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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, September 01, 1899, Image 3

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\\ un
sd un:
At i.
. Win
. Jr., J ??
A. I.
ni foi
i will
i Duinbe
ird bin
I tlios
Vi<? mil D IJ
I .
.i willi exquisite im-i ami real
l!l(| Wf
. h
H>:i- i.? ia
? a -:.;.'? il". W.
1 the
ii in thc hcii-c
works li '1
a tin*
.1 that
d uoth
I Killed.
ni thA [tip
? i in u ..ii top of lue cab,
r inn ial. From th< re
. oil loni
? I, bul
i num
d A
Company, ami D
i ? tu buried vs i t li
\\ i i Bi ld(< W m 'lulu.
il ,,\ the Richmond
? ii the
, to kuow,
m'ii in
. ..nly ian I
iv, or t linc
, k, ami tl " '">'
ci U I
tito tue
\ ? Princ i'?l.
iv] le, \ ;?.
vi theil
vM iut<
i,i VV'.i-h
)lHll I "I Ul lol".
Mond o bj
? I ^
- I ? ,' "r tht
w mit. ii:
II i '
til kimi-'
, Fun
on w Uti no,,.
- io Lynchburg
"" I" ' il Week
? inu, of Danville, is vlsit
. Mrs. J. W
Mii' I '
eautj , and may il he
fore* ? ;
lt was Charles Lamb who said, "a
i hundred groaua in
i Improvement of our
-;!y w .-Ind
for i pie.
Mis. faunie Berkeley Humphreys,
siting Mrs.
Remember the excursion to Rich
layaud advan
Mr. i us, win. baa been on a
returned home last Sunday.
Major J. W. Otley is home after a
lew days' enjoyment ol' Mu- great camp
D Loudoun county.
Mr. 1 md daugh
N v.. aie visiting
md Mi-, w. o. Ven i
i- no vacation - sason with our
a inn not crowded \\ itb
re \\ Uh sumac.
I', i'. Manson, of Lynchburg,
who had been visiting her ulster, Mi-.
W. lt. Bel nucd home on
w ho had
" Hummer at M
I to I i. - r, on Wed
ton's | J continues
of the family and ? daily luxury.
i ugh u actually loved
I en ( P and el,i'd:
kidney, have returned from
mountaiua ot
Mi-. , . Wm -h ?
-.. i
\V. <,. Venable,
r rela
Clll Ile
and electric i"
town ought to be paiuted, as they are
io the Htreets \\ here they
ay night waa largi i.\ attended
and one ni
, UlL'e allolds ;i
i eonv. nience to the business
'linville than an\ tin
?I !<? thc (own.
M. A. Bunch and daughter, of
; Mi? Maltha El I io tte,
the gueati
of this
i wide
Mr. L l>. Jone- who WW reDOl
ha* in Richmond to consult a
Waa mi our -neets recently
iu' ni" picture of health.
'l in- publl citizen who don't
subscribe to bis bomi ?
i citizens do aub
C mfed
ti ry town and ?
i. I- this true of Farmville
,,r of , i '.' If not, why
1 o'clock mei' ? '' il'"
\. re ima each Sunday are
i will conduct the meet ii
1, of Portsmouth, who
foi on account
M L. fi
. returned the
ii from late
on Si rd ('ny ami
Hom '"l hI the
ram which pre valli
. that the leaves moat fall
and our trees left Stripped of then
j . and yet IDOW llake
? I
iat ali beauty la not none.
Mr. I'
: town Monday to qualify
uteuted mil
Mi. and Mi-. K. W. Bidgood an<
? \
N (' , and Ml
trudi :?, and Mis
Man i Richmond, ara ?isitiui
nd d ?-. .1. B. Wall.
'I he man who don't take thc bonn
la iii-i lo complain ?
, ni commission, i
and In ip make it helter. I
? be Hi
I in your personali
\\ e can i -ce "j beau ll ell. Help rn
and we Will BMki the lil BALD -
l> ipulai thal all the mea will bu
i the children crj for ii. li
j ni have a ii. k ut call u|
Arnot iple \ i-iiii.
iu^ in ton iiiii.
Buckingham count.*,; 8. \\
Wm I Cumberland
the lecture
iud we
will in turu give lum a full doune. He
p ut of pi
wintry, ll meu and
women are doing
ll ul up w Uh a lile--i:
? be Herald
borrow a copy from a neighbor who
that it'- worth a dolla .1 then
nave you on < Ul
.ml you w .
Young men who are di*pw
think it ii
to the
? ami
. id Fall in
Mr. J.il.n Sheffield, wife and infant
sou Bpi dayaol thia wei I.
mc. They
left lu iv for Kl
-i: the
Mw. Mm:
V Y.
hy a b iud a li.-if
e pleas*
? tu.in i;."h
. bad w lu ii a wat ;t city nf forty
of hui- people bave -pent the
mihi.ncr in Kami vi Ile, ami m> >
i Hume
wh i ii
ur pleasure. Iii it tb se
wliD :
The Clim
at On I
ami il
lg Wei
'I hu-, w.
(li-im - him
fir th ii thc
? I. Mr. Waltei ii i:
-ion, i* Hie cbampiou farmer <>f the
hurry ami lu the
inade than the
broker. He em. il th.a
- kind of fa
all. ii' found lu tb
if ilry or wf, h
ami i
H the needle to lu
Brave 'Im I
liver aud k
.i to J. VN ? I
, .1. He
IhlUg fora man
I eau
i ii .i i i ...
A in
A woraa
ll. I I
\ rn
Turnip Seed uow o H. C.
.ii ami
i , tu buy
el-ew i.
Ker! Hot I rom I lu- GUN
Wt- the hall lint hit ti
man. Midi., in tue I
. Thei
I him
Piled Cun
? I bj Willie
noni t??aa.
og Kemedy Co , CUicwco or New York
IV I i.i I I s, , ?, | K,, \ |,,,?f |? |>, In, , | .1
M ni il
\S hen I was a b \
Mill Tredw ay liv d in one ol the
ii county, in the Dar
lington Heights district, surrounded
by In uni could -land in his
flout porch lie had C '
do so, "I am monarch of nil I sic
The owner of this splendid estate i
Ince deni, his fortune having
? (j by thc -hock of W :
upy all that he
: his own. 1 am told that
| (nutation has now .
il vis
nih d to note that H
lng well and carefully managed.
on n and u-c tin
and run a sion- in connection with it.
They I || au active bus
I, by the way, the young
man in charge of tlc -tore told me
at manj ol theil gooda m
Farmville, and thal th
? ? a tx i". In
addition to the mill a itu -??
titivate a faun
they ow n some 200 acres ol the origl
..I their |. :
tTOp I i- one of the I
- "li.
. "f the laic Henry Venable,
sdjoiulug thia property on the North,
ed ,n lue Hain.B i
and ii I condition ami
: thoughtful ami
iiie mill a Colored fannel
oi-i d ami entertained
me wi, ; : hi- "turn."
Anione other things he -aid, "w hen he
told thai no miller
ever went to beaven, but that sim
. .?tion of the roller process, they
i taking toll and made tin
I i it, so that the man went lice
the mill ii ire the sin." I con
- a new version io me.
ia! he enuc to Farm
in aticr thc tue that destroyed
our factories ami warehouses, ami mei
with .Mr. W I'. (Jililam, when the Coi?
tion took place. Hi?
ll, I hear we tai nu i
|N*y for all the new fact it ii
inu ni i will just tell
part I wi,l pi;. ,t now, and liol
. i mad Of tot) i
. 'von vv Ul owe U-, alni
pay it at "in i ?? von
lr. G i un.
: didn't
, ami
all the tobacco i
i lion what
columns of tue
?f the
.li y, a.ni I
: ;i.y to ll, UOtb
? are
; i I ever b. i
o|| to
oid eof out
by a n "ont expel i
. lead lug through thc
rom I be
li had hcen freshly
I hy a
to lini-h.
! lo haul'
ll to fail, Ol?
in un
tom from end tn
"four fir |
I ndei new con?
ditions eau any fanner afford to do
m d ' ni: I." man can
j nothing ut bia
illy ill the -mu?
lila! it is
-\ man has alv\ a.. - time to do
nits for the
. W. (.. Dunnington, tin
? buyers, i- v.-. tting t"
ai t of the county.
lu many yeal- I vi?
ol I inn on la-i ,
enj tyed the -
i immandiug lull
i ? . .nco, about
i excellent,
hill lin .! Ill -' Impn ?e- om
-, now bur
|' "f e I ll.
,. .. Il ?
,ty for man and
Od ll 'Uiish
li- hut
. and I COO*
.it au out
I With
.', hui in many |
in- iiave i.i-,-ii aban
I and W lin ll ail hope of au iihmi
d.llll e 'l a el", ? al 8 linly
ed t" : prom
?hi pouuda
are iii
. tue boua
- Illlllinr le
Mr. J I). Wright is in
u wisely ami well. He received youl
i cheerfully,
...ii t
k him
i .-li ami told Ililli li
; na d WM DI
Carmel bai
to III.
.id tin- Mr
I i nj tyed my vial
to know Uni
. "1 farmiiii
Prince Edward.
?'?.? i'?? ri.gata
? ed, il.
down the hill without Idle i
he know- Uni one long j
i.ninan beinga
- ni his mind as to why it
should all be, be calmly i
himself by dedaring that be i- no
m .!?? worthy than otbera to I
cepted from tin- great ruli
though be li ,- that
the bu
of manhood liu\ ? , r, the
but li?
thiums beyond tl ? bub*
-el. ile knows thu ti,,. _
uatun "i-y from th
that nave
I the watel- alni DOW shim
a beauty that lo tlie whole
for arc not thc clouds willi all their
varied tints only wain '.' Ami in the
sunset, he -ec- mun linty evi
"iiwald toa Ight and a'.
day, by thc beauty I
upon us all from those uh,,
in humility, each
those irides
io Itself gray only and
- ida; only a- a tran.
ni d upon ,
iii< d hy a |
on while hun
it .should he Content, therefore,
though liis own life -icm fi mil. --, he
knows thal bo matter how feeble its
' i.ii.-t evil or it- actual
formance of good, the broader pu
of humanity will take that el!
itself ami out of the many
one make BUBSBt a hope and a promise
of better ilium- .Mt lo he oil Un
that i- left behind.
* ?
The new n
the fossil tendency that make- men
lind thc admlrab only in thc
buried pa-; oe and lim
term called "the good old days." The
new man D i dig in tia' an?
cient stratifications ol life, hm h
i discover iii the past of hu?
manity, ju-t as ii il thc
ciiians, Ich
mastodons, ptei
.md lordi dill,
I hat Un I'
.nv better; and with the ?
et lie foretells that, though in the
ll of mir own ii think
the pinnacle of humanity
d, Vet th -'lill tl)
law ii ilia' shall tran- much
, those Unit
went b
* *
In hu?
manity with bis
i perfect, md even within
of perfection, inn as bavlnx it
utauce pei mealed with tin i
?I perfect! m. An l for this reason lie
,ly lay do
ne has attempted, ami ai whicb he bas
: for he know s tb
arork is hm a preliminary -tcp i i
ter,and that no work i- lo-'. Hui faith
may il
who have md li.
of mc scientist w
leal ami most bidden plant a I
work tliat
Change of form indeed th.-:, |
hut annihilation never; so that though
an ellon may vanish, mu.-li as B body
resolves Itself into lu
and he elm",- io it a- Um auswi
death gives to the hum tn >, i
bte must believe in watebfuinesa
thiuga nioial and spiritual bj
architect of all or he will
for allowing tbluga moral and .spiritual
ever to cuter the 1 ni 111:111 heart, only
mishlng m
human effort.
? #
Mut let us touch for a lit'
sonic le? serioui
ni in young love li: ?
:ie d>es not e.,me Int ?
euee i Ittdeed may
:Y hui his j iud out
of tim fullness of the lieut Hie niolilli
1 that in all thiugs which
beckon youth forward on the
non- way ot high life, he is with them
nilli discourage hut to cheer, not to
of a heller past hui to give them
understanding -
ihat the present may 1 tutiful
and useful,
11- that appeal tu the
the tm rent of life
within the young, bul itby i
witb them in ti .ncc. They
know it. He know- it. and in the
knott ledge they an- united in
Another boud of 8 tl
he ever holds lu- 111 lld ",
orv. Uniter li;
- nevertbeli ?
as they to brave difficulty ami to
,'lier than
of the bj
, I, lime- mn- lin, , ami
lg "Ul" li
I hun
a toiler, rich.
Word- mpted
rather thin fanciful pictures, ll is not
given to all ot us in all thu
iii our own lives all li, . 11 writ'
icu: Iml it seem- tn- " thal
all Who fall -holt H.
, pn of human ,
Kunnin, a.
mean a correctly winn 11 policy in ;
aonndcompany. Pauletta I'auiett.
A Glorious Time at Mt. Pleasant Can
Owi n Lectured. And a Good
Time is Had.
Paxmnr, v.\., Aug., tl, ">??.
Herald: <? | blld
?? re lu-lil in Ifl
? t church, th y w. n well foti
hu up hy Mn. tirade Baneon
? t ?J^\M i
I'he >inal!trrh1l(ial'n hafl recitations
ami Binging "/ittie |i
r- ll Of
eal among
Priddj i very
iii aong, winch brought the
down ami ihd i- li..ut e\cry
iii.'u th. Hatton* by
1 . lei lie Moor.-, K.-u in-r?
id ami i:uiy Ranaoa, wah Mng
..f tin- -ol.- aong hy thc young
illy pretty ami tou.-h
baving the collection taken
up hy . ?od Measle
tm which
will \ I raiaaioni dinner
? I in Hie grove and uttel
, cntifully the crowd Ogata
. ui the Church to hear the
i - hool by our lagWatlve
Ita, Mr. John Owen. It waa
; a very heuutiful as
well ai beuefldal talk tor thc yoong
folka, be taking (br bia aobjaot "The
I Winnall."
lt being then early it vi- turned
intoa Sunday Behool pico..' for the
lng. lt wa- lin- la.-t
but not the least church on Prime i.i
ward circuit to . | ( ii,Mien -
i d with (ii, - - li OMI tba
Sunday BCb ? ibould feel
encoui ? 0,1 wah the work
with au i:i-| iring /ea! a- m\er I ?
our ueighborbood iii- baan crowded
wah mihi i - bot tiley are
Mr. Daniel chappell (ron Boroka
Milla -j i ni a day or two with old
. - ui Hie Deighborhood tbli
-; ral Barara]
i I ? lin- week.
Mi-- , have
.1 i':.'!ii au . . li ip to
BUd Pula ki county. They
ai I anied by Mr. Prank < 'at
lloun, w ii ) Will BJ ll wick- at
Mr-. 1'i-ii -. c and daughter,
. 'a bo have bel n \ hiting Mi?
lt. Iv -.will re?
turn to their home in Uicnm ind M
Mr. i; nuj Lee will return to bia
h >me - itui.lay, a i
lg fii.-nd
Mr. Creed Ranaou j I
- ahie
? ni nicely.
K. E. K.
Then i;.,.Miling.
[ ba* caused
:.il re\ ival of trude at White
. lug away
nv cUHtomi i- ot bo many
Liniptiou. Theil
i normoua in thia vtts
. iiuu lue fact that it
iud never di- ipi
-. ( il I-, Asthma, Bronchitis,
broal uni inn.; dixeosea
, ci I. "i i 0 I i tesl il he
i trial imitie
id -i.'"'. i
Opera House
Commenci A i jual 80th.
Went. The Old Ke?
Harvey Theatre Co.
of Hie lal -t comedy
, play Dignity.
I- LO 20. 30c
Bon Don Matinee
Saturday > P. ?'/?
.1 l.'lC.
: child will 'I with a
no 5465. j ??y:ri;;,f
Zigler Bios. Fine Shoes
;iii<! ;i varied -t<>.
in our linu.
of our
unusually pi '?,'"" of
Gentlemen's Furnishings.

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