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I AVIV from Iif. General Grant,
f tba etateBman and soldier, the
financier aud auUior, the man tJ
Tfck SHOSSiL Basils,
County ycpyesentaltiyea are elect-
jed tbiji fall for Territorial Jcgisla
Jure of 1936.
whom the ereatost honor veil
'paid by foreign natives were given
and who cam only be remembered!
with esteem and respect The met
who participated in the war of the
B.U: fsiienfulter i favorably JrebeJlion will regret the death offl
jneotipped in this so-ujity for Jhentheir famous leader. The wholo
IxeUion of District Attorney. llUmtod Status wijl inourn thedeathM
liof him. who was their chief, at tliel
ii.i T T M.n i u iTf . ... ..I
H:i- r. ifMsosiy wg;u iwawiuia ol their createat nro8irityJ
a spiejiau iuterqa ijrenno cpi-Pami who stepped ia and distin-
Jcetpr, anrj worJ. b(e pleased to seeiui8f,e(i hiroaelf iu fighting then
huil get the anointment. Ibattla when their sovereign pow-
u i v..., j7'i:m H
inew.Bptaae .aJy adj. lik tlm widow,
or oi ie uuzcue py me territorial,,. .,n!u. in hU l)ruiaa. RcauiacaKk
Km pace.
A peroral banking bneinesa transacted. All business entrusted
u our care will have prompt attention, faithful attention to
the interests of customers. Charges t as reasonable os is con
sistent with safebaiikiucr. Drafts issued on all the principal
cities of Europe.
KriirT!i TlBoa, New York.
" " L. Vefaa. N. H.
(.'iNTkt. Bank ALFCQruiKjri. V. Y.
uHbo National lUm, limivsr. Col.
ficsT National Uamk, Kl PaaoTenaa.
press for nsiog tho irinipja word!
''greaser," in altogether uncalledl
for and nnjourualUtia
Died. At the cam oof his troop.
near Grafton, N. M., Captain 0. 13
Ifoyd, of troop K., 8th cavalry, at
It was saitj that 6. I Railroa
Influences elected Dick HuuW
last fall for assesspr pf Otwt mnfQ.fi July "A 18&
r. n lit kun uiaui cuuuty in wnu
fall ui the amount for which ViA
assessed Hint road?
i. .
We are in rouaipt of the Green
bur', Itnl., Standard, which is 00
years old, and asks the ApvocATi
toX. If Mr. llazlerigg, f he pub
lisher, will come west he can got
rich iu leas time than that. X
During trjq laat fjscal year 387,
P2I immigrants arrived in the Pui-j
Jtd rotates, the p umber being 122,
013 less than the iinmigratiqu of the'
preceding year, and 401,171 laa
than during the yen) ended J una.
1882. .
It is rumored that C. W. Greene
ill 11 II nil
Many will remember thi jovialM
Japt. 0. 1$. Boyd, and regret that
he, liko macy others, has ileparid
to "that bourn whence no uiau re-f
turneth." He loaves a wife and.
hree of a family, two sons and one
jduughter, who will sadly miss the
father and genial companion lit
was. Among his brother ofliceis
in the Bth cavalry be was esteemed
and respected, and a wide cir:leof
acquaintances, iu Texas, will mourn
one who has made many on hour
pass pleasantly. The Captaiu was
sick only a few days, and the dsi-
tance being so far, it was impracti
cable for any of his family to be
present at his last moments, lie
was temporarily interred at Fair-
view, Capt. Fechtt doing all that
jEnglc and Black Range
daily Stage Xiinc
Carrying Passengers and Express daily excepting. Sunday to
Vistors to the Black Range will leave the railroad at Engle and
take this line, for its onlvstace lino mnninor into thifjininini' conutrv
. ARMSTRONG BROS., i'rop'rs.
will bo imlicterj before the grandS man could do, both to soothe his
jury for robbing the territory outlying hours, and to show respect
the compiling job. It would
more commendable in the com-!
plaiuant to offer up prayer aud ask
for the Lord to look in mercy npon
those who are bora to, break the
pth cominaudment.
The President will not rascind
bis order requiring the cattle men
to vacate the Indian Territory in
40 days. This "will va tha fffpet
(f stimulating the price of grazing
lands in New f exioo, Kansas has'
no grazing land, Texas is iu a like
pordicamoiit, Colorado is all taken
up, aud abontthe best thing th
puttie men can do is to market
their cattla and go out of the busi
ness, or come to New Mexico audi
"1"'V" VC "
to his remains. "Though he were:
dead, yet shall he live."
forfeit a r Nolle.
Kinohton, New Mexico, )
Maivh 21,1883. J
To L. li. Keetl:
Notice lit hereby jfivon tlint tin
un(lcriignei! ha perl'orinoil tlio an
i) tm I flSHCSdiiient work for tliu year
1884, amounting ! lliu tutu ol On
iiun.irea nvintrn, ifiuti), upon iii
Ohio mining rlniin, iiitnnti(i on the
Pluck linnet) nnniiid di-lrict, cuunt
f Merra, territory ol Jew fliexteo,
reference being hereby nimle to tli
county record Hit to unto of location
and record, to., and you are hcreliy
notified that unlom you pay yum
proportion of Biiid aKctinieiit ex
pended, toKellier with nil conta accru
ing from the ptililicutinn of thin no
Cloudman & Richardson
Leaves Fairview Tuesday and Fridays carrying th Tnited rftates
mail. Arrives' at Chloride and Hermosn snme dny. Passengers
jarriwl to all points on the road. Good toams and comfortable hack.
Treats all Chronic, 'Private and
Special Discnci's with tlio sauiu won
derful success u of old.
Nq doubt tha protectionist party
will uow have something to harp
pu aud use the failure of John
Roach, the ship builder, as a step-J
btone Jo prove the evil effects of
froa trade. The protectionists can'
receive very little consolation from1
this, however, as the effects of free
trade ate uot now. neither have'
they been sinoe the election of
(Jlevelana, in effect. It was n,pt
the result of free trade that caused
the failure of John Roach, which
throwod 1,500 men out of employ-
niunt. It was due to the undispu
tjible fact thstZach Chandlei, who
htood in with John Roach, is n
longer ablo to sw;ng the influence1
in n ttslangton and get fat appro
1 'nations from the govern mont.
V(hioh be tunic! aver to his frieud
Joh,q It, No longer will Zaehariah
and Johnny stand in on I heir fat
fcteala. No longer will Johnny
take up lis residence iu Washing
ton and hang on to. the coat-tailx
of tlio date of Ibis notice, your in
terest in said mining claim will lie
onie forfaited and become the prop
erty ot tlio undcrMined according to.
Unileu States HtnlntcH, bpc 'JH'..
M. U. Don ah i k,
uMmx-sStt&vruiinr h t. rsifi lou nrurnv
I iik viihni tiukivjii (t.iiii.ii
Iiand tl.rt Ihousands which Zacl
rind Johnny ac(iuirel by shrew
lobbying wilt now ci to inaintaii
LundreJsof ppr ooutractors and
Mjip-ouiiiiera, wno unaer tne pal
regime of affairs could never bojK
to m anything but the tool of tin
influential monopolist.
For the present, a few men naa
If out VI wnploynifpt diredl)
i-(inking, but iudirectly. atd iu the
it.urso of a few months thu efTe-t.-
f thfl broad (xilicy taken by our
heoretary of Var il begm t
Ull when t tua eurprue tf It.
protectionist, justice will I coup i
I id will liber'ili'.y lJ siLcral iHHij
A 1
i 1 1 j iv vaiiiiuiii. tint, uu iiix3 iiiuriB n w-m u
ih, and all the
i a never fnili. 5
cure for Nervous
Debility, Exhaust
ed Vitality, Hem
inn I Wcnknebi),
boHt Maulkooil,
Impotency, Parul-
lerrible c fleets of
'self abuse, youthful follies and ex-
esnCH 111 muluie years such as lofi
of memory, hitwilude, nocturnal
miMsion, evasion to society, dimness
of vision, noises in the head, the vi
tal thud passing unobserved in the
mne, and many other diseases that
lead to uu.'WiHty and denth.
I)r..Kinue,.who js a regular crad-
uated physician, wiil agree to forfeit
r iqe Jlundred l'olbirs for a ease of
this kind the vital ltestorttive (un
der his special iidvice 11ml tiuatment)
w ill not cure, or for anything imnuie
or injurious found in it. Dr. Mintie
treats all priveat diseases successful
ly, without mercury. Consultation
tree. A thorough examination and
ndvire, including an auulysis of
urine 15, Price, of Viral Restora
tive, 93 a bottle, or four times the
quantity, $10; sent to any address
upon receipt of price, or C. O. D. se-
oure from observation.'niid in private
name, if desired, by A. JL JU.M,
M. D.
llosttert Momaeli iiitters, as a
-iH-cifio for indigestion, stands alone.
When the resources of the pharma
copueia have been exhausted, with
mt, at least, doing more than mili
tating the complaint, a course oftlii--
wholesome stoinachui etlccts a per
fect and iiertnanent cure. In all
mea i.f dvsnritxia the liver is more
ir less disordered, and upon this im-I
.inrlsct gland the Bitters act witn
reyubir distinctiic.V'', reguhil ing and
invigorating very tecrctive and as-
imualiiig orgAn on wlucli IH'Oilv auu
i.enUl health depend. Fur mle by
.ill nrngfcW and Dealer gent-rally k
Sample CoUIo Free
W ill be sent to anyone applying by
letter, staling symptoms, sex and age.
Strict seeresy 1 u regard to all busi
ness trunsactionsr
Dr. Minliu'n Kidney Keinedy Nep
liretieum cures all kinds of Kidney
and llluddcr complaints, Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Leucorrhte. Kir sale by all
druggists; tl a bottle, ii bottles foi
Suits -riU" t r the lVicvi r
Dr. Mintie'a Daudolion PilU are
the best and cheapest Dyspept-ia and
HlUsboro, - N'ew Mexico
Hillsboro, New Mexico.
IVotlcte of l-'or rellui'ti.
K in pt, S-irN mnnty,
IVnlloiy of Ji.-w Me-ilai
tty ISMS.
To Frsnk p. Moorf Olllvsr K, auuru, .1 M . e
OoukhI suit e. W'. I.ykti
"Nilw'.e Ih hwrohy given In FrPiik n. Mforp, Ol
iver K. Miuint, M. A. iii'iliiiiuitl uud o. W. I.yk
r lUTt-ny inti uit-n m:u ; nava rxpritat-a
OnuffiMi) lluiidreddntlnrrlii Ulxrui)il huprnvp.
inj-nltuuHi lUe .St'vbila led.' ar rulnflilsal.il In
T Ii r"Ti i ntii ii i fFriH mroi; n frrhrsrwn-'T1tirT.-
Trrllory of N"W Mvxlr.n, In onltT u
hold mln iirnua tinder Ihe xirovliim ufapc
lion H-J4 Rnvipvii Sumii-N of the Untied Hlau
lit'iinj ilia amount reijiiin-d to bold llt Mian for
oit i-rtr uir'iHv im e miit-r niet i"ri, and if witu
In nioi'ty dny after tliff notlc- by publication,
yon tiiiior rfuee to coiitrlliuie your proporttoa
iif uch flxptMidUnre at a cw-owner, yonr tiit-ret
in naid claim m uicout. ine properly tr !u
anocribor uiidfr aald aisrlfnn SW-J4.--mayvlQ-h&
Sdiw. ViterisT Wau.avh
Notice of Forfeiture
Kingston, Sierra County,
Turritory of New Mexico,
May 30th 1885.
To J. C. Evans and F. E. Everett,
you are hereby notified that I have
expended one (100) hundred dollars
in labor and improvements upon the
"Paris" or mino in order to hold said
premises under the provisions of sec
tions 23iM 'Kevised Statues of the
United States, being the amount re
quired to hold the same for the year
ending December Slst 1884, and if
within ninety days from the aervicoa
of this notice by publication, you
fail or refuse to contribute your pro
portion of such expenditure as co
owner, your interest in sid claim
will become the property of the aub
suriber, under said section 324.
Till ions cure :t
snV nil ! f H
IVote l'er rull!-U Ion
Lasu Office at LasCbcces,
May 7th, 1885.
Notice is hereby give" that the following-named
settler has tiled notice
of hi intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Clerk ol
Trobate Court of Sierra County, at
Hillbborough, on June 27th, 185,
vix. l'edro Armijo on Declaratory
StutemeutNo. 1646 for the Sl-2 N.
V. 1-4 See ti Tp 14 8. R. 6 W.
He names the following witnesses
to prova his continuous residence
upou, and cultivation of, said land,
vis: Louis Fountain, A. Donaldson,
Juan Armijo, Epifanio Terreaall, of
Sierra Co , N M. mayle-Gw
WgiH'er, '
I'. O. AtldroBB . . Nutt, New Mexico.
II rill.
JLake Valley and HilLslioro.
Defy Competition in prices of
jHufler. JSggHj Fruit, IStc
Prompt attention giveti to orders received from neighboring camps
IVIizxcrs' goods pf every
Cigars and Tobacco,
Queens ware, Etc.
Perraujt t$ Galley,

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