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The Farmville herald. [volume] (Farmville, Va.) 1890-1934, November 24, 1899, Image 3

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Mr i
:' .
iv uioi niiii^.
nil of Mr.
J I'
.ill tl..
it..ii ni ii
ti Dan?
lem. n
Ha* your nub*erl/dioi
ii ?? ,n. .i... rt m m .
? I ? I il'.l. Vi. lil.ni
the two n.tim old
"ii town h.
"lilly lum .
.Hon ol '
| tra ih.it Hu- '
I i Ihe cl,.(he- ul t|?- I
. li I. t I is- '
i il the i-.i.v - x
e pt ir ta the
I li. I .., na ill. |.| .1. |, |
\, |
. at Noll..Ik,
:' :
nilli, Kev.
1 - . W .
w. \\ .
H 8. tl
Us-all acta
d ii..'.i.Min
.1. In. lt. Bi ll rr. Il'
ta wnh ihe
hope thal climatic contii
inn nt
I ll- lillrtl 1, -t ll I
'?' to I from Asheville, N. c.,
he had h. en foi uesi Iv a ye ir,
w ith i. Ut?
ile went to Ki .1
.-. ami thence ..vt i t<>
I \ic>, wilde he
ii nine under in.
ily iii in int ration
? ? rea .huts
I '? ni.'; !.. ..I.tum
Ni '?? he w.nt over I"
I .
Mil be brought to
.univ i ind s ill lu
hi- brother, Mr. W
tl Ills HU
bl ?th
H.- was
-? church i i :m<I
- Ililli he
,? at*
- work rtn.I
n you; , Ighly
? ? ! . flt ll tO .
lie li .nols.
? ii. vv ..Limn
wedding took place
d by intimate n ienda
wi re Miss
snd Mi. Lu i
liiininls. I ,with Mrs. Mn
nilli, was
i by the bride snd Mr. M
tttired in a
suit, hold
; ,lli i t.ok theil | . .ilier
.it and n noony
. .1 by the Rt v. J. X
The | ' lu white
?, wild flowers
et white r. -s. .\ h mntiful lunch
Ihe diuing I." .Ill helli-;
nus . I othei good thin-- were
- rt native of I'niicc
Vs Mr. Edmuiida
id in Kl .rids lor in toy
ck county,
? lui couple
-, tli-'ir future home.
? - I. -I I
nd red id ' liena.
rcw< t nm... -
b, Va., K
Hutton preached in
.n in the Presbyterian church
i iv night, tak lug for
. 13-11:
\,?l a ren, I commend you
Wi.1.1 of Hi
i you nf, a
ii an inheritance anion
tilled. Finally,
be of
if one mind, live in
an.I peace
v ith you."
lt Wa? I mon, well rend, ld.
he hou-c wa- crowded to ita utmost
, lal of the chill, ire- hav
.IV ic. - in honpr of thia
dr. Huilon take- ebal
, inn.-li Mic first Sunday rn
Ile will ne aadly in?-- .1
bil honor
,. the If. M. I A
I in the "Med
i by the
jiu of the
J. E.
J{ .-,. Mr- Mail ? -I
li-. H
I Air. J. M
lui au.I ?
. ..; liny yssn Pi
iel .?-'
Brilliant Marriage si the M."
Chun h I h.- Allen I
Thc l-alliiville Melli.i.ll-l church
*?* ;'' 9 ..'cl..ck Wednesday
?1 oi.i the m.-t brilliant
? [htei of In. and Mi
? ? Anderson, and Mr. William
Ina Richardson. The ofllc
nan waa Rev. I: M. M ,
am bridge, Md , who wan a
- mpmn, ot ile M
i-t chun i. ru,,| |;, v. in ii
i the
The edifice which bul recently
.en renovated and repa!nted
?Ul the pulpit amt chancel
Ufa While chrysanthemum
?lnih ami autumn foliage, the effect
?un, heightened by unahaded i
"in behind the hank of green
ectrlc illumination. Nine .,'.?!,,,-k
a- ihe h..ur appointed foi th.
on.v, bul before thal tune the audi
rium without tbe ribbon line.?m.I
. -iv wi re filled to ovi rflo i
tiicn.is of th,, young couple, not
? ly tn.ni Farmville, bul tbe country
..un.I was i,.,,,, aeuted in tbe brilliant
seniblage, winch presented >
dmated scene.
Mi- An.hews, nf the Normal Behool
i-nlty, presided al tbe oman, and
Inle tbe audience was aaa moling
ay. .1 a number <>f selections, The
lohengrin's wedding
aich. During the ceremony in sub
led tones m -s Andr,.us played
!'- ' .;" and for the
?e?I'.nal -he used Mendelssh
g inar.h.
I'lic groom's beal ra ita w t- hi- broth*
Mr. Edward H. Richardson, and
E I.ride'- maid of honor Was ber
ter, Miss Laure Anderson. Tbe
ipr attend mt- were: I sher-, Mi
V. Pattie, Walker Scott, H. T. Mor
, of Pl md J l?. Craw lev.
Blackstone; Mr. NV. T. Clark with
M I lien Duvall; Mi lt,heil II
sith Miss Nettie Morton; Mr
I ward <' Wills.. v\ nh Mi- (ienevieve
nable; Mr. W. I; Agnew with '
tiiii Leigh Cunningham; Mr. Iv I- i
md ii,c. ni Pi tersburg, with W
arl Venable; Mi. H. Richi
Richmond, with Mi-- . of
ll :: Mr. J V. Ki.?hards..!, with
-- Ross M ii ;>-. ..f I; ii -hui. md: I
rory Anderson,of Richmond
of the hilde Willi Miss K .
?> lor, of Richmond. Tbe bi
and hand-.,inc, w a- escoi ted I...
it ber, Dr. Wiiliani K. Anderson, ihe
titi of honor immediately \
ni Simultaneous with thc bride, ,
? bridegroom, accompanied hy In- t
?t man, marched down I
le to the fr Mit of the pulpit, w I
? groom advauced, and ofTerini
n t<> thc hilde, lcd her lo Ihe chancel
I, when- the words wcic pronounced
iii b made them mau and w
'he master ..f ceremonli - v> a- Mr.
ind little Elizabeth
?i and Master vValter Richard*
acted aa ribbon -
'he bride wore a bandaome gown of '
[eta and a veil, and .rsi ie
mquel of l.ii.I'
v attendants, except thc maul of
i..r, w.iie w lute organdie and < ar*
. bouquets of while chrysan
mum-. I ic in nd of honor waa
med in while organdii ;.
; and carried maid of tbi mist The
itlemeu all wore full evening drees
h boutonuiers of i
i reception wa- given after in
ny at the hollie of the bride's
eu ts, only tu thc brid il party and
of t,.w n guests, and au old Vir?
us supper wa- served, Thc bride
? th.- recipient of numerous t> stl
niala <>f love sud In the
pe of beautiful and costly tri ft-.
Ir. and Mi-. Richardson left on tbe
luigbt train for an extended north*
I Itt lllln nt Hu > |.ll<>n.
,i-; Friday evening Mrs. .1 D. W
,- a beautiful and elah"
.ption from :i h. u o'clock in honor
ttie Adam-, of Lynchburg,
lt wa- one of thc most brilliant
Sall n- nf thc kind given for many
utba in Farmville, Mi-- . I
ag Introduced lo more than ?
Min .i ot Farmville'a society \*?
.. Watkins wss assisted In receiving \
questa by Miaa Adam-, Mi- Pi
table, Mi-- Ruby Veuable, M
rton, Mi-. .1. W. lin
a Kearney, Mi- Kred M. B
| Mis. W. j. Wilkin-. 'Ihe lillie Q
- w bo assisted in th.- dinii
,- Miases Allie Traver, Hattie Bi
I lanie Kyle. ,,
h.- pallor, haM and dining room 0
.. tastily deeral, d with .ni flowers n
I pslma and looked most attract
.- Adnu- i- thc sccomplisbed D
igbter of Mr. Holcomb Adam
well known linn of Adam- !
irncbburg, Va. sin-1- po| u g]
IO .-nellly elie!.'- of h.T hollie I
, ic abe i- greatly beloved for ber ,
irm of manner and lol
.1 and person. ,
tim ( linn lu -. a
h,.,, * i- n . prescblus, ai - Ither tbe l<
|,ti-i or Methodlsl church
idsy, Rev. Mr Capers <
pulpit in thc morning and at mehi tl
ai ll impde i*ti ? Dr. -
rding bad a large audience to b
ii iu the morning and another g
? at Dight At ihe morn In
Hm church, Mr-. \ ' and
tory and
,- a aong-aerm io in ?re lm
ssiveiy delivered. The Aral note
iL'hl the fal, and those Hint followed
.uiic.l hearts until liatening became
tatblessand i n ti benediction. Such
,.. Hf| -..ul- heavclivv nd and
i,..luce mortals t" angi la. lind ln?
,l i- thc heart tba! ia Dst touched t.? j
i.lei ne-- i?y a gospel messasge born
tl,e WiDgS of -Act -'.UL'.
Garni l ins Fox Chase.
Va , November _i
Thc buiitiu i- now al its
mi. ah kinda
plentiful, hui thc skill of thc I
md t
in aim. -I ii
milli .Iced, w ll. :.
? Ihe old pi me and -
'i w il.)-, i
.'??c two apleud
game i
? ctlv ip lit lr
and s Waabiugton m.
? I in un- neighborhood ii.
With these and a few other a
there have I.. . n i
-? anywhere in this n
entin Ditance s bicb '
itifj lng to all the na- d
I' i- ' '' thal th.- next.ion
ic will pa-s ,i I.,
In-pCi m ail -p.,i -ii,,
whoc. from beyond our State bor- tl
d.is |,, hum. Such a law is ju force tn bl
Diost of tbi I has proved tu III
IV. lit
(,|| la-i i moon Mi- dm
Kl.-in, w h.. j- a -indent at th.
Female Normal School, ai Farmvilli
drovi : ? ar fH- pia. ?
and hr..iicni with her I wo of her school
friend kinson and Miss rjrmj
bet with their bosh -
utbusisatic young pe
plc, participated in a foi chasetbe next t i
'Ii.v I in.I ailinn ti. ..ti til
with tbe brushes of ivm. grays It i- ni
i" edit ii it the pleasure ai
i h a party a- this does nol ni
? ? dis lin. aded ''il
ir the number of brushes strung. Such to'
?li.n n \t|;o va
I. it any do
time (tunart enjoyment to any similar ha
i w Inch they may I
On - linc day of Ihe an
,-t mentioned, a large party lei
; tsmen, of rather tb
nore -laid qualities, accompanied, too, ]
ly li.ninds .md equipped with horne, to
i hunt, and sile- <''?i
eveuing iu killtug a bli
inc ymine; huck. A number of oilier **?
ll lcd by thc h..und-. li"
pas) three weeks of
ll d tbe loads in ''h
I . y ''"'
ivel, of the evl
i ih" -pict.
'mia. ""
hand of g
rod a number of lei-, ti ci. i- | ,
brough M. -linday on theil '"'
tray to i tin
i .ni. i tom ri ni. n
V \ , Nov. 22, ''.'ii. -
M..-I of our farm- ,.
lor a tobacco season, .-,.
. ,c .
Mi S. J. Allen left Wednesday for ....
w h
W. \ a.. W hie he Will -ll- .
of trestling foi I. .'..? .
1 Ie will h.- greatly n
ii th. ? id hy all, and more
ii tin Sunday school work
ttl lulen! ol Kane- chapel
? pm
Mi. an.I 'li- Henry Campbell, of
in 'I Lui.-d tv and Kndav ,
f la-t week wiih Mr-. Campbell's ., ,
Mi-. Martbs Allen. ?
In. Holladay, of Hampden-Siduey, , ,
I asl
atrina ted all of Mi-- Ettie Allen's .
?hool on la-t hiIday. .
Allen, ten. her of school , ,
lo I
,i.. i, anil i lennie Overton, .,
[arietta ll i! and Qutbrie Allen, pu- .
lid a Visil h. theil hollie- ,>n last ,
-o ]
Mr. BloilOt, a line artist from Dan?
dle, wiil spend I bursdsy of thia week .
ikiiiL.' plctu len. Ah ! girls
your lune, c mic and have voi.i
I am glad t<> report that Mi-- Emma
. Allen i- improving. j||fi
j Mv
be i,"ii" paper. We ..'
?el ln-t w itli.iit it. and we esgerlj .
wait its arrival on Friday afternoons. ?.n
'?' M wi,
( Olllllt I ...lt
'ru,, ii ni i'..i the month of ?V
I.iveii. t busy one. there
? lu- H..nor Judge tuite -v'"
mr crimii for trial. They
! expeditiously, '
- i- ih.- invariable mle of ihe officers
I's tl 11Hitull, and aftei
h.- Icllll Was ended.
se ti ed waa thai of Ed*
mud Stokes, colored, charged with
immitting an assault upon a little (
? n Bay. Tl.rime
.untitled ..ii Kn.lay la-t, the
risoner brought lo jail Saturday, and
,i before a Jury Mondsy. J*
\\\ | Oil - P. Vandcr
: i-t tbe accused
,,,| ih, u wa- conducted hv
The verdict wa- u>
!!? nliii v . and
lae jui ' time arriving
I tbe jurymen w.ic
-r hair- .(a
. the shoe '
W. c. Fallwell. Two ..f "l"
hem : Inn .-? irs
t ni i.. it"H a '
[n my remarks Isstweek regardinn bal
ii.m of Congressmen ao
? f ir-' they tak" their -cat- you omitted
i?. words "neatly thirteen months"
lt nut taken bi?
vi.rds I
codi i mv meaning Incougruoos. sdi
H. Ol P.. Tb
? mi
rile Ci.oneil Appe tied to to '
?r Herald: Will you ki
?How n Ju ibis papei
n whidi to .ali ih.. attention of the
' Uv i id the public lu
ral, to edition of
rite ...Ililli
uni "i tbe pi. valene.- ..i
I.V-" in the vam.il- portions of tho
I WU '.'
sure that the medical i
lon will agree with me tl. i
?Mainly no
lore .! i han
: "ii, ihe animal inhabiting ii
Itself the ne.-I unclean and
Itby of all anim.i
lowed to rot and ferment ih.,'
light wallow and revel iii tin
muck - with germs of
I le gel in?
lng for myself, I
iy residence i< ra uuiuhsbi
ible by tbe fi arfully ofleusive odors
wafted by tbe gentle in
hom the direction of tbe eor
?r ju-t below and m front of my
rose; and I feel .ciiain thal the whole
nio-ph. ie of tbe towo ia made very
i beal thy by the many "pi:, si
huh arc n.iw flourishing in many I
nimimity. <
ied this matter to >
vera! persona, all of whom unbesita- i
igly acree w iib me that it ls a very
rogerous and hazardous
in* slate of tinier- to .'"li?
llie, hut they -av ll,at ihe town baa g
? ordinance to prohibit tbe existence
such offensive and dai
ted that the coun
Buch an ordinance, aa tbe
iv n council of every community that (
hies the health ol ii- citizens has t
ne. In answer to this suggestion] t
ve hecn told that the councilman
iu to..k such a step would not be re- i
lae it would be claimed
d used againsl him thal he waa
[islatiug againal the "poor man" lo ll
- iviug bim of his ? in . i
Sow, Mr. Editor, I am unwilling
believe thal any member of our i
mell could - -,t bia duty to
. fellow m rm, and the beal tb and r
I the community, ss to wil f.
i irdize the health and lives p
it- wt dally of the c.
ildieii, who more readily contract f,
. by advocating au tl
I, -imply that be might remain a e
i..il board I am tl
williug to believe this, I say, but if ii
-u h a councilman, I unbesita* d
Lily -ay, thai n >t only should he not V
a mi ni bel of thal b -ard, bul that w
should be I is an em my to n
? health and \ of the eiti- ('
iaof the community at large. We g.
not living on a farm. \n e ire not d
mils who ai" privileged to hu'alb ul
i air of li and the -,
ds, but withm tin- corporate limits g
lu- toa n arc three thousand -.ails, ,|
mosphere h
ich at hi st, ii11i-t be e>.Mammal, d
the iinpuri'i. s, which, of ut i
-t wli thousand
to live in such close proxi*
ty. And then i ire we should en* i
ivor to keep oui toa n aa clean a
We would have I be com
nily a healthy one. Tin- j- a ;l|
uni- mal ter and I am not making
muchofit. We must all remember "
mai fever with which ni
community was visited only this tl
summel and fall, several of al
ae attacked dying from tbe disease, iii
d I call upon iheiuedic.il profession ni
,i ai in ? oul la tbe statement that w
unclean condition of the town, w
h it- numerous "pig -ty-," wa- ci
-ely responsible for the fever. And et
I take this opportunity to bring this fr
Itel to tbe attention of the pbyai- ai
i-, and a-k them to make a report, oi
o thc effect of ? upon tbe m
Ith ..f Mic cimmunity, and draft a tl
itioii to tin council, recommending cl
lng thal ho.lv and
?ree an ordinance pnraibiting a "pig D
" being kept within the limits of se
corporation. .lt
ben i-au ..ld adair.' that tells u-. oi
ry eros Hunks hi- own the vv
Heat," and BO lt -cetus tu he willi pi
proprietors ..f the pig -ty industry.
.rai persons who have these Inati
uiis of d mestic economy in theil
d- have told me how clean theil
ind bow absolutely Inoflen
; tu ll, smell, and one :_'? li?
lian kindly extended mc the Invite* .
i tu cnic and "-mell Ins pig -ly."
low, Mr. Editor, ii maj be Irue that
ie of ti nc ncally kept, I
i\V nf tWO th kept, hot Ihe
majority of them arc dens
illili and inii.s ,,f disc iee. I am
v lunch in earnest in Un- matter,
I though 1 am iel posit]
lantbropiat, I am sincerely obliged
ny friend for Iii- invitation for nie
"smell hi- i
I am "sufficiently amused"
lng I., inhale those UOXOUl
iii.mid my home,
| come B nearer at hand
mit an.I nouaeuae ai...ut tbe
norman's meat." lt is poor economy
-w inc willi which h.
, .ny people. The
au offensive and perilous
it i- au incubator for breed
and batching out typhoid fevei
ie m.In-try within tlc
,,.1 perish, ai.tl -.h.ii univ be
with tbe In?
stants , f th.- commuD
:> truly,
\\ \l PER8.
I li,, i, I ,llr.
loik and Western winter
lilllie Weill into ellet la-t .-linday.
e changes from tbe old schedule are
nor and mav he (bund in another
umn of the Hkbald.
llBAU>and World ( niv |1
Ill?f<iil< t.i.,11,,,1
Herald: Well nigh two
decade- had cine and goue
visited historic Appomattox
my privilege pgaln on Issi -,
? i, when I was honored with an
Invitation from Mrs. J K. Atwood to
accompany ? party >.i I to tbs
well nigh sacred spot Tbs d
inti biiL'ht November dav
ll on.-, and for the first time,
wiih an Intelligent guide to aid me, I
examined tbe grounds carefully.
- it, that tb ' ?
melli, so careful rn write the b
(tone and lu.,i...
preserve the chi. and How of Chi
ly tide, to mark the
in- linea of Sbsrpsburg, Bbould so i
led, to it, the crowning l-oint of the i
mighty conflict Trw
have been erected, di the
headquarters of Kee and (irani, tbe |
point from which tbe fl i
?eut out, when die commanding gen- i
mis mel where the last gun was
uni where tbe immortal farewell
inmortal com man el to Ins ,|
I.?voted followers, and I -llb- f,
itautisl and enduriug form, bul the*,
ire pigmies compared with what
ihould have been dune. And Ih
Mitten hy aii bx-Con federate who
io! fear thal history abai! truth:
??ll ali thai marked tbi from
letbel n. Appomattox
i to the front rai.K
[ods of hattie, and -ii- and shines
tally enthroned li '
I wit- surprised lo lind that the old
iIcLsne bouse had been removed I
ts foundations. This was done not (ty :l1
;overnmenl bul bj not hy a i'i
rn hut hy sharks, a lyudicate ''
"inc veal- agu bought the mansion, "'
nd pulled it down with Ute purpose "'
f rebuilding it as a curiosity ahop in "
'Incur... For some reason the unpa- ;i'
riotlc scheme tell through, and the ''
uni. irs w lu, ii made up Hie -tincture w
re piled up in the yard rapidly going -Vl
. .leay. The government should n
ven now undertake the work of re- "
Uilding the bouse, and there arc tho-e
iving who remember it so accurately 'N|
hal they e.eli,I suggest a perfect repro- Ul
uction. la tbe neglect due to tbe fact *'
hat tbe spot i- on Southern soil ?
While the nation has thu- failed of ^
-duty the ladle- ol Appomattox, a- '
ir hack aa 1866, organized an associa
ion with tbe holy purpose ..fat least '''
aring for tbe Confederate dead, who ?
ill just as tbe curtain was falling on "'
dy drams. They collected
Ighteen bodies ?.f the braves, buried "''
aem sid . - they bad st,?,d |q "
ne of haili.- and eUClosed ihe sacl't-tl u
mt with a substantial wooden fence. ' '
'.lldl - igo Mi - J. ll At- "'
.. .1 became president of tbe Appo- '"
tattox branch of the Daughters of tbe '"
racy, abe found thia enclosure N
?igbl Ural ead* "'
em d ncr and then stirn .iri- LM'
tic ardor. Shea! once addressed ber*
If t,. the holy task of -nil further '"
nan ling Ihe ISStiUg place of the noble ,,!
i ad, and il was not loDg bl fore she ''
ired the sum ol 1200, with *':i
Inch sh, purchased SD attractive anti ,v
lost substantial iron fence which dow '"'
I sch grave l"
as beet; carefully made un,, sightly rt'
tape upon winch thegraaa mow- lux* VVi
i tani i.i; flowers ara blooming th
id Boon -hade tre>- will Bland guard P*
...ut them. Of the number fourteen liy
. m.oked with Hie ever touching ''''
iiukown," while tbe names and com* "'
muds of sis . veil. Among !l"
i.-e la-t that of Ashby, 2nd Va. Csv
ry, appeal-, and a- I Bl "I by lt I
.I m presence
one made resplendent and radiant ?*
lilia hilo of glory. In that same la"
meieiy -ii carefully and tenderly t'1
ired for by I f tbe Coufed- ,li:
acy, one Union soldiei Bleeps too, and ''''
..in his grave tbe grass i- i
d tbe lb.wets as fm a- uer thc gt
'those who "wore the gre*. " Aol* '"
- lilli lillie! ..I bill led I
d the angel of good-will and
rtlll.V ' nit Vigil.
ihe A| p imattos chapter <>f thc l"
augbters ls one of the leaders in pre -i1
rviug from forgetfulness ? dead bul
SI pa-l and have the respect and love
Who know ol thi- l'o ul work, and "I
ho foil..wed the leadership of the ?*?
i..... Rebel. d'
Pl ...nt ll.it I lumu.li?
A Layman's rhanksgivlng.?For tbe
nth that neither men Dor DatioDS
in live uutothemselves, bul that bav*
?i.-ii w isdom tbe) must | ,
i in order n> gel from it tb
,in; fur tba recent proving to our tu
Ives thal we h ive been one bundie.i
?ai- in a crucible nt testing to shos
bethel lit <.r unlit to lead other- into >f
tiler life and greater freedom; for all tl(
tarts thai arc dos solemnized t"
arch Within our national heart for '
eaknes- and evil to purge it and ihen
, go the way ol Thy bidding, we thank
bee, Thou Ruler ol Dallons.
I-'..r all our countrymen who at their be
niuii- posts are doing their own la?
nding do excuse for Hm ms
?. kim: DO ri
lay down heavy burdens becaua
lighter ones; for all
h.. understand thal not all are called
tbe same work, but that each bj
ling in- own well the
ilted grandeur and ;
lt ion; for all those who have vision
tough .' "" public task
,- to he unimportant lo
thank Thee, Thou distributor of
For all the unnumbered thou-1
' our own Women who make tin- a
inion noteworthy f<>r home- wi
. tb and | .
atebword; for all mothers win,
ii-iii-. ! v < - upon an altar of
iat to their ci.il.lr. n D
? Uer intellectual -tari Hun tiny
h , rsaliSS that cadi cull.I ha- fl
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Ali iniei. sting portrait of the loan
Election, much dimmed by ags ami
3 injudicious attempt at restoration,
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a second msnisgs.
i Vt ily and St.
i Shi'stands
""?'. illk gows and
, ihe-lieut reception
Inch 11 imes ,,l a hundred
. ai, holding in Hie assembly
.oms of the Metropolitan D|>era
She has nu kindred rn the collection.
ie i- , utative of the
iceni family, WbOSS three arrows
. i iMii on many
I . ind, a- Well as at
r in old Virginia, lier brother
md her sons Tlieo
dpta, (bell stu*
Columbia collegs in New
ork, were i ...- inauguration
Of bel ,1 the fruitle-s
arch I ,n I rmity church,
ic //? written. He
i- a ii f the H ,.-.. ty of the
iucinnati.of tbe i --, clone!
.ii,nary army, and was
is of tbe commit rt Wasta
Uton boin Eliz ibetbport to this city.
bim can he found, al*
OUgh i! :- Un,,wu thal one was paint
I by om Pi ales in 1777. So his
. lie called
M nut inherited Hie
oiide complexion of tbe
teni by her graud
i, ',,,? fundy at the
lltelllllal cell .tan in. Her grand
luci wu- Richard Klan.I, tbe revolu
i having gtvsn ins
? . i In- country,
is smitten with Illness while on bis
ration ?.f Dide
ndeii n li that lie had
niel was borne manfully bj tala
lldreu tbrou ... ul tba itaiggle, and
li i,dds of OUl liberties
lhan tbe Lees,
da, In- deseeuilants.
i ? un the walls of tbe
teiiil-K bul ri faint shadow
one of tbe rn wi noted beauties of
lion speaks in ad ra ira*
,ii of I P n .'hanns: "The
ci, -mooth, arch
d.nk eyes, the
-ll.de] and full, round,
_? -i mt willi wit ami
tbe tall figure and ex?
uded chest, the dirk bair Winding
ind the Beek and
-om. an oj rfUl C .illltcliaiice,
m -I beautiful ami
rlghtl; UV1 woman of BM
a:.l-l -peaks
in i, adding. "Al Hu,.- a pensive
uii lier bi | a- of one
writer of the
-oe wa- a woman
., i arsons] attra.?
,?-, i I all others of ber
I I intellect, for which
. ' d."
\tn Hi: m ALL*
AU <? minimi."in i.- of a private na
,t ,,f public Interest, obituaries
. in mal-, tributes
i lu tiona of organln
Ol will be charged
at !. ' ' a** l'*'r liIi,,
ten published in the HnnaxD. PonV
ely ,, , r - Kcsptssn will
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