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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, November 03, 1899, Image 3

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ut. Ita
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i will ii"
all lil tilt
v. Mr.
. i .' On the
?I mi new |i
brilliant future. Tb<
I ll pox.
lt In- ii ai.ti
? 1 only
rj of Mr. i
Hort to
f vv hah v*
? ii wi I
in..11 that a
of il. li.
mm in time.
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unds of thc
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mp, and leap mil run
und bullea,
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li nml lu
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I when the
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l order do
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in the habit of
vote. in Cum
hara tim "imle
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lt ll. Il|i|e|.eiiibl.t,-i|i ,v i li
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neut. The
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ely fol
to say ot ie
1 of ;i do/en
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j laud, and nome
io tell the
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unit vi lien
1 loud.
Kllppla <l"t|ii<>.
::i the
? noon,
ol the
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; tim vviii
with ? ? to tbe
il and th
weie In- \Y. I.
I alton,
\\ "l-ll.'Ui.
I tastefully
, relllug -nit
u tin- ai in
, .1 lm*
med by the Rev.
anti Kev. Vf. \\ ; room's
well known
many well
? .un, iiini,
, with
- from the
?dy. there were
members ..f the
lent "t
loo] in all il?
lili' newly
?I ike a -b".
m to Cum*
, ready
V sn.lil. ll ll. nih
Vt K. | liiM
i ' vs;i- a
. bini. Hr
. of October,
implln, bul bad
? i .- -i: . .-? about a
lt the I-millville
n the
j burying ground
ruH s \ i.k.
Poland China
A. K. Vi N vui i . Ju.
\..l !
Ul i cent bond- eau
? i ""nt bonds,
why i ? ( Beet the
ed to enter
I w Inn ni'
: ia! ilium! ?
If (runts <i" Indee 1 cheapen the
human c
mid i, | ? ny not make Hie ai?
li' in Qtiful, why is it that
. vi hy
,n desirable the
i ?? i mt- n (uni in <!???
Take i
..\ll .1 ? the money if it
on every i
\\ ..Ullin; ll-'l*
On Wednesday, th. I lober,
at m.. . Mr. J J Whitehead, ol Perm*
viiie. sud Mi- Mn tim Breed Wain
it, >.f )Tork county, were ii lied
In Hie holy bonds of mammon .
.1 Pbaup being the officiating
Thia hap'
Si l'i "\ niel;.-c church, York county,
which luid been elaborately and hand?
somely decorated for tl nsIth
Bowen and Ivy the hitler bavin
furnished from the historic N
tl..use, Yorktown, Mr. ll. M. White
brother ..f thc groom,
I urn. r, ol
f 'ik, mai.) ?.f h .nor. The ushen wt ra
Mes,,,, j.,i,i, Buchan.R. N. How.
ard, Jacob Wsi nw right and hied H.
'i'he church waa lilied with
friends ,,f ii,,. ,.trading parties, the
-nu -hone out in noontide Bplendi r
;*??? * "' rion rested upon
the brilliant scene. After the cere?
mony I ii nobe a was served, and from
tins bright spot in life's Journey the
happy p:tti started for then future
home in Farmville.
.Mr. Whitehead i- the popular ami
.di. i.nt deputy derk ?>r thc county
? mt c .mts f.,i Prince Edward,
snd ll i won high place in the
confidence of his fellow countymen by
: tu i incl, m . I
-.I painstaking
. W lc i- a very al':
anil popular young lady of y/ork coun?
ty, w.t- i.. comingly attired in a derk
may travelling suit; being in mourn?
ing siie carried m. (lowen, bul a i
hook ami hymnal instead. Mist
I Norfolk, the maid of honor,
w.t- prettily dressed in agowu of nsvy
I.lue cloth with old gold trimiiiii;
i a lovely bunch of "Sehley
Mr- Whitehead han Dot come smong
-ti in .-I-. f<n ;,s student of the Normal
-lie leal ned to know the social ami
: Kai hiv ille, and to be
i a- ..I.i their favorites
She ? : tbs w;ii ni
d our hope is that the new
; .? impenaation f>>r the
Uk ra ld edda lg and
good w,
1 Pl . , ll. link, .
- rainy Kev. J.dui Stanley
wtor >.f the Presbyterian
church at Suit..Ik, Ve . delivered an
address on tn "dei a pulpitering lu
which he -1
I am not here to -ay that a man who
ii drink, or
or In*
ll evils
. gentleman. I'd declaim what i
know to be untrue in many luat
lid it. N..r du 1 underestimate
sllfll |
fatal * * * Thc clergyman ?
lack- illy c.tiled
evils and ..pen and secret Binnings,
ought lo he vary sine al.mit his own
* *
I.I : nit ol the pulpit thal
; - the banu attack* un tbi
ihc world-minded attendants, the
snd cullins: criticisms wi
so often.
li ls taking advantage of the pew t..
i un Hie pulpit w hat the pulpit
utative due not say to th.
on thc street oi in a home. 11
i-nothing less than professional cow
linm|iii.i> sm,,, j Mott*.
HamI'i'i n-Hidni v, Va., Nov , i.
.1 I'd ti .-rm!; 11111111111-. <.f
. deu-Hiduey in the
1880 I sud i 181 '-'. and now a mi
ofthehar of W'ashiuffton, I) .<', lui?
pi.-, niel to our library a drama wrlt
teu by himself entitli
Slkma," founded mi "The Scarlet Ia-t
.'. ii i'll -how- considerable drama*
- located In Boe?
hm in .lune, 1668.
President Mcilwaine returned on
Monday from s visit to Blackstone,
w hen- be preached Bundey, st
ports that Profi --"I A. M. Kaile, who
for two y em - w a- t lu- leading Instructor
ni |! i..y, and resigned t>.
enter on -indy for the ministry st
Union ii Seminary, lui- kind?
ly consented to return to the academy
fol tl,. . ni older to lill a
v in the fscultj. snd i
. d in bia '? I >i ?
ha- the entire confidence of Hie faculty,
tin- Btudeuts, sud the community, kt .i
ever* thing i- moving along pleasantly
ni thc institution. Ms.-.,rp- of Instruc?
tion ia full and ahle, and the outlook
for a successful nession excellent. There
is ;i laiL'-r numbei of cadets present
tl,.,,, ever b b? y ere a band<
i m. and i; liaising iel of felloe
l,ev .hi. B > km, <>f Abingdon, wea
a visitor mi "'he Hill" Issi Week, and
while here conducted codi
much to the pleasure of the students.
irmly welcomed by hir
v> < earl i nu i. i sa.
Bl CKINOHAM, <'. ll., V v j
er -7th, IH
rk of the circuit court of Cumber
land county.
in:.vi:-Ti;: Owing t>> well authen?
ticated reports of smallpox or ">tn<
othel i-c, prevailing in
ty, and especially al the
Courthouse, I will not bold the regulat
ti rm of my court there which should
begin on the 7th of November. I don't
think I ougbl t . By authority
opell wini - ami others
when they will
run the ri-k of contracting Ibla disease,
and ni iv be the d spreading it
where noni vVhenyourcounty
utith !'"' '"
stamping out thta disease I will hold ii
ii term if desired. Von will
give the letter as much publicity
Voiii- ti'.
I ,| ... .1 lil Mill V. .
IV ii li,I. I lll|{. of ?< W ? ? k
11 iiny ..( ymir nm.I
i i" the poaaibill
I hun culture in Bouthaide Vn
ginia, I n--|,' ctfully advise them t >
jump into their own buggy, ot .? of
ny ii ticket good
on tin- i a F . iud ga at ..nee to the
M .i riana, neal < 'tim<
Hld C. ll. If this ol|""t treason
; com Ince ibal apples, peaches,
?fully grou n
ia ii-,-vi here, then aaslng li not
believing with such pei
Thone acrea ol tree* wera not simply
planted and left to grow and bear, but
well alni thoughtfully -fleeted,
thi'ii carefully nurtured and tba result
ls, there vviii be a paying erop each
Mr. Morrison i- a
chaplain In tbe I . 8. navy, and on
. ned the Value "f
n.'iti.? work which baa been ol
seiviei.shore. (Vrtaiii is it that he
ivan n- an example worthy of
following, ami done mach to ri
mend thin section an admirably adapt?
ed h. finn growing.
place be now owna was once thc
home ? : In Pettus,if I recollect aright,
and "t this, in connection with it, I
am absolutely correct In my nu
The Prince ki rard (Troop, nndei tbe
ship "i the nobie Thoroton, was
formed In fi ni of tbe Randolph House
on tbe afternoon of a May day, 1881,
ami stnihd for Richmond via Cumber*
C. H., at vihich place vie spent
our Ural night away from nome a
Boldiere, Aa are rode in Bight of this
ol the chaplain, it- then owner,
Ur. Pi -. .-ii standing in thc
front yard, with welcome written on
bia tn.-,', nnd ;i huge tubof mint julep
stationed under tbe shade ..f one ol
ih"-e splendid oaks, adding stn
and charm to the Invitation to halt,
,'y, and fbi i ne
half hour drank to tbe success of our
anny, th. health of tbe boat, t<> borne,
lo the e-irb left behind, ami to com?
rades on the left and on tbe right. It
waa 1. of war times, and 1
have I i the place since thal
in) bat to the horni?
ll fe of old Virgin! t. The neal morning
was enacted In tbe
front yanl of Dr. Henderson, now thc
home of Mi. Urey, just below tbe
ii m-e. iiiiii iii many another borne
ind Richmond. How
ar w h. n vnevil i
siieh pleasure grounds, but, alas, how
. ben North * karolina "new
corn" n the field tbe fragrant
tscinafing Virginia julep.
In my y daya I .koned tbe
tbe crowning j ry ol
human life, and next In Importance
tile .
forty . d not seen tbe "singing
:," nor beard tbe ring of the
"timi, .-ii with the girls
ih.v m< 11 ily climb il ii|? or
climbed d mi n tbe "scale." I w
lunate enough to And all these, In Bo?
reen, Appomattox
tj, mi Thursday evening of last
My olil It , ? not there,
nor my "best girl," but tbe teacbei
ami the "tuuing fork" were tuen
ii ling." I didn't sing a
m.te, but while others sang 1 listened
ami allowed mi rnory full swing, And
how it did sweep o'er the stringa ..f tbe
dead barp, and make music for i
one li?
lli, il you never atti nded
a "sluging school," I mean tbe genu?
ine article, go to Evergreen oi - sui
spot of lilith, :iiid know
what you have been missing
While at i ll ai- my prlv
. eat a chicken, vi Inch had bl CO
killed, dn.i ami cooked limier the
iiiml direction <>f Mrs. C. ri
McDearman, and nf all tbe chickens 1
mtered in my wanderings
it "look tin- e ike.'' It wa- fnt I"
with, wa- killed twelve boura before
? I, bad remained sometime
i waa thoroughly cok?
ed. Tbe result being il waa a dish "lit
for the gods." A chicken cooked
while kickii i I Ulura, Yon rn iv
deni w hh li-h thal Way but not With
Things political are somewhat mixed
in Appomattox, too. Flu* epidemic ot
"kicking" a- weil a- that of smallpox,
ched the County and one inde?
nt ba- it in the "Confluent" form.
dent i- bowling
Democracj . jual a- Independent i
anti I- mit' tloiiiK' in the
State, tu the disgust of his and their
funnel This identical Inde?
pendent, uni king -imf. waa so stalwart
a |i.i.rat timi when a young Repub?
lican voter began h. visit in bi- family,
he told lum ii be continued to vote thal
ti.?kel, he must discontinue bis visits to
lu- house. Just another Instance ol
extremes mei
In my wanderings in Appomattox I
. ibu ..id home of om- eterprising
fellow-townsman, Capt. J. K. Martin.
.vere.lectric lighta flashing
from n- windows, ii" telephones
through which t>> talk to neighbors,
nor bot ami cid wahi pumped from
tbe creek, but a typical Southside Vir
ginia h 'lim, and no doubt, tu him, -till
"ihe dearest spot un earth." From
"ii- of Virginia have
Coi).-on! h. ita I Int bailie and bilsi
The nea Methodist church at West
Appomattox, which bas just been defi?
ne handsomest in tbe
county, Kev. Kr. Bledsoe preached
the di dlcal iv -t nunn, and it I
to bave been tbe work of a nutate! nf
pulpit oratory.
I met with a negro today who walks
31 iii, mai! for ;l"
a month. Of course be feed- himself,
ure not all dead,
| lillee hotels and three UV*
appomattox. The
Who live I Well s.'ltls
wa- with
Has flour suhsi ri)ilian i.rpirid.
If' .so lilias? ri mir.
l'< > M "I Hat I h..ililli*
A Model foi Voten: In the City
il.iii r few York Blands the
static Ik s- youth w bi
bowi ar.- tied behind his back
cars of hurrying commerce and pleas?
ure roil hy him and crowds alu.
unheeding ai the cara them*
ire and parn on. Thia
youth tiled mic linn.Ind and twenty
three years ago without knowing any*
thing of the outcome of the Revolu?
tion ami without ever dreaming that
tin.- one day should stand
quiet protest end a quiet appeal. Men
tici m.uncut than this earnest,
hearty, pstriotic actwol-tescber served
all through that war and with distinc?
tion, yet their names an ins
even le-s deeply Upon the heal ts ,,i
some "f us than is Nathan 11
# *
ile waa a spy and he met a
death, just ss Majoi Andre did latermi
U|M.ti the American st.lc Many
others wen-spjes and imt all wen
caught, yet of them we hear nothing.
Nallian Haie's memory lives |,
.linn hf wesaboot to dla beaaid, "I
only regret that 1 have hut ..ne life to
tntry." That i- the
metal with tin- true ringi that is the
heroism that tells, because ii docs not
count coneequences: that bj the life
ti .at lives though life bc vanquished:
that is the se,f forgetfulue-s which
prompts in- country-men to an unfed*
i lg DU mory.
Next year the school holl-cill K i-t
Haddam, Conn., where Hale taught
will become t museum ami relics of
thia brave young man will be gathered
iiuic, together with other historic
things that should he preserved for
Our country is doing well hy its
"instant endeavor through the various
historical societies, to preserve statues,
mid bouses, ami treasures that temi to
mike thc past more real to the present
* *
Wiiat i- Kale'-.juiet message to li?
ol change that
ar.lc hi- lime from ours? Is it not
thal mir country might to he to each of
ii-:i very real thing?a personality, I
might almost my? We are too often
a .1 ..t a feeling ..f Impatience
lind disgust with som,, particularly
obnoxious neighbor and i .mc of u- n-e
up even in ..ur wrath and declare that
so long aa thia or that bad min votes
-vc will not vote, and BO long as this
ir thal had niin luis power we w iii
intentionally he weak and show m.
power. What surer way ls there fm
unfruitful political life than throwing
t-nlc Um heritage of a vote just be
?I min may poss.-ss thal
-imc li K tiller than holding
? nullify tile yule il
i i mail Instead of increasing Ins
power by our not voling at all.
# #
li is when we jeellze the actual per*
tonality of our country though mads
up of ali sorts of diverse elements that
i begin to understand something
it the spirit thu actuated Hale. He
was in love with S beautiful girl; la?
was full of life and hope; be had been
well trained al Vsle College;sud <'on
greaa bad especially honored lum by
making him scaptain after a short
-ei.icc before Boston; yet ad these
things lie counted as naught wh
against the interests of but country, a
word that is too often hazy and misty
in mir minds as to Its true meaning
Hale knew it was something worth
living for, worth living foi and he wea
either right or he was a fool. Surely
not the latter; foi wc sn running
hither ami thither to hourn lum Kui
if rigid, what conditions have altered,
piny, to make us i.-ss iutereeted in the
future of the country. I .-an imagine
vi-ioii- ..I A i.illness il ,atii g
the dlatened eyea of tin- boy ol
kttd the thought ol even making
, it contribution to Ita
- steel to him and he dui not
shirk. He wa- ;i prophet and -,, ar.
we, all of us win. understand and live
out the belle! tint .mr country's history
iiiiil power, glory end might, do not
begin and end with our little tiny
-.ives, hut thal are ere item- In the
: circumstance of the moving
forward of the nation. Most of us are
md called upon to render mu services
to the country under bbl trying condi?
tions. All that wc have to do ia SSS j
ucl with ih ii .iou.- i.y tin- brave
yoting lad. What wc hive lo do, a- il
wcte, la to hold up .ni hands and I."
counted foi the righi amt kgaiusttbc
wrong: yet even tin- some of ..ur cow?
ard natures shrink from, as though
ran given to us merely to drift
down the siicalli llkek twig.
h'ttr of t'linrgr.
Any adult Buffering from a cid
settled mi the breast, bronchitis, throat
or lung troubles of soy nature, who
will call at ll C. Crutc's, w ill he pre.
sen ted e nh a -ample Lottie of Boscbee's
ID Bj mp, fie of .hui:. . Only
..ne bottle given to one person, .uni
io children without order from
No throat or lung rei.ly ever bad
man Syrup
in all parti "f the civilized world.
Twenty years ago millions of bottles
. and ymir druggists
will tell you its ? - marvelous,
ally the only Throe! and Lung
edy generally endorsed by physi?
cians one 7". cent b ottie will cure or
,l- value. Sold hy dealers in all
civilized countries.
A (ion.I I .un i-t,....linn.
lt's soother name for J. K. Lewla
thc hoots thal
well, feel well, look Well I
, understanding." All
-. women's ami childrens. < let a
it A. E.! tra
We . "in -di y..u 11 tooth hru-h nar*
? -I the bristles foi
H. C. Cairn, Drug
r.lurat? Votir Ilovrel*. Willi fas SS I BIS
I it kui forever
r-furnl money.
Hm kliitdiaiu 'llrlrfa.
Am un vt, \- s, o,i
Circuit .-..ni t is .un Bitting, it opened
OD 36th October. The ault of i
11 Railroad, occupied
three dsya Tooey sued foi 15,000,
alleging thal tim road near bi- hoii-t
8 or 10 mil.- N. K. of \\
bad caused a awamp of itaebol foetid
giving him ami hi- K1111.!\ ma
latia. Tbe jury gave bim |S0O dam
Morris agatl Bl Morris was called to*
i ie- frequenters of mir coulta
i ave become -.. accustoined to the
?lei k's call ot the-e patti.-, that a
?otirt without Morris against Morris
WOUld Causa siirpii-e The late Wm.
M. i'abell Bald years ago four reader
Abo knew iiini must imai'tne the
tiiiiiitai.ie nasal drawl): "When l
?ame to Buckingham bar a yoong
nan, the firs', OBSS calli ti in COUli w a
klorria against Morris, I have been
tearing tbe same call every court for
..ny y.;n-, and Um la-t OBM I expect
o hear, if I live to be a hundred, will
i is against Morris."
U iir as i know to the contrary, the
Mest white citi/eii of Kiii'kiimbain
lied on Saturday last, :Mh, Mr. Jin..
\ Morgan, aged -o yean, Be ?
:.io.i citbjen, simple and unpretending,
,n upright, hoiioiabie, Qod-fearing
nan. He was sleeted justice Of the
?t ace ill New Store ill-Ill.i f.i thirty
esra consecutively. Hi- remains
rete laid away in tin- Bethel church
emetery on Sunday afternoon In the
iresenca of a vt crowd of
neild- and relatives, Kev. John Shell?
er officiating minister.
Mrs. llebdihii Int-taken her infant
on to the Virginia Hospital tn have a
nrgical operation performed on the
hild It ha- a "han- lip.''
ll nh B.
Hanna ba- lost faith in everything
ave ami except tb.- almighty dollar.
: u :u lo -av there Isn't a
rust in the land, that is with the I: --
Poor Trust is i ?u;i.i. ? He takea notb*
ag but the cash.
Tbe Tampa Trtbnne, Instead <>f pre
entlng to the world "Themao with
bc Hoe," Introduces the ".Man wiih
be (trove." Her new ira in
Btsssusrk's lion Werra
W ? tim result of ins splendid bea'th.
inliiinihible will .'ind tremendous I
re not lound when Stum I li, Liver.
kidneys sod Bowels are out of order, li
.ni wan! these qualitiea and Ihe iu
hey liiiii-'. usa Kr. Kin.'- Mea Life
i'liev develop every power of
niin iinl body, Only 85c st White A
'.. '> ih
ll.nil ? iiiikIi.
rid of your
imper than sn ? \
? ? III ll. lilillk Illili
' COUgt in lin
"il COUgt] Illili > ell VI ||
nd lt eeceaaary io keep something
lettei i ?? r in ? bott ie ..fl"
"in.il S\ rup Hie reine,li Unit enies wi ell
. A on S til-HV.
ii want anything in household
ir school furniture, Carpets, Curtains,
Picturea "i Wail Paper go ti
To Itiro Constipation 1 orever.
1 .,r2Sc.
f i'. C. < lund
Itreit" with you whether yon r ?
SO I ii ll ? U
::.. thc I
: it n
^4% 111 11 *SBS*7
nakes thu ?m,nir^?*| V,li|4lJ^?o"i 100.000
ii health, nerTe^^aSaelLi 1?!^'^
IO TO lt V '
own onigg
urti for aa. T.iie' it w.u,
pall.'iUly.i.orsiMrntly Onf
v? ???.? SI, usually eur. I
rnarMif.-i'il to ru n*. or wo rpfuml mono?
BUrllit limul)!'... t klt-if*, ???IrMl, ?*? I .ri.
Di.n't I ll I iir Ans*.
1; mfr.
Ai druggists, B9o or tl. Cana
;ter'ing Heated) to. Chicago or Nt iv York
Yo!< unit Eruption*
Au grand, bul Skin Eruptions rob life
if joy. Bucklen'a arnica Balve eurea
lum. iil-iit lld, Running and P
Jlcers, II >ll
nts, Bruises, Burna, Scalds, < happed
lands, Chilblains. Bi il Pile cur.- on
.nth. Drivel oin Pains and Ache*.
Inly 28 < i ? a box Cure
lola by Wi. 1st.
lue.uv ia ale a I in-i-ii.
i. -km. Ni
teauty without it. < ndyCathar
itirring up tht ? all im
iy t.
md thal fi by taking
d rug
i >.-,25c, 50c.
II.? i Irr lour Kidney. ?
hr Hobba'Sparagns Pills cora all ?
piatree i ,- r a. I
Wood's Seeds.
A Beautiful Lawn
is a joy and pride to the for?
tunate possessor. It can be
easily ind quickly obtained by
Lawn Grass Seed
and following Ihe full ^^\ com*
plete directions tor preparation,
ling, and cate ol
given in Wood's Descriptive
talogue, which is free fur the
asking, or will he mailed upon
receipt ol postal req
Seedsmen, - Richmond. Va.
\V, en i* the I -
.uh. makes u beautiful
than any other kimi ia our dil
For Southern Farmers.
Improved Tar
kUlogue giviiii; full infor?
mation ntiotit i
Urinal kulti* Uranie.
Mrs, \ii,-i,;."iCurtain, Huimi.-M. III.,
tbe statement that abe uauKbt
cold, which settled oobei longs; abe
wa- treated fora month by her family
piiyslcian, bul "ten a*orss. He told
her she wa- a hopelesa victim of COO*
sumption and that no medicine could
mire her. Hit druggist suggested Dr.
King's New Discovery Foi Consump?
tion; sin- bough! a bottle and te her
delight found hem if benefited from
tirst dose, sin- continued Ita use and
after taking sig bottles, round herself
-"iiinl ami Well, now dose her nwn
housework and ls sa well as she ever
.- , bottles ol thia Urea!
Discovery at W inti A ('.>.'s Drug store,
bottles SO "'ni- :imi ri 00.
Pta ai tara Hunk
I ba'..: an onler for thirty shares of
Planters Bonk stock.
Wm. 0. Vknahlk.
"All Men Think All
Men Mortal But
Them ves."
Tlicms j our MfcrbbOf Join- lh
Inls li tine .tl ? niul Ul
iiiakhl| V et SS
i 'otniiii tn eil with iiorrovveil money,
uni o" - more
(.tin for stock aint other tbiaaa, il
? ill SO "I i. !'!, li
ii ii a i.i v k-. iii Iim a ?harming; who
anil three lovely liiiliireii. W'tint
vionli lie. olin- ol' them If iin.v thing
happened to hlaaf Taara aeaid i?:
, ii;- ratals thal ii
vi nulli scarcely mt anything for them.
ti. on-iii io make aaaasaraaeeeoaa
pea] ii.irv tin- ri-k Instettii of lila
l.iiiui ? in .i ;i policy of
coarse, bat Joan oogbl lo take one
lit Olli-e.
repn wnl 11 ? hire, with
surplus of Kitty Millions.
f. '.., 1
itu or nl.ont h.?.-.?inlier l-l. I will open a
N i ?: W"
?Jewelry and Optical Store?
>n main-iKr:t:i. NKXT DOOM aAOVl
I'l.AMKlis HANK, 1-A h.VI Vt I.I.K, VA.
I lol nu i patron- vi ho may wish
oses ms in tbs rasanUms alli Bast bbs at
ul" \V. U. Kn 11 we ll.
Formerly with E. Wiltse.
Pure VVhiskej Harper. Per
fed Whi-kuv
Every bottle guaranteed
HARPER Bold bj
i .am ti.i.k. va.
New Lot
Toilet Sets,
Dinner Sets
Tea Sets.
Just received from
the Potteries.
$5,000 WORTH
of in dBW
; i <i....-I-, lotions, Boots,
Shoes, II.it-. Caps,
Trunks, etc.,
-. at
II. h. COBB & <'<>.>.
i ? brear) 1st,
'o cull
wln-re. VV' .
Mm lu to Measure Clothing.
Sun- i UB).
I'ant- :li" ami up.
H. D. COBB 4 CO,,
! \ . \; \ iii-., \ v.

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