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Published Weekly in the Interest of Carrizozo, and Lincoln County
VOL. IX. NO. 16
Capitán High School Pupils
Secure u Beautiful 10(1
Volume Library in a
Unique Contest
J. D Mocho was in Capitán
last week on business.
L. 11, York, attorney nt law modo
a business trip to Carrizozo
samo day,
County Commissioners Wm Fer
guson and Hutnaldn Duran wcro in
Capitán tho mlddlo of tho week
transacting business.
G. W. Smlthson, our live real
catato man, tnado a Halo of 100
acres of land north of Capitán last
week to a party from Texas Mr.
Sinlthsan has several other deals on
which he expects to be consumatcd
in ths near futuro.
Dr J, W. Laws was up from Lin
coln tho later part of last week on
business. A great deal of sickness
is reported throughout this section
of tho county because of la grlppo
and bad colds which in many cuses
liuvo resulted in pneumonia.
Tho election to vote off tho tie
for constable for this precinct to
be held on February 2 promises to
bo u very interesting ullnir as both
candldutos nro very popular and
expect tu do same interesting cam
pulguiug botwoen now und eloctiou
Tlio postmaster Gon has called fur
applications for postmaster at the
proposod postoilico at Enclnoso
Wb are glad the people of that
section of tho county will soon have
a postofllco us they certainly need
onu. Mr. Samuel Farmer, the storo
man (hero has applied for the post
tiun of postmaster and wo are euro
ho will get tho place as ho is cap
able of handling it
Tho recent contest between tho
roda and tho blues of tho county
high school In which they oarnod
the 100 volume library given for
subscriptions of tho Farm and
Ranch and Holland's Magazlno has
terminated This makes tho second
library tho high school has earned
In this manner, the first consisting
of -15 volumes and this ono 100 vol.
umcB. Tho students of the high
school should bo congratulated
upon tholr efforts in this behalf and
tho people of the community should
be gratefully thanked for their pat
ronogo. The blues lost in the con
test and entertained tho reds In '
Saturday ovoning by n supper and
party, which was greatly enjoyed
by all.
The prohibition campaign for
product No 1), at Capitán Is in ful
sway and both sldeA are claiming
aliro success, Sovoral other pro
lulls In the county aro contemp
piling petitioning for an election on
tlio question of prohibition and it
la believed by many of tho best In
formed people that Lincoln county
lj soon to bo in tlio dry class
People- aro waking up to tholr
rlgíilü. They have luarnod that nt
lfasj four of tho murder cases com
ing before tlio last district court
wero direct cmisn or whiskey or
drunkonofB, which nlona cost the
county ninny times innro Histi tlio
raveuuo from these sources amount
Mrs Key of Three Ttivora was a
visitor horo tho first of tho weok
Tob Tipton of El Paso was In
town a few days this week
Horneo Edwards arrived Friday
from Maricopa, Arizona, to look
after business nffalrs
Mr and Mrs. W. L. Outrun mn
tcred down from Carrizozo Tuesday
Mrs. Gurnin visitine tho school
and Mr. Gumm enjoying hlmsolf
with hunting
Mr. and Mrs. Chas II . Thornton
u. i', urey ana unas. Htensnn were
transacting business in Carrizozo
Tuesday and Wednesday of this
Allliniign wo priilo ourselves on
nhoallliy community occasionally
a itold Is sidetracked by romp ono
Those suff'etlng nt present are Mrs
L Black and Dr. G. Rannlger.
Tho Shw anden club met with Mrs
L. D. Chase Snturdny Jan 23d. A
short program was held after which
tho needles flow Dainty refresh
ments wero served by tho hostess
Onu of the most agreoabla social
olTalrs was held at tho home of Mr
and Mrs. O L Grc-v Saturday even
ingJun. i.'ld. After an Inspection
of the pretty home, the guests
whllcd away tho hours with dano
ing and chuttlng. Excellent ro
freshmenls were served bv th
hostess, after which the guests do
parted wishing Mr- and Mrs Grey
many happy years in their new
A. I. Stowart ii acting agent
whllo the chango l being m ide
E. A. Helsel made a business
trip to El Paso last week.
We are glad to note that the
storm last Satutday did not bis
very long.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Langorak
and son Dudock left Sunday nigh
for an extended visit to Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. It. E. P. Warden
havo roturned from n several dnys
visit in El Paso.
Our genial depot agent II M
Brown and family left Tuesday
morning for Santa Hosa where he
will tako up the duPcs of agent nt
that place. Mr. 11. 1). Hitler of
Santa llosa will take charge of tlio
station horo.
Mr. R. F. Ross head burner fo
tho Western Clay it Gypsum Pro
ducts üompany returned from
Don ver last Tuesday ulght Mr
Roes spent the holidays with his
family, und reports business very
quiet in Denver
The wreck ut Tccoloto last But
urday tied up all truflb on tho
Southwestern until Sunday night
twelve cars or merounnulso wcro
turned over, but fortunately no one
was hurt.
Humphrey Ilroi., would bo ploos
eti to quoto you tueir prices, on
those Choleo Grcely potntocs. Just
received a car.
'tesident Wilson one of the
First to Enjoy Priv Ickc of
Hearing a Human Voice
Over 3,400 Miles of Wire
Perhaps the highest achievement
in the scientific world wan reached
Monday afternoon when telephone
conservations wero carried on be
tween Washington, Now York, Hoe-
ton and oan I'ranoisco, Willi as
much caso as thojiih thoso convcr
sing worn only a few miles apart.
Ibis remarknulo achievement was
enjoyt'd by President Wilson of the
United H'n'es, I'rofessor Alexander
Graham Hell, the Inventor ol the
lelophono; Ihnmos A Wnlsi n, the
first man In whom Mr Hsll ever
talked ovur the telephono: Prrsl
dent Moore of tho Panama-Pacific
Exposition, mr! many others It
was (ho Innguratlnniif the trnnscnn
tinenta) commercial telephone sys
tern und it required over 3.-100 miles
of wire to connect tlio eas'ern Willi
the western coast It was as though
tlio Atlantic had reached over Its
migh'y splendor and shaken hands
with the poacerul rocino 'l ho
conversations nccuircd about four
o'clock eastom time, and ono o'clock
San Francisco time.
President Wilson was tho firs'
person not ernnro'ed wl'li tho tele
phone company to enjoy the privl
eg of hearing a hiiiimu voico over
3,400 miles of wire. Ho stopped to
tho telephono and, planing the re
eel ver to his ear said in a very
clear and impressive manner, to
President Moore of tlio Panama
and Pac, lie, Exposition: "It up
peals to the imagination to speak
across the continent. It is a line
omen for the exposition Mint the
fiwt thing it has doneh to send its
voice from sea to sea, I congratu
late you on tne tine prospects lor a
successful exposition. I nm eon
fidently hoping In tako part in it
after the adjournment of congress
May 1 not send m greeting to the
management nnd to all whoso work
has made It possible and has ruado
It tho great rvont It promises to be
nnd to convey mv personnl enngrnt
illations to yiti?"
As the pres. (lout finished, Pre!
dent Monro of tho great exposition
responded: "Wo aro looking for
ward to your coming hero I think
you will le well ploasud with what
wo Iiutq dono I r.84uro you, Mr.
President that you will never receive
a welcome that will be moro cordial
or more enthusiastic "
Thirty four yeora ago, when
Al xnndcr Graham Pel I invented
the telephone, his flist run vara ilion
wns with Mr. TIioiiish A Watsin
They talked over a lino two miles
long At l lie clopn of President
Wilson's talk with President Moore
Mr Hell, who wns in New York,
name in on the line, and Mr. Wat
son, who wns In San Frnncifco, wns
also connected, and the three held
a short conversation, congratulating
oncli other on the scientific achieve
ment The President wild: "I
consider It an honor lo be nbln lo
express my ndmlrntlon for the In
vontive genius and sciotitlfin knowledge-
Hint has made this possible,
nnd my pride Hint this vital cord
eh mid havo been stretched nurnns
America as a new symbol of our
unity nnd our enterprise Will vnu
not convoy my cordlnl congratula
tfnns In Mr. Hell, and I want to
convoy to you (meaning Mr Wnl
son) my personal congratulations "
It Is an Interesting foot that Dr.
Hell and Mr. Watson used the simo
Instruments Motulay In accomplish
Ing the transcontinental conversa
tion Hint they used thirty-four
years ago in accomplishing their
two mile, conversation They also
used a part of tho same wire mod
President Wilson also tnlked wilh
Theodore N. Vail, nrcsident of the
American Telephone and Telegraph
Company, who was at Jekvll hiatal
off the coasi of Georgia
In each city mini which tlio con
versal ions wero held, tho greatest
preparations had been nrrnnged
preparations Hint wcro never excel
led In the history of tho cities. Tha
city officials, at ato officials, and
others prominently connected with
tlio public and commercial III o oi
each Individual community were
present, and all enjoyed tho won
dorful feat accomplished.
I' red Hrookway. ,lr . met with u
rather painful accident the other
day having cut his right foot with
nn ax Fred is n-'.ntit on crutches
Thos Htnlon, water gniigor tin
dor Mr. Nicholas is laid up with u
sprained anklo. He also bus joined
Mr. Hrockwny. Jr., in the crutch
Any ono wishini' to tenrn Hie
best tvay to bo neutral nn the war
nueíHnn may well v'flt Messrs
Milcl'lt atid Crawford on African
W. Smith of No. -1, Buffering
with tin Ulcerated looHi was com.
polled to visit tho den1 1st at. Carri
zozo for n couple of d iys Inst woe I;
At present however, Mr Smith Is
t III snlTorltig considerable pain
which wo hope to bo of u short
Dr and Mrs F. C Smith return
nil from a llylnu trip lo El Puso Inst
I liunMay, roming on Hie mail o.ir.
Although delayed one day in Cnrri
zozo because of not making train
connections They report n plens
nut time given them by kind nnd
wide awake Carrizozo residents.
Last Thursday, Jan. 21 at 7:30.
p m , in Library hall, a general
meding of all tho members of the
Ft Stanton Amusement Assoetn
Hon took piuco A new set of by
laws wero read and voted, nnd
after unite n dolíate ns lo the fu
tuso eervien In the "movies," It
wns moved by our commanding
olhcer and seconded by Mr. Mchl
hone that at n special meeting set
for February Sth, ! the lime for
deciding definitely Ill's question ns
to what class of pictures wero to be
run In llicfuHiio Tho motion ear
ricil. too pillowing oihcers were
eleoled for tho ríx months endl ig
the third Monday of .liilv next:
President, Oonr Hrockweli; Secro
tnry, C II. Unblw: Tron-juror, .1 I
Drown. Thesi nllicnis together
with tlio commanding olhcer wero
made the permanent execu'ive
After this week's issue of Tho
Outlook, tlio mntmgomctit of the
paper and business will pas to the
control of Thos O Luster w
has piirclinscd Hie plant, good will
and mil estate fiom the owner,
William Knliler, 8r Tho iccent
lt!st'os, Messrs. Denny t Ojhurii
will retire from the business entirely
Mr. Luster the new owner, I
known lo tho citizens of this city
and county, having been ill charge.
of the odii-o for tho past two tears
The business office and plant will
hcieuftcr bo unll.'d, bolli being
the luiilditig whore the paper has
been published since It Via first
issued at the corner of Alnmogordo
avenue and Third street
Full iiiiuouuuement if the piliey
to bo pursued under tho new
maiingcmont will appear in next
week's li-sUa,
Electricity From tho Alto
Light and lJower Company
of White Oaks Turned into
Carrizozo Tuesday
O, W- Bamberger mndo a trip to
Lincoln Sunday returning Monday.
YANTED:-Cotllo to pasture,
D Mayer, Wtiito Oaks, N. M.
Mr and Mrs. A H. Hamilton aro
tlio parents of new baby girl, born
on Wednesday of Inst week
Mrs. P, E. Lacey has been quito
seriously sick for the past fow days,
but Is now Improving slowly.
Geo Sponce, Jr., has roturned
from Kansas City where he went
sovoral days ago with a shipment
of sheep for J. 11 trench.
A number of Oscuro pooplo were
hero Tuc&dny and Wednesday as
witnesses In a contest case before
t l.o United Slates Commissioner.
Mcsdnmos Crawford nnd Ding
wall aro entertaining a goodly num
ber of ladles at whist this after
noon in tlio Hank hall.
Georgo Tompkins of Jlcarilla was
Carrizozo visitor Wednesday
transacting laud business with
Denny &. Osborn.
C, Wlneficld, who has been
quito sick for the past week is re
ported as improving rapidly, and
wo hopo to soon seo him back In
tho harness.
Llttlo Helen Rnlland, daughter
of our popular pharmacist, suffered
a bad fall Tuesday, and it was
thought that a concussion of the
brain had been sustained, but sho
Is now apparently feeling as good'
as new.
Frank English has completed his
new workshop on tho rear of his
lots next to tho Glenn property,
nnd is laying the foundation for hiH
new dwelling on tneso lots.
FOR SALE:-AII enulpmont of
good paying rooming house, ready
to move in If you aro consider
ing a rooming house proposition
this wi'l Interest you. Unquiro of
Denny & Osborn.
F. H Shields nnd Vincent Ileal
havo organized tha Western Garago
Co., and are engaging in a general
repnlr, livory, and electric scrvicn
business In the Ileal building
The electric power was turned
Into the Carrizozo lino nn Tuesday,
and our citizens, now have plenty
of power and lights at their dispos
al, Many of the business houses
nro now using tho lights nnd moro
uro being Installed right along Now
for the water works and the Im
provement of our streots, whllo wi
have things coming our way.
I desire to express my heartfelt
thanks to tho people of Carrizozo
for the many kindnesses shown mo
during tho last illness, nnd death of
my husbntid. Mrs A.L. Jnckson
II BV. K. t LEWIS. 1'a.tor
Mr. McCtirdy him been nppilnlod
superintendent of tho Methodist
Sunday school in tho plnce of Mr.
Sager who resigned last Sunday.
Tomorrow night nt 7:it() the
children of the Junior church will
have cliargo ol tha scrvioa They
hnve a very interesting and Itinlrtlo
live program arranged. The sub
ject is "Light" Como mid profit
by this servico, everybody invited;

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