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: i ,-1 :-Ui? t.--
VOL. 2.
NO, 22
-A 4- ( . j
' . ;" . s, .. ..... .' '
(From our fibular Cerrtupundeut.)
"Washington, July 18, '85.
The opinion of the Atoiney G en
teral in tiie case of tbe Dolphin is
Jikuly to ho a snrnme to the coun
try, sad will he little 18 than a
thunderbolt, not only to Mr. Koiteh,
but to all government contractors.
We may expeet to see tho opiniou
vigorously combated, I until
Mr. Roach has h chance to reply
to Oenerul Garland with regard to
the legal aspects of the case, it
may ;not be becoming iu laymen
to prejndga the merits of tho con
troversy. It will occur to most
people, however, to auk what se
curity a cwitractor bu3 uuder ex
isting usages that Lis woik will
jiually be accepted by the Govern
ment. The opinion will certainly
juake contractors more cauciouH in
the future, and will have a tenden
cy, an had already been illustrated
tu a recent ocensiou, to keep them
from bidding for government work.
lu almost ail large jobs the work is
passed upon by a subordinate officer
r board, uud partial payments
mid to the contractor, if the work
is deemed salilfuctory by tho au
thorized iniec(o'ri . A now 'and
perplexing cleiu 'nt it introduced,
jf we are now to understand that
these under-oliicers have no au
thority to 'represent the govern
ment or construe an act of CongreHS
and that the "contractor at any
btago of the work is liable to have,
his work rejected and to be sued
by the government for tlw money
paid him ia installments" by h;a
treasury by the authority of the
board of review.
Of courts if it can, be shown
that thoro was a coiiapiraey to do-
fraud the government, , to which j
the contractor, the board of review, j
'' Jiud the Secretary -of thei Kavyl
f wera pni ties, then tkeruf wofiie bo
no dilliult in bringing an action,
but in the present case no such
charge is made, although it seems
to be pnrl of tho crood of good
democrats th.d ail the navy deal
ings witJi John KoHoh are steeped
in corruption. I'ossibly this con
viction lias iiad its intiueuee. in the
. ffr"iut attitude of the administral
tion. No doubt Ive sl)aTnmti)B"
bulliciently enlighteued on the law
aul oijuity in the matter as the
opinion opens the way to extended
and expensive litigation. '' "'
Tha rules in regard to annual
Wvea of obseuce iu the Interior
department have not been changed
and the same rules are in force
tlint prevailed 'last 'J oar. Tle'liirst
Assistant Secretary, Mr. Muldrow,
naid yesterdny tl.ht the subject of
chauos :n tho rules had not been
taken under consideration.
The commissioner of the geiieral
land ofiice has affirmed the right
of entry under rhe public laud
laws and decisions of the Supreme
Oourt, of lands heretofore with
drawn by voluntary action of the
general land "office, for Railroad
idemuity purposes, whei no re
quirements of Jaw existed for mak
ing such withdrawals. The effect
of this decision, iE sustained" .-by.
the Secretary of the interior" Will
be to restore to entry under the
homestead and other laws many
milium acres of public land which
have been kept out of pjarket for
jimny yeiars because claimed by
railroad corporations,
The successor of Mr, Foster as
minister to Spain has not vet been
ibicided upon. When Jlr. Foster
left hre for Spain to negotiate a
second treaty, the appointment was
postponed until his return. Tbe
report that he will shortly be here
baa renewed tiie hopes of persona
anxious to securo a snug foreign
berth. The Spanish mission is
considered one of the most desira-
pie, aid there -,jiowinoi3 j&p-i;
ryicMisns on hU I i lh tate de-
JJ li
partineut f er it ihan there were for
anv other office. -
The special delivery postal sys
tem provided for by the last Con
gress will be put in operation in
tlie course of u month or Iwo nt
about a dozen of the principal jost
offioos of the country, including
Iiew York, Boston, Brooklyn,
JPluladelphia, Chicago', ana 'Va&h
lngton. I The details of the system
are uy W being formulntw'l i :
Fostoffice department. the law
provides that the attachment to a
letter bearing tho legal.postage of
a special stamp of the dr nomina
tion -of ten oents bball . entitle the
letter to immediate delivery at free
delivery offices to be designated by
the Postmaster General. It is be
lieved that fifty messenger boys
will be rebuired at the New York
postoilice and twenty-five at each
of the large stations iu that city
While no doubt is entertained that
the system will pay its expenses
in the end, it is feared that a year
pr more may elapse before the
public will avail itself ipf the ad
vantages of the new system to an
extent that will adequately com
pensate the messengers (employed.
Itcllcs orau Arctic Trb. " '" t:
New York Sun.)
Nearly fourteen years ago Capt.
Oarleson, an adventuresome Nor
wegian sealer, sailed around tl.e
noithendof Novaya Zeralia, and
and found an Arctio Fompeii on
the shores of a little bay. No hu
man being had been there before
for neurly 300 years. About 300
relics of one of the most famous of
Arctio expeditions were found
buried, not under lava, and ashes,
but under gravel and ice. They
were in an excellent state of pre
servation,' although' nearly three
centuries had elapsed since Y'il-
liaai Barents - and bis in en left
them behind after spending the
first winter in a higher Arctio lat
itude that explorers had ever ex
perienced. r ' i
Cuut Uaalson found tne house
still standing which Barents had
built out of drift-wood hint ocean
currents had brought from the
Siberian; rivers." ihe V"' had
falhm-UijjuidjheJiouse was filled
with ice and grave), under lLlcIT
were fouud looks, maps, rude
scientific instiuiunts, many house
hold articles, . ink-horns, pens, a
clock, the barrel in which the ex
plorers had taken vapoe baths, and
many other things. Students of
Arctic literature had already read
"of mary of these relics in the pages
of G. fie Geer, the historian of the
expedition, whose minute account
of tho first winter spent by the
white men abov 70 degrees north
latitude had excited enormous in
terest, and had been transacted m
to all civilized languages, because
before Barents made the attempt
it was not deemed at all certain
that man could endure the winter
night thret or ; four ,montlis long
and the severe cold of of the north
In the marine department at th
Hague a model room has been
jbuiit which Is an exact reproduc
tion of the Interior of Barents'
house on Novaya Zemlia, as Gerrit
de Gcer represented it This
room has been filled with the Bar
ents relics, which are so well, pre
served that they give a 4iveljr idea
of the home in which Europeans
passed their, first winter in the true
polar regions.
A Gentle Hint.
A Chicago i judga ecentlf re
buked a person who was sitting in
the court-room with his feet placed
upon the table by sending him,
through the bailing ft piaco cf pa
per on which he had written tbe
following query:
'?y bat nixt boots do you weai!"
The feet were at oi ce withdrawn.
Biuton Cornier
'The butfwnmp comi'i Uu tlu hmirl late
To the pane wbt're the Mifhc U fthnini;,
Au'l the Ituyvuuip tiniuU itt Ihv gafdeu $Hle,
llii aruit the maid entwining.
Tho drai;wunip wh) I for the HeAllf.y wink,
The bi'itnd ileuoniiuutlng, " f
Aul Itc iu;v.umi gjil tnke diluk f
From the J iff vidiia It hak ke'e nltt njf.
Thu puswuuip klNiPi the uuite of her pet, -
And foitU him lu h-.T tKNni, ' ' '
Ami :hir miijwuiap iiita for UU ofllce yot,
An'l we niu( eitmite hlni.
. - ' ! V
A Democratic OrToaslve I'nrtisuu.
( LonirvHUi -t'rtuiiet-JuaroaJ.
It bus buen the constant whine
of tho republican? organs, that
"ofieuHive iwrtanship" is only a
pretext under whieh republicans
are turned out of office and demo
crats put in. An offensive partisan,
according to their interpretation,
could only bo a republican. It
mattered not how active u politi
cian a democrat official might be,
he could not come under the classi
fication, nor suffer the penalty of
ft a offensive partisan., .
; President Cleveland, however,
appears to tuko a different view of
the question. He has an idea that
an offensive partisan is a goveru
official who nf gleets or ubuses his
office in the interest of politics it
matters not wliether he be repub
lican or democrat, and that the
fact that he belongs to the one
party or the other is no reason
why he should not suffer the fate
which he has prescribed for offen
sive partisans. '
Not long ago Mr. George Parker,
a Democrat ws appointed u special
agent of the treasury at Chicago.
That was while the IlHuois senato
rial contest was in progress. Mr.
Parker, instead of devoting hi
time and attention to his official
duties, for which he was employed
and paid, adopted the views of his
prerogatives held by his republi
can predecessors ami hied him
away to Springfield and took an
active part m the attempt to elect
Judge Tree, a good democrat, to
the senate. For this Mr. Parker
has received notice that his ser
vices will be dispensed with by tho
government after the 15th of this
After awhile perhaps the peopls,
l)otIirepublicnu and democrats,
will become
convinced that the
President is iu earnest in his pro
fessions of civil-service reform;
that ho is determined to conduct
the government on the principles
in the advocacy of which he was
elected, and to observe conscien
tiously the laws which he has
sworn to execute regartlless of the
politics of those who may violute
them. '
Thirty Mlllioa Jiore Acres.
.WashixotoH, July li.- Land
Commissioner Sparks Ins render
ed ru important decision .in n re
cent case, affirming the right of
entry,- under tho publio laud laws
and decisions of the supreme court
of the United States, of lands here
tofore withdrawn by the voluntary
action of the general land office
for railroad idemnity purposes,
where no requirements of law ex-1
isted for making such withdrawals.
This decision affects over 30,000,
000 acres of public land which
have been kept out of market for
many years in the interest of rail-
i'cad corpirntioti. The commis
sioner cites at length from leading
decisions of the supreme court,
and concludes as follows: "Fol
lowing these discussions, by the
authority of which I am governed,
I must hold that a withdrawal ot
land by the commissioner of the
general land office when, as in the
present instance, withdrawals from
settlement entry, or other
priation are not required by law,
are effective only as information in
defiiibi; the linsit? within wi.ich
idemnity selections may be made
; iu a proper time an maner, bul are
not operative aa a prohibition of
settlements fand,, eutiiea. within
such limits under the public land
laws prior to the time wheu a law
ful selectiau by the railroad com
pany has actually been made."
. .
' ' ' ? ' Sure of Xujrar.
Juue 30 the United States Ti ens-
urcr msiieu v,vso j& aa,..
183 letters to that uumber of per
sons in payment of 87,DG'y)iy in
terest due July 1, on United States
registered 4 per cent, consuls (con
solidated indebtedness) 'of 1907,
and on bonds issued to Pacific
railway companies. It would bo a
good idea for Cpngress to enact
law declaring that all the paper
money in tho United States could
be burned and all the metal money
i l i i i iii
oe smiR to tne bottom ot the sea
i.nd taxable ten per cent, interest
bearing bonds be given therefore,
Government Inuids are the ne plus
ultra of securities. The Govern
ment provides places of deposit for
the bonds, it keeps the name and
postoflicn address of the bondhold
er, it makes out and stnds to him
or her a check for the interest due!
All the bondholder lms to da is to
Ktep to the front door when tho
oeii rings, raieu out ami receive
the letter from the mail carrier,
take it into his parlop, gut it and
telephone a national banker to
send up tho gold coin to him. This
is a severe stain on the rich. At
Umei they catch cold by coining
into the ' draft! The bonds they
hold were obtained in exchange for
legal tender money called in and
burned after tho war. If it is flood
to destroy four-fifths of the money
of tho country it must be gxnl to
destroy all of it. If it is good to
bleed a horse down so he cannot
trot, it is saving to bleed him down
so he cannot eat Then he won't
kick! U. S. Democrat.
A Remarkable Clum of Thieves.
Loiidun Triitii.l
The police of St. Petersburg
havo beeu for some time puzzled
by the conduct of a remarkable
class ot thieves, who committed
ihbcryjotibiuth open day,
but, moreover, with 'ostentation.'
They were line, and were all
young men. ; When arrested, t'-Hiy
calmly pleaded guilty, nud, wero
sentenced for terms varying, iroiu
one to three months. At the ex
piration of the sentence they
promptly disappeared. It turned
outthut they had returned to theii
own country, and had there re
sumed their several avocations
without loss of social position. The
law in Finland forbids the enroll
ment in tho army of any persons
who havo undergone imprison
ment for civil oflenses, so thenfc
enterprising Finns had deliberate
ly sought imprisonment m order
to avoid conscription.
JudLaftigau: The easiist way
to outwit the world is to let it be
lieve that it is smarter than you
Rev. Iltiher Newton joins the cre
mation crusade with the statement
that it is duty to the -Jiving to bum
the dead ' "
When Jesus went into the thn
temple with a whip to driv the
rascals out, ho did not wait to be
swatted across the face with Civil
Service breech clout full of uu
cle..'uiiiv but got in his work at
once. Ex.
Jud Lafagan: Tbe !eet critics
of other people's actions, we have
uoticed, are usually those who
themselves hare failed inglorionsly
si! afuu 1. i
oity i u-Kl urn
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Tho' True Southern Pacific.-
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F. W. SMITK. : J. C. DENN1SON, ' ;
j General Superintendent. On. Freight and Pass. Agt
W. C. MXON, AgnS Albnqi.!, N. M. 1 '
.w:. U.B11 1 .B-J
ice at i;orner or id antral iloM.
T1 -
rel.:i. J.-t
rl I, t
General Agent, El P.isp, Tems.
. I. TOR,'
Local A gt., El Paso.
Time. 1:20 A. u., City Time ''
f ' Western Pas'r., Agt El Pmo-i
A.; Houston, Texas. :
Points in ; ' ; ; 1 ' 1 "
and California- Favorite line to . .
Ilouto Petween the "W . 'J
in n in in i if
Short Line to NEW Oil LAN fit ...
all required information, call oa f
j ,
.. i L. HOXIE, , ;
Third Vice-President, , ,
St. Louis, Mo.
V , TI

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