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Kl! I HAY. JA NI A HY .n. lV'.i.
boc is the bed ted. A
rightly modeled H MM
.mis more comfortable but mo
i isling. Every nwt ovei which
In Mountainous Wilds, Surely
ld,tm- Herald: When I wm a boy
lilllie, Umg tillie ago, -*hog killin!*'
lune hail moredun in fir nie than even
I Tn idiim*. ami uf till the bill of fiedi
men! I preformed brain*, su-ssed
hiain* :ne inure ilelii-ale am! delicious
than any article of f<Mid I imss recall,
luiagine my surprise when a Weal
Virginia lioii**ess ife recently Milli tu me:
"We didn't kimss they ssere lil tu eal
ami always throw them lu the chick?
ens*." Thin iu my mind ssa* simply
rcekle** ssa-Te.
I went into au-itbei Weil Virginia
.?..lintis hume the other day and build
the lady Incharge busy cutting h do
/vu nr nioie mee Iiiiiiih Into BUcea
Which ihe ssa*, t*.>111tr In fry mid then
poet iii Jaw and nisei with lani. I
Nuked liei 'why liol Minke them mut
hull them whole?" lo my lefouiah
uienl -lie -uni "-he never heard of a
Imiled ham in all lu r lite." And yel
I bene very people ssere. mee \T i fi ii ian*.,
amt thia munt) Imm windi I wrile
wa* part and panel nf the Did Domin?
ion. The idea nf nut having heanl nf
a Smithfield ham ami nut tu hase
lasted of one strikes me aa being mar*
vellona. Tn cul one of them info alicea
sshen freak am! then paek in lard
wt mid be coualdered aacrillgfoua. And
the sinitliileltl ia no better than Hume
I have eaten in the hume nf the lale
Mr Kdsvin Kdmundt*, in thal rd Mr.
Ju in Foster and scores of nther Prince
Edward boms*. The people of South?
side Virginia have mi ml ssclls hut
they are highly favored ol God. Tell
Ihein *o fm me ssiih ins love.
T'k.ss iii I i:
? loss lu ?rlr< I I'r.lr. I Wilora.
There are no tlasss in J. H. Lew il
On.'* "Wear-Resisters." An Inspector
examine** these shoe* at all different
dai*ei nf manufacture and mils Muss le**
material and work paaa, Ciel a pair ai
A I ( rall.'*, liofl dyle*.
How to I'm rill I'll.ii molli*-..
Vnu an* perhaps aware that pneu?
monia alwayn ie*iiit* from a enid or
fnun an attack nf la grippe. During
the epidemic of la grippe a fess- yeats
agu sshen bo many canes resulted in
pneumonia, it wai obeerved that the
attack wai never followed hy th.it
ili*ea*e ssiivn Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy ssa* used, lt counteracts ans
tendeucy nf a enid or la grippe in raeufl
in that daiiKenui* disease, lt i*. th.
beal remedy ni the world fur had enid*
and la grip's-. Every bottle warranted'
Km -ale hy Cunningham Drug Cn.
I nm. Sa 11-Kb rn iii anil Ki .rum.
The intern* itching ami smarting
ineidenl lo these (lise-ises, kt instantly
allayed by applying (Tiarnlierlain'M
Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very
had ia-.e*. have heen permanently mired
t.s it. ll w equally eilleient fur Helling
piles ami a favorite remedy I'"
nipples, iTiiipiied hand*, chilblain*,
frost lutes and chronic *nre eyes JKcta
pet box, Fur sale hy Cunningham A
Cu., Druggist*.
Hr. Cady's Cnnditlon Powders, are
just sshat a linnie needs when In had
condition. Tonie, hl<md purifier and
serini'iitfe. They are imt food hui
medicine and the lied in une tn put a
hume in prime onoditfon. Price '21
centa per package Fur sale hy Cun?
ningham .v Cu., Drugglata.
Nn healthy peraon need feat anv
dangerous consequences fruin an attack
nf la Ki'i|i|ie if properly treated, lt in
much the same as a severe enid and
requite* prei Isely the same treatment,
Remain quietly at home ami take
< TiainheHain's Cough Remedy m di?
rected for a severe enid and a pmttipt
and complete recovery i** -ure tn follow.
iii sale i.s Cunningham Drug Cn.
II ll lill I In I l?K HI...1.1 Illara....
* I ii iii ii lui i uk blOOd 'li- < iiileO.
Tilla ls nota theory, ll i? h feel. (Tue*, Hie
Iniii* iiniTe es ers oin.) , thotlKli Unsure not
. is ilus. The ren*.<iii ss liv -u muns
*uttei wit boat hope is because tb*] luise
ii.-eti so ofien Induced lo irs liupoealble rem*
liieitiHii ssim says tbal a blood dis*
.ii-r inn i.e cured by aloeal application oi
operation I* ? Ininti There I* I,lil one way :
Ilieljli.oil iiai-l li. purified. When Ilia! ls
riune the .n-eHhe disappears The best puri?
fier ls David's Saraparilla. Itdoes lb* work
when nthrr* fall. Kor Hale by Winston **
Iloul I'ouKli.
"There ls no better way to gel rid of your
temper tban tis keeping lt," mis-* hu ex
rhaiiKe. Home people seem to think that
n un rid of a bad cough In the Name
Keep your cough anti sun ss ni -ooh
ll nd lt necessary io keep sometblns sst.t-e.
Helter nts est a ? ? Hurter tu a bottle of David *
tough Hy rup tlie remedy that euri** sshru
otherafall. Fur-.nins WtnstonS Orar,
Waul* ?appi|-*4
If you ssant poatora,
If ynu ssant envelopes.
If ymi want hux label*,
If sim want hill heads,
If you want imte heads,
If smi want statements,
if ynu want show ennis,
if you ssanl letter benda?
ll ytiti ssant hank checks,
If you want programme*,
if y.ni want auction hills,
If you want falliM1: caul*,
If ynu waul shipping tags,
If y.ni want wedding cards,
If vmi ssant business cards.
If ynu want iuvitatl.ards.
If you want fondness wrapper*.
if ynu nant pamphlets printed,
11 you want job printing of any de?
scription done in tue bea! style am! at
''ruck bottom''prleea, call al the ..thee
of THU Kakmvii.i.i: HilKai.h.
I., i an ihi good thou doest lo man
ll I.e. HOI ll tl."!'!.
\ml lie ssill inure n tiu-lul..*! lin.
I li. moir thou Tn*! Im
I ><> il a- one ss lc k miss- ii mil,
lim rather like a ?lae,
11ml sent i.s year i.ri iu* fi ir! li ti* grape
Stet .aire* nut fol the wine.
A bone, sshen h.* in.- tun in- raes
\ dOg, sshen I in kell lite millie;
A nee, sshen it has hone) made
mi uni in.-a deeds proclaim.
at. then, iinil. like thr s lue.
linnie forth ss hut ls in Ihee;
ll I- Hiv Tuts tu bfl gOOd,
Ami mutt * lu honor Illl ??
.Nut a .-ase wa- iii Hie emili ty emit
Mi-. l,oiiis Jenkin*, nf Lynchburg,
i- visiting Mr* J. I*. Hart.
Mi H I Klain'-.i.iiditiun "? "iilinues
alsnit ihe-niue a- las! reported III these
The ti Y I'. I. villi luis.- a - ?? ni!
in their hall usn Kalda lu's slore to
night, Friday
A ness passenger slatiou fur Farm
vills- is as badly needed a* evei ssa*
anything sse know of.
Whs do sse alsiays think of BUCh
blight Hiing- fo say when the appor*
tiinity fur saying them has s aui-li-d .
Tlie lillie hud that can iiiik and
won'! sing is a gieat contrast tn tin
liiimaii heing ss Im canT ling, hut Will
Mi*- Mariruerile ( aimil, nf Norfolk,
who baa been visiting Misses Littleton
and tiarvie, returned to her hume la*t
lt is all very well In talk ol Hu* joy of
espectatfou, bul when the thing ex
peeted is tioiii,le thcie isn'i any lmw*
ling mirth in its anticipation.
<ln la*t Sunday iimming the Preaby
tel ian pulpit ssas tilled hy Kev. Hillary
Ricbardaon, uml in the evening hs
Hes. Chas H. Morton, of Brazil.
Ml? K*telle Smitliey, nf the Nnruial
rti-liiNil, ssas called away last Monday
hy a telegram announcing the serious
illiie-w of her brothel ssim i* a ininislei
in Hanover county.
As knight as Hie sunshineW Sunday
last ssas the smile un \he face nf nut
friend W. K. Davidson. Thc nen
comer al Imine was a gill, and both
mother and llaugbtei si elV get ling nu
Mi*. I. H. linkers ?n, who ha* been
in Richmond thc past six sseek*- un
deigning treatment at Si Luke*, is un
proving and it is hn|ieri she will be
anle tn return i" int Prince Kdward
home during early part of tbeeomiug
Mr. Maxwell Denman, chief derk in
Hie office of Majoi K. L. DuBarry, au*
pel in'" .lilellt nf the N'nrfnlk dlsisun nf
Hie Nofolk and Western railway al
Crewe, has tendered his resignatiun lu
lake effect St an early date lt iK iiii
dcrsttsjd tlitst the pnsltfoll will he lilied
hy Hie promotion uf a young mau who
ia now employed in the office of snothet
tlisismn bu perin tenden I nf thi* line.
If ynu are thinking nf getting a type
writer don't du it before consulting the
Williams agent. Then ate point*of
difference between the William* visihie
writer and all nther standard machines
which will commend il tu ymir favnr.
Indeed, sn rapidly i* the Williams
taking a Imld mi the hearts nf expert
stenographers and typewriter that in
mans Instances nther machine* oom*
paratlvely new are l>eing exchanged.
We read with nun h pleasure the
full cuiitext nf Mr. \\ H. Venable'*
?peech made at Hie annual ham-net nf
thc Hoard nf Trade nf Norfolk, li ssas
eloquent fruin sturt tn finish, and was
pul 'idieri fully in the Norfolk Virgin
ian-Pilot. Mr. Venahle, though re?
siding Hie pail four yean in Norfolk,
where he practices law, in a I'rince Ed?
ward hoy ami every one win offer him
ciiiigratiilatinn mi the signal MOCCes*
which he has achieved in that -Iiml
Have ymi had the Drip OT la Grippe?
nut much difference between Hiern.
Ami tbi*reminds ns nf a citlsen fnun
Hie "Free Slale" uf Luneuburg, Who
?OOM years agu applied lo Di*. Thack
Ston tn "extract" hi* tm.th, and when
tin* doctor had llni-died the relieved
man turned tn lum am! san): "Doctor,
du you call that extracting'.' If sn
d-li the ilitlereme Letween that
and nhl time pulling." Tbs doctor had
run upon one of tboae unusually tmigh
fellnsss and the fellnsv hail seen star*.
New Depot.
Mr. w. i*. Venahle recently circulat?
ed a petition among the I ms: ne*-.* men
nf Farmville, asking the aiitlmrities nf
ihe Norfolk and Western lu eied a
new passengei stat inn here. The peti?
tion ssa.s signed by every oos approach*
eil and iu res-muse tu it Hie genera'
managei nf the mail wrote a gratifying
letter, frmn which we may feel some
encouragement that the much needed
work will lie dune. The general mana?
ger said, however, thal he would mr
resjsind further with his petitioners mi
Ihe *llhiee!
The Soldiers Monument.
Ihe project which has heen in charge
of the Daughters of Hie Confederacy
tor several years to erect a monument
in lins place to the memory of our
Confederate dead, is lieing revived
afier a year of latent activity l'he
Daughter* and a few ex-Confederates
met in the council chamtier Tuesday
night pursuant to notice, ami plans
sseie discussed and linally adopted hs
which the rn.unum.eut fund will I-e
speedily 1 rn teased and Hie cnrner ktOOC
lani. At the proper time these plans
will lie made puhlic. Everybody
should lend a helping hand tn the
project, and with sympathy am! PO*
opentfon thc long delayed wurk siill
be pushed toapeedy completion
Buckingham Laments Them The
Wretched Mail Carrier - Personal.
SHI PP A ODS, Va..Jan. ls, ,90.
Editor Herald: The exceedingly
had weather ha* made ? ?? et stiling dull
around here. The rain makes the mails
muddy, ami muddy road* prevenl the
people frmn getting ahuut. Sunn- '/",?/.
perhaps, sn* ssill have mad* frmn here
to Parmville thal will nm require finn
horses to pull a mic bone load. When
Will lt he'.'
The mail carriers aie inn mu' any?
thing else hui "a Imt lime'' nf it DOW,
ami they need youl sympathy, Mr.
Editor, If thes hail gund stone road*
in iravd over, ami got pas enough
to afford a covered wagon tn carry the
mail in - Oh, pshaw' When Hie
iii 11 ten i ii ni cmne- ssc ssmi'l wsnl any
mail*' Si what's the use of "jswiug"
aboul it ?
There ha* Iniii mme than the u*nal
I amount nf sickness in our vicinity.
A great many CSNSS ??! "grip" by the
way nlil lime t..|ks used lu cull it "had
colds." It's bod enough hm. The
miiy serious ease l kimss nf i* Mi.
Richard C. Gilliam, who i* quite ill
with pneumonia Mi Uilliam ls up
warda of 80 years nhl and ha* alway*
been looked up tu a* a mau of highest
morai and religious character,
Mr. Henty Kit an ha- returned In
< 'hicago.
Mi** Lues < lilliapie i* i laitiug fi lend*
in Richmond She expect* (n spend
*mne sseek* in the capital eily.
Mr. Ueorge Uillispie hud a -mall BC*
cidenl to hi* feel mil lung agu noth?
ing seiiuii*.
The pullet- courl of Sheppards ha* an
occasional tare, hut "hive laughs at
locksmiths," t>okcs fhn ai special eon*
-(ahles and even derides the ssealhei
prophet*! *o, si hat will you do aboul
Mr. A. 1. Siuilh ami faiiuls. luis.*
moved fnun Sheppard* lo then bowe
? ni the A ppmiiatlox ns ti.
Mi- H. M. I'enick, wini I* .pule an
aged lady, is exceedingly ill ai bei
booie near Sheppards.
Mr Phil. M. Forties, nf We*! Vir?
ginia, spent a couple "f days ii.i \ |.
cinlty this sseek, in biioffkdal capacity.
Mr. and Mrs. LmiLs i). lone* cele?
brate today their "XihV-jjUiiedding.''
Thes have -pen! forty sVarsW linn i nd
life al Hie historic place Yimsstl a* Ness
Store. They have tsselve living chil?
d/en ami twelve giaml children.
Rev, Ha*, om Dey will preach nt
Smyrna .'hindi iiii the .th Sunday in
January, and mi Hu* l-l Sunday in
February also.
The dwelling house owned by Mr*.
W. H. Aiiilersmi, at Forbes, Va , was
destroyed hy the last week, supposed
in have been accidental
M Ital Rest!
11 tine* seem as though the *>?> dsraen
would atop somewhere, inn herc come*
a work of ari. Think of it, twenty
four pages lithographed in colors, mil
gainly chromes, hm from photograph*
iu culm*, upon an entirely ness plan.
Inls, iii itself, i* enough h> turn every
woman's kead, Then follow about one
hundred inure pugi*, tilled ssith band*
smile half-tone illustration* of Floss ei*.
Fruits amt Vegetables, ph'ilographed
from nature, all primed mi line pa'KM
and i-ntTused in an elegant cover uf
while and gold. Vick's (Jardell and
Floral (.uuie aisu contain* full de?
scription* sod directions for planting
Floss tis ami Vegetables, Plant*, Small
Fruits, eic. lt explain* a ness de?
parture ill *elling Vegetable Seed- hy
weight in place nf nhl style nf packet*;
al*u a grand otter giving customers
eradil fin full amount of purchase to
apply mi order for Implements sod
useful arin le*. Thi* splendid ssurk of
mt ss iii ba nial let i with a Doe Bill good
for _*i cents worth of seeda, Int mils 16
cents. Write James Vick* Sons, Koch
eater, N. V.
Board of Supervisors.
Thc ness year's lir-t meeting nf Ihe
Board of Superviaorii wo* held na the
I ith ind. Members prawenl sn ic w.
ll. Hubbard, (.. VV. Scott ami ti M.
Burton, presiding. Nol ? Hung wa*
doon of public Interest,except that Mr.
Hubbard waa authorised to buy lumber
sufficient (o seiaire the ssmk already
started at Hush river.
Hill* against the county SlUotlUting
io ii*i 'hi w.-re allowed.
iioti or iioii.ii.
Paraville Uraded Behool, Intermed?
iate Department < lacar Wicker, Duck?
ett Walton, Bernie Nod Thurman
I'runary Department. Tommie lng
Koli of Honor
Fiaiiciscu District, School No, -,
Kuckiiigham county, Va.
Sarah John*, Allen Johna, I'cni
Hersch, Edith Pollard, Louies Jone*,
Mamie Raldwln,
F. S. Wai.kkk, Teat her.
I.a i.i lp|ir Suottiliill) Trratril
"I liave ju-t recovered frmn the
geuood attack of la grippe this year,"
-ays Mr. Ja*. A.Jmies, publisher of thc
Leader, Mexia, Texas. Tn Ihe latter
? u-e I used Cbambsrtain'a Dough
Remedy, and I think with oon*iderable
guccees, only being in bed a ht tie* user
twn days against ten days fur Hie for
mer attack. Tho M0OO0 attack I am
satisfied WOUM have lieen equally a*
bad a.* l!ie first hut fm the use of tins
remedy a* I had fo gu io bed In aiimit
six Imur* after lieing 'struck' with il,
while in the Ant oase 1 waa able to ai
tend tu business aismt ts*.ii days before
getting Tluwti.'" Fm -ale hy Cun?
ningham Drug Do.
I t> lo Hair I'll..inki a|ilin
Voil will Bud Hunt, the up IO date
photographer, al lu- od -tanti making
the must artistic pictures. A si*it lo
lu* -tudi<i i* really a treat. Every?
body WOO ss ishes tu ex mine In* array
Of I'teautiful Work will receive Cordial
Qa to Dayna's f'<r Furniture ami ymi
-Aili sase yourself inmiev.
Town Council Resolved to Have Citi?
zens Vaccinated T lo
tio-i a Timely One.
Iii 1 vi.;, the Town < 'ouncil |*an
nrdlnsnce nf compulsory vsceii
BU years hai mg paswed and lue
POI -ale |* tu -nine lucalitie* liol Ml
: for distant frmn our dom-, aial the
diseaaa Itself reported tu be m a num?
ber nf eastern Virginia tossn*. the
council nf Farmville have ? .
the mandate that ail nersous mu-i he
examixed bj a physician aud those
needing it musl bc vaccinated
Mayor Blanton, heeding the
timi made ni the lh:u si i- of l.i-'
lhat lin* council should ssaldi ssiih
cate the pingie-- ul -mall pox
polled in nther pl.in-, called thal Innis
together Tuesday nigh! t" debate the
ipieetlou "f vaccination, lt ssa- or*
dered ihat the Sanitary Committee
write immediately to the government
authorities ai Washington ami ascei
iain Hie enst nf pure vaccine sun-, aud
that the Ordinance Committee diatt
an ordinance making il compulsory
upon Hu* pai i ni each citizen in
am I ned ami il needed io i** vaccinated.
Tbe member* preeenl at ihi- meei
Ing of the council ssen- Dr. Anderson,
Megara H. K. Wall, J. ti. lanai I
I.. Eramberl ami (!has Bugg.
At thia apecial meet inn thc council
farthei considered IbC funn-hnn: ??!
light to thc Normal ScIiim.i from i
a. m. rn -uni Ute each day. At the la-i
regular meeting ll had been agreed
lhat thi* be done in compliance ssith
une nf the iei|iie*t* linnie bs Dil
Mi. (i. T. Wicker, su perin tenden!
of tbe electric lights wa* preseul ai ihe
meeting Tuesday ami made a state
incut as to the extra co*! in thc town
tin- -[.e.Tal lighting ssniilil bc Ibe
muie-t estimate, lu* -aid, giving
cisnpensalion lo Mr. Bullock, thc en?
gined ami manager, ss.mid lie |
mouth *'f Hu* .amount he allowed
Mr. Bullock ll". i"i- i.lb. In.
light ss.mill lie r^-iii-fid fm about loin
month* in Hie \sear. The Normal
School, Mr. WickAr -ant, already h cl
special privileges glen I ed it because ol
Ihe Dumber nf iigi\* it tnke- bellin
the beal patron of Ihe mun The
school I* allowed to dispense with Hie
light* thiee months in the year, and
get* its lamp- al leu cent* a piece les*
than any oilier patron. The seliool
ha* aboul ninety light*, and it pas
the toss n .i'i.To pei i.iib tu arc and
Mi Wicket was requested by Mr,
(has. Hugg in come before the council
and give tuc above statemeuI with re
gard to tbe additional coal for turning
mi the lights al ll o'clock a. in < ?n
motion Hu* superintendent was ic
?|Uested to confer with Dr. Frazer, ul
tin* Normal, and gist* him Un
a* regard* thia extra encl to the lossn.
ami a*k lum to meei Hu* additional
expeiiMeor withdraw bi* request.
t . M . I S
A largely attended meeting nf those
interested ssa- held Sunday afternoon
in the Bsptisl church toVbnsMCl plans
for tin* organization and ^maintenance
ufa Voung Men- (hn-liaii Assoc!*
tion, suth reading leonis, fy*njba**ium,
bath room and ol hal H'Otaineilt* iii
keeping ss iiii Hu* be*\ arranged
elations lo the Statn Thc meet inn
wa* an enthusiaatic mic, ami several
-1-eci lu- were made by prom! neill
The iii*t suggestion nf Hie admirable
scheme of organizing a Y. Md. Am
this town ssa- linnie by Mr. A I-.
Howard, ssho svill in all likelihood be
made thc secreter.* a- -non a- ihe work
is under ssay and officers nie cboaeii,
Mi Howard baa been exceedingly dil
gen! iu Hu- ssmk and Hie success ss nh
sshieh he incl mi all -nie* in procuring
names nf contributors ha- been sets
gratifying. At tin* meetiug sunday
tbe following resolutions sseic unani?
mously passed:
1. Tbal we are unanimous in a desire
lo have attractive moms kepi "pen for
? nu soling people.
_. Thai a committee of four be ap
pointed tn HCUra inline* and pledges
of membership f"i an organization
whick sn* regard a* important, ami re?
port ai ii subsequent meeting.
S, Thai saul committee lu- requested
in repmt mi probable expense iii Hie
outlay ami subsequent conduct of both
mom and gymnasium, likely salary "i
permanent snrrelai), ic
rbe committee appointed wa* com?
posed nf Messrs. A, F. Howard, V\ I
Clark, Vs H. (mihi , and C. F. Hugg.
?.J, < KUKU r HollOlll.
A- far back n* ssc can leinciiilni
sshat i* known a* "sycamore bot billi"
lui- been the Wn|*e piece of I'rince Fd
ward'- public mad sse kimss anything
about Every fannel who bringan load
to Farmville from an easterly direction
has tu gel thrungli the valley called
sycamore bottom, ami uuless lu* team
i?a mighty stmng one m hi* I.sad a
light mie, Hie chain ??* aic (en tn one
thal he ssill get slink BO deep in lin?
day thal he has tu call the neighbors
tn help hun nut. Tbi*eyesore ha* I.cen
almost in sight of oui tossn, du lu thew
many year*, ami if .-set anything has
been done to remedy il sse tin imt
kUOW ss hal it ssa-. At Ibis tune it i*
reported i" ba in worse condition than
during any ss inter nf recent seal*, ami
for light vehicii - in at tem pl tu stem ii
simply moana it- destruction, if thc
Board of Supervisors, ss boan* thorough
ly familiar with tin* dreadful, bottom?
less hole nf midd" not take some step*
in abate the dangerous nuisance, the
great nuiubei ul oin citizen* having
tn pa** over tin* place base radii --
iiefnre Hie county court.
"Sycamore bottom" should go, Le!
tbe county get the right-of-way thrungli
Mr, Harder'* plantation and mn the
mad fmni Hie fork- lu a -mihi! tln
-nie nf Sycamore bottom. The ral*
leys will be avoided entirely and the
distance of travel lessened,
Ill ll. ul I lo I. Illl liol
ol thc Kio.I "il
gi .rn in Kai in ? ille ii.
ll ssa- ;
A. i
K Iimi
I. .lal I (Hill.I I'll
iii n.King Ils- Mi-- I
l| SS. lt
lilied .vii ii |
dial in
Hal li| lads
.s hom hei children and li lends d
in houoi. Late ni Hu- evenii
lit-hiiiciii- sst ic served in ss bal we
hom rall uld Virgiui i
il' thc im-i uite
utesl Mi.
A. I?.. i 'ralle, t .sell kimss n j
liesa mau, being ottered as a prize tn
lim young luis ss ho coiii.i
nuiiibei ss ,
by two of ibe young ladie**, Mia*
Venable and Miss Nettle Morton; bul
Hu* most hardened new -pt;
ss.niI<1 imt bc-o unkind a- t" reveal il
lu thc public. T ho-e ss In. s
ssill oin ii recall tia with
pleasure, Anio;
Maim I'.. Edmund*, Mr ami Mi-.
Ilciits Edmund*, Mi-. Fannie liuud*
les. Mi- I, - Mi-. J. 1..
irdsou, Mi-- Sue Edmunds, V i-.
I'm ini ti. Mm 11--.m. Missen Mai i
in iiinl-. Pearl \ ? i \\ atkin-.
Esaie Paulett, N< rn, Faunie
Littleton, Anna Hurd, Eli/abet li IS
nev ie ve Venable, Mais Kerkeley,
Miss Bieut, Mi- Miller, I."tuc M
nev, x- lil, Bettie Johnson,
Hlanloii, Addie Venable. I
Staples. M1--1-. K,
.lain.- I J. H
"-pell. .'I. Wi ll III Venable, Helli \
kui-, Simeon Wallon, Hans I
J, V. Hi. lt
ai.|-.n. Manion Jiulil, Mi
ll Kit haul- m, I ' Moi?
ton. Iii Hamlet!, Dr. Anderson,
ND?i - Evan*, Clark und Edmund*, of
Hampden ?.-nines. and other*.
lo n.
Frazi i. Farmville
S lill llol.is ( < I. Ixall ill
'nr Herald: n the
luih of January, thal being the birth
M i .1 \\. i lader, mu Itelnved
iii.ml ami neighlair, a nimilier of bi?
li lend- ss Uh Inn. i
ins ited lo a?riiibli-la! ll
IliVllli* of In*
.ii-iii-!a -.s, J. i.< 'lit!;, ni celebrate his
anniversary, The ia>i uia*' i
-ani, and al ail >mi l.s\h"iii\hy ral
- .iud tramp ofili
heard thc invited
i*tie?t? ming. Those i ri
sere J. W. Fosler ss I fe and daughter,
\ ll Budd aud wife, B. lt. Wil?
son and wife, W. L. Clark, \\. A.
lillico ami J. J ( ?
The iii"i mug ssa- -pent in *
ebal, and the nuail of them eau talk
il' Hies get ;. chance . and all |i
surely enjoyed meeting ssiih then
friend* and loved mies ou such au oc?
casion. Abiillt Issn O'clock all SS'
v ited i" p.a. t din*
uer. I
ss nb f.I thing* thal
ed mulei it- burden. nd ol
the table h . , lump
ind sscll Tn --td, and I imagine il
would liave said, if |*M*ib1e, hide ute
'lom those u lc -1. ketti b> devour me
Hm alas ! ii ssa- too late, for you wilt
nut lie surprised si hen you read
Hie lis! ol those ss ho sst a.- present, that
in a -hort time th< ia I ind in the
dining loom ot Mt- Clark a complete
skeleton of thal gobbler, imt even
cnmigh lefl to make * small dish ol
bash foi Hie children, aud Ibe
di-hi- were cpriiis ;t- well cared for.
I have b '.ini of only ol.t the mun
Hil that ilium i, ami I
suppose, aftei taking a les -ss iii
-pud- of lui pciilitie. I .sail?
ing foi au invitation Io am it hei birth
' biation. H. || |
.'<?. i...1.1 iii.i.ii-.
As.,ui s. Va., Jan . I.
i- a time oi -p.eiai iuiei,
the fannel of Hu- Hon, He
i? imss marketing the crop ou sshieh
be mainly depends, Different
utlic! thing-, lie ha- lo di-i'
it i- -ihi at auction to tlc liighe*! hld*
biisii and seller.
basing plodded Ini
through mud and water Hie glib ton?
gue of tbe auctioned leila him whet hei
"I lint lie llllilel-l'llni- III- iill-.--.
The condition of the mad* now i*
-inh a* io give an ocular demount ra?
tion of tile fa
thc li mil ty Ilia! Vi hen a ni.t
exposed lo the continued actiou ol
iu the shape ol rain or -noss
-inha* sometimes exists aud to thal
nf ss bcd- I ulled III!'
ky mud in
th.*-aim manuel thal such hap|-en*
in a bink ys mi that such win?
dit! ni la-cui
I du mit wish I
well bs 'imt
rather patient!} ssa;:, for si Im |
but thal in tbe intel lill boll) noss till
naper- into gem sou ol
a. y . .me a ng ss ith bis eli
apparatus and ?:
ids aud chill nf ss inn
kept thc numerous candida ti
county offices indoors runiii
.shat brand ol tobacco oi
ss hich decoction of i Ik
be mosl potent in fetching s
, the waini sunshine sun
them mit and Hu swclliug ol
WUl keep i
I',. *. iii bis
in the -
would |
iii ss by I:
I dan ? l imi
lind il illili
with -
III is .
We !? willi the
III Ililli ss i
t! the
' ll. ss
li, iiii e ii. Hiting and
nf laud. i
\\ c lilli-!
: limn ssi. ?pii'-k tn (
I Hie
.Sill ll. i
? nlei seem I
WT ti uly t liiiik ?
musl mun mi., i Ibai ..
? nation fm ? of human
HU III. I I sse Iii! iii p|
nf Hie ucl
in lin
mi actions ss ni ;
lld lc ,
.'ISC ll- H..
'?mil. ni ss ill g.. up Hum ibeii
and I.
ss ill lo t turmoil
svith ss hich
,' coliei'l Iii!.. I (he
? I
lifts J
-.mu t
ot the
ss 111
-boss ?
I n Ur l n.
ss Uh
ss bid.
'iml the content
ll! lill
[thal I in
ll both nf Hies, ara
1 IrtCl "| Columbia where
? ? i. iib rately ila.
tnd all ibice nt these are
?'. lb" ul of -
nc bdOf hurled
i ii thal -indy it um du
'mt intie batm !,, prole, t another into
> ul public dispute, ir
- SI."I." imt tO .iMcinpt
'inill nt Hie Philippi****
cul,I he ,; - Idenly give
. ss ho bise nt, kimul
< lunn nt Hu* la-k nf
Dg form ol g.'scrp
-.s "lilli
li'lellin t Ill-Ill all In bloody cull*
i 'o. . !. in, nt
ib.il makeup Hu ssh.ile imputation
0V( t- !ie|ielv
' i ? aid
W ?? simply i. .iitrul
i buman justice, If we
i human right*
chiall*, formed before the
? ball d" nm ta-k well.
Ta main
luis ss ill be:
. diplomats; mora queetfoo*
??: political li-ti
? aili-: in ... I,*,-is,- and tait tn hand?
ling iuteruatfonal complicattooe; ami a
non upon home altair- bc
i-' : pt i-miai internal
ie in the name and Hie faun of
; iiml.
11., h. ..in una
ibruad in the land. The
i : ?? io .s be 'ul! "! it- fatal
Don'l neglect thc "Urip
smi smi open iii.- d.I I'licuiuuiii.i
usumptlon ami invite death.
ll- -io ? - ss Hi tiver.
!??, iinil heavy pain*, mucous
discharges limn the nose, -"ie throat
b. Don't ss
liing this cough ss ith
I.i, cheap *yrup?.
? ?ss un In. King- Ness
Infallible remedy for
it kill* Hie disease
? iiii-. heals in." lung- ami prevents
i after die. i- from thc
i- ami tim.
back if nd ii ntl. A trial bot*
' - Drug si..!.
i ie Vii l*> fe - t I
till W in-toii Ding .-!oic.
I ?? I lo I'.ll.ll.
, .i i/. d to guarantee every
siti'e "t < Ti .mis liam- < 'o igh Kerned]
ted nd it ii"i gatta*
t'.iirdsn the oooteota
n list il, ss ill re'lind the Ilium y
o thc purc'i e. i i tte ? i- nu ballal
medicine msde i'm- ia grippe cold- ami
I'm. e. . . aid "U.- | i i
! Cuniiiughsm Drug
Perfect Health.
|i thc system in perfect or
r by i ional usc ol
Tutt's Liver Tills. They I
ul.itc tlie bowels and produce
A Vigorous Body.
lor sick headache, malaria, bil?
iousness, < onstipation .mil kin
. an absolute rum
li.S sim | li Hts ;.
ISU'I.KI SI. ri KIN l'I ' KU.
" |s.r
. ?
i s'.sis tn.i:. s s.
FOR 1899.
. ,n\ i , . I -
a !*. -I KS I I I KU*
- 1
.Kl ???
.1' '., III.M!'. \ SN
l,s ki ss ill 1 sst \i i.k\ s\ nil :
^ . -I '(KS I.
|ii.\| - |{. Illus*
I ited ITo-pe TU-.
? descrlptiooa nf Hu*

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