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Estancia; N. M., Dec. 10, 1919.
The assessor or hid Hflnntv will visit ths several precincts of Torrance
county on the dates stated below, for the purpose of receiving the returns
of property for the year 1920.
All taxpayers are earnestly, requested to meet the assessor at the
nearest point and make a personal rendition of their property, which will
be more satisfactory than by mailing to the office of tne assessor.
1 Tajique
1 17 Jaramillo
9 Palma
14 Lucy
6 Willard
21 X-Ray
Monday and Tuesday Jan. 12-13
3 Manzano
6 Punta
13 Abo
Thursday "
Friday , "
Saturday "
Monday and Tuesday "
Wednesday "
Thursday , "
Friday "
Saturday "
Monday and Tuesday "
Wednesday forenoon "
Thursday "
Friday and Saturday "
. Monday and Tuesday Feb,
Wednesday "
Thursday "
Wednesday afternoon "
Friday "
Saturday "
Monday and Tuesday "
Wednesday "
Thursday "
Friday "
19- 20
20- 27
January and February
8 Moriarty Equity Store
D. D. Shaw's Store
Z. V. Gordon's House
Willie Dow's Store
Walter F. Martin's
G. W. Bond Bros.
J. G. Shelton's Store
E. A. Mattingly's Store
Howell Grocery Co.
21 Mountainair John Cummiford
15" Mountainair Office of R. L. Shaw
10 Duran M. S. Sanchez & Bro.
20 Varney Jno. T. Kimmons
18 Cedarvale Hanlon Mercantile
21 Gran Quivira Lum Fulfer
11 Pinos Wells R. S. Garcia & Co.
11 Progresso C. M. Pearce's Store
Store Juan C. Jaramillo
Store Nestor Candelaria
J. S. Keller's House
B. B. Spencer's House
Donaciano Aragón
Court Hntina
It is the duty of everv inhabitant of the state, of full age and sound
mind to make a list of all property subject to taxation of which he is
the owner or has control or management, in the county where the same
is situate on the first dav of January of the current year, but in no case
lis he to fix the value of such property or any portion thereof, except
the average value of merchandise for the year ending December 31, 1919.
Such list must show, in the case of real estate, a description thereof
Isuch as would be sufficient in a deed to identify it so that title thereto
would pass.
Such list must contain a detailed statement of all personal property.
including the average value of merchandise for the year ending December
h31, 1919.
All cattle, horses and other live stock, except sneep ana goats, snail
be assessed for purposes of taxation in the county where same are found
on the first day of January of oach year. Sheep and goats shall be as
sessed for purposes of taxation in the county where same are found on
the first day of May of each year, and the owner of such sheep and goats
shall make and deliver a list thereof on or before the fifteenth day of
May of each year.
Such list must be verified by the affidavit ot tne party making same.
If any person fails to render a true and complete list of his proper
ty, "the assessor must make such list according to the best information
that can be obtained, and such person is liable toa penalty of twenty-five
per centuni: and any person who knowincrly makes a talse or defective
list of his property is liable to a penalty of twenty-five per centum, and
shall be deemed guilty of perjury and shall be punished accordingly. A
penalty of 25 per cent as provided by law will be added to all tax re
turns received after the last day of February, current year.
An exemption of $200 is allowed to a head of a family, a bona fide
resident of Torrance county. Such ?200 must be deducted from the full
cash value of his property, and assessment made on remaining amount.
An exemption of two thousand dollars will be allowed all residents
who have served in the army, navy or marine corps of the United States
in time of war, and their widows, upon presentation of an honorable discharge.
The personal return of your property with the Bssessor when m your
precinct will be found advantageous tó all concerned ahd greatly facilitate
the work in the assessor's office.
Very respecetfully yours,
Asessor Torrance County.
By FRANK E. BURKHALTER schools and hospitals on the foreign
Are you used to thinking of wo- fields; training women and children
mail's part in church work as mere-' of foreign birth in the English lan
ly that of going to Sunday School, : guage, Americanism and the Cbris
pniyer meeting and preaching serv-'tian religion; maintenance of Good
ce?, giving pink teas occasionally Will Centers in the crowded tene
in honor of distinguished visitors. 1 ment sections of the cities and in
and a chicken or oyster supper now the. mining districts with a view to
and then to raise funds for a new reaching the mothers and children
hint of clothes for the poorly-paid with a message of cleanliness, en
pastor? I lifthtenment and Christian love; and
If so, probably you have not been ( various other forms of Christian
to c hurch recently. : work.
Since the Southern Baptist wo-; For instance, the Woman's Train-! lished the Kathleen Mallory Hos-
men besan their organized work ing School of Louisville, Ky., which ! pltal at Laichowfu, Shantung, China,
through tiie Woman's Missionary , lias for its object tbe training of j In appreciation of the services of
I'nion they have contributed more young women in all branches of Miss Mallory, a native of Alabama,
tlnn ?5. 000.1100 in cash to the vari- Christian service, is fostered by the . as the general corresponding secre
ou.s causes fostered by the denioiii- ttuptist women of the South as a i tary of the Woman's Missionary
nation, and when the value of boxes lióle, as are the Margaret Fund ! Union; those of South Carolina
mountainous section of that state,
have provided a girls' school at
Kuinamoto, Japan, and have launch
ed a campaign for the erection of
the Catherine Bryan Normal Scbpql
at Shanghai, China, for training
kindergarten and other school teach
ers, in recognition and appreciation
of the services of Miss Catherine
Bryan, educational missionary in
charge of the kindergarten work at
Women of Alabama have estab-
maintain Long Creek Academy, an
Institution for girls and have estab
lished a domestic science depart
ment in Morris College, an institu
tion maintained by the Negro Bap
tists; those of Illinois carry on spe
cial work among the Lithuanians
tlv'y have made up for orphan chil- established for the purpose of pro
dre:i and other benevolent causes is ' viding education in Baptist colleges
a ided their total contributions reach i for the children of foreign mission
t :e sum of 5.710.433.71. i aries on fields where ample educa-
Knrouraae'l by the general spirit tional facilities in English are not
of the lijptist 75 Million Campaign, 'available and the Fannie E. S.
however, the women gladly assumed Hock Memorial, which Is a loan
the task of raising $15.000,000 dur- fund for aiding weak but worthy 1 and other peoples of foreign birth in
ii3 the next five years, or one-fifth ( .lurches in building adequate tnat state Baptist women becom
th" total sum sought in the cam- houses of worship. In addition to i lnS "friends" In a special way to
p .-n, and their leaders have no the Fannie E. S. Heck Memorial, : tn various foreign-born women in
doubt that they will raise every cent which is supported by all the South-! "leir midst and thus seek to help
of this amount and more. ern Baptist women, a large number ' tllem along general as well as re-
Ar.d the women's part of the of special memorials are maintain-, "gloug lines and similar work is
money is going to be raised through ed by the women of the individual i done by the women of Florida in the
the hard work, earnings and sacri- states, the proceeds of these me-' Cuban and Italian missions In
fices of the women themselves and moríais likewise going to aid weak i Tampa.
not through sums contributed by churches in erecting houses of war-1 In Maryland, the chief work is
tho men of their families. ship. Georgia leads In the numjier done at Baltimore, where the Good
Legitimate Giving Will -Raise Fund, of memorials with 82, while South j Will Center enables the workers to
NVr are the women going to de- Carolina is a close second, with 80. 1 reach all classes and kinds of peo
pand upon church suppers, fairs, ba-1 Throughout the South each year ! pie. The Daily Vacation Bible
mars, ice cream socials, pink teas the women take a Christmas offer- j School forms a connecting link be
and things of that kind, to assist itig for the Lottie Moon Fund, ! tween the work of the spring and
them in their undertaking; All such which is applied to missions in i fall at that place.
maulóos oi raising money for relig- ( Ulna, while the annual thank of
ious purposes are frowned upon by fering, taken in the spring, goes to
tho leaders of the Woman's Mission- the Home Mission Schools in the
ary I'nion. Instead, the women will mountains of the South. Already,
work, sacrifice and save in 'order the Baptist women of the Southern
that they may during the next five Baptist Convention, through the
years give $15,000,000 to the ad channels of their organization, have
vancement of the Kingdom of God tiven $2.995,492.22 to foreign mis
in the world through larger contri- sions and $1,824,072.43 to home mis
buttons to foreign, home and state Uons. The total value of the per
missions, Christian education, hos- nianent property owned by the W.
pitáis, orphanages, ministerial reüif M I'., including the Baltimore head-
'.tinners and the training school at
1 o-iisville, is in excess of $300,000.
Build Hospitals and Schoolj.
Indicative of the character of work
While there is some support given
the Women's Training School, ope
rated at Fort Worth, Texas, in con
nection with the Southwestern Bap
tist Theological S minary, by the
women of other states of the South
west, the bulk of the money for the
maintenance of this institution
comc3 from the women of Texas.
Large Good Will centers are main
tain d in the mining districts of Ok
lahoma by the Baptist women of
that state, in the packing center
of Fort Worth by the women of
that city, and in the tenement sec
tions of Louisville and a number of
to assume the support of all wo
men missionary workers sent out
by the Foreign Mission Board of
the Southern Baptist Convention.
Aid Development of Young People,
But the women do not confine
themselves to gifts of money alone
They are doing a large educational
work and contributing much to the
development of the children and
young people of the homeland in
the various Christian graces and In
personal lervlce.
The chief aims of the W. M. U.
for the current year are set forth
as follows:
"Individual and united prayer,
regular Bible and mission study,
systematic and proportionate giv
ing, and organized personal serv
ice. Grateful to God for His mani
fold blessings, and desirous of
knowing God better, we again de
clare ourselves on the side of these
forces which make for righteous
ness, standing for patriotism, sup
porting national prohibition, main
taining Sabbath observance, keep
ing the home Inviolate, urging a
general re-establlshmcnt of the
family altar, and assisting Ameri
canization, better industrial condi
tions as regards women and chil
dren, public health, education and
purity of life."
In the program of personal serv
Bible Schools in the rural "sot-Cons
mission Sunday Schools, neighbor
hoed Bible classes and Honieinak
ers' Clubs."
Personal Service Given tP Many,
To afford the students of the
Women's Training School at Louis !
vilie practical training In personal
service a clinic or laboratory to
enable them to put into practice the
theory which they get in tho class
room, as well as provide a center,
of Inspiration and neighborly help Í
fulness to that part of the city, tbe
Good Will Center established in
1912 by the training school has ac
complished large results. Reports
for the past year show an average
attendance at the Good Will Center i
Sunday School of 94, at the Friend- j
ly Circle 37, prayer services 42,!
story hour 29, Victory Boys' Club!
19, Victory Girls' Club 8, Blossom
Shop IS. Camp Fire Girls 21, and
Blue Bird Club 32. Library trans
fers given numbered 1690, the
number of music lessons given was
116 and the number of baths given
The students did a larga amount
of hospital visiting, where Bibles
and religions literature were dis
tributed and personal work done,
winie orner personal service was
carried on at seven different Bap
tist churches of the c;ty, the Good
í i
3 O C-,
o r
c 5"
f "2
n "
5 O.
s c
Ice for this year the women adopted Wi" tn,er pttleme.il a id Cab-
hich the r,en of the several j other large cities of the South by'p d s 0I ' n s,e
if are doing independently of I the women of those cities. In many ! raise tho arta,i n, i,.i,h . ' nm,,8,
and other equally deserv
Every Good Cause Is A'de-J.
Kvery missionary, educational and
benevolent work, local and so-.er..!.
carried on by Southern Baptists Is
supported liberally by the womwi. the general organization and of the ! of the states the women are support
but ,n a number of states they, as- other states, those of Georgia were ! ing missionary workers on foreign
sume, In addition, suc.it isks as the largely instrumental in the erection fields, providing scholarships for
XZ , "P , E,,fOT the r'f a hoipltal for women at Hwan- j young women preparing themselves
training of women for Christian ser- ghlen. China, of which Dr. T. W. ; for this character of work and oth
v.ce as missionaries, Sunday School Ay, ,-., I, the superintendent; they 1 erwise promoting the cause of Chris
experts denotes, district and buil, and maintain the Mary P. Wil-' tian missions at home and abroad
genera mn, and the like; liaban, School at Blue Ridge, Ga It is the aim of the general To
support ot kindergartens, normal for the training of the girls of the , man's Missionary Union ultimately
the following resolution
' That we continue organized ef
fort to reach the oppressed and un
saved in our immediate localities.
Thatlo this end we. study tho state
and federal statutes relating to
health, employment of women and
children, and general public wel
fare, reporting lack of enforcement
to the proper authorities. That we
study the policies and methods of
missionary and social service or
ganizations, adapting those best
suited to our aim of preventing and
eradicating community evils and
making known the power of God
unto salvation. That we strive to
meet the needs of our soldiers, to
bage Patch, Wesley and Mr. Little's
Settlements. Home for Incurables,
Home for Friendless, Masonic Or
phans Homo City Hospital, Asso
ciated Charities, the Y. W. C. A.
and seven factories.
The total number of visits made
was 3.319, religious conversations
269, conversions G4, prayer services
5ol, Bibles and pieces of literature
distributed 1.757, missionary talks
made 35, Sunday School classes
taught 1.031, total average attend
ance 2,200 number clubs held 489,
and total average attendance 3,097.
The entire program of the 75 Mil
lion Campaign, in which the women
have assumed such a large part,
contemplates raising during the
nrav fn than. nJ I n
f:"' ' i" "eip next five years $75 OOO.COO to be an-
he Red Cross and our own denom- portioned as follows: Foreign mis
national agencies In efforts to re- j slons, n,0n0,C00; home missions,
habilitate the war-stricken coun-1 f ,2.ooo 000; state missions $11,000
Snes of Europe. ;000. Christian education ifnnnn.
"That we bend every effort to 000; hospitals, $4,8(10,000; orphan-
raise the standard of health in our
communities. That in cities of
5,000 and over we establish and
maintain Good Will Centers or a
number of Homcmakers' Clubs, in
dustrial schools and Daily Vacation
Bible Schools; that in the smaller
towns we conduct Homemakers'
Clubs, industrial schools, mission j tory Week, November 30-Decembtr
ounaay scnoois or uaily Vacation I 7th
! re
lief. $2.500,000. g
Cash and subscription " with
which to put over this program of
carrying the gospel and gospel In
stitutions to all parts o( the world
will be taken in every Baptist
church In the bounds of the South
ern Baptist Convention during Vic-
3 V!
ra o
S n
3 2
p O r o
5 r? n a
- , ra ra
52 "a
X 2 5
n ra
S 2 5' w
2. W is
3 S S 1
8 a T W
3' 3
re 3 a
? ra
i -
" o o S'
3- "
a t c 3
2. o
a 5 3
n w re
M ff K
The Turnor-Ficklin Post of the
American Legion held its election of
officers for the year 1920 in Es
tancia Monday night.
The following officers were elect
ed: Post Commander Dr. Jameson.
Vice Post Commander Mr. Ham
ilton. Post Adjutant W. H. Trentman.
Finance Officer R. Burrus. ! people seem to have forgotten that
Sergeant at Arms M. H. Fred-.there ever was a world war. The
members of the Legion must them
selves keep in their minds the mem-
It was decided that the regular I If' "7 T l uu ,
... .. - .. s i time and many their heath and
monthly meetings for the year would 'y,.m , -
Ua uJa . 1 ., ' -,lllves for the PeoP'e who so easily
Post Historian B. G. Wills.
be held the first Monday night of
each month at the county agent's
One thing which all
We paid the highest price for
men can readily see is that -'SBiSS?1'- Ut
MITCHELL-GRAHAM white crepe de chine and white furs.
On December 25th, 1919, at three The groom wore a suit of black.
P. M., Miss Lois Mitchell and Mr. I They were attended by Mr. and
Mark Graham were united in th4jMrs' Alfrcd Gunn'
holy bonds of matrimony. Thc Immediately after the ceremony
wedding was solemnized at the home , refreshments were served to a num
of the bride's parents, Mr. andMrs.bcr of guests.
A. J. Mitchell, at Cedarvale New At six o'clock in the evening the
Mexico, by Rev. Warren Graham, ' couPe 'eft for Topeka, Kansas, their
father of the groom. future home, where they have many
The bride looked very dainty in,f5iends 8nd reIatives to we,come
6 X-Ray
por la persona que la haga.
Asesor del Condado de Torrance.
Oil Cans Fire Shovels
Stove Pipe Elbows ,
Blue and Gray Enamelware
All at Bargain Prices
Get your delivery orders in early so
we can get them out early
ia-Phone No. 51
First Impressions.
Mrs. McPherson Gun yc lend me
bowl, Mrs. McNelah? I wlrlna list
like our new lodger to take his mr
rlth fra the pot for the first day
or two, Exchange. .
True Genius, '
How grnteful we are to the man of
the world who obeys the morale, as
lu humility, and In the obligation to
serve mankind. True genius always
hns these Inspirations Emersuu.

1 16 Mcintosh
1 19 Lucero
12 Encino
1 12 Neura
14 Pedernal
2 Torreón
4 Ciénega
7 Estancia
Estancia, N. M., Die. 10, 1919.
El asesor o su diputado visitarán los precintos de este condado en
Ilas fechas abajo mencionadas para tomar retornos de propriedad des por
el año 1920. Suplicamos que vea al asesor en el punto más satisfactorio
que enviar por correo a la oficina del asesor.
8 Moriarty
19 Lucero
1 Tajique
17 Jaramillo
12 Encino
9 Palma
12 Negra
14 Pedernal
14 Lucy
6 Willard
tienda de Equity Lunes y Martes En. 12-13
casa Z. V. Gordon Jueves " 15
tienda 'Wm. Dow Viernes " 16
casa Walter F. Martin Sábado " 17
tienda G. W. Bond Bros. Lunes y Martes " 19-20
estafeta Miércoles " 21
estafeta Jueves " 22
tienda J. G. Shelton Viernes " 23
tienda E. A. Mattingly Sábado " 24
tienda Howell Grocery Co. Martes y Lunes " 26-27
estafeta Miércoles A. M. " 28
6 Gran Quivira casa Lum Fulfer Miércoles P. M. " 28
15 Mountainair casa John Cumiford Jueves " 29
15 Mountainair oficina R. L. Shaw , Viernes y Sábado " 30-31
10 Duran tienda M. S. Sanchez & Bro! Lunes v Martes Feb. 2-3
20 Varney casa John T. Kimmons Miércoles " 4
18 Cedarvale tienda Hanlon Merc. Co. Jueves " 5
11 Pinos Wells tienda R. S. Garcia & Co. Viernes " 6
11 Progresso tienda C. M. Pearce Sábado " 7
2 Torreón tienda Juan C. Jaramillo Lunes y Martes " 9-10
3 Manzano tienda Néstor Candelaria Miércoles " 31
5 Punta casa J. S. Keller Jueves " 12
4 Ciénega casa B. B. Spencer Viernes " 13
13 Abo tienda Donaciano Araeron Sábado " 14
7 Estancia casa de cortes Enero y Febrero
Es deber de toda persona de edad lecral v mente sana An hacpr una
lista de propiedad sujeta a tasación de la cual el es dueño o tenca en ella
control ó manejo, pero no debe fijar valuación, excepto en mercancías,
promediando la misma por el fin del año 1919.
Dicha lista debe dar, en caso de bienes raíces, una descrinción canaz
para identificar la propiedad suficiente a buen titulo.
Tal- lista debe dar un imforme detallado de pronriedad nersonal. in.
cluyendo valuación de mercancías a fin del año 1919.
Keces, caballos y otros ganados, excepto oveias v cabras serán asesados
par fines de tasación el dia primero de cada año. Oveias v cabras serán
asesadas para el mismo fin el dia 1ro de Mayo cada año, el dueño de
ovejas y cauras acoe nacer y entregar una lista de dichas cabras y ovejas
en ó antes del dia 15 de Mayo cada año. Tal lista Hehe
Cuando una persona falta a hacer una correcta v eomnlet.n lista Ho
su propiedad, el asesor la hará coniforme a la mejor imfqrmación obten
ible, añadirá una pena dé 25 norciento. El oue a sabiendas hiciere una
lista falsa o defectiva, queda sujeto a 25 porciento de pena, y al hallarse
culpable de perjurio será castigado comforme a lev. Una
ciento se andira a los retornos recibid después del dia ultimo de Feb
rero del corriente año. Una exención de $200 es permitida a reseidentes
activos, cuando son cabeza de familia, dicha reducción sera substraída del
total aseso.
Una exención de das mil pesos sera rebajada a la tnrW 1n SnM.Jn.
que ha servido en el ejercito, navios ó marina de los Estados Unidos en
tiempo de guerra, y sus vindas, en presentación de un discargo honorable.
Haga su rendición personal cuando el asesor visite su nrpclnto. v aBra
mas ventajoso y conveniente para todos.

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