
tho wheels of government set going,
To that end General Wood Is to bo ap
pointed military norernor, nnd In good
timo every single American soldier
will lcavo this Island. Thcro Is no
doubt about that. Ah, Mlas La Tossa,
bollevo niel Tor, as (lod Is my Judge,
I have spoken only the truth.
"Ono moment," ns sho essayed to
speak. "Losing you Is a prlco too
great for mo to pay even when It In
volvcs sivlng my countrymen. No, I
cannot lose you and Uve. 1 do not
with to lire. And so you havo not
bcllovod me. lCvcry look, every word
of yours tells ma you regard mo as n
liar. So bo It."
Ho moved away from the push-but
ton and folded bis nrtns,
"Vuu nro now at perfect liberty to
press that button. I shall not inter'
fere. I shall ntny hore nnd dlo with
you. Thnt Is my wish. Llfo means
nothing now for me,"
A cry of horror broke from tho girl
She stood swaying, surveying tho two
with staring eyes, llcr gano nt length
fastened upon llolton, standing there,
his nrmn folded, his broad shoulders
heaving, bis dark, handsoino face
turned to her with nil expression of
great tenderness.
Something In his itycs, something
tnagnotlc, tho power of his great lovo
for her, tho Intensity of his emotions
rlvtted her gazn to his face.
Slowly, In splto of herself, sho crept
townrd hltn, fascinated.
"llunccl How uiy arms hnvn nehed
for you. How my heart has bled for
you I Itaneel Come."
With a low cry tho girl sprang to
111 in. In his powerful arum ho caught
her. Sho looked up nt him and kissed
lior. Her hands caressed his face.
Hho drow his bend down onco moro to
her lips.
And thus In the darkness, with po
teuthil death nil about, love, the con
iiueror, triumphed.
, The Day of Peace,
Ten minutos, perhaps, had clapcdd
, when I'lerro, who bad thoughtfully
wundered nwny down the tunnel, renp.
penred with u winning "Ahem!"
Hollou, exulted lo the seventh
heaven of happiness, glanced nt
Pierre, nnd then shilling to tho Cuban,
ho seized him by the arm nnd led him
forcibly lulu the tunnel again.
"Now then, Pierre," ho laughed,
"you stay hero until I call, or I'll set
on dawn on somo of this tljmimltu
and press the button."
Ho saying, ho returned to Miss l.n
Tossn and gave such an account of
himself ns n young man very much In
lovo with n bonutlfut young woman
may bo expected to gire.
A little later they mado their way
nut of tho building. Her pony was still
standing where she bad hitched It, hut
Ooiiiola uud his horso were gone. At
least, Holton assumed that Cesnolu
hnd gone from the fact that his horso
liad departed.
As thoy wnlked to the Rlrl's pony,
though, Holton, with n RUdden oxcla
matlon, lecncd forward, There, nl
most at hit feet, lay tho body of a
man. The elrl tnw It almost at the
snmn Instnnt.
"Whnt Is It?" sho asked tremulous
"A man," wns tho solemn reply.
Holton lighted n match nnd bout
over tho body. Then ho straightened
up nsi ugh he had been struclt la
tho ful
"It Is Cesnolat" ho whispered
Peinóla!" Sho bent down uctH her
face was ctoso to the dea4 man, aad
her hand, reaching out, came in con
tact with a knife. This sho withdrew,
nnd, standing up, trcmblüta, sho held
It toward Iloltou.
"You must get rid ot this 1 " aba
"Itld of ltl Why?"
"Ilecauso It Is Pierre's knife."
In a flash llolton saw It nil. Pierre,
coming out had sean tho spy waiting
for tho explosion. Filled with hatred
for tha man who had led his beloved
Itanco Into this tltundon, ho hnd
promptly paid off the score,
"tllvo mo tho knife." llolton
wrapped tho thing In his handkerchief,
nnd In good season contrived to place
It whero It would never be found,
which Is getting u bit nheud ot tho
In' tho mcniittmn tho two wended
their way toward headquarters, Ilol
tou leading thn horse, the girl walk
ing very clono to his side. Tho recent
ordnnl, coupled with tho discovery of
tho body of Ccsnola, bad unnerved her,
nnd occasionally a dry sob broko from
her lips,
Iloltou decided that, mora than any
thing else, sho needed lights, good
With a Low Cry the Qlrl Sprang to
cheer, and good food, 8o thoy went
to tho Venus restaurant, and there,
amid all tha brilliancy ot its military
patrons, tho blushes returned to the
girl's checks and tho laughter to her
After their meal Holton and tha girl
set out for tho La Tossn estate, the
girl on her pony and Holton on n
horse ho borrowed from one of the
generar nldcs,
When they reached the estate It was
nearly midnight. Hunco wus delight
ed to iinii itwniiuig ner a message
from her father lu Havana, assuring
her that ho was well, uud that through
force ot circumstances ho would re
main In that city until the result ot
tho present campaign wus determined.
Tho girl wept over tho letter ns she
handed It to llolton.
'Poor, dear father!" she cried. "1
trust he Ih happy as happy as as ."
llolton crushed h?r to his breust.
Ah tu tho war, but llttlo remained.
Tho fleet uf Corveru had been wiped
out, nnd thus shorn of sea powor,
there was really little usu In roslst
nuce on land. So It camo about that
pcaro wns agreed upon by commit
slouers of tho two countries.
It was on this day that Iloltou, with
a long leave of absence, and many Mat
tering odlclal papers In his luggage,
stood on tho deck of a great trnnsat
laude liner, looking down upon tho
crowd assembled on pier uud bulkhead
Id wavo farewell uud (lodspecd to
friends and rotative who wero hurry
ing to tho continent to spend the last
brilliant days of tho waning summer
nwny from tho scenes ot bloodshed
nnd disenso.
dote by IiIh side, with her arm
tightly locked In his, was a girl so
radiant that sho attracted tha atten
tion of overyouo who passed the llt
tlo group. Hho had just kissed her fa
thur good-by uud hu was turning to
lenvo tho ship.
"And you, Thomas," ho said, "will
not bo soirish. You will lot my duugh.
ter como tu me on tho estate fre
"As frequently at sho wishes,"
laughed llolton, "wfeen 1 am doing my
two years sea awtlce,"
Tho father laughed and waved good'
by. Hut Just boforu tho ship sailed
they mado out hit figuro dashing to
thn end of tho bulkhead,
"Kathor!" crlod tho girl, "what I
Señor l.n Tossn held aloft an eve
ning newspaper.
"Penco!" hu cried. "Peace hat been
"Sho turned to llolton,
"Peace," she smiled.
Holton pressed her arm.
"Wus thcro over anything but peace
anywhere In all tha world?'' be
And six feet of bathtub makes most
of up equal.
If tAH vUtl lllttlllliflll f.1llH M.1.ll
clotlir, ue ltrd Cmna Hag llluc, At all
jood grocer. Adr.
It All Dnpendi,
"I see by tho papers," remarked Miss
tild)gurl. "that pugilists fight lu n ring.
What kind of u ring is It?"
"For spurring nn engagement ring Is
used." explained die old tmchulor,
"but when It Is to be n fight to n fin
ish n wedding ring Is lined, I believe."
The Horrors of War.
"I linvo Just been rending a story
ot hardship mid suffering endured by
a llrltlsh cohller thnt drow tears
from my eyes."
"Tell me what happened In tho poor
"For three days lin was cut off from
his comrades without so much ns u
grain of tobacco."
Instant Alarm.
"What muda you turn nround nnd
walk out of thnt hotel?" asked the
mnn who was currying tho big vnllse.
"lo expensive," replied his com
"How do you know? You never
tinco naked for tho rates."
"Didn't have to. Didn't you sea thn
potato they had on the desk to stick
thn pens In?"
" 'Of course I seen II."
"Well, thut's enough fur mo. Any
landlord that kill n fiord to throw po
tatoes; nround thnt way has too ex
travagant Ideas fur us."
Scarcity of Canary Birds.
Canary birds will suon bo worth
their wulght lu gold, according to deal
ers, who declaro that tho war has cut
oft tho usual source of supply the
llarlz mountain In (lormnny nnd that
not ono of tho llttlo feathered song
stent had been received In this coun
try, except n few from Japan, slnco
the beginning of hostilities. Former
ly ns many ns 10,000 canary birds wero
received In Now Yorlt from (lormnny
lu n week, and tho best of thein could
bu bought for 7G cents to $1. Now,
however, the stock of many of tho
principal bird stores In Now York has
been exhausted nnd tho few birds e-
hnnd nro bringing from JS to $IC of
with tho prlco going up as the su
Hit Bones Gave Way,
Klghleeu hours under 23 feet oi
stoun and dirt proved too much for
thn bones of William Chapman of
Wheat Shcnf, Pa tho other day. Chap
man was caught near tho bottom of
tho welt hu wns cleaning out on IiIh
placa, when tho walls collapsed when
lie stnrted tu climb out. Tho stones
arched over his hend nnd hold back
tho dirt. Ho wns nbla to talk with
his rescuorH through tho pump log.
He conversed with IiIh wlfo nnd chil
dren through tho tube, but when the
lust earth was taken from IiIh head
and tho men stnrted pumping oxygen
Into his lungH, ho collapsed. It wan
found IiIh hones hud given way under
tho strain.
The only sure tiling about n suro
cure for anything Ih that It Isn't.
A Poisonous Drug 8tlll Freely Uted,
Many pcoplo aro brought up to be
llovo that cofteo Is a necessity ot life,
and tho strong hold that tho drug,
caffeine, In corteo has on tho sys
tem makes It hard to loosen Its grip
even when ono realizes lis Injurious
A lady writes! "I had used coffeo
for years; It seemed ono ot tho ne
cessities ot Ufa, A few montha ago
my health, which had been slowly fall
ing, beenmo mora Impaired, nnd I
know thnt unless relief camo from
somo source I would soon bo n physi
cal wreck.
"I was woak nnd nervous, had sick
headaches, no ambition, nnd folt tired
of life. My husband wns also losing
his health. Ho wns troubled so much
with Indigestion that at times ho could
ent only n few nioutlifuls.
"Finally wo saw I'ostum advertised
and bought a package I followed di
rections for making carefully, nnd
added cream, which turned It to thn
loveliest rich-looking and tnstlng
drink I ever saw served at nny table,
and wa havo usod Postum over since.
"I gained flvo pounds In weight In
as many weeks, and now feel well
and strong tu every respect. My
headaches have gone, nnd I am a now
woman. My husband's Indigestion
has loft him, and he can now eat
Nnmo given by Postum Co., Rattle
Creek, Mich. Ilend "Tho Itoad to
Wellvllle," In pkgs.
Postum comes In two forms!
Regular Poatum must bo well
bolted 16c nnd 25c packages.
Inttant Poitum Is n soluble pow
der. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
In a cup of hot wntcr nnd, with cream
nnd sugar, makes n delicious bover
ngo Inatant'y. 30c nnd C0c dirk, -
Tho coat per cup ot both kinds Is
about thn samo.
"There's a noason" for Poatmn,
sold by Tlrctcrs.

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