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W. O. THOMPSON, Proprietor.
The Sierra County Advoeute i entered
the i'oct' Office at Ilillsboro, Sierra
County,'' New Mexico, for trancmiSHion
rhrounh the U S. Mailt), as Heron d :Iuhh
matter. " . " ' " "
t .herra county advocate
mpartially Devoted to the Best Inter
ereata of Sierra County and the Ter
,4tory tf New Mexieo.
' The Palomas Kprinps correspondent
kss y.ern engaged in fighting windmills,
"tt'nd' "doing vanous other things, which
' has prevented reporting the doings in
' this busy little town.
Our school house, (being built by
subscription), is moving along rapidly,
and unless something happens to delay
the work, will soon be completed.
Other . buildirgs going "up ere, Mr.
Graham's two rooms adjoining the
baiber shop. ' ' ' .
Mr. Dallcn, a hotel on the location
adjoining J. D. All-up's store room.
An adobe cot tage, by Mr. Nickers m
V Garfield. .
Ail' adobe coHnge for Mrs. Mayber
ry of Mesilla Park.
Mr. Barrett is putting up quite an
extensive budding of adobes. .
Fount Sullivan is putting up a frarna
house. "
Mrs. Casey, of Hotel Casey, has
built a comfortable porch, and other
wise added to the beauty and conven
ience of her houHe.
Leandor Armijo is putting up an
ado' e building to be used as a store.
Leander has faith enough in the
'future of our town to icave Palomaa
and come here. '''
Mr. Green is building a corral, and al
ijo an adebe house,
Times are considered very dull here
for this time of the year; verv few
people here, and not very much busi
ness but the fact that with all the
Jack of business, people are spending
their money so freely, building up the
town, it shows that they have confi
dence in the future.
J. M. Ruiz has rented the BeriChavPi
house and has a very neat and attract
ive stock tpf (?:ods, which are fresh
and gooii, with a very attractive price
which appeals to the pocket-book.
Mr Garrett, who has been living on
his ranch on Cuchilio ere k, will wove
his family in this week.' " Mr. Garrett
is the deputy eheruT of this place.' '
, Messrs. Sullivan and Gardnier came
to town with a' '.we'll drill Saturday.
Mr. Vorhis is going ; to have a well
drilled on his place, thinking he may
be able to strike the vein of hot water,
in case he does, Ji will at once pro
ceed to rival the Hot Springs of Ar
kansas. Anything that means success
for Palomas Springs will be welcome.
Quite a number of HilUboro people
have visited thS Springs, some only
p-issing by, but we were- pleased to
sne them. ;
Mrs. W. C. Kendall spent a week
, John Disinger mad his first trip to
Elephant Butt., stopping over at the
Spring. Frank Keller and W. C.
Kendall went through to Elephant
Butte. ;
Oscar B. Wood and son Worden,
were two weeks with Mrs. L. H. Wor
den. Mr. Wood taking the baths, and
little Worden Wood winning the hearts
of all.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rau and little
Max spent a week enjoying the baths.
Guy McPherson brought down a
load of apples from Hill boro and
marketed them qu;te successfully.
r ro M n rA q Innn 1Vf com
pelled to return, finding his rheuma
tism coming back.
Mr. Thaxton of Las Cruees, also re
turned, finding the cure not quite com
plete. Mr VanderMlt brought Mr. Hart in
from I.a Cruces. Mr. Hart is quite
helpless with rheumatism.
The people of the Spri- gs have been
holdirg meetings for the past few
weeks trying to organize, or come to
some undvrstanding about the proper
manner of putting the Springs in a
more sanitary condition. The old say
ing, "everybody's business is nobody's
business," has be:n prrvcl We very
xnuch need a health officer empowered i
to act, for there are some things here,
that are a disgra e to any place, and
nothing but thorough and vigorous ac
tion, will do. ' '
There is also a movement on foot to
appoint a peace officer, to take care of
the drunken men, to be paid by sub
scription. It looks very much as though
Palonas Springs ,was coming to the
front.-' i , " ' k ,
Mr, W. Graham has bought the mid
dle of-the-road corral, and i.ow has Lis
horses and cows nicely housi . d. "
Mr. Van Winkle, of the firn of Van
Wjnkle & Allsup, ' is here from the
eastern part of the state looking over
his business.
' Mr. George Luihern 'of Organ City,
is back taking the baths. ' .
Elizabeth Kinney f.nd Carolyn Beals
celebrated the end of theirflrst month's
teaching by a visit' ''ho. ne. Mr and
Mrs. Horn-find 'Mibs McLean accom
panied Miss Caroyn to tnj top of the
divide on he return to D.vyer. It is
hardly necessary to say who accom
panied Miss Elisabeth to K.-iston.
N. S. Finch s fixing up hi new
ranch st the junction of the Jariosa
with the Berenda.
Mrs. M. M. McKinney accompained
Air, and Mrs. L. K. Fisher to Douglas
where she will visit her sou "Billy,"
and her niece, Ollij Kicketson- organ
Tho party was to stop over a day wiih
Mrs. Ricketson in ..esilla Park. Mrs.
Chas. McKinney cares for Ar. M. M.
McKinney's nouse while the latter is
gone. ' '
Nunn and Latham ure negotiating
for the Barksdale cattle and ranches.
The Barksdales ish lo go to the Itn
perial Valley, Califon. a.
Mrs. W. W. Corner of Terning, spent
the week end with her sister, Mrs.
Allen Falconer of Magclalena, came
in last week, staved oyer night, trans
acts Lcrr.e business, returning home
Friday. He was accompanied as lar
as Magdalena by General Quinby Vance.
The General, who has been filing for
Some time, went to El Paso to . onsult
a physician; from the Pass City he will
go east to try a chai.ge of climate.
Westy Petersen, went to El Faso
two weeks ago to be treated for what
ho believed a s'mple ailment, but was
oblige' -o undergo an operation of
rather u serious nature, and his im i.y
friends are anxiously a vaiting results.
Raymond Schmidt was the victim of
a somewhat painful ccident. In jump
in off a fence, his boot heel caught,
and he was thrown violently to ths
ground, dislocat ng hi3 wrist. Hairy
Reilley was sent for and ho soon plac
ed the injured member back' in pi ice.
As a practioner, Harry is achieveing
quite a reputation, . this being the
fourth case of a similar nature he has
successfully treated.
The school will b. gin a week from to
day We expect the Reilley family to move
into town this week.
Mrs. F. H. Winston and niece will
leave on Wednesday. Luta will attend
school again this wi iter. C. B. Hull
inger will take them to the railroad in
hi- car.
IVi (tttnieiit of the Interior.
U. S. Liuui OIHoe at, Lna Orucen, N, M.
Se pt. 5,
NOTICE is herebv ivtm that JERRY
D. Al'O'nf'A, f ('uetiillo. N. M., wIm. on
Aajn-it . 21t, 1911. made II iinmt, ml E ttrv
i m:m t tss'XEu ho. zi.swjj'NWK;
NWiSWii, S-ciiiin 22. T twnauip 13, S.
Italian ( W ., N. M. V. Meridian, him tiled
noliee of intention t iivilte t'mni Cim
mnt Ht i ti Proof, to establish claim to the land
noove dHcriled, before Phili S. Kellev,
U. S. Comniissi'iner, nt. Ilillsboro. N. M.,
on Ilie'JUh (lav of lctober, W.i.
Claimant imute nrf witnesses:
Swalln O 7,lon, CnuM 1 , N. M.
IU iridion Tafova, f Cnehiil , N, M.
FredU. T rres, of Cuchilio, N M.
Nesior Padilia. of Cuehillo, . M.
t irxt nuu. epu
Depart mHiit of the Interior,
TJ. S. Laud i ftl at L' Or aces, N. M
Sept. 5. lJll.
NOTICE ! hereby tfivmt 'hat M RTIN
M1UNDA, if lem.Mt, N. M., wh . on
A'lu'ist 1. 1910. tende HomiNteHd Entrv
Nn. 04X2. for KBsi'Sli See. 11, (iWW
N, 4-WVi, S-etion 12, 'rownnhip IS h.
R.iutfe 8 W N. M. 1'. Mh idia , a tiled
notice of intention mal.e Filinl Tliree
Year Proof, to fntabbxli claim to the land
nb,.ve dcribed. before Philip S. Kellev
V. S. Commissioner, Ht HilMxe-o, N M,
on the SUndday "f Oet be-, ;
Cliiiniant nai:ie as wi iifsi f
leotilo linen, of CucliHIo, X. M.
l.eop .'it Hone ') f 'ueliillo, V.
rlabriel M in- d '. of Herinosii, N M.
T. A, S.atur, of He. in--a, v. M.
First pob. Sept. 12-13.
Serial 08472.
Department of the Inte-ior,
United States Land Office,
Las Cruces, New Mexico,
June 6, I9l:i.
THAT the State of New Mexico, un-
l . 1 I .:.. . . P fha act ft I 'nn-
gre s approved June 2'J. 1910, has made
......i:...:,. .k f,l'oii;incr-HeBcribed
u:.ppronriated, unreserved and noh
mineral public lands:
All of Sections 21, 22 and 23 T. 16
S., K. 2 V., N..M P. M. ;
i he purpose of this notice is to al
low all persons cl dining the land ad
versely, or desiring toshowit to be min
eral in character, un opportunity to file
objection to such location or selection
with the Register and Receiver of the
limited tates Land Office, at Las Cru
ces, New Mexico, and toestabli h their
interest therein, or the mineral charact
er thereof., , jo-gonzalE3i
First pub. June 20-13 ( Btms
Send No. 08456.
Dep rtment of the Interior,
I nited States Land ffice,
Las Cruces New Mexico,
Noti' e is hereby given that the State
of .New Mexico, umler and by virtue
of the Act of Congress approved J ne
20. 1910, has made application for the
foiiowing-de crib' d unappropri .ted, un
reserved and nonmi eral public lands,
for the benefit of the Agr. cultural Col
lege: - E4 Sec. 25, T. 14 S., R- 4 E., N. M.
P."V, ,
Lots' 1, VSNE'i.'N'SE'i Sec. 1,
T. 15, S., 11. 4 k, N M. P. M.
The nurnose of this notice is to allow
all persons claiming the land adv r3ely,
or desiring tcr show it to be mineral in
character, an opportunity to file ob
jection to such location or selection
with the Register and Receiver of the
United States Land Office, at La' Cru
ces, New Mexico, arid to establish
their interest therein, or the mineral
character thereof.
- , Register
First pu'. June 13-13 ' 5tms
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office t Las Crnces, New
Mexico, June 5, 1913
NOTICE is hereby given that ROB
boro, New Mexico, who, on July 1,
1!10, made Homestead Entry No.
04544, for N'aNE'j, Section 30, Town
ship 15 S, Range 5 W., N. M. P. Me
ridian, has filed notice of intention to
make Final Three Y. ar Proof, to estab
lish claim to the 'land above described,
before Philip S". K Hey, U. S.Commi
sioner, at Ilillsboro, New Mexico, on
the 24th day of July, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
John Opgenorth, of Hillsooro, New
M' xico.
Joseph B. Badger, of Ilillsboro, New
Neil Sullivan, of Hillsboro, New
F.vM. Bojorquez, of Arrey, New
First pub. June 13-13
. Attorney-at-Law,
Will attend all the Courts io Sierra Coun
". ty and the 3rd Judicial District.
Agriculture Forest Service
For Care With Fire in the
If every member of the pub
lic strictly observe these
simpl- rules, the great an
nual loss by Forest Fires
would be reduced to a
1. Be sure your match is
oat b 'fore you throw it away.
2. -Knock out yo ir pipe
ashes or throw your cigar or
cigare-tie stump where there
is n thing to catch fire. ' "'.. ;
3 Don't buiiu a camp u'e
any larger than'" is absolutely
necessary. Nver leave it
even for a short time without
p tting it OUT with water or
4 Oo'i't build a camp fire
againt a tree or log. Boil 1 ;
Mliall one w'l rr. o t car.
set" pe vv y 'he nc .ih s
leaves or g s I li .sid s
o it
6. Don't build ho fi
The wind mny ou
tline and start a Tuc you uu-i
lake Valley, Ilillsboro ami Kingston
Stage makes close conrietions with all trains to and from
Lake Valley and Hillsboro and other points. Good horsej.
New and comfortable hacks and coaches.
j You $eed a Tonic
There are times m every woman's life when she
needs a 'tonic to help her over the r hard places.
Whereat time conies to you, you know what tonis
to take Cardul, the woman's tonic. Ca'rdui is com
posed of purely vegetable: ingredients, -which: act
gently, yet surely, oh the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build them back to strength and health.
It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak,
ailing women in its' past half century of wonderful
success, and it will do the same for you. , , ' ,
You can't make a mistake in taking
The "'Woman's Tonic
Miss Amelia Wjlson, R. F. D. No. 4, Alma, Ark.,
says: "I think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth,
for women. Before I began to take Cardui, I was
so weak and nervous, and' had such awful dizzy
spells and apoor appetite. Now I feel as well and
as strong as 1 ever 'did, and can eat most anything."
Begin taking Cardui today,. Sold by all dealers. :
Wnc llAlnA1 ThnnssjfiTSfL
not control.
6.If you discover a fire,
put it ou; if possible; if you
can't, get word of it to the
nearest U. S. Forest Ranger
or State fire;' Warden just as
quickly as you possibly can.
United States Department of
When you have nnal proof notices,
to be published, don't forget that the
Sierra County Advocate has publish
er such notices forthe past thirty years,
and will do tho work as cheaply and
correctly a3 any one else.
Cuando V. tenga que dar pruebas fi
nales, u otros avisos de legalidad para
serublicados.no olvide que el Sierra
Countx Advocate las ha publicado por
treinta a.'.os y, hace el trabajo tan ba
rato y correctocomo cual qui r otro.
Mr. Jerome Sedillo,' hunter, tradf
and trapper; k Her of lions, bears ar
wildcats. Coyotes, Wolves, ' skunks
Dec. 6-12 6m. Adv.
Location blanke, botb lodf an
placer, also proof of labor bla k
for sale at this office
Why? Because it Prints "
DAY, and Lots of it.
And because it is inde
pendent in politics and
wears the collar of no po
litical party
.4 Trace Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Aryon Mending ft Bketrh and doscrtntlon mil?
qn1".K(T Rrlnlii our opinion frea whther aa
invention la iirohnbly puten.uble. ConimunifNi.
llnniiatrlctlyroiiilileiitlHl. HfiHUBOOK on 'ntnnti
ii:t frei. Ol.i.'flt niznnry for sci-uniitr piilents.
l'.ilcnts Iksmi tliroueh !umi A Cu. rec-elrc
wyi I'M tt.M .i t. ' i IH.'SII. .:ti.i n.-o, lit IIIQ
f arrest ctr-
Wagons Repaired.
Hillsboro. New Ilex.
Very SericSs
for one medicine aiid 'ha j
wrone one riven von. ff
x; , 1
reason we urge you in buying tv J
be careful to get the genuine gf ii
0 The reputation cf this old, reUa- ff
13 fcle medicine, for constipatoh, in- ii
i digestion and liver trouble. 1 fi
ly established. It docs not imitate 3
other medicines. It is better tl;an p
others, or it would not be the fa- K
vonte Uver powder, vn'th a larcer h
aa!e tten :, r, ,. s- d. '
0U N 0W14 : F2
IS ' w If I I r i--i

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