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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, November 17, 1899, Image 1

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AjE herald
vol.. \
I > vaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Richmond, I . Va.
CiD'ta!; Surplus |
of Dr.
,*,,? iv Bo.
n if it were
I of the
? !k nf
i il ninl
.it into
\\ c
ruin. . I lin ir
: .
ll Btip
up and put int
And lh?
nil tin
ulm have
> I tint all up. mitt
and in
? ?
.i,.l nil
but lie
P me from work.
r all the la'
put their
ie it rot
their fi
? lr morn I.
? ? . ? ?
lize llie fact tlirit mri]
? lie laboring
? .irk?"
! 'leny thc
?? it is
lid: "I
ly life
' fi.uiiil that in ll
naturally weaker than
1 lie Ol
n. 'I hey
I kr wr\ well who
tl uiihlc in tr
"How ara j arith wmr
"< Mi. 11
. I' ha.I any tr..in.le." "What plan
"I vv ill tell
hat von 11
??? out of t:
N know I put
put all my for
. I
we nil
I rr will
. reel
'?-) and ir
i. rtlon na a .
i ls lt that our
'?r. thit '0'iitry ls a pen
- r' ? i
call it, like a
tbi i ? rkT We
t to pav | penny
ll i ry. 'I In y
ith univ thu
; .rt of u pcn
i in.<l iniquity hihI Infl
?. thiner.
How I ir this? I account
fm- it with ih.- plaineal phill -
The religion ..f Jei us Chi I
:lic employer
thai h.- is a brother to all the
tiv.-s ju the ?
th.- ? . I., lit- in ti.,- same dual
mid to !??
? Ulrike the slight
?? how much money you have,
r way into the king?
dom of Heaven. If von have Ihe crace
of I....I iii your hean you viii cuter
? it i.s a democratic
relij te our populations
wi" ?! labor w Mi In- u
v.ill h.- rewarded, labor
will he honor.-.I. capital will be < I
timi in all itt rt will
I in.
Let me i ly a word to all capita
Be ? ?? i*:, Wake Invest
l know win. walk
' employes with a '
up to the I
'. - to iii.li?
ll..- autocrat of the uni- '
motin in their
nun not to
r mired, il ham!
?I. iijnr. .1.
member tie ?
who tour charge are bone of
of -t ..ur flesh, that
Christ died for them ami that
inn.,1.1 tal. Di vida up your
- of th. m. for ?
:' of thc w.,rlil before you leave it.
' of the World like I
New Yoi k lent jin.' in
? g how
mu li for ti
I little w kile he
I, hut in all
e bret
lt is
? con*
and woi
their childish
in the bi
l? il strai re that ihe ci I
'h.vt- such ii -
How well could one of his
burst ?! for
? tit of
bsd woven literally
! man's prl
furl ui '- of thc United i
Be n t
on a sninll i
ti ward. ,
My w men in this
country: I congrstu i v.mr t
' ? slats
Voil on the fact l hat voil are gi I- I
ri! Al"
i such i
v Wilson, t
s Johnson,
i Incoln, the i
illustrations i
;.i wm. This will jjo on |
.il the
| n will have full ?,
? unities for your cbil- j
it yon have ,
to wot I dead j
work. i
? j .mr op- i
pur: unit lea '
me ruined
v 1'V buying one ,
volume of "Origi u." VVhal rasl 0]
tunitii yon and
your cl
ition. ;
r that j
beautiful book." \ few
- in a i .unpin, i. ,
a day foi
. as this dru
? your ,
tory. Von want
f Nazareth. Bc
iw to j
il] w ho lol
ir heart, and you
.11. in ,
mine 1
| \ l.ar, on sh ipi
Ile wil! I.
? -....ir brow edit- ]
tering pearls f ir the
rn in the \ j
e. Who are thej
'heir ,
boil!" ?? a
;? feet
lour- i
Who ure
n.d had their
made white in the
and for I
i in.in will I
Oimple of an end
v Dslry tftwa
"te* ;
lonni; Man Ulm Wits ll rn him w IMS
Hui Nut \ fm 1,1 ),, Imperil
His I.H.- fur Other*.
"He won't take it, father."
"Not take the vvin.- i offered him,or
that you offered for me, Fanni
"No, father, he would not take it. I
his hui ii.
"Ilia what'.'"
"Why, lie has not had much of a
bringing up hy people polite, re?
nnell "
"Not relined'."'
Thia young waiter, a college .
tel a little
mom v in summer to help pay his billa
nt collen.- iii winter, not refined? J h.
featui? .? in ih.ir ?
nm, indicated a I >
.lid they'.'
John Ingraham, tlc tudent
waiter, had increased thc displeasure
nf Hank, r Brigham because he would
not drink thc w inc sent to him thl ?
Ho' hat ' mci- Mabel.
"Prim little Ps ri t sn and coward,
'.,..! I hu'.- those small temperance
fanatics. What did he say when von
d him the glass I gave you'.'"
"'No, I thank Von. Miss Brigham.'
'Arc von sick'.'' I said. 'Oh, not h
.' he told inc. 'Well.' I
liim, 'inc you not a little ont ot your
mind to refuse this'.' lt will not hurt
J m.' His reply vvas: -| think I am
fully in my mind, in possession of its
powers because I do refuse the
wilie.' That waa all he said."
"Said enough, I should say. Now
I hat is feenat Iccnat i.
"<ih. he did sa;. more. H.
-aid: 'I .mee had an experience, .'ind
I found that wine had a power over me.
noted mc. 1?1?knew 1 could
od that, and so I gave it up.' I
old liim 1 hoped in- could show self*
"Self control."
uki hope so. You had him there,
he lunatic."
"I'll, n he said: 'I hope I have sclf
?ontrol in many things, but not he?
nri- this power iii the glsss. If I
: feel that I must tak.
md, and I would be likely to want a
llird. So I won't take a nv .' "
"Flddli sticks:" ejaculated tl ?
her. "H. baa'no courage, no spunk. He
mist take some risk. He'll nen r
iinounf to anything."
Ile und his daughter rose from the
?bl< and left the hall.
Thia wai after dinner. Two or I
toura alter it was understood a
bc ern.-ts that Alice Brigham had
'one oil iii the yacht Sybil,sod miffnt
sa absent one dav, two dsya or even
bree, lol her Uncle
'eli r.
ri't like the links ,if t lie
nutter..! the landlord, as he w.r
'Peter Brigham said h.: would come
lacke.iiiv to-morrow if everything
' right."
? lay arrived, lu
linell I..mr at noon and lu lt
an ue-l.v tv ind.
Maidenly in Hie midst inch
omebody.di hi) like a fl
?ian in stormy weather, rushed up to
? r of thc dining hall i
'Wliar's thc landlord? Vi
I" Thc tal.lc v
ind out of the hall thronged
and "ai-.
ai hurried dow i,
he hotel steps and souci,! the stretch
Hid anyone notice ihat a
rOUng fellow left the c. un pa I,'.
a lifeboat I h. re
? w at that
lliph.v. .: bj tin : ?. hut tilt:
.oat !>?
ii in a boat
md ii, cue work wa- main,, d
>y a volunteer compan ed out
,f materials like thc flahennen living In
This band had trow I
m the
to hi lp. "I
ran row. csp'n, and one of Muir men
"Ail right!" said the cap'n, looking
it him closely, "though you don't look
? v>-"
? . cap'n."
m tte
olly than that of the
. ,.
.ried th" cap'n. ? Squall
? -taihoa rd
ri lit- erii di "I
here! I BM I n.an, a gal, a? pull,
pull all! ! OCT all she's
WUtaV, Hui. hu:
This spurt took the boat t?, the rn
"Ship-p-p oars!"
The at, was l':; ? ?
c ived. Willing hands |,,w. red her and
.willing ham:s w. re 1.1 :.i ..ut to tak. her
into the l.oat.
"".ot h.r all right?" asked the cap's.
"Ave, sye I "responded the young fel?
low mvvly shipped tha'
"Now for tin- rest of v.'"' ('ri,'d the
eap'n to thus,, ot, th. wreck. One hy
quickly. The reputed "owner"
:.. re. I..... ami a heavy man. Ile
seemed to have a positive determii
to tumble overboard, hut the firm grip
of ihe ii. w hand prevented it
Thc life boat was loaded at last, and
slowly,, carefully, made its wa] to land.
was a hie throng of shot'
and summer board-rs waiting I
thc boat.
"Why, my thar daughter Alice I" ex
('laitnedTather Brigham, as the ri
young woman stepped out upon the
ike a return, a i ?
from the gr
"And t nile I'. tlT. father!" Said
Alic, as tin: heavy owner of tba yacht
waddled out upon the sands.
"Yes, brothi ri" said Pi ter, "I f. > I
?..? just return. .1 from
: -av . I cai: aMUIS you. And if
it had not been fur this plucky young
chap I gm- ?h.rc
Aa h.- spoke in laid his band on thc
hand lately shipped John Ingra]
lev. I',I. A. I.'.n.ii. in National Advo?
< ImIiiii-iI Hutt ll ls Ni.I U Inc lint Alco?
holic ll.inors ?Hui the Ul Hi?
llas Pave.I tilt- Waj.
lu a letter to th.- Christian Register
from Paris, Hon. Samuel ,I. Barrows
i highly ini.i .stine resume of the
proceedings of the International Tens*
perena. otly held in thar
.itv. Referring to the statement >>f a
French writer that it is not wine, but
alcoholic liquors that is ruining Franc ,
.Mr. Harrows says: "Hut the writer
not meet fairly thc facts of thc
present situation. 11'the fathers drink
wine, ihe sons arc drinking something
worse. The transition from drinks
containing a small percentage of alco?
hol to those containing it in larger and
more dangerous quantities is i
made; and thc multiplication of liquors
of all sorts in France, badly adulterated
and highly charged wish alcohol
been going on at a rapid and dam ?
rate. M. Thomas Grimm, in an article
in thc Petit Journal, points out that.
though Immoderate drinking in France
,.t date from yesterday anti in nu
old habit, the kind of drunken!.'
' to-day is not the same as former?
ly, when wine consumed in thc cities
was simply and naturally diluted with
water. Drunkenness was then gay, ea
uberant and Inoffensive. Now it la
brutal and aggressive, tine sud mother,
speaking to Hr. Motet, who has made a
profound study ol' alcoholism, said:
?When my husband became drunk. Le
? imply wearisome, never di
When my son drinks, he becomes
crazy, and I am afraid of him.' And
this difference M. Grimm attributes.
, the consumption of wine or even
of [inrc alcohol, but to thc absorption of
alcohol .hait:.'.! with toxicaubati
itora and others in France have
given much attention to this subject of
adulteration, but witt.t s
majority of thc members of the eon
being French, much attention wai?
ro what can bc doi.e to modcrat.
and reduce the evils of intoxication in
France. The preaa almost unanimously
- that prohibition could ni I
sibly succeed here. Legislators
seeking rather to reduce the number of
saloons through -..me scheme of high
license, in Belgium tlie number of sa?
loons has been greatly reduced by this
means. IC. Algave, the eminent pi
?or of finance In the Law Facull
Paris, proposes to establieh a monopoly
of alcohol by the stale; and it is pr<>
I to monopolize nol only the tale
of alcohol, but also its manufacture.
But this would mean the driving out of
this industry of a vast amount of cap?
ital; and there is no rei on to suppose
that tin- manufacture by the
would reduce the consumption, though
it might reduce some of it:- pernicious
I)..n't try to qusrsntil t thc -
lint help to kill it. Ham's Horn.
Habit is at tir.-t lik. a thin thread;
by ami by il 1" Ct
ti..i.al Advn.
Brothi r. is it ihe Lord or th.
that tl., sn't want you to help li?
the Dquor t rame .' Levi r.
I arc like child. I
. pl. n'y of motion but
no progri i. National Adv. ?
A sc . irtlat, afi. r some qui
i \ purim, m - that alcohol is
food. When a man getB to using
much of it, however, fa
tify that alcohol
. ,n Quirk I
"Whlti Unit Temper
ri bj th. Twertoi
, ance pm:
I h.- p rei. formerly a li.
rdlng to ?
by the treasurj
sumption of malt b.p. .ta in
this count!".
spirits, i.l Ki'll"". "??1
.lion. Tl).' -
a population of i
in Bucke, of tim London (Canada)
nsv lum. Bl
givi n up the hm of alcohol wi
' and UM d ICBB opium
al; and aa we hal?
of these drags, we bsve ai i di <! md u?-d
'uslon and restraint."
/ i
lhere tri' ?n.Tiil aSJSBalCS at Murk
u iiich tint Maka ll it I.real
I'olilleul Issue
? s of the
"good r. | realise
that in this there maj be se ol the
some time in the future, |H,ssibi^ with
comparatlvely short time. Thia
men through theis ostional organiza?
tion, the I ? American \\ heel*
nit'li, and I. .mis of dol?
lars I agita?
The principle of the movement, as
advocated bj the wheelmen, ls that Um
common roads of the countrj ara as la>
i, Uta
by them, and be
luk ea ? od, il at there bi not
nu om . hauled ..vcr
the railroads thar . transport?
ed by Was, j road- or
city streets, lt does riot matter if the
comm.. d articles
that bj ? [osdl A 01 t UM factory;
llie raw msterisl i be hauled
to the factory. But ii esl hanl?
in the farm eta anti
lhere it i - i -:,way ? are most
? iiccii given the
lon ami support it d< Bl rv
yet, for the sim] li thal private
capital cannot become ml treated In the
buildii non roads slnee there
would be no Income from tl;.- invest*
menl - tb. rs bi in rai ?
Municipal, county, state and the na?
tional government have not had thc is?
sue brought directly before them in its
lilli si:
', thl '
sit it's of the n lovelle lit. 'I his is what is
being done by the wheelmen at the
: o it must bs Bald to
their credit that l i Hated the
sympathy nml support of all the prom?
inent farm. catlona In tin:
movement \\ ith thc two classes work*
lng together it is univ a question al
lime until the movement will he ma.lea
political issue and then will come the
. tits.
The ' offered in favor of Hie
improve, roada is, that thej lessen tbs
'.. haul
the largest amount of goods with the
smallest animal power, -ave time and
; . itv valuations. No rail
load company would expect to do bu-i
tracka an<l roadbed were bs
sueh coi a to make it < iiln-r bal?
or in using them have
I of time ami have im
niciis. . and yet that is
what ' I and others using the
common roads are doing in a < ompara
ln the y car.
Tbi y make ti ? tn] ractlcabls
attemj 'pair?
ing, and then wonder I
profit in their pi , >h have
? the great*
I mat! d that
in thc states when have
been built the cost ?.f transports'
tion ba - d to 20 per cent,
of the former figures, and that the
paj for tbi a few
how n t tmt
mentioned will more than pa; fur tba
or that it v ? ar to
lin.- lion.I M.-ii.l. r.
In - cc in
t still tie
in nd
%\ith ' fl
But a ma?
chine called Kui
? work
??. bars,
a the
of the
lion, whi.l ll ar ufi
s V nil from I ..il-ville.
The Kv-.
that li
r I i rerj -
?T dvina; till the
m.mmer sun dries np the mud.

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