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VOL. 2,
Br, mintie,
Sao Francisco, California
Treats all Chronic. Tiivnte "anil
Special Weart with ih?
erftrfv i m r, f jl fb
,.1. Mil'? (I. iilili I I 1 1 I
v '
$fS-'lire tuf eitUUl
Del.ility, ExhauHt
TOhhI Vitality, .Sell)
inTti Uc'HTcnPSs, ,;
l?l, mill ilil II1U H'llH'li; '
cs'sP8vin matuVAVtirllu'cn ' iVr.wl
tt nienxii-y, MUsTlftuljhrr VI
ininsloif. "Vf.isWii frlf-Ht .Trit .C HrrnVft.
of vision, noixi's in tho lieHil, t lie vi
tal tl u ill ;i!siiij; .iVr,ivil ji tli
urine, amJ iniiriy; :ot1ri'i'is'piie!.;!tfit.
l(tto inritilTiii l iitli. y
1 Dr.'Mfnti, wlio !" k tig-illu; gitd
totted jihysiciiinwiil itrcc to forfeit
Tiqe If utulrful foIU.ri!)V'iV
, this kind the vit.il Re.storaM ve (nil- J
ilerhiu special adv.ee' and tio.it nii'ilt)
not, i?Mro()Jsf'ti',auyLJiirg iuijuut-'.
t injurious fi)tiiid in it.'1 Dr. !fintip
treats all priveat diseaseK (sypcesAil-,
ly, without jiiercury.. .Gori!t)luiti'n
free. A thorough exumination and
Advice, inelMding ail' " analy-d ol
uriie $5. 1'riee of Viral Jtentprav.
tive, $5 a hvttl. or four 4inien the
quantity, $10-, eu't to any address
upon receipt of price, or COv'O. te-
cure from (jb.servut,k)p, and.in riv!ie
name, if desired, br 'Ai'F'MINTlE,
MTD." "
. t f a t f ? Sr k i ,
I Sample Bottle, Free!
3 -f ij ? U . ' J i I ti Si
'Will -1)r Ikii't tr hfivoiic f)pplyi1ic;1.
letter, st.itii.g syniptoins, sex and uc,
tj'trict BciTCi-y in- regard to, lyisi-
Dr. Jrintic'i Kidyey, Itomedy S'ei
hretiepiw fttier't W'icind:,.'if KitlnCv
and Bladder coinplaintH, Gonorihu'ii,
Gleet, Le ii corrhce. For ale by all
"Jniggiists;' $rilpttlc slx" b'6ltl';Mi
Dr. Mintie'u Dandelion 1 ills are
the be st a'l. J olieaperit: Pripep.iii nh
Bi.liojLiajcurajfn ;;tlif 'niarkeftf PH
cale by all druggists. j . , ,
. 3 ' ' RAtMVAV.
St. Louif, Mo.
Through Pullninn Palace Seeping
Cars are now run ilnilv without
chairge(bi-iwf en i Jnucis).
Cala.,8HilSt: Loii..'jMo. over W 1 fJ
thSAiitlirn lii to the ...Ji.
The Atlantic and Pacific to Alhnr'
phi? Pirn c
, , querquc, N. M.tlieAtchison To '
peka Sauta -Fe'Sii'llaWrii!;';'0.. 1
Kbh.; the' St.' Louis fe'Sair '
- IrauciscQ Piailiro&d to . ; ,
Py tb is m there is only one cnnge , ,
ot Cars between the Pacific nnd
;t Atlantic coi-ts, wliich is fit it, .,
Lt)UW. , Pasi.gors :for, St. , ,J
:' ti:tT !! ! 'tarjUL "
' '
r i
,..,.,,,n.-v .. i
. 'The Great TUrppwh ar Konte.'?
. y. -.'..
PLEASE rsll Irpon lti Tikt Agnht and gn ;
hiil particiiarst. Tr.nin iiavin thr.mph cur
- i -A.1. I ... - t.-., ,
CO Tir nu Lm -.aaaea Aiimrnwrque uiim; ii
-H: . a-
T. P. d CJo. Mkb..
uim cDonnnnu
at -'--v.,. - f-J?
IIHUhnro. Sirrra County
II- It..-.. V.,.- MUvi,
v'iciiii Pranon.:il will be roci-ivi-d at the fiflice
of lhH'irk, of me County I'limnilHrnoii'-rM or . ,, fj.,,,,,1 T?i-pi. Krrnfr r-i--.irira
county in UiiMioi-o until tin- Si Ii (lay of , tlOllt Ol a iJl I1IUI ill Pf , Ueei b l-
Ucloli-r. lSi.. ( at twin ). tor c' i (t tnr Hie
citij;.mJiii of ill" Mii'.'on roit'l from UiUp ViiM-y
tot Horil-' via. Ii i li-0 iro and ll run :i . Th"r"
ft; TJW.WXmu
f ite ami i!i. (mtimf Hut. ImJI 4 Mufejhi &,'
; I - ..'I ll Sue. i. Til" WOlk W.ll ll-.t i" 1 1 1 1 1 1 U II
! Th'
..i!l' ol four ( 4 I hi Hi
,1 t.,
niti-1 in t"ii i 10 ) Ki.-l uunrmr-wf-
C.i '.'l.l.
I'll'' iriuiU' wid ho i"Htat)li-h"il by
v -v nii'l frrad" Fiaki'fcl. The w irk will Ii"
nil- (I to h tini-li it l $f,vviiil';f 1"!1 1-S5.
in i lit- it ii .i in I .. m
I'1 ' roiil-.,Mill I'll flioii llm fame i
Te'mn'.i-l.ii.-ir. rcaor- tho nlu to ret
'y-J-'-' ! E. IITK.
upS-lt i'hwirman Co., Com.
- - 1J-W"1 - -
fT J." C. EVWnHflr F. E. Eveif tt :
Vhi, h'rJV itqtUl t tlut
ixpt iW pl oiieXfl'0) bnnarv(4kllii'ri
jn lubor unci iiiiirovcments upon tho
" D in U:k Lode'' u- -iiiinf, in order to
lioltl Mid:piwnl nirflhe provis
ion o'eetiH" i;U4Rvie4-St.Uutet9
ol- tlioi initd. 'Xei,llwijili 'tt.:
amount lei) u i ret 1 to hold llie tuiiiii
for tife year oiriii Ueceniber 31st,
1881, and if within ninety Juvs from
I he service!! of 'this notice by publi
cation yon J'at or rofift") U V-0,,'tr'11?
vour jircjporirim.Ufhiudi xfie'ndjtuiu
hh ci-o tiei, your, interest in said
claini; tv ill. become tho.j property of
the subscrilior nntlcr Mtitl seclion
2324 , , O. K. SYDNEY,
fJotice of, Forfeiture-v
' i i i j . i ii
.. . Kingston,, Sierra County,
, - V Territory (if New Mexico,
5 -ti M'tiii'i .Vr Vny 30th 1885.
yai ae herl-f iH'hl'nfil that I It aye
exindeil ono (lf) ,'jindreU (J.dUrs
m: labor and injpwiytioieiits upi tft
PaMi"Or in fne ih r)t.lrli hbhrso
j'feiniHes under the provi-siuiie of sec
tions 4, : Re vised .flat ues of the
IT h i fed S UUcW be in jj "thd in uu a t ' i -quired
to hold the same for the year
ewing Depinii4.f aki8ji.,lnd if
VHhrn' TifTietY' rlnrxfnim be aemces
of this .notice by imblicatinn, you
faVl' or refuse to ciintrilHite your pro-
pftfori i'fif ich Jttfrditur; ? po
oiVrt 5'otl r 1 n t e ret iV a-flitf-tifii n
will beepme the property of the sub
Kcrjber, under tnid rtection 2324.
'TO 2UK-"--Z ,0.cil.fFYDSEY?
j fir
Attorkzys atLaw,
Hillsboro,' : - ! New Mexico
That Terrilile Endemic.
Fever and ague, shatters the most
vigorous coiuuitution., and the after
oftpoUof , tl,e 'alkaloid often ' tnken
o W i; qni.ii.ie, are fccan-ety ie.s
rierniCioilg. ' The bi
The beat remedy, not
arinl Ktrl.Lfn rt'l'l(li)
alone in
malarial stricken regions
rt'os'lif Sooth aiicllTentrnl Atner- I
ica n hera'inalarial fevers aro :niost
Vireralant and in.iiigaant ia HoUet-
. . . ..... t. ' .1 :.i
ter S fctomnen uiuers. lis reiitt-uiui
anil preventive efFi'ftH as an opponent
..... t.- . .
fl JcvcrS arc OWIHR, l US 'luniC. in
lluencc . . , -, '.
For laid by all DriigjiitJ and Dal-
frPur j r'i3 . r.tsk Kt.. . . . ..'
oiebija miiutv. M M NflUFMRFR 01. i RSt;
VJIIIIUl UUWI1 I I I . Ill IVIkHVl . J f (, MV J. j , yy
"Doing Up a Husband."'
v - ; : "... "' " . ,'), . J . , (
The other evening a policeman
noticed a woman of respectable ap-
pecrance walkiim up and clown in
loon, us if waiting for
inside, and ho finally accosted her
"Do you wish to see anyone in
-there-?""- -.----i-iil.'-:'.-
"1 should remark!"' was her
I " j I - ' r , . .. ,
prompt reply. , t "I've got n .hua
'rnd iu tlifre who is fooling away
money that Ought to be Bpent in
clotnes' for our children." -
' ''And what are you going to do?"
;, "Jn the first' placei'l want to get
him outside. In the. pex,t plicer I
don't want you around here ; when
he c6tnei out. James is sometimes
buck ward .about' coming forward,
mid 1 may havo to adopt heroic
measures.". . . t , . ,
'"How will you get dim out?'..,.
Just then a boy whom she had
apparently met before and posted
came up anXshe baal to him. ,
"Now you go in ' quietly and
whisper to him that there's a; man
out here -who wants to Imy htsdog.
Ha H got titoO dogand that'll bring
him. .Officer,. you, go on!" (' ,"(
The boy weut in and the officer
paseed ou to iu doorway. It wasn't
a minute before the man and the
boy cunio put of the saloon, and
the man' looked tip and .down acd
"Where's the chap who wants to
buy my dog?" ,
"ller he" r&!" replied his Wife as
.she got between him tnd the door.
"Henry, come home with mel"
"i won'tl" i i
"You shall l'V , t I
"You go buck home and wait for
me! You've no business following
me nrouud!"
"Will you come?"
. "Ko!"., , , , . -"
The officer saw a rush and a
strugaric, and two dark bodies roll
ed in tho gutter,, but before he
could reach the scene one dark
body gasped out: ,
"Let up on me and I'll go moine
with you!"
"I knew you . would!" nnswered
the other, as she jerked him to his
feet.: .;....;, ;
And Iheu three dark figures
moved eileutly and ghostdike ,up
the avenueall walking iu.the mid
dle of tho road. One was the man !
who wanted to sell his ! $50 dog. j
The other uis, , the woman who j
wanted to buy it.;, -The rthjr I was
,l ii: . .J Yii.t.14 'J ' 'It
tue woy who iib'.i nci-eu hp . cut r
; lUiu! h "t irga'u.'tis "bo 'f iVodgl t! r -tire
.Jif ot '"UieproCeiifioii. Detroit
til of
i t' . r'....
.. ... i
A rcDent fti'ticrifyjn the New Yrork
H'tirld relf.tfsof a liostonian woith
$20,000,000, that he habituully rides
j in the rear sent of '.the car to and
, from his surbuibnn home, so as to
nave irrtej-eston t'" cr faro 'y l)e"
tfiiithe last 'one for the conductor
a- - t v Hi 'jji.. mi
iu rytcn.
'i !
ili'l! tHitra wVlnership
with the'j'Witig maii spoken ot in
Itul 3ftxrlr.x?S k'i devout at
ft&s.y'&fljjfc yeMbat he
'. . . ....
irjnj.neciasijw ui'iuiua
rw.i .ui f.
the contrioution uox nns passeu
Now that the shop girls In Lou
don ara weiariug the Lair cropied
Bliort, society has taken to wigs.
: S-1frcrlU fcr T'i:r Ar.vfk.AT2.
. Samuel l-'razer, -according to the
New York Herald, lifted a barren
waste of BiTioke-colored ' intellect
above the Jefferson market police
court railing and lookod sadly at
Mrs. Frazer, who was pointing at
a lump as big as a doughnut on one
chocalate-tinted cheek which she
said Samuel's fitl had raised there.
The magistrate looked incensed.
."Frazer, you and your wife wero
here ov?r a year ngo.Tr7T
, "IWdi." ' ' ' :
' "Slie was stouter and more ro
bust then?" 1 '
"Yesaih." ;
"She was less careworn?" .
"Yessah." . , ' .
I "She was yourger and more
kindly looking?" .' ' ' ' '' .'
"Yessah." . ' "' " '
"Yoy'ie the cause (if this."
"Y'es'sah, I'm 'sponsible for mar-
ryin' dis 'ooiuau Do . udder' tin
you means dona gone dead dese
ten muiis." , . . .-. : . . ,
"What? Taken another for bet,
ler or worse in that lime? . Well,
you ought to be satisfied." . . )
-."I am satisfied, yo 'onah,'' 6aid
Samuel, solemly. "Dis un's wups."
, a .
A Surprised Young Man.
A Jioston mau residing nt th
Highland, havina succeeded in
saving quite a sura of money, re
solved one evening last week to go
in quest of nmnsement. He found
it, and reached homo in the early
hours of morning in an inebriated
to disearn by li's hedoide the stern
visage of his father. ' ,' ..." '
"Whore is the child you have
seceetecliu this room?" the latter
asked. f r m , . . . . .'t
', Cv this tune.ithoropglly rjuis-
ed, putly b'y asloiiTsLmept catised
by, the ' question, be . jfaltered,
"What child?" ; '
.''There is no use denying i, re
plied the old gentleman; 'I idis
tinctly heard the voice of a 8tnall
child coining from thin room.""
At that instant tho voice of a
baby, coming directly from the eido
of the young man, was heard.
Horror ttfuefc. he tiickly Jturnexl
dowp thebed eiotjiVf whf'ii the
fortif of Ii diild t acditJ six Jnonths
old was brought to light The old
gentletnaiv-ftttei-ajiquiiing about
hia son's wheieajjouts the previous
eVenmg,- ient the lnlantJ lo tno
home pu.arlon stfeet. The young
n ) an , i t ni a.Y Je sa i; 17 was u tun a r-
ried, and was ignorant as to thtj
manner in which he' 'obtained the
child, but had u faint recollection
of placing something in bed on his
arrival Iiome. " ITo""lias "left ' bif
drinking, having feigned the pledge
He Bay tluit it is -bajl enough to
pee snakes when' he 'gets drunk,
but when he finds himself in pos
session of a baby, then it is time to
leave offdrinking. Boston Herald.
An English scientist snys the
earth's surface is slowly changing,
aiuf what is' a valley "to-day may
lliflift mmintjiJn n.' million venrs
)f.nc. A man who: contemplates
erecting u residence in tlio valley
should remember this, and bo pre
pared to find" his hnuse on the top
of a high mountain iu the year
1,001,83.1 Ex.
Turkey is popularly supposed to
to o, aud, yf 4nphappjr wqnieiia yet
there re no old maids tbirfH . ,
Mary Anderson says tho first
thintfishff ever play-nl-was "hooky"
ornkenH from his uluniliers,
; fro bf hool. .
NO. 33 1
What a Small Boy Did With a Nickel:
; Two little Upper Maine street'
boys are laying siege to the heart '
of a wee damsel who sits on the
front seat at the primary school,
and wh is dividing .her attention
between both of her admirers, who
are dead tn love.. A funny thing ;
was that which one of them did one
day this week. . Hid pupa, gavo him
a iiTcfcel f or being boy 1 1 t-di;la t
buy cundy, although that was the
original pleiTDywliicli ho bbtained
the nickel. "Not at' all. He "went
over poste haste k to the abode of
Ins littlo laJyimd . gave jher 'the
money en condition that she would
hold his hand! and his hand . alone
on the way to school the uexfc duy.,
The trade was struck, and. the licit
morning the "programme was car
ried out. ; The fond 'mother of the
littlo Miss saw, as the ' result of
this secret transaction, oue tearful
little' boy in a blue blouse waste1'
Bkirt weepingbitteiMeurs over the
front yard feucc, .while, down (tho
elreet, iu, proud consciousness of
having euchered adreaded. rjval
marchpd the other boy. hand in
hand with the little girl. lioOi
were called- back-,-nrid 4t-ws a loss
joyous trio that j next went - up the
street-'! The father has great hopes
of his boy w ho. struck the bargain.
Lewistou (MeJ) Journal. :
: i
A"S6lemn Question.
'"':;' t jt :.,-M.J,
i ,. ;....,.
A distinguished Boston divine
of unusually solemn, anuV impress
ive appearance went out to a coun
try town uot long t.'go to lecture.
He arrived early- in the afternoon,
nnd all the town, of course spotted
hiru within five minutes as a very
saintly man. : " 1 , - -i-b
He went into a drus-btore, ; and,
in tones that froze the blood of the
young clerk behind the 'counter,
said:' :-" .'.:'' ::-i ;
1 Young-man -lo-you-smoke?"
i.l"Y-7-:yrB.Bir,,rreaid' the tremb
ling clerk'Trn sprry,' but t Jearn
ed the habit young , and haven't
beeu able to quit it yet," , '
"Then," said the great' divine,
without the movement oF a mnsclo
or the abatement of a shade of the
awful solemnity of his voice, "can
you tell me where t can get a good
cigar?" Boston Record. '
. Judge Henderson is evidently a
man who .understands liis ' busi
ness. His charge . to the grand
jury at Hillfctioro indicated that" he
lie uad not only nan previous ex
perieuca but that he will make ono
of the best judges tho territory has
wtr liftd. v Hriljoa-lif feJ--t!ie -reU. .
from some of the- corruption of
Sierra county and there can bo but
little doubt but that he will do, the
same thing next monlh in this
conhty. .' Tho practice of officials
taking money in lieu of. bringing
indictment against parlies for va
rious offenses will:, bo -carefully
looked into und. it is expected that
there will be some very interesting
developments iu the ; course of, tho
investigation. Headlight.
Ad exchange says that n, folded
newspaper placed under the coat in
the small of the back is an ecel
lent substitute; for aa overeoat.
Now is. tho time to subscribe.
Evansville Argus, . . r ,.
A Connecticut' girl who :only
weighed fivo pounds when the wca
horn is now I t ynra old ond tips
tLe tenia tt 3CHJ, . ,

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