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.','''" t ..... .-. .tf-:
f J K. CIMIKKX. Prprletr.
I J.E. TOLL, rbllsier.
fOao year - $8.00
JBix monilii
NOTICE.-All leKl notUvn. nuch mining
fnrf.liori' umiri. miiiiiic alfit. oolifea of
attachment, dud office nolint ui.d cuiiuiy
j.rliHinir. will be paid Hi i. it. I'urrvn, U'te vai
Joy.N.M. SATUKDAY, AUGUST 1,-1885.
Local News.
Wobster wishes a puff. Here it is
Town property in Hillsboro is
, selling like hot cakes.
Col. 'Voodall, of Lake Valley, was
in town Sunday aud Monday. .
Miner are leasing and nuking
big money in IIilI.-btro'
A new supply of fruit just receiv
ed, at Ilerrin, Keller & Miller's.
Messrs. Win Mead and Frank
Keller mnde a flying visit to the
placiers Sunday last.
J. E. Curren, of Lake Valley, urop
ped in on us Thursday, and realizing-
the pending boom purchased four
lots. m
Hillsboro is on the boom. Mine
leasers jire mnking big wage, and
their ore is being bought and treated
at home.
Attention is called to the new
Notice of Administration to be seen
elsewhere in this issue. Mrs. Louise
Gents, administratrix.
The King, the Bobtail and the
Frisno miners, at Hillsboro, are all
producing and shipping their ore to
the Hillsboro concentrator.
Mr. Hopper und his estimable
wile have been visiting Kingston and
Hillsboro this week. The L. S. C.
CV, is represented by big people.
This paper lias received several
.Uok brands. In a few weeks we will
have scoured tiie names and brands
.f nearly every stork man iu the
Mr. Thonins Lannon, who has
been surtVrinjf for several weeks with
nil abscess on the face, is improving
fust, and we hype will soon be entirely
The street in front of our office is
brine leveled up mid otherwise im
1.,-oved. Deputy W. X.'HliTrkliot
where to put his boarders to do the
most -good.
Just think of it. and who can de
ny it. New Mexico is on the boom.
Our entire Territorial assessment
last year was only $27,000,000. This
year, six counties alone, foot up an
assessment of f 130,000,000.
Oh! hang up those little slippers
that our senorietta would like to
vcat. .She shall never wear them,
because the professor of understand
ings alleges that said slippers were
obtained without value received.
"New potatoes at Bias Chaves' for
8 cts. per pound. Green Chilli at
10 cts. per pound.
En la tienda da Bias Chares se
venden papas nttevas y frescas a 3
fenls libra. Chile verde a 10 cents
por libra.
Hillsboro is self-supporting. It is
the county site. Its miners are pro
ducing. It? mills-are running. It is
the headquarters for alf ,h cattle
men of the county, and last but not
least, it is the commercial center for
all Uje Black Eange country.
Three miners, who. leased the
Frisno Mine :cvcra' months ago,
liave just sold their ore to Guiles &
Hopewell, and the figures paid for
their ore indicates that they have
averaged 8.00 dollars per day each
for the last three months.
The soldiers are still in town, and
.give it as thoir opinion, that that
fellow 'Jet" who wrote that article
in last wctk's Deming Headlight
must be "jet black," as no mulalo, '
Mongolian or white man, could write j
ti':b a drk iTrip1' 'tf d fubrirntimi 1
The re-opening of the City Res
taurant took place this morning,
(Saturday) Messrs. Mead & Kneer,
proprietors. Parties wishing a square
meal or a comfortable nights lodg
ing will do well to give the new res
taurant a call. ...
The people of Sierra county have
occasion to feel thankful to oui
worthy and very efficient assessor,
Col. J. P. Parker. Mr. Parker has
worked hard, honestly, and fuithful
ly for the people of this county, and
we feel it our duty in return for the
efficient services rendered, to volun
tarily and conscientiously extend
this simple recognition in reciproca
ton for such valuable services.
We regret to note the death of
Miss Nora Tittsworth, the pleasant
and accomplished sister-in-law of
Mr. II. M. Herrin, of Lako Valley.
Miss Nora was only 18 years of age,
but grim death with its .eM (
is no distingulsher of persons. It
calls from among us those in the
spring-time of life as well as those
who are on the brink of the "sweet
beyond" from whence uo traveler
returneth. " .
Last Sunday night a sociable was
given at the Hotel Union in honor
of St. Ana's day, a day held in mem
ory dear from the traditions of an
antiquated Spanish Saint, and who,
by the way, is a better man than
8t. Patrick. The biography of this
distinguished personage, we are un
able to publish in full, but suffice it
to say the party was well attended,
while Ice-cream, cake and other
delicacies of the season helped to fill
out the vacuum between vocal and
musical entertainments. Altogether,
the afl'uir wis a reherchc one, and all
went homo feclijjg glad they were
there, - v
Old memories were awakened yes
terday by the sight of dipt. Fechet
and his troop. Their inspection and
drill seemed so familiar, that a feel
ing like wishing to be one of them
stole over us. The well disciplined
appearance of the troop reflects cred
it on their gallant commander, and
although not decked out in phimes
and shining accoutrements, every
thing looked uniformtilly neat and
martial to the eye- The stock is in
excellent condition, and no fear
need bo entertained, but that they
would be able to give Geronimo, or
any other red marauder, a good tight
chase if found within reach.
The soldiers and "'boys'' made St.
Anna their patroness for the occas
ion, and to judge by the lusty sounds
emanating from . their well wet
throats, they were enjoying them
selves. The songs they sang were
not perhaps strictly in accordance
with the intents of those who insti-
tined the h
fident that the sound came from men
who were "at peace with all the
world." Although the music was
not such that Handel or Hayden
would have admired, yet it gave
proof that Hillsboro, assisted by the
"boys in blue," could still raise
enough energy to "make the welkin
ring." All hail to St. Anna! If she
will awake the slumbering spirit of
pleasure, Hillsboro greets her.
'Spike" was there.
Hillsboro is rapidly becoming one
of the best towns in southern New
Mexico. Press.
Socorro has two citizens who have
each a revenue of over $1 ,000 a day.
So says the Interpreter.
People who buy town property in
Hillsboro are sure to double their
rnoney in two years. Mark our
words. Press.
Black Ranee: The captured
ssquaws which were under the charge
of Capt. Boyd, were sent to Alma on
Friday last under an escort of fifteen
soldiers. From Alma they wi'l be
taken to Fort Bayad.
White Oaks Interpreter. George
town is booming. Thete are about
4M miners at work in the mines and
everybody is happy.
The shipment of ore from the Or
gan mines continue to demonstrate
the fact that it is a productive camp.
War whoop in the Santa Fe Lead
er; 'The once admired Santa Fe
litles are now wearing out the seats
of those new pants purchased at
Philadelphia and their coiumader,
Franklin Jordan, is rusticating in
California orange groves. It is lath
er hard on the Philadelphia mer-,
chant tailor, besides it gives Santa j
Fe no good ntm. 1
Stock item In the Lako Valley Press:
Twelve thousand head of Cattle
will arrive in Sierra county immedi
ately. This will raise the price of
county warrants. Don't lot in Wo
many, and keep out "kings," then
we can all live aud be happy and
pay our debts.
Our genial Mr. Speed, of the firm
of Burdick & Speed, cattle men and
proprietors of the Lake Valley Meat
Market, have received the beef con
tract to supply ihe Mining Co's.,
boa nling-ho use, which will opeu up
iu a few weeks under the capable
management of Butterworth & Bal
dfisort. Lake Valley Press.
The connection between the shaft
and the tunnel on the 100-foot level
in the Homestake mine 1 was made
this week. This enables com
pany to put on tenor mop- men if
they only had a mill ui .Hlkk'ut
capacity to led u?r I u which
could be taken out. This tunnel
was driven, not because it was need
ed to take ore out, but because a
supply of good air was an urgent 'ne
cessity. Interpreter.
An exchange says that all bulls
are treacherous and dangerous, and
should be handled with care. Per
haps this is one reason why some of
our stockmen keep w few bulls on
their ranges. Fine bulls have never
been so cheap as they are this season.
Stockmen have opportunities now
by the purchase of a sufficient num
ber of bulls for their herds, at the
present low prices, for the acquire
ment of a larger percentage of gain
in the future of their business than
can como from any other source of
good management Bullion.
Lone Star: Lightning struck in
Santa Fe Saturday and Luis Urisate
was killed" instantly. There were
no murks or bruises upon his body,
the bolt simply cut out and consum
ed the crown of his hat. Ho was on
top of the adobe wall and Bonigno
Bclardo -was on a scaffold passing
tho adobes up to him. Bclardo was
injured internally and has been deaf
and dumb since he was struck and
will probably die. The third man
Fpifanio Maes, was on the ground
and received the shock in his right
hip whence it passed down bis leg
a Hd off at his great toe, leaving an
aperture like a bullet hole. H.0 was
paralyzed and recovery is doubtful.
Las Vegas Optic. How often have
we noticed it. When a marriage oc
curs in one's family he Hues to see
a notice of it in the local paper.
When his folks are visiting or visit
ed, he expects to see it in the paper.
But when, by sending to some ens
tern city he can get printing done a
little cheaper, ho frequently over
looks the fact that his paper is em
ploy i 1 1 g-TTFnuTT"an d pn yn g thcai
money weekly, part of which is pret
ty sure to bo spent at. his place of
business, paying taxes to support
the town, keeping the country around
informed as to home news, induding
trade to come to town, etc., where
a press run by a twenty-live cent boy
gets out bills, note heads, etc., on
inferior work for only a few pennies
less then ho would have had to pay
for a good job done at home. We
never feel sorry for a man when we
see his look of chagrin as he discov
ers that the eastern printer has spell
ed his name wrong. '
The editor of the Interpreter was
informed on Wednesday last, in the
presence of witnesses, by a gentleman
who said he knew, that unless his
"little black sheet let'up on the for
eigners that he (the editor) would
get a good whipping." We are not
surprised at such threats. We ex
pected them. Indeed, notice was
served on us befere the first number
of theIoiai-tttefpr wf iwvil,J,ljit
units of the ro4 tLeir e A
b lif n outbreulregg tlV
wi 1 v , isiow, re
ey -7 . 1 .
la i ,.u l :hv w" X ,,..,.!
stj jri Re..- f 1
11 f I
TT andxrdgnsd Admtnlntrklliof ths eatataof
th Ut Otto P. Oint, don hrreby aottfy nil
penou ho on Ui wld eUt to scttl sll
tbtlr tiSibtediiM. Ptmotw hiring account
tgnliiot lb SKUtu mciKl pmtmi thotu for
inUea aud eitumeiu
mug I K Admtnlatrsiis.
. JVolluo or Humtaons.
TsiuuroBY of Naw Wanoo, i as
CouNTr or tfiKfc )
To G. W. Davis i
Whsmaji, on the tfrd Say of Novf ruber, A I.
ISSI, rod filed jroar sdverae claim to Lot No.
roar (4 ) In 8 lock Co. twnty-v. ( Sf ) in tbr
Town of Hlllaboro. In aald County and Territory.
Now, tuarefote rod ar commanded to com
mence your action acainat T'lomaa tniilie, to
determine ynnr reaped!? rlrhte to aid Lot
within twenty day after acrrlco ofttala notice
on rou, or yon will be barred from aaaertlns nJ
rluht, title. Interest, or en tale therein.
I'noBATa Juoua
July 4 1
S. B.- Xewcomb,
Las Cruces,
New Mexico.
F. W. Parker !
8. Alkxaxpfr. j
HilUboro, N. M
fJewecmij Fst&sr A!c:ssdsr
Attorcey and Counselors '
At Law.
HiUshoro, - t?ew Mexico.
Twenty men are wanted to work
on the new county road to be built
from Hillsbora to Chloride, via Her
mosa. Foity dollars per month and
board will be paid. Each man will
be required to fumif.li his own bed
ding, but tents or buildings will be
furnished to sleep in. Payments
will be made monthly in county war
rants. .The work will commence on
July 1st. Applicants for work will
call upon Mr. Pitkin, at Morrison's
Ranch, on the Animaft; Mr. Gregg, at
Kingston, or J. m. Webster, County
Clerk, at Hillsboro. All parties en
gaged to work, must be at Hillsboro
on July 4th. 1885.
, Chairman Co., Com.
Oonaclano MOntoya V A rmljo
Horses brand with ..MA on right
shoulder, Range on the Rio Grande
twenty-two. miles north of Palomas,
Postoffice address, Las Palomas New
Donnoita.no HontoysV Arml.l
Cattle branded with
D M on right hip.
Range the Rio
Grande, twenty-two
miles miles north of
Las Palomas, pnstofllce address, Las
Palomas, New Mexico.
Pairview, - Xew Mexico.
Mn. Maver Puoriktor
All that the markets affords is sup
plied the table. The public are re
quested to give this house a call.
Between San Francisco, California, and
St. Louis, Mo.
Through Pullman Palace Sleeping
Cars are now run daily without
change between San f'raucisco
Cala.,and St. Louis. Mo. over
the Southern Pacific to the
Tbe Atlantic and Pacific to Albu
querque, N. M.; the Atchison To-
pekaKanta re to liaiateaa,
Kan.; the bt Ijouiss & mn
Francisco Railroad to
I t. iAri.
!y this line thnre is only one chanpe
fit Uars between the raciuc ami
Atlantic coasts, which is at St
Louis. Passengers for St
Louid aci a!l Entem
Cities should buy their ticteU
hd St . Louis & Sa FaABasco Rr. ;
"The Grtt Tfcrong-B Car Konte."
kt,E ASK rail npon Hit Tlfket Agtnt ai.d gat ;
fall particsiara, Traia oaTing iuroaj;n
for fi.Jjm laa lbuarqae Dally at
i8u r, i
V r mi wn. wu .,
. - -r. V tart
a Six Column, all "home Jrint, and is published every
Saturday at Hillsboro, the County Scat of
Sierra County, New .Mexico.
aai Stock-raisisg arc ilia Cslex Imm
U i Growing Pflallti.
The Gold and Silver Mines of Sierra County are unsurpassed by
Any in the World, and Mining onpitidkt of Loth .
Europe and AmortCH
Cm fjud a Speedy return for labor uil laTPHtmenta.
Wil be alive to tbo Iuterfsts of
tar The Now of IUm-b,
the Country and taithfully portray
SUk'Ii and Mines. "XJl
Xcw Mexico.
t. -r- ' : "

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