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Published Every Friday by
L. K. MAU, Editor.
Jl. CO ...One Year
Four Issues constitute a month.
Advertising rates on Application.
Entered at fue Postoffice at Taiban,
New Mexico, as second-class mail
A cross In the square to the right in-
sHcatee that jrour subscription has ex
pired. The postoiSce department makes
rt mandatory that all dulinquent subscribers
be dropped, aud we do not want to take any
Chautauqua has been here and
was enjoyed by one and all
tnougn tnere wtm a cieiicit, no
one sem-d to mind and all phil
osophically remarked, that it
eme out better than expected,
uadtr the present conditions.
Most every one in town, with t
very few exceptions, lent assist'
ance in one way or other. Espe
cial notice should be given to J
12. Wrather and his sun, Buford,
who did yeoman 6ervioe with
their truck, by hauling, andgiv
in? ail kinde of assistance, and
donating their services gratis.
Mtu of this kind are to be con
gratulated aM they are a credit to
any community
It has been a wonderful rain
that we have had for the past
week, and a great boon to the
country. This will sure make the
orops show up, arid some of the
progressive farmers already have
exhibits in the Bank, of their
Sam P. Bass and family are
back iu Taiban again after an
absence of c!o3e on to a year.
They have been in Frisco Coun
ty, Texas, s.r.d are sura glad to
be in this part of the onuntry a
gain. Another good omen to their
return was all the rain that Sam
brought with him.
Carl V. Holley is one of the
fortunate soMier boys who will
arntx a section of land shortly,
the government allowing them
two years on residence.
Mr?. J. V. Stearns, wife of the
Editor of the Fort Sumner Lead
er, and Miss Helen Withers,
braved the elements and motor
ed oer last Friday night to at
tend Chautauqua. On inquiring
ior Bro. Joe she informed us that
Bhe ordered him to remain at
home and take care of the little
Stearns's. Joe may be "Boes" of
the linotype machine, but that's
Wesley MoCulIough has been
weiring a pleasant smile for the
past week, the reason being that
hia wife, who has heen visiting
with relatives in Tulia, Texas,
returned home. "Wes" informed
us that "batching" did not ap
peal to him.
Word has reached us that the
Spaulding Dome Well is to be
started in a few days, and that
the preliminary operations are
now under way. This is great
news for this section of the coun
try, for the Spaulding Dome is
on the same identical structure
&b Taiban is located on. Harold
Evans Elliott, Chief Geologist
for the Petroleum Exploration
Company, informs us if they are
successful in striking oil, that
one will see an oil rig on every
town lot in Taiban. Let's hope
that his predictions come true.
Mr. and Mrs. Sim Wright, who
live out in the House district,
were Taiban visitors on Wednes
day last. Mr. Wright said that
he was roing- to start right in
planting potatoes,
The Closing
of Chautauqua.
The thre9 last days of Chau
tauqua more than oarrie'd out the
promise of excellence made by
the previous performances. The
third d'a program', by the
Maids o' Dundee six gooi look
ine, lively nd talented ladieB,
who t)prf rmed capably on a
number of instruments: sang
verv tuntfully, and eave two
playlets which were enjoyed by
all attending.
The Hoyt Garrett Company
provided the musical part of the
fourth day's. entertainment, fol
lowed 'by Dr. V. II. Nation.com
munity Expert, He is a nephew
)f Carrie Nation, and. like that
energeiia lady, a hard hitter;
getting to the bottom of things,
and fearlessly diagnosing the
situation. The final day gave ue
the Swiss Yodeling Serenaders,
an interesting and talented fam
ily father, moth?r, a 'son and
two daughters. This was a nov
elty to roost who heard the pro-
cram, and the sineing- by the
whole company, with zither, vio
lin, and guitar accompaniment,
was real music, and characteris
tic of the Tyrolean Alps. There
were Boloa by the two young la
dies, also two violin selections by
the eon, and a folk danoe by the
latter, and sister. The evening
performance was given at the
school house on account of a
rainy evening. To have five days
oí such good entertainment, was
a rare treat, and the opportuni
ties offered by the Chautauqua,
are a boon to communities situa
ted like Taiban, away from large
cities and off the beaten track of
traveling companies. Chautau
qua stands behind all perform
ance?, which means well selected
and edifying entertainment.
We will speak again in regard
to Mr. C. R. Edwards, the mana
ger this season. This gentleman
showed great efficiency in hand
ling the entertainment and made
himself especially popular with
the people of our town, and left,
having the kindly feeling of
every man, woman and child
here, all his friend. Such a con
trast to the last affair we had.
Surprise Party.
"To speed the parting guest,"
proroped a gathering of the la
dies of our town, to assure Mrs.
L. E. Davies of how sinoerely all
regretted the departure of this
good friend, and neighbor, and
incidentally to give this popular
family a good "send off." Gath
ering at three o'clock these la
dies perpetrated a real surprise
party on the Davies family,
bringing with them refreshments
and exuberant spirit, and pro
ceeding to enjoy themselves like
children let loose, with the vari
ous party games, and much
laughter. The Davies family will
spend thu nummer touring on the
Santa Fe in a very convenient
h.ou8e keeping car, and their
many friends in Taiban wish
them Godspeed hoping that their
itinerary will include occasional
stops in the vicinity of our town.
The North Road.
The heavy rains of the last
week have almost ruined the
roads in and out of Taiban . The
road north is in such bad shape
that the business men of Taiban
have again gone before the Coun
ty Commissioners, asking for
money to build a first class road
from Taiban to the Quay County
line. The Commissioners showed
their willingness to do the neces
sary work to put this road per
manently in a condition that will
allow the farmers to move this
year's crop without trouble in
Full aocount of the Commis
sioner's action is not available
now. ,
Department of the Interior, V. H. Land Office
at Fort Sumner, n. m. June 4. 18'jl.
Noiioe is hereby that t O. Forrest, Heir of,
and (or the heirs, uarea.-et J. Forest, Dec', of
Tolar. N. V .. whs. on Aug. ird, 1916, marie Ad
ditional homestead entiy, No. 014Í7Í. for 8ICVÍ'
6EV4, Section t. Township I N. Ranee 2v E
N.M.P. Meridian, has filed notice of lr.tea.tion
to make Final three year Proof, to establish
claim to the laud above described, before L. K
Mau. U. S. Commissioner, in his office at Tai
ban. N. s. on the 14th day of July, 021.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Bmsrson Eaatweod. William L. Welkins,
Usury P. Coleman, C'hatles A. Watklr.s all of
Tolar, at. m. ' . .
w. a. afealll.aerister,
-10 I ,-
Department of the InteriorU
á. Land Office at Fort Sumner
N. m. June 4, 1921.
Notioe is hereby given that Ma
ry C. Rooney, widow of Michae
a. Rooney, deo'd, of Fort Sura
ner, n. m., who, on May 11, 1918,
made Homestead entry, . No
015141, for W54NWW wwsww. ,$ec
tion 15, Township 3 N. Range 28
E, N m.p. Meridian, has filed no
tice of intention to make Fina
three year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above deaorib
ed, before the Register and R9-
ceier, U. S. Land Offioe at Fort
Sumner, n. m on the 14th day
of July, 1921. ;-V. ;
Claimant names as witnesses:
George Herlihy, John G. Ty
son, lii Herbert Herlihy, J. m
Cheshire, all of Taiban, N. M.
6-10 I 7-8'
Rev. M. Lae Starke D. D. will
hold a meeting at Taiban. com
mencing Tuesday, Aug. 23rd. to
Sept. 11th. He has a message for
everybody; preaches the old time
religion, so let us look forward
to an old time revival. He has
just closed a meeting at Mena,
During the Chautauqua en
gagemenc pome pilfering or cars
took place on the first night. The
officers were notified and held a
vigilant lookout but did not ap
prehend any of the parties, tho
several were und- r suspicion. Of
late there has been, an element
of this kind in the vicinity, and
young men loitering around with
out any visible means of support.
They should be doing something;
loiterers are not a. good omen for
our village; we are going to keep
Taiban clean, even if we have to
resort to vagrancy law to assist.
Man falls
from Windmill
J. C. Core, who has a place
south eatt of Tolar, sustained" a
very severe injury last Monday,
by falling from a windmill that
he was repairing. Dr. Braseell
was called in on the case and
had Mr. Core removed to the hos
pital, at Clovia. The Dr. had not
returned up to the time of going
to press, so we have i;ot had any
late reports. We sinoerely hope
that Mr. Core recovers quickly."
Miss Louise Preslar, one of
our last years teachers, is attend
ing the State Normal Summer
School at Las Vega 3.
VijV - ''"it
vTíSVv "i
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Fort Sumner, N.M.,
May, 16, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that
Corl W. Holley, of Dereno, N.
M., who, on Deo. 18, 1918, made
Homestead entry, No. 015566,
for SKw, Sec 14, Eh & 8Wy,
Seotion 13, Township t N, Rangi
27 E , N.M.P. Meridian, has filed
notice of intention tc make Fi
nal three year Proof, to estab
lish claim to the'land above de
scribed, before L. K. Mau, U'. B.
Commissioner, in his office at
Taiban, N. M., un the' 21st day
of December, -1921.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Ben Hall, Cyle C. Jones, Jesse
Carroll, Fred E. Fry, all of De
reno, N. M.,
5-20 I 617.
W. R. McGill, Register.
014032. '
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Fort Sumner, N. M
Mav, 16, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that
William Morris, Shamrock, Tex
as, Who, on May, ', 191b, made
Additional homestead entry, No.
014032, for SWw, Section 24,
Township 2 N, Range 27 E, N.
M.P. Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make Final three
year Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before
L. K. Mau, U, S. Commissioner,
in his office at Taiban, N. M., on
the 18th day of June, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses
Neis Curtis, of Taiban, N. M.
William H. Vaughter, of Taiban,
N. M., Charles A, Jolley, of Tai
ban N. M., Harry Makemsoi, of
La Lande, N. M.. . '
5-20 16 17.
W. R. McGill, Register.
Department of.the Interior, U.
S, Land Office t Fort Sumner,
N. M., May, 17, 1921. '
Notice is hertby given that
Erne9t Herbert Herlihy, of Tai
ban, N. M., who, on April, 21,
1920, made Homestead entry,
No. 019266, for. SV4NE''4.NEy4NEV4
8ec, 19. 8ENWW. WNW.W
NE,'8ection 20, Township 3 N.,
Range 28 E , N.M.P. Meridian,
ha filed notice of intention to
make Final three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, before L- K. Mau, U.
Commissioner, in hi3 offioe, at
Taiban, N. M., on the 23rd day
of June, 1921. '
Claimant names as witnesses:
Ed M. Tyson, Zade Wood,
Jonn M. Cheshire, John Tyson,
all of Taiban, N. M.
W. R. McGill Register.
20 : 6-17
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Fort Sumner, N. M.,
Mar 2C. 1911.
Notice Is hereby given that Joh-T-
Browninv, of Dtreno, N. M. who. on July 12.
1818, made Homestesd entry No. 014140. for
Lets. I. ii. t. 4. SHNEM. end 8EV4NWM. Bec-
tlonR, Township IS. Ranee 38 E. N.M.P. Me
ridian, has Bled notice of intention to make
Final three rear Proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before L, K. Maq, Ü. S.
Commissioner, In his office at Taiban. N. U.
on the 7th day of July 19?1.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Robert M. Auvenshine, of Dereno. N. M.
Jesse Carroll of Dereno. N. M. Webster 8,
tfherton, of Canten, N. M. Edgar L. Kcegan.
of Canten, N. M.
W. R. McGill, Register.
6-3 1 7-1
Department of the interior. U. B. Land
Ofllse at Fort Sumner. N. M. May 78 1831.
Notice li hereby given that Robert T.
Prlnee, of Taiban, N. M. who on June 11. 1920,
made Additional homestead entry No, 019399.
forBUiSWtt. 8WV.SKV.. lection ii Township
8N.-Raiiire 18 E. N.M.P, Meridian, has filed
notioe of intentloa to make Final three year
Proof, to establish elalm to the land above de
scribed, before L. K. Mau, U. 8. Commissioner,
in his office at Taibau, N. M. on the 7th day ef
July. 1021.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Nelson A. Curtis, John M. Cheshire. V. T.
Wade. John Victor, all of Taibau N. u.
W. Ii. MoGill ReijiBter.
6-3 I 7-1
BARGAIN: Two Brisco cars
for sale. Price 235 and 250
cash. O. II. Atkereon & Co.
A SUCCESSFUL MAN me t s opportunity at
the door. He is a BIG man because his'
alertness has taken advantage of ev
ery opportunity that came his way.
To make money, one must hare money.
The successful man of today got his
start by saving. . -
He didn't get "bigat once, but start-,
ed as you may start by SAVING. REGU
LARLY a part of your earnings. "
Ihen- you have a savings account you;
can SHAKE HANDS with opportunity. .
Let us introduce, you to our Banking
facilities. - r v ,'
Bank of Commerce
of Taiban, N. M.
PUAL T. WHITE, Prewdent
J. A. GILBERT, Cashier.
Taiban, N. M.
J.-W. Stratton. Prop.
Abo Garage
m '
Willard Battery
E. D. Patterson
Dealer In
W. F. MILLER, Proprietor.
Department of the Interior, V. . LanO
Offlee at Fort Bumnar, N. M., May si", mil,
Notice la hereby given that Bonanza 8.
Bewell, of Tolar. N . M.. whe. en May. lt. lets ,
nade Additional IIoeatead entiy, ho- ies4,
for NB!4. Lotsl.8 8IHNWV4 NBK8IV4. Section
It, To'rnshlp N. Raage 2t E. N.M.P. Meridi
an, hse filed notice of intention to make Final
three year Preof. to establish olalmto the land
above deserletd. before L. K. Man, U. S. Coss
missioner. In his office at Taiban, N. M. on
the th day of June, 1!1.
Claimant names as witnesies:
Harold Woollums, Emory , Wool 1 urns,
William W. Lawrence, Walter W. Tlbbeta, all
of Talar, N. M.
-! I T- W. R. K06UI, Reclster.
Service Station
Horace B. Blackburn
New Mexico
Its Faite and Fallacies;
Promoters' Tricks Exposed ;
fiBOlocrv va. li'vrmrionoa
I A History of Gushers;
2 This phamplet for 10c -X
Ralph E. Pearson,
Z Oil Field Inspector,
i 204-5 Larendon Building,
Z ( Houston, Texas.
. ?
Hi :
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