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Used In church, band, orcheatra,
nolo write for new bnok.
"Origin of the Baxaphone" Kre
" npnvpr, Coin, "
"Erin Corda" & "Olympian Fabric"
QUALITY AND SERVICE. Writ for prto list
BERT A. IIOSKOHI). 13S6 Acoma tit.
SUV AT WHOLESALE. An; aaluaiao eU 25 per
mnt mora for bit foodi tacú you art not familiar
alta prims. Bend (or our weekly prln list, AOS, of
irocedei and lupollei. Stacagramn WhernaU Saa
ly Ca., 1523 iStt St., P. S. .Sax 1442, Daawr.
Write Lie for Complete lurormatlon.
Sir Stall. 1225 BROADWAY
Garments Cleaned or dyed any color.
Out-of-town work uriven prompt atten
tion. Grund Hulldiner, lTth Jt I.otron St.
orí delir
bera la D. I. al Dennr prlrw. UnMliifHlorf orl
returned our eipeue. EASTERN SHOE SEPAIS FAC-
irrr a tro and kodak finishinc. tih
JWUVIYO Beaver Parte Hahrl.:. Caaaaay.
626 Sixteenth Street. Denver, Colorado.
Pre-war Price aa Coffee-
Send II. 00 for 8-aound temple, port'
CO., Slit and Market 8U Dennr, Colo,
Hall urden Giren Prompt Attention, 10 tilt Ce:fal,
SWITCHES to match vour hair correct
ly in any hade or length. Charlea Hair
at Beauty Btiop, iiu 16th St., Denver, joio.
Park Floral Co.. 1643 Broadway.
BEAUTY PARLO Its. Hair Gooda .by
mail. Millicent Hart Co.. 721 16th St.
mond a. watches, allverware. Out tuvtn
ordora careful attention Kat. 1873.
Citizens' Training Camps.
Two Citizens' military training
camps will be held in the Eighth corps
area during the summer one at Fort
Logan, near Denver, Colo., from Aug
ust 1 to SO, of which Col. Paul A. Wolf,
Ninth infantry, will be the command
ant, the other at Camp Travis, near
San Antonio, Texas, from July 15 to
August 14, of which Brig. Gen. Han
sen E. Ely, U. S. A., will be. command
ant. Both these officers had notable
service during the World war and both
are eminently fitted to conduct a citl
zens' military training camp, and both
are heartily with plans and purposes
of such camps. Attendance at these
camps will be limited to approved tip
plicants between the ages of 16 and 35
years, of average intelligence, of good
moral character and In good physical
condition, and generally will be limited
to candidates living within 200 miles
of the camp, although a few residing
at a greater distance will be authorized
to attend. - Civilians who are author
ized to attend these camps will not re
ceive sny pay for attendance thereat,
but will receive free all necessury uni
form, clothing, food and shelter, med
ical attention, arms and ammunition,
equipment and railroad transportation
from their homes to the cnn:p and re
turn. ..
Says Use of Tobacco Good.
Atlantic City, N. J. Dr. W. H. Gel
ston of Camden told the New Jersey
State Dental Society'e convention that
an "old-fashioned chew of tobacco" is
one of the best disinfectants known to
dental science. He declared if reform
ers succeeded In banishing tobacco dis
eases of the teeth and gums are likely
to Increase, adding: "Tobacco forms
a slslagogue around the teeth thus
preventing bacteria from getting a
foothold. A cigar performs the same
function to a less degree, but a clgaret,
because of its paper wrapper, has not
the value In this respect."
Reducing U. 8. Debt.
Washington. A reduction of $42,
823,184 In the public debt during May
has been announced by the treasury.
On April 30 the total gross debt stood
at $23,995,564,776, as compared with
$23,952,741,592 May 31. Redemption
of treasury certificates of indebtedness
was mainly responsible for the reduc
tion, treasury officials explained.
During the eleven months of the
present fiscal year, the treasury said,
public debt disbursements aggregated
$7,576,000,000, compared with $7,234,
000,000 during the corresponding
months last year, leaving a net reduc
tion in the public debt for the fiscal
year to date of $342,000,000.
The report of the. government's fi
nances for May showed ordinary re
ceipts aggregating $224,000,000, which
was $145,000,000 less than ordinary
disbursements. This compared with
ordinary disbursements of $258,000,000
in May a year ago. For the eleven
months ordinary receipts were $4,475,
000,000, which was $229,000,000 In ex
cess of ordinary disbursements. Ordi
nary receipts during the corresponding
period last year were $5,339,000,000.
8. P. Lowers Ore Ratea.
San Francisco, Calif. A reduction
of $3.50. per' ton on certain ores from
Arizona and New Mexico points to
New Tork and New Jersey centers was
announced by the Southern Pacific
Company, effective July 15. The order
affects copper bullion,- copper matte,
blister, copper, also lend bullion and
speiss (carloads), via Southern Pacific
lo Galveston, thence Southern Pacific
Atlantic steamship lines. The new
rate is $16.50 a ton ; the old rate was
Mr. Williams Tell How
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Kept Her
in Health
Overpeck, O. Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound helped me both
Deiore ana alter mj
baby was born.
suffered with back
ache, headache, was
generally run down
and weak. I saw
Lydia E. Pinkham's
vegetable Com
pound advertised in
the newspapers and
decided to try it.
Now I feel fine, take
care of my two boys
and do my own work.'
I recommend your medicine to anyone
who is ailing. You may pumisn my testi
monial if you think it will help others. "
Mrs. Carrie wuiiAMs,uverpecK, unio.
For more than forty years Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has
been restoring women to health who
sutiered from irregularities, aispiace'
Sienta, backaches, headaches, bearing
own nains. nervousness or 4 'the blues. ,
Today there is hardly a town or hamlet
in the United States wherein some
woman does not reside who has been
made well by it That is why. Lydia E.
Pinkham's vegetable Compound is now
recognized as the standard remedy for
sucn aumenta.
Designed the White House.
. The designer of the White House
was James Hoban, born in Ireland
about 1755. He came to the United
States, settling in Charleston, S. C.
and later to Washington when the city
was first being laid out. He worked
for the government for the greater
part of his life. He is chiefly known
for his work in connection with the
White House, the rebuilding of which
he directed after It was burned in
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
.Take Aspirin only as told In each
package of genuine Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
the directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safe , by millions. Take .no
chances with substitutes. If you see
the Bayer Cross on tablets, yon can
take them without fear for Colds,
Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism,
Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and
for Pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve
tablets cost few cents. Druggists also
sell larger packages. Aspirin Is the
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture oí
Monoacetlcacldester of Sallcylicacid.
He Got It
"If Crabbe ever comes around your
place to borrow anything don't you let
him have it."
"You've spoken too late. He was
around yesterday."
"You chump! What did he borrow?"
"Trouble. He's In the hospital now."
Boston Transcript.
A new size package !
Ten for 10c
Very convenient.
Dealers carry both;
lOforlOc; 20for20c
It's toasted.
J Bamom tenant- topalulrFalllnrJ
I Raatona Colar ami
Baaurty to Gray aad Faded HaM
Iawr. ana aiaoal Itrntnrteta.
WlwoaOifm. Wi,ptchinf.li.
avwar w.'rw awas f'aa ruaurssj iinivri 0 WW
feet, snakM wtvlkin mt, Ifa. by mall or at Dru
Ciffitb IUmos CtMBtW frork ratoluwrn, IL I.
Kill All Flies! VSSST
Placed anywhere, DAISY FLY KILLER attract! ami
Kills all flias. Neat, clan, ornamental, convenient and
aAAaaaMi0f at roar dealer or
S by EXPRKHS. Jrp.ld, II 26.
HAROLD BOMEB8. 1U Lie Kalb An., ii rook ra. N. T.
a woNDf nmn. mci mmn jumm
AV,. UaVleaY),
y -- - -
Vi i iViVú 1 1 1 . 1 M ii M i iii i i i I
(if L0CIlV
(Weitern Newspaper Union Neva Serrloa,)
Paul J. 1'akken, a farmer living near
Le Mars, Iowa, committed suicide by
placing a shotgun in his mouth and
pulling the trigger by a string attached
to his foot. His wife recently filed a
petition for divorce.
Two thousand railroad workers and
their sympathizers held a demonstra
tion at Baton, N. Méx., in protest
against the recent nation-wide reduc
tion In wages. After a parade, a mass
meeting ws held, at wliich tie open
shop movement was attacked.
Lon R. Dalley, former Bisbee, Ariz.,
postmaster, held in the Pima county
jail for several weeks, has been indict
ed by the grand jury of the United
States District Court on ten counts.
Each count charges failure to deposit
sums totaling several thousand dollars.
The body of Wlngle Davis, an Oma
ha taslcab driver, was found under a
small bridge near Grand Island, Neb.
It Is believed lie was murdered by
members of a drug "ring," who feared
he might reveal their secrets to the au
thorities. Davis was under Indictment
for selling drugs.
The Mexican government has made
settlement with Mormons In Colonia
Morelos, Sonora, south of Douglas,
Ariz., paying -them $100,000 as dam
ages and title for the Mormon colony
there, which was confiscated during
the revolution. The land will be
turned over for homesteadiiig.
John J. Vance, 60 years old, died sud
denly at Alliance, Nebr., a few minutes
after he had jumped into a pool of
water to save a 3-year-old boy from
drowning. Prior to the rescue Vance
hnd been at work building a cement
sidewalk and physicians said that the
shock of plunging into the cool water
In an overheated condition caused
heart failure.
Roger, aged 6, son of Mr. and Mrs.
F, V. Borland, near Westgate, Iowa,
owes his life to Buster, a dog. The dog
followed Roger when he wandered out
to the creek to observe the effect of
recent heavy rains. The bunk gave
way and the boy was thrown Into the
swollen stream. The dog jumped to
the rescue. The strangling little boy
clung to Blister's shaggy coat und was
pulled ashore.
Michael J. Kelly is understood to
have been selected by President Hard
ing for superintendent of the Sun
Francisco mint. Mr. Kelly, who lives
at Oakland, was recommended for the
place by Senator Shortridge, Repub
lican, of California.
The Haughen Packer Control bill has
been passed by the House without a
record vote and sent to the Senate.
The bill places packing houses and
stockyards under the supervision of
the secretary of agriculture and was
authorized to prescribe regulations.
Packers and stockyard proprietors
would be required to establish account
ing systems and ' keep records that
would clearly show profits and own
A joint resolution designed to pre
vent wholesale importation of foreign
goods preliminary to the enactment of
a tariff luw by congress, has been in
troduced by Chairman Little of the
House committee on revision of laws.
It would authorize the President to
limit importations for ninety days.
Admiral A. S..Felcher, commandant
of the Fifth naval district, died at
Hampton Roads. The admiral hud
been ill for some time. During the wur
Admiral Felcher was commandant of
the Norfolk navy yard and directed
part of the plans of defending the
const from Maryland to Florida. He
was made commandant of the Fifth
district early In 1918.
Costs of raising armed forces dur
ing the war with Germany and during
troublous periods on the Mexican bor
der, would be returned to the states
and territories under a bill Introduced
by Senator Lodge of Massachusetts,
the Republican lender. Treasury re
payments are to be limited to the prin
cipal of sums spent In this way. There
whs no estimate as to what amounts
might be cluimed by the various stntes
or what states might make such
claims. '
Emmett Bohannnn, an American,
was killed by bundlts nt his home irwtr
Tnnsplco; Mexico, on the night of Muy
30, the American consul at Tnmplc-o re
ported to the State Department nt
Washington. The dispatch gave no de
tails and there Is no record nt the de
partment of the American residence of
President Harding has sold'the res
idence In Wiisnlii,..on which he occu
pied while n senutor, to Charles F.
Cramer, a local attorney, formerly of
Snn Frnnc.'sco, It was learned. V Is
understood the price paid was fOÜ.OOO
Seventeen persons were drowned in
the Ida mine at Meuselwltz, Saxe-Alt-
enburg, owing to the flood of the mine
by the Erlcnbach river.
Guerlllu warfare between French
ond Turkish Nationalist troops has
been renewed In Cillcln. Turks are pre
paring to recapture the city of Alntab
from the French, while Nationalist
leaders are being arrested by the
French authorities.
Caribou and native reindeer are re
ported ranging the hills' like droves of
sheep In full view of Dawson, Y. T,
As it Is calving time, the herds are not
allowed to be molested, and Instead of
shooting with a gun the citizens of
Dawson- are "shooting", with a camera,
Two hundred and four tenements,
stores and other buildings in Honolulu
declared unsafe and Insanitary, have
been torn down since the beginning of
the building clean-up campaign in
augurated last year by city officials,
according to a recent official report on
the progress of the drive.
A link with the old days of the
Hawaiian monarchy was broken re
cently when the death occurred of
Mrs. Emily C. Judd, widow of Clmrles
Hastings Judd, chamberlain to King
Kalabaua, the lust king of Hawaii
Mrs. Judd was born in Portsmouth,
N. H., March 19, 1840, and went to
Hawaii In 1858.
Pursuit of the mirage of religious
freedom has been taken up again by
30,000 Mennonites. For four centuries
the sect hus followed the phantom. Ar
rangements were completed for the
transportation of the colony now resid
ing in Canada to land in Mexico, pur
chased from the Obregon government
for $5,000,000.
A conference of the foreign minis
ters of Lithuania, Letvin and Esthonia
will be held in Riga in June, according
to advices. It is understood that the
conference originally was suggested by
Finland with the view to organization
of a league of Baltic stutes. Although
Finland and Poland are not expected
to participate it is believed that the
league, If It comes into being, will have
the support of both countries.
Reports Indicate that there will-be a
considerable. Increase in acreage sown
to wheat this season in Calgary, espe
cially In the north country, which has
had an exceptionally early spring.
Many points state from 70 to 90 per
cent of this grain has been already
sown. One or two cases have already
been reported of wheat above ground,
notably at Carseland, east of Calgary
and at Cadillac, Saskatchewan.
The Mulford biological expedition
has sailed for South America to ex
plore the headwaters of the Amazon
and seek Theodore Roosevelt's famous
River of Doubt.
Letters and documents signed by
royal personages of former centuries
irought only $1 to $14 each in an auc
tion sale at Philadelphia, while Benja
min Franklin's essay on "Hygrome
ters" went for $J70.
Progressive rediscount rates now In
effect iln the St. Louis and Kansas
City reserve districts described by
President Harding recently as "penal
lzlng rates" probably will be removed
by the federal reserve board soon.
Offering of c!gurs at election polls
by candidates was held to be a viola
tiou of the corrupt practices act by the
District Court -ufter Jacob Beck, town
ship treasurer of Granite Falls, Minn.,
was removed from office on petition of
forty residents becuuse he hud given
away cigars at the polling place in his
A great meeting of the representa
tives of all the railway unions uffected
ly the wage cut decision of the rail
way labor board to be held in Chicago
June 27 and 28 it has been announced.
At that meeting the unions will give
their answer to the $400,000,000 wuge
cut and in all probability the question
ot strike or work will be decided there,
Two young men forced two clerks
and a customer of the Citizens' State
Bank at Priest River, Idaho, Into the
vault und escnped with about $2,000
iu currency that lay on the counter.
It was announced at the Union Na
tional bank In Newcastle, Pa., that the
five bandits who held up the bank hud
secured $00,300. It was also stated
that the bandits failed to take $418,
000 In securities which was within
their reach.
F. S. Tyler of Washington has been
appointed by the Supreme Court as
commissioner to take testimony on the
question of "what constitutes the south
bank of the Red river and as to where
along that bank is the true boundary
line as between the states of Okluhoma
and Texas."
Sidney J. Cntts, former governor of
Florida, was indicted for peonuge at
Pensacola, Flo., by a federal grand
Jury. The Indictment charges that
Catts, after obtaining pardons for two
negro convicts, forced them to work on
one of b's farms in west Florida. The
Conner governor recently was Indicted
hy the Bradford county grand Jury for
uccepting $700 for a pardon for a pris
oner serving a life term for minder.
The universe is one thousand times
greuter than ever claimed by scientists,
according to Dr. Harlow Shapley, Har
vard astronomer. Dr. Shapley an
nounces discoveries which go to prove
that the earth is at least 300,000,000,
000,000,000,000 miles from the center
of the center of the universe.
Porcelain money for Guatemala has
(leen designed at the former royal
porcelain works in Saxony. If ncoopt
ed, this currency will replace the hard
rubber coins now In circulation. Paper
money cannot be used because of cli
matic: conditions.
A Feeling of Security
You naturally feel secure when you
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Such a medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, strength
and excellence is maintained in every
bottle o Swamp-Root.
It is scientifically compounded from
vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
teaapoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
It is nature's great helper in relieving
and overcoming kidney, liver and blad
der troubles.
A sworn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root. If you need a medicine, you should
have the beiit. On sale at all drug stores
in bottles of two sizes, medium and large.
However, if you wish first to try this
great preparation send ten cent to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Adv.
Who spends the present in dream
ing of the future will. spend his future
In mourning bis past.
"That Tired Feeling" Of ten
Forecasts Sickness
When you are tired without good
cause, lack ambition and feel out
of sorts generally, you may be
heading straight for a sick spelL
These symptoms often
show the whole system,
especially the blood, is
Don't wait 'till you are
sick in bed. Almost ev
ery ailment can be ward
ed off if attended to in
What to
SJ Take a good dose
Small Pill.
Cityman Changed His Mind When
Business Partner Began to
Brag About His Garden.
. What He Said to His Wife If you
want a garden this year you had better
hire somebody to make it. I'm not go
ing to try it again. I've figured it, out;
and if I would spend on my business
the time I put in on that garden 1
would make enough money to keep us
in vegetables for fifty yenrs. I ara olt
It for life.
What He Said to His Neighbor 1
don't think I'll bother with a garden
this year. It doesn't pay ; I may do a
little; but the digging and the labor
I'm off that for life.
What He Said to His Partner Well,
how's the garden coming along? I'm
r.ot doing much with mine this year.
What? How high did you say? Al
ready? What seed did you use?
What He Said to His Wife When He
Got Home An Hour Early That Day
Call me when dinner's ready. I've got
to get the garden started today or I'll
never raise a thing. Life.
Woman, Lovely Woman.
It takes-a woman longer to mnke up
her mind than It does to make up her
face, but with either she usually gets
what she is aiming nt. Florida Times-Union.
Made Just to Your Taste
And Always the Same
Tuou secure uniformity of
strength and flavor in your meal
time drirtkaby the portion used.
iNSiMT Posto
(instead of coffee or tea)
can be made instant
ly by measuring the
powdered Postum
with a teaspoon.,
placing the contents
in a cup, then adding
hot water. Better for
nerves and digestion.
"There's a Reason
Made by Postum Cereal Ca,lnc. Battle Creek, Mich
Freshen Heavy Skin
With the antiseptic, fascinating Cutl
cura Talcum Powder, an exquisitely
scented convenient, economical face,
skin, baby and dusting powder and
perfume. Renders other perfumes su
perfluous. One of the Cutlcura Toilet
Trio (Soap, Ointment, Talcum). Adv.
Snatched as a Brand.
"Dr. Mott," says the palpably an
tilegal Yale News, "had Intended to
take up the study of law, but his Y. M.
C. A. work, while a student at Cornell,
Influenced him to follow Christian pur
suits." Quoted by F. P. A., in the
New York Tribune.
If you Shake Into Tour Shoea aom ALLEN'S
FOOTEASB, the Antiseptic, Healing pow
der (or ahoea that pinch or feet that ache.
It takea the friction from the ahoe and
rlvea relief to corna and bunlona, hot,, tired,
aweatlnir, awollen feet. Ladlea can wear
ahoea one alxe amaller by ahaalng Allen'e
Foot Eaae in each ahoe. Adv.
"So you snw the doctor today about
your indigestion. Did he ask you to
give up anything?" "Yes, $2."
A national bird is the eagle with
the stork a close second.
time. Any doctor will tell you that.
Start at once to drive impurities
from your system and help enrich
your circulation with famous S.S.S.,
the vegetable blood tonic
of fifty years' standing.
Get S.S.S. from your
druggist today, and write
about your condition to
Chief Medical Advisor,
847 Swift Laboratory,
Atlanta, Georgia.
Take for
of Carter's Little Liver Pills
then take 2 or 3 for a few nights af ter.They
cleanse your system of alJ waste matter and
Regulate Your Bowels. Mild as easy to
take as SUgar. Camine Uar itgnahms&gSZeC
Small Dose. Small Price.
Sailor's Long Period on Loneliness on
Small Island Located in the
South Seas.
Marooning occasionally brings about
a modern Crusoe; Just as It did with
Alexander Selkirk, who was put ashore
at Junn Fernandez, and whose adven
tures gave Defoe the foundation for
"Robinson Crusoe." The trading
6chooner, Queen Charlotte, passing a
small island of the Marquesas In the
South seus, liindid her bout to investi
gate the smoke of u fire, us It was un
derstood the island was uninhabited.
Here was found a United States sea
man, who had been put ashore with
three shipmates by their captain, on
account of their mutinous conduct.
The three others had died, but the
man from Connecticut hnd contrived to
live on the fish he caught, and the
breadfruit and coconuts and other prod
ucts which he could gather. When
rescued after three years' loneliness,
his utensils consisted of great shells,
and two cups which he possessed,
made from the skulls of his com
panions. Strange Inconsistencies.
Here Is one of life's inconsistencies:
A mouse is afraid of a man, a man Is
nfraid of a woman, and a woman is
afraid of a mouse. Exchange.
W. N. U.t DENVER, NO. 24-1921,

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