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Mining: and Stock-raising are the
Chief Industries of a Growing"
Every country is like a bee-hive,
when it is overrun by drones it alls
back instead of advancing. "God
helps thorn who help themselves"
is often quoted, aua might be aptly
applied to tins country. A perusal
of V. O. Ritoh's Illustrated New
Mexico, shows a, va6t amount of
iacd -iritb inn il fortunes in . it,
and all this left unturned
Sierra county boasts of untold
wealth in her mountains; she pre
sents to the man of spirit, a field
where he can realize his wildest
dreams of riches. To gain the seat
of this wealth, work must be done,
nud no small amount of work
either, but great and hard work.
Good and hard workers are what
is needed to develop this county.
Men who are disposed to look upou
life es only worth living, when they
can'oheat the world out of a Irving
bs easy as possible, are not desira
ble citizens to either this or any
other county. The man wLo is not
afraid nor ashamed to take the
pick and spade in his hands,' and
who tjjts tUern to the right place
and keeps them there when he has
started; the man who will go on
without looking back, determined
to conquer, these are the citizons
who build up and impiove the
country, and make the community
proud they have such a man among
them. Oi these men it will be
said, "they lived there." When
men sit down complacently and
make no effort to push for places
in tho world, they invariably get
left and see the energetic and pro
greasive men reach the goal they
longed-for, but made no effort to
gain. As it is with a nun, so it is
witU a city, town or county, and
when the citizens .sit comparatively
still and make no effort to assist in
developing the country, they see
their more euergotio neighbors
taking the lead away from them,
Wake up Sierra, there in much
for you to do, and you have the
bone and siuew to make you a pow
er to ba fftlt in the territorial mon
etary market. You will not get all
your air-c.stles built in a breath;
it will take years to raise solid ed
ifices to be proud of, to snow pos
terity that real pen lived in your
times. Evry able-bodied man in
the county can go to work if - he
but decides to do so; you may not
gt managerships with fat sularies,
but you can take your picks ( and
ftoades and go into the earth and
foi?e ber to yield up her buried
treasures, and thus make your
selves rich and the county corres
pondingly so' We do not mean to
say that every man in the county
is idle, nor that any man is so, but
we do assert that you us a corumun-
ty, are not doing all that you
uld, and should do to develop
ylur county, lou can sue . mi
nimise opportunities for a capitalist
to ruvest,why not gather yourselves
together, maws your small savings,
-and go into thrt business with a
will? ' lou are sure to succeed:
inatiou was never balked in
here is no record in the
history where, such power
A& thwarted.
presence country, Sierra count
county iil&l advantages with any
large tractarritoiy. There are
grazing, whefjad. available for
and shelter forVrjs abundant,
venienL i5g most con
W. G 13 itch, in
New Mexico saya, in filtrated
Surr county: "It is w& to
into valley, mesa and iiMeu
laud, - embracing a eonsi
section of th Uio Grande
across the table lands to the sum
mit of the Black Range. It is gen
erally eo well watered as to make
its pasturage lands fully available,
and the stock interest has already
secured a substantial foothold. Ao
a miniDg county, it certainly has
no superior, if it has an equal '. in
the territory." ,
Here we have the facilities of
the county set fairly before us, and
the question conies, are we taxing
our facilities as we should do? The
answer is no, of course not; there
are numberless ways in which the
wealth of tho county could - be in
ci eased and the value of residence
enchanced if we will only do our
plain duty as citizens of a prosper
ous county.
The capitalist is not forced to
to pry out the best paying invest
ments, they are always made pub
lic by the progress of those invest
ing, and then comes the man with
the money to invest, he who will
make the most that caa be made
out of the investment. The settler
who sits quietly and lets this all
slip past him, regrets his own neg
lect of opportunities, and envies
the fortunate capitalist when it
turns out valuable. The citizens
of this county want to invite
capitalists into their business. Go
to work and show thes money
men that there is something in your
county for them to invest in, and
you will have them here, more than
you want. .Volumes may be writ
ten on the subject of development,
but morejean be done by a few ener
getic men than the combined press
of the territory. Go to work in
earnest Sierra County, your pay
will be to your own satisfaction.
The Lone Star has surprised its
readers this week by its marked
improvement. , There seems to be
an indefinable sentiment of intelli
gence displayed in the whole get
up that we are glad to ascribe to
something like renovation. We
are inclined to believe that the
Porter froth has been removed
and the effervescence of pure spirit
substitute-! therefor. May the
Sfcnr shine brighter and be the
guide to many a noble thought and
To a criminal neglect of preven
tive medication mny be ascribed a
majority oi the ailments which affect
humanity. It u a well-OKcertained
fact, that a course of Hostotter's
Stomarh Bitters Will put even a natu
rally feehle system in such a etateof
defence that it will be competent to
resist the mot prevalent causes of
disease, such as the malign influence
of miasma, unwholesome water,
excessive heat, damn, cold, sudden
changes -f tempeuture, c. For sale
by all Druggist and Dealers generally.
Notice l-or lulII'ut lou
Land Office at LasCkices,
May 7th, 1885.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler lias filed notice
of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and that said
proof will le made before Clerk ot
Probate Court of Sierra County, at
Hillsborough, on June 27th, l$8o,
viz. Pedro Annijo on Declaratory
Statement No. lf.46 for the SI -2 N.
W. 1-4 Sec 6 Tp 14 S. It. 6 W.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his contiuuous residence
upon, and cultivation of, said land,
viz: Lons Fountain, A. Donaldson,
Juan Armijo, Kpifanio Terresall, of
Sierra Co., N. M. maylG Cw
Wlf XUM S. 0. Bbiek.
Clara B. Everett, the widow, Cora I
E llxabetli Krerrt-tt and Ward
Winihrop Kverri'tt, minora and )
mi- lilldren md belr at law of
.!.: K. Everett. deceaad J
J. . L . nne. John McLaughlin
t;.d , V. Bush.
:h 3rd Judicial DUtrlct Court of the Terri
tory of New Mexico. Counij of riierr.
The aaid reapondentu Clara B. Everett. Cora
Elizabeth Evumt, Millard WiiitliropEverrett, A
L. .lonei. John McLaughlin, and E. VV, Huh are
lmrby notified 4lit a milt in Chancery hae been
commenced ayalnst them In the Diatrlct Court
for the county o( Sierra Territory of Nw Mexl
co, by aald complainant William S. O. briun.
to foreclose a miner lien, aking Judgement
acaliiHl taid reKpondenta for the aum of one
ihouaandii ($ISH4-M) Ooilara, with lgal imereat
fron the ISih o Augunt lSrfi until paid, that a
certain claim of lien Hied on the 14th day of
Auigutt A D. 1HS4 by W. S. O Hrieii, la the
tJoiinty if Hiorra 'IViriiory of Nrw Mxico, upon
tlio l!uuai.a 4.1 iu. iii Yrn..r-miim Tf
mine and 743 mine, belnx In the bromide Min
ing lliatrirt sierra County New Vuxito, and
known a tde Monaeka Onmp, together with the
buildiima altiiutod on and bnlnnjr.ng to Monusks
ifinnp of in I ii e, may be adjudnfd and decreed
to be a va. Id and uuiHtiug liun on auldmiiiea;
that all of said nilnea lofellier with ail build
ing, improvement and machinery, (Hunted on
una h'-lont-inu toaid croup of mint'H, be cold by
or undtir direction of I lie hcitiii-r lu chuncery or
a Special Master, fur caoh at public vendue, after
giving notice thereof accord inn to luw uud that
out of the proceed auid Kelnter or Special Mta
ter pay cokih of the suit and all legal churifee,
and to complnii.ant or hia olicitor aalil mini uf
one thousand ($1,(H4-1U0) ol urs with all Ir teres t
thereon then due, or ao much u the proceed
of taid Ht.ie will pay and if not pufVoUint to pay
all of laid dent and coat that complainant have
por'onnl Judgement agninat ald respondent for
the balance still due complainant, that the ttctt
Ister or Special Muster tike complainant! or hi
aolicltor receipt for all mm paid thereon und
Ilia raid receipt with hl report, if there be a
orpin after ald ale that ho bring the Mum
Into court, if there be a deficiency iliut he report
the name, that upon ale of said property title be
deveeted ont of taid respondent and veated in
the purchaser at mich sale, that respondent and
all claiming by through or under them ainceauid
iMtn flay or September laiSa niuy ue nojnagea ana
decreed to be forever barred and foreclosed of all
right, title, interest and claim, or equity o re
dt-'mptloo in or to said mlnoorpremleorto an;
party thereof Unit said Special Muster or Register
in cninceiy, execute and deliver n deed to taid
mine or premise to tne purchaser thereof npon
the payment of the purchase money, that the
pun Lu.er be let into the posaesaion thereof, that
complainant or any other person may becomes
purchaser at said sale, thai coats and reasonable
attorney fees he allowed complainant out of the
proceed of raid sale.
That unless you enter yonr appearance in aald
nit on or before the flret day ot the next Novem
ber term of said court, commencing on the (Hh
duy of November, A D. 18il5-a decree pro con
feaao therein will be rendered against you.
Gao. It. Boman,
By Nicholas Oallb.
Deputy Clerk,
Elliott, Pickitt Elliott,
SoIicIloi for Complainant. Juoe27-fiw85
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P. C. GAY, General Agent, El Taso, Texas.
Local Agt., El Paso.
U. S. Land Office Lus Crucea, )
N. M. April 10th, 1885.
NOTICE is herby given that Simon
Leyser, whose postoflice address i
Sun Marcial, Soccorro county New
Mexico has this day filed application
for a patent ior Fifteen Hundred
lineur feet of the El Dorado Mine oi
vein bearing N, 49 deg'53 mih E.
with surface ground six hundred feet
in width, situated in Las Animns
mining district, County of Sierra nnd
Territory of New Mexico and dnajg.
n.'.tcv! by Iiih firm notes and official
plat on file in this office ait Lot Num
ber in Townships 15 & 10 South
Kansre. ,7- West of N. M. Tricinpal
Meridian and East line, said Lot be
ing ns follows, towit :
Uegining at Cor. 1 a nine timber
2x4 feet long istir by Md of stone and
marked 1-4 88 ; whence 1-4 cor. on
west line of sec. 4 hems S. 5(Jde 56m
W. 4978. 9ft T. 10 S. li. 7 w
Thence N. 41de 57m w. Va. 17de
5fm E. 173m to gulch. 000m ot
cor. 2. a granite etono 28x13x5 ins,
with nit. of stone and marked 2-4 88
Thenco N. 9de 53m E. 1481m to
cor. 3 a granite stone 33 ins. long
and ight inches diameter with int.
of stone and chisied 3-4 88 Thence
c. 44de i7n E 577m to cor. 4 a
granite stone' 12x8x80 ins. with mt
of stone and chis. 4-4-Thence S. 48de
4Sde 58m w. 1480 to Cor. 1 place of
begin ing.
Magnetic variation 17de 8m E. 5
containing 19.95 acres.
Any and all - persons claiming ad
versely any portion of said El Dorado
mine surface ground are required to
file their adverse claim with the Reg
ister of the United States Land Of
fice at Las Cruccs in the 2d district of
N. M., during the bixty days period
of publication hereof, or they will be
barred by virtue of the provisions of
the Statute.
I JoHy It. McFtF,
! Register.--
It is hereby ordered that the fore
going Notice of Application for Pat
ent be published -lor the Period 00
days, (ten consecutive weeks,) in the
Sierra County Advocate a weekly
newspaper puonsnea at JiiIIsbo.ro
Now Mexico.
John R. McFie,
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