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MdW, ÁLL TÓGBÍfitei 1VÉ WANT WAllffte.IbÚR SHOÜLBER S&$BB wttwiíi)jgy AñM
Devotion to, Our Country's
In Helens of OuriFree
Institution ' I
Published Weekly in tho Interest o if Carrizozo and Lincoln County
PRICE $2.00 PER YEA1?.
Pursuant to n call Intend nt a pro-
lliiilnary meeting held In tho city of
hi Paso a montn ueturo. anout mree
hundred representatives of tho south-
wott, met In I.na Cruces last Bnlur
day aftoriioon and crrulrd a porma
Hunt organization for tho "Houthwest
i.rh All-Year National l'ark" assoclu
(fan, At the meeting Baturday lion. W. A.
llnwklus wns elidid tia temporary ,
clialrmon. Jndgu II. II. Holt, of
Orucva unido n abort mlilroati outllnliiK
thu object of the formntlon of nurh n
polk. '
rtevriior Mirrllt C Mochein waa ,
otMlud permanent prwldent of the
omnnlMtlou, with the following vice
IMPMldcnta; Col. It. K. Twllchcll,
8üta i1, Ural vloe prealdenf, Jiimoi
tl. Jlo.N'nry, HI I'nao, second vice
nreatdenti II. C. Ilurnaudox, Albu-
quorquo, third vico proaldonti Judge
Ham tlrnltnu. Olovla, fourth vico pun
Idtiili W. I). Miirmy. Oiinltig, fllth
visa proahliint; C W Nov. man, HI
I'nao, l ri'nauror.
Mtmbera nt tho (.xccullvn i nmmllloe
who will corvo until Ihrlr anoroaaori-
nro eltctid und tho counllo Ihcy rep-
roHfiit uro: A. J. Holland, Lincoln;
Dr. A. I), frlls, (.'harm; Z. I) Moon.
Eddy; Judgo W A. Ilnvklna, (Horn;
Itnbart Mnrtln, Blrra; (lovcrnor Mer
rill C. Mechem, Kocorro; II. II. Urook.
liona Ana; Major Itluhard I'. Iltirgeaa,
and llonicu II. Wi'veiis, Weat Texna.
Htcrotary I'nll told the t'otmnlllxn
(hat, personally, ho favored the pro
poatd Natlounl Park In Now Mexico,
but ea nil olllcor nt tho government,
olllclally lie could nay nothing until
(hi mntlor caitir lufoio him In regu
lar enurge In Urn form of n bill put
foruurd by repreaoutatlvea of the
In n pernonal way Mr I all, citizen
Of New Mnxko, nudo aevcral atlggea
liona au to Ihu bill. 1'rlnclpnlly they
fo"ie colilifClvd with preservation o'
tho rlghta of tho partió now conrern
nd In the territory propnacd for the
national park.
, Tlito aro the Indian orcupautu. an
Apacho tribe of the Moir.iloro Indian
reservation, and Iho water lucra who
ato lutertated In tho Klcphaut llutto
dam. Part nt big w,ilnr rvaervolr
project Is Included In tho proposed
.Should Come Prom People.
Secretary rail aahl tint thu mailer
fliould come dlrec'ly from lien ptople
When It dora ao In the form of a bill
lutiodiirad In rnngrttH It will be re
fer red to 3-i rotary Kail for hla rec
oilliiicndatlon ua the head of tho de
partment of Interior.
A fjuh-cammlllee of (tin executive
comuillleo wan appointed In look af
ter tho matter of drafting a bill for
upproval of tho aeciolary of tho In
terior ntlcr whk'h thu snmo will bu
ailbmltud lo connnai.
'a!!1 T: lJ'ZV:'l'':., .
.. '"i . i I.:...
Uh nbvr of tit-miiicrto uit t with ilv Rfap Ult amplifying dovitea wcro 1h 1ojii duo entirely In tho coopera
mi'X' wlm"."wnt hot, .rafSlm '"nece.3ary. ordinary receivers lying tlon of teachers and par.nla In Imr.
"t lwc, "lO. ! to dl.'-ÜA "ho ínatut m tho table at the receiving point ing nil school chlhtr.u vaoclnuted,
In detail und iilluw thu linilca In Imvc
h volcu In th" inoltwr which Is ro I istl
duo III mm. The tnliu:rnin reicivid ,
the iiKi-tiiie at l.na Ciucea wua ifiin
inuntlsble nnd bruuni t the proper ro
aUIU, therefore, the ('hw,iber of Cum
ihi.c ihnjlil get busy and meot wltl
tliU lni nrtmit organization as the
whrola of progress Ih'k n to (urn In oui
favor, for the National Park menm
moro In ua than aomn may reallo; ii
wl I ci rry overythlne with it that w
havo noon atundhiK III need of, and dt-
111 PIU'xI? or'EHEiailT
I'rnttlrnllyj All 1'nrm, Itnuge nml Or
rhnrd I'rcdurls ore Afferled, lint
til of Ni Engliind Klales,
Washington. Ilw J Voluntary
rallrond proposals for Inauguration
ut n 10 per cent decrease In freight
rate In praelloally all farm, range
nnd owihartl produets in the United
SUitna, outside Qf New Hugland.
were uoeaiiloj trnlfty by the Inter
Malo Commerce Commission Or
ders wort IMtlod allowing tlm rail
roads to disregard all usual reatrle
tion in waMng up the new rate
schtdlttM tt wl as sueli violations
of tH tang and almrt haul clntlae of
th iBlerttfttv eotunierce net, ss mlghl
bo broughl about hv percentage re.
IMoUinj. Tuo orders also permit
tSt to b out Into effect on one
r aotw "on as early a data and
la M InotovoslTe a manner as potsl
14, " for a tlx month experimental
llun left stnnirine Us
hVer Í0, reiiulrlng an ap-
tW4 IKir eenl rate dr-
rMlo flu gfUi. grain products and
Iwr In Qls trAns-Mlialsslppl district.
wtllti tB railroads ora lattr In
ftrtsetwt tn put into effect by Herein -
tut n
Ai UW MU tltn the commission's ho rortloi we recilved here melted ru 01 'n nisiriuuies vaccine ni lotment and, nlllett
WteWitaUWJ into the rtaspnah eness ,t . bul lho mounUln, nro nMs oigm ms a point. , talB ,B00t0nn
lyriTOpTw'ií.a. t.,0 .'be.ut.fUr .tth.M;,0T-hK,-.nTO rl u " 6o-
nlu wltk. .present time. It nmy be mild smallpox. ronllnued.
Chicago, Dec 1. On long winter
nights when tho family gathers round
llie rlrnnlflrn In mimn IsnlntAil annw-
)oum, flirm)lou,0 ltl0 niemtiera need i
n)l ,ack entertainment, for tho air li 1
. .. . . , .inr... anü- .oaH,. 1
freo to overy un prepared to rocclio ,
U. i
Thousands of nnialcur wlrotcaa op- '
oratorn, exporta aay, aro listening
nightly lo grand opera, bed-tlmo eto- '
rim. nlionoaranh and baud coucerta. I
ef0 Bnd wcat10r roporu and aerial
!,,, Any wlrcloaa tolegrapli can,
,V,llpl(t addllloual nqulpuiont, pick
up Ulu ,.pd0p,one niesaogos and I
'onoerla. I
Wh (l0 naUEUraton , WreC, I
d h .. .. üar,ioni tec. I
tor-geucrnl of tho Chicago Opora '
company, thrco houra entertainment
a furnlahcd ftvo itlghta a, week. i
Tolaphona tranamltters over the !
iinird nt tho AudltnHum Micntro ulck 1
(lp )0 oporn anJ lrBIllltult (l over or. I
,u,mry nml wroa to a wlroloaa ala-:
(,0 0J l)10 ruof of ahBcrapor a(.v- 1
unl bckl) aviay nml friim t,nro t,
,,,,nl oul ,rH,fial lo any ono wllh
,10 l)I0,nr nrinipmont to rccelvo It
(.0,,ay uperallng III alallon
1,.i.,,,1ih llnoa i.thor liroadenatlni:
plnuta, one at Plttaburg, Pa., one ut
Netvark, N. J., mid ono nt Bprlug
iiild, Mnaa. Tho ' piogrnm of the
I'ltubiirgh plant la typical ot the
.libera. Knrly In the evening n lied
''mo atory la read by tho aendlug op.
iialor Tho atorloa generally con-
iiuio about IS mlutiloa limo Next
lio winther and crop reporta niu an
nounceil, followed by n phonograph
;r hand concert. ThU Is tho woukday
.chedulu. Uu Buiiday nlghla a spec
ially prepared church sermon In sent
As all the stations operate on dlt-
,'reiit toiiKtlm, tho amateur receivers
an listen lo all, uno after another. I
by turning a small dial on tholr re- 1
celvlng sets. ,
Tho Chicago Oliera servlco Is the !
moat ambitious program or all. A
...10 o'clock, aa tho audlenco begins
gathering at the Auditorium, tho In
ilruments aro tested with a phouo-
raph concert. A few minutes before
vin.-b (ha "mtmler" nnnauncea the I
ira for the evening, tho principal
.limers. tho conductor, and then nlves
a brief synopils ot the first act, ox- oral vacclni tlon of school children, j
"ilulnlng tho stugo nffecls and seen- ' thcra was a marked decline In small- ,
ry. At the end of each act a similar pox throughout tho Btato. Lnal atim- ,
jynopsls of the next acono Is trana-1 mcr, there was u strcntch ol four- ;
,niHcj, tceu weeks, wlieu the disenso waa ab-
In tho first test, when Bamson atid sent from Iho Btnlo onllrely, which
ilolllali wns sung, amateur stations . was a reversal of condltloua prevail
havo ribt only heard the orcliojtra Ing In former years At no timo lina
ind Dingers, but the clnuklng ot the
lialna as huelen Muraturo. as 8am- '
. pacwl hla prison cell, nnd the
,t0;m, of aomauso that marked each ,
m m. .i. .
.roadlng the music throughout (h
IMPtlllTAXT EXPAVAT10.N8 'llevor. mero oa n large iuruun
TO HE .11 A II 1 1 IX i Jt our own population that Is unvue
CHIllUAIl'l'Á, J1EXICO iliitil. It Is among the adults ol
' ' I tho 8latc that wo can look for a dun-
... ,, . .. ,..,.,i..i gsTims uutbruuk of smallpox, It vac
The New Mexico Archaeological "... , ' .... ...,
i cluntlon la not very gtiurally veaorl
ocuty Hi cooparatlon with tho Arch- , (, ln wUl,n , nxt low wog)!B
aologieal sucUt uf Washington, 1. "There Is no fact In tho whole realm
' , and the lluyal Ontario Museum, ul , ot sanitary sclenei that Is so firmly
Cuunda, havv hem granted roncea
atolla tor oxcavatlona In pio-hlatvrtc
i ulna of the cliff dwellers ot Mexlcu
One assured result of this enter-
prisa will bo the acquisition of what
Is probably the most Important col -
leoliuu of archaeological material that ! statements to the contrary, the pro
. , . . .. ,, ! coduro of vaccination Is not dangor-
nss ever been excavated Hi the .oath- wt ordBMy cwn
w.st. Tho collecllon will bo shared nn AU10UK, nl eat twenty-five
crtiuatty by tho throo Inatltutlous, on Ihouaand school children linve been
..... vaccinated In New Mexico since the
third of It going hi our Htuto Meuaeum fa (lf ,910i lhPr() llnll ovcr com l(,
In Bant Fe. It la of tho groatret liu -
portanen lo us that a reproseutallvu
collecllon from that region be secured
and kept here In the section whore It
was produced It will be remembered
that the Chihuahua area Is merely
mi extension ot our southwestern
clin dwelling and ancient pueblo re
gion, and there tho ancient culturo
-enrhed Ua highest development.
Carrlmzi was visiter! by s small
sniw this noek. th first of the sesaon.
I lllnck Hninllpnx in ünllrd Hlntc I
(N M. Hiato Uureaii uf lleanth l
lllack Smallpox, tho most mailt-
riant form of tho dlsoano, Is appear-
Iiir ngnln In the United Ktnlen ntlcr
an abanico of ninny yuara, according
10 a news bullelln lust Hsueil by tint
Now Mexico Htnte Ibn-eni of lliuith.
This atiiteniant .-ontlniwn, "Tho pa-
pera havo reoeully cnirlo.l n word el :
high death ratea Imm smallpox In
aomc of tho nearbv rtuloa. Willie
hculth onierc ivurywho-u buvo let u
watching the spread ut thla illicoso
with n great deal .f apprehension, It
la only within tho past y.mr muí n
linlf that tho mnllguant typo ban
been making Its pmonco full In icul-
tercd communities.
a aurvcy of lit. amallpox altimllcn
In tlm United Sla-.m muí Cunuda hat
recently been completed by ono of the
Inrgcat Inaurnnco compainoi Thla
revenía ionio atartllng facti. In ccn
oral, tho western atatoa havo ehown
jioady and rapid rl In tho nuni-
bor of caaea, followed cloajly by urns
or two oulbcrn ilnlua. In one city
f t,n auUT Krop Hiuro Xv,.ro oletii
dimllm, nmoiig twtny ciiauu, from ttita
mm cituno Now ciiiiioh roportn of h
high potcontago of deaths III annr
rltloB very cloeo lo our imn boidilB
"Tho alntcment ot thin Insurance
company allows that tho lucreuBi In
tho numbor of cnaoj of amnllpox hai.
kept very closely with general oppo
illlon to vncclnnllon. Wherever thc.i
groupa opposed lo vaccination hnvi
organized their light ngnluat It, In
these anniu communities the number
if mata luis grown lapldly. (heat
portlt.na of our country nro again he
mming Ktiaceptlblo to the dlucaac
after many yeurs of security. Tor
mer generations woto familiar wllh
tho Infection In lla worst forms and
welcomed gladly tho protection oí
fnred by vaccination, wllh tho reault
that the disenso gavo promise ol dying
"Ut. Hut absenco ot danger has tuadu
ua Indifferent, until wo nro now faced
with a menace' that may be 89 dlsni
toroua aa Influenza, for many tocttonn
of tho land,
"In tho face of thla rathor genera'
increase of. prevalence, New Mexico
haa mado an onvlablo record Fol
lowing tho orBiiulzallon ot tho state
health department mid tho vory gen-
Hie uumlior of cauca rcporteu in any
one week rlaon nbovo eight, slnco tho
mlddlo of 10!i; wherens boforu that
limo about twenty to thirty caaos a
we.k wore rennfted. This condition
tor llie ilwirriiso in our caaea paini
Islod I'lonely the adoption o( this pie
ventlvii menaiiie In our schools.
established as that vaccination will
prevent smallpox. Any ono who will
recall his own cxporlenco will lenioni-
her that threatened outbreaks of the
Infection were always quelled, when
(,0 community accepted wholesale
. vaccination. Notwithstanding many
, the State Hurcau of iieaiin a aingio
' complaint of compllcallonn following
It. This alono spenss tor its saiciy
"Kvery community ' n tun mate
J!tZ'Z " . 7 .Vo!
tried to protect Itself while Hiera Is
yet ampio time. The following sug-
gestlons are onoroii pocuuse oí tueir
' i p M.Í. . """".V'Vll .rhn.,1
chlldron, lo bo euro that none haa
missed vaccination i
! í. Encnuraae every unvacclnatcd !
norsmi In rrolrrl himself nl nnre
1 3 Provide free vaccination for In-1
dlgenls and make It available to all i
at the lowest possible cost The Uu- ,
Santa Fe, Dec. 8, No rc-lnstato-i
inent of government Inauranco may
Am lunuu nuer mu inii un; ut una
Thla nnnnunccmcnt of great Impor
tance to thousands of ex-aervlco men
In New Mexico and hundreds nt tl'ntr
anuda If not nillllons of veterans
throughout Iho country, Ima Juat boon
received hero and tranamlttud to all
poat commanders und adjutants ot the
American Legion by Herman U. Uaca
adjutant, New Mexico department.
Mr. llacu calla on nil post aervlco
ofneors to bring tho government In
surance regulations to the attention
of the veterana. Ills lettur la aa fol
No reinstatement of goteru
niclil Iniiiriiiife run be minie nfter lie.
cembcr 111, lliül.
"2. All ox-servlce men can relo
cate their (lovornmunt Inauranco ox
Uipt thoau who havo a total perma
nent dliablllty or who havo a dlsa
Jlltly not tiaceabm In service.
"3. Itegnidlesa ot how lung a ser
vice inaii'n war timo or teim Inaur
anr.4 tuny have lapsed or been can
oollod, or how long ho mny havo been
dtachnrged fiom tlio seivlce, ho U per
,'ultted by n ruling ut the Treusury
Department to reinitiate or rclni.latc
trul convert ut any timo before Janu
ary 1, 1022.
"4, Yearly renowsblo term lusur
jiicu limy be ralnatatod by Iho pay
dient of two monthly premiums and
under tho following coniillluua:
(a) WIMilu Hi i fo rnlendiir months,
iiieludlug tlm calendar moinjh for
which tho unpaid premium was due,
pnnldod tho applicant In In nn good
iiealtl; as at Iho duo doto of Iho
titeailtim In daluult and so states In
nU written application.
(b) Atttr the ciplrntlon of thrco
mouths nnd wltlilii six calendar
nionlhs.lncluding the mouth fur which
.ho unpaid premium was due, pi or Id
ad the applicant Is In good health, so
states' In his written application 'and
urnlsliia a short medical certificate
substantiating that statement.
(c) After tho six months' polled
und at any time prior to January 1,
1622, provided tho applicant Is In good
i-iilth, so states In his written appll
allon and furnishes a report of a
.nil medical examination substantiat
ing that atatcmont.
"United States Government l.lfo In
surance may be reinstated by pay
ment of all premiums In arrears wllh
interest at tho rato ot live per cent
por annum under tho same conditions,
AIJutnnt, New Mexico Department "
Bantu Fe, N. M., Dec. 5. Fvedorlck
lo hago ot Toledo, ()., motoring In a
oli; limousine to llnkcrallcld, Calir ,
villi hla wife and four children wii'i
held up nnd robbed of 200 und his
watch by two masked bandits at 11
Vclock Saturday night, near the U. H
Indian school, three miles from Hanln
.'o. Uo hago, atraiiKor lo Iho country
! was forced to drain his gas tank and
I io nnd his family remained In tin
, ''Br all night In a temperature of 10
ibovo tern. Indian school ufllclals
' dUcovorcd tholr plight In the mornlnp
and helped them thaw out Iho motor
t Bnri,a robberies of motor tour
Ista has occured horo lalily.
to ni.au llATIO
Santa Fa, Dec. 2. Now Mexico
gels I01.CO8 of the moro thun 1 1,000,
' 00 allotment for road building car
rlou in tno recently pasneii i75.uuu.ou
highway act for overy $31.192 the
-'e puts up, Highway Knglneer Oil
loll has been nltlclnlly advised.
Heretofore the statu ha hud to put
p j;n for every 00 of fcleral aid ro
I reived, but the recently paesed a.
ruin unwii uiu pinius perceniage oo
causa nt tho large acreage of unre
served federal land In Iho slate that
escapes taxation
This provision also applies to Ihr
unused part of the federal aid ol
estimated, aavta
would have I al
HO plan be
East Monday afternoon it 10 min
utes past four o'clock, Mrs. Clara 1)
Leon, mother of Mir. Albert K'egler,
pasted away after twelve day' of suf-
ferine; from pneumonia. Mrs, Leot
ail been ill at times for the past foui
years, according tn Mrs, Zlegler's
statement, but the samo wns Unknbwfi
to hot nearest friends, as alio wsa nl
deposition nilvurte tu making hui
own troubles known, rather preferring
to scatter sunshine than to recite her
sorrows, but her recent illness wherein
her advanced age waa, a hindrance to
her battle with the disease, made re.
Istanco and medical aid of no avail
nd she passed with tho ailent boatman
to tho other shore.
The fuñera' services wero held at
tho Zlcgler homu at 3 o'clock Wodnes-
lay afternoon with llabbl Martin
Zlolonka of Temple Mount Hlnal, El
Paso, Texas, conducting tho same. lie
paid a high tribute to tho character of
lho deceased, s,oUn of her saintly en-
luranco with life's trouble and uavc
words of ronsolatlon to surviving rela
tives. After the rites were ndinliila
tercd, nn escort conposed of Mesjra.
co. Ferguoi, Paat Worshipful Matter
f Cnrrixozo l.dgo No. 41, A V. & A
., H F. Miller. Secretary. .1. II.
reneli and 10. O. Piehm, wild pall
learera, K M. Hilckley. II h. 'tlm-
mel, l)r II. I!. Ilinney, l)r F F. Colo.
II. P. Hiipii-rlr, A. h. Hurke, all of
tho loral Maronir lodge, escorted tho
remains to the depot, where the same
wcro shliiiu'd to Tilnidad, Colo., bc
cinipanieil by Mr. and Mrs Al art
Zlegler, whero flnnl services will bo
eld and Interment tunde on Saturday
Alias Uarn Itosenfcll was born in
HulTenliulm, (leruinny. May '6, 1815,
She came In thla country nt the age of
Í0 ycHra ami wns afterward married
to Mr, I1. I, eon. Tho couple was
bleaied with but ono child, who Is now
Mrs. A'bert Zlegler of Carrizozo, be
llies whom alio leaves to mourn her
Iota, two granddaughters, Mrs John
(lulkneclit of Chleag', Mrs, Cha
Coplln of Seattle, Washington; one
grandson, Itobert Arthur ,Coplln Seat-
tin, Washington; ono brother, Charles
Dobiner of St. Loula, Mo,, all of whom,
except the latter, who la too foebJe,
ill attend services and interment at
frlnldad. Mrs. I.eon.wna much loved
by all who knew hor. Slio was
always piesent at thi different society
vents held hero and her name waa
Identified with all who contributed to
movements of n charitable natura
Kindhenrlcdneta, can ful consideration
or the feelings and needs of others
were the chief characteristics of Mrs.
Clara I, eon.
Tho floral offerlnira which wcro many
nd beautiful and which lay banked
beneath the casket wero but mute
tokens of lovo and reverence from the
many friends of the deceased.
rhu Outlook extends Us sympathy to
the sorrowing relatives and would point
out tho fact that "aftor nerving her
Kneratlon well, she fell asleep."
Tn OH lha vacancy caused by the
lentil of Dr. J. T. Stone, Oovornoi
Mechem the llrst of this week appoint
od Henry l.utz, Jr., to fill the vacancy
As Mr. Lutz is from thu samo district
as Corona Is located in, Ancho, the Hp
polntment will meet with tho heaity
aimroval of tho district. There wero
several others In tho Held for the post
tlon, nil of whom were eligible, but
when the appointment came It fell to
Mr. I.ult.
No word of Introduction la needed to
bring tho new appointee to tho nl
tention ol the public. We ull know
nnd remember whon he, nfter leaving
the military Inatitute nt Koawell, en
Hated In tho atmy, created the pond
and not only fought for his country.
but was severely wounded and for
time was counted among tho slain. His
bravery ami knowledge of military at
talis caused him to advanco In pr mo
tlon and should he nut hno chosen to
retire to private life, he could now
rank high in army circles. Uovernor
Mechem, no doubt saw a chance to
give preference although In a small
degree to ono who had rendered hi
services to his country when in need
Tho new commissioner will take nls
teat at the flnl meeting in January
The Baptist church Is getting ready
for the coming of the pattor's family
by doing soma improvements on th
parsonage. Mrs. Hlncklock and the
two tlttln girls, ItuthelU. ave 4. and
Anita Slay, wha tas In. Nov. 20. nr.'
n ,tt lh U Mtfln-a.v M . oat mllamm
I in the pastor In Carrizozo,
TH NELr (i(M EltXMEXT, SAtfi
Waahlnglon, I) C, Dec. 2, Des
pite extraordinary progress In the
,-ast 23 yenrs, tho Filipino people
ave a long road to travel before
hey will bo ready to take their own
ovorninent, according to tho report
made by MaJ. (Jen. Leonard Wood,
jovornor genoral ot the Islands, and
v. Cameron iorbos, former govornor
general. Thu complete report was
issued today by the war department,
aa a supplement to the recent publi
cation of specific recommendation
made by tho two Investigators.
Progress Is Seen
Nocd ot further national Improve
ment Is polntod out by the report
which decíales, however, that the ad
mliiiitrutlvo mistakes of tho Filipinos
have not been sufficient to counter,
halanco tho steady rising progross
"(loucrally speaking,' tho report
says, "admlslstrstlvc departments of
the government are top-heavy Iñ por
tonncl and enmeshed In red tape.
horn la li vast amount uf paper work.
lie motilona or I no mm In a rat on
re puruly nulocrliflc. Thero la n
lurk of aupei vision und personal ron
lact." Ulnrusalng the policy ouiaued dur
ing tho administration of (Jot, (Jen.
Harria from IHI4 tu IU2I. the report
declared, "Ihu ordorly proceas ot pro.
motion on proved eiiiclency in (he
government goivIco waa changed to
nurricil F lin n zal on" und con.
Efllrlenry how.
While there linn been retrocession
In the elffclaucy uf must dcpurtnienla
i mo goierunieni miring iiio past (aw
ara, uo do not fool that iho respon
llilllty for thla ictta solely upon the-
niptnon, as llie u lltuatu rtanonal.
bl'-'ty lur the aeioctlou of roaponslble
nicers ana (or tno oxorclsa ot nrooer
supervision was In lho hands ot tho
American governor general whoso
duty It waa to appoint competent men
ni tun uenns in departments and bu
reaus, nod nbovo nil, tu exorcise prop
or suputvlslon over them."
Fon novEnxoKSiiiP.
Ho Will PoslllTfly Xnt Do n Cnndl-
dale, Slate Exccullte Declares at
Ln Crnees Today.
Las Crucos, N. M hoc. 3. Gover
nor Merrltt C. Mechem will not be a
candidato to succeed himself as gov
ernor no mirao mis announcement
at the Templo ot Agriculture hero
this morning In responso to a ques
tion ns to his candidacy next year.
"i win not uo a candidato and I
want It distinctly understood th-t I
am not oven a receptivo enn -
I dnn't want any strings lied i M o
that It will bo considered, I am not
cvon a possible candidate," h
uovernor Mechem, who Is , r. io
attend tho convention ui the .vnjtu-
wvstern All Year National l'ark Ast
soclatlon, said ho will return to So
corro nt the cloao ot his term of office
lo resume hl low practice.
Tho first home wedding to take placo
In While Oaks for many years occurred
at tho homu of Mr. and Mrs. F. O.
Smith, when their daughter, Audrey,
nnd Mr. Phillip Keasoner were united
In Wedlock on December 3.
The brido waa reared in Rochester,
N. Y., nnd lho groom, who la well
known In Lincoln county, wns reared
In Whlto Onks.
Thu short but Impressive service was
rend by John Walker, out justice iif
tho peace. After the service tho guests
wero delightfully entertained with
music and dancing ami at ten o'clock n
nlru luncheon was served. There wero
about fifty ttueit present.
The nawly weds received many nice
gifts and aro now happily Installed In
their new home.
The New Mexico mptlst Orphans'
Home, located at Portales, Is a new
Institution trying to do Its bit In csrlng
for the unfortunate children of the
atate. Children of any religious de.
nomination or no denomination are ad
mitted Into the home. This horns Is
In no sense trying to monopolize th
state in this work, but we feel thst we
should have a pari In It. It la the only
non-Catholic denominational Institution
of ita kind In the atate, we believe
the general public should have an op.
pottunlty tn help In lis support There
are now twenty four In the Hnnie and
applirationa for many moré. The man
agmnent has planned Christmas cam
paign for the home similar to the cam
paign ot last year. We want tho liUsi.
neaa people nt Carrlzoso and the public
In general to know Hint wo would ap
preciate at lel
lb. ,
l -...fciv. w U,
Pastor Baptist Church.

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