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Carrizozo outlook. (Carrizozo, N.M.) 1910-1945, December 16, 1921, Image 6

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(Wnlfra V.siaif if t'ltlfttl Jim fttnhf.)
l''nuik l'nrinelfc, 74 jcnrx old, for
nif rly president (if mi nimilltim com
pany In Chicago hearing Ids mime, died
In I.ox Angeles nfliT mi Illness ii( tunny
monOis. IIIn philanthropy Identified
him lth tunny charity work Ititerosts,
.Itunnlng nwoy from lli Security
State Hunk ut Itnbblnxdnle, n Kiiliurli
of Minneapolis, Willi rolls nf currency
under sillier iirni, bandit who u few
minutes bofuri' had nililnil Hint Instl-
tiitlou, wus xlmt nuil klllcil liy the JHS
IIcO llf (lilt pCIICe lit ltllhlllllMlllI", Mlllll,
Klx persons Were killed In u lu'iiilnti
collision between tint oimtlmtiiiil Port-
liinil-Spoknho limited muí westbound
Oregon-Washington limited I ruins nf
tho Oregon-Washington II' "'road tt
Navigation Company, two miles cust of
-cilio. Twentj-twn persons ero In
A Jury In tho District Court nt
Nwittxhluff, Nehr., rendered n verillel
acquitting Mr. I'iiiiI Tnclnu of the
charge sif flrHt degree lininler. MrK,
Tni'lim ii I in 1 1 1 i-i! shouting unit killing
I 'red Itolsbcck, .Inly 17 lust . hut xulil
she dlil hi i tn protect tier husband from
n 1 1 in k.
.luck Snnkcy, prominent oil mini,
formerly of Tulsa nml Angeles,
was founil ileml In lilt apartments nt
local lioicl In Fort Worth, Texas,
1 'oil ce sold i, luid killed himself liy
shooting, He win one of Hut succams-
ful operators In tlsa writ Texas oil
Dnvls Handles, 2-yeur-sild non of Mr,
mul Mrs. John II. HiiikIIch, who hud u
needle removed from hi heart on Nov
7, In whiit surgeons unid wns ono of
the iiiat remarkable operations ever
performed In Hip Northwest, died nt
n hoxpltnl In Minneapolis. The needle
pierced liln besrt when ho fell on n
sewing busket.
While playing with a roller towel nt
lili fiirm home, ten miles north of
Huron, H. 1 Hverctt Mcdlgcr, 12
yearn old, twisted tho towel ahout Ills
neck, slipped on the Imthroom floor
nml fell, breaking Ids neck, lio was
dead when his Inter, tho only other
person In the limito nt tho time,
leached him.
Tho net linporlH of peanuts during
llui first eight month of 1IKI1 were
only UI),('lll,(KKJ pounds, us eninpared
with m,tBtl,Ksl pnmiilN ilurliiK the
sumo period of 1H20, according tn sta-llntU-M
compiled hy tho llurenil of for
eign nml Domestic Ciuniucrie (Net
Imports are tolul Imports minus re
exports.) I'ulriinx of the foreign money order
scrvlco will ho wived In tho aggregate
lürgo minx of iimney through n plan
ndopted liy Hut I'nstofflco Department,
which will emihlo nil of tho Interna
tional money order offices In tho
United Slates to hn advised dally, If
necessary, ax to tho fliicttmthm In for
elsii exiliante. Third Assistant Post
muster tleuernl (Hover, who hnx made
n special study of this subject, him
worked out n comhlneil conversion la
hie for use In Issuing money orders
payalile In Uurupcuu couutrlex, n copy
of which Iiiim heeii iilnced In every In
Icruntloniil money order office In the
Tho greatest need In edueiitlon In
tlm United KlateM today Ik "n hipinre
ileal for tlm country child," John .1. Tl
Kortj ciinnnlssloner of ediuutlun, do
i'lured In n stnleuiont Imued in coiiuee
tlrin with tho openlnK of "Amerleim
lMucallnu Week." Wlillo no ehlUI I
denied nn edueiitlon In America, he
Mltl, "tho opportunity lx by mi meunii
Tlm Jluxiliiti fitminu In Hpit'iidliiK nml
now Ihreiitcnx '.'.VKJH.IHM) people, ex
(Invermir James t'. (Inodrlch of Indi
nun icporled to Keeretury Hoover In
WnniiliiKtou. After the conference. It
vyns tudlciiled Unit foiiRre would ho
iijkcil hy Mr. Hoover m jirovlile funilx
y wlilcli Iihkii qiinmlllei of Sniln mid
foild supplies run he sent lo the wirlck
en territory.
A petition mora thnn n mllo In lenulli
Olid couliilulnt? nround 2iuhs) Individ
ilíú xlcnatiuex n well as tho xlKiialinee
üf irexlilentii at women'li nrKiinltutlnns
vfllh n total mcmherstdp of moro than
SkS' whl1 l,,,,,('"lp, 1 Secretnry
(Tí SihlB IIusIim recently, npprovltiK
ill ohjoru nf the couferenco on dlxni
IMIIKIlt nod urclni; coiiIIiiuimI work tn
lire efiü that lieu ce throiiKhout the
WOrlll bo n mu red for tint fMture.
Perutoriy a somewhat neglected ve-
Hiñe irom a eouiiiierelnl statulpoliit,
j mu Kitinwi in populurlty milte
ttlly the past half dnien Mirx.
Ut In ittttl 17 wero I em ii.mii
ntr, hut encli year xluco then the
I mark hnx been exceeded, and laat
BU Hie totul wnx iu.:i7:i car.
Vtillilitniy mllroad proixnU for In-
nucpriition or n ju per rent ilecmmo In
'fiSM'l tnlM o pmctleully nil fnrm,
.tMli,"'!, orclmrd prpdiletH In tho
UmgBtnlex, oiiixtdt, f NeW Ktiulnnd,
llmvsbeeii nieepfeil hy tho lutcrxUio
füoainiei IVnamlMlon.
I'rexldiiit OhreRon of Mexico U cob
(dderlni: tun Invllalloiix to visit Tcxx.
On Is from the Amerlenii lotion jioxt
nt Hnti Antonio and tho other from
Oov. I'nt Neff of Texim.
(lenimny mid Hwltzerlnml linv
llfiiiil n Ireuty of x l Id trillion, tinder
Mhlcli ouch country In rouipelled to
Mihmlt nlmost till ipietlloni In dispute
IxMwern them to Ntlillmtloti.
A wivlet delecnllon Is on tho wny
to lineóos Aires lo neoKtlnte ffir the
reopeiilnit of tnide relulloiis between
Anient Inn and llussln, I .it Huron
lenrnx from dlplomntle xoun-ex.
Cornier Turklsli llralid Vlr.ler Suld
Alt I'lirhti "as fnlnlly shot nt Home
while liililncn walk. He wax rushed to
it linspllul, hut was dviid when Hie inn
lilihinre arrived, Ills iixsHllinit hnx not
been iippreliendeiL
Tho ltiixslnn ruble Is still dcpreel-
ntlnir. II now reipilrex 'Jtni.tHKl of them
to purchase n dollar. In one day the
ilnlhir luis Jumped from IfiO.IKX) to
L'tHl.tKW tnhlex, which Ix the most vio
lent fluctmithui xlnce the free trade
pulley wax InuuKUiiiled.
According to l.ncllle's Ijiudou
brnncli, which held Km uiiliunu fashion
parade, there lire to he no more hare
hacks, bnro nrinx or hinn xhnulilers.
The expiinse of neck nnd shoulders
hitherto revealed In past season lire to
ho covered by Kossuliier luce.
Sirens nltaeheil to Hie tear end of
trains will In future worn nculnst rail
road collisions In Frunce, in-cordlng I"
It decision of the Stall' llnltwiiyx Com
mission. Tlllix o use Iiiim heen found
for II.IHHI nlr-ralil sirens whhh former
ly xetil l'nrlsliinx hurry hit; lo shelter
when Herman airplanes approached.
I'encit nominations helweeli lite
SpMtllsh KMM'I'lltiiciit unit the rehellloll',
Moorish tribesmen In Morocco, which
Imve been nirrleil on Indirectly for xlx
weeks, have been broken off, It wux of
flchilly iinnoiiiiivi! nt Mndrlil. The
Irlliesnien ileiiuiudeit arms, ainuiimllloli
mid money as the price of thep,- con
eesslolix, l'mher.7.lemeut of flH.ólM) Is iluirced
In it coiuphilnl filed nt Manila imiiluxt
Isidoro lieruui, former dilef of the for-
elcn department of the l'ldlliiplno Nit
tlonnl Hank, and NIcatiRor Iviirnk, uu
sttorney. Itond wns fixed ut ,"i,iski
ench. It Is aliened urmu nnd Kuruk
conspired to defriiud the hunk of prof
its on tho sale of mnrkx to the bunk's
A total of -)2V"K1 tititoinoblloH In
Canada covered u roml inllenKe In 1020
which exceeded l.tWtl.OOO.tKkl und regis
tered a passeiiRer mlleup) of not less
thou n.tl20,000,tK). The xtctnn nnd elec
tric railroads of tint dominion com
bined curried but tl2tl,rjl,(KI0, accord
Iuk to K. I,. Sipilre of the Ciiuiidlnn
tlood Ilouils Association, as iiuntt'd In
Canadhin Motorist, The number of
passcnuerx curried Is US'.,,(NJH,(iUU nnnu
Thlrly-rive-cent hrenkfnslx and dot
lar dinners on dining ears of the Chi
cugo (I rent Western railroad hnve been
announced at Clileupt. 'J'rnvelers nre
given a choleo of eight melius nt the
now (irires.
After xlreplni; inntlnuiilly for 18.9
pours, .Mrs. Harvey (I, Johnson, 8C
years old, whs dead ut her lioiun tn
rirunvllle, ev York, Her physician
declared she suffered from no disease.
Hue fell asleep Nov. '.'ft und never
Diimuiies of fJI.-Ks) for the ileitlh of
Onirics I1'. vim du Water, coni;ressinan-
elect of Iilig llench, on Nov. 20, 1U2U,
acalnst tho owners of tho truck Into
which Ids nuloniiihllo crushed, have
been entered by xllpuhitloii In Ihu Loa
Angeles Superior ( oiirl.
HeipiestN of iltl.iKKI In Jewelry to
ench nf her itilldren n ml urniiilclillilren
liuioimllug to approximately KUM.OOll,
mid the lieslmval of her io town
hotixes In New Viuk I'ltv id her bus
bund, so long as he iloex mn marry,
nre the major Items In Hie will of the
Into Mrs. (leorge J Houhl, filed In Sur
rugiite's rourl nt Toms Itlver, N. J
Tho annual Methodist conference III
session ut l'lne llluff, Ark., ndopted u
resoliillon tirglng t't. ogress lo puss the
propoked Ihu folhlildltig opci-uthm of
trains und uewspuper-. on Sunday mid
requiring dosing or all liilncs and
amusements on Siuuliiy.
One solid nirhsid of llipior wiih
selted ut lllchiuotid, Vn., hy revenue
mien Is on the Atlantic coast tine. The
lhuo wus shipped from tleorglu nnd
wns destined for New York. 'I hu rec
tuie officers refuse to divulge mimes
until the wiiriimls mo served.
Chicago society women whii rnrry
their liquor III Heal gold, Jewel-set
ilnxks were given wuriilng by ('tilted
stntwi Dlktrin Atluniej rhiii es I'
CI no not to he surprised If they nre
iirrested for violation of the prohibí
linn nrt. Clyno Is now Investigating
the fashlomilile Casino Club.
l'ollco records of New York com
piled for tho month of November
stiowo that 1,8,17 persons were nrrest
I lit the mouth. Thu largest number
arrested during any month in W2t wus
l,ss;i, I he record for April. Increases
wero uvhleut In the iiunilicr of persons
nrrestcd for ilrnnkeiiuesx and vtigrnu
cy during thu month Just past.
Operation of n counterfeiting plant
wus hulled In C'hlcugo when federal
agents milled It basement simp ami iir
rested Henry J. Ilrcilmng, suld to bo
mi ex coiivlct. rhotiigrophlc plate of
$1, fli nml $10 federul reserve notes
unit other equipment ueio seized,
ltrechuiig wns hold to the gmnd Jury
111 1,1X10 bonds.
Moro than 7,000 hules of long staple
cotton wero tlestroyeil hy flru of mule
tcrmltied "origin In tho wiirehmiso of
Ihu Orccnwood Compress and .Storage
Company ut (lreenwood, Mux. Tin
lost vrii csilnmlcd ut ITó(l,Ui.H).
Southwest News
From All Over .
New Mexico
and Arizona
(! ünisiif I slas Sl Strtlti.)
A. II. Oreiitt, en route from HI I'nsn
to ltoswfll, N. M., wus held Up nnd
robbed of 1M In eusli by bandits nt tho
foot of Picucho hill, thirty miles west
of Itoswell.
Tin Hoy, lliigennuii ami Ahimogordu
high school stock-Judging teams, but
lug won (lie district contest, will com
pete In the stale contest in bo held ut
Itnxwell, X. M I tec. 17.
One mini wus killed, several olhets
Injured, none seriously, und proprvty
wns damaged to the extent of Í2.VI,
tssl, us ii result or it fire In the busi
ness district of Yiiiiiii, Arlr..
Approvul of advances aggregating
moro tliiin .(l,.Ml,(l(iil bus been an
nounced by the Wnr Klnntice isirporn
lion, Agrlcttlturnl und live slock limns
of ?(J,l20,tKX) were distributed iiinnng
luenty-fmir xtiiles, Including Nehrnskn,
Colorntto, Arlr.onu, New Mexico, (lie
gun, Iowa, South Dakota, Idaho, Uluh,
Nevada und Texas.
The receipts of the office of secre
tnry or stale of Ailzoiiu mo mounting
higher ench month, und where former
ly the revenue wux negligible, It now
anioiinls to n considerable sum month
ly. During the month of November
the lldy sum of $II!77..'!I wns I a lien
In. In HCI) the receipts core .fl,.-TII.4S
slid III Will, 1,7711.77.
A leiiture of the hoys' department of
the Y. M. C. A. for the mouth of De
cember will be the orguiilzntlnn of u
i lub among Hie newsboys of Allot
qncripie, N. M. The club will be
formed In get nil the newsboys of the
city Into olio orgiiiilr.ntlon under the
leadership of the Y mi they will Imve
better opportunities fur nil Minis of
Stiillslles from Ho- Itrjll government
census show Hint there lire rVKS! reg
istered Hereford cuttle In Arizona.
This Is 4,71)0 more limn any other beef
bred, showing how groully the Hole
fords predoiulunte In this stale. There
lie also I'.IHKI registered Hereford
bulls In Die stute ns compnroil with
21,1, thu greatest nuiuber of any other
Ai riling to reports given out by
sportsmen who have Just leturned
from the (Hack Itnuge country In New
Mexico, thu number of hunters In that
section this yeur bus broken nil rec
ords, It Is estimated Hint over 111 si
hunters were In the Itlnck Itnuge and
thu llurrn mountains alone, besides
many others In the l'luos Altos ami the
Dnlll bills.
Tho two-yen i'-ohl daughter of Sheriff
nnd Mrs, M. 11, Moutoyn of Ilernullllu,
N. M died at the linspllul ns Ihu re
sult of getting the shell of u pifión nut
fust III her throat. Several children
bad been eating the lints nml ax soun
us the trouble wus discovered the little
one wns rushed to the linspllul, but In
spite of nil Unit could he dono rot- her
passed nwny In n short time.
Mrs. David Sun, wife of D.ivld Sun,
u Murlropit Indian, died on the Murl
copa reservation, ubotit fifteen miles
southwest of I'boenlx, being struck In
the fncu vvllh uu axe hy her husband.
tSun wns nrrestcd and luken lo tin
county Jail. Jnxcpl II, llolub, nxxlxp
nut United States district ullorney, me
pounced Hint the government would
file n murder charge against Sun.
An Injunction permanently restrain
lug the Arizona Klre Insurance Com
puny from doing business In Arizona
nnd nu order directing that tho State
Corporation I'oiuiuUslon assume
charge of lis affairs, were Issued In
tho Superior Court ut Phoenix. Until
were Issued ut the request of Altor
noy lleneriil W. J. tlalhrnllh, nctlnii
ror Hie Slate Coiporallon Commission.
New .Mexico gets f rt t ..MIS of thu more
than SI.tSHi.tsK) ullolineiit for load
building curried In thu recently passed
f7(MKHi,tnx lilgliwuy net fur every fill,
-1112 the statu puts up, lllglmny Uu
glneer (llllet bus been offh hilly ml
A -big three dnjs rodeo will be singed
nt Knit Ila.Mird, N, M., under tho aus
pices of the American Legion, the
ilutes Inn lug been H't for Dee. i'l, 2ft
mid 21). I.llieral prizes will he award
ed to the winners of the events, nnd
besides I bo hundreds of people from
nil over ihe southern part of the stale
tho hlg show will furnish amusement
for more Hum u thousand men from
tho big hospital.
Mrs. Udnii McDowell wns awarded
damages In the sum of íin.iMKi ngiilnst
Unto Chciiowelli hy n Jury In Uiu -u-perldr
Court at Tombstone, Ariz., fol
lowing a short deliberation. Mrs. Mc
Dowell hud sued Chenowelh for $ól,iM)
for damages duo tit tlm denlli of her
husband, Claude McDowell, alleged In
have been caused hy tt gunshot wound
nt tho lunula of Cheuowvth, nnd for
which ho wns convicted nnd sentenced
to stitlo prlsftu, afterward huvlng been
Jllilgo-Igo I'ost of the American Le
gion plans lo build u community build
ing In Nogales, Ariz., next year that
will cost approximately ?IV),(SKJ. Tho
building will hnnse n public library,
gyninusliuii, nml will ho largo enough
to lake euro of any nml all public gath
erings to he held In Nogales for n long
time lo rome.
Two mor,, ulleged to have held tip
McKnrlaud Urns, bank nt Logan, N. M.,
ntid escaped wllh ÍI.WM), were captured
by n (losso near tlullcgos, twenty miles
north of tho scene of the robbery. Tiioy
rt Mexicans and live nesr ñiillegos.
(Mnltrs Nftii,tr t'nlHl Nisi Slillcl 1
Washington, A mutual pledge not
to go to war over disputes lit thu
I'uelfle without it "coollig off period"
of discussion Is tho hilsls of Ihe new
four-power Ireuty proposed us u sub
stitute 'or Ihe Aliglo-Japuliese nil I-
Discussions uf the proposals among
arms ileleialcs urn well iidvuliced, ill
though none of the goicruiiif ills con,
cerned Hit) United Suites, tlrciit lttlt
uln, Japan und Fruncí' linio given
final approval. A suggestion Unit the
Aliglo-Japuliese pact be revoked bus
gone to Ijoudnn Hint . okln, I'mslhlo
controversies over the I'uclfic Islandx,
evcluslve of the Humillan group nnd
Yup, woilhlj'ouie tinder Ihe Hew ngvcu'
liii.nl V.H, lu Ii, 1. It,., lililit nf II
" ' "' " ' i
separule Ireuty, iiegoHulioii- ri' which
lire lieurlug couiplellou, i.lnl Ibivvull Is
to he eolishleieil purl ol the Vllierleilll
II ui Illll) t ii I .
I'roblenis of I'hllin m' Hice portions
of the Asiatic mulliluliil an- mil l'i be
touched by the proposed treulj, luir
will It contain provisions telallng to
I'uelfle fortlflciillons or Hie naval re
ilucllon pVogruui. It Is possible, how
ever, that all of these questions, muy
come simultaneously to Ihe point of il
decision, liy the American delégales,
the project Is regarded us estuhllshliig
neither mi nllhiuee nor uu entente, but
merely upplylug to the I'uelfle Islands
Ihe principle of the thirty-odd llryaii
pence treaties to which iho United
Slates Is u parly. A public statement
setting forth Unit position prnhnhly
will bo made In Ihe near fnttiro by
Secretary Hughes.
Kor the present, the authorized
American spokesmen piefer tit sny
nothing about their conversations
which huve been proceeding behind
tho curtain of "executive sessions."
Apparently, (bo negotiations have
been kept within u tuirrovv circle cen
tering hi thu "big Unce" llughex,
ltalfnur nml Kuto.
An evidence of optimism with which
high American officials view the gen
eral situation In the conference wus
given hy President Hurdlug, who de
clared hi uu address Unit the negotia
tions promised to "succeed beyond our
fondest hopes," Hit predicted that the
conference would usher In u new day
ill International amity.
All outward ludlcntlons point to u
merging of tho Pacific questions with
Hut naval ratio problem so fur us the
final decisions of some foreign nations
nre concerned. No reply front Tokio
regarding the tiuvul plan is expected
until tho Japanese government Is ready
to make sumo expression on tho four
power prnpofttl. It Is possible that In
thu final analysis, tho questions of.
Shantung and China generally tuny
n. -o become Interwoven In Iho general
scheme before it definite settlement Is
Thus, It would nut surprise close ob
servers If the whole range of contro
versies went gathered under one un
derstanding, to lio transplanted then
Into several formal Instruments nf
Until Japanese und Chínese reflected
optimism over thu Shanlung ucgotlu
Hons ufler imother meeting in which
Japan offered to give up tho public
property In the leuseil territory of ICIu
ochow as another step lowuid meeting
Chinese position.
Bandits Kill Policeman,
fl rn ml Iliiplih, Mich. Pour of i Im
six blltlilllH who robbed il blaillll of the
ilrnml Ituplds Havings llanli of ifll,
ikhi, shut und killed one pollen offjcci
ninl seriously wounded uiiotber when
tho officers broke Into u bouse In the
outskirts of the city In which tho him
dlls wero hiding. Following Iho shoot
lug, pollco reserves were hurried to tho
house with orders to storm It, hut the
luiudlts bud escaped In tin. iiulomobile
beforo they arrived. I'nrt of Iho loot,
whlclt consisted of currency nml
bonds, was nhiiuilonod when thu ban
dits fled thu hous'
William 8. Hart Weds Actren.
Los Angeles. William S. Hart, mo
tion picture iicliir, was marilcd hero to
Miss Winifred Westover, who has been
Included lit bis supporting company
for somo time. Tito servlco was rend nt
nu Kplsropnl ihurch In Hollywood.
Big Movie Combine Organized.
Now York. IteorganlT.allon of the
National Association uf tho Motion
I'lrture Industry Is under wn) the
plan Involving thu tendering it'
"general ibalrniiuisblp of tho
hoard to 1'iMiimnstcr (lenernl IP ,
it salnry of nut less than ílvsj.W) i
yeur. Adolph Zukor, president of one
uf tho largest producing companies,
admitted Hint such n plan was con
templated. The association embraces
Ihu largest producers, makers mid dis
tributors of films.
RiljBjlJWiosphaie I
In His Book, "Windmills," Gilbert
.Canaan Pokes Fun at Many Ven
erable European Institution,
Hllbert (.'minan admits n mlsuudcr
stsndlnc of his pacifist attitude to
ward tho war In his preface tn (ho
Amerlcnn edition of "Windmills," hut
nvows ilrmly that "tho uttcmpt to re
move mlllturlsm nnd mllltury concep
tions from among human preoccupa
tions Is it good cnuso nml I will servo
with tho only weapon I know how to
uso tho pon which they say Is
mightier thnn thu sword or even the
howitzer. Having applied myself to
lids service beforo tho outhrenk of
tho grent wnr, which for mo begnn In
1011, I wns not to ho diverted from
It by tint panic confusion of those who
were overtaken hy tho cnlamlty rntli
er than prepared for It,"
With n solemnity which Is gro
tesque, ho recounts In "Honnuyx Is
land" thu wars between tho I'attlsh
empire and l'atterland, Tho render
will recognize many Kuropeuii Inst),
tutlons and events at which Mr.
Cumian Is linking fun. A second rend
ing revenís moro of his sly allusions,
remarks tho Bprlngllchl llcpuhllciiti,
country's limber Situation.
Tho original forests of tho United
States hnvo been estimated to contain
822,000,000 ncres, which has heen re
duced by cutting, cultivation nnd burn
ing to 157,000,000 ncres. Sixty per
cent of tho orlglnnl timber Is gone.
Tho consumption Is live times greater
than tho production. Our tremendous
consumption nf lumber has been n
potent fnctor In elevating our simul
ar d of living and It Is urged that wo
do tint curtail our consumption, but
rather Increase our production.
Real Rest Depends Largely Upon
the Depth of Your Sleep
A warning to "light" or "poor" sleepers
Tho deeper nnd Bounder yeu sleep the better
you feo!. Five hours Bound refreshing steep does
you moro actual good than ten hours restless,
disturbed sleep.
This is because tho final conversion of food
into vital tissue and nervo cells goes on moro
rapidly when the physical and mental forces aro
at rest.
You can't get sound, refreshing sleep If your
nerves aro agitated with tea or coffee. Both these
drinks contain caffeine, which is sometimes very
irritating to ths brain and nervous system.
If you want to know tho Joy, vigor nnd
stamina that comes to tho person who gets sound,
healthful sleep, why not stop taking tea or coffeo
for a while, and drink delicious, Invigorating
Postum instead.
Thousands of people overy where have found
that this was tho only thing they needed in order
to bring about theso very happy results.
Order Postum from your grocer today.
Drink this delightful cereal beverago of coffee-llko
flavor, for a week. Perhaps, like thousands of
others, you'll never be willing ts go back to tea
or cofTee,
Poitum comts In two format Imtsnt I'oitnm (In line)
made Instantly In the cup by the addition of boiling water.
Postum Csresl (In pscluget of larger bulk, for those who
priftr to make ths drink while the meat Is being piepared)
Bade by boiling; for 20 minutes.
Postum for Health
Absence of Illumination on Automo
bile Perfectly Juitlfled Under the
A certain town depends entirely
nu electricity for Its lighting, ami n
ono largo generating station sufficed
fur thu wholo town, an accident nt
tint station suddenly plunged tho town
Into darkness ono night.
Tho mannger of tho station wns nt
his private houso at tho time, hut ho
nt ouco set nut In Ids car for the
works. In Ids haste, howovor, hn for
got tn switch on tho electric lights on
bis enr, which were, of course, gen
crated off n dry buttery nnd tho car's
On Ids way to tho electric power
station ho was stopped by n police
man, who nsked htm why ho had no
lights. Tho manager did n little quick
thinking, then unswered, balf-bumor-ously
"Of cnursn my lights aro out I
Haven't they failed all over thu
Thu pnllccmun touched his hat, ami
"Peg pardon, Mr, I forgot do
straight ahead I"
No Money In That.
"Professor Dlggs seems to bo ups't
about something." "Hu's hud another
grievous disappointment." "What wns
it?" "Ho thought an official looking
envelope that camo In tho morning
mall contained n lecturo contract, but
It wns only n notification Hint ho wns
going to bo nwnrded nnothcr honorary
logreo." Illrmlnghnm Ago-Hcrutd.
A generation Is growing up (hat
will not know how to talk enthusias
tically about horso racing.
a Reason"

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