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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, March 31, 1899, Image 3

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? no.
ii hit
hei ur
it the
Resignation of Pastor.
I the
ii church w< re made
\ i'. Rudd, lin
bis a
? -
.-nt tbe
? ii was
the middle
ll Jil,,*
pted hy
I ul lia.-*
_n ii lld, where he ba?
il our chi
1 litllful,
a 'lltll
i'll nf
? lon
t I'liiin.
tuitiou; io
from tills
Halli; v- ia this
-Hilt nf
? ?
i tbe county.
: ni- a iii in
Hom t>. I.i*. I......I.
hood of IT -'ht av, Ut
I mi Mond
i of M
len ami -
univ. Till
m tu
Hom nielanebolia Bi
ri ii wt
ie li.Ttl pl
Al th
r him
ther a
I- ii
Ibe children
.mid home
ll win.|..\v.
Hom the
ive tin- alarm.
lt wa tbe unfortunate
man bad taken tbe plow lines
-unala ,;i the
ami tyiuu one end tu tin*
itened the
about hi-, h. i oil', it is
ii was instantaneous,
lt wa*
rot ber
of Mi. i of typhoid
ii camp
; other
?uiiiujity iu their
sad ti tl took
. .n ai ball
? o'clock.
lonni, iml Hiiiii|.i|. ii-M,|ii. >
t ..ll.
Iii ?? ;
I ii lint li
? take
tome tl Hie improvemi
lanipdi-ii-Hidiit y
Ile ha- lal
. deny
that ii n T to patrou
has iml Un
nm- a
ITien, I
ii in the county.
.titll SUCb a III.
Han. | j and its
lpended in .
y fully ? life of the
ink Ihe ciiiin
iciiirii fnr l
- val- I
Ih" f .linty ami mir I
' lin\ 111 t.\ hi?
lt hr. I
i inipden-Hidney ami tbe col- ?
ind Hampden
ml.i-t "h ot lit r.
Painfully Burned.
A little ?-Til of Mr. and Mrs. Willie ?
iTii- m, I -Ton Heights,
iously burned lasl g
children were per
lilted to play to themselves in a i
i a hich there wan a Ore, and it is (|
tough! that the i igh
i her
fl uno. When lier
her fat hi i to tbe
was euveloped in a (
li.ult to i x t i 11 j.- u i -11 (
io! '1 me until Mr. Wat
P tinfully hiiriit-il ab mt the ,
i was hastily >uin- ^
ail tbe Bullering of tbe child *
\ *.,? A
"I T lu liebmond, t<
- ii tn |i
le. He wil April Tt li |,
? ' ? I- '...??
An ll
vu in Ihe i tho
? V night.
imily Album." iain,
nt-. V,
.: m.
Cult . l . .Hill V.
ug withdi
un the race t"i ti.
i a a
u ti ty ofllce for tue
?en to tliai Iii-tti.t to name tin* I ?
Poll of Honor.
i .1
Maiy ,1
ray, Ho wai il \\ let! ,,
ii..ti i> i. i\. hi im.- sh?
in hu.
lill ' "it th. ni
pan il
i \ ..ui : .
"a daisj " ii i m i, tie allowed 11
.Timi. | |>
? ol wi
oller of oi
build a m. td tbe li i '
ALU . .iii bot toll
will - the real nf bei
tO ll"'
???I iii bis ni ulm ss." The i -
etui m il.
lu: i in,Ti u.. live Ih'
ii i- haul lor Individuals to m
? loans. Til' i ? i-n't a Ih
lui farmer in l wh.
. fbat e prudeut bu
man men u
a communil unite iu d
bul v*.' ihiiii.
With pasnable roads tim year round
and tho iii.-i' .
value . than
? on du. amount required in
imilil tin ni ami ai the same time create
.Mr. Editor, j ai are t" be congratula?
ted "li tin* : yon have lliau
i mi ihi- mosl Important subject
:y. Encourage other
"luna' ut Hate their ma
thc citizen* at lat pond tu tht*
ius . ll'tr nf 'iif nf thdr fellow
citizeuand in due time you will bave
your reward, Even now many are
saying, "weil doi Ki; ider,
I'..lill. -Int nm In 1 liiml.
f 'I' tilt*
diflereut ollices in thi- county 1
ing warm, aud the caudidates are thf
mod i To'a*, you ever saw.
Tiny ait- visiting everybody,
the children kisses ami tin* old
tally, ami in pu ue are
oi ii;.." when tin* crowds
ain't ;< - .um oi thf readt rs "i'
a mixed ticket,
i ij only "f tin
.11 or mme. All tog! ih.i the
io i?- lively. Ami as
yel tn. om' ian say up iii what lines the
battle will he fougbt. After the dh <>f
nominations are
i .
Il iin|i,li ii Milli. ?*|.
Il a.mi'i.i:\-SthM.\, Va., Man h
? hall
milt tl tl IWD tn
about thin- cu. vuultl have
el il m.;
fm tin .i;il nf the
I in- irk of Hf i mimi, with
.--i-tain*.- "i ' I ami
Cole in the box, will prove well up tn
i- hotly contest! d for by s >m i ville ami
Pilson. Iii. 'ni will -
n ..f (ha;
point. T i -u of shorl
r, am! that of thinl ha-e h\
uni Winn, w bili
ii outfield.
<' ipi
iiinl at work, arti the
- (nr a
ni. The lollow
? ne schedule ol luis far
? T:
il, ?t
iain; di
April 2J?Maryland Agricultural
ti Hampdeu-Hidney.
ibingtou ami I.
.exington, Va.
Arni luih Virginia Military In"
Toll, Va.
oin Poly tech u ic In*
tiiute, at Hampden-8idn<y.
Manager Johnson is in coi n
. ami
Pbilautbrtipic ami Union
uv - their la-t meeting
rations. Messrs. W.
'. Bell, nf Staunton, ami E. H. Rich
id-.m, of Farmville, from ihe Pbilan
I . N . .J "I"
mithville, ami .1 E, I
.Ik, from the Un lou.
meeting nf tbe Y. M. c
,. the follow lng officers I'm- tim second
? un \. 1. nt. 1''. A.
Town, nf Norfolk; V ut, 1'.
i. Hill, of Richmond; Recording
! lt a-lliei, E H.
Heh ii'l-ou.
ITo-].i.T- foi tl I this
uiiii-ually ..
In Ricliai lenl of
trued fi 'iu a
. \ i-ii to N">v t oik iu inti
f ihe college.
l.nsi iiii Uart .itnu ic."-.
., e hail oin* t|ol'
li r WI re lt lint lol' lite kimlllt
il. I tn|.|
it ot there wa- uo dangei of my houst
? ? indi I dually
i. .lu tl i fea days after paying
,i Un* j. hm mv hon-" wa- totally
My policy has
'and 1
a.I particularly for pmmpl inn ution
W. \l A 11;in
. Richmond nu April
i do thf only i'la"" i"
ii kw
I in I. i i \...ii numil.
The April a.ting nf th" I
emetei ttlou will Ix- held in
it- council chamber Thursday al
* |.|ll dh a' k.
Mi-- tl
'Ink. >??> I.II. Iii-iii..
lilli yu
igbi us i"
. ami vu -
IT,if fresh vas ? ? -?
a. w iii-ion Drug fe tore. p
? i- are dryer, bu! nevei I
thej are still very bad.
Mr-. W. I En land bai
ill the pas)
ution i- asked to tbe ad' ?
nient calling fur experienced salesman
iii Dry < ii "I si
made their plant beds
ready for another crop of lol
Made late by tbe continuous rains.
Mr. W. II. G.Hill, of Ki.?him.rnI.
-in-lit several days of ihi* week in
Farmville in tbe interest "t bis marble
Ground is being broken for a hand
i Mr. c. E. < i
mi tbe beautiful site eas! of Middle
stree! int ween Third and Fourth.
Mi Dalby McKinney, son of Mi.
and Mrs. R. J. McKinney, ban
ng bis parents and friends bere
the pa i lalby bas i.n :
lin,* for a larg
Pattie Horace, one "f tbe bes! and
mos! i d race,
died very suddenly on tbe 23rd Inst
She ate dinner and Immed
wards wa- taken violently ill,expiring
early the same evening.
John J.tim.- 'ii, thc well kn i
- mill, died Monday nigh
a painful Ulm --. He i- i" lieved to
been in bis Blind yi
although h ince did uol indi
cate bini to bave heen ovei 85 years
the prevalence of sma
nr tin- -eau* nf it, there a ill be n
dun of < 'harlotte county courl foi
April tenn, whiiii ordinarily would
thia infoi in ri mi from tbe < 'harlotte
Dr. and Mrs, James M. Blanton, of
SI d'l' 11. i 'umberland county, bave
.; ion of
hug. Tbe interesting event will occur
u their hospitable imine on nexl') u< --
\|.tii Uh.
(im inf": i in ihe yeal in
?diidi the Miiin stree! of this town
va- paved, was mistaken by j1
ago, bul IO
mee the Work Was ilnlle. .--lill
?ie street improvements.
Thei. a of l-'aiinville- en
.i lin Hitit ?
.-in gel work done cheaper al I
viii send away foi it W e presume
?'armville is no exceptlou in Hs affiic
iou .- i'll -mil |.pie, bul Unit olin r
owns are similarly aflecti d.
Mr. I, .1. Versei, one of our beal
mown merchants, ha* moved hi- stock
ai tin- bouse iu a Indi for
nany years be bas 'linea successful
usiuess, to the nea and commodious
tructure nexl to (Tine's Drug -
lr. Venter bas an adveitisemenl
In le in the III ll \l.l>.
Witta Mr. B. I". Hunt in tbe Held fur
un missioner of tbe revenue aud Mr.
. B. Hix, both candidates fur the
...lie nomination, surely Buffalo
i-t i i.t c ni nolongei complain of being
I. Le! Buffalo select it- man
ml wi in- cordial support
um .all the Democrat* of tbe county.
A number of Inquiries having heen
is to a Im tbe il EBAl
i la-t week iimi w;i* willing to build
mile ai road on tbe condi*
I privileged to
ate that th.
v Mi. W, (<. Dunuington, who baa
ways stood ready to aid promotion of
iv .?uni ? ible mimi j
Tin* ?? x.? 111-1? >11 to Richmond nexl
[ouday, it is expected, will be largely
ttrotiizcd. These annual tri|? - to the
ipitol me ' . ami
i inaliv tl" tl Well,
ul con always a
point i f patronage
oin tl.
ni other particulars | ie ad*
mt nt in this pa
R-all nf linn.ii.
, i of scbool No. 5, Farmville
I W otllUl
Alice Hamlett, Anna Hamlet!, Harry
amie Hamlett, Epsie Wal
-i mi mi NOMBI
..I Watei ' "'M Rim*
? leuuine I 'lamond Betting, by
Plower .-'...I ('.,.
nong their friends and acqualntai
? nd \ and addn -
amp ttl the Ami
*i ind you will
-1 ihi worth of ('uii*imi-, ami full
iii Un .
tain Mt.Kn
loy i
I an
ol' ih Hi- dieu!
u wh
vial him commanded th.
winn th
? uded tbe ?
uni opposing litigant left tin
bruised ami ha:
-hakfiit <l : . ml and fi
?"imTum -
ami Vt t I!
at adinna
ll" Virginia ami u
? lo lim pole, iimi
- loyal tu ii i I ni<ni a.
any citizen a Im walked with h.
ami stripes. Ile was
-lani hy hu :h, education, ami un
nf those tt Im b ut il ai otbei alia
win n he | uii-tiaiiity.
hut it was early lu life anil all tin
life thal i WUlUg
vii ine ami reded btesl glory.
How was it that be could be so true to
. to pally, to Mate, to section ami
cul yvl imt
give offense to those who dilfen il with
bim? Thei bul oue m.
Hi-wa- ;ni abounding charity, ami
ty." 11 -
laurels a- ad vocal
trislatnr ami ;.- '
i til fade hut tin- I"
? her mali while living will
broaden ami briguten thruugtaoul eter?
\\ hat inii-l ha
barms tbal gathered aboul the
bomelife of mir a Im could
-man amt a- official '.'
Inin that sacred circle, however, we
liaif iml ur w illi the |
thal the (.od ol' , us tain ami
li. B. li.
Interesting Closing Exerc.
. VA., M.'iu h J
Mi. Wm. M. Carson, who teaches (hf
ami county, hui tala
Saturday, Ile
lui :iml I,
child Iiml tu be prompted. And
ina liiiin
All together the exhibition was high
try in Mr. < larson, no
h? tli:tn ti. tbe students. Mr. Carson
?IT, earnest "in istiau teacher,
interested in lin* advancement nf
hi- pupils than in pleasiug hi- p tl
ia il lu rank high iii Iii?
ui In
i day a large u umber assembled
it tin- i-e aini all accorded
in-tin . Mr. ('arson ami tbe
die school exi
-lotted - Invited the company
ii |i;n , DJOst I' in;
if -iih-tantial- ami dall
"i left the
Phillip ami Toby E I
?ail plas "il between tl
illili*.' th" -"hoi,| room uiih the -
I their violin ami banjo, ami tbe
-toing | med longiug tu close
vith some nf the nlil Virgiuia ile
), that illl nf tue penple mighl ft
he importau ration uf teach- I
rs ami patroon in school work.
>-tim i* under an Influence tlmt
omes doa u from the national,
ml county to the bumbles!
ami trustee, ami could tlie
arentn he aroused ami Induced tn give
education thai cordial -up"
mit w hiiTi it- ini pt rtauce mei tts, we
.milli bave scbools w bose iii!
ntl hli ?Hil'- WOUld he lilll.olllitleil.
Ili.lll. km lt.. ol*
? in the mi!
-- In Ilie
? T tu
?ondition of the .
-.nd '
?'?" i
up with ft
thus giv- :
? inileiiii thirty n
- .
? I
our ,
HMM Mould "hi'.
,1 lill"
lt lu.
y '?"''
,. if necessary, i
we have
i, be n
tty wit hun
them. n yoi
Witle u.rui
doa ii ol people.
I'i a atat-Da) i ?. oi .m.
To Helf doubti
.?. urlil ?
whether ii tt, whi
can i
; lack of confidence make no
attempt to utter the message tbal
within them; for fear forsooth that the
utterance will be imperfect and their
nun delivery .if it feeble.
* *
aili be.
thought without either prelin
?s and
sprang fuHarmed for conquest frmn
the head of any one. The effec! of
waiting until perfecl work eau bi
who shrink frmn publicity for
Tun rn- misjudgment
is thal winn we mighl il<> we shall still
feel disinclined to do; fnr each
will see ui with hight
ition in our own work and there
much rea*
ck .a midd!
ITi. D. whose -oui was swallowed up
with purpose to help Iii* day.
ie iiml gone seeking inure and
p'Tl'eelinn of niltlil - tWO
ir j i hei tse he
d would
mhi ly what he needed of
knowledge. Bul the further he wein
?re the trista of things una! I
I before him, until, when I met
him, he was very unhappy al the Idea
..?!? being quite ready to -trike
- . ? thing. Hi- ii.;
.ing in the fa! of it- own rich
.iml In- quite Ul what
I deep-rooted within liim.
What .mis tin- proper advice? Do
.mel hill),'. .?
if ymi are nol quite ready.
Three week- ago I mel bim again. Ile
he humbles! iori of
of the College Bettlei
that noa begin to do! the great citi
if the land. He fairly beamed with
happiness. He was li'.
hoi ing a very poor voice with a
arity to it thal would amuse tbe
ipsympathetic?and bending bis .
ntellec! down to tbe need- of the poor
md oppressed. The a ider scope will
Hrs! wavering
light of the timorous fledgling leadi to
a ?
ibsequenl -.
flint is the ru!.* fm* birds, and it ma)
i for lii'iul- and hi
T'nrt tliaf It-ail* to im*
.?MM- iii" quality of tl"
(fort. But the lir-t effort mm! be
crude, unsatisfactory
hough ii maj be. The fae! tba!
.nulli youi - i thal
our effort fails. "Tour mi ssage may
k mid ymir voice and hean io
ing thal the greal torrent-like
tream of human life goes rushing by
rithout my h.1 al all. Yt I
ho are ynu lu usurp tin* |
mniscience and declare thal your work
Hom do you km
ak aini shrinking like you.
ard while ilowly cir.
i an eddy of inaction ; and ymir word
ill ha Intoefforl
ri ion, no matter how apparently i
il n- |
?yeti iii the I
bul li
thoughts t
a iii their influence! and I
lie. If this ii I the fi
If this j*, ll
ght, why do you
urthet human b<
.1 nther-.
I hem, if th. i "ted, a
re coi ? ? ? heir
ii helping
tum total of human ach
ir u- m
Hire in thrusting ou!
. needed th
ur own feeble beginnit it to '
light .
j possibilil
H. nor' I with tl" P
ut be emu.-nt, im g '.urk *
irdoin the
lure import 'I du
dui do it, inst.'ini of -hrin
* *
miltie I
tin* open ear of all "f nj
of thi tl demands fron
- abilitj l hui
mud lie heeded and our little
prove recreant to tba
: living. If Mi?
ld comforts, and pro
ace .alni jua
. h.- carcfu
ul terrible:
- imperfect
- -
heir contribution aod
though! of tin* little
- itself
doa ii I ,\ ho t-itii ?:
- a bo Munt
do yet d
an- blameworthy; thal those who take
io the world that noa ia for tba
- trowing in of effort liy
mli from those abo
gt h.
? *
-a'ii word. Even
- ?
try tin- wi
more pn
- bal atfriK'lU
-illy your own .
I I.. Un. .11..11 mt I I" -
fi alOgUM "f
. te I . iiii'ht- :t- the
utaudard width of a two-boree oregon
? l in ? mite my thal the priea nf
foi t \. ry imii tiver
a nh a I inch
1 mon I.Tau oin* Milli
' a standard a niili.
rbeabaorblogquestion tu the pur*
.-, Vblcfa 1* th,. iTitap?-t iirc .'
?ad w ill fii-ily he seen tu he Un*
I "lia little Iflledinll. Pint, the
? ? minn wldei and -ironu'er than
in. naiiow wheels, tbe tire much tblefc*
er ami lhere la le-- apt ut' ia
Ihe W Int I -o th tl il -cl nf wit.el- la-i
much longer. Then again, todejr, the
Hitli of March, DO mun erith narrow
ii ea-ily haul mit hi- manure,
lite Un* tuts deep iu plowed land or
sod. On wheat or oats th.* fannel d
not drive for iii- Darrow tires eat the
? plOW, Wlill-t tile lillllli'l
with the broad tire i* today hanlin)*
over any or all of bia lield*. Hi- wheat
i- imt plowed up imt rather helped bf
Hie pa?aue uiilie w heel, iiml in three
Tay- he will pay fur hi- broad wheel-,
whii-t in- neighbor, i- deploring in* itt*
ahilily tn wauk; another in-lainc of
blaming fate fn lack nf thought.
Oil the road, tun, Ihe brood tile 1- the
it. Ou a dry tint road the same
force pull- with the I tile J.lsJ Ih-. tu
- 2,000 ili.i! i- that
with every livt* loads the broad tire
'ainu i tau haul a- nindi a- hi- neigh*
nm with tbe narrow lil" can haul in
.-. Thia Mill -..un sm' me cos!
Ou .lui mail- iii good inmli
i.uii a twoboiM nam pulling? wa.*uii
Mitii three inch tin-"an bani 1,480 Iba*.
whilst Mith I imh til"- th* -iiint;
2,480 Ti-, a full load. Thia
?o id tun ful ronda M hell mudd J .
? iiny tn haul luads mi a faun
lu all conditions of wei ia sufficient to
make the broad Ure much cheaper,
rbe further consideration thal mi all
i i.ei- tin* broad Urea allow a team tu
pull a luad willi hiilf tin--ticmrili 1- a
i ? nu' lu the farmer, anti when
..nt- considers farther that thf broad
i mad loller and make- all
travelling more pleasant, lt i* bard tn
- e lmw uni people have heeuiiif BO ad
d ic ted tu tin- Darrow tue habit
('?I. M. Maiga, I . S. C. E., in a TO*
?ent pamphlet mi tbeeubject, ?-.*.>> that
of a breed me la eompalsory
in all civilised euiintries. Fur tlie
nexl thief weeka any mit* travelling
?vcr tin-1. I road- ii Prince B Iward
?i :t purtiuii nf Furinvilli'- -tiiti- will
-??" thf large mt- eut hy natation I
ii lui pull -n truly iu the ti.tek
'I' the nile pifitidi III,' hilt til'tt Hie
a ill nit mi the -ide uf the nita
?u that the work i- that nf emi-tantly
miling up hill. Then, tun, hdweeli
be horse tracks and the wheel tracka
l I lu?? humps are
t over Into the wheel (meka
md iu addition tu Hu* ? ? m-taut pull
? ll th.* -ld" nf tin* nu yam JajlVf the
u ami joli over bump after Mnip that
vrencbea the vehicle, itrainatbe hocae,
- the driver's temper ami p"?
il.ly drives hun tu piolamty. Had
- i li,eh tiles, tM(i-ho|-"
I , aini three ami four-hm-e
- '. indi tin-, and "alt fur two
? xi? 11 I unit tire, rut* would nut OCCnT,
.mi hy the time OUI mad- win* nearly
liv liny WOUld i'e a plea-un* tu drive
ii, whilst now any one can -ec ihat
I imt. In thi- matter the pOO
.lc have the remedy in their own
iiml-. ( dt the broad lue \> lien Vuii
it will pay fur if-dl'many
year. Fur *renenl pnr>
i ? oiiip ti.ttiv.lv blgb vt heel
lt i-i i- .a lever, amt um- knuw
|ong i".V the Lest tu
-r. i.et mn people now calculate the
work l"-t Un- Minter
cilily tu haul un Un- lum
nd study also toe beauties of tin- lim*
mp nf rm- pr rduced by Darrow Urea,
nd like th- writer, forthwith deter*
: i il. Meig-l'
! -pie. w m. H.
U.I.Ul. i.-* aft? ?>nOr
- live in the World fur < ut-,
I Hands,
ina Coin-. :iml all Skin Krup
.-.ii positively cure- Piles, ot no
u lion ? i in.ij ri binded.
at- per i" i ? i?y
Vbite-k Cn.
. ., li tt I'll t ... ?? ?
tl.HllH li IHo.xl DtH I
? il int
Hkkai.u iiml IVoruEmly *1.80.

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