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VOL. 31.
i,oo .PerA'ear. No. 27
. at:
fni 'l
flluuays Courteous and Obliging
1 Korbep, Pres. J. B. tfemdon, Viee-Pres,
3. JVI. Gillespie, Cashier.
IntJ-st paid on tima deposits.
,1 . .... MpS?m Jl
v,ri!r'?r 'i tar
Steel Lird Speed Shells for Fast Birds
BIRDS have a right, of course, to flush up wheie
ever they please and fly of! at any unexpected
angle! What you want id the rjearest thmg to point
blank aim-.e shortest possible lead.
cu .U .A iWj-Remington-UMG Sleel Lined Arrow
' A uTJcth They get yo Toad to the bird qukker than
benefit of the expWve force. 1:;M if vou
wntit ped you muit
Arrow or Nitro Club.
Reminfflon Alms-UniSn
299 Broadway '
ajid Qoi
I sulks For Sale
si' . . .... 4 Td
it n itn .1 1. ,1
- ' j
toafatt for thm
Rmmmgton btM
i ;- v .im
Metallic Crlridie Co.
of lialior
at tHis ffice-
jdm e. sr.iiTis,
MA4t-v PlihllO.
N. HI.
General Confractoiv
Good Workmanship. Prices RigM
H. A.
A torney-at I, aw
First Door ft K. C. Chunl
Muni KueK,
New Mpxicr
JA?:ES IS. y'AG9Ei.L,
WiilattenilnM tln ronrtn'n Sierra Cur
tynni f" ,Sr,) .1 udin'H I District.
Las Cruccs, Fv'cw T'cx.
U.f.,of MiJInhi r, New .Wini
M x L. Kahler, N. G.; E. A. Fa!, n,
Secretary: C. .V. West, Treasurer.
Muniinits: S eon I au i f airt ti i ii I v -
of each in i 1 1 1 1 1 . fclil'l 0
FRirI I. GVJEU, 11. D.,
Oilic-" i;tf.t i(B.'f Oru store.
n. r:
Vine Vitie. Ei()'i"irc an f'igrp
(ijioc? Club Room
IT V3. 7. MIHYEUS, Pr-r-r
Oili : Kuoiu 2i. Armiio Buil.iin
Uor. j.uOu And itaiiru.tti Ae. 1'iu. tlie
in i,i6 Aiiprtjiuo (J'iurtn ol Aew ...exi.
anJ TeX.it
Attorney and CoimeeD. t at Law,
Will i p.' H-nt i h 1 1 r.-mr -f Tonri .!
Btniiilllu, Valencia, S'M.'inri uii Siei
ra t'oiinfiec. '
De.d ..od G ld, Sijwr a- d Topp.
Mining Ppipb-tjoK in N.'-w M -xnn,
ii2 Parlor Salo3r?
Tom Murphy. Ff.(
Haw JjJj3 IVSIson
Lest Sis Job.
About a month bro there was pub
lished in the Advocate an article
headed "When Judge Wilson Came to
Hiilsboro," which proved of much in
t;restto old- imers through ut this sec
tion. Judge WilBon held the-first term
of court in the new county of Sierra
in th.- fall of 1SS4. A. J. Loornis. the
verastik-editor of the Santa Fc I?H!e(
Baw the article which he published in
.full, and pub'ished the following Btory
of how Judge Will. on lost hia job:
"But far a lit le mistake Judge Wil
son made wi en he came to New Mex
ico, fee might have served a four year
term as judge of the third district.
Cleveland did not move swiftly in the
removal of judges oil account of poli
tics, but removal for cau e came as
thunderbolt from a clear sky, and
they usually came by wire.
"Judge Wduon wan a great admirtr
of ladies, particularly handsome .and
shapely on s, arid so it happened when
ha came to ISLw Mexico ho brought
along a handsome "niece," whom he
iiitioduced to many of the good people
of Silver City. One unlucky day in
April, 1885, about a mo th after the
inaugurati n of Cleveland, Judge Wil
son took hia "niece" to Hudson Hot
stirinirs. then owned by "Uncle Di k
Hudson. The judge introduced the
niece" to rs. Hudson, and there is
where "Uncle Dick" balked. The story
was told in the oflicesof both the En
terprise and the Sentinel atSilver City,
but the Enterprise, being a republican
newspaper, did not care to mention the
matter, and the -'entinel, which was
democratic, but which was partly own
ed by 'an attorney of Silver City, now
dead, did not appear to oe anxious to
take up the fiit against the judge of
the distr'ct. T"Uncle Hick" grew furi
ous at the lack of interest taken by the
Silver City publishers, and came to
Deming and told the whole story to
the then editor of the Daily Headlight,
and who i now the editor of the Ea. le.
The next day pppeired an article ex
posing the whole matter and this was
followed every day by an article on the
subject and the papers, with affidavits
to substintiate the statements, were
sent to thedepar'mint at Washington.
Twentv-nine dyys sfter the first article
npp-nred, Judge Wilson was removed
and Judge Fleming, pf Kentucky, was
Appointed. The country was too wild
for Jii''ge Flm ing, and he resigned
after holding one term of court in the
district, and Jujlge Henderson was ap
pointed to fill the vacancy.
" udge 'Wilson was much chagrined
at his removal and stated that he came
to New Mexico to preside on the bench
and not to teach people morals."
Hcrrib'o Hodag Sn Hew
(El Paso Times)
The Phoenix Republican is somewhat
agitated over the fact that a genuine
hodag ha- been reported in New Mex;
ico of a variety different to the side
hill hodag indigenous to the state of
Arizona. The Arizona paper also
doubts J.hfj au'hentjcity ct the repoit-elM-w
Mexico find, and insists that
while the o igmal variety of hodipf was
first seen in Ne v Mexico, it extended
its envoironnent3 well into Arizona
a d but one species is known to exi t
1 ht Republi.-an says;
Under he title of "The Hodag ot
i U " Wi'.oper," n exchange print-
ccjo-ry of one of the strange animals
in the salt marshes of New M xico.
feo far as tiisco-vertng a hodug or .sever
al hodags in New Mexico is concerned,
tha exchange is all right but when it
takes the word of a half witted old
trapper for the plans and sppcationB
of the animal, it oversteps the bounds
of veiaclty. The hoJag was originally
discovered in New Mexico, and later
found in large numbers in Arizona. I1
has yet eluded capture .until tJ,e W"
trapper in question caught on. j2t
he neglects to produce a hide or tefth
to prove his nsstrtiona. The old trap
per, who claims to be a "pard ot
Kit Carson; is experienced in the use
.wf every weapon from the latest auto
matic rifle to the primitive bow at jf.
arrows of the Indians He says bo
himself. Ke uUo ui te Jikfcly to be
skilled in the use of the "long bow.V
The description of the hodag ia en
tirely too fanciful to ring true. Ke
has too many frills. It will be remem
bered that the Arizona species was
j ist awful and no more. No one was
ever venturesome enough to stop to
verify certain suspicions about tie
hodag's general apprara ce, bo these
who have ( aught glimpses of the ani
mal have contented themselves with
either Baying it was simply awful or
stretching' out aflck of imaginary
f tcts, supplied by a min4 scared blank
of any real data. Old Man Daley's de-
bc -iption of the beast ia as follows:
"I have trapped around this co intry
for forty years. Kit Carson and I
were partners for many years, and I
am still in the business, but goldarn
it if this isn't the first one of the dingr
basttd critters I ever saw. Its head is
something like that of the African ant
eater, pictures of which animal I have
seen . It has a very long nose and
long tongue and ears covered with lit
tle scales.
"The eyes of the critter are large
and fiery, and the skin arouud the eyes
is red. It teeth are long, and it has
four big tusks. It is covered with
coarse brown hair which lies to the
right, down the mountain side. Its
tad is covered with long gray hair up
to about J.o inches from the end, when
it becomes a sharp horn. It probably
use9 this as a weapon if attacked from
behind, for the critter's long and bh&rt
lis prevent it from turning around to
"There's somethingremarkable about
its feet Each foot h three claws in
front and three behind and a double
heel right in the middle. From his
tracks you C8n,'fc tell whether he ia
coming cr going, b'gosh!','
Walter Darr, constable for this pre
cinct, arreste I two young fellows who
ha 1 from Kansas. Tuesday evening for
the alleged theft of a black horse and
buckboard at Belen.
They gave their names a McFarland
and I landers and their ages as 18.
It seems that they h ive been traveling
through the state, and getti ig tired of
walking).lie supposition is that they
appropriated the rig to make sightsee
i i ; easier.
f ' ' I.. 4 Vw
llht.t. wi...i ... . ... - .
swapped the black horse to L"uis Lo
pez near San Antonio for a gray and
five dollars to boot. When caught they
were driving the gray. Within eight
hours afcer Shtriff James received
word of the theft they were under ar
rest. Sheriff lara ?a came down from So
orro Tuday evening to receive the
nriaonors and took them up to Socorro
Wednesday afternoon whe e they will
e turned over to the sheriff from Va
I ;nbin county where the crime wf
comuiitted. Sail Marcial Standard.
I a Vvo uruvx't account of tie dis-

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