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Sierra County advocate. [volume] (Kingston, N.M.) 1884-1960, January 24, 1885, Image 1

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VOL-'i:- X:;;' -; "KINGSTON, N. M, SATURDAY, JANUARY, .885,
NO. 6
Rrapaw A f'TP -mnii-Wit briiuiW
en leri ahaildrr. P.O. aUie; "rj-torr
H'owMnico. '
Jami-a A. I. mn.
rfAI. conned. d n!
WiiiiiW uu left
li inyc ali.tui 1 4 iiiUe
from i.i.ihthiowii.
P . l Urcn. fii'.iri,"-t-.'vn
lirunt i o'iii! N"M
V "xtrn. ier-tij - 'ire
11. r nuf Laying
'.aitlci lrmii.U'il.
H. V ..lrchet
T A ennnd'tfil iinTl i .
h'.nfid il .m li'f'. Iii'i
.......... h ..f ur.li FJB
war. Hum ii iJfvM3a
Wklll rr.MIl .1. r.. mull V7crph
f '"iint bm 'ti" if - no linunluu iliioui i
b II of ttoiu se. ," tj , 5
A. ni. Little.
I. or S tiv.ind d "i An'
Mti mid t'llh id I ft w.lt2
l(.ii.I.ut ..:(! p;-!n.
miu'li" .xi" if1'.' 't
'1.111 11'iiU m ' "ii.riii'j
N M. 1 1. f p.ii.l '' r.'
wro t buy' tut
fait?.' o Vii'il ' f Il
eal hill of -ule fr.iiil nn
v Jo'im !eKtnii.
.''! '
. vr,. .u...i .1 f.,lii
H( iii. V.'ihr-,: !llM-
rnT ,.f 4:t" '.ir -II N .
Mr1 Port Hit.
d. V bi-nn-fiHl ..iVi-iiIhtiI
V Jlhp ,nit.-H Run.,'.
. . ,. 1 , ...r.-j sJX.
on Hi" !fin Mhiiijri'. i'.,
-;(riil M''l : i-ii' (! ijtL
l. l':n 11" nrr sr..
, f f , 4'f i' t'l 1 nr. "iti:'
1 t-M:iii .NtiTti'f
0 i f ,'t- t . -V 1. if -of.
IIiiiiuu a'u-ir Mini
; i Hr Lit o u..
; i.'.'.- fill t ; r';.f.-r I
M.'xifo. ' .!!
',1 tl MlVl li" -
b'irl llriuiO.
t-1 R nmn(J"d on !'ll't
ii!t; cri an! ,-ptit on
ri-iiM tar. (iiiu:j
ri(i' t ffniu .,'nliii
i' TryV iri;i-li" ii'-tir
r; i ;i i tni.
L; Ii
ow v it
V i.
liiilil Hip
,i 7 .- si'ic
CWmiitii. llfirCrovk
i'ii Tin l( v rl'ne?i
P.O. Ariiir.'i
. fc. I
On l"fl lnji of rut!
and liift lutiiH of
On l -'t m l.' of t tti.
mid ...f( !inii' t t"'
;i. u Ii'iR lit Fa!ni:n. AiU' vi-s'
,. .... mi.iii. in'iitw mi muck t'fr.
In W.S. KtiPKKl.t.: l,5'iM'a, .!.
n.iiiKr "ii y&Tpif.p
lii lof. tirontyfour fcffiEfjl
- . V. a !4a
V F on "left
hii. sid? and uiffir-
x. P .t.,vM.- 't t- . KSMjJ1fi'
ti rr ?..t'i"n N M Jim'&S&kJ
Purl!' forliiil.li-n I 4KT'
to bnv nio.'k f Uranil- I F I .evL
e mill. .Ill A btll '.H..' rTti'VtfABy
.-. inc. . '.-f i, ;
5 if 5
t u, ... 7 - J -...
iMMU'i a . " ' J
.-r t. iiillli. j
T'!t, r MTi"i'lni nl t iVp-t 1 i
'f 1'. V- - T'-t-Wl '
r-.M 1 .v u .a j
rsir .'.vi :. !;.: Al ' i
1 ,,!-'' ' " k ' " i' J5ya!"'r.ig'S!! )
Hi ni am? ! Mi. JTflsK,'' ""''ikj.vi I
M' Ol'l i'.r". i u.i-r. St in KBBtZjji I
I.. iT'"lnKM, lo. ail- l'?-'SjiE'V f '
Or !" 'f-..i :i . m, Vf"V"T k i
;i " r rn ' ''"U I
l'..1...t'-J ..itllli..!'. .!! Ml'"i'' I') M' i .ij' if I
ul. J. t'i'tl-r LI 1:1:1 f 1. y ir, ri,:..'v.ij. . j
1. Ilosa'nl'.'lil. i
I'M'. rT"-"Sr?tVfy I
i'i'. 1.. 11... 'i,i., ir ttH-f
1.. .1. 1
- i
Hit.'.'.' 1.11 I'.n' 1 j'fi'T "V?T Wrtfii.Wj
Ih'liil.r.".. , '. II YjjtlSffSX !
lr.'. I, ....r In 1 1. "W Ve 1 I
jMirlsofbidy ll.r-e G on Jibs let f
C. 1I..DAXJ1 '
5 TTholeeale and Retail Dealer. In
Also Full Line of Undertaking Goods constantly on tetf.
Metallic cases and Cuskets. Uudert iking orders promptly tilled
DtMiNO. New Mexico.
iC'C'Ssgroye s
: ' P. 0. AJ-tr-M ' , W10-
l hnv the best pluce in town." LnKc, cmam.yt.ous Saloon,
.4uitLbUUw.U nnd other gaiiies; Bar ell supplied with ouly
'f,rBt-cJu8 gfKds, ' ''"' " f ' '
Choice Cigars, Fine Winter
, , - . Liquors arid Champagnes.
... r u..i TT.-iillnrl innsiiV ivrv niclit.
Hall Finrfij Finished mid
furnished in Xyte. Gi),ys and
Private Vlub Rooms.
'l'!f TUN is with Turn Wii.05, Li.j'uors, ChanipaRiie find
Cl.'.iio C'.iK-arH. 'Fancy drink compound. Call oiu-e and
you will '-nil Hj.'iiin.
32T?Ajrdlc & Antivw, Pro's.
M B fl B a ft II
Dsaler k ; Bessral Mero'imdis. '
ix i .11:. j 1 ui. ....1 H(ir.u nril Shops, etc., etc.
lr' UlMXIM, V'lOlJJlllg, w
sr.. A'jxcsrox,
John -A. Raithel.
Wholesale and Retail Iiukhkr,
Deming, . .Nj"
VK'naSirusvrMlOO lbs. I.', rt. Hnlogna, not " 3s " 5
Pork. .!.' - - " 1.1 " Uvt irltji. U
Hi nd auo ver lb. 13 AH orders ;Cy mail promptly filled.
Hnii.i..twiii irivpn. Srnd in vouronlf rs. ' MajlOtf
rrr - capacity. ! a i
! S.v ' 3 " lb. " si a
J r . A. my ca . . .ik r! iaS-sl -u
.- ! S3 U ff t ff 'nMVfiK f V& 2 2 Use 5
; 1:163 2 n VV I Jj? pi S
16253 ar i;,Jsll
3I0H3 AH3K3 HU 33m W00 1TWBTO t J SM
11 1 " fjTA
I1T T1-T
i till 1
T :
rt 13
v - -
" - -
xw mjlxico
' iY.itiw
i C3evs
Ii now an eight pae, aixty four eoluma -paprr.
ll U tlie larpeat " dollar weekly '
In America. li eigbt broad, lore pgf
prewal er.ch wftk a mi of cboicely .
iflccied ruar,cnUiniiig mucU to mit
each of tbc varylnij taatca of tlie family
circle. Firat aud Inremual ll ira Ahh
tub Ktl, complete a lo dt-UlU, yet
cuin:i"ie in form. lt couneitlort wllli
fcer.of Uie Animated Fit) iflvea It
facilities for news gathering unmrpasacd
by any journal in tho country. Iu
UARKET ItEPORTS RTO apeclally COm- ,
plet aud itioroujthly trustworthy. I'ar
4onlar aiteulioo la giwn to tsrirultural
id lioina mitttem. Every inaue cod
ta'.m an compi.tbi.tobie, and a
regular mlal!mont uf an oiiginal atory
jiy soujo well-known Englifh or Am
r lrao author, exubiaively arrnrad for ths
CHICAGO - i) A 1 1. V K KWS.v Couw
dens4 nuttititi fiwhiona. art, tndtwtriea,
'literHiiiTe, kcleticT-, -etc., etc., appear
regularly. . "
Few papera in tho country are ao ex-
teiiMnly qunleil by tlie preaa in ctncral
for IIS brijjlit ami hiimoroua paragraphs
as the Chintft Daily . Th'-ne are .
all reproduced m ' h
KEWa. In it cdiiorinl exprrt.ion the
paper ptU fioin the atantlpoiut of the
INDitrBNnKNT juuriiH'Ut, thereby escap
ing tlie temptuiion to support or con
done the qtit:ionab!e under the pres
iure of party fllegiance. Mere tiartisnn
eilrrnii:a will not like It; llic fair
minded and thoughtful of all parties
will npprociaUi and value Its candid
itatrmfuls of facta and conclusions, all
calculated to qualify the reader for the
fornmllon of hi owii intelligent opinion.
'Hie political evetiti of the jear to come
promii-e to aume such a character
that a thoroughly truthful and Im
partial record Iwromes all-imHrtanl
rather than a partisan one, colored and
net verted to Individual liking.
In nil Ua di-partmenli the CHICAGO
WKKKLY KKWS aims lo prest nt an
enterprising, Impartial and entertaining
family newspaper of the Try highest
H7.n flxy rnir fit Subttriptiemt.
Willl.m (fn'.ni. PontHc. Oiklsait CountT.
Mlrii . '1 tln " ' ""1 D,p" a
triCWfliti. R.iUlvn. (.. yit "II Is betttr
j, t. lin, t hrlr wt.
1 Zwli ii-owi B.I" "I"' "'"''I'0'
It I. llu uci "litrol lb. H.y. it U tm.
lo H MM " . .. ... n... r...l?.
Alfml r. rw". ,. i, f.
.... .. ..... r.t lialMlr. DUW-
I.. J.I ""
''!.' ... ..... Ml A. .n't
t la .ii num'..r It Is me nl ll'r
F:trUMiii.H'il.an Ce"BiT.''b,
.. if in,, fm timi i Ni. It f"U
iL"-7b, u-. .nil .Hlii.urh 1 .in
f lrir UB m vhmmw v. r-
U B Puronriirl. PnlmlTH, S. T.
It'll 1U HiMl au.l li inptr I r
"!L" t a-hTi. PBti. '".; "i
i'Ut OH But. !! UtKias
l".l.Mrr..mil' i ;'rh""'V J";',, il ,l il
diiif to H'li x fml. i l fi-nli. !i.Ui
SttVrir tm" ,'ii.i' t- t 'a "rUHy i-rt, Jour
a.l uf lilirri., H
Iu sir." and rharactcr cnnniilercd, the
Aieaf 'wklu ,a Amenta. O.N h Wlr
LAK A YKAlt. pontace Incluocd. Our
anecial Hulibim; Terms brini: it within
tho reach of ali our autcriUi. fiP -D:i
enptri mav ha ftecn at. Una offlce.
bend &ui":riptlon to lhl ofiiie.
I would announce to nil those
contemplating th purchase of
That I have for tvde, inth city
proper and the sevornl
additions, over-200
Residence Lots from $15 to $100
Biw.ness Lots from $ 100 to
ei.ooo. -
For cabh or on time.
Wm. Burns.
SVOteo al City teart Muielt
A til-Jiu'ii'.i' b;nt.ii'',' r " Vet-1"
rib'V tn i. "I r'u is bh:s!1,- f IXi.'.-
Kii'cci, t,rar Pimm'i.i.. l.irnW'i , tm-M
tin ir in .To.l ( t.( :.n in '. i ;u ' i
n... la.'iifi i o l 5 !I1UV own:.! .'. i
first i-f"iin to ifyt tii 'i .it W'? i
.H...'.l.;;,.k. who 4llv.!d..do ; svii v
k i ct:itiir, .put n rrimv ititinin . in i i
f-piuiji) nam. iwirlfd llu mT.
tin n" run inviiv. I bf nt'X'. w:t t hr-'b; "
flit iii'.Hcn'rr4lf ?' lU"t-Mk.'.'
A4 alttt lM'd lll.t I't'..v' i.vT ',.... f:ttft
bri.::iti ti"il ('Ximm-I i, :!.'. ' Itkin$
iM.reitlv nt tin p. rnn m urtwt iwr tliu
.Iroppt'd it" liM-kcU tot' UovmvMiriL,
limn stuiii'i as if to loaiii posti'i.in.
S ic iviiinini'd aioopinuf quit" it liH!
t;tui', timl vi ln'B )io :trn liul' ftt'' tvtii ,
ipun.i iMilili'i- tiiii.i In'i'tirt'. uliio drop. .
ut pi'iiiplinlii'ii w' H' ;,".tbi'fi'il on lifr
ttnohi'ti'l. As ii biuir.t :ir.'Ml Irani 'n
bviHiult'i'S sue ntjii'i'.'d iuT skins ire-,
fiiilv mid shook hoi- li-t in tholr fncn,
mioiitin Hi the snnio limn; "llmi scan J
to yts ve niio!iirvuU'i aiiiiuliiiitii''. O'lh,
if f had j in me nrina :ini!" Fol
lnwinjf her emil n tall, slender niiit
who wore 6M'i!tucli', a hiirh .ntiff but
black jriove. a lii'b o-illar, "orenkin
lnit.t. anil n toil' tmn t of lilili.'rnl black
ii)iitoliin'zhiaihroiidbirt'UMti'r, Ewm ,
if one liiul not oliscrvi'd u li;!.ii' pcl
11?" of trturf in Ii t?a bh:nl, lnvwonld litiTe
uottr c!nn'i'U't aav ;i cbiii'-h -iv,MH,1'l,1Ii
ir.enib. f of the YijunMmi'a ClirlMlau ,
s.-.ocl.ition. Ulidtni; lil:u a almdow, bis
too Htruuk the.. book- tii!f-e "li it.
Ah!" he .ci wiu ati'd lu n , un'ttuous
toiin. Tbeu h dovev ' lltvn Tin unme
up aiiiin. " It'' bobbins;, una.
tp uid not ,!oi.;iiuo . raucii, .Him', oui
luat npuj;li to ulkw of a jrica. chuiKtJ
fu his appear!!, -'V'un kindjy anillo
bad dimipm-nrod and in placn. wiw a
stem expression. i e comers m ii.
mtpilh uvitcliud convula'vijlv." nd his
face wua whili! with piv.nn)ti. "Tli
wave of the) wicked avalletli tiinm not,"
,no" tkulardd, aud aiuncd down the
ttri-et. AfliT he hud Konfi r. aliHit u:
tanoe mi hlc "mruek him. sndi leiurn
tn, he distributed sonm tho traota to
hot toronloi. Hy thin time' his ootin
tnanceliad rustimrd iln wonted appnur
Rnoe. with rojfurd to wiiie.ii and to ld
distribution of Irm'ts an IrUh wurkranii
aid: Go In, old man; you've turnnd
the tnlilen, so ye hay"."" Tho doacolt
a-aa just out of sii'lit wlwn the foitrtt
victim anproncIii'iT. lit! was n diulo.
A lien hia ar. ciicouutorBd tlie book he
Mrctclicil forth liis cmaf tiii the bud
rested on it, said In hii miconcisruod
lone. "Aw. weidly, im pyursti," nnd
.luoptxl. Tiie stoop va f;Uul l liim.
A sound as ut rippin.tr .is heard, it ml
'on tvnU beennic visible in hie lately
ti'bt trousers. Wlt'u :i Inurilird look
ou hi fucii. tlie du.ii' e.ttp.ed his hauda
buiiiiiil liim. 'littr;- llifso ti'lit
tliin-ra!" ho declared, L.t-gnttiii for the
moment hi diidndi ruin. An n.'j.eenl
eli'tliinr store probtbly protlted b,v hi
di'oniiilure, for iietnailo h bt'osik tiience
:m fiiMt as lie could ro. As the latiliter
over this last t pismie wr. siibaidhi, a
pr.iclieal-appeai'intf man uf 40 years or
mi asked n clerk; :'t''t thnt a new
pocket-book?'' Tlie clerk si.id tt wai,
had. in fact, Just come from tlie ston)
ho worked in. What is it worllir"
The clerk said, "About i emits." aud
iu respoii.T V, Ji not hf.r fpiootioil U'lded
that the nail was IhrouU the Hap.
"Then it is about, as good h-i if not nail
ed nt nil," coniiin n li-d tlie pnictieal
look.n:.' urn". " i.vic; be drew a
pair til' piheers filim his pocket, puilcd
the nail up, put the book in M pocket,
ihi-ew Ihn nail sway, ami slarti d ofl'.
A bowl of indignation nrnse, bill iiepaid
no intention to it, e ilai y t -u :tiii:i Ins
mint-tin till lost to view. Too fun was
over lor that nihl. Cin dji 2 !;.
He InuUterJ rjpon All Privilotfei.
""' . ',.r lnr.it yonnir
from W P W-t,' lueoiDpiinietl oy a
cood looker; yourilr woman, arrived lit
tlie ctt v r..id siopped nt our lart'eat he
tel. "I want you to do the best you
ken for us." said the yoiinjr man to the
"!erk. "We've just jrot tmried, and
want to anluriro little. Dowi la my
country 1 in tho boss. I kcu lift Rtjifl
any man in tne coniir.unuv, mm
pli! moro mils in a d.iy tliun anyoony
siipeiiter knock-kneed Uiil, the old Gui
uc. ni "-er what wo'ks tl the Id!?''
Sandors'iiliieo. Tell im wlicru our room
1 .... ll ...I-.. tl.A
is, pli!ase. l.ui. i rcci oo ''
ranjp of tlits bij; room wimr all them
blar lotkiirrl!isse is a munm .
.-,. ......ii. t Im ni: Im ?" oskutl tr,e
clerk, twisting ono l liis diamond abiit
"Yos. tlie perlur."
"Certainlv, air." .
Tlie youn'jj man n' .l lils wife follow jd
a crinnui? nejrro nnu asoctitiou , nm
parlor. . Shortly ufterwt.rd tho Cierii.
wliih, nasiiiii? tho parlor
ttiitir, ;iw
his bride
Ilnbe throw his arm3 around
and kiss ber.
Itiire." said the oliimai, "none oi
tl.AfL If von stav in this room you ve
got to beliaVM J ourHt'lii'es."
"Am 1 1 jfot n. riui iu mu
asked the youtv man.
"Yes, but not here." , ,
Ttre pot ariirht to kiss ber he-o or
any whar else. She's mine, ain't yon
Jlller" .
"Yos. Itnhc'"
"Onln't the Justice of the Peace say
Hint you tnut. cling to roo?"
yci. Kube."
"And you are goiu' to cli.ijj. ain't
. "You know I am, Kube."
That settles it. Put her thar," nnd
puckering up bis mmitb bo received
loud, rosoundin aiunek. " J he law d
Arkansaw says j on can put Mi r time
iM'P vllftC
anil put Her mar agin, jimp.
U-rnian out ura merK nnu '-mi""-"
... . " . . . -i
and Kube, tununir to bis wife, :
-Arter a while toi.il find out that I'm
1 IwJn," einaf
nero ann a i ";r wr
V '."r.lWe .
CorrrlL V'ptvfrsiiy U la baro a profee-
ii;; pf p!;(v.ijiii cultur .. ..
ri il:ijf':pi i i l-.in tVo basc-ba!l ilubt
COiiiirfd'ot Ciilnreil WOlllcTl
j,$um Ai l! wr!i, omne king ol
l,ril, , I'yMhvd iW.WU not. ft. bit
t) cro6 this' oar
Utl'.oJai ' st apple tirchard in tho world
'UlW ri!tttu up mire r . r
"l'lia drossy younj( man, to ho in lone
mi.v. nniit. nave a iisnntr stripe of biaid
dtiwn the sltlo ol ha pautfdoous. j r
Jewidml braeelcta, worn on the- left .
foreleg, nro tho latest noyeliy forttristo-
eratio dos. ' " .
; A white sqansli ean'tbesold in B1sUn
roid : yelluvy su,ua)i can't bo eold iu
New York. ' . ' ",
Sitno ifripiitriotin scoundrel has daub-
ed paint tipon the Soldier's Mouuiuent,
lu Sarntoi;a. : , -
Ry'rtuslnjj apple trees with a weak J
solution tif soap and carbolifl Held 'will,
kill lie ,, J ,.,; 5
, lt twenty-three year tho wheat nore-
;o of Colorado bus Inctt'used fi-oiu tota;
acres to tifty thuusaad. - '. . , ;
Portland. Ore,, to have.thi yen
ll.yoQ.V.'O. bri'Ue nntl railroad work
snops cisini;r.rli""V.'-""-'. t
Princes Sfim Wllinrouo"Mt. of ttie Fl
utes, IbiBks Mat IndlanAuonUtimghtto
be unvi y officers. ',,',.' f . -
The returns from 7f ov twenta mtnee
for 18Sabbwht t.S8ft.il tons of eoal
were produced,, i'i. W tons of Jiyn, aud
14. 107 winces of ul.t -
1 The idffbl rrtlliW llntw barioz "their
i....lnl !.. ll.,tnn lnrjh f.ni.jl..il OVI'P
forty million paiisnmjer the past year,
with only ei ht fatal Ident : ;
Vmm a Hook of sheun nnmhaseil threej
years ap ior 8J00, Culpepper, Ya
farmer has muliied t'2,100, and ba oa
bis term 2JU lnno.i v ,i ; "i
The American Trnet Socinty roporu
that it has disUil'iilud 7?,lMfi.W) pjre
of eviiiijjclioul liioniture in the past
year., ;f ,1-y, 'm
. Tim InijuirUition of cnttlofrpm Europe
to Hits country protu'ios to b6 ntme ex
tensive this year tlui in prcviotu sov
Mine. , , i i .
It is tho belief of tho Genliles In Utah,
that within the last year plural mar
rinires have been more nuiuerou than
ever before. , .. ,A ... ,
Iu Frapeo ami Kii!v.n'' a seaffoldin.ij
Is erected complete in'adtmnee'of tlie
buihlinj;-ii--ft practice whlub iiiuuu 4imin
ishes the ciintice pf an aecidout.
Mis. Hool.li. lnother ol the actor,
lives In Philadelphia. Shu has a kind,
ami face, and she loves to talk Jo her
In view of ' the initnetisn number
maiiufnetiiretl, tho wonder i wlmt le
oomus ol nil the pins, doctors' anil law
Ancust Ilartholtll, who ilesijrueil ths
statue of "Liberty Kiilijrhteninjr tlie
World," for, New York harbor, is almost
fifty eurs old.
: vtiuss im.i'tns of Hindoo deitb's are
mnitnfactuieii in r.tniiiiiliatu nnd ship
ped to India for worship 'by tho devout
idnlntors of that coimtry. i
The two last desoeutliinU of Anieripo
Vespueci mv living in poverty in luily.
Tltev have petitioned the Italian Uov
eruniotif for n pension of 10 per
A Cinuinnati dry-jjoods man vtoh't ad
vertise, becniistf no many other dealers
do. He basil t n'lulu a dollar forthu In-1
ten years because so muu' tber d'jalers
You risk what n lil el suit i. A libel
suit, my sou, is where a man pays a law
yer fclii.OlN) in order to j;et. 1,000 out of
another man lie lliougui was u ium uuu
ii now ml'e of it. ,
Tho ashes of Geo. Whitfield, the fa
mous pi'e.n'her, repose tieneiith tho old
South Cl-urch, Nuwbu'ryport, ! wliicU
ffnerablo New. KtiRlhnd edihoe ho ile
jverml his last normon. . , ,
Kiiclaiul hat two ;;ood arletilltiral
eollejft'S suited for the education of
the tn ore woailhy class, but U vond the
rca?lnf tho jjreut bulk of tenant farm
ers. "' '
Timothy ' Koatitijr, 83 years of age,
diis been' in the employ i( a pas com
panv in PhilndelrYui fm l.y-sevtn years,
and" in all tht timo ha not lost a
day. , . : ) , .,
The discoiirajjed silwr-tniwrs of Vir
ginia City, Nev.. rerrard the return of a
pair of prtiy eaj; It's w one of tho basalt
clifls of Ml'. Davidsiin as a r"J omen.
They bad been away since lru-J.
.., . J eor og i i;t i-'oxio. , .
T.ie svstmu of peonn'ire stU! exlrs in
Mi-xlco." in c ise of debt, the . debtor I
iM-rsotiHl services, or wuj;cs earned from
mioiiier cinplover, lieloiiiio' to the
eied :.rs until the ih-bs is !':d t but it.
bus been mod. lied of lute tears, ao that
now it does not npp'.v to ilelttsoverHI.
If a man trusts another moro than that
sum. lie doesao ut his own puril. if he
has i,o pi',)i.vi"l. I,: 'L" c.iiuui.aid his
si'i'viees up to 1 orlh. but uofarther.
Tho old life M-rvitii'le is ibus ieno away
with lo a jjr-:al t-xt-nt. r.lihoujrh m:iiiy
of tint lowi-r oi.'i-es nia'inr' lj "'
IHTpflllallv In dent, Bt'd rwisi tpuMit.v.
pir.ctic.i.V slaves. The law. whether It
iK'e.toU or t ad. U I'Xcriltcd in iicSa.
Z'osfoii 7V'!",' "' "
In forecast ifi? weather Mr. Rollo
auseell point oiik -Oilt next to frequent
readings o; tho barometer uutl tber-
i"wi"' " 1
t 1 nltr
mnllUMlT Iiiffl V. BDlltl Knimiuia-
. -;. , ..... ,..,,M1,.,,.V riouiis. esi
over n n nns '
. .' ... v-iistv is of h
j ronlt clrL.
n , . h aiaU'tn
,,, jn:u - -
,im .t,:i.c wesiriQr lU'Wi-

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