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VOl- 2.
NO, 21
'Cleaning's and Condens vtlonj from
from V. S. Democrat.
Mobile is proud of a newly or
ganized Zouave, military company.
A ootton sued oil mill is to te
built at Mobile by D. H. Caswell
Jc Co., a Jvashvilla, Teun. firm, f i
Mad d2s me spreading hydro,
phobia among the cattle of Tusca
loosa county.
The Birmingham iron makers
contemplate manufacturing their
iron into steel.
V. W. Taggart, the largest cot
ton buyei iu the state, says of the
present prospect: "I think the
acreage this year over Just will be
about two per cent. The stand is
excellent, and all that is desired.
Planters have been more cmeful
tlintf usual in the ieltctiun of their
soed, using more prolific and stand
ard varieties, , with the crop later
)y ten Unys. The plant is staky
healthy and vigorous, and under
the inspiration of the past ten
days of hot, sultry sun, ami warm
nights, is growingl'upidiy." jbo,.
is abundant and cheap. The labor
is better imd more leliable than
rer 1 knew it."
On of the fnnsiy bills in the
Oalifornia Assembly is one which
pyes to any young man under
twenty-one ysars of age, who learns
a trade by serving an apprmtice-
f hip for three years and is a moral
young man, $2o0 out of the state
A very active red insect has ap
peared in some of the vinyards of
Yolo county, in uufuense numbers,
covering the grmind in places. A
vine attacked by the new pests
dt oops in an hour. ;
After trying many methods for
lrtving away or killing grnsshop
pors, aCnliforuinn finally resorted
Jto sulphur smoke, and it proved
n decided success.
A foolisli f fellow named Weaver,
-TtrcnntiyBiiOt-wixh " a " Winchester
j ida at a mark on the door of a
powder mtgazine near Pueblo.
1'he magazine blew up and Wea
ver was instantly killed. , His com
panion, Churles Nelson was fatally
The widow of a Florida orange
grower has just received $100,000
insurance on her husband's life.
,Novr look out for a stampede of
bachijors to Florida, with the or.
.nnge fever.
... .., .... ,
Georgia exults in its magnificent
erop prospects. In all lines, they
say, the yield will be very great.
A field of wheat in Taylor county
Averages four feet five inches in
height,. ,11 lira bs, peache anl,ap'
pies, in Lauiens and Johnson coun
ties are breaking the trees with
their wetght of good fruit. They
say the recent rains were worto
23,000 bushels of oats" to Talbot
connty alone.
Among the stockholders of the
Enterprise factory of Augusta is
AO unniorried lady, of advancing
. . . . .. i. - i
yeuis, sea licpcJivicuT, ""O
earned with her needle over $J ,000
and invented it in the stock, and an
old man, the bulk of wboe estate
is about 100 shares of the stock,
his main reliance lor the coming
wants and helplessness of age"'
A farmer near Macon, baa 400,
090 willows growing on bis place.
He has set out bd.OoO this season.
The root web worm is Causing j
wnsiderabU destruction to :orn n
?! vicinftt rf Springfield." 1
Chicago,' with a population of
about 50,000 collects $ 1,000,000 in
license fees this year.
.'. n 1
7, , . , i..j
seven raiousanu acres oi mnu
in Illinois, and the cultivation of
these returns bim moie enjoyment
thaa participation iu public lifo.
Topeka claims a population
27.000." ' ; ' ? :
Two lads out in Kansas loved
tho same lass. She was unable to
decide between them. They agreed
to leae it to battle. They fought
at 10 at niizht. and nearlv killed
each other.. A draw came and
still the. trouble xibts.
The Inter State Hail road Com
pany filed its charter with the
Secretary of JState recently. Its
line is from St Louis, Mo., to
Zanesville, Texas, taking in Kan-
bm on the way." If it runs through
all the counties designated in tLe
charter it will bo preeminently
CXyoktL 9 t f j ,,
; f i I KENTUCKY. .
Hogg are dying at a fearful rate
from cholera ui Mason county
Over 2.100 have died within the
last few weeks.
A rorrible storry comes from
ilia Auciioraae asylum- While
the nurses of liohn Dearing, an in
mate from Louisville, were pre
paring a bath for him, had in the
tub the hot water and were about
to let in the cold to bring it to a
proper temperature, the unfertun
ate man, who was waiting for his
order, plunged into the boiling wa
ter. When taken out the fiesli was
cooked and the skin crisp and
peeling from every portion of the
body. He died soon after in greal
A little girl in one of the Orphan
Asylums ot rxew urleans was re
cent! V stuuc by. a bet on the ball
of one of the eyeB, the sting caus
ing the sight to be utterly destroy
e'd"The physician in attendance
states that he, never heard of
similar Vab.' Jl j. , '
Jiew Orleans was founded by a
company ot I reucu aaveuturers in
V I T"
'A'Ko'cklund "Excliange says: A
lady was walking along Main street
very rapidly. A gentleman was
walkinh ju behind the lady at an
equal rapid" pace. The lady saw
a pin ou the sidewalk, and stooped
budtlenly to pick it up. The gen
tleman fuiled to put down brakes
and took a header over the lady.
Neither party secured the pin.
' ititivi urn
Hesftiau flies are doing mnch
damage to the wheat in this state.
Ilecommendations have been
made of reductions in the custom
house at Baltimore, which will
make a sautig of 820,000 annually.
It is said that the railway travel
f Massachusetts is greater than
that c-f any other state In the Union.
Prize-fights in Boston are now
held in private club-rooma, from
which the police are excluded. 1
- -The State of Massachusetts has
sold tlia lloosac tunnel to a new
corporation, ui which the Fichburg
railroad is the moneyed power.
TSo Mtract wrrV nt Mullet Lake
Are giving the farmers of that sec
tion considerable pocket money in
exchange for their hemlock bark.
- Some oie curious to know how
the Si Louis people kept Sunday,
investigated the matter recently
with the following result; Num.
ber at the churches, 10,000; at the
baxe bull grounds, '20,000; at the
cowboy exhibition, 40,000; at the
bear Widens, SO.OWjat B-bIuger.
evlr, .'i.OOO.
About three-fifths of the area of
the state is devoted to agriculture.
1 t ..I- ..I
,T b . .
7U per acre, na bkbiubi. aa inwigo
. . tt .. .
of $23 throughout the United
tA 1 A
States. The nvernge value pro
ducts is $17 per acre, ae against
general average of $G throughout
tiie Union .. .. i . 1 . . ?
Miss Kate Fiold believes in cre
mation, and is a member of ti e
New York Cremation Societv.
During 1884 there were 11,224
arrests in Brooklyn for drunken
ness, while the total number of
arrests were 26,119, making very
nearly as many for drunkenness
alone as for all other causes com
bined. ,
During a wind and rain storm
in Raleigh, a number of turtles
fell on ilie streets. They are de
scribed bs of the size of trade dol
lars, and were probaby sucked up
by the mooting of two currents of
air over shoal watei.
A Spartansburg young lady ad
vertises in the local paper for a
husband." She describes herself
"young and pretty, charming and
witty, petite and piquanto. Eith
er there are no young men in Spar-
tsnsburg or the damsel has over
rated her charms.
Farmers of Waskon, are com
plaining of too much rain. Grass
looks unusually fino, aud corn and
cotton are doing well. ,
Sixtp-five white persons, a large
number of them Western drum
rners, are indicted at Dallas, tor
ploying poker, and 250 negroes are
being tried for "crap-shotting,
game played with dice. ,
The Grayson county jail, at
Sherman, holds eleven prisoners
charged with murder and three
charged with assault to murder, all
awaiting trial at the September
term of the District Court.
A meteor 'about the size ot a
w . . .
flour barrel" fell at Sherman, the
other day. It was accompanied by
e hissing and rumbling noise.
A Texan, who has lived for years
among the cowboy s, saya that many
of them are graduates of Eastern
colleges. , . '
,Tde Ohio Yell.
il.. "ljo.u.f.i
The ,Mumee river, seems to
posses a peculiar beauty all its own,
wriaes Thomas Stevens, iu an ar
ticle descriptive of a bicycle ride
through olno. The Maumod wa
ters a smiling valley, ' where or
chards, fields and meadows alter
nate with sugar-maple groves, and
iu its fair bosom reflects beautiful
andscape views that ate changed
rebeautified by the master hand of
the sun every hour of the uuy, and
doubly embelishsd at night by the
moon. ' .'-.;
It is whispered that during "the
ate unpleasantness" the Ohio reg
iment could out yelt the Louisiana
tigers, or any other Confederate
troops, two to one. M Lo has not
heard of the "Ohio yell?" Most
people are magnanimously inclin
ed to regnrd this rumor aa simply
a "Rsg" on. the Buckeye boys, but
it isn't Tho .Oliioaus are to the
manner born; the "Buckeye yell"
ii a ncgiblt" fnrt AH along the
Maumee it resounds in my ears.
Nearly every man or boy who from
the fields, far or near, sees me
bowling along the roadi, " slndght-
way delivers himself of a yell, pure
and sinu le.
In the United States navy the
flagship of each station has a brass
band, paid for by the government
The smaller ships have string
bands, composed of sailors frtn
the ship's oorrpitni.
I Our Continent Before the Advent of
! Unman Life
t : t it.. i.if .i.
; main it has been found that
. , . , . .
i western plains and mountain rang-
f ..,.. . . t ,B
es fucnished rare opportunity for
the study of the conditions of the
continent before man existed here.
There were two great island Beas
Ui the ?.'9tr i. basin. Suit lake is
all that is left of them. The Gulf
of Mexico covered nearly nil of
what is now the southern states.
The great mountain ranges had
sir Atly been thrown UV but they
were higher aud rougher than they
are now. A great ice-sheat poured
down from the north and west, and
covered tLe country from th At
lantic coast to the western edge of
the middle portion of the .country.
Wisconsin was an isluud in the
midst t f a sea of ice. Wo think
the ico river has not got done flow
yet wheu a Mamtobo wave comes
down upon us from the north.
. A map of the continent as it was
then would be worth seeing. There
were animals to the south of the
ice. There was a small horse with j
toes, a hairy mammoth bigger than
an eJophant, a pi with a nose like
a knife blade, and a buffalo three
times as large as he of our day is.
Man was not and did not come for
several thousand years.
' Auionjf the Mttonslilui'i s.
' t Clmrlet Dnilloy Wuun In lb Atlantic
The mountain regions of North
Carolina are free from musquitos,
but the fly has settted there and is
the universal scourge. The trav
eler, who has read about the illicit
stills in the mountains is, however,
doomed to disappointment. If he
wants to make, himself on excep
tion to iho sober people whoso
cooking will make him long for the
maddening bowl, he must bring
his poison with him.
We stopped at a house for a
glass of milk. While the woman
in charge went for St we sat on Iho
veranda and conversed with a dis
creet, pleasant, pretty girl. This
smely must be the Esmeralda who
lives iu theao mountains and adonm
low life by her virgin purity and
seutinumt." Asahe talked on she
turned from time to time to the
fire-place behind her and discharg
ed a dark fluid from her prettv
lips with accuracy of aim and with
a nouchalancc that was not asp tim
ed, but belongs to our - free-born
American girls. I can not tell why
this lntbit cf hers should take her
out of the romantio setting that
her face and figure had placed her
in: out pomeuow we ielt inclined
to ride on further for onr heroine.
Wait for tue Wagon.
U.S. Democrat. J -ii! . !
A farmer drove into' Allegan,
Mich., not long since. In his wagon
waa a good sized pig, , several
pounds of fresh butter, packed in
wet'cloth and cabbage leaves in a
pail, six dozen eggs id a basket,
and two boxes of choice white hon
ey, lte wens into a saloon, got to
talking )olitics, took a few drinks,
forgot all about his load and went
to sleep. Later in the day when
he camo out he found that the pig
in the wagon had rooted his way
out of the box.had eaten the honey,
the butter and the eggs; the horse
got tired waiting, had gone arou.id
the corner to drink from a trough,
upset th wagon, broken the reach,
that the pig had cone home or
somewhere else. On sobering up
he said he begun to comprehend
SL I'atrit k's saying that Eternal
vigilance is the price of liberty.
A prominent chemist asserts
that iu every 100 pounds of grean
lea UHcd in this cocntry the con
Kuuir r drinks more than half a
lu!i 1 -f rrurian Mne and gypum
fin mi ri
in . piii x m i
l i
City' Ticket Office at Corner of Old Central Hotel
Has the Best Eating Houses, Best Track and Cars of any ,
Other Line out of El Paso.
. illlways on Time. r
Puliffi&n r!iee Sleeping Gars, Elegant Accommodations for all Classes i
Kansas City, St. Miuls, Chicago, New York, , Boston, Philadei-
rihiaj Washington . . ;t I
-- i "" ' ..." .
F. C. GAY, (icueral Agent, El Taso, Texas.
w. Fi WHITE, s I. I MIXER, i
Gen., Fassengt r and Ticet Agt, .. i,- - . ; lxal Agt, El i'aeOt.
Topeka, Kansas. , ;; . , , , v , . ,
Gaktsii, Houston d
The Original "SUNSET" and
- From El- Paso.ta. New ..Orleans Wjjhout Jhange. ; w ' 1
ONLY OE ClUJTfife Of CAR3 TO ,, .
St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, Baltimore or Washington.'
Trains leave El Paso for Houston, Han Antonio, New Orleans and'
all Points East at 2:15 A. M., Itaiiroad Time. 1:20 A. M., City Time.'1
fWr For informntion regardiug Bates, Time etc call or address Uie
Agents of the O. II. & 8. A. Kail way System. t ; , T . f ,
Ticket Agt., El Paso, Texas. "Western Pas'r., Agt El Paso.
T. W. PIERCE, G. P. A., Houston, Texas.'1 1 1
And All
Louisiana, New Mexico; Arizona
iar The Great Popular
hottLinoJoNEW OKLANS. ; ; ' .'.. uT
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars Da'ly "between St, Louis, fort
Worth,- Deming, Dallas, El -Paso, Marshal and New Orleans
,.';., . , - "WITHOUT CHAKOE. ' 1 " ;? '
:k '.. '''' v '
Bolid Trains from El Paso to St Louis. Fast time, First-class ejuip.
ment, Sure connection. ' "' '''' v''";''' 1 ,
See that your ticket reads via. the Texas & Pacific KAitwAY.".
For Mans, Time Tables, Itutes and nil required information, call on
or address, ' . ,
. Oen. Pass, and Ticket Act..
Galveston, Tesa.,
, . . . ' ; ' ' ' ' 1 . ili it :.. ; - 'in - ill
Trains lnn on Mountain or Stsndsrd .Tjinet Stage Connectiops.
Via. Wingate to Zuui Indian villages and fcJavoia, N. hi. , r . x
Via. lLdbrook to Snow Flr.ke, Taylors, Snow Ijow, , Fort Apache,
Erafetus, tit. Johns, Hpriugerville, aud the Mo(pai Indian villages,
Via. inslow to Erinham C'ily and
Daily Stages to Prcscott, 54 iu11h; l)ndy SL,;a ' fr-'ifl
Plioemx. Try-Weekly Stages from Prescott to Fort Ve
Stages from liiugmam to Mineral l'ark, Stookton, Fort Mohnve, - Mo
have City, HarJyville anil Signal. Daily Stage between Peach Springe
: ' and! .V" "
Only Eighteen miles from Peach Springs. Via. Tka Needles Steamer
to Yuma, Colorado lliver Agency, Fort Nohave, Mohave City ,
'" ' Ilardyfillo, Arizr.nn, and Eldorado Canon, Nevada.
F. W.SMITli, , W. C. DENN1SON,
Oeuernl Stipei intendent Gen. Freight and p. Agt.
W. C NIXON, Art. AiHiqnuru, N. M. V
t) nun
hi nn n in t
il1 I I
h Antonio Railro itr
Points In1
and California- Favorite line ta
Eoute Petweeii the-C&a
' ' "''' ; - t
I" ' U L. HOXIE," '
. , .Third Vice-President,
St louis, M6.
Siuitet, A. T. Vim Ash ForL
ru rrcsrltto
erdn. Daily

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