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J. L. U IR
Ka i i
One copy.otic >'? ll
" " six Ul "
M " three moul
All eon
K. W
vertfs. ?
Oot, R
of Col Bryan, d
tour of Ohio, and In w
or hud DO) I
j in thc N
undertook to del
he bad tm| red ts
frats at that, to pr..-, t
and if poaaibli brit \ them to j
luent. and added, that for -
he had | rovlded a foi
them. Pe 'pic's mon,
most people will
reminds m ?<> ask, \\ b, u law -
vcr- mt etin reui - mea*
:">r material ur.land loco
the praetid - ,,| ,,;}. ad ra that
aoanethlng is nol aomi tim
the rabject of i
chargi - .' We
do not tc all that aucb hi- ?
done, on the contrary rather op|
rates have often Let u cul the
member of th.- i. ,.|> found under?
bidding t- unworthy.
We reeall t>> mind ju-1 n
- >rt. A lawyer
tain amount of money had b
cured in which an un-u-; i. ioUH farmer
had an intereet. Without revealing
the fact- he agreed t.? collect that mon*
ey for a fee of |250, and the -um In?
volved aral ic! : "" The mom
had for the asking, and while the la?
borer i-< worthy of his bire, no bi
lawyer will conti nd that this
rorthyofthat hire. Nor la this
the only ease of the kind. The bank*
rapt law, preceding the i
was rendered odious to tlc
so pronounced *
that the BUCCeat
fear it would come with like stain, lt
is subject ??: ition that it is
not so soiled
The i>nl\
years against which we would u
protested, od to Mr. Choate
for less than an hon;'- - ore the
Supreme court, in toe if mil*
llooalrea a b i ???
foreement of the iii.-onie tai. lie
raved millions and was entitl i t<> hi
180,000, not thal be waa worth
an hour, hut that the triumph of that
hour was the result ufa Hf
The next time our Virgin
meet in annual reunion, let at lea-t oin
hour he given to the conaidi ration ol'
lon't "down" the
-e two-thirds of the
brethren haven'! made a i
the past twelve monti.-.
rooLiant ki kout.
"The man who ti
Democratic convention bj
Republican governor,
aihility for ali that govi ri
he has I .cen . ,.<l Mr.
Biyan to a Kentucky audience in bia
recent tiiuniplial tour through thal
State. What be Bald loth
Draaocrata of Kentucky maj
graat propriety be repeated to the in?
dependent! of Virginia Th
who tries to correct a I
vention hy electing an it d
legislator for Virginia, asaumi - i
nibil i ty for ull that Indi ,
doe* after he baal been elected, and jual
,(1 two make four <i/!
Independent .' Dem i il
Into office will just bj rarely get Into
Repuhlican bal
Then la no Independent party known
to the country, ami when :,
into power he will not likely "il ?
himself." The hist thing a diaappoiut*
ed or disaffected party man will do i
to co-operate with the organization
against which he "kick--.'' Whstbei
his grievai i founded 01 not,
to him they are ntl. "Fear the
Oreeks even though thej
waaia wartime of tong ago, hm
Independei smooth
phrases and honeyed wolds
warning of most moment just now to
Virginia voters.
Richmond ha- the "righi of waj '
next ?
The hardest Mows yet given the In?
di] endenta weis .-truck by tin i
biir^r /ml' i I,-./" od "Hit 't in .
The Pullman company i..
the Wagner company, so w*j m
liM.k for anj
The man uh i -??, on IJ "spa
the-peeclie-of Wm
them through th. ld dual
it in .
Koiirke Cochran -aid ,,t p
"Winn h. wey wi ? c
anti shattered an empire .
hattie Without thc 1 -- ol B D
rion- dania.'.' to a Bbip le
the w hole Held ol militarj
The car faiiiin. eontlnui - SI i it is a
pity the railroad* can'l c rumand ai!
ind in ii"
Currency famine continue-, to,.,
' a pity ; mu m I
all thecurrencj they i md in
i his i-n't a "bowl" either,
. .iely truth.
rhervare 1:1 stars on tba! Hui; vi Inch
, ougslde thc Lynchburg
But univ ls- ..ur -i-tei i-n't -u
\\. made gre* lous mistake In saj
, ur i.i-t lasue that W. Jennings
breaking down lintier tbe
i.uii- imposed upon him. He
!rougei to tl" ami ii
si of tim people. We don'l
when lu- re-ts bul lie never grows
i help has reach
eil Virginia P. Ms, revenue officials,
'I attorneys, dec. Of course they
h ive I ta ii linnie t" disgorge, whether
puiufu nh, ami all this in the
-' of ohio. Don't you know
uble there? McLean evi.
.itutIv luis tlii'in mi thc run. K.,p
??'. in i:ul it w.m't he long
Mr. McKinley will join the flee
Now niul then article- lintier control
ipenedas a -"ii "t
? the UUSUS|a3Cting, bul not al
"iiileil. i'lie
BaltimoreSun reminds us as follow-:
-h,.wii that two days before the
n t- | nindi l'Hi pounds
ol till] a Pittsburg lo:
-, as it was ("linell |iiices be
i.itiiuii.v advauced aa high
tm tbe tariff tu mi Imported tinplate
w .ulil allow, with the result that hm
:- of tinplate now -til at
li i-sheer nonsense t" Imagine thal
man with power won't exercise it lt
will l?e much suter for the people to
unite to crush combines.
liie Ki lei-i'iii. Ippt nf -ny-:
"There is no more odium In opposing
a patty than there i- in supporting H.
iatuy lie- in the act of betraying
it un.!' t profession of loyalty
ami supp ut." Truth to thc Cora. I"'
at least ..ne of the tinily papers of Hie
Commonwealth, ami all Virginia in?
cl itnii "inwardly <li
Aini tin- from the saine good
; pt rsistency "f the mi?
nority fiction of the Democratic party
In calling Itself the majority Ia too ai>
- ml to be annoying A liar may tle
hlmself and a tool may he ?:
il they ian never succeed in <le
c> Ivlng others."
Washington, oct.. 28, 1889.
man who ha- no weakness level
unborn. Mr. .McKinley's supporters
n advantage nf Admiral
nly known weakness feel
for his health?to -hut ot! the flow of
j enthuatasm, ami thu-, as they
think, lessen hi- availability a- an
auti-McKlnley candidate f'?r the Re?
publican Presidential nomination,
lb Dewey to attend any
more big receptions hecati-e they keep
him too prominently before thc public,
iltbough Dewey look-much bet?
ter than be did winn he Ant came t"
Ugton, and has been going to
theclubor the theatre in tbe evening
lending to his private business
i" the day tum.? lie helped the Com
t tiie house, which will
mik i." bought for him ?In us
active a manner as any other man of
nhl tto, he ha- I."cn per
; that his health is in gn at
i, ami that he must absolutely
? men! of all kinds for some
months. This was so firmly Impi
upon liim that he canceled his i i
\ u i and to Phila?
delphia, ami announced that he would
nv Itatlons until next
Spring. Anti the .McKinleyites think
they have kiiitti ihe Dewey boom.
What Arch-Bishop Chappelle,
tolic delegate to tbe Philippines, who
uounced hi- Intention to go to
the Philippines to brine about Peace,
which Gen. Otis basso signally failed
i-'ii", ami Hr. McKinlay said to each
during the loni,'conference they
la!i| ni tiie White House, while bit;
poJitit kicking then baals in
Vu", is what all the
ineii have bet ti miso
illly trying b> timi out. That they
talked of conditions in thc Philippines
- all that is positively know ii, although
ouch more has been -cut mit by the
uative newa-makera The Arch
? mi il very weil pleased when
ie left the White House, ami said that
ic would probably see Mr. McKinley
igaln, before he left Washington for
. w hich he will do in a few day-,
lie Archbishop is well known ami
lopulir in Washington, where he once
iel char:;. >f .1 church.
Washington Post, which bas
D a .McKinley paper
nice tin- administration came into
sounded a significant warning,
.hen it -ai.I at the dose "fan editorial
ill ot praise of Mi. McKinley person
iiv: "ihe President must usher in a
I healthier retime. If he
tra political future, he inn-! replace
nbecility with brains ami vigor. The
an- worn out witli failure, he?
it .'uni disaster."
Humanity demands a cessation of
ic muderous bungling in Luton.
"th ami national honor require
ll ' .I-1 :iinl the politi
"lilitation of the t uimn-. I bil
? ml ami rmi -non.
steting conditions projected into tbe
ming yeal will pot a conclusive and
Mr. .McKinley's public life."
' \. M. Kell, who wa- prominent
connected with the PoStofflcs I ??
Him nt during the lir-t Cleveland
ministration, ami who has baan m
? in BL L ni-, for -ome
la visiting Washington. He
v- that people in the Baal have no
ia "i the Intensity of the feeling
ainst trusts in tin- Weat, ami predicts
nt the tru-t i.-sue will fhrure largely in
nnp.iie.il. He also thinks
it tin " asing hostility to- ,
wald- mllitailam, ona uf th
Imperialism, and toward*thal aortol
expanalnu luvol\ mu' tue surrendei of
tbs Monroe Dot ti
Notwithstanding Hie failure >.f the j
ai th.- la-t session, t" sci upon
the hatch ot Naval n.nationa wblcfa
would bavi pul Kcal Admiral pJampaou
a;., el of Kear Admiral Bcbley, and of
the pul.lie calli uk doa n at Minni
of Becretarj Long, when he attempted
to glorify Bampnou f i w hat -
did, it is announced mlngly
good authority that the attempt to
jump Sampson over Bchley'a head la
Hr. McKinley as
soon a- < loogn - unju-t
attitude of M.,' admiuiairation lowarda
Admiral Bcbley han ho far only added
t.< that gallant ? >n, and
if it is persiated lu, many believe that
ii will result m giving Bcbley the
second place on next .Ve;.l's lien.
national '.. kl ' Btl lUgl i thil
that lue happened, lt may
?k'hley ia not a Democrat, hut
that ll
Qraul wa- not a Ile publican anti he
by that pa' ? liny ?md N i\;.
officer wu., ha- enough political bia* in
h.- make up to become a un nil"
political pally, is an exception. A- a
rule, oiliciT- in neither branch of the
-cia ice vote, < ven vt ben they remain
in one place I I I to acquire
the righi Io do MO.
Ex-Governor Th. tn j two, of
who ha- Ju ?! from Europe,
saul he wa- approached by a native
in a village ol Ba Itzei laud, who I
to him: "Excuae me, air, bul will
you gratify my euri nitj by telling me
w ha' lt WSJ 'hat the I. ?'. citioi \
c. -aid to the Governor of 8. I
A-k.d what reply be made,
Thompson Bald: "Why, simply re?
pealed the historic remark, and cave a
practical demount rat ion <?f whit fol?
lowed it. hut it I., al- Hie how thal fel?
low ev.-r hearI the -loiy of the two
Thc Him.. <>i in, ii... > -
in view ..f the warnow ex lot lug be?
tween thc I! .ci- at..!
facts about the-e Boutb African coun?
tries wj|| ne of tnt. i.st to our reader-.
Tlie Sonih Aft lc ni republic or l
veal, the countrj of tin- ll ci-, ha- an
ana of i ij.Too Bquars mile-, nearly
three innes tin- si/.e of the -late of
Pennsylvania, and a population of
about iiHHHNi, of which one-third ate
foreigm republic wa- formed
in lM-t by l. Du:.di
inn 'rants. Thc
iudependi nc- in 1880, and in 188*1
(treal Ki itaiu renouuc. d all righi to
the direction of its in:
retained the righi t>> supervise it
treaties with other countries. The
country ia rich in Loth miueral ami
agricultural and has about
tthi miles <>f railroad, ric
mainly Kl.ti stant, ii:.- Ilutch H
?linn-h pied, tn
'Ihe Orange ! . the other
South African republic, uow at war
arith Euglaud, adj .in- tbi
tnd ha- an ai.a
md a p..j.ti: i
tl-., i- rich in in
resources, with 350 milt - of radi
?\c. pting "ii th. . ;, ate -ur
oiindcd hy Brill iii .-I
mportanl of which i- I
he southern extremitj of Ali ic I
be northes*! Ile* < iasaland a K u
?olony w bich ia s irtu illy c i
;icat Britain.
We .an sell you i tooth Lruab
not to -lied the iwisti.
H. C. (
F.itirHt" Ymir Bowell WHS Caacaraaa
Issi i ....j.
fin', lull ' .
?..I !: ?
'T'housan.ls of
women are
troubled at
monthly inter?
vals with paina
in the head,
back, bn
shoulders -
- and limbs.
But thc
not suffer.
These pains are svniptoins of
can lie torre, t. d. The in. n
Urual function abOUld operate
makes menstruation ?
and regular. It [mts tl." dcli
tion to do their work properly.
And that Stops nil this ;
Why will my woman -
month nttf-T month w
of Cardo! will relieve her? It
costs ft.ito at the dru^ I
Why don't yon fc
For advice, in cases requiring
lng symptoms, "Tl
Advisory Department," The
Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattano. .
ol Oenavllle. TexM. Stfil
"I wat troubled at monthly I
with terrible palm In mv head ai. ?
but have been entire!) relieved bi Vilr.t
Of Cardul."
IV. I'l-ft. ia rf Vh HI Pl
How To Find Out.
Kill n bottle .a commi 'hyou
ind Iel n -' uni tw. nu four hours;
a sediment of n tiling Indlcati - un un
healthy condition "t tbs kidneys; ii it
Hains ymir linen it is evidence of kidney
trouble: too frequent desire to pass it ot
pain in the hack is alan convincing proof
th ,i th.- kidneys ami bladder are out of
W ll \ I I" I"'
There i- comfort in thc knowlt d
"ihn expressed, thsl Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Boot, the great kidney remedy
every wish in curing rheumatism,
pun in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
and every put ol' tin- urinary p
li corrects inability t>> bold watt
Id ir, passing ii. or bad effects
Iquor, nil.r beer, ami
mea that un pie isanl necessity of
compelled '" go often daring tbe
? un many times during
tin'.- night. Tim milli ami Hu- extraordi
i ,,f Sw-imp Root i
I >and tbi h in-' h>r i's
? distressing
Il y >u tm il a mi'l eil'
? Bold by ill-:
in tifty ci ni niul "in- .lol ii rises.
i - imple bottle nf this
wonderful discovery uni a book that tells
!i.iiii it. boih -cut absolute j
by mail, address Dr. Kilmer a
,ii ion, N V. When writing men
linn lh il you n cl lah iffer in
I,Ville III.li VI. II.
Vi mum.
a good manager white or colored
bi take charge of my faun Have fine
tobacco lani ami low grounds. I
lent (cam, Ac, Cora M. Tv i 1
Keep Your Feet Dry
Your Body Warm.
My In,, ..I Boola ami 8
qualed in .-.. If) .m expect
i boola er shoes hu- ?Inter you
eui, I alli,li
ly nml I urn
.. tell ham VERY LOU
man or woman abo falls to five ms
a trial ?iii certainly looa moaej. i
.??nil -. thal I will -.-ll ni coat, hu- beat
i also lia ve a
drive in Wo
", now only
M | - leek ..r tbeae gooda i- \ i ry large
niul complete, ranging in prices from
tn,- \. i . ronghl
io thia market. Noa hu- man hint
I f hiiin.' to I.ny in incl'
hi- Intereal
ii ic doea not give mc a trial on these
? | hum be k ?
I lc, linn- hie handaom
e-l line in town, from Hie cheapest Io
? I,?! very
All Wool Ki i'-'-\ -
Bverj man
" i pair ai; wool panta for
winter that Will lasl two seasons and
ni hie same hine keep linn wjirtn ns
'l "ll Mee.| li,"
cotton any longer If jroa alli give ms
a trial, a- I ! lot of these
.ml hu jr, like itu- rest, Ml UT
i t alli save ron
? Ol) hi, lu.
Bed Ticking,
. "uni ..rail kimi-. Domse
nii nml Brown, good ;.
ind immy other things
too iiiiiiieroii- io mention, t om
: .i ni give j on n eal
I also have Sample Books
i IRST ' !. \m ?
. niel will lake \. ur mt
uni linve y niir Miil or (mills mail" tu
lays, I ' - in-iae
linli eui,rniih ii or no sale. Ill tills
? I w lil ii\ nie my |,mill- u 11 li
V'. h.i lui i -
of his department and alli ba glad io
- iihl nml SOS
Mr. lim. m. r H.8.1
i marly attn Mr. .1. M. linn, i
u Uh lm ami willi. .? lu
old frit
for hnir lili
hic past, l hope
? .'ii. to io iik> a
hie tuturi-.
Very Iruly ftc,
I vi: VIV il.I.K. VA.
831 THE 1000
kountry Gentleman.
ie ONLY Agricultural NEWSpaper,
M..ny tba
idlng Agricultural Journal of the World.
Cverj department aritten bj ipi
authorities in their rt
>o oilier paper pretends to compete attn
ii qualifications of editorta
tura I N'KVVS atti
fullness .-uni completeness not even at?
ti |,ii.i by oh
? i ni Caora,
Maskbi hi eli is.
Vi i "IN I- "I Ml I I IS"-,
INDISPKKfl vin 1 I' i
ll Country Residents
vi'11 uii Willi lin1 Timi's.
i no si RM mei
a IAI. IMil ' I Ml.M- h. |; M8ER8 "I
LARMER thli',-.
U ii K\ erj w in r,.
///? Months* Trinl 11 i)i ffOe,
.i. lt alli pay
noil Interested hi any way In
io send for hu-.h. Addie** hu- ,
C. M. Walker & Son,
Commission Merchants
AM. 1.1 U I RS IN
Mill Feed,
Hay, Grain,
Field Seed and
Heavy Groceries.
Farmville, Va.
Builders1 attontion ia asked
ti. new car-load lots ??l
Lime, Cement,
Lathes, and
Cow Hair.
which wt- h;i\e jusl receneu.
Pure Ground Bone Meal
Clover seed is advancing in
juice. We bought cally
and can
We have in stuck the mos!
complete line ol (inn-, Pistols,
Saddles, Harlie?, Lap R<
Ac, ever -h<?\\ n in Farmville.
We solicit t he patronage oj
the public.
C. M. Walker & Son.
Trustee's Sale of Borne and Lot
By virtue urn cert
Hie lui da
Mannie I>. M.KInnej and I: J. McK
O J. P. r'it/tri ral.I, I
i, i k s office of I'riti.'.' Kdward county In
d ha\
i appoiati.! -
? lin- . olin, v I i,lil I ol Pl i
-ninny, cut. r.-.l on I
H. lct\ lnfa*oecn made In the
laymen I ol i b.
tn; required ?o to.In bf li.
in der, I \t iii tell nt pu bl
? .ti in.
it 4 P. M., the certain hourn i od lol In thc
.nt ll nf lam,'
wi nn
oat - new map >>f Paran
TERM to s,, mach of tbi
. .-.ls ns may ?
i uh In:.
nun from lin- Isl .lay of August, i
..?ml ami the balance al -ucli tim
I .'.'. I), McK K. I
l.-K In ney -hali .lire'I or In i
allara i"
.11 think lit.
oct. 20 n.
Fleming & Clark's
.l.i. Kc -.'.-ii a beautiful array
of Fashion's latest
fancies in
Dress Goods,
nd in fact everything in the
line of
Dry Goods.
Examine their stock before
nying. They please a- t<>
lality and price.
ia:ai. properi v. Lot \ i rd in i uk
I..UN or i- *RM\ [LLB, \ \
ly Hie t. rm- of I Ct nain .1. ed ..( I ru
H. A, and CC. Jackson, to me, Ibe
ned Trustee, dated tbt
, ol. .1
the oft
thc i ..lints of Prince !? dwa
inuit literati
ile in tlic payment i
i bains i 'oimt. ,t ,.i tin
.it Kai ins
lied il, the said tic
nu ?: i:. lng I bal certain
leed froin U . J. Me idor, d
N... ! 18.
spany, on ? blch th. ?
correct amounl win
?I: vt- ? .
Mils debi ,
? utliiK Hits ti
is annie,
u ..,
las your tumocrtpUon expired*
ho lUeusr rt mir.
iiiiii.iii '
general public thal we bu
?i>ni|il Kal the addition to our
.?uni Ihi'i h lill' <l up with
/-- sm..
, ?/ ,'i
.' ?;/ y . /
WV have supplied a wast
We hiv
Positively Headquar?
ters tor Ladies1 Tailor
1 Made Suits,
Jackets, Capes, and
Hu uni buy t'lsew here until
you have ?-.?tit our
\< ours for busim
Next door lo H. E. w
/ ??? ? ~ i
Chase Pianos Are The Best.
To test the value of advertising rn the Herald
tin- following award is offered:
Thc person vi ho, prior to I lecember 101b, forms tim larges! numbai
- linc
tom $5.00. Thc in \t ii.n lo rotation will
receive $1.00 eacb.
- inti-t i ii!\ be formed from letters in the seoteuct
Kian I H ICC tli? I?? lt
ia thus bl
Wt I' uni, ex.:
all of ' ri corni '.".\t, dec
lug i- chat
iiin live .lays fruin
Man nf act ti r< nt.
Lock I!".\ 2! Farmville, Y.-i.
Send Inf Catalogue* anil Vi.
he Farmville Building and Trust Company
FAS Minti. / i.
Money Loaned at Cheap Rates and Time Given to Suit Borrower,
stimated illustration of Loan $1,000. Estimated Illustration to Investors.
ml ea
I'll f**1
Fa.mvill", Va.
I il \ v
Big Stock, Low Prices!
rge Stock Wall Paper and Window Shades.
Undertakers and Furniture Dealers,

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