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Published Weekly in the Interest of Carrizozo, and Lincoln County
VOL IX. NO. -23
Graduting Exercises Last
Friday Evening Marked
the Close of Successful
School Year
Tho school term 1014 15 closed
Friday, Mny 21, with tho graduation
uxorcisos at olght o'clock in tho
evening nt tho High School audi
torium, Tho class of five graduate!)
received diplomas certifying tho
successful completion of the four
year courso and entitling tlimn to
entrance into the University of
of Now Mexico in lieu of tho wink
dono in the local Institution.
Tho principal epookorof the evo
ning was Gov. Win. C. McDnn
aid. Tho chief executive delivered
.u moHt inspiring nnd encouraging
discoursu to tlio gratification of the
record breaking nudienco of patrons
and frionds of the school. The
Governor, in a most delightfully
informa! manner, ppokc from
long and eveutful life's experience
of the wonderful and inspiring
spirit of tho great west, of pioneer
days when Carrizozo was still
thing of the future, and of tho
strong ties which bind him to tliis
matchlrss roción and to his Cerri
zato homo In patluular.
The must genuine gratifica! ion
waá expressed at tho marvcllou
growth of the public school system
In our midst. That it has bcoi
aumineneuruto with tljo growth
Carrizozo and its variod other
tcrestsis an indispiitabla fact, and
the Governor expressed his especial
satisfaction in being chairman
tho local Loard of education nt
time when his signature closod th
contract for tlio present school
building That tills building is now
overtaxed to accomodate tho rapl
growtli of the student body seemei
to presago to tho speakor n futuro
for Carrizozo educationally whlc
time only will mako the prido
tho county.
Some sterling counsel was nd
dressed to the five young propio
whom life's rospniiBiPiiitios wero
about to unfold, but they wore
a general nature such us to make
an infprosaion upon atiynno who
would bo of service and a blessing
io tho presea t age. Opportunity
was taken to exchange the congratu
latinos of "a good Scotchman
Willi Supt. McCurdy, Ills loyal mi
deavor to nut Carrizozo on tlio
educational mnp of tho state
capital latiera commended, hi bug
ceas lauded, and the present admin
istration in general mado to feel
that their efforts havo borno richly
in fruitage. In short, it was
Bpccch of general good will and
will mean much in tho way of in
gpiratlon and encouragement for
tho undertaking auif faithful oxo
cutían of plans already formulated
for the enhancement and steady
inprovement of tho good founda
lion laid. Tho Governor presente
with a genuine dolight tho diplomas
to the two young men and three
young ladles who havo been tho
objects of bis observation at inter
als throughout thelrnohool career
Mnny out-of-town' visitors wen
present at theso oxerclses, as well
as at all tho oxerclses or. tins
commencement season. At no
time was tho largo auditorium ablo
to iccntnodote tho crowd, but tlio
general good spirit of hope and
good cheer which was at all times
manifest, smoothed improvised
scat and restad tired feet for the
business men who had to continuo
tho day's standing well into the
ovenlng, in order to enjoy the
programs of the various occassional
Following the address by Gov.
McDonald, Supt. McCurdy mado
public n few pertinent facts relative
to tlio workings of tho school and
tlio faithfulness of córtalo ones in
the student body. A number of
cases of perfect nttendenco, meaning
neither absouoo or tardiness, during
the cntlro nine months, was noted
and commendod by tho supcrlnten
doiit. Mr McCurdy also delivered to
the undergraduates, certifícalos of
entrance to tho next class in liigl
school. Some of these pupils luu
mado more than four credits of Hie
sixteen required for graduation
and, in no caso had anyone fallen
short of tho requisito attainment
for promotion. Announcement was
mado of a prlzo to bo given by Mrs
13 V. Jowott, principal of tho higl
school, to tho room which next
year grew tho best lot of pot plants
by the commencement season, The
accomplishments of Miss Humph
rcy's room along this lino ws most
trikiiigly shown by the beautiful
array of potted geraniums which
lined the edgo of the stage.
The stago decorations allowed
iniHi good tatito and persistent
endeavor as it presided a most
inviting appearance to tho I at go
audience of Thursday end Friday
evenings. Potmenis of every d
scriptioti formed a most attractive
border and streamers of green an
white cropo paper formed a vertl
table canopy for tho occupants of
the platform. Banks of evergree
and mammoth ferns and goruniuiiM
from the choiset collections of the
community gave an air of beauty
which seldom if over rivalled.
The Outlook predicts for the
Carrizozo educational system a
year of phenomenal development
along every lino. Wo uudorstntid
that arraiigemouls aro alroady being
made forbids for tho erection of n
modern high school building, woik
to begin immediately. Every pat.
ron is a booster, and, with this
happy state of affairs and a loyal
and thoroughly progressive manage,
incut, who can place any limit upon
tho possibilities which earnest co.
oporatlon has over produced?
At various and sundry placea In
tho environs of tho town whoro
property owners have been mauaced
by the dumping of tin; cutis, bottles
and miscellaneous refuse, conspicu
ous, far reaching signs havo been
po3tod, warning trash-haulers again
st further misdemeanors of this
kind Carrizozo is determined to
be a decent town and also to op
uonr so lo tlio outsider when under
Ids careful scrutiny, and overv
citizen should support, both wllii
proper sentiment and consistent ac
tion, this worthy enterprise of civlo
Sovoral Amendments Will bo
Recommended to the Next
Congress duo to Imperfec
tions in the Income Tax Law
Ilocauko of imperfections In tho
Incomo tax law. numerous amend
ments will be rocomtnonucd lo toe
noxt Congress by the Treasury
OIIiclul oxperts aro quietly at
work on tills statute, preparing a
report on the crudities it contains
and outlining proper legislative
action to correct them. Tlio law
is honeycombed with errors.
A striking illustn.tmn or hub
throat! of weeklies I hut runs
thruuuh the whole eamiit of Diino
cratlc leuislaiinu occurs in one of
the most vital imowsí.his of the
incomo tax law It relates to d
dilutions that shall be allowed It
eomnuthiE urojs income, a basic
element in HUB system oi taxation
Paragraph II of tlio law states
"in coniputluir income fur the pur
poso of tlio normal tax Hiero shall
bo allowed as deductions" among
other tilings "losses actually sus
tained tlur nit tlio year incurred in
trade" ote. What Is tho moaning
of tho words "in trade?" The
courts must decide.
Tlio phrase is capable of an in
finite variety of interpretations
As construed by tlio treasury Do
partment, deductions from gross
Income for losses "in trade' can b
made only in coniiielioti with ' thn
which occupies and engages lit
time, attention and laiior ot any
nno for the purpose of livelihood
profit or improvement: that which
is ids personal concern or interest
employment, occupation, hut it Is
not necessary that it should bn hi
solo occupation or employment"
For instance, it is said that if n
grocor has invested In real estate
in making Ids memo lax return
anv real estate profit must lie a
dod to gross Incomo; but Inssis from
loal estato investment must 1)3 de
ducted from gross Inenmo
From every part of tho country
blttor comma nls have been mad
against this ruling, and tlin question
is to bo taken to the courts for
final adjudication. Whether tli
ruling Is right or wrong, it Is tho
uncertainty of the stututo that
reflects upon the intelligence of th
political partv responsible for it.
Nothing but heedlessness coul
havo premittod it. The lax (layer
boars the burden oi tlio blunder
it is a maxim in governmental
affairs that every doubt in a luw
Is resolved In favor of the go vein
ment administrative nillcers. lir
rors in the itiromo lax law aro too
numerous to mention in detail
Witness I li fact that in tho first
few weeks of its operation thousands
of applications for refunds wero
mado. Ono of these has just bee
allowed, and is a fine examplo of
the law h uncertainty.
The department refunded lo one
man who had paid $500 as income
lax all but $12 nf that amount
lie had had the holp of a rovenuo
nfllcor in making his return, yet
so indelliiiin was tho law that for
fear of violation ho paid the govern
ment S50U Insload of SI-'.
Examination of tho Department
decision on thu. incomo lax law
shows a mass of contradictory nil
Iocs. Over and over again opiu
ions wero reversed, because tho
terms of the law did not admit of
clear Interpretation.
livery day additional evidence is
found that adds tu I ho long list
legislativo blunders committed by
tho Democratic ndmlslratinn. Fut
tire Cungrcscs ami tho courts must
correct tho mistakes, and mean-
wliilo thu people must pay for thorn
Geo. J. 'Dingwall tho enterprising
and progressive proprlotor of (ho
Crystal Theater is to bo commended
for his untiring efforts lo give tho
people of Carrizozo tho very best
obtainablo in tho moving picture
lino, On Tuesday, Wednesday
and Saturday nights this popular
pie as uro resort presents in comedy
and drama such stars of tho mov
ing pioturo stage as King Haggat,
Victoria Fordo (notice tho final "o",
which takes her out of the "cheap"
class) Sydney Avres, Dotthy Drown,
Murdoch MacQuarrio and many
others of this high class. The
Universal reels are enjoying an
exclusivo run and Its varied re
sources admit nf a wido range of
versatility pictures to suit any
tasto Turn out, you Corriznziins
this Saturday night nnd onjoy a
pleasant hour witli Mr. Dingwall's
excellent facilities for entertain
moot a maximum of fun for a
minimum of expenditure
J. M. illce of Parsons has recent
ly complotod the construction of n
first class road from tho above
placo lo connect witli tho highway
that loads from tho linnito to th
road known as tho Pipo Line road
At tliis point William Ferguson
and W. It. Sexton have taken u
the good work and have been nbl
to connect with the Carrizozo-Ros
well road at tliii top of Nogal Hill
This allows a great briou lo tradio
in this section and supplies a much
needed desire on tlio part of tl
residon's of this vicinity Till
simply diois what plenty of pu9l
and got-up-nndgo, coupled uitli
spirit of generosity and co opera
tion, can do in t ho working o
wonders for the promotion of com
mtinity welfare These gentlemen
deserve much credit for their
initiative and ability to accomplish;
what I lie y undcriako. I no com
munlty of which I hoy aro such
thrifty citizons owe them u vole of
thanks for what they havo been
doing for its substantial improve
ment, May t huir I ribo Increase
Dot- Tito, n bartender i
n tho em
ploy or II. S Campbell or litis city,
and Mrs. Anna Kroonnr tho enter
prising tailoress of Alamogordo Ave
icgistered for their friends mid no
quitiiitutico quito a suprise by be
taking themselves toSanta Ilosalast
Sunday to enter tho state of matrl
mnny.' Tho ruurtsliip was most
cleverly managed, Intímalo neigh
bors of tho bride being in no way
aware of the clandestino negotia
lions of the contracting parlies
Tho newly married couple will con
tin no ti make their homo among
us and rvo wish for then a lito of
continued happiness,
Joe While tho successful biJdcr
fur tho cement walk construction
at the cnurt-liouso has a force of
men at work lu good earnest All
needful material sie on the ground
and the work is being pushed lo an
eariy completion. With the double
row of trees growing to perfection
this will soon bo ono of the beauty
spots of town and clylo attraction
to all new cometa lar and near.
'he Capitán High School
Will Close a Very Sticceps
ful Nino Months' TcrhijOn
Friday Evening, Juno 4
The Lincoln County High Schooj
at Capitán will close Friday, June
-1, 1016, ono week tutor than an
nounced In last week's paper. Hy
continuing tho resslon until that
date u lull nine months' term of
180 nctual touching days will have
been completed, thus complying
with tho recommondution of tho
state department of education.
Thero oro no graduates tills yoar
and consequently no regular com
mencement exercises will bo hold,
but a closing progam will be given
on tho evening of Wodnesd.iy, June
this date having been chosen
with tho idea that an entertainment
of tlio kind contemplated should
become an annual feature of the
closing week-anil should be given
at it time which will nut interferí)
with future graduation exercises
usually held on tho ovenlng of tho
last ilny of school.
An interesting program consisting
of intisli, both instrumental ami
vocal, impersonations and readings
nnd tho play, "Tho White Shawl"
is being prepared Rehearsals for
tho play and other iiumbcts of tlio
program have been going un for
some limo and judging from tho
enthusiasm shown by all members
of the cast and olhets on tlio pro
gram unci by their painstaking
efforts to maku Ihoiough prepara
tion this enierlaiumciit bids fair to
be tho best of the several given
during tho two yoats tho county
High School bus been in existence.
Tlie-progritin Is as follows:
l'latio Solo, Selected, Miss Irviu.
Thu White Shawl, Act I
Heading, Selected, Mrs, Price.
The White Shawl, Act II.
Piano Duet, Miss Irviu and Mrs
Good Night Song, Tho High
Aflor tho program the nudlonco
is invited' to visit the Domestic
Science room to seo roiiui of tho
work done by the sowing and man
uel training clusics dining tho year,
and to ho served with light refio h
iiiRiits by the cooking class.
John I!. Halrd has returned from
Instancia where he ivcnt lo bring
from tlio custody of tlio Torrance
county jail, ono .Alejandro Mnrtittez
who is wanted in Lincoln County
to answer to a charga of theft of
cattle Jesus Floros, lila accom
plice, has been for some timo con
fined In tho local county jail and
both wero arraigned at tho Bamo
timo brtfnrn Justice Ed. Massif.
It is alleged that Martinez and
Flores atole twenty head of cattle
from Jess Jenkins and Hoi Herring
of Corona, driving the animals to
Alamogordo, and disposing of tliom
nt this placo Tho stolen properly
was only it short time ago restored
to the rightful owners Pleading
guilty tn tho allegations tho accused
wrie in default of SIOUO bond, re
mained to the jail lo await tho
action nf the grand j lit v Since
Martinez' ImprisoiimefTi, s'ops havo
been tnkon by Ills relatives nnd
friends to furnish bond for his,,
ijf '.I, li.-lr

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